Might Morphing Power Rangers: Girls' Night (ff,inter)
by Ken Crysler

Aisha hadn't been a Ranger very long, but she was already beginning to
discover that it was not as easy as one might think. Besides being physically
exhausting, there was also the added problem of trying to explain where she
was going all of a sudden. She had already had a few of her classes
interrupted, and being called away from the dinner table didn't sit very
well with her parents. That's why she was so glad that this last attack had
occurred not only late at night, but during a weekend that her parents had
decided to go out of town and leave her alone in the house. Well, not really

Kimberly was staying with her, since her mom and 'the artist,' as Kim called
him, were in New York City for the opening of a new showing of his work. The
two girls had been in the middle of a heavy gossip session when their
communicators had chimed.

The monster they had been sent to fight was not one of the better-named ones.

"How do Zedd and Rita come up with the names for some of these monsters?"
Aisha wondered aloud to Kim.

"You know, the rest of us have wondered about that more than once," Kim said,
giggling. "They really do have some of the worst names, don't they?"

"You can say that again, girlfriend," was the laughed reply.

The latest monster had the dubious honor of being called the 'Night Lighter.'
He had been created from a nightlight, and for his attack, he shot painful
beams of light. The Rangers were able to defeat him by reflecting the beams
off of a mirrored building downtown, momentarily blinding the thing, and then
destroying it. All in all, it was not one of their more difficult battles.
But it still took a little out of them. And now they were back at the house,
getting ready to get back to their gossip.

"So, did you hear about how Mary Allison dumped Brett Monagle after lunch
yesterday?" Kim said as she pulled the t-shirt that she used as a nightie out
of her backpack.

"No! Don't you hold out on me. Tell me what happened! All of it!" Aisha said
excitedly, her pulse beginning to race.

"Well," Kim began, "It seems that Brett was sitting with some of his friends,
and Mary walked up to him, and ...." As Kim rambled on, she pulled her shirt
over her head and slipped it off. Then she reached around and unfastened her
bra, freeing her perky little breasts. "You should have seen the look on his
face!" she continued, sitting on the floor next to Aisha, not bothering to
put on the t-shirt. "I tell you, it was priceless!"

But Aisha wasn't listening anymore. She found herself staring at Kim's
breasts, mesmerized by the gentle curves and swells. She studied the little
nubbins that were the Pink Ranger's nipples, and she found that her pulse was
beginning to race wildly. Before she new what she was doing, she reached out
with her hand and gently pinched one of those beautiful buds. Kim's sudden
moan brought her back to reality.

"Oh my God, Kim! I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me! Oh, I feel

"Normal for a Ranger," Kim interrupted. "Aisha, don't apologize. I was
wondering when that was going to happen. Actually, I've been waiting for that
to happen."

"Kim, what's happening to me? I've never been attracted to another girl
before! Why am I now?" Aisha was so upset, she was beginning to cry softly.

"Shhh. It's okay, Aisha." Kim gathered her into a hug, cradling her head in
her shoulder. "I probably should have told you sooner about the spikes."

"Well, Zack told Adam about them, and Adam told Rocky and me. Actually, he
did more than just tell us about them ...." Aisha giggled through the tears
a little as she thought about the three-way she had had with Adam and Rocky.

"Really?" Kim smiled back at her. "How come you didn't tell me about that?"

Aisha thought for a moment, then said, "I dunno. I guess that in the back of
my mind, I thought that it would be something just between the three of us.
I really hadn't thought about you, Tommy or Billy. You especially. I mean,
you're my best friend!"

"Aisha," Kim began slowly, "If I am your best friend, that means that I
should be willing to help you in any way that I can. Just the way that I
would help the other guys. Heck the way I HAVE helped the other guys."

"Even Trini?" Aisha looked surprised.

"Especially Trini! She and I shared something that the guys and I could never
share. And if you'll let me, I'd like to share it with you. I'll be careful,
I promise."

Aisha suddenly noticed that Kim had been gently massaging her breasts,
igniting a flame of passion within her. She was dizzy, and she ached for Kim
to put out the fire. "Please," she said, half statement, half question.

"Gladly," Kim answered, her hand suddenly sliding under Aisha's shirt and
bra. "Let's take some of the edge off first, shall we?"

Aisha was so engrossed with what Kim's hand was doing to her nipples that she
couldn't talk. So she just nodded. And then she groaned as Kim's other hand
slid into the sweatpants she was wearing, down into her panties, and slid a
finger into the wetness between her legs.

"Oh ...YES!" Aisha cried out as she began her first orgasm of the night, the
flame spreading through her body. That went on for several moments, with Kim
slowly stroking her clit, continuing to push wave after wave of pleasure
through her body.

When the crest had finally broken, Kim kissed her softly on the lips, and
said, "Feel any better?"

"God, yes! I never thought ... Oh, Kim! That was wonderful! Thank you!'

"My pleasure," Kimberly said as she slowly removed her hands from their
strategic locations. "Now, shall we move on to the even better part?"

Aisha looked at her for a moment. "You mean there's more?"

Kim just laughed. "Of course there's more! That was just an appetizer! Now,
stand up and let me help you take those clothes off. And you can help me with

Almost in a daze, Aisha stood up, and swooned as Kimberly's hands began
slowly removing the clothing from her body. As each new area of skin was
exposed, Kim used her tongue to taste the exposed flesh. The cool air
hitting the wet skin brought goosebumps to her body. At least that's what
she thought it was from.

Aisha could hardly believe how much her body was responding to Kim's
explorations. After all, she had never had thoughts about being with another
woman, yet here she was. Almost as if reading her mind, Kim looked up at her
from the kneeling position she was in and said, "The Power Hormones don't
care whether you're with a male or a female. They just need to be taken care
of. They also kind of release your inhibitions. At least that's the way Billy
explained it to me. That's why the guys don't mind being with the other guys,
and us girls with ... well, you get the idea, don't you?"

Aisha did, and she said so. And then she threw her head back as Kim parted
her legs slightly and pushed her tongue into her silky black curls. "Uh...
UHH! Girlfriend, I never knew this could be so good! OOHH!!!"

After a few minutes of Kim's wonderful oral attention, Kim stopped and stood
up. "C'mon. Help me off with the rest of my clothes. Then we'll really get

Aisha looked at her shyly. "What do you want me to do?"

Kim smiled at her and said, "Whatever makes you happy. I'm here to help you.
But believe me, I'm enjoying this, too!"

Well, here goes, Aisha thought to herself as she slowly bent over and took
one of Kim's nipples into her mouth. She found that she really enjoyed the
sensation, and it was apparent that Kim enjoyed it as well. The moans she
was letting out made that pretty obvious. As she licked and sucked, her
hands moved down to the shorts her friend was wearing, and she began to ease
them down over Kimberly's hips. When the shorts finally hit the floor and
Kim had stepped out of them, Aisha pulled away from Kim's nipples to see
what she had uncovered.

To her surprise, she discovered that Kim was wearing the smallest pair of
panties she had ever seen. The tiny patch of material barely covered her
pubes, and as she looked around to the back, she could see that there was
just the briefest of strings coming up between Kim's beautiful ass cheeks.
"Kim," she said, surprised, "why...?"

"I had to take care of Tommy this morning, and he loves it when I wear things
like this. It's not really that comfortable, but I didn't have time to change
out of them, and ..."

"And they really make you look hot," Aisha finished. "But if you're not
comfortable, what do say we take them off?"

Kim looked truly pleased. "I say go for it!"

Aisha knelt down if front of Kim and reached behind her to slowly stroke
her fingertips across Kim's ass. The sensations were intense for both
girls, and Kim's breath slowly hissed back in through her teeth. "God!
That is incredible! Please hurry! I can hardly stand it!"

Aisha simply looked up at her and smiled. She continued to stroke softly,
until she reached the point where she truly believed that Kim couldn't take
much more. Then she slipped her fingers under the narrow strings that held
Kim's panties up over her hips and pulled them down quickly, catching Kim
by surprise. What surprised Aisha was the heavenly aroma that wafted into
her nose from Kim's pussy. The tangy scent nearly drove her crazy, and she
quickly got to her feet and pulled her girlfriend to the bed.

Laying Kim down on the bed with her knees draped over the edge, Aisha knelt
on the floor and leaned closer to Kim's ripe sex, inhaling even more of the
heady perfume. That made her even more anxious to taste Kim, but first she
wanted to look at the flower.

Aisha had examined her own pussy in a hand-held mirror a few times out of
curiosity, and she was amazed at the difference. While her own pussy lips
had a dark line all around the edge, Kim's were completely pink. Her folds
were also fairly large and hid her clit well, while Kim's were small and
delicate, like the petals of a flower, and her clit stood out like a pearl
in an oyster.

Finally, being able to stand it no longer, Aisha moved in and placed the tip
of her tongue directly on Kim's clit. She didn't move it, however, and the
sensation was driving Kim wild. When Kim finally begged her to continue, she
slowly ran her tongue around Kim's lips. That produced a groan like she had
never heard before. The sound caused her tongue to move faster and faster,
finally settling on Kim's clitoris. And when Aisha pushed three fingers into
Kim's sopping wet pussy, it was enough to send the Pink Ranger over the edge.
With a great cry, Kim's feet flew into the air, landed on the edge of the
bed, and lifted her ass off of the mattress. Aisha found herself holding on
for dear life, not wanting to remove her tongue from the sweet juices that
were streaming out of Kimberly's hot box.

When Kim finally settled down, she looked at Aisha and smiled lazily. "That
was fantastic! You did say that this was your first time with a girl, didn't

Aisha just laughed and sat up on the bed with her. "Yes, it is. I guess you
just inspired me. But we aren't done yet, are we?"

"Hell no!" Kim replied, shaking her head. "I'm ready for more if you are."

"I am. I just kinda wish we had one of the guys here. You think we could get
one or two of them to come over? I need a cock in me so badly, I can hardly
stand it," Aisha pouted.

Kim suddenly got a huge grin on her face. "Aisha, I just remembered something
I got from Trini. We don't need any of the guys!"

Aisha looked at her curiously for a moment, then said, "What do you have in

Kim stood up and walked to her bag. "When Trini and I got together, sometimes
we thought this very same thing: how nice it would be to have a dick filling
us. But we didn't want to lose the feeling of being ... well, you know. Just
the two of us."

"Yeah. I understand. So...? "

"So, I guess Trini remembered that, because I got something in the mail from
her just a couple of days ago. I think she knew that you and I might have the
same idea. I don't know if you're gonna be up for this, though. Do you trust

Aisha just laughed. "Kim, we're Rangers, we're in my room, bare-ass naked,
we've made each other come, and you're wanting to know if I trust you?"

"I'm sorry. You're right. I just wanted to make sure, because I don't know
how you're going to react to this." With that, she pulled a double-headed
dildo out of her pack, and showed it to Aisha. It was about 2 feet long, and
fairly thick. Aisha was understandably surprised, to say the least.

"TRINI sent you that?!? From what I remember, Trini was pretty shy! How did
she get up the nerve ... and where did she get it?"

"Well, Trini's kind of quiet and reserved around outsiders. But when it came
to the Rangers and sex, she had the filthiest mind of all of us! She could
talk dirtier than any porno you could ever watch. She was fun!"

"No, not Trini!" was Aisha's shocked reply.

"Yes, Trini," Kim answered firmly. "In fact, Trini and Jason were the ones
to discover what the spikes were and how to relieve them. I could hardly
believe it either, but after she showed me ... wow! And as to where she got
this .... Apparently some of the Peace Conference teens took a weekend trip
to Amsterdam, and she picked it up there. You should have seen the note she
sent with it. Made me blush!"

"Trini... Who'd 'a thunk it?" Aisha said with wonder. She shook her head for
a moment, then looked at Kim. "Well, bring that thing over her and fuck me
with it. I'm tired of all this talkin'!"

Kim laughed as she walked back to the bed with the plastic phallus. "Looks
like Trini may have some competition in the 'dirty talk' department."

She sat on the bed next to Aisha, and slowly began to rub the head of one of
the cocks around Aisha's tits. Aisha grabbed the other end and began to
return the favor, rubbing Kim's nipples gently.

After a few moments of stimulation, Kim reached a free hand down to Aisha's
and brought the faux cock to her lips. Aisha stared in awe as Kim took the
fat head into her mouth and began to suck on it. She went slowly at first,
only sucking on the head, but soon began to take more and more into her
mouth. Aisha was amazed at the amount Kim was able to deep throat, and she
found herself wanting to see if she could match Kimberly inch-for-inch. So
she reached down to her teammate's hand and brought her end up to her lips.
Soon, the only sound heard in the room was the muffled slurps and snorts of
the two girls deep throating the dildo.

As turned-on as it was making them, they both knew that the sucking was not
going to be enough, so with a sigh, Kim took her end out of her mouth. Aisha
followed suit, and lay back onto the pillows without a word.

Kim knelt between her legs and began to rub one of the cockheads up and down
Aisha's pussy lips. When she felt she had teased the dark-skinned girl long
enough, she slowly began to work the shaft into the Yellow Ranger's pussy.
Aisha thrashed around on the bed as Kim entered her with the artificial
phallus, and Kim wasn't too sure that her girlfriend wouldn't pull the thing
back out just moving around. Finally, Kim had worked about nine inches into

Kimberly moved up Aisha's body until she was looking her in the eyes. Aisha's
dark orbs had a far away look, as if in a far away place, and Kim knew that
she would have to hurry.

"Hold still while I get my end in," Kim told the blissful girl, and then she
kissed her hard on the lips.

Aisha wasn't as far away as Kim thought, however. Reaching a free hand down
between them, Aisha was already ahead of her companion. She grabbed to loose
end of the dildo, and pulled it up so the free side was at the entrance to
Kim's love hole. As Kimberly sat up, Aisha stabbed the head into Kim's box.
Kim let out a small yelp, and then she quickly sank down on the rest of the
shaft. The movement sent both of them over the edge, and they came together
in a mighty climax.

With the tremors finally subsided, Kim and Aisha began to rock together
slowly. The movement pushed and pulled the double-headed cock in and out of
their pussies. As they began to rock faster and faster, their motions became
more frantic, and finally Kim went over the edge, calling out, "Oh ... Oh ...

The sound of Kim's eruption signaled the start of Aisha's, and she joined in
the chorus; the two of them yelling, thrashing and screaming. When they
finally settled down, Kim lay back, with the dildo still buried deep in her
cunt, the other end still buried in Aisha. They rested like that for a few
moments, pussy to pussy, regaining their strength, with the double-headed
dick joining them.

Finally, Kim made a move to straighten one of her legs. The motion caused
the dildo to move inside the two girls, and they both realized that the ride
wasn't over yet. Kim straightened one muscular limb under Aisha's, then
placed the other over the top of the Yellow Ranger's other one. She then
grabbed Aisha's knees, and used them to get the leverage she needed to move
them once again.

Their climax came much later this time, after several blissful minutes of
undulating and rocking. After resting a few moments, Kim finally reached down
and extracted the dildo from her and Aisha's sopping wet pussies. She then
worked her way up to Aisha's side and offered her a lick. They both cleaned
each other's juices off of the device, and then snuggled up close together.

"That was incredible," Aisha murmured softly.

"You can say that again," Kim agreed, placing a soft kiss on Aisha's cheek.
"You know, I'll have to let Trini know that our little two-headed `friend'
worked just fine."

"Yeah," Aisha said. "But he just can't beat the feel of the real thing. You

"Oh, yeah," Kim laughed. "And just wait 'til you try it with Tommy and Billy!
Oh girl, are you in for a treat!"

Aisha seemed surprised at that. "Billy?" she questioned. Then she thought
about it, and broke into a wolfish grin. "Yeah, I suppose he'd have some
interest in this too, wouldn't he?"

"You bet. And the things that boy can do with his tongue ... God, I'm getting
hot just thinking about it."

Aisha was amazed. "He's really that good? I guess I'll just have to seek him
out during my next spike -- if he doesn't find me first. Say, are there any
other 'surprises' I should know about?"

Kim giggled for a moment, then said, "Just one. If a spike hits you when
you're morphed, don't power down. Just come find me. Then I'll show you a
'surprise' you'll never forget!"

Aisha tried in vain to get Kim to tell her what the surprise was, but she
wouldn't. And they finally went to sleep in each other's arms, both looking
forward to their next encounter. No matter whom it was with.


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