Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Mission - Insatiable (m/ff,inter)
by Cheryl Roberts

(Your mission, should you choose to accept it . . . .)

"Get `im!"

The attack came from out of nowhere, leaving Tommy no chance to defend
himself. One assailant hit high, the other low around the ankles, sending
Zeo Ranger V crashing to the ground. Tommy swiftly found himself face first
in the fresh grass with two bodies perched atop him.

So much for a quiet walk in the park.

Gritting his teeth in determination, Tommy rolled to his right, trying to
throw off his captors. It didn't work. However, instead of finding the cold,
expressionless faces of a pair of cogs glaring down at him, he found the
radiant visages of two beautiful women smiling at him.

"Kat? Tanya? What's gotten into you guys?" he demanded.

"As soon as we can find someplace a little more private, the answer will be
you," Kat informed him as she pinned his shoulders back, her lusty smile
making her intentions plain.

"Look, guys, I appreciate the thought, but I'm not really interested," he
declined, his tone laced with the heaviness in his heart.

"According to this big guy, you're plenty interested," Tanya said, running
a hand over the rising bulge in his jeans.

The flesh -- as always -- was willing, Tommy had to admit, but his heart just
wasn't into it like it used to be. Ever since Kim left for Florida ....

"Resistance is futile," Kat intoned, attempting to be cold and emotionless,
but a giggle slipped out.

"You will be ass - similated," Tanya tittered, "and sucked and fucke
and ...."

"You see, Oh-fearless-leader, we have our orders," Kat added in a whisper,
looking about as if to ascertain that they hadn't been overheard. Her grin,
however, destroyed any pretense that she was serious.

"And those orders are ...?" Tommy prompted, unamused. He could have tossed
off his teammates easily (or so he believed), but he didn't want to hurt

"`You will capture one Thomas Oliver -- using whatever force necessary --
and then fuck him silly,'" Tanya recited.

"Sh! You're not supposed to tell the victim that!" Kat chided with mock

"Okay, enough's enough," Tommy sighed. "Let me up and ...." To his surprise,
Kat swooped in quickly and engaged his mouth and tongue in a heated, erotic
duel. His starved hormones responded eagerly, and he found himself kissing
her back -- hard. Purring like her namesake, Kat inched off his chest so that
she could let her hands play across the red-clad expanse of muscle.

"Don't forget," Tanya interrupted, tapping Kat on the shoulder to get her
attention, "we're out in the middle of the park."

"Right," Kat agreed breathlessly, pulling back reluctantly.

Tommy was grateful for the chance to catch his breath and to assert his will
over his body.

"Where to?" the Pink Ranger wondered. "Some place close, though."

"Yeah, we're not going to be able to move him very far." The Yellow Ranger
surveyed their surroundings. "How about that copse of trees over there?" The
clump in question was also encircled by a low hedge.


Each young woman grabbed an arm and started tugging.

"Hey!" Tommy protested as his companions dragged him along. He frantically
tried to get his legs under him -- to no avail. "I can walk, you know."

"Right," Tanya snorted as if the idea were preposterous.

"If we let you up, you'll be out of here like that!" Kat said with a snap of
her fingers.

"A girl has to wonder what's wrong when she has to force a guy who is so
obviously on a hormone trip to have sex with her," Tanya continued.

"You know, you have something there," Kat concurred. "What's the matter,
Tommy? Don't you find us attractive ...?"

"Desirable ...?"

"I do, but ...." he sputtered, but I have a girlfriend who I love more than
anything in the world, and she's 3000 miles away!

The thing was, when Kim was around, he never had a problem with having sex
with his other teammates. However, now that she was gone and no longer
experiencing the hormonal rush from the Morphin' Grid, he felt as if he was
cheating on her by being sexually active in her absence -- especially with
Kat and Tanya.

"... but nothing," Kat declared with finality.

Determined to have some say in the matter, Tommy tried to bolt free; however,
the girls were stronger than they looked, and he was ignominiously carted off
to the bushes.

"This is embarrassing," he muttered.

"Boy, you sure are heavy," Tanya exclaimed, dropping her end of their burden.

"That's because he's been spending all his time working out at the Youth
Center instead of playing with the rest of us," Kat sniffed with mock hauteur
that had both girls giggling anew.

Tommy thought to take advantage of their momentary distraction and break
away, but Kat sat down squarely on his groin. She wiggled about as if getting
comfortable, and Tommy felt his dick throb happily.

Traitor! he groused silently at his overeager anatomy.

"Don't be such a sour puss; this is supposed to be fun," Tanya scolded

"Spoil sport," Kat interjected. She reached behind his head and removed his
ponytail holder. Her eyes sparkled as she combed his hair out with her

Damn it! That does not feel good; that does not feel good; that does not feel
good ...! Tommy chanted inaudibly, trying to stifle his moan. Oh, how he
loved it when Kim -- when anybody -- played with his hair! "Please, guys, I
mean it; let me go ..."

This time, Tanya silenced him with a hungry kiss, and absently Tommy recalled
that she was the only member of the current team that he hadn't had sex with

No, no, no ... she and Adam have been getting pretty chummy lately, he tried
to remind himself; it wasn't working.

"I don't think he's going to cooperate," Kat announced with a devilish gleam
in her eyes.

"I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way," Tanya agreed, coming up
for air. Her smile was equally wicked.

Uh oh!

Grinning predatorily, Kat directed her next command into her communicator.
"Commence Phase One -- now!"

Tommy felt the familiar tingle of the teleportation beam envelop his body;
however, he did not experience the sense of fading as the field broke down
his molecules. What he did feel was cool air caressing his bare skin -- all
over his body!

"My clothes!" he yelped, finding himself butt-naked on the ground.

"It worked!" Kat cheered.

"And how!" Tanya echoed, her eyes wide, and Tommy felt her gaze scope him out
thoroughly. "Whoa, Kat, your description of him didn't do him justice."

Impossibly, Tommy felt himself blushing.

"This is the first time I've seen him since he hit the weights," Kat
murmured, also impressed. She slid off his hips, but there was no way Tommy
was going anywhere without his clothes, and he really didn't feel like
landing in the Power Chamber in the all-together.

"When do I get my clothes back?" he asked.

"When we're done," Kat said sweetly, lightly drawing a single fingertip down
the washboard ripples of his abdominals to the plains of his hips.

"And only if you've been a good boy and played nice," Tanya added, swirling
a finger around the nub of one brown nipple.

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really."

"Just relax and trust us," Kat instructed, stroking his cheek. "Don't worry;
we know exactly what to do for you."

Tommy stubbornly insisted on resisting, but that notion swiftly melted away
as Kat began noshing at his earring-less lobe, and Tanya started working on
his neck.

Oh shit!

Their hands slid over his taut muscles with the utmost delicacy -- just
barely touching his suddenly feverish flesh. It was a move that made the
nerve endings in his skin cry out for more satisfying contact.

"Mm, do you like this, Tommy?" Kat cooed hotly into his ear.

Tommy would have given anything to have been able to say no; instead, all
that came out was a needy moan.

Tanya had already wetly worked her way down to his chest, where she traced
the outline of his left pectoral with her tongue. Kat swiftly worked her way
down his right. Tanya seemed to be waiting for her as she idly scrawled
circles on his sweat-slick skin.

Please, don't . . . ! he silently pleaded, but he had no idea if he was
begging them to stop or not to stop.

The lull dragged on, and Tommy raised his head; the suspense was killing him.
His eyes met with two incredibly sexy, smoldering stares. He swallowed hard,
and his cock twitched in anticipation. As one, his teammates lowered their
mouths to his chest, tongues lapping in tandem with broad strokes over his
small-but-sensitive nipples.

Thank God I'm not Billy, he gasped inwardly, knowing the simultaneous
stimulation would have just about killed the former Blue Ranger. As it was,
the intense assault on his straining nubs had him seriously writhing in
paroxysm of pleasure.

As the two mouths wandered all over his torso, hands crept lower until
fingers lightly grazed his rampant erection.

"Oohhh," he moaned, pumping his hips forward, seeking out the awesome
contact. Tanya's hand gripped his shaft with exquisite firmness while Kat
cupped his balls with delightful delicacy.

Try as he might to resist, Tommy was fighting a losing battle with his
overloaded senses. It had been so long since anyone else had touched him
like this ....

It took the Red Ranger a moment to realize that the girls were no longer
tonguing his nipples. Their hungry mouths had drifted southward. Tommy
snapped off the ground sharply as a pair of wet oral organs dipped into
his belly button. As he recovered from the momentary tickle, he felt the
warmth of the girls' heavy breathing exploding softly against his painfully
hard and feverishly hot cock.

"Oh my," Tanya sighed as she slowly ran her hand down the length of his
prick, "and I thought Adam filled out his Jockeys nicely!"

"So, Mr. Oliver," Kat began, trying to be stern and failing miserably, "are
you prepared to cooperate?"

"Ve have vays of making you come!" Tanya added in a sexy-Russian-spy voice
just before she swallowed his cock.

"Uuuhhhnnn!" he groaned in helpless abandon as Tanya's moist cavern engulfed
him. She pulled back, and Kat's more experienced mouth closed over him.
Automatically, his hips thrust forward, driving his needy organ deeper into
her throat. The force of his pent-up passions had her backing off somewhat;
however, both women began caressing his rod with lips and tongues, giving him
the best tongue bath he'd had in ages.

He raised up for a moment, then fell back, moaning wildly. Seeing two women
trading tongues around his cock was just about the most erotic sight he'd
ever witnessed!

Just when Tommy thought things couldn't possibly get any better (or that he
could get any harder), he felt the head of his dick being held in one wet
orifice, a tongue slowly massaging the so-soft flesh, while his balls were
sucked into another mouth. Tremors ripped through his body as Kat began
humming on his sac. Ensconced in hot mouths from above and below and caressed
by gentle fingers in between, Tommy's cock was in absolute ecstatic bliss.
He felt his erection swelling, his balls pulling tight ... his whole being
surging towards a major orgasm. In spite of everything, a tiny part of his
brain rebelled, fighting to stave off the inevitable explosion.

Please don't let Kat remember about that spot Kimberly showed her ... Tommy
pleaded silently, but in vain. Kat's thumb sought, found, and stroked a small
patch of highly sensitive skin on the underside of his penis. That was his
undoing. Losing all control, Tommy all but roared as semen erupted from his
cock like molten lava, the forceful spurts hitting both of his partners. The
two eagerly licked up every last drop --including the come on each other's
lips. Tommy relaxed on the ground, his whole body quivering in the aftermath
of his explosive climax.

"Now, Mr. Oliver, are you going to give us any more trouble?" Kat demanded.

Sorry, Kim! "Uh uh," he squeaked out weakly.

"See, Double-oh-two, he can be reasonable," she giggled. "Mission Control,
Phase One has been completed. Initiate Phase Two of `Operation Fuck Tommy.'"

At Kat's command, she and Tanya were bathed in pink and yellow teleportation
beams. When the lights faded, both Rangers were completely nude.

Tommy was still catching his breath as he reached out a hand to caress each
shapely body.

"So, how do we take him?" Tanya asked.

"You haven't fucked him yet, so why don't you go first," Kat recommended.

"Great! I've been dying to have him eat me out ever since Aisha told me he
was every bit as good as Adam -- and considering how good Adam is ...!"

"And while he's munching on you, I'll get him hard again."

"Come on, Tommy," Tanya beckoned, crooking a finger at him. She laid back
and spread her legs.

"How can I decline such a charming invitation," he said with a grin. Instead
of taking the edge off his appetite, his orgasm had only provoked it, and
Tommy completely surrendered to the needs of his body.

He skimmed a hand along the soft flesh of Tanya's inner thighs and traced a
finger along the pink, pouting lips and moist folds of her sex -- a gesture
which had her sighing. Tommy slipped a finger into her opening, finding her
deliciously tight and exceedingly wet. Maintaining eye contact with Tanya,
he removed his finger and popped it into his mouth.

"Mm, very nice," he complimented. Tanya's hips thrust at him anxiously. Nice
and slow, he decided. Scooping Tanya's buttocks into his hands, he lowered
himself to her waiting pussy.

Tanya's moan was music to his ears, exciting his lust further, as he
languidly stroked his tongue all around her hot cunt, licking, then pausing,
letting his tongue rest on her clit -- working her into a frenzy. When her
hand tangled in his hair, drawing him close and her hips began to grind on
his chin, he assumed a more steady -- but still leisurely -- rhythm. As the
Yellow Ranger's succulent juices filled his mouth, Tommy wondered what the
Pink Ranger was up to.

He didn't have long to ponder. He felt Kat's hand slide over his ass,
massaging his firm cheeks softly. Tommy `mmm'-ed his appreciation into
Tanya's pussy, causing her to wriggle deliciously. He loved having his
bottom stroked. Sometimes, he even preferred it to being fucked up the
ass, especially if he wasn't 'tripping.' His body quivered with delight.
Between Tanya's moans, Kat's hands, and his own overabundance of
hormones, he was hard again.

However, Kat wasn't content with merely rubbing his butt; she trailed moist
kisses all over his posterior, lavishly licking his flexing globes. It was
becoming difficult to concentrate on Tanya as he found himself squirming
under Kat's assault.

"I love the way you wiggle your bum," Kat purred.

"Tommy ...." Tanya whimpered, and Tommy forced himself to focus. He quickened
his pace, flicking his tongue in time with Tanya's movements. Feeling the
growing tension in her body, he slipped a finger into her pussy, and her
vaginal muscles latched onto it in a death grip.

"I'm gonna come ...." Tanya gasped, throwing her legs up over his shoulders,
urging him in deeper with her heels.

Just about that time, Kat ran her tongue down his crack; this was followed by
something cool and slick.

What the hell ...?

". . . NOW!"

Tanya shrieked lustily as she came, and as she cried out, Tommy felt Kat's
finger plunge into his ass.

"Shit!" he gasped as fire radiated out from the point of contact, searing all
his senses and causing his prick to throb forcefully. Kat's finger pumped his
fundament in time with Tanya's hips pumping his face.

"Oh, God, fuck me now!" the Yellow Ranger rasped, and Tommy was only too
happy to oblige. He quickly buried his once-more aching cock into her
still-quivering pussy. He nearly collapsed from the sheer joy of being buried
to the balls in a hot, wet box.

Tanya's legs wound around his waist as he leaned over her. He would have
loved to have been able to suck on one of her generous tits, but for the
moment, he had to content himself with watching the enticing way they jiggled
as his hips pounded hers, the shock waves rippling through her entire body.

"Oh, Kat ...!"

Turning his head to see what had made his partner moan so hungrily, Tommy saw
Kat sitting beside them, a hand at one pale breast while the other gently
stroked her pussy.

Tommy pistoned Tanya hard; she seemed to like it that way. She smiled up at
him with a feral gleam in her eyes and growled. Her legs held him tight, and
her hands skimmed up the straining muscles of his arms.

However, the next thing he knew, she had lurched forward, and he was now
flat on his back with her impaling herself wildly on his dick. The surprise
quickly wore off, and he continued to drive himself deep into her. His hands
came up, filling his grasp with her delectable bouncing swells. Tanya tossed
her head back with a guttural moan as he rolled her nipples between his

He didn't have long to indulge in toying with her erect buds as Kat prowled
over. She fluidly straddled him, lowering her ripe mound over his mouth.
Tommy eagerly darted his tongue into her sweetness.

"Aahhh," Kat sighed, a sound Tommy knew signaled that she liked what he was
doing. However, there were other sounds -- moans, wet kisses, gasps -- that
had nothing to do with his actions. He could almost picture it (after having
seen Aisha and Kim do the same to Adam once). No doubt Kat and Tanya were
holding each other ... touching each other ... trading kisses and tongues.
By the sounds of Tanya's sharp gasp, he could almost see Kat bending forward
to take a thick, jutting nipple into her mouth. He certainly could feel the
results as Tanya's muscles clamped down on his dick more forcefully, and she
rode him even harder.

Tommy ate Kat with the same care he had lavished on Tanya, but it was
becoming more and more difficult. He dug his fingers into Kat's wriggling
asscheeks as he felt the come boiling in his balls. Tanya's keening was
growing ever louder, and his thrusts became shorter and sharper.

"Kat ... hold me ..." Tanya begged.

Looking up the length of Kat's spine, Tommy saw Tanya's dark fingers biting
into the flesh of her friend's shoulders. He felt the pressure on his cock
increase. Moments later, Tanya slammed down on his hips with a shriek of joy
as her climax hit hard and fast. She wildly rode him as tremor after tremor
of ecstasy tore through her. It was enough to set off his own chain reaction,
and he pumped several hefty shots of his own juice into her spasming pussy,
but he was not finished, not by a long shot -- not with an excess of
super-powered hormones still running rampant through his system. Tommy was
still hard after filling Tanya with his seed.

As soon as Tanya tumbled off him in an exhausted heap, Tommy pushed Kat
forward, causing her to squeak in surprise as she landed on all fours. He
knew Kat enjoyed backdoor sports, and while he reserved male/female anal
sex for Kim, there was nothing wrong with him having a taste.

"Yes!" Kat growled with delight as his lips and tongue worked her perfect,
creamy posterior. She wriggled against his face even more enticingly than
when his tongue had been up her pussy.

"Nice kitty ...." Tanya giggled as she ran a hand along Kat's back as she
began recovering her senses. Kat just snarled at her.

Tommy wondered if Tanya might play with Kat's tits as he slathered his tongue
along her crack, swirling it teasingly around her puckered opening.

"Put it in! Please, put it in!" she begged.

Never one to disappoint a lovely, naked lady, Tommy hardened his tongue into
a point and drove it home. His fingers diddled Kat's clit, and the double
stimulation soon had her coming.

Meanwhile, Tanya had decided to help him `revive' for his turn with Kat, and
her surprise at finding him at full stand was undisguised.

"Don't you ever get soft?" she quipped. One hand fondled his glans and shaft
while the other smoothed down his buttocks.

"Not with this kind of incentive," he replied between licks.


Tanya continued her stroke down his leg. Then, she slipped a covetous hand
over his foot.

Oh no! How does she know about that!

He barely had formed the thought when he felt Tanya's awesome mouth close
over a toe, and a million volts of sexual electricity flooded his system.
"What are you trying to do? Blow the head off my dick!?" he gasped as she
licked another of his ticklish digits.

"Just making sure you're good and hard for Kat," she answered innocently.

Looking back over her shoulder, Kat, with desperation, gasped, "He's plenty
hard! Quit distracting him so he can fuck me!" She wagged her behind at him
invitingly, and he accepted enthusiastically, plunging his ready cock into
her waiting sex.

Almost as soon as he was in, Kat reared up on her knees, pressing her back
into Tommy's chest. She continued thrusting back into him, her bottom
slapping sharply against his hips. Tommy reached around to cup her breasts
and nibbled on the side of her neck, drawing full-bodied moans from the
depth of her being. He slid a hand down to her wet pussy, and his fingers
found her clit. With a shriek of pure pleasure, she fell forward again.

"Harder, Tommy; fuck me harder!"

It excited Tommy to no end to hear soft-spoken Kat's voice raw with unbridled
lust. His fingers bit deep into Kat's haunches as he relentlessly slammed his
cock into her hungry cunt. Their exclamations had devolved into guttural
moans and grunts. Overwhelmed by the incredible sensations burning through
him, his eyes closed and his head dropped back as he felt his orgasm
cresting. The blissful haze was suddenly penetrated by a warm tickling on his
shaft and balls. Opening his eyes, he found Tanya drizzling lubricant down
Kat's crack.

"Turn about is fair play," Tanya urged slyly, and Tommy needed no further
prompting, easing first one then two fingers into Kat's tight hole. The dual
penetration drove Kat wild, sending her screaming into her second climax. Her
muscles bore down on him so hard that she forced him out of her convulsing
folds, leaving Tommy to take his orgasm into his own hands. However, Tanya
wrapped one of her hands around his, helping him jerk off. The other slid
down his ass, a finger trailing in his crack.

"Now!" Tommy rasped, his voice scarcely above a raw whisper, but it quickly
crescendoed into a scream of primal lust as Tanya rammed her slick digit up
his ass as he sprayed his come all over Kat's quivering cheeks.

In the wake of Tommy's final orgasm, the trio collapsed in a happy, exhausted
muddle on the ground.

"Now Tommy," Tanya cooed, grinning from ear to ear, "was that so bad?"

"Uh uh, that was awesome!" he sighed, feeling absolutely satisfied. "Oh man,
it's been so long..."

"Since Kim's visit at Christmas," Kat interjected, suddenly serious.

"Yeah," Tommy confirmed automatically with fading euphoria; belatedly, he
recalled his encounter with Rocky right after they received their Zeo powers.
Still, it had been quite awhile.

"Tommy, we all know how you feel about Kim," Tanya began gently.

"You feel as if you're cheating on her when you have sex with any of the rest
of us, don't you?" Kat added.

Tommy hung his head guiltily.

"But you're not. Tommy, you don't have a choice; this is something you have
to do -- something we all have to do," Tanya continued. "When I hit my first
trip, Billy told me what happened to him when he tried to hold back when the
Rangers first faced this problem. If you don't relieve the build up, you'll
make yourself sick. The team can't afford for you to be out of commission --
or even distracted."

"And Kimberly understands this," Kat said. "She went through this herself;
she knows. She wouldn't want you to suffer; she'd want you to do whatever you
had to, to take care of yourself."

"I guess you guys are right," Tommy agreed reluctantly, smiling sheepishly.
"Thanks. I promise not to let things get so bad again."

"Good, because if you do, the next time it'll be Rocky and Adam jumping you,"
Tanya warned.

"Hopefully not in the park," Tommy chuckled.

"Mission Control, this is Agent Double-oh-one," Kat radioed. "Mission
accomplished. Target's hormones have been neutralized."

Tanya snickered, and Tommy rolled his eyes at the theatrics.

"Nice work, ladies. Return to base to report to the Chief," Billy instructed.
Moments later, the girls' clothing rematerialized.

"Hey, where are mine?" Tommy protested.

"We'll send them down shortly," Kat assured him as she started to dress.

"We just want to enjoy the view a little while longer," Tanya teased, and
both women sighed melodramatically.

Tommy simply shook his head. "By the way, who put you up to this?"

"A higher power than you, Oh-fearless-leader," Tanya tittered.

"Someone pulled rank," Kat added.

"Billy?" It was a reasonable assumption; even before Tommy had heard his
voice over the communicator, he knew Billy had to be involved. Who else
could operate the teleporter with such precision, and although Tommy was
team leader, Billy was still the senior most member of the Power Team

"No, although he did play a pretty important role in all this," Kat revealed.
"Guess again."

A higher power ... "Zordon?" Tommy asked skeptically. He thought it unlikely;
after all, Zordon didn't even know about the side effects ... or did he?
Surely after three years of them screwing around all over the place ... well,
none of their parents had caught on yet. But if Zordon did know, why hadn't
he ever said anything?

"Nope. Zordon and Alpha are busy with some other project today," Tanya

"Then who?"

"Think about it, Tommy; how else could we know what to do for you so

Tommy racked his brain but was coming up blank.

"Your girlfriend!" the two chorused.


With a giggle, the two Rangers teleported, leaving Tommy naked and befuddled
in the copse of trees. Moments later, his clothing reappeared. Atop the
neatly folded pile was a piece of familiar pink stationery. The flowing
handwriting read: To be given to the subject upon successfully carrying out
your instructions. Intrigued, he unfolded the note.


Remember when you first lost your Green Ranger powers and I refused to go to
any of the others to relieve my condition?

Tommy smiled fondly, recalling the incident. Kim had felt so guilty about
having to have sex with the others after they had gotten together; she hadn't
wanted to 'cheat' on him. Even after discussing the matter and assuring her
that he understood, he had still wound up threatening to hold her down and
let Jason, Zack and Billy fuck her until her hormone levels were back to

Now the shoe is on the other foot. Don't hold back because of me -- you can't
without hurting the team and, more importantly, yourself. This is something
you'll have to do as long as you have your powers. Do what you need to, to
keep yourself healthy.

Tommy's heart was full as he read Kim's understanding words, then he laughed
as he read the last few lines.

If I find out you're not taking care of yourself, I'll come home
and kick that gorgeous ass of yours. Just because I'm not 'power
tripping' anymore doesn't mean I'm not still hot for your bod!


P.S. Remember, the others can share you dick, but your heart is mine!

* * *

(This message will self-destruct in ten seconds....)


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