Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly Becomes "Katty" Part 2 (ff,mc,con?)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

At the Juice Bar, Kat met the other Power Rangers, Trini, a beautiful Asian
girl, Billy, a good-looking intellectual, Aisha, a luscious black girl,
Rocky, a powerful lad and Tommy, Kimberly's boyfriend, the leader of the
Rangers and a total hunk.

Kat decided if she ever felt the urge to have a cock in her, she would want
it to be Tommy's, but she was far more interested in Kimberly's carpet.

Kimberly spent a lot more time at the bar with Kat, Trini and Aisha than
Tommy and he felt a bit put off but Kimberly told him he was imagining

When Kimberly got home from the bar she saw an old tennis match between
Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova on the cable sports channel.

She got some milk and cookies and sat down to watch as she was a major Chris
Evert fan.

However, as the match went on, Kimberly found herself for some reason
wanting Navratilova to win.

Somehow, Kimberly felt a kind of kinship with Martina although she didn't
know why. Chris Evert was her idol, pretty and feminine yet a great athlete
but when Martina won the match Kimberly jumped up and let out a whoop.

"Well, Chris is so popular, maybe I feel sorry for Martina, she's not that
bad a person," thought Kimberly.

After dinner, Kimberly did her homework in front of the TV. She decided to
watch TV shows she usually never watched.

She saw an episode of "Ellen" and then "Xena: Warrior Princess". She then
watched women's golf highlights and an episode of "Howard Stern" that
featured porn star Jenna Jameson.

When Stern started asking Jenna about all the women she had sex with lately,
Kimberly muttered: "Oh, great, lesbo talk" but she did not change the

Normally such a highly moral girl, Kimberly would have quickly changed the
channel but for some reason she found Jenna talking about her lesbian
expertise in lovemaking interesting.

Finally, it was time for bed.

"I need sleep," she said to herself. "This was one strange day."

* * *

Kimberly's next day in school was even stranger.

Tommy tried to set up a date for that night but Kimberly could not come up
with any enthusiasm for it and gave him some lousy excuse not to go out with

Kimberly thought that the teacher's skirts were unusually high that day, or
maybe she just never noticed their legs before.

She ran into the old-maid gym teacher who was also the coach of the field
hockey team.

The coach had many times tried to get Kimberly to come out for the team but
Kimberly had always told her she wanted to concentrate on gymnastics. This
time, Kimberly approached her and asked for some information about joining
the field hockey team.

For some reason, Kimberly now really liked the idea of being a field hockey
player. "Maybe I'm tired of individual sports, maybe I should get into a
team sport," she thought, trying to justify her sudden turnaround.

In gym class, Kimberly was the last one out of the shower, even though with
her exceptional fitness she had sweated less than almost any other student
had. She usually showered in a corner spot but this time she took her shower
next to Tori, a huge-breasted, tall stunning blonde who was head cheerleader.

Kimberly used to joke that Tori had a 40-cup size and a 39 IQ but she now
felt like she should be friendlier with Tori.

As they got dressed, for some reason Kimberly was putting her clothes on
next to Tori's locker even though her locker was on the other side of the
room, Kimberly decided to break the ice.

"Hey, Tori doing anything tonight," said Kimberly as she put on her bra,
making sure Tori saw her breasts bounce into place.

Tori knew Kimberly considered her a blonde bubblehead but when the most
popular girl in school talks to you, you don't ignore her.

"Not really, some of the girls on the cheerleading squad are coming to my
house for a sleepover, ya know, team bonding and stuff," said Tori.

The vision of a bedroom full of cheerleaders in nightgowns filled Kimberly's
head. The image pleased her for some reason - very, very much. Before she
could even think about it, Kimberly blurted out: "Oh, could I come! Please!
It sounds like fun."

Tori wondered why Kimberly wanted to spend a night with her and her
cheerleader friends when she could be out with that major hunk Tommy but she
was not going to say no, Kimberly held too much power in school and Tori
might need her help if she hoped to graduate.

"Sure, come around 7," said Tori.

"Great, oh, can I bring my friend Katherine," said Kimberly, her hips now
swaying in front of Tori as she put on her pink panties. "She just moved
here from Australia and doesn't know a lot of people."

"The diver, sure, I've cheered for her at meets, seems nice," said Tori.
"She's in my next class I think, I'll let her know about it."

In reality, Tori already knew Kat - intimately. She had been converted into
a lesbian by Kat weeks ago, as Kat had wanted some quick girl-girl action
after all that time with no sex as a cat, while Rita figured out a spell to
flip Kimberly's sexual orientation

Kimberly left the gym in a good mood. She decided she liked Tori and wanted
to be more friendly towards her and her cheerleader friends.

The thought of Kat being there at the sleepover in a nightie, hopefully
shear and revealing, put her in an even better mood.

Kat was simply good people, she liked being around her as much as possible
Kimberly decided.

(To be continued)


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