Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 13
by Cheryl Roberts (no sex)

I knew Miss Kim had gone through a really tough time before she wound up back
in 1882; I just didn't appreciate how tough until the night after she rescued
Johnny Mitchel. She had told me she had lost her powers, but she didn't tell
me how. When she got back from the schoolyard, Miss Kim was burning up with
fever. She had bite marks on her hand, so I gave her some of the medicine
Soaring Falcon had left with me, thinking it might bring her fever down and
help block the poison. What I didn't realize was that she was suffering from
another sort of fever as well.

That night, Miss Kim was talking in her sleep, calling out to her Tommy. She
was talking about how much it hurt and about black flames, and she wanted
Tommy to make it better. I didn't know what she needed done, and I figured
it couldn't hurt to pretend to be Tommy if it would get Miss Kim to settle
down. I never imagined that what she needed to get better was my seed. It's
still a mite uncomfortable to admit, but that night I made love with Miss
Kim. I tried to stop her, but Lord, she was strong and so desperate. The
next morning she didn't know what she had done; all she remembered was having
a dream. I thought it better not to tell her, especially after learning how
she had lost her powers and how Tommy had to save her life. I felt so guilty
about what had happened, but I was glad I helped her.

"She did have a relapse," Tommy murmured as he skimmed through the diary. He
was trying to see if he could find anything of use to Billy in locating
Kimberly, but after that last passage he had to set the diary down.

"She did?" Billy queried, looking up from where he was re-calibrating the
teleportation mechanism. Alpha was working on pulling Kimberly up in the
viewing globe. He noted that Tommy's face was a little pale. "What

"She was out of her mind with the fever and jumped the White Stranger, but he
writes that she had no memory of it in the morning," Tommy related. "He did
write that she never experienced any symptoms after that one time. Oh man,
Billy, I knew she wasn't cured. I just knew it!"

"At least she got the help she needed to survive."

"I know, and I'm glad, but it's really weird reading about it in a 75 year
old diary."

Just then the other three arrived in the Command Center, and Tommy and Billy
shelved the discussion.

"Anything yet, Billy?" Aisha asked eagerly.

"I almost have the teleporter re-aligned. Alpha, try the viewing globe,"
Billy directed.

The viewing globe filled with static, then the picture flickered into focus.
The streets of downtown Angel Grove were deserted, but people peeped out from
behind doors and curtained windows. People lined the roof tops, and all eyes
were focused on the south end of main street where two figures faced off.

"That must be the White Stranger," Adam realized, glimpsing the white garbed
figure. "Who's the other guy?"

"Black Jack Wilson," Rocky supplied. "His Black Seven gang terrorized all
the small towns in these parts in the early 1880s."

"Tommy, didn't Kim tell us that the White Stranger was your duplicate?" Aisha


"Then that isn't the White Stranger. He's too short, and the hair isn't the
right color."

"That's Kim!" Tommy gasped. "She had said in her letter that she wasn't
ready to leave before today, and the diary said that Kim was helping out
while the White Stranger was laid up with a gun shot wound. She was filling
in for him!"

"It looks like they're getting ready to have a gun fight," Adam observed.

"Kim in a gun fight?" Rocky murmured in disbelief.

"She'll be slaughtered. Zordon, we've got to get her out of there!" Tommy

"My portal isn't properly calibrated yet," Billy objected.

"We cannot remove her just yet, Tommy. Innocent lives are at stake. Behold,
Black Jack Wilson has a pair of hostages." The globe showed where Jack's
cohorts were holding Miss Alicia and Miss Karen prisoner.

"That's Kim's double," Rocky gulped.

"And mine," Aisha added.

"What can Kim do? She's not a killer," Tommy protested.

"Kimberly will do what she must," Zordon said. "The life of her
great-great-great grandmother depends on her fighting Black Jack Wilson; if
her ancestor dies, Kimberly will never have been born."

"Billy, can you get me down there? I've got to help her somehow," Tommy

"Even if we could activate the time hole, it would dump you by Stranger's
Rock. You wouldn't be able to get to her in time," Billy explained. "Be
patient, Tommy, and trust Kimberly. She's an intelligent, resourceful
fighter. Besides, what does the diary say about the gun fight?"

"I forgot about that," Tommy muttered; he tightly clutched the book in his
fist. Even so, he could not tear his eyes off the viewing globe to read the

* * *

"All right, Jack, I'm here as you requested. Let the hostages go," Kim
demanded as she stood her ground, trying not to let her nervousness show.
She still hadn't come up with a way to stop Jack. He was going to be
shooting to kill; Kim couldn't say the same for herself, but merely wounding
him wasn't going to solve the problem either. She knew Doc Hart was watching
from the surgery window; Kim wished William wouldn't have rushed off. She
could have used his moral support.

"What's going on here? You trying to put one over on ol' Jack -- and how do
you know my name?" the outlaw sneered.

"I have my sources."

"You ain't the White Stranger."

"I'm the White Stranger who has foiled all your plans for the past four days.
Let the women go, Jack," Kim demanded.

"I said I'd release one. You have to fight for the other."

"Get on with it then."

"Let the nigger go," Jack spat.

"Why I never . . . ." Miss Alicia sputtered indignantly.

"Alicia, get out of here now," Kim ordered as Alicia was thrust towards her.
She pushed Alicia out of the way. Kim had had the feeling that Jack would
hang on to Karen as his trump card. "It's your show, Jack."

"When the clock strikes the hour, draw--if you're man enough. I think you're
too yellow to use a gun."

"I don't need to prove myself to the likes of you," Kim declared, a feeling
of pride making her stand taller. "Worse men than you have tried to kill me,
and guess what. I'm still here."

The clock struck three. Jack and Kim both went for their guns. Jack reached
his gun first, but Kim dropped to her knees as she drew hers. Jack's shot
missed. Instead of firing, Kim threw her gun at Jack, knocking his weapon
out of his hand. As her gun hit the ground, it went off. The bullet grazed
Jack's right leg.

"Come quietly, Jack," Kim said as she advanced on him. "I'd hate to have to
hit a wounded man." Jack merely smiled at her, and too late Kimberly realized
she had been suckered. Fortunately her reflexes were well honed; she was
able to dodge so that the blow to her head was a glancing one.

"Finish him, boys," Jack said as he was helped up by two of his men. He
kicked out at Kim, and she rolled. Kim heard the click of their revolvers
and held her breath. As they were about to fire, they heard the pounding
of hooves and saw a cloud of dust bearing down on them.

"Injuns! Let's go. This isn't finished, Stranger; we'll meet again," Jack
muttered, deciding that escape was the preferred option. "Grab the girl!"
The fourth bandit grabbed Karen and threw her onto Jack's horse. He was
helped into the saddle. The four thundered off on their horses as Kimberly
struggled to her knees.

"That did not go well," she groaned. "Come on, Lightning, we've got a rescue
to finish." However, someone held her back.

"No, you're hurt, and you've done enough already." Kim squinted long and hard
at the face behind the voice. It took her a minute to realize it was Thomas.
He had stained his face red and braided his hair so that he resembled a
Native American. William was still in the saddle. So that's where he had
disappeared to. Doc must have sent him after Thomas.

"This is my fight to finish," Thomas continued.

"That's my great-great-great grandmother he has slung over his saddle," Kim
insisted. "I'm going whether you like it or not. If you handle White
Lightning, I think I can get Jack." She fixed him with her most determined
expression and retrieved her bow and quiver from White Lightning's saddle.

"Don't let her go, Thomas," Doc Hart objected as he emerged from his office.

"You want to argue with her, then be my guest. I know what that look means.
Come on, partner, let's go save Miss Karen."

Thomas was able to climb into the saddle unaided and reached a hand down to
help Kim up. The two galloped off, leaving Zachariah and William coughing in
the dust cloud. As they stood there recovering, the afternoon stagecoach
rolled into town.

"Get a horse, Doc; we have to go after them," William said.

"Sounds like you had a bit of excitement here," Abraham remarked as he hopped
down from the seat. Rocco handed down the trunk from the storage area atop
the coach.

"You could say that," William said curtly. "Black Jack made off with Miss
Karen, and the White Stranger is chasing him." Abraham and Rocco hadn't been
around to know that Miss Kim was back. "Doc Hart and I are going after

"Why would he have taken Karen Hart?" a new voice queried. The man who
emerged from the stagecoach wore the uniform of an army officer, and he was
the spitting image of the doctor.

"Joshua!" Zachariah gasped as he rode up on his horse.

"The reunion can wait, father; we've got to help Karen," Josh said as he
swung up behind his father. William was already in the saddle, and as they
rode out of town, they were joined by Sheriff Jefferson and his deputy.

* * *

"He's heading for Stone Canyon gorge," Thomas informed Kim as they charged
after the outlaws. They were still a goodly distance behind the quartet.

"That means he'll have to follow the river and all the twists and turns," Kim
realized. "If we take the high road, we can get around Jack at Snake Turn."
Thomas nodded and urged White Lightning to the route which led past the
school. As they rode on, Kim kept her eyes trained on the cloud of dust as
it rolled along the canyon floor. They made the turn before Jack and his
men; however they lost some time in cutting down the trail to the canyon's
base. When they emerged from the side ravine, they were directly behind the

"Hold White Lightning steady," Kim said as she nocked an arrow into her bow.
Her first shot went a little ahead and to the right of Jack's horse,
startling the rider next to him.

"Injuns!" the bandit gasped as he veered away from the slender missile. In
doing so, his horse stumbled over a fallen rock, and the rider was thrown.

"One down, three to go," Thomas said. Kim stood in the saddle and let loose
another arrow. This one had the barbed hook on the end and the cord. She
aimed so that the arrow caught in the man's clothes. When it was anchored,
she gave a sound jerk and pulled the man out of the saddle.

"That's two!" she cheered. After the second man went down, the third bandit
pulled his gun and started firing. Kim had to duck back down in the saddle
to avoid being shot. She wasn't going to be abe to raise up for a shot.

"Wait a bit," Thomas recommended. "He's nearly gone through six shots.
You'll have a quick shot when he trades guns." Kim waited, and when the
bandit discarded his weapon and went for the other, Kim fired. The arrow
was covered with a bulbous sack. It struck as the bandit turned to resume
firing. When it hit, the sack burst, covering the outlaw in powdered
paint. While he was blinded, Thomas caught up with him and with his good
leg kicked him out of the saddle.

"That only leaves Jack," Kim said grimly.

"There's not much we can do; he's using Karen as a shield," Thomas pointed

"Then Karen's going to have to help us save her," Kim said, as she reached
for yet another arrow. This one had a blunt end, but it was solid. "Can we
get within shouting distance of Jack?"

"We'll give it our best shot." Thomas spurred White Lightning forward. Jack
was still outstripping them. "Whatever we do, we'd better do it soon;
Lightning is beginning to tire."

"I think we're close enough. Karen, get down!" Kim shouted in French.
Jack's prisoner turned her head to see who was behind her. Kim was standing
in the saddle, her bow held ready. Karen nodded in response to Kim's
command. "Now!" Karen not only ducked, she threw herself off the back of
Jack's horse. Kim fired as soon as Karen moved. Her blunt-tipped arrow
caught Jack in the back of the head.

"Keep after Jack, I'll see to Karen," Kim directed. Before Thomas could
protest, Kim leaped off White Lightning's back. She flipped and twisted
and landed on her feet as Thomas sped off. Kim raced over to where Karen
had landed. She wasn't moving.

"Come on, Karen; you have to be all right," Kim said as she gently rolled
Karen over. Her face was pale and lined with pain. Kim noted that Karen's
hands were tied, and she quickly undid the cruel knots. "Wake up, Karen.
You have to tell me where you're hurt." Karen's eyelids fluttered open.
Kim did her best to keep her face under the shadow of her hat.

"The White Stranger?" Karen murmured. "You saved me?"

"Actually, you helped save yourself. I'm just glad you understood French,"
Kim said. "You're hurt. Where?"

"My arm." Kim touched it gingerly; Karen winced at the slight contact. She
had landed on her right arm.

"I bet it's broken. Let me see if I can make a splint to keep it immobile
until Doc can have a look at it."

While Kimberly was tending to Karen, Thomas chased after Jack. The blow
from the arrow had knocked the outlaw for a loop. Since he was no longer
in control of his mount, the exhausted horse began to slow. Thomas was
able to overtake him easily.

"That's enough, Jack. I'm taking you in," Thomas said as he dismounted.
Jack stirred in his saddle and kicked out at Thomas. Thomas blocked the
move, grabbed Jack's leg, and flipped him out of the saddle.

"You're taking me nowhere, Injun," Jack growled, struggling to his feet. He
needed a few minutes so his head could clear.

"I'm going to see to it that you pay for your crimes at long last," Thomas

"What crimes?" Jack laughed. "You can't prove I've done anything; you can't
place me at the scene of any so-called crime, and there were never any

"Half the town of Angel Grove saw you kidnap Karen Hart," Thomas pointed
out. "But that's not what I'm talking about. You see, there was a witness,
Jack. Someone was at the scene when you murdered Tad White three years ago.
And that someone is going to see to it that you answer for that crime."

"Who the hell are you, Injun," Jack spat. His thoughts were a little
clearer, and he went for his second gun. Thomas snap kicked it out of his

"I'm Thomas White, and this is for my brother Tad," Thomas said as his fist
connected with Jack's jaw with all the power of three years worth of pent-up

"If you were man enough, you'd avenge your brother by putting a bullet
through me," Jack sneered, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Tad wouldn't have wanted that; he believed in the law, and I've bent it
enough by turning vigilante," Thomas said. He took the rope from White
Lightning's saddle and tied Jack securely, then he tossed the outlaw across
his horse's saddle. Leading Jack's horse, Thomas doubled back to Kim and

"There," Kim said at last. Karen's right arm was bandaged with strips taken
from her petticoats (Kim's garments proved too thick for her to tear) and
strips of sagebrush Kim had scavenged. Unthinking, she removed her hat to
wipe her brow. She realized her error when she heard Karen's gasp.

"You're me!" Karen squeaked out, then her eyes rolled back and she fainted.
Kim couldn't blame her; after all, she had fainted the first time she had
seen Thomas. She heard the sound of approaching horses and looked up. She
smiled broadly when she spied Thomas leading Jack's horse.

"You did it!" Kim cheered as she ran forward to meet him. Thomas slid out
of the saddle and gave her a jubilant hug.

"We did it," he responded. He realized self-consciously that he was still
holding onto Kim and released her. "How is Miss Karen?"

"I think she broke her arm," Kim answered.

"Poor thing must have fainted from the pain," Thomas murmured
sympathetically, observing Karen's prone form.

"Not exactly. She caught a glimpse of my face," Kim answered.

"Well, if it isn't the coward who calls himself the White Stranger," Jack
grumbled. "Too yellow to fire a gun!"

"Oh,put a sock in it, Jack," Kim said boredly. "I didn't need a gun. My
arrows did just fine." She removed her hat and favored him with a mocking

"A woman!" Jack roared.

"Yep. You got your butt kicked by a little slip of a girl and a lame rider.
Doesn't say much for you, does it, Jack?"

"And you're not going to tell anyone about her, are you Jack," Thomas
interjected. "After all, who would believe you?"

"Speaking of who would believe . . . we've got riders coming hard and fast,"
Kim said, spotting an approaching cloud of dust. "It's probably Sheriff
Jefferson. Maybe you'd better change clothes." Kim handed Thomas his hat
and coat and slipped out of his trousers. She kept the oversized shirt and
Karen's boots.

"What about you?" Thomas wondered as he collected his wardrobe. He sought
out a rock to change behind.

"Toss me your pants and let me rub a little of this red clay on my face.
I'll braid my hair, and this little Indian will high tail it back to the
bluff. I need to return the bow and quiver to Soaring Falcon. I'll meet
you back at the hideout."

"What about Miss Karen? What if she comes to and says something?" Thomas
wondered. Kim glanced over at her great-great-great grandmother. A grin
tugged at her lips as she caught Karen closing her eyes and playing opossum.

"Tell her it was a trick of the heat or something," Kim suggested. "Let's
get Jack off his horse so I can ride it back."

* * *

"She did it! Kim stopped Black Jack without her powers or killing him!"
Aisha cheered back in the Command Center. Tommy's shoulders sagged with
his relief.

"I think I have something on the time hole; I just need to make a few
adjustments . . . ." Billy reported.


"Maybe it's not so great," Billy cautioned. "I can open the time hole but
only for a short period of time. Kim would have to be standing at the
precise co-ordinates in order to be swept into it. If we missed, it'd take
at least two hours for the machine to recharge and be recalibrated. If I
open the portal a second time, the duration of the opening would be even
shorter than the first. A third attempt would be impossible."

"Too bad Kimberly doesn't have her communicator; you could open the portal
and we could punch a teleportation signal through," Alpha sighed.

"What if I were to go through the time hole to Kimberly," Tommy suggested.
"I could take her her communicator and make sure we're both at the
co-ordinates in time. Then you guys could teleport us together."

"I don't know, Tommy. It's pretty risky. What if I can't get you guys
back?" Billy asked.

"I'd rather be stuck in 1882 with Kimberly than go on in the present without
her." Tommy looked to Zordon expectantly.

"Let him go, Billy," Zordon said. "Granted, there is great risk, but Tommy's
presence will enhance your chances for successfully retrieving Kimberly."

"All right, but be careful," Billy cautioned. "It's nearly 5:30 now.
Teleport to the cave. Make sure you are at that precise location by 7:25."

"I will. I'll see you guys in two hours."


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