Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Destruction Of The Pink Ranger Part 15
by Cheryl Roberts (exhib)

Tommy and Kimberly reappeared within the crescent of Stranger's Rock, landing
in a heap on the sandy grass. Kim quickly scrambled to her feet. Her eyes
were drawn to the south.

"Look, city lights! We're home!" she shouted gleefully.

"Kim! Tommy!" Aisha shouted as she and the others teleported onto the scene.
Kim was quickly lost in the mob of a group hug.

"Thanks, Billy," Kim said, lingering longer in her embrace of him than for
the others.

"Let's get you to the Command Center," Billy said as he composed himself.
"Zordon has to run some bio-scans to ascertain your condition."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?" Kim pouted, but Billy's expression was stern.
"All right. Let's get this over with."

The six teleported to the Command Center, but only five materialized.

"Billy, where's Kim?" Tommy asked anxiously.

"Her signal is trapped in the morphing grid. The Command Center's security
field is blocking her out," Billy said.

"Can you get her through?"

"It's too risky. I'll have to set her down outside."

"Zordon, it's not fair!" Tommy protested.

"I am sorry, Tommy; there's nothing I can do. Kim has lost the protection of
the Power."

"Hey guys, where are you?" Kim radioed.

"We're in the Command Center," Billy answered, his voice choked. "Your
signal didn't get through. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it; I sort of expected it," she said. Billy activated the
viewing globe. Kim didn't appear to be upset; she looked rather thoughtful.
"Billy, can you teleport me back to Stranger's Rock?"

"Will do."

"I'll meet you there," Tommy said. His shoulders slumped in defeat as the
globe went dark.

"I'm really sorry, Tommy," Billy reiterated.

"We all are," Aisha added.

"What will we do now, Zordon?" Adam wondered.

"We must find a suitable candidate to assume the role of the Pink Ranger,"
Zordon said.

"No!" Tommy objected. "There has to be something we can do to get Kim's
powers back. We can't let Zedd get away with this."

"Zedd has merely won one battle; he has not won the war," Zordon answered.

"Kim deserves better than that," Tommy snapped as he teleported out.

* * *

When he reappeared at Stranger's Rock, he didn't see Kimberly anywhere

"Kim?" he called out.

"In the cave," she called back. Tommy crawled inside and found that she had
lit a small fire. She looked about the cave. Moments ago, it had been a
place she had lived in for nearly a week. That home no longer existed. A
hundred and thirteen years had passed. The sights, the smells, the textures
were all different.

"White Lightning was stabled over there," Kim said sadly, pointing to the far
side of the cave. "It's so empty in here."

"Thomas' footlocker is still here," Tommy said, hoping to cheer her up. He
pulled the chest out and opened it. together they looked through the relics
that had once belonged to Thomas.

"Here's his chili pot," Kim noted. As she looked inside, she spied a piece
of paper. "Hey, look; he left us his recipe."

"What's this? I don't remember seeing it when I went through this stuff
earlier," Tommy murmured, pulling out a garment. It was Kim's silk chemise;
the rose color had faded, but otherwise it was in good condition. "How'd
this get here?"

"I left it for Thomas, sort of a keepsake," Kim replied. "You said earlier
that you found a diary?"

"Yeah, I left it back home."

"I'd like to see it; I want to know what happens to Thomas."

"Sure, we can stop by my house and get it on your way back to the Campbells."

Tommy and Kim abandoned the cave and headed down the hillside. Kim seemed to
be lost in thought.

"I guess I got my answer about my powers," she said at last.

"Kim, there has to be something we can do."

"We can start looking for a new Pink Ranger . . . ."

"No way!" Tommy interrupted.

". . . or we can find a way to get my powers back."

"Do you have an idea?" Tommy asked hopefully.

"No, but let me think on it a bit. Our powers were as much a part of
ourselves as they were the power coins. Being a Ranger means too much to
me to give it up without a fight."

* * *

With the trial done, I thought it time to try the bluff again. My heart no
longer felt so heavy, and my soul wasn't burdened with thoughts of revenge.
I figured if Miss Kim could scale the bluff and see her spirits after all she
had been through, I could do it too. I went out to the lake as she had and
swam across. While I was in the water, I could have sworn I saw a path up
the cliff face. After a while, I stopped thinking about it, about
everything. It was like I was a sleep walker. I don't even know how I
managed it, but the next thing I knew, I was at the top. I was elated. I had
never managed that before. As I stood there catching my breath, I saw a
falcon flying over head. I thought of Soaring Falcon. He always said the
bluff was a place of great power and that someday I would find what I was
looking for if I could meet the challenge of the cliff. I sat down, thinking
about what it was that I had been looking for, and while I was sitting there,
someone else came up over the edge.

It was a Indian maiden; she looked very familiar to me. She stood there and
stared at me for a moment.

"Greetings, Thomas White," she said. That took me by surprise because
Soaring Falcon's people knew me as One Who Seeks. I asked if we had met,
and she said, "It has been three years. I was the girl you saved from Black
Jack Wilson." Then it all came back to me. This was Soaring Falcon's
granddaughter. She had been fifteen when I last saw her. She was definitely
not the skinny girl I remembered. When I asked her what she was doing on the
cliff, she said, "I, too, have been seeking my heart's desire. The elders
did not believe a maiden could meet the challenge of the cliff, but I knew
one had. Grandfather often spoke of she whose spirit I shared." I knew she
was referring to Miss Kim. When I asked her name, I knew I had found my
answer. Her name was Shining Crane.

Kim wiped at her eyes as she read that passage. She had been unable to
sleep, so she had slipped down to the Campbells' family room to read Thomas'

It caused quite a stir when I married Shining Crane, not that Soaring Falcon
had any problems with it. Even True of Heart, her father, didn't seem to
mind, but the rest of the tribe and the people in Angel Grove . . . ! We
didn't care. We were happy. We had a little place on the outskirts of the
city that wasn't too far from the tribal lands. When our daughter was born
a year later, she was given the tribal name of Wild Rose. I had Doc Hart
make her out a regular birth certificate and asked him to put her name as
Kimberly Rose. Rose was the only child Shining Crane and I had. Rose's
birth was so difficult that we didn't want to risk Shining Crane's life by
having a second, so I can see why the family name got lost.

Kim skipped over several pages, but she stopped when she ran across a section
where the penmanship was unusually shaky.

Shining Crane died the year Rose turned thirteen. I was devastated. I loved
my wife dearly, and to lose her to pneumonia . . . she caught cold while
trying to save one of her sister's children from a flash flood. I spent a
lot of time up on the bluff after her death. Sometimes, I still go up there.
It's as if I can almost feel her presence. True of Heart said that when two
people love each other, no barrier can keep them apart. I truly believe
that. After all, a hundred years couldn't keep Kim and Tommy apart.

A place of great power and magic, Kim mused, thinking about the bluff. Kim
closed the diary. She had an idea.

* * *

"Did living out in the desert for a week completely fry Kim's brain or what?"
Rocky groaned as he met the others at Stranger's Rock. He shivered in the
pre-dawn chill.

"Kim didn't ask you guys here; I did," Tommy said. "She contacted me and
said that she had a way to get her powers back. I thought you might like to
be here."

"Of course we would," Billy agreed. "Where is Kimberly?"

"Up there." Tommy pointed to the top of Stranger's Rock. Kim was sitting as
if meditating. She was still dressed in the clothes she had borrowed from

"How long has she been out here?" Adam wondered.

"Are you picking up anything from her?" Billy asked.

"Nothing much. She seems to be really calm and at peace with herself,"
Tommy said.

"That's a good sign, I suppose."

Kim stood up at last and stretched. Her eyes were focused on the bluff
across the narrow stretch of lake. She undid the knot in her shirt and
slipped off her borrowed trousers.

"Kim?" Tommy called out, hoping she wasn't going to strip completely. She
shook her head as if clearing it, then she smiled down at her friends. She
flipped down from her perch.

"What are you all doing here?" she wondered.

"I called them," Tommy said. "I thought you might like to have us all here
for moral support."

"That's really sweet of you all, thanks."

"What do you have in mind?" Billy queried.

"The way I figure it, my powers aren't going to come back on their own," Kim
explained. "Not only did Zedd destroy my purity of body, he really did a
number on my emotions and my confidence in myself. Remember how we couldn't
use our powers after Goldar used the Crystal of Nightmares on us? The only
way I'm going to get my powers back is if I prove myself worthy to reclaim

"How are you going to do that?" Adam queried. "We had to go to the Desert
of Despair and find Ninjor's temple to get our powers back."

"This bluff is a place of great power, too, if you have a noble heart and
courageous spirit and if you truly believe. Soaring Falcon told me that this
was a place of great magic and that those who climbed the bluff would find
what he or she was searching for. I was able to climb the cliff once I had
resolved my inner conflict over what had happened to me and once I realized
that my powers weren't the only things that made me a Ranger. After I made
peace with myself, I was able to find Tommy. I'm confident that if I scale
the bluff this time, I'll be able to find my powers again." With that, Kim
waded out into the cold, gray waters.

"Wait a sec," Tommy called out. She came back to the shore as he stepped
forward. He kissed her softly. "For luck. I believe too."

"If anyone has a courageous heart, it's you," Billy said, also coming forward
and offering her a peck on the cheek.

"I know you can do it," Aisha declared, giving Kim a hug.

"Go for it," Rocky added with a hug of his own.

"You'll find the power," Adam said, also giving her a hug.

As Kim swam out, she fought down the swelling tide of nervousness. She had
no room for doubt in her heart. She felt the glow of Tommy's thoughts; his
love and encouragement were like a beacon shining in the back of her mind.
She could almost feel the others' thoughts as well. She would not fail her
friends. She would not fail herself.

Older than time, man has always known the calling.

Ninjor's words leaped into her mind, as she reached the base of the cliff.
She looked up and saw the path of hand and foot holds that she had followed
Wednesday afternoon to find her friend's spirit animals waiting for her. She
closed her eyes. Her heart knew the way. As she climbed, she continued
reciting the litany.

Light of the light, strength of the soul

Ignite this eternal power inside me.

I am Ninja!

I am pure of heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Join with me now as I become one with the power of Ninja.

Kim was almost near the top. The transformation had not yet occurred.
Undaunted, she went on with a chant of her own.

I am a Power Ranger, sworn to serve and protect. I have been one with the
Pterodactyl and the Firebird. . . .

* * *

Down on the beach, Tommy raised his eyes to the top of the bluff. Neither
he nor any of the others could see how Kim had managed to climb the almost
sheer facing. In his mind he heard the words Kim was proclaiming as she
pulled herself over the edge. As she turned to face the rising sun, Tommy
softly repeated her words for the others to hear.

"I have stood with the Ape, mighty and strong. I have fought beside the
Bear, cunning and fierce. I have stalked with the Wolf, silent and sure,
and I have learned from the Frog, courageous of spirit."

Kim slowly raised her hands to the sky. The breeze blew her soaking wet
shirt loosely about her. Kim had her eyes closed and raised her voice for
all to hear.

"I have soared with the Falcon, just and able! I am the Crane, agile and
graceful; we are one!"

Dawn broke, shedding its rosy glow on Kimberly's tiny frame. A sudden blast
of wind ripped out of nowhere, battering her body and tearing her shirt away.
Kim withstood the winds and stood naked in the splendor of the sunrise.
There was a lump in Tommy's throat as Kim seemed to be enveloped in a nimbus
of pink light. He had never seen her look more beautiful or more confident
as she stood with her arms outstretched to embrace the new day.

"Ninja Ranger Power!"

In a brilliant flash of light, Kimberly transformed into the colorfully
garbed Pink Ninja Ranger.

"She did it! All right!" Tommy cheered, exchanging high fives with the

Kimberly slowly lowered her arms and opened her eyes. She heard the shouts
and whoops from below. Tears of joy welled in her eyes as she looked down
at her costume, but she was not ready to celebrate yet. She pulled out her
power morpher. It glistened in the early daylight as if it were brand new.

"It's morphin' time! Pink Ranger Power!"

A crackle of energy and a flash of light surrounded Kim. Moments later,
Kimberly transformed into the Pink Ranger. She felt stronger and more
capable than ever before. On the beach below, her friends were giddy with
delight. In her mind, she felt the happiness that bubbled up within Tommy.

"So, what do you think, Soaring Falcon?" Kim whispered as she spied a bird
of prey in the distance. She didn't need to see it up close to know that it
was a falcon. Perhaps it was her imagination, but she heard a voice like the
sighing of the wind say, "Well done, She Who Sees Many Spirits."

Kim waved at her friends then powered down, stripping away her uniform. Once
again she felt the power surging within her, waiting to be called forth. She
felt like celebrating. She backed away from the cliff's edge then charged
forward at full speed. With a triumphant "yee-ha!" she launched herself off
the bluff and dove into the lake.

"Way to go, Kim!" Tommy shouted as he started towards the water's edge,
stripping off his clothes as he went.

"Uh, Tommy . . . ." Billy began uncertainly.

"Last one in is Zedd's brother-in-law!" Tommy declared as he dove into the

"All right, skinny-dipping," Rocky cheered. "Count me in." He stripped and
jumped into the lake. "Cripes, that's cold!" Billy, Aisha, and Adam looked
at each other helplessly.

"They could have at least warned us to bring swimming suits," Adam murmured.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to go skinny-dipping," Aisha
remarked as she, too, doffed her clothes and splashed out into the water.
As she swam off, Billy turned to Adam.

"I don't know about you, but I have no desire to be placed in the same
category as Rito Revolto," he said.

"Me either," Adam agreed, and the two began to strip.

Tommy finally reached Kim in the middle of the water and tossed her into the

"You were awesome!" he cheered as he caught her. He pulled her close and
kissed her hard.

"Mm," Kim purred as she went back for seconds with gusto.

"Hey, I thought you said no more sex," Tommy teased her as her hands began

"This isn't sex, just heavy petting," she retorted.

"Behave yourself, here come the others."

"Really? Billy and Adam too?" She peered over his shoulder. "They don't
have any clothes on!"

"Neither do we."

"How'd you convince everyone to come skinny-dipping?"

"Would you want to be Zedd's brother-in-law?"

"Rito? Ugh, no way!" Kim splashed Tommy, and he picked her up again and
tossed her over his shoulder. She careened headlong into the water,
splashing down just as Rocky reached the pair. She resurfaced and was
almost forced under again as she was swamped with jubilant hugs from her

* * *

"Hey, Bulkie, tell me again, how did we end up with dawn patrol?" Skull asked
with a yawn. Both he and Bulk were in uniform patrolling the stretch of
beach around Indian Lake.

"How should I know? It was probably your fault."

"You know, sometimes I think Officer Stone doesn't like us," Skull rambled

"Brilliant deduction, Sherlock. Geez, I hate this stretch. No one ever
comes way out here to swim."

"Check it out, Bulk; there's someone out in the water."

"Get real. This is November. Who'd be dumb enough to go swimming in an
unsecured area at this time of the morning?"

"Actually, it looks like Tommy and the geek squad."

"Yeah, and . . . it looks like they don't have any clothes on!" The two
junior police officers hurried down to the water front. "Look, here's their

"Isn't skinny-dipping against the law or something?"

"We can nail these guys for indecent exposure," Bulk said with obvious glee.
"All right, you in the water, come on out!"

* * *

"Uh oh, guys, looks like we're busted," Rocky noted.

"How humiliating, caught by Bulk and Skull," Aisha groaned.

"Great, they have our clothes," Adam said. "What do we do?"

"I think I know how to handle this," Kim said with a mischievous twinkle in
her eye.

"What do you have in mind?" Tommy asked suspiciously.

"They only found five sets of clothes on the beach since my pants are up
on Stranger's Rock and my shirt is on the bluff. They'll only be expecting
five swimmers. Head in to shore, but don't come out of the water until I
give the signal." With that, Kim slipped under the water.

* * *

"I can't believe this," Skull cackled. "Wait'll they hear about this in
school. The goody two-shoes gang caught naked in public. It's just too
bad Kimberly isn't with them."

"Come on, hurry it up you guys. We don't have all morning," Bulk ordered.

"Bulkmeier, Skullovitch, at-ten-tion!" Kim barked in her best drill sergeant
voice. She had swum around to the bend where the grotto used to be and had
crept up to a boulder behind Bulk and Skull. She could say one thing for
their police training; it taught them obedience. "About face!" The would-be
police officers turned, standing rigid. Skull offered a salute. Kim stepped
out from behind the rock and motioned for the others to come forward.

"What is this? Officers stealing clothing from the beach? Drop those
garments, boys."

"Yessir, officer sir," Skull gasped.

"We were only . . . hey, you're not a police officer," Bulk gasped, sneaking
a peek. "Kimberly?"

"Eyes up, front and center or I'll report you for being peeping Toms," she

"We're the junior police officers here," Bulk argued, "and public nudity is
in violation of code . . . ."

"Is this a public beach?" Kim demanded.

"Not really," Skull replied. Behind him, Aisha scampered out of the water
and collected her clothing.

"Are there any signs saying no skinny-dipping?" Kim continued. Rocky and
Adam followed Aisha's lead.

"Well, no."

"Does my state of undress rouse your sense of moral outrage?" Billy and Tommy
waded to shore.

"Moral outrage isn't exactly what you're arousing," Bulk answered.

"What's wrong with you two?" Tommy snapped. "Where's your sense of decency?
For shame, making the lady stand around naked and freezing while you're
flapping your jaws." Tommy handed Kim his shirt.

"Thanks," she said as she gratefully slid the flannel shirt on. Bulk and
Skull started to move. "I didn't say at ease, gentlemen." They snapped back
to attention. "Tell you what I'm going to do. If you don't charge us with
indecent exposure, we won't charge you with being peeping Toms."

"But . . . ." Bulk protested.

"Now really, Bulk, which story is Officer Stone more likely to believe: the
six of us swimming naked or the two of you poking your noses where they don't

"The second one," Skull said. He and Bulk traded glances.

"Do we have a deal?" Kim queried sweetly.

"Oh all right," Bulk said grudgingly.

"Thanks, you two; you're the greatest." Kim stepped closer to them and
grabbed their ties. Their eyes just about popped out as she pulled them down
to her level, giving them a fantastic glimpse of her cleavage. "Since you're
such good sports, I think you deserve a little reward." She gave them each a
peck on the cheek. "At ease, gentlemen." She released their neckwear, and
Bulk and Skull melted into helpless puddles of hormones. Then, with a sexy
giggle, she hurried off to catch up with Tommy.

"Did you really have to do that?" he grimaced.

"It was a small price to pay to keep our butts out of jail. Besides, it was
worth it to see the look on their faces." With a chuckle, Kim skipped on
ahead. Tommy sighed and shook his head. It was good to have Kimberly back
at last.

* * *

"No! No! No! Curse those mighty morphing miscreants!" Zedd ranted as he
observed the proceedings from his throne room. "Once again they have ruined
a perfectly perditious plan!" Everything had been proceeding as intended.
Kimberly had reached the point of no return; Tommy had oh so gallantly given
her the fucking she required. Zedd's frustration level rose another notch
when he thought of the missed opportunities due to Zordon's infernal
scrambling mechanism. Ah, to have watched their amorous activities would
have been so satisfying! Unfortunately, Tommy hadn't lost his powers, but
Kimberly had; she just wasn't supposed to get them back. Where had she
disappeared to? Why couldn't he locate her? It didn't matter that Zordon
hadn't been able to find her either.

"This is all that incompetent Goldar's fault. If he had made sure Tommy had
been pierced by the arrow in the first place, none of this would have
happened!" Zedd continued fuming. Yet, Zedd wasn't going to punish him. He
couldn't have come up with a better punishment than what Kimberly had done
to Goldar, who still hadn't recovered from her thrashing. The misbegotten
mutant was still talking like a soprano from a boys' choir, which Zedd found
extremely annoying. To make matters even worse, he had misplaced the orb
which held the recording of Kim and Tommy's erotic visit to his dungeon. He
had to find it before Rita did.

"I'll get you next time, Power Pests," he vowed. "Finster! Have you found
that orb yet? Finster, answer me!"

"Oh Zeddy!" Rita called out.

If she was trying to be cute, Zedd was not in the mood for it. "What do you

"I want to have a little fun," she answered. She stood in the doorway to the
throne room, smiling evilly. She had removed her horned headdress so that
her white hair hung down her back. She wasn't wearing her usual gown either.
This one didn't have the cones-that-could-poke-an-eye-out on the bodice. She
lounged against the doorway in a black robe that was held closed in front by
a thin silver belt. Zedd had a very bad feeling about the situation.

"What sort of fun?" Zedd asked suspiciously. Rita didn't answer. She merely
stood there tossing a familiar silver ball into the air and catching it.

"Where did you get that?" Zedd demanded.

"I caught Rito playing with it."

"I'm going to get that meddlesome sibling of yours."

"For a change, Rito didn't screw up. Come on, Zeddy," Rita said, beckoning
seductively. "This little ball has given me some ideas." There was a
predatory look in her eye that made Zedd swallow hard.

"Now, Rita . . . ."

"How long have we been married? It's about time I got to see what's under
that metal jock of yours." As she took a step toward him, Zedd abandoned his

"Not how, I have a headache," he protested, backing away.

"You'd better at least be as well hung as Tommy. No wonder you wanted to
watch him drill his hunk of meat into little Kimberly's pussy."

"I think I need to check on Serpentera . . . ."

"Don't you run away from me, Zeddy; I want what you got, and I want it now!"

Lord Zedd, master of evil and would-be ruler of the universe, fled from his
throne room as fast as his silver-shod feet could carry him.



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