The following is complete fiction and any similarity to anything else is
purely by chance. Due to sexual situations those under 18 should not read
this. This story is set during the brief period when Kimberly and Kat were
both on the show.

Enjoy and I'd love some feedback.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly Becomes "Katty" Part 1 (ff,mc,con?)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

The additional power of her husband Lord Zedd had still not allowed Rita
Repulsa to defeat the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and conquer Earth, and
thus kept both of them on the arid, dull grey surface of the moon.

"This is so boring," shouted Rita to her bony hubby. "If it weren't for our
cat I would go bonkers from boredom."

At this point the light brown tabby hopped on Rita's lap and began purring,
nuzzling her just below her waist.

"Well, since it looks like OUR ideas aren't working, let's ask the cat,"
said Zedd, who was sick of staying on the moon with Rita and was desperate
for a way out.

"A brilliant idea Lord Zedd," said Rita.

The cat was actually not a real cat. It was a beautiful blonde young
Australian named Katherine Hillard. Extremely athletic, she had a poor diving
meet one day and, with her defenses down, fell under Rita's spell and was
turned into her pet.

Rita put the kitty down and waved her magic staff over it. Instantly, a thin,
willowy girl looking about 18 appeared. Since she had just been a cat, she
was naked save for a collar around her neck.

"Kat, we have tried the mightiest and evilest monsters against the Power
Rangers and failed miserably, every one of them," intoned Lord Zedd. "Since
you know human nature, is there another way to defeat them? Raw force is
obviously not the answer."

Although she had been in the body of an animal most of her time there,
Katherine's brain had remained intact and she had observed Zedd and Rupulsa's
many defeats. She had given much thought about what she would do if given the
chance to defeat the Rangers.

"Lord and Mistress, the way humans reproduce involves many emotions, and
emotions that can overtake any and all thoughts about anything else," said
Kat. "If their mating rituals are thrown out of whack, the Rangers could be
permanently split and easy for even your incompetent troops to pick off and

"Sounds interesting," said Zedd. "But how do we, how you say, throw a monkey
wrench into their mating plans."

Kat smiled when Zedd said that. She knew how to break up a couple; she had
done it many times with her knockout looks back in Australia.

"On Earth, humans reproduce by a man and a woman having something call sex
with each other," she said. "However, a small percentage of humans like to
have sex with a person who is of the same persuasion as them. Girls having
sex with girls and boys with other boys.

"The condition is called homosexuality and women who want to have sex with
other women are called lesbians. Many women active in sports are lesbians."

"You were into sports when I zapped you," said Rita, intrigued by this
bizarre ritual. "Are you a lesbian?"

"Oh, definitely," said Kat. "Didn't you notice that I always enjoyed sitting
in your lap Mistress but never wanted to be in Lord's?"

"I just assumed it was the formaldehyde smell, but go on pet," said Zedd,
who found the whole concept of females mating with each other mind-blowing.

"Well, lesbians like to hang out with other lesbians and most straight woman
hate them and men don't want to be around them either, what's the point
after all," said Kat. "As I observe the Rangers, all their friendships with
each other revolve around the Pink Ranger, Kimberly.

"She is the boyfriend of the top Ranger, Tommy the White Ranger. All the
other male Rangers consider her their dream girl and the other female Rangers
want to be just like her. So they all hang out with her and the top Ranger
and are best friends and thus have great teamwork to defeat your monsters.

"If the Pink Ranger went in a different direction than the other Rangers
sexually, it would destroy their entire social structure and the Power
Rangers chemistry would soon fall with it."

After a moment of silence, Zedd turned to Rita.

"All those idiotic scientists you dragged here and the best ever idea on how
to beat the Power Rangers comes from your darn cat," he snarled at her.

* * *

After Rita zapped her some clothes, mostly shorts, mini-skirts and tight
tops, Katherine was sent back to Earth in her gorgeous Earthling form.
Luckily, Kat had an aunt who lived in Angel Grove, USA, where the Power
Rangers lived, and was able to move in with her and enroll in Angel Grove
High along with the Rangers.

Not coincidentally, Kat and Kimberly became friends quickly. Kat knew the
wholesome, always sunny-outlook type like Kimberly from diving and knew how
to get close to Kimberly, even if she had dark plans for her.

Kat had converted a seemingly totally straight girl into becoming her lesbian
lover back in Australia and thought she could do the same with Kimberly. But
Rita wanted to take no chances, with her and Zedd's shot at ruling Earth in
the balance, and if Kat's plan worked she wanted to be able to take part of
the credit too.

Kimberly was working on her gymnastics routine at the local gym and Kat was
there working out as well in the pool. As a fellow athlete, Kimberly had felt
a particularly quick strong bond with Kat.

"You know Kat, it's so great you're here, I had to come here all by myself
all these years and now I have a friend here, a good friend I hope," said
Kimberly, bathed in sweat, as she went over to the pool area which Katherine
was just walking out of.

"I think we will be very, very good friends," said Kat mischievously, as
seeing the trim, cute Kimberly sweaty in a body-fitting pink leotard was
turning her on. "C'mon now, lets take a shower and get to the Juice Bar.
Your friends there are really cool and I want to meet them some more."

As they entered the empty locker room, Rita Repulsa suddenly jumped out from
behind a row of lockers.

"Turn around Pink Ranger, I have something for you!!" shouted Rita.

Kimberly turned around and when she saw Rita pushed Kat to the side for her
safety and got into a fighting stance. She knew Rita rarely came to Earth
without her soldiers, the putties.

"Get out of here Rita, there are innocent people here and I'll kill you
rather then let you hurt them," said Kimberly, who didn't know that Katherine
was in absolutely no danger, since she was really Rita's pet.

"Hurt people? No Kimberly, I'm a lover, not a fighter now," said Rita with
a knowing smile. "I just want everyone to be happy."

Kimberly had a puzzled look on her face, not knowing what Rita was getting
at. That gave Rita enough time to produce her magic staff from behind her
back, and a bolt of lightning erupted from its top and smacked right into
Kimberly, who had no time to get out of the way.

Rita quickly whirled and vanished.

Kimberly was terrified, 'what did Rita do to me?' she thought. She felt a
tingling for a couple of seconds in her head and just below her waist but
the feeling quickly receded.

"What the heck was that?" said Kat as she ran to Kimberly, a "concerned "
look on her face. "We don't have that stuff happening in Australia."

"Ah, that's Rita Repulsa, she lives on the moon and wants to conquer Earth,"
said Kimberly, who knew she had to now tell Kat her secret, which she felt
fine about, she didn't want to have secrets from Kat. "Let's take a shower
and I'll explain at the Juice Bar."

"Are you OK, Kimberly?," said Kat.

"Yeah, I feel fine, don't worry about it," said Kimberly who truly felt no
ill effects from the blast. She decided it was another one of Rita's
screwed-up spells.

As the pair of young athletes peeled off their clothes, Kimberly noticed
Kat's long, lithe body. She was glad she had someone now who was as much
into fitness as she was.

For some reason, Kimberly felt happy when she discovered as they entered the
shower that Kat was a natural blonde in all areas.

Kat was impressed with Kimberly's body in the shower as well. She was very
fit with nice-sized breasts for someone only about 5-foot-2 and had pretty
blue eyes and soft, sandy brown hair with a very cute face and a great

Kimberly usually took a quick shower so she could get right to the Juice Bar
and be with Tommy her boyfriend but for some reason she felt like lingering
under the water this time. She glanced constantly at Kat taking her shower,
stealing quick looks to make sure Kat didn't see her, and for some reason
she had no desire to leave the shower until Kat did.

Kimberly walked right behind Kat when she left the shower.

Kimberly could not see that Kat had a big grin on her face. She had seen
every one of Kimberly's glances at her. She knew the "dyke dust" Rita had
bolted at Kimberly had not screwed-up, it was going to lead however to
Kimberly getting screwed.

(To be continued)


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