Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly becomes "Katty" Part 4 (ff,mc,con?)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Kimberly was not just some cute gymnast. Zordon had chosen her to be one of
the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers because she had an iron will and a strong

For the good of the Rangers, her family, and probably her sanity. Kimberly
decided she was willing to live a lie. Her feelings for other women would
stay in the closet and she would continue to date Tommy as if she liked him
and pretend to be straight for as long as she had to.

Kimberly was positive about her decision to be in the closet - and it all
went out the window the second she opened the door.

Kat had seen Kimberly watch her and Tori have sex the night before and
figured her resistance was crumbling. She had rushed home after school and
put on her sluttiest outfit.

Kat was barefoot and wearing "Daisy Duke" shorts and a pink belly shirt that
cut off just below the breasts. It had a large scoop neck and showed off
most of her breasts. It was obvious that Kat was wearing no bra or panties.

Kimberly's clit screamed orders to her spell-bound brain. No more clear
thinking, her ignored-until-now sex organs would now call the shots.

"C-c-come in Kat," said Kimberly, stunned by Kat's beauty and sexy look. "I
just have one quick question for you. I'm sorry for spying but I saw you and
Tori having sex last night. Are you two a couple?"

"No, just having some fun," said Kat as she walked into the empty living room
as Kimberly had made sure her parents weren't around.

Kimberly could no longer stand the pressure in her pussy. Kat looked so
delectable and she had such strong feelings for her as a person already. The
closet door swung wide open.

"Well, then you can be a couple with me!!"

Kimberly grabbed Kat and shoved her to the ground. She ripped Kat's tiny
top off and jammed her tongue down Kat's throat. She French Kissed her
passionately and began grabbing her breasts, making sure to pinch the
nipples as she had been told that turned women on.

For Kat, she was in ecstasy. Her plan had worked!

Kimberly was now a practicing homosexual and she was practicing on her. She
was also pleased because Kimberly was a hot piece of ass and she would have
licked her carpet whether she was a Power Ranger or not.

Kat intertwined her tongue with Kimberly's, making sure she knew she was as
into this as her, and began rubbing her breasts as well.

Kat and Kimberly rolled on the floor, kissing each other and playing with
their respective breasts, when Kat after a while decided it was time for
Kimberly to really become a lesbian.

"Take off your clothes, lay down on the floor Kimberly and I'll show you a
good time," said Kat as she removed her shorts.

Kimberly did as she was told, she had little idea how girl-girl sex worked,
and Kat began licking at her clit while she put a finger in Kimberly's box.

The sensations of pure sexual enjoyment rippled through Kimberly's body. She
had never felt such pleasure in her life, not even the great feeling she had
when she defeated one of Rita's monsters could compare to this.

Kat's tongue was now hard at work lapping at Kimberly's bud while she now had
two fingers working in Kimberly's pussy. Suddenly, Kimberly's hips bucked and
she let out a scream of pure lesbian lust as a massive orgasm rocked her
small gymnast's body.

Kat took the cum, put it on Kimberly's lips and began kissing them so both
she and Kimberly could taste Kimberly's love juices.

By this point, Kimberly was mad with pure lust. This was heaven on earth,
she could not imagine having more pleasure - until Kat moved back down and
began eating her out.

Kat's tongue lapping away in her pussy was simply too much pleasure for

She let out an incredibly loud shriek and a monster orgasm shook her body.
Her body flopped up and down liked a beached mackerel and Kat almost bit her
tongue and scrambled up to avoid all the bouncing.

Kimberly closed her eyes and she passed out. She simply had not been prepared
for such a massive amount of sexual excitement.

* * *

Looking in from her telescope on the moon. Rita Repulsa saw the unconscious
Kimberly lying there. Her pet cat had done it, the Pink Ranger was now a
lesbian, and a high-matienence one as well.

"Lord Zedd, prepare for the invasion, the Power Rangers are finished," she
said to her husband with glee.

* * *

Kat carried Kimberly's limp body up the stairs to her room to recover from
her first lesbian experience.

After a half-hour unconscious, Kimberly woke up.

"K-Katherine, that wasn't a dream, we had sex didn't we?," said Kimberly, her
mind still a bit unbelieving she was really now a homosexual.

Kat smiled from above, like a lesbian angel. "Yes Kimberly, we had sex. Great
sex. So great you passed out. Congratulations, we're lesbian lovers now."

"What's the problem honey, you don't look happy."

"Well, it's just that I promised myself, and my parents, that I would remain
a virgin until I was married," said Kimberly with a bit of a frown. Even
though she knew without question she was now a dyke, she was still a highly
moral dyke.

"Well Kimberly, silly little lesbian, how long do you think my tongue is,"
said Kat. "Did I pop your cherry."

"No, of course not."

"Did we have intercourse?"

"Well, no, we can't. You don't have a penis."

"Well, I guess then you are still a virgin. I told my aunt when she asked me
about staying out late if I was still a virgin and I told her I was. The
next week I had to get a checkup and the doctor confirmed it to her. She
said she was so proud of me. Any doctor will tell you if you've still got an
intact hymen that you are still a virgin."

"I..I guess you are right Kat," said Kimberly, now feeling much more
positive about her new lifestyle choice. "Wow, this is awesome. I can have
sex with as many women as I want, and I'm still really a virgin."

"That is the wonder of lesbianism, just no dildos for you Kimberly," said
Kat as she bent down and kissed Kimberly tenderly on the lips.

"Kat, I did mean it before I attacked you," said Kimberly. "I care for you
deeply as a person as well as a sex partner. I do want us to be a couple."

"That's fine with me Kimberly, I care for you too," said Kat. "However, I
won't mind if we have an open relationship. You just became a lesbian an
hour ago. You may want to experiment a bit and I want you to know it's OK
with me. I'll understand."

"I love you Kat," said Kimberly, drawing the tall blonde down to her bed. It
was time for Kimberly to have her second lesbian lovemaking session

(To be continued)


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