Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly becomes "Katty" Part 6 (ff,mc,con?)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Zordon was extremely concerned. He had detected a large concentration of
monsters gathering outside Angel Grove.

It looked like Lord Zedd and Rita were gearing up for a massive attack and
he had not a single Power Ranger to call on, they were all busy being mad at
each other.

Zordon was actually not on Earth. He was on his home planet but could
communicate through what looked like a large movie screen. A somewhat dizzy
robot named Alpha actually ran the Power Rangers' station.

"Alpha, if Zedd and Rita attack now Angel Grove is defenseless and it looks
like they know it," said Zordon from the screen.

"Oh, oh, oh, we're doomed, we're doomed, I'll be turned into scrap iron by
them," moaned Alpha.

"The only hope is that we can get the Power Rangers back working together,"
said Zordon. "Am I to understand that this is all caused by Kimberly's new
dating habits."

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, Zordon," said Alpha. "She dumped Tommy for a woman new
to the area named Katherine. Apparently this caused a big ruckus, because
not only did she break up with Tommy but on Earth it is rare and upsetting
to some when a girl decides to date another girl."

"I smell something fishy about this Alpha," said Zordon. "We have not had a
monster attack in a long time, except for that one monster who went back to
their base quickly even though no one tried to defeat it.

"It's like Zedd and Rita are waiting for something to happen before they
strike again. And I thought my instruments detected Rita's presence on Earth
briefly right before all this occurred.

"Somehow Alpha, you have to get all the Rangers here together, and this
Katherine woman as well. We have to figure this out or the whole Earth is

* * *

Alpha told each Power Ranger that all the other Rangers had quit and they
didn't to have worry about working with them anymore so they could return. He
then gave each of them a different entrance to go in so they wouldn't see
each other until they got into the main control room.

He told Kimberly to bring Kat as Zordon might want to make her a new Power
Ranger since there were so many openings.

With a chance to get inside the Power Rangers headquarters, Kat
enthusiastically agreed to come and used her influence with Kimberly to make
her give up a sex session with several female janitors to go with her.

When the Power Rangers all entered the control room, Alpha hit a button and
locked all the doors.

"Hey get me out of here," said Tommy. "I'm not dealing with these jerks

"My priest won't let me be in the same room as these dykes," said Trini.
"Get me away from these sickos."

Zordon then appeared and calmed things down.

He showed the Rangers all the monsters ready to pounce on Angel Grove. He
then told them of his theory that Kimberly's sudden adoption of an
alternative lifestyle was caused by a spell from Rita.

"You are nothing but an intergalactic gay-basher," said an angry Kat. "Just
because Kimberly is a lesbian doesn't change anything about her, except in
your bigoted mind. Her having sex with women has nothing to do with her job
as a Power Ranger."

"Katherine, I have done research on you, and you are indeed very intelligent
and an exceptional young woman in many respects," said Zordon. "I also know
that until of couple of months ago your family had reported you missing for
over a year. And a missing girl from Australia just happens to move to Angel
Grove and just happens to be a Power Ranger's first lesbian experience.
Please. Zordon's not stupid.

"Also, since you have come in here I have detected a large anti-molecular
force in you, usually associated with a spell by Rita. A few seconds in the
decontamination chamber and I can remove the spell. Take her to it Alpha."

Kat knew the jig was up and tried to run away but Alpha was too quick and
got a hold of her arm. Rocky and Tommy quickly ran over to help Alpha drag
Kat into the chamber.

"Help me, help me Kimberly," screamed Kat. "They want to turn me into a
straight women these gay-bashers!!"

"I'm coming love!" said Kimberly but Aisha and Trini got a good hold of
Kimberly and despite her thrashing about Kimberly could not break free to
save her lesbian lover.

Kat was thrown into the decontamination chamber and Billy quickly locked the
door. Kat banged on the door begging to get out but to no avail.

A few buttons pushed by Alpha on the control panel and it was over in

* * *

Thanks to the inside information provided by Kat, the Power Rangers wiped
out all the monsters gathered near Angel Grove, putting a major crimp in
Lord Zedd and Rita's plans.

Kimberly had been particularly heroic in the battle but all the Rangers
displayed great courage and teamwork.

When the Rangers returned to headquarters, they found Kat sitting there

"I can't believe I almost caused the Earth to be taken over by evil aliens,"
she sobbed. "And I can't believe what I did to you Kimberly. I really do
like you Kimberly, as a friend. And I ruined your relationship with Tommy
and made you become a sex-crazed lesbian.

"I wish you would just punch my lights out Kimberly. I deserve it."

"C'mon Kat, it was thanks to you we won the battle with Rita and Zedd," said
Kimberly as she came over and consoled her. "You had no control over your
actions. You were under Rita's spell. Just like I had no control over being
turned into a lesbian.

"Once Zordon removes Rita's control over my sexuality, I'm sure we can be
good friends like we were at the start. I think I'm going back to gymnastics
so we can go to the gym together again.

"There are now way too many expectations with the field hockey team for me."

Kat gave a bit of smile at the last remark and she and Kimberly hugged.

"Hey Zordon, I got turned on by that hug so get this spell out of me," said
Kimberly with a laugh at the screen.

"Spell, what spell?," said Zordon.

"You know, the spell Rita put on me at the gym, the one that made become a
trampy lesbian and started this whole mess," said a now annoyed Kimberly.

"Oh, THAT spell," said Zordon. "You know what. I was wrong as it turned out.
I found that out once you came in here and I could analyze your body

"Rita might be good with spells that create monsters or turns people into
animals but she doesn't know diddly about human sexuality. My monitors show
it had a small effect on you for a day or so and then dissipated."

"What...what are you saying," said a now very nervous Pink Ranger.

"That Rita's original spell flopped and basically all your actions involving
your sexuality have been of your own accord."

"You mean, I really do want to be a lesbian prostitute at the Bunny Ranch
and not go to Harvard or be on the Olympic gymnastics team?" said Kimberly.
"Wow, I'm really screwed up then. Me and Kat and going to have to have a lot
of sex sessions to figure this one out."

"Ah, Kimberly, I've got some more bad news for you," said Kat. "I'm really
not a lesbian. I experimented a bit when I was younger but since Rita's
spell on me was broken, all I can think of is Tommy and how big his cock
probably is.

"I think Rita's spell on me was suppose to make me like her more than Zedd
and by mistake it made me like women more than men in everything. Sorry
about this but we can still be friends."

Kimberly was devastated. Not only had she discovered she was in reality a
true lesbian slut, ready and willing to throw her future away for girl-girl
sex, but the only woman she really cared about now was interested in her old

"You know what, I need to get away from Angel Grove and clear my head," said
Kimberly as she took out her Mighty Morphin' power coin and handed it to Kat.

"I got a scholarship offer last week to study at the Olympic gymnastics
training center in Dallas. I was too busy having sex to give them an answer
but when I get home I'll tell them the answer is yes.

"If I really am a slutty dyke, there will plenty of pretty little gymnasts
to have sex with there. And if I don't make the Olympic team, then there is
always the Bunny Ranch, or Harvard.

"Katherine, I still love you. I could have spent the rest of my life happily
licking your carpet. You are bright, funny, athletic and you care about
people. Zordon, I think she would be an excellent replacement for me as the
Pink Ranger."

"I heartily agree," said Zordon.

"Now that that's settled, lets get back to my cock," said Tommy, and
everyone laughed.


Katherine did indeed become the new Pink Ranger and for almost three years
served with the class and courage Kimberly had predicted.

Seeing their former house cat turn on them and become a Power Ranger made
Lord Zedd and Rita even more angry, and they were caught off guard when the
Machine Empire attacked the moon and ran them off.

Kimberly did not make the Olympic team. She took the news well but the
Olympic coaches were surprised how totally distraught the rest of the team
was about it. Two girls became so hysterical they had to be heavily
tranquilized when they found out Kimberly would no longer be with them.

Kimberly went on to meet a young woman named Felicity, but that's another

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