Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Episode 69 - Purity Power (ff)
by Robert Firth

The girls were in Kimberly's room, sitting side by side on her large circular
water bed, sipping diet coke and leafing through a 'Victoria's Secret'

"Yuk, why would anybody wear that?" grimaced Trini.

Kim cocked her head on one side and considered. "I dunno, it might not look
too bad."

"Kim, it's radical grot. It's total slutty."

"Oh, Trini, don't be a flake." Kim looked at her friend. "How do you expect
to get boyfriends if you dress in those baggy old shirts?"

"What makes you think I want a boyfriend?" retorted Trini.

"C'mon, you gotta have a boyfriend."

"Well, I don't."

Kim thought. She screwed up her eyes, and thought hard; which was unusual,
because she was sure thinking gave you crows' feet. Finally, she said, "No,
you don't. I'd know, I guess. Come to think, I can't remember ever seeing
you with a boyfriend."

She straightened up in astonishment. "Trini, do you mean you've never..."

Trini cast her eyes down and fluttered her long, dark lashes. "No, I never"
she said, quietly.

Kim gasped. "You mean... you mean you're, like, well, you're a... a

"Yes, I am."

Her friend stared at her, mouth open. "Oh, gee, that's awful. You're what
- seventeen - and you never... I mean never ever... Wow, that's even worse
than not having a credit card."

Trini drew herself up. "And I assume that you have?"

Kim shrugged. "Oh, sure," she said, "I mean, everyone has. Well, almost
everyone. Trini, we just gotta fix you up."

Trini smiled. "Thanks, Kim, but I can fix myself up, when I want to. The
thing is, I don't want to."

"Why not?" asked a puzzled Kim.

Trini frowned briefly. "Well, I feel better... stronger... I'm a power
ranger, and part of that power is what we call *chun li*, inner purity."

"Trini," said Kim, "you think that, if you had sex, you'd lose your powers?
Guess again - you're wrong. Trust me: it doesn't happen. I otta know."

Trini sighed. "Maybe not - maybe not for you but for me. Maybe not for any
of you."

Kim suddenly smiled. "That's the answer! We fix you up with another power
ranger. Then fer sure nothing can go wrong." She reached out and grasped
Trini's hand. "Well, which one?"

Trini blushed, like a flower suddenly put on display. "Oh, Kim, I don't

"Hey, virgin, I bet you thought about it," retorted Kim.

"Well, yes, I did. Jason's a big hunk, but... well, I guess I feel you and
he are an item, so he's out. Then there's Zack... but I once tried to get
him to ask me out, and he just didn't get the message..."

"Yeah, right," replied Kim, "didn't you know it's Zack and Jason who are the


"So," persisted Kim, "How about Billy. He wants you."

"He does?"

Kim looked closely at the other. "Trini, boys have a small, subtle way of
showing these things. It's called a hard-on."

Trini looked down. "Maybe... but Billy and I are friends, and I wouldn't
want... I don't want to risk losing a friend." She looked up again. "So I
guess there's nobody after all."

"Nobody?" enquired Kim. "I think you missed somebody."

"I don't understand," repleid Trini, "There's just the five of us. Jason,
and Zack, and Billy, and me, and... Oh. You don't mean... you can't

Kim lay back on the bed, reached up, and dragged the other girl's mouth down
onto hers. "I do mean," she breathed, throatily.

* * *

"Ayayayay!" said Alpha, peering into the viewing globe. "What are those
girls *doing*?"

"It is a primitive human recreational activity," replied Zordon, "Ignore

"But it's making my circuits very hot..."

"Come away from that globe!"

* * *

Trini lay back on the bed, in a happy daze. Her glossy black hair, spread
across the pillow, framed her sensuous oval face. Her fathomless dark almond
eyes glowed with recent passion; her full coral lips were parted as she
breathed deeply and evenly, her perfect small breasts rising and falling in
rhythm. Her smooth golden skin seemed suffused with an inner light, like an
exotic lantern with the lamp lit inside it.

Kim sprawled beside her in a tangle of limbs. Her overlarge bosom sagged
asymmetrically; the effect of her exertions was still visible in the pink
blotches on her neck and torso. Her dull hair was tousled and matted with
sweat; sweat also had collected in the creases of her arms and thighs, and
dried in uneven streaks across her stubble-grey legs. Her face wore its
usual glazed, vacant look, accentuated by the slack muscles around her

"Wow," said Trini, "so that's what it's like."

"Not bad, hey?" said Kim. She sat up and looked at herself. "Oh, gross,"
she continued, "Boy do I need a shower. I must really stink."

Trini looked at her and smiled. "I guess you do. But you don't smell too
bad, for a Caucasian."

Kim staggered to her feet and went into the shower. Trini lay back and
continued her breathing exercise. In a few minutes, Kim reappeared, dragging
an overtight pink leotard around her rebellious flesh. "Your turn, lover,"
she said.

At that moment, their beepers went off. It was Zordon.

"Bad news, power rangers," came his dull, flat voice. "Rita has sent a giant
asparagus to ravage Angel Grove. You've got to stop her."

"We're on our way," replied Kim, "It's morphin time!"

She pushed her power coin, and yelled, "Pterodactyl!"

Trini also was on her feet. "Saber-tooth... saber... sss.... Oh, no!" she
wailed, collapsed on the bed, and burst into tears.

* * *

"I think Rita's losing her grip," said Jason, as he morphed back into his
normal idiot jock shape. "I mean - a giant asparagus? All it took was hot
water and six pounds of 'I can't believe it's not butter'."

"Yeah, man, it was real wimpy," agreed Zack, "even for a vegetable."

"Affirmative," said Billy, "but I didn't see the yellow ranger. Where's

Kimberly had opened the door to her room. "Oh... she's still in here.
Trini, what's wrong? Don't you like asparagus?"

She walked into the room, then turned around, and pushed Billy back out the
door. "Not you, guys," she admonished. After a couple of minutes, she came
out, shut the door behind her, and said, "We have a problem."

"What?" asked Jason.

"Trini thinks she's lost her morphing powers."

"Why? What happened?" said the others, urgently.

Kim's face and neck went a dull, spotty pink. "This is, like, really
embarrassing," she said, "but Trini thinks she's lost her power because
she's.. well, like, she's not... pure."

"Pure?" - echoed Zack.

"Like, not a virgin," said Kim.

Jason and Zack looked at Billy. "Way to go, dude," breathed Zack.

"But it wasn't... I didn't..." said Billy, polishing his spectacles in

"No, it wasn't," said Jason, thoughtfully, "you were working out with me
all morning. But then who...?"

"Forget it, guys," said Kim, folding her stubby arms, "I gotta fess up. It
was me."

The others stared at her. "That's against network policy," said Billy.

"Stuff that," replied Jason, "the thing is, what do we do now?"

* * *

"Aha, my pretty one!" gloated Rita, looking through her funky telescope.
"So, the little yellow pest can't morph any more. Isn't that too bad."

"That's great, your evilness." said one of her sidekicks. "How did she
lose her power?"

"She didn't," replied Rita, "she just thinks she has, the silly bimbo. Did
I lose my power? Did that pink slut? No, the power is still inside her,
and we can get it out!"

"A brilliant plan, your evilness. How?"

"The same way. One of you must go to Earth and encounter her. Then her
powers will be in our service. Now, whom do I send? Cyclops? Minotaur?"

Rita turned around and looked at the group. An expression of utter disgust
crossed her face. "Ugly!" she said, "You're all ugly!"

"Me ugly!" agreed Cyclops, "Me fight ugly. Me fight yellow ranger."

Rita sighed. "No, you one-eyed idiot!" she said, "You don't *fight* her."

"I understand," said a firm, high voice. Scorpina moved forwards. "Entrust
me with this mission, your evilness." Her pretty tongue briefly licked her
perfect, red lips, and she stretched her spectacular body under its tight,
revealing armour. "I have been told I am not unattractive."

Rita looked at her pensively. "Very well," she said, "the yellow ranger is
yours, if you can get her. And then her power is mine. Mine! Hahaha!"

* * *

"Guys, this is really bad," said Kimberly, "It's really radical bad. We
gotta snap her out of it."

"I got it," said Zack, "let's ask Zordon."

"Zack," said Kim in exasperation, "Zordon is a disembodied blue face. What
does he know about sex?"

"Huh, I dunno," replied Zack, "I mean... where do baby Zordon's come from?"

"From the digital cloning device in the virtual hypermedium," said Billy.


Jason had been thinking. "From what I learned about purity power, it
doesn't go away. It retreats inside you. And it can be brought out again."

"Yeah, we know that. But how?" said Zack.

"Only one way," said Jason, "Yin put it in. Yang will take it out."

"Does that mean what I think it means?" asked Billy.

"Yep, you got it. Wanna be the lucky guy?"

Billy turned an interesting shade of orange. "Well... sure... I mean, who
wouldn't... but Trini's my friend. If this goes wrong, I don't want to lose
a friend. Jason, you're the leader, how about you?"

Jason shook his head. "And risk losing tomorrow's karate match? No way.
I need my essence."

"Me neither," said Zack, "like, bro, chicks just ain't my scene."

Kimberly stood up and put her hands on her broad hips. "You guys are worse
than the asparagus!" she said, "Talk about total ultraviolet wimpforce! Yuk
to the maxx!" She walked over to the bookshelf, and returned with a deck of

"You'll cut for it. Ace high. High card loses. Just shut your eyes and
pretend she's a sabre-toothed tiger."

* * *

Trini lay on the bed, her shoulders shaking with emotion. Suddenly, she
became aware of another presence in the frilly pink room. She looked up,
and then began to back away.

"Afraid?" said Scorpina, waving her sword, "afraid, pretty little yellow
ranger? Afraid, pretty little coward?"

Trini wrapped a pink silk sheet around her slender frame. "You're the
coward, Scorpina. You'll fight me now, when I've lost my powers."

Scorpina smiled. "Very well, power ranger. I will fight you only after
you have recovered your powers... or should I say, after we have recovered

Trini gasped with shock. "You mean, you know how to do that?"

Scorpina closed the gap between them. She let the sword fall, and placed
her hand tenderly on the back of Trini's elegant neck. "Oh yes, I know
how," she said, "It's really very simple." Her lips followed her hand, and
Trini sighed. "By the way, did anyone ever tell you your skin tastes of

"Uh, no," said Trini, as the sheet began to slide off her warm body. "Did
anyone ever tell you that tight metal body armour is a real turn-on?"

Scorpina gave a low chuckle. The girl was hers. And the power too, once
she had the coin. Her eyes glanced briefly over the room.

Trini pulled back. "What are you looking for?" she said.

"Nothing, my golden darling. Let me help you out of that ugly pink sheet."

"Yes you were!" accused Trini, her dark eyes flashing. "You just looked
around the room." There was a tense pause. "My coin!" said the ranger,
now furiously angry. "You were looking for my power coin! So you don't
want me at all... it was a cheat... a trap, to get my powers for yourself."

"Not for myself. For her evilness." countered Scorpina, "Too bad it didn't
work. So we'll fight anyway."

Trini was almost speechless. "You... you monster... I'll kill you..."
Suddenly, she felt the power flowing back into her, a starburst of *ki*
energy. She lept into the air, the sheet falling away unheeded, and
launched a two-footed, whole-body kick at her deceiver. "Kiiiyyy!!" she

Scorpina took the blow full in the chest, was thrown back heavily against
the wall of the room, and disappeared in a cheesy green special effect.

* * *

"What was that?" asked Billy, as Jason was about to cut the cards.

"What was what?"

"That noise in Kim's bedroom... like somebody screaming... and then
something hitting the wall."

"Oh, just Scorpina," said a voice from behind them. They looked around.
Trini stood in the doorway, wrapped in a fluffy white robe much too wide
for her. "She really annoyed me."

"Trini!" exclaimed Jason. "Your powers are back!" He frowned. "But what's
that about Scorpina?"

"She was here. She came on to me... I was almost fooled, and she's a mondo
hot chick... but it was a trap... she was only using me for my power."

"That's, like, sooo evil," said Kim.

"And I sooo didn't like it." continued Trini. "And you know what... you're
using me too. You, and Alpha, and Zordon, and this whole power rangers crud
is so much tiger chips. It's exploitation. The Earth gets saved, and all
I get is fights, and danger, and missed homework, and boys I never get to go
out with, and afternoons in the park being groped by putties..." She raised
her hand, and threw the power coin across the room. "That's it. I'm
through. I quit."

* * *

The four rangers sat in the juice bar, looking very glum.

"I mean, like, she *totally* flipped out," said Kimberly. "She was cheesed

"We've gotta get her to change her mind," said Jason.

"Forget it, bro," said Zack. "She's outta here, and we're history."

"Affirmative," said Billy, "Trini won't change her mind. We won't see her

"Then what's that?" asked Kim.

They looked around. Trini walked into the bar. A short yellow miniskirt
revealed most of her long, lissom legs. A tight orange bandeau just
covered her breasts, and a short, sleeveless jacket hid nothing of her
flat, firm stomach and slender arms.

"Hey, Trini, welcome back!" said Billy.

"Get lost, creep," she replied. "I'm through with you losers. I found
myself a neat funky boyfriend who doesn't turn into a reptile when his
beeper goes off."

"Yeah, she found herself a boyfriend," said a tittering voice behind her.

The others gazed at them in amazement. "Skull?..." said Zack.

But Trini had turned round, and pulled into the room another familiar figure.
A large familiar figure. "C'mon, Bulk, let's ditch this mob," she said.
Then she turned to the others. "No hard feelings, boys, but I always wanted
a man. A real man. A real *big* man, if you get my meaning. Don't wait up
for me. I might not wait up for myself."


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