Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 14
by Cheryl Roberts (mf,f-mast,voy)

Thomas squinted up at the bluff. Kim was still up there with Soaring Falcon.
When he returned to the cave, he found her shirt by the water's edge, but she
was nowhere to be seen. Then he had heard the voices wafting down from the
top of the cliff. Apparently the two had much to discuss.

Thomas had received quite a surprise when Doc and William had arrived in the
canyon with Doc's son Joshua. They were followed by Sheriff Jefferson's
posse, who had rounded up the other three desperados. Black Jack didn't say
a word as Thomas turned him over to the sheriff. Thomas also requested the
sheriff not to mention his part in Jack's capture. Knowing that he was going
to testify against Jack, Thomas didn't want to risk a lawyer finding a loop
hole in the law for Jack to slip through.

Now that Tad was finally avenged, Thomas was at a loss. For almost three
years he had been the White Stranger. He wasn't sure he wanted to go back
to living a normal life. One thing he did want to do was talk to Soaring
Falcon again. He no longer felt a great weight pressing down on himself.
His heart felt lighter somehow. Maybe now that his heart was free of the
need for revenge he could scale the cliff face and find what it was his soul
was searching for.

Without the need for a hideout any longer, Thomas had made a fire outside
the cave in the crescent. He limped over to where he had a pot of chili
simmering over the flames. He all but collapsed next to the blaze; he had
overdone it this afternoon with all the riding and such. As he tasted his
concoction, he noticed a rainbow-like halo of light glimmering in the sky
just down the slope from where he sat. Even more astonishing, a body came
falling through the ring and landed in a groaning heap, then the light
vanished. Thomas knew that the phenomenon had to be the time hole Kim had
described to him. He pulled himself to his feet and went over to see who
had landed on his doorstep this time. It was a young man dressed in cut
off denim pants and a white undershirt. His long hair was gathered back
in a ponytail that seemed familiar somehow.

"Let me give you a hand, partner," Thomas said, offering his hand to his


The stranger rolled over, and Thomas suddenly found himself staring at his
own face. He experienced a sensation not unlike having all the wind knocked
out of oneself.

"You must be Tommy," Thomas forced out, regaining his equilibrium faster
than his counterpart.

"Uh, yeah."

"Kim has told me a lot about you."

"Man, this is too weird," Tommy muttered. "I mean, I saw you in the viewing
globe. I knew what to expect, but this is just too much."

"It does take some getting used to," Thomas agreed. "Now I know how Kim
felt when she first saw Miss Karen. By the way, I'm Thomas."

"I know; I read part of the journal you left in the footlocker," Tommy
answered. Thomas had no idea what Tommy was talking about.

"Have you come to take Kim home?"

"Yeah. Billy will open the time hole again in two hours," Tommy explained.
"I don't mean to be rude, but where's Kim?"

"On top of the bluff."

The two looked to the cliff. Kim stood at the edge of the precipice, a
silhouette against the vibrant crimson and purple sunset. She stood there
with her arms outstretched, basking in the fading light.

"She looks so happy," Tommy murmured. Thomas studied his descendant; his
face was lit with a joy Thomas had rarely ever experienced. "I can feel her
through our link. She's so full of life and hope and joy . . . it's almost
as if these last six months had never happened. I wasn't sure I'd ever see
her this happy again." As they watched, Kim backed away from the edge only
to approach it at a run. With a spirited "yee-ha!" Kim flung herself into
the air and dove into the grey-black waters below.

"Looks like fun," Thomas said, noting his other self's shining eyes and
expression of longing. "Knowing Kim, she won't stay out on the lake too
long. She'll probably head for the grotto just beyond the bend over yonder.
It's fairly secluded. Dinner won't be ready for a while yet; why don't you
go join her." Nothing more needed to be said; the two kinsmen understood
each other perfectly.

"Thanks for taking care of her."

"It's no more than she did for me. She's a special gal, Tommy. Take good
care of her."

"I'll do my best."

Tommy scrambled down the sandy incline, stripping off his shirt as he went.
He deposited his shoes and the rest of his clothes next to Kim's. With
powerful strokes he propelled himself out to where Kim had dove in, but as
Thomas had predicted, Kim was no longer there. Tommy looked around to find
the grotto Thomas had mentioned. As he was searching in the fading light,
he heard a familiar "Mm!" It send the blood racing right to his groin.

Tommy swam in the direction of the moan, and found the alcove. He spied Kim
laying on the rocks with her hips canted upwards directly beneath a cascade
of water. The expression on her face was one of utter bliss. Tommy was
intrigued as she uttered a soft moan. Her hips rocked back and forth under
the water. It suddenly occurred to Tommy that Kim was using the water to
masturbate! Tommy had to bite back a moan. He had watched Kimberly play
with herself while they made love, but he had never really seen her
masturbate. The thought had his hormones percolating.

Kim's hips thrust at the water more sharply as she tugged at her nipples.
Her body writhed as she emitted a needy whimper. Tommy could sense her
frustration. The water wasn't taking her to the heights she wanted to reach
fast enough. Kim's right hand slipped between her legs. Tommy stifled
another groan of his own. He propelled himself closer to where Kim lay
twisting and humping on the rock. Her movements grew more frenzied. Her
moans crescendoed. Tommy felt no fire within her as he felt a tickling at
the back of his mind. Kim was fantasizing; in her mind, Tommy's face was
buried between her legs.

"Tommy!" she gasped. "Oh please make me come!" Tommy nearly came as she
begged for release. He almost lost his restraint; oh, how he wanted to
turn her dream into reality! Her hand continued to stroke her clit fast
and furiously. He observed the tremors in her taut muscles. Her back
arched. Her head tilted back. Her breath came out in heavy gasps. Tommy
held his breath as she teetered just on the verge of orgasm. If she didn't
come soon, he was going to have to intervene. He couldn't take it any

"Now, oh now!" Kim shrieked as her body was flooded with waves of orgasmic
pleasure. She moaned and whimpered throughout her climax. She did nothing
to stifle her exclamations, and they reverberated about the grotto. They
were probably audible all the way back to Stranger's Rock. She continued
fingering her clit and massaging her breasts until her body no longer quaked
with climactic tremors. Kim lazily drew her hand up her body and sucked her
come covered fingers into her mouth.

"Mm," she purred indulgently, her face lit with a satisfied glow. "That
felt so good!"

"Mind if I try?" Tommy asked, unable to stand by any longer. Watching her
lick her juices off her hand had been too much.

"What? Who . . . Thomas?" Kim yelped, sitting upright. Confusion,
embarrassment, and anger rippled through her. Tommy merely smiled at her.
Something in his expression gave her pause, for she peered at him more
closely. "No, not Thomas. Tommy?"

"Hello, Beautiful."

"Tommy!" With a cry of joy, Kim flung her arms around him. Her mouth
frantically sought his. Her hands wander all over his body, even as his
traversed her curves. Their passions were quickly reaching the boiling
point. Finally, they had to break for air.

"Kimberly Ann Hart, if you ever run away like that again, I'll . . . ."
Tommy suddenly realized that he was shaking her by her shoulders. When he
couldn't come up with a dire enough threat, he settled for smothering her
with a hug. "I thought you were gone for good."

"Even after I contacted you?" she teased. Tommy simply glared at her. "I'm
sorry, Tommy."

"It doesn't matter any more. I've come to take you back."

"How'd you get here?"

Tommy explained about receiving her letter and how Billy was able to access
the time portal.

"I'll be home in under two hours? That's great!"

"If the procedure works," Tommy cautioned her. "We could be stuck here in

"That wouldn't be so bad now that you're here," Kim said. "Actually, getting
dumped here was probably the best thing that could have happened to me."

"How do you figure?"

"Being here, I didn't have time to wallow in anger and self pity. Thomas
needed my help, and helping him made me learn things about myself -- that I'm
stronger than I thought, that my friends will always be watching out for me
regardless of what happens, that I love you too much to let Zedd's schemes
destroy what we have, and that as long as I believe in myself, I'll always be
a Power Ranger. I can't change what happened to me, but I can build on it
and look to the future."

"That's powerful stuff," Tommy admitted. "I wish I could say I had as
profound thoughts as you. Mostly, I had two things on my mind: worrying
about you and wanting you."

"Wanting me?" Kim reiterated with a gulp. Tommy felt like kicking himself.
He hadn't wanted to be so blunt; he had wanted to wait and test Kimberly's
mood, but the words were said. He wanted to look away from her, but his eyes
kept coming back to her lithe body. The water they were standing in only
came up to her waist. Water droplets beaded on her fair skin, making Tommy's
mouth water as he watched a drop slowly meander down from the hair draped
over her shoulder. It coursed over the swell of her breast and continued
down to her navel. Tommy took a deep breath and forced himself to look Kim
in the eyes.

"When I wasn't busy being frantic over not knowing where you were, whether or
not you were cured, and whether you were okay, I was wishing you were back
because . . . ." The words suddenly jammed up in his throat. It was a moment
before he could continue. "I want to make love to you, Kim. I want to make
you feel good without Zedd's spell hanging over us, and I want you to do the
same to me. I want us to make love because it's what we want for ourselves
and not something forced on us by others."

Tommy looked away at last, feeling slightly weak kneed after his confession.
He hadn't realized it, but he had been holding Kim's hand as he spoke. For a
long while, Kimberly said nothing. Tommy found her silence maddening. Her
expression seemed distant, perhaps thoughtful. However, she reached up with
her free hand, and with a shy smile, stroked his wet hair. Tommy pulled her
to him in a fierce, joyous hug.

"I want to make love to you, too," she whispered as Tommy's mouth began
nibbling at her throat. "I've wanted to so badly!"

Driven by his pent-up emotions, Tommy lifted Kim out of the water and guided
her legs around his waist. He eased his aching cock into her pussy. Kim
moaned with delight then gasped with surprise as he thrust his hips forward
with the urgency of his desires. She matched those thrusts with a driving
need of her own. She leaned back over his arms which supported her back,
pressing her breasts towards him. He accepted her invitation, and closed
his lips around her hard, sweet nipple, licking and sucking to their mutual
delight. However, Tommy was barely able to savor her soft mounds as she
began riding him hard. Their bodies pounded together, churning the water
around them, and their moans echoed throughout the alcove. Tommy came first.
Kim glued her lips to his, cutting off his exclamation. While her tongue
danced with his, she reached her climax.

"I'm sorry," Tommy panted, collapsing against the rocky shelf. "I just
couldn't hold back any longer."

"Me either," Kim said just as breathlessly. She wriggled out of Tommy's
embrace and lay down next to him on the rocks. Unexpectedly, she began

"What's so funny?" Tommy wondered.

"Nothing. Everything. I'm just so happy. It felt so wonderful not to hold
back. It didn't hurt or anything. Can we do it again?"

"Sure, but give me a minute or two to recover."

"Let's walk back to the beach." Kim reached over the side of the rocks and
grabbed her chemise. She made no move to dress.

"You don't want to go skinny-dipping?" Tommy teased.

"I don't want to be too pooped to fool around. Besides, there's something
kind of sexy about walking around the lake with no clothes on."

"I always kind of wanted to make love to you outside and afterwards just lie
naked under the stars," Tommy admitted, somewhat sheepishly.

"That's so sweet."

Hand in hand they walked along the water's edge, mostly in companionable
silence. Neither wanted to spoil the moment. However, there were other
matters preying on Tommy's mind; there were questions that needed to be

"Kim, do you know for certain that you lost your powers?" Tommy ventured.
"You may not have; I didn't lose mine. Ninjor said it was because my motives
were not based on appetite."

"I don't know; I just assumed that they were gone after what happened. I
never tried morphing, but I can't see how I could have kept them. The desire
to have sex with you was there already; Zedd's spell just blew it out of

"I brought your morpher . . . ."

"I'd rather wait until we get home. If my powers are really and truly
gone . . . . I don't want to spoil our evening."

As they reached the beach and their abandoned clothing, Kim paused and looked
up at Stranger's Rock. She could see Thomas' shadow splayed against the
formation in the firelight.

"You know, he is you, and he isn't," she murmured. "He's . . . I don't
know, more innocent. I could make him blush without even trying. The first
day or so I had some trouble with calling him Tommy, but after that I began
to see Thomas as his own person."

"Tuesday night I had this really wild dream," Tommy began carefully. "It was
a dream, and yet it wasn't. It was like something we shared through our
link. You were suffering a relapse from the spell and had come to me for
help, only I was me and I wasn't me. We were going at it in the cave under
Stranger's Rock."

"Tuesday night?" Kim queried nervously. "I had the same dream, but that was
the night I was strung out from a poisoned bite. I couldn't have reached you
through our link; I couldn't touch you at all once I fell through the time

"Kim, could you have had a relapse?"

"That afternoon I thought I felt the black flames, but it was only the fever
induced by that bite."

"Did you feel the flames at any other time?"

"No, I don't think . . . wait a minute. I did! When Doc first came to
patch Thomas' bullet wound. I was still a little disoriented from falling
through the time hole. I was sitting on Thomas, trying to hold him still
so Doc could remove the bullet. I remember stroking his hair, trying to
keep him calm. He had a major erection; I could feel it rub against me
every time his body spasmed. It felt so good and at the same time . . . ."
The words died on Kim's lips. She stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide.
She reminded Tommy of a frightened rabbit poised to flee. "Oh my gosh,
Tommy, I did have a relapse, but after I had that dream, all the symptoms
were gone. That means when I was dreaming of making love to you, I . . . ."

". . . you sought help from Thomas," Tommy finished for her.

"Oh no!" she gasped, burying her face in her hands. "How could I have done
that to him . . . to you? That explains why he was so uneasy and
embarrassed the following morning and why he asked all those questions. He
never said a word . . . Tommy, I could just die!"

"It's all right, Kim. You needed the help; you did what you had to to
survive," Tommy said consolingly.

"You're not angry?" Kim asked, surprised.

"Actually, I had hoped that you were somewhere near one of my ancestors. I
had hoped that if you did have a relapse and needed help, one of them would
have been able to help you out. I didn't want you to die because I couldn't
be there for you."

"What about Thomas? What must he think of me?"

"He was a little embarrassed and guilty at first, but once he knew the reason
for your actions, he was glad he was able to save your life as you saved his.
He didn't tell you because he didn't want you to feel badly."

"How do you know that? Did he tell you?"

"While I was in the cave in our time, I found a footlocker. In it was
Thomas' diary. I read about it in there."

"Really? Does his diary say if he found what he was looking for? Did he
find someone special?" Kim asked eagerly. Tommy saw that the question really
mattered to her.

"I only read up to the part where he mentioned you jumping him. I did peek
at the last page, though; the diary covers up to his final days, so if he did
find himself a girl, it'll be in there."

"Oh, I hope he found someone really special," Kim said earnestly. "He's
been through so much, he really deserves to find some happiness."

"I kind of got the impression that he does." Tommy gave Kim a reassuring hug,
his hands smoothing down the length of her body. She responded with a purr
of contentment. As he stood there holding her, a mischievous grin tugged at
Tommy's lips. "So, how was it making love to my great-great-great

"Tommy!" Kim squealed in protest. "It'd serve you right if I said he was
better in bed than you were." Tommy simply laughed. Kim scowled at him but
couldn't keep from smiling.

"I guess I'll just have to refresh my memory." With that, she slid her
fingers over his abdomen and up around his neck.

Tommy lifted her off the ground to kiss her. His kiss was gentle, his tongue
probing hers with a soft, lingering caress. As his mouth engaged hers, Tommy
lowered Kim to the cooling sand. He let his mouth roam, teasing and tasting
all of her body. His oral attentions had Kim wriggling most deliciously. As
he swirled his tongue over her nipples, she pressed his head deeper into her
bosom. Her fingers romped through his hair as he nuzzled her soft mounds.
She whimpered pleadingly when he drew back, but her complaint became a sigh
of contentment as he dusted her body with his hair. When he had tantalized
her from head to toe, Tommy lay down beside her, then lifted her on top of
himself, placing her so that she was straddling his cock.

"Would you mind . . . ." he began awkwardly. The only other time he had made
this request was in the heat of Kim's spell induced frenzy. He wasn't sure
how she'd respond under ordinary circumstances.

"What?" she prompted, curious about his hesitancy.

"I really like watching you touch yourself," he confessed. Kim regarded him
through half closed eyes. When she smiled, it was both loving and lustful.
Then, she sat up straight. She started by running her hands up around her
neck and head. She lifted her hair and slowly let it fall from her fingers.
Caressing her face, she sucked a finger into her mouth. She drew the
moistened digit out and traced a glistening trail down her neck to her chest
and between her breasts. She felt Tommy's growing excitement as his cock
twitched between her legs; she could see it in the flush in his face, and
hear it in the sound of his quickening breath.

His obvious enjoyment spurred Kimberly on. She cupped her breasts and
squeezed them gently, kneading the soft flesh. She outlined her areolas
and pinched her nipples. She pulled at them and rolled her palms over them,
making them harder. She wet her finger and coated her tits. She was getting
into playing with herself. She felt the heat building between her legs. Her
hips were starting to grind against Tommy's imprisoned cock. She felt so sexy
playing with her body while Tommy watched. Her hands wandered lower until
her fingers brushed her light brown curls. She paused, stopped by a
momentary twinge of self-consciousness.

"Please?" Tommy requested. He reached for one of her hands and placed it on
her pussy. He parted her lips so that her fingers could find the hot wetness
between her legs.

A shudder racked Kim's body as her fingers slid up and down the length of her
slit. As they reached beneath her, her fingers grazed Tommy's cock so that
he, too, shuddered. Her hips rocked against her own hand. When at last she
touched her clit, her head dropped back, and a moan rumbled up from deep
within her chest. Her hips thrust with greater urgency as she stimulated the
hardened knob. Tommy's hips began moving with her. The tremors that shook
her body grew in intensity. She was on the verge of coming.

"Not yet," Tommy said suddenly, pulling her hand away.

"Tommy, please!" she pleaded.

"As much as I want to watch you make yourself come, I'd rather eat you
instead." So saying, he grabbed her hips and pulled her forward until she
was sitting directly over his mouth.

"Oh!" she squeaked as he thrust his tongue into her slit. He lapped at the
juices already trickling from her gash. His tongue tormented her throbbing
clit with teasing licks. There was nothing tentative in the way Kim played
with her body as she rode Tommy's face. She ground her hips hard against
his chin, forcing his tongue deeper into her. Tommy had his hands full of
her ass cheeks; it was the only way he could leave enough room so he could
breathe. He felt it in the tightening of her muscles; she was close again,
but he wasn't ready to let her come. With a strong, fluid move, Tommy forced
Kim off his face and onto the ground. Then, he was on top of her, easing his
cock into her eager pussy.

"I want this to last a good, long while," he said as he slowly pumped his rod
into her.

"No fair!" she gasped, but Tommy's mouth silenced further protests. His
hands wandered her writhing body; with alternating gentle and rough strokes,
he played with her breasts. His hands combed through her hair.

"Tommy, please!" she pleaded. He continued with his slow, easy strokes
while she wriggled under him. He bent his head to her breasts, licking and
nibbling gently. It was too much for Kim to take. "Well, if you won't
make me come, I will!" As Kim reached a hand between their bodies, Tommy
sat back, spreading her legs wide. He continued pumping and stroking her
inner thighs as her fingers massaged her clit. Kim started going wild.
She moaned and whimpered with abandon. She tossed her head from side to
side. Her back arched sharply. Tommy's eyes snapped wide open as the
walls of her pussy clamped tightly around his cock. The grip grew stronger
and stronger as her moans grew more and more intense. Tommy had to stop
his thrusts as her orgasm hit. He couldn't have moved his cock if he
wanted to, Kim clutched him so tightly. She wrapped her legs around his
waist as all the tension in her body exploded into ecstatic gyrations.

After such an intense release, Tommy expected Kim to be exhausted, but her
orgasm only served to fuel her fires. The moment she recovered, she smiled
up at Tommy hungrily. Directing Tommy's hands to support her, she sat up,
keeping his cock securely in place. When she could reach his mouth, she
attacked it savagely.

"Oh wow," Tommy whimpered helplessly when Kim finally let him up for air.

"It's your turn to be teased," she warned him. Her filthy cute predatory
grin turned Tommy into a quivering mass of hormones. The next thing he knew,
he was flat on his back. "Let's see how you like being brought to the brink
without being allowed to come."

She started with his hair, burying her face in his locks. She found his ear
lobe and bathed it thoroughly with her tongue, and then she licked her way
around the outer rim of his ear. From there she kissed his eyes, his cheeks,
his mouth again, and then licked her way down his neck, pausing to swirl her
tongue in the hollow of his throat. She continued her tongue bath down his
chest, outlining his pectorals, then descending upon his nipples. Tommy
sighed deeply as her tongue flickered across the sensitive flesh. From there
she made her way down the ripples of his abdominal muscles, but she stopped
before she reached his groin. Kim raised herself up over him, favored him
with an evil grin, then shook her hair down.

It was Tommy's turn to experience the exquisite softness of her hair as it
brushed across his hot body. He gave a sudden jerk as she draped her hair
across his engorged cock. The feathery light caress felt indescribably
delicious, and he whimpered in helpless ecstasy as her locks tickled his

"Do it some more," he groaned when she continued to work her way down his

"You hush," Kim chided him. She had something else in mind, but she did use
her hair to dust her way back up to his crotch. She licked her lips as she
contemplated his cock. It was achingly hard and a shade of reddish purple.
It was sticky with her come. If Tommy really got off on watching her play
with herself, he was going to love this. "Aw, your poor cock is all sticky.
It looks like I made a real mess when I came all over you. I don't want to
play with a dirty cock, so I guess I'll just have to clean it up."

"What are you going to . . . oh man . . . !"

Kim swallowed his cock with a swift bob of the head. Her tongue danced round
and round, licking up every trace of her come from his organ. It was almost
enough to make Tommy shoot his load down her throat.

"Mm, much better," she murmured, carefully licking her lips. Tommy felt
another hormonal rush shoot through his body. Kim commenced giving him a
blow job that was torturously slow but exacting in detail. Her tongue left
no part of his cock untouched. She even licked her way down past the root
until she reached the curve of his ass. She hollowed out her mouth and
sucked his cock in, being careful to keep her teeth and tongue off his rod.
As her head worked him up and down, she hummed a little tune to keep her
rhythm. Her fingers reached down to play with his ass, and she managed to
slide a digit down the length of his crack. Just when Tommy thought it
couldn't get any better, Kim changed positions. She knelt between his legs
and swallowed his cock head on. On the downward stroke, she shook her head
so that her hair danced across his skin.

"I can't take much more of this," Tommy growled.

"Good," Kim giggled and immediately ceased the blow job.


"Why do you want to fuck my mouth, when you can fuck my pussy instead?" she
queried. She reversed herself and presented her bottom to him.

"You are wild when you're horny," Tommy said as he sat up. He ran his hands
over her smooth, rounded cheeks in a lingering caress. While he was busy
admiring her ass, Kim reached between her legs and guided his cock into
position. With a sharp, backwards thrust, she sat back on his shaft.

"I can't help it," she replied around a moan.

"Don't be sorry; I like it." Tommy eased Kimberly up until she leaned back
against his chest. She reached up to anchor her arms around his neck while
he reached around to play with her tits. His fingers danced down her body
until they petted the curls covering her mound. Tommy slipped a finger
between the swollen lips and gently stroked her clit. As he played with
her body, Tommy relaxed his mind, opening himself to their link. Kim
acknowledged his presence by releasing her guard. They were completely
open to each other, touching each other's thoughts and emotions and feeling
each other's pleasure.

Together, they both said recognizing that their bodies were close. Tommy
shifted position one last time, so that he could better hold Kim. With mind
and body locked together, they rocked together harder and faster. When their
orgasms hit, it was like their senses were flooded with white fire. Their
cries of joy echoed in their minds as their mouths smothered them with a
kiss. They held each other tight as their bodies trembled with the power of
their mutual explosion.

Slowly, sanity seeped in. Both experienced a moment of disorientation upon
finding themselves back in their own heads. They lay on the beach, gasping
for breath, their bodies coated with sweat and sand.

"Wow," Kim sighed. She felt as if she could fall asleep even though all 167
pounds of Tommy lay heavy atop her.

"Double wow," Tommy groaned. He rolled off her. The two lay side by side
staring up at the November sky. Tommy pulled Kim into his arms and lay
cuddling with her for several minutes.

"So," Tommy ventured at last. "Do you still think Thomas was better in bed
than me?"

"I don't know," Kim teased. "Why don't we get him down here so I can fuck
him and compare notes." Tommy gaped at her in utter disbelief.

"You should see your face!" Kim tittered. Although Kim was joking, Tommy
wasn't sure if she was really serious or not. Still, he played along.

"You couldn't handle the two of us."

"It'd be fun to try." They both burst out laughing, which quickly dissolved
into a kiss. Their embrace was interrupted by the clanging of a bell. Kim
sat up, instantly alert.

"Trouble," she said, quickly getting to her feet.

"Actually, I think it's the dinner bell," Tommy remarked. "Thomas said he
was cooking a pot of chili."

"Yum! I'm starved." Kim reached for the clothing Thomas had left her. As
she unfolded the shirt, she sighed heavily. "You know, this will probably
be our last time for a while."

Tommy slipped his shorts on, but paused at her statement. "What do you

"We can't risk you losing your powers. We'll just have to restrain ourselves
until Zordon retires you from the team."

"But . . . ."

"You know I'm right, Tommy. What if Zordon somehow finds a way to regenerate
my powers? I don't want to risk losing them a second time."

"I know. If this was the last time we get to have sex for a while, at least
we have something pretty special to remember."

"Yeah, it was that." Kim sighed again and brushed at the sand on her arms.
"Gross, there's sand everywhere; I hate that."

"Maybe you need another bath." Quick as a wink, Tommy scooped Kim up and
tossed her out into the water. She landed with a scream and a splash. Tommy
was doubled over with laughter as Kim surfaced. He took a step backwards as
she advanced towards him menacingly. He grabbed her clothes and threw them
at her, hoping to slow her down. She caught them in stride. Tommy had no
choice but to flee up the hill with Kim in hot pursuit.

The two reached the clearing in the crescent, breathing hard and laughing.
Much to Thomas' amazement, Tommy was only half dressed, his shirt sort of
tucked into his waistband and flapping out behind him. Kim wasn't wearing
a stitch. Tommy dashed around Thomas, trying to keep him between Kimberly
and himself.

"You're dead meat when I get my hands on you," Kim glowered, trying to circle
around him.

"You can kill me later. Right now, don't you think you should go get
dressed," Tommy recommended, unable to keep the laughter out of his voice.
Kim scowled at Tommy and glanced over at Thomas. His face sported a scarlet
blush. Kim felt the heat race into her cheeks, too; however, she pulled
herself up with every ounce of dignity she could muster and approached

"I know what you did for me, Thomas, when I had my relapse. I wanted to
thank you." Before Thomas could demure, Kim pulled him to her by the lapels,
flung her arms around him, and kissed him passionately. Thomas nearly
toppled over, and his flailing arms wrapped themselves around Kim's naked
body. Tommy stood back, watching in amazement and amusement. Kim kissed
Thomas long and hard, and when she finally let him up for air, she fixed
Tommy with an imperious glare that dared him to say anything. Then she
marched back into the cave.

"Damn," Tommy murmured, letting out a long, slow breath. He noticed that
Thomas looked a little unsteady. Recalling that he was recovering from a
bullet wound, Tommy moved over to help him.

"You okay?" Tommy queried.

"I think so," Thomas said, sucking in a deep breath. "What was that all

"I've no idea, and I don't think it'd be wise to ask," Tommy said. He sat
down next to Thomas and accepted a bowl of chili. "By the way, your timing
was perfect with the dinner bell."

"Actually, your voices carried quite a ways," Thomas confessed uncomfortably.
Tommy merely smiled.

"Whoa, this stuff is good but hot!" Tommy yelped, washing down the chili with
some water. It was Thomas' turn to smile.

"It's my own recipe. While I was traveling, I learned all sorts of different
ways to make chili, so I just combined the parts I liked from each recipe.
One fella told me his recipe had been handed down for generations in his

"This one is definitely worth passing down," Tommy said.

"The family must not have done a very good job of sharing it, since you don't
know about it," Thomas remarked. The two sat quietly for a moment. "Kim
said you didn't know much about your family history. I was sort of wondering

"I'm adopted," Tommy explained. "My mom is a nurse; she told me that my
natural parents died in a car wreck when I was a baby. She was working at
the hospital the night it happened. The authorities tried to track down
some family but couldn't find anyone, so I was put up for adoption. I
never said much about it because it's no big deal. I never felt like I was
missing out or anything like that."

"I lost my folks when I was a baby, too; only, I had my brother and gran
to look after me," Thomas added.

"This keeps getting weirder and weirder," Tommy concluded.

"Hey, did you guys save me any chili?" Kim queried brightly as she emerged
from the cave. She still wore Thomas' whites, but she had the pants rolled
low on her hips and fastened with a rope. The shirt was tied under her
breast bone and was barely buttoned. Both men were staring at her in
undisguised appreciation. "I hope you don't mind that I'm still wearing
these. I meant to put my chemise back on, but it's still wet, and when
it's wet it's practically see-through."

"No problem, Kim," Thomas choked out. "You're welcome to keep the clothes
if you like. I won't be needing them now that there's no longer a need for
the White Stranger."

"There will always be a need for people who stand up for what's right and
protect the innocent," Tommy said.

"I guess that's why your time needs the Power Rangers."

"Hey you two, we've got company," Kim hissed. In the darkness came the sound
of approaching hooves. Kim and Tommy got to their feet, poised in defensive
stances. Thomas also stood, impressed with his companions' responses and the
way they moved together. His night vision was much keener than either Tommy
or Kimberly's, and he was able to make out the riders' faces.

"At ease, you two. It's only Doc and William," Thomas reported. As they
drew nearer, a third rider was visible. Thomas limped forward to greet them.
"What brings you all out here at this hour?"

"I didn't get a chance to thank Miss Kim earlier," Doc said. He looked at
Kim; his eyes went wide. He had gotten used to seeing her in Thomas'
clothing, but not as she was presently wearing them. Unbelievably, he felt
himself blushing. Then he caught sight of Tommy, and his mouth dropped open.

"Tommy, I'd like you to meet my great-great-great-great grandfather Zachariah
Hart. That's William, Billy's great-great-great grandfather, and behind them
is . . . Joshua?" Karen Hart's husband had the same features as his father
and the descendants that Kimberly knew.

"Father told me a little of what was going on, but I didn't believe it when
he told me that you and Karen . . . ." Joshua was too stunned to continue.

Tommy had shaken hands with Zachariah, but he felt somewhat at a loss when he
greeted William.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw Miss Kim and Miss Karen together, and now
seeing you and the White Stranger . . . ." William stammered.

"Same here. I look at you and see Billy, and I keep wanting to ask how you
got back here when you're supposed to be at the Command Center operating the
time portal," Tommy said.

"What was it you wanted, Grandpa Zach?" Kim wondered.

"I just wanted to tell you that you did a real fine job today and that I'm
real proud of you. I was wrong about what I said to you a few days ago."

"Thanks, Grandpa Zach, that really means a lot to me."

"How's Karen, Doc?" Thomas queried.

"Her arm was broken. She's at home resting. She had quite an afternoon,"
Zachariah reported. "She mentioned that the White Stranger looked exactly
like her, so I told her it was a trick of the sun."

"I only hope that this whole adventure hasn't proved too unsettling for her,"
Joshua spoke up. "I was really worried about her coming out to such raw
territory, even though I knew she was going to be staying with my father.
She was bred to be a lady, not a homesteader."

"Don't sell Karen short," Tommy said. "If she's anything like Kim, she has
more spirit and strength of will than the three of you put together."

"I am inclined to agree," Thomas added. "Kim and I couldn't have brought
Jack down without her co-operation."

"You don't know Karen as I do," Joshua objected. His words faltered as Tommy
suddenly walked past him. Tommy extended his hand to someone lurking beyond
the horses.

"Hi there; you must be Karen," he said. The others turned as Karen emerged
from her hiding place. She accepted Tommy's hand hesitantly. Her eyes were
wide as she looked him over.

"Karen, what are you doing here?" Zachariah queried.

"How did you get here?" Joshua asked.

"I followed you," Karen said. Her eyes continued to drift from Tommy to
Thomas; her expression was one of astonishment.

"Whatever for?" Josh queried.

"I wanted to prove that I wasn't seeing things. I know what I saw this
afternoon." She fixed her husband and father-in-law with a defiant glare,
much like the one Kim had given Tommy after she had kissed Thomas. Tommy
favored her with a warm grin but held his laughter in check. With a swish
of her skirts, Karen walked around the men and came to stand in front of
Kim. The two regarded each other without saying a word. Neither seemed to
know what to say to the other. Then, they both sighed wistfully.

"How's the arm?" Kim queried.

"It will mend. Zachariah said that you did a good job with the splint,"
Karen answered cautiously. "You were something else this afternoon."

"I just did what had to be done," Kim said modestly. "You were pretty
awesome yourself. I don't imagine too many women around here would have been
able to keep their cool the way you did. You didn't faint; you didn't carry
on, and the way you followed my orders without hesitation . . . not many
people could have done that." Kim's words were more for the benefit of the
menfolk than for Karen.

"How did you know that I could speak French?"

"I didn't. French is the only other language I know, and I figured Jack
wouldn't know it," Kim confessed with a shrug.

"I think that if I'm even a little bit the woman you are, I shall count
myself lucky," Karen remarked, to Kim's surprise.

"You want to be like me?"

"I think you already are," Thomas commented. The conversation was suddenly
interrupted by a musical chiming. Both Kim and Tommy brightened at hearing
it while the others were completely mystified.

"I read you," Tommy answered the call. As he spoke into his communicator,
William drew closer to get a better look.

"It's Billy," came the reply. William was astounded to hear his own voice
emanating from the watch-like device. "Have you located Kimberly? I had to
turn off the viewing globe in order to conserve power so that I could punch
this audio signal through without activating the time portal." There was a
catch in his voice that Tommy found intriguing. He wondered if Billy had
turned the viewing globe off when he and Kim started feeling frisky. Tommy
glanced over at Kim; apparently the same thought had occurred to her because
she was blushing faintly.

"I'm here, Billy," she responded.

"It's good to hear your voice," Billy said with relief. "I'm going to
activate the time portal in five minutes. Make sure you're at the designated
co-ordinates. We're only going to get one shot at this."

"Right. We're on our way. Tommy out."

"Where do you need to go?" Thomas queried.

"Inside the cave," Tommy said. Tommy and Kim led the way, and their
ancestors and friends followed.

"Bye, Thomas, I'm going to miss you," Kim said, giving him a firm hug.

"It was good knowing you, Kim," Thomas answered, returning the hug. "When
you get back to your time, check for my foot locker. I'll try and find some
way to let you know how things turn out here. There was one last thing I
wanted to know; Soaring Falcon told me you had seen several spirits when you
climbed the bluff. Did you see your spirit guide? What was it?"

"I am the Crane, agile and graceful," Kim replied, copying the words she had
said to Ninjor when she first claimed her Ninja powers. She managed a brave
smile and caught Tommy's hand as she returned to his side. The first
rainbow-like flicker of the time portal appeared. Kim fastened her
communicator around her wrist.

"Activating teleportation sequence now," Tommy directed, and the two
disappeared into the halo of light.


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