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Power Rangers: Lust filled Space

By: Triple X([email protected])

Disclaimer: This story takes place after the series finale of Power Rangers in Space and just before the premier or
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. I do not work for Saban Entertainment and I am not an actual actor of the series
itself. The story is purely fictional and all the events did not really happen in any of the episodes. If you'd like to
see more than you may e-mail me. With that all said let's continue with the story. Please ask for my permission to
post these on a website or any newsgroups you're affiliated with. On with the story.

All of the rangers shared an embrace as they all had tears in
their eyes as they left the docking station that now housed their last remaining zord and transportation to the
millions of planets in the universe. They all said their goodbyes to each other and headed home. Cassie, opened
up her closet and looked in to see that she was in a dire need of some new jeans and other clothes altogether.
She then decided amongst herself that she was going to take a shower after the long flight back to Earth. Cassie
opened the door to her shower and let the water run as she went back to her bedroom and began to get
undressed. First her jean shorts which rode up her ass crack a bit to show a little of her ass cheeks that the
other rangers loved so much especially Ashley. After she disposed herself of her shorts she took off her pink tank
top which stuck to her well-curved body well. Her braless breasts bounced as they were released from their
confinement of the tank top, which was now on the floor.

A couple of minutes later Cassie was now naked and stepped into the pulsating shower as the warm water made
Cassie's body glisten with a beautiful shine. Cassie took a bar of soap and lathered her hands with it. As she
rubbed her soapy hands along her body she couldn't resist caressing and massaging her teenage breasts. Her
nipples instantly started to become slightly erect as she continued to rub her bare tits with her hands. She
remembered how her and Ashley use to take showers together, the passion that got built up due to the
hormonal spikes from their morphing powers. Cassie just leaned up against the shower wall as her left hand
lingered from her breast down her body to a little patch of black pubic hair and then between her legs to her
already partially wet pussy. As she was recollecting on the time Ashley and her spent together Cassie slipped two
fingers into her hungry pussy causing herself to moan.

Half an hour later passed by and Cassie was out of the shower
and lying down on her towel with her back arched as she toyed with her body. Her hips bucking back and forth
against her fingers as they quickly paced themselves in her pussy. As Cassie's body was jerking about into a
ravenous orgasm all she could do was let out a wild scream as all the warm fluid escaped her womanhood and
onto her quick pacing fingers. Cassie then got up to clean dry herself off. As she got up she licked her fingers
clean and rinsed them under her sink. After she left the bathroom she went back to her room and got changed
into a pair of black jeans, a pink sports bra with a light blue jean shirt over it and a pair of sandals. She then
walked over and picked up the
phone. "Hey Ashley, what's going on???" "Oh hi Cassie, I just finished having a shower here and I was just packing
up a few things. What's going on over there??" "Nothing really. Hey Ash, I was just thinking that Karone hasn't
been to Earth before so maybe we should take her out to for a girls only kind of deal." "That sounds great Cassie,
I can't wait. We'll meet up with you at the Surf
Spot." "Okay, sounds like a plan to me. I'll you two then." Cassie hung up the phone with a lustful grin on her face
as she picked up her purse and headed out in her car.

Meanwhile at Ashley's house Karone just came out from having a
shower. "Ashley did I just hear the phone ring??" As Ashley came out of her room she looks over to Karone. "Yeah,
it was Cassie asking if you'd like to come to the mall with us so we can do some
shopping." "Sure that sounds nice. Let me just get changed and then we'll go okay." "Alright don't take too long."
Ashley walked to the kitchen to get her purse and car keys. A few minutes later Karone came out dressed in a
pair of blue jean short shorts and a baby T-
shirt. "Alright, I'm ready. Let's go." "This is going to be so much fun." After the girls locked up all the doors they
went to Ashley's car and drove out to meet Cassie at the Surf Spot.

Cassie was sitting at a booth in the Surf Spot waiting upon the arrival of her friends when she heard a familiar
voice call out to her. "Hi Cassie, I hope we're not late." Cassie jumped up startled as Karone announced her
presence from behind Cassie. "Jeez Karone, you scared me. I thought that we'd have something to eat before we
headed out to get some new clothes." Karone went over to the chair across from Cassie as Ashley came over and
gave Cassie a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hey there, so what's the talk all about." "Nothing much Ashley, sorry to
disappoint a gossip queen like yourself." "Ha ha, very funny Cassie." Ashley signalled over to Cassie to scoot over
so she could sit down beside her.

Later on as the girls had ordered their meals they were
laughing at all the good times they had outside of the ranger life and how it's been so long since it finally
happened again. Karone laughed with Cassie and Ashley considering she wasn't with them when it
happened but she wish that she was. Ashley then stopped realising all the fun Karone had been left out of. "I'm
sorry Karone. We should really get going after we eat and have fun as friends instead of talking about past
experiences and stuff like that." "It's okay Ashley the worst that could happen is that those spikes could suddenly
hit or Dark Spectre comes back." With that said all the girls burst out laughing. Without realising what was going
on Karone slipped off her right shoe and slid her foot up Cassie's jean leg causing Cassie to let a soft moan escape
her lips. As Ashley was laughing her fork dropped. She bent down to pick it up and saw the action that Karone
providing to Cassie and decided to herself to tease Karone.

Ashley stood back up and cleared her throat. "Do you two
really feel like going shopping??" Ashley just looked bewildered as her friends were looking at each other with a
glint of passion in their eyes. "Okay then let's go back to my place." Those words sounded like music to both of
the dazed out girls as they slowly nodded their heads in agreement. They paid their bill as they got up, headed to
their vehicles and made their way back to Ashley's house. Ashley entered first, as she turned around to allow her
two companions into her house she saw them in an embrace as they were passionately kissing each other with
their tongues entering their mouths. "Look at you two, get in here before the neighbours start getting any ideas."
Cassie and Karone composed themselves and ran into Ashley's house. No sooner as the door was closed behind
them, they began meeting each other in a passion filled kiss as they explored each other's mouths with their
tongues. Ashley just looked at them and then looked at her ample chest as her nipples began to harden against
her sports bra. No sooner had she seen her nipples respond to what was going on in front of her she whispered to
herself, "So much for the spikes being gone."

With that said she took off her yellow sports bra and threw it
to the ground and joined her friends as they made their way into the room. Ashley pressed her firm breasts into
Karone's back as she kissed her neck. Ashley worked her way up to Karone's ear, gently nibbling and sucking on
her earlobe before she whispered to
her. "Let's all go to my bedroom where we can have more room" As soon as Ashley said that Karone broke the
liplock that Cassie and herself were in. "Mmmm...sounds good to me." Ashley took Karone by her right hand and
led her to Ashley's bedroom with Cassie shortly behind them. Ashley and Karone sat on her bed removing Karone's
clothes as Cassie came in and stripped herself naked. Cassie made her way to her two friends who were now
caressing each other's exposed breasts. Karone's were smaller but her nipples were pointer. Cassie positioned
herself between her friends as she slid Ashley's shorts off revealing her pantyless pussy with a triangle patch of
reddish brown pubic hair. Cassie ran her tongue the length of Ashley's slit until her clit appeared in view. While
Cassie continued her oral exploration on Ashley's pussy her hands sought out to Karone's
mound. "Mmmm...ugnhhh.... That's sooo good." Karone gasped as her pussy bucked against Cassie's fingers as
they quickly went in and out of her. Ashley lowered her head as she wrapped her lips around
Karone's right breast as she squeezed Karone's left breast with her right hand. Karone reached out with her hands
onto Ashley's perfectly rounded breasts as she massaged and caressed them with the passion and lust that was
building in her body like a freshly lit campfire. Both girls screamed in as their orgasms hit throughout their bodies
from Cassie's tongue and hands.

Cassie stood up admiring her skill as she looked disappointed
at herself not being fulfilled. Ashley was the first to regain
consciousness as she slid off the bed and found herself licking away at her bestfriend's inner thighs as she
proceeded up to the aroma coming from Cassie's pussy. Ashley was always good at teasing so she started her
adventure to bring Cassie to an orgasm by gently nibbling and sucking on Cassie's outter lips working her way to
the sliver of flesh that awaited to be pleasured. Karone stirred up to see Cassie's knees begining to weaken as she
was getting her pussy a good work over by Ashley and decided to give Cassie's breasts some well deserved
attention. As Cassie slowly lowered herself onto her back with Ashley head buried between her athletic legs,
Karone came around and began to suck on Cassie's left breast and letting her tongue lick around
Cassie's erect nipple as Karone kissed and licked her way from nipple to nipple even giving a little nibble here and
there to each hardened nub on Cassie's chest. Cassie was in heaven as her cunt was getting a work over from
Ashley's oral bathing and the fire that was burning in her chest from Karone teasing and pleasuring her breasts
causing herself to release her cum all over Ashley's face. Ashley licked the cum from around her lips as Karone
came over and licked all of Cassie's cum off of Ashley's face. The three girls then went back and laid down on
Ashley's bed with Karone in the middle, Cassie on her left and Ashley on her right. Cassie and Ashley gently
stroked Karone's body as they cooled off from their adventure. Ashley broke the silence "Well that sure beats
being a ranger any day and to think we didn't have to fight any monsters for this spike." Cassie responded by
kissing Ashley and saying "Well that's the truth. But I'm not so sure it was a spike I think it was more our bodies
being use to the spikes for so long that we just did what was necessary to kill the urge. What do you think
Karone??" "I don't think, I know that it was all just morphinominal." All the girls laughed as they shared a warm
embrace and kiss with each other as they fell asleep in each other's arms.



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