Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis
does not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help. A special
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Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Hypno TV Part 2 (f/f,mc)
by MAW

"I hate them."

The three words were spoken by Andromeda, villainess supreme of the galaxy.
She was a tall woman who would have looked more attractive if she wasn't
always glowering. She was dressed in a skintight silver and black spacesuit
with studded boots and gloves, a long staff clutched in one hand. Her long
curly hair had shifted into a shade of light blue that would remain for
another week.

She was sitting at a table in a lounge on the immense space fortress of Dark
Specter, the most evil being in the universe. Like her companion, she had
been called for a general meeting that wasn't going too well. Whenever you
put a bunch of vicious, powerful, treacherous warlords in one place, tensions
tended to be high.

"Tell me about it," Divatox said, throwing back her fourth drink.

An intergalactic pirate, she wore a red and gold armor that showed off her
long legs and ample bosom, with black gloves and boots. A red cape hung
behind her, along with a long tress of purple hair. A gold mask covered her
eyes, which were starting to look more than a little glazed.

"I hate them, I hate their Zords, I hate that cheerful optimism and those
stupid kung-fu moves."

"And of course, it doesn't help that you're surrounded by incompetents,"
Andromeda said as she took another sip of wine. She hadn't had as much as
Divatox, but she wasn't exactly sober either. "Monsters that can't get the
job done, subordinates that screw everything up and your grunt troops are
thoroughly inept."

"You ain't whistling Dixie, sister," Divatox said. "One thing, just one
thing, Elgar has ever gotten right and I didn't even tell him to do it."

"You mean that nimrod thought of something himself?" Andromeda said with an
incredulous stare.

"First time for everything," Divatox said.

Andromeda nodded. "Why are we so buddy-buddy now?"

"Well, I think the booze has cut everything else down and made us realize
we're a lot alike. Frightening thought, I know."

"So, what did Elgar do?"

"Thanks for changing the subject quick. Well, he hypnotized two of those
Pink Power Punks and took them to me." A smile came across Divatox's face.
"Now, that was an afternoon well spent."

"Intriguing," Andromeda said. "I've been tempted myself, but..."

"But what?"

"Well, you know what it's like, Diva. You've got a ship to run, planets to
rob, people to kill, making up schemes to destroy Earth, when are you going
to find time for yourself?"

"Oh, come on, it's good for you. Release the tension and get a little revenge
on them at the same time. I mean, come on, if you can't beat them openly, you
might as well get your licks in when you can. And I mean licks, girl."
Andromeda nodded slowly, smiling.

"Why not?" she said. "Maybe it's time you and I got to know one another a
little better."

"Good, we'll start tomorrow," Divatox said as she slammed her drink down.

"Why not now?"

"I've got things to do," Divatox said just before she collapsed on her face.

* * *

Kimberly gripped her bag and walked out of the gym door. She enjoyed these
late-night workouts. It was the perfect way to finish the day and it kept her
in practice. With the Olympics only a few years off, she needed to stay in
shape to make the cut. Her coaches were amazed that she was handling the
pressure so well. Of course, after you've had the save the world a few dozen
times, a medal was practically nothing.

Kimberly brushed a hand through her long brown hair. She wore a red and white
jumpsuit with her leotard underneath. She figured she'd get a bite to eat
before heading back to her apartment. Her roommate would be out for the
night, so she'd probably just crash with a good movie.

An all-too familiar sound caught her attention. She glanced over to see
Divatox standing before her. Before Kimberly could say anything, Divatox
spoke. "Pink Power Pussy."

Kimberly's features immediately went slack and her bag fell from her grasp.
"I am ready to serve you, Mistress Divatox," she said in a flat tone.

Divatox took her by the hand and they disappeared in a flash of light.

* * *

Night in Florida, day in the Australian Outback. It had been too long since
Katherine had been there, the wide-open plains finally making her feel like
she was in home. She maneuvered her jeep through the bush until she came to
a small cliff. She stopped the jeep and stepped out. She wore a tan jacket
and jeans, her long blond hair covered by a safari hat. She took a deep
breath and grinned. It had been tough giving up her power, but she had gotten
over it in the last few months. She was home, with her family and no longer
had to worry about monsters and witches and spells from beyond. At least
that's what she thought until she heard Divatox's voice.

"Pink Power Pussy."

Katherine's gaze went blank and her body straightened. Divatox came in front
of the oblivious girl and smiled.

"Welcome back, pretty. I've got new playmates for you."

* * *

Surfing had given way to snowboarding which in turn had given way to
skyboarding. Each boosting the level of competition and adrenaline to new
heights. But not even the most extreme of boarders could withstand the thrill
of space boarding.

"YEAHAW!" Ashley, the Yellow Ranger, howled as she maneuvered her board
through the space around the moon. Next to her, Cassie, wearing the armor of
the Pink Ranger, shook her head in amazement. "This rules. Bungee jumping
has nothing on this."

Ashley swept past a drifting piece of rock. "This is the best. Man, how'd we
ever get lucky enough to get this gig?"

"Depends on your view of luck," Cassie pointed out.

Being a Power Ranger held a lot more danger than one might expect. But the
benefits definitely beat that out. No sooner had that thought filled Cassie's
mind than a sudden blast struck out from the moon and enveloped her and
Ashley. It was a strange green glow that blinded them momentarily. A buzzing
filled the heads of the two Rangers, seeming to fill their minds with a
numbing green glow. Then, it faded. Ashley and Cassie straightened and
hovered on their boards. Then, obeying the voice that had suddenly filled
both their heads, they headed down to the moon's surface.

"Not bad," Andromeda said as she walked down the hallways of the castle
formally belonging to Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. "Nice architecture, I'll
give them that."

"Yeah, the best part is, since they left in such a hurry, they left a lot
of cool stuff lying around," Divatox said. "Hardest part was getting the
atmosphere cooking again. I mean, you know how the Machine Empire is. Just
because they don't need oxygen, they assume no one else does."

The two turned and entered the large torture room and viewed their prizes.
Katherine, Kimberly, Ashley and Cassie stood side by side, staring at a
glowing green wheel situated on the wall in front of them. All were naked,
save for outfits that consisted of leather straps hooked together by a few
loose buckles. Cassie and Ashley had demorphed and were staring at the wheel
with blank eyes. Cassie's features betrayed her Asian heritage, her breasts
not overly large but her legs making up for it. Ashley had a slightly bigger
bosom, her brown hair falling to her shoulders and around the black collar
around her neck. Although the exact patterns of the straps varied, all were
alike in that the breasts, asses and clits of the girls were exposed.

"You're right," Andromeda said approvingly. "Those outfits do make this

"Told you," Divatox said. "Now, if you'll be kind enough...?"

Andromeda lifted her staff and let loose a beam of energy. It covered the
two villainesses and then faded. Both were wearing a tight leather outfit,
less revealing than the ones the hypnotized girls wore, but still showing
off their best assets. Andromeda's legs were better, but Divatox had her
beat in the tit department.

"Care to rekindle your flame?" Andromeda said.

"Have fun," Divatox grinned. She moved toward the girls. "Kimberly,
Katherine, come here."

"Yes, mistress," the two said, stepping away from the hypnotic disk.

Divatox led them to a set of bars. She placed the two facing each other with
about a foot between them. If they leaned forward hard enough, they could
kiss each other. But Divatox wasn't quite ready for that. She moved and
chained them both up, their arms and legs askew.

"Einey, miney, minie, moe," she muttered to herself. "Oh, what the hell, go
for both."

She got onto her knees, in between the two girls. She ran one gloved hand
up Kimberly's body, up the smooth legs and the pert breasts. She squeezed
one breast as she moved her other hand into Kat's pussy. She began working
herself in, her black glove beginning to stain with the juices slipping out
of Kat's blond lips. As Divatox fingered her, she moved her face to
Kimberly's dark pussy and stuck her tongue in. She moved it slowly, making
sure to get every inch of Kim's pussy as her hand massaged her breast. The
two girls moaned and rocked gently on their chains. They came close and
kissed, a long, slow kiss that intensified the pleasure they both felt from
their Mistress.

Across the room, Andromeda was going to work. With Achillea and Cassie
totally brainwashed to her will, she set about making use of that. She lay
Ashley down on a hard bench, her hair framing around her.

"Be right back," Andromeda said as she took Cassie by the hand and moved
her to her knees. She moved over to Ashley and lay down upon her, kissing
her slowly on the mouth. She was impressed at the way Ashley answered. She
wouldn't have figured a good-two shoes to be so hot her first time out. But
Ashley was answering her kiss with amazing passion, working her tongue
inside Andromeda's mouth. Andromeda ran a hand down to squeeze Ashley's
breasts. They were good to play with, easily kneading under Andromeda's
touch. Andromeda decided her own breasts needed a little touch and pushed
them into Ashley's face.

After squeezing them around the teen's head, Andromeda eased up and let
Ashley lick at her nipples. It was a great feeling, the most pleasurable
that Andromeda had had in a long time. She sighed as she lowered herself on
Ashley, their clits touching. After a moment, Andromeda decided she couldn't
wait. She lowered herself down Ashley's body, coming to her brown-haired
pussy. She placed her face in those lips and began to lick, glad to taste
that Ashley was already starting to build. Andromeda was good, while not
having the special tongue abilities as Divatox, able to induce pleasure in
her lover.

Ashley withered on the bench, moving from side to side as she felt herself
build. She buckled and arched slightly as she came, spilling onto Andromeda's
waiting tongue. Andromeda had exceptional strength, but she had her limits.
She moved over to a nearby chair and sat back, spreading her legs.

"Come over here, Cassie."

Cassie obediently crawled to where Andromeda sat.

"Lick me out," Andromeda commanded and Cassie was quick to comply, placing
her mouth next to Andromeda's lips. If Cassie had been conscious, she might
have been surprised by the fact that Andromeda had no pubic hair. As it was,
her waiting lips were enough.

Cassie let her tongue start out slowly, then build in speed, lapping away at
Andromeda., giving her another surprise at the intensity that her slaves gave
her pleasure. Andromeda leaned back in the chair, her thighs clamping around
Cassie's head, holding her tight. She shuddered as she felt her juices begin
to slide loose, then arched back in the seat as she came, shooting her cum
into Cassie's black hair.

When she opened her eyes, Andromeda could see that Divatox had fingered and
ate out both Kimberly and Katherine and decided she needed a switch. She got
off the chair and put Cassie down into it. "Ashley, come here and make out
with your friend. But don't cum. Divatox still needs a hit."

She walked over to the other side of the room as Divatox walked towards her.
Without breaking stride, they exchanged a high five and headed to their
waiting duo.

Divatox lay on the bench and spread out her legs. She watched for a moment
as Ashley and Cassie kissed each other, running their hands over each other's
breasts and hips. Spreading her legs, Divatox let out a whistle that was
order enough for the girls. They both crawled forward and began licking at
her pussy, taking turns. Ashley took long licks while Cassie lapped like

Divatox thought she could get a little fun too and opened her mouth. Her
tongue snaked out, elongating to a humanly impossible limit and snaking down
to the two girls. It snaked into Ashley's clit, backtracked and slid the tip
into Cassie. Divatox moved her appendage back and forth, sliding it in and
out of the two pussies simultaneously, giving her a pleasure that only she
could claim.

Across the room, Andromeda had released Kim and Kat from their chains and
let them lie on the floor in a 69 position, Kat on top. Andromeda slid next
to the two at an angle that let her get the best of both. She slid one
finger into Kim's pussy and the other into Kat's. She managed to maneuver
her finger past the lapping tongues, working herself into the two girls,
adding to the fire already coming from them. They came together, their
ecstasy pleasuring Andromeda so much that she let enough cum get by her
finger for the two to collect in their mouths.

Across the room, Cassie and Ashley both cried out as Divatox's tongue did
its work, driving them both to orgasm. The two villainesses gazed at each

"You're right, this is fun," Andromeda said.

"Glad you feel that way," Divatox said as she pushed herself off the bench
and went to her counterpart. They kissed, a surprisingly tender one as they
lay back on the floor.

Andromeda squeezed one of Divatox's breasts as Divatox let a hand slide to
her pussy. "What about them?" Andromeda said.

Divatox glanced to where the four hypnotized girls had fallen into a pile,
withering on the ground, exchanging kisses and embraces en route to multiple
orgasms. She looked back down on Andromeda and shrugged. "They're Power
Rangers. They can handle themselves." She let Andromeda share a chuckle
before diving in.

They say in space, no one can hear you scream. True, but if they could, they
would be enjoying on hell of a show.


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