Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly becomes "Katty" Part 5 (ff,mc.con?)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

It was amazing to even Kat, who masterminded the whole thing, how quickly
Kimberly being gay totally ruined the fabric of the Power Rangers.

Kimberly wanted to be honest with her fellow Power Rangers and after ripping
off a couple more massive orgasms with Kat, and learning how to give as well
as take, she and Kat went to the Juice Bar to tell everyone they were now a

Tommy was devastated. He had suffered the ultimate humiliation for a man, his
girl friend had not only dumped him but the whole male species and Tommy was
a pretty macho guy to boot.

Trini was from a devout Catholic family and told Kimberly in no uncertain
terms she wanted nothing to do with her.

Aisha was supportive at first but a few days later Kimberly mistook that
support for Aisha being a fellow lesbian and took off her clothes in Aisha's
room. Aisha screamed and threw her out of her house.

"I was pro-gay rights, not gay you stupid dyke slut," shouted Aisha as she
threw Kimberly her clothes. "Now, get out of here and never talk to me

To prove his manhood, Tommy began asking out every good-looking girl in Angel
Grove, including Rocky and Billy's current girlfriends. They began fighting
and the whole thing was a bloody mess.

As a test, Zedd sent down a monster and he rampaged freely through Angel
Grove until recalled. None of the Power Rangers heeded Zordon's call to

Kat was equally amazed at how quickly sweet and pure Kimberly degenerated
into a total lesbian slut.

Kimberly had always been an overachiever in everything she did. She treated
her newfound homosexuality like anything else, if she was going to be a
lesbian, she was going to be the best lesbian in Angel Grove.

The day after her initiation by Kat, Kimberly went to Tori's house and had
sex with her. Tori taught her the wonders of anal lesbian sex and Kimberly
proved a quick study.

Kimberly quit gymnastics and joined the field hockey team.

All field hockey players are not lesbians but almost all lesbians are field
hockey players (Kat was going to play field hockey herself but it conflicted
with diving season, but she came to as many games as possible as a fan) and
Kimberly soon had a whole new set of sexual partners.

Between the cheerleaders and the field hockey players, word of Kimberly's
conversion to lesbianism zipped through the Angel Grove High lesbian

Kimberly also made sure they knew she was not shy about eating pussy as she
wore nothing but short-shorts and belly shirts with no bra to school.

Kimberly was surprised just how many lesbians were at the school.

Not only students but teachers, counselors, cafeteria workers, even
administration officials were interested in licking her carpet once they
found out, and Kimberly was interested in taking on all comers.

She didn't want to be Prom Queen anymore, she wanted to be the "Dyke Queen"
of Angel Grove High.

By chance, all of Kimberly's teachers were women this semester. She was
sleeping with so many of them that her grades actually IMPROVED even though
she now did very little studying as her nights were constantly filled with
sexual liaisons.

* * *

Kimberly's great grades led her to be called in by Miss Purcell, her guidance

Only about 25, Miss Kate Purcell was a tall, willowy brunette with a very
attractive figure. She was also an assistant field hockey coach and Kimberly
had been eyeing her almost from the first day she became a lesbian.

"Kimberly, first I want to say how much you've helped the field hockey team;
for someone with no previous experience you really have given the team a big
boost," said Miss Purcell. Kimberly had walked in wearing yellow short-shorts
and a pink shirt that showed her entire very flat stomach.

"Thank you Miss Purcell, I've enjoyed myself very much being on the team,"
said Kimberly as she took her seat. She made sure she sat in a way that Miss
Purcell would notice she was not wearing panties.

"How have the girls been treating you?," asked Miss Purcell, who did notice
Kimberly was not wearing panties. "I know sometimes they can be a little
tough to newcomers."

"Oh no, the girls have been great to me, fantastic girls, I'm proud to be
their teammate," said Kimberly. "Why just last night I was at Jennifer's
house and tonight I am going to Barb's house and tomorrow I'm invited to
dinner at Kelly's house and Cindy said I can stay the weekend with her."

"It does appear you are getting along, really, really well, I'm glad," said
Miss Purcell. "Anyhow, the reason I called you in is that I have great news.
Thanks to your improved grades I think you will get admitted into Harvard.

"I can't tell you how proud I am Kimberly. Also, Harvard has an excellent
field hockey team and if you want to play there I can make a call and get
you a tryout."

Kimberly fidgeted a bit in her seat. Her two biggest dreams, until Kat had
converted her into a lesbian, had been to go to Harvard for college and make
the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team.

Now, neither old dream fit in with the new, carpet-munching obsessed lesbian

"Ah, Miss Purcell, I'm really glad I have the opportunity to go to Harvard,
I know we've talked a lot about how much it meant to me," said a nervous
Kimberly. "But things have changed, priorities have changed and, uh, Harvard
doesn't work under my new plans.

"Please send them a note of thanks but I can't in good conscience go there.
My life is going in a different direction and I'm very happy about where it
is headed."

Miss Purcell sat there stunned. Nobody turns down Harvard and she and
Kimberly had talked many times about how much Kimberly wanted to go there.
It was the ultimate college for the ultimate overachiever.

"Well Kimberly, you graduate in a couple of months. Where do you want to go
to college if Harvard is no good for you, or are you just going to sponge
off your parents," said a mystified Miss Purcell.

Kimberly knew she was not good at lying, she might be a lesbian slut now but
outside of licking massive amounts of carpet she still was the same nice,
honest-to-a-fault girl everyone had admired.

She decided to tell Miss Purcell the truth.

"Well, Miss Purcell, first of all I want to thank you for all you've done
for me, I really do appreciate it," said Kimberly in her most earnest voice.
"I..I've had a major change in my lifestyle recently. I've discovered I like
to have sex with women. Not just a few, but a lot of women. The more women I
have sex with, the happier I am.

"I know we always talked how I should have a career that makes me happy.
Well, I sent some nude pictures of me and a videotape of me having sex with
several different women to the Bunny Ranch.

"It's the top whorehouse on the country. It's like Harvard for hookers. It's
in Nevada where prostitution is legal. You know I would never do anything

"They just wrote me back and said after I graduate high school I could work
there. They were even nice enough to say I didn't have to have sex with the
male customers if I didn't want to, I could just do the female ones.

"See, I want to dedicate my life to having sex with women. That's all I want
to do. This way, I can have sex with a lot of different women and make great
money doing it. "

"It's the perfect situation for me. But I do intend to further my education
Miss Purcell as I am planning on taking classes at the University of
Nevada-Las Vegas, although the Bunny Ranch manager said if I get popular
with the ladies, and he thinks I will, that I might have to go to college

"Please support me Miss Purcell. I really do treasure our relationship."

If someone had come in and told Miss Purcell the Earth was flat she would
have had a better chance of believing that then this.

She had heard rumors that Kimberly was gay recently but she had no idea what
a complete lesbian tramp Kimberly had become. No wonder the girls on the
field hockey team liked her!

Kimberly, the best student at Angel Grove. A girl whom she had just
nominated to the alumni association for the Student Role Model of the Year
Award, wanted to turn down Harvard and become a hooker.

"Are you sure about this decision Kimberly, I can hold off Harvard for a bit
if there is any chance you would reconsider," said Miss Purcell.

"No, you might as well tell them now, being a girl-only hooker at the Bunny
Ranch is my new dream," said Kimberly. "My decision is final and you know
how determined I can be once I set a goal Miss Purcell."

Yes, she did know there was no way to talk Kimberly out of something once
she made a decision.

As her counselor, Miss Purcell knew she was suppose to help her students be
successful in their chosen career. Miss Purcell had also spent many a night
masturbating to the thought of having sex with Kimberly, who now wanted to
have sex with women as a career.

Miss Purcell got out of the chair and went over and locked the door and
pulled down all the shades.

She then unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, Kimberly was surprised
at how large her breasts were, and then she said to Kimberly: "Let's see if
you are worth paying for slut."

....A half-hour later, Miss Purcell was again fully dressed, if her clothes
a bit disheveled, as she unlocked the door.

"Kimberly, make sure you e-mail me your work schedule when you get settled
on the Bunny Ranch, I think I know where I'm taking my summer vacation," she
said. "I support your decision 100-percent. You may soon be the wealthiest
women ever to graduate from Angel Grove."

(To be continued)


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