Ranger Power Part 1: Sex with Kimberly
by Justin McGill

Billy sat at Ernie's drink shop. He watched the gymnasium.
He saw Kimberly enter the room at 3:15 on the dot. He knew she
was off to do her gymnastics. He always went to her gymnastics
class. She thought it was for support, but he loved watching her.
She had large beautiful breasts and a soft round ass that Billy
would have loved to fuck, but she was Tommy's. He was jealous.
Left with his computers and techo-gimmicks he was left out of the
gang. He watched from a distance. He loved to watch her sweat,
but today he had other things to do. He was preparing for the
Angel Grove Science Fair and he wasn't ready, yet. He had to go
to the Radio Shack in the mall to pick up a generator. He couldn't
wait to go home.

Billy entered his room with a small sack. He reached into the
open sack and pulled out the generator. He walked over to his
invention and welded the generator into place. In a few more
minutes Billy's new Electron pulse telescope would be ready to
test. He could count the hairs on Kimerly's cunt with it, had he
not known that she preferred to shave. Billy didn't need the new
telescope to see this. The one pointed at her window did just fine.
Every night at exactly 8:50 P.M. Kim stripped and took a shower.
Right next to the bathroom was her room. He had caught her
several times masturbating on her bed and sometimes just lying
there naked. He didn't think she could see. So he took the
occasion to pop out his dick and beat off. He loved her body. He
wanted to fuck her so bad, but he never had the courage. He did
have her intense sessions on video and also still pictures that
adorned his walls. He had her house bugged, as well as Trini's.
He would get him a piece of that Asian pussy someday, but today
he was interested in the girl next door.

In the far off dimension of exile Lord Zedd watched as Billy
quickly masturbated himself. He was fascinated with lust and
what it could do to the mind of a person, especially a power
ranger. Zedd turned to Goldar, "I have a new plan to rid the
world of the Power Rangers." Zedd chuckles. I will test it first on
young Billy there. Lord Zedd swings his rod as an intense green
light shoots forth. Meanwhile back on Earth Billy falls back on
his bed after cumming. He hears a voice. Shit! It must be
Kimberly already. As Billy was preparing to adjust his telescope
he was hit with a green beam of light. He was rendered
unconscious, but he would wake up with a new sense of self-
assurance. He would not know it, but he was now under Zedd's
evil power.

Billy woke up from the blast. He quickly rotated the telescope
to Kim's window. She was in bed. A sexy white nightie. She was
asleep, but Billy could tell she wasn't wearing a bra or panties.
Billy had learned that she preferred to sleep in the nude. Billy,
suddenly receiving a flash of inspiration, checked her parents'
window. The car was gone. They often took to long extended
business trips. This didn't bother Kim, but it gave Billy a nasty

Kimberly lay motionless as the door to her room opened.
Billy quickly entered. He went over to her desk where she kept
her power coin. He removed it quickly and placed it in his pocket.
He opened the bag he had carried with him. He removed a pair of
handcuffs. He quietly placed them around her wrists, attaching
her to the bed post. Kim began to moan in her dream. Billy
wanted to rip her clothes off right then and there, but he was
careful. He removed his clothes and placed them in a bag. He
removed a gag, and blindfold from the bag. He quickly gagged
her and placed the blindfold over her eyes. With the work
completed it was time to get to the fun.

Billy cruelly ripped off her nightgown exposing her lean well
tanned body. His first instinct was to start fucking, but this was
personal. She was a cock tease, that caused pain. He would cause
her pain first. Billy stuck out his tongue and sucked on her left
breast. He felt the softness in his mouth, but he slowly realized it
was becoming erect. This excited him as she started to moan
lightly. She hasn't fully realized what's going on, yet. Billy
slowly opened his mouth allowing more of her breast to enter.
When the maximum was reached he bit down hard. It left a large
red mark of teeth. Kimberly tried to sit up in bed, but found she
was handcuffed to it. She tried to open her drawer, but couldn't.
All of a sudden a voice said, "I don't think so Kimmy. This is
Spring Break, and I'm going to enjoy it." With that he moved his
mouth to her other breast.

Kim squirmed and tried to move. She felt the mouth on her
breast. She wanted to moan. It felt good, but she was being
raped. Whoever was on her had a strange voice. Kind of
gravelly. Billy stopped for a second and adjusted his voice
modulator. He then decided this would be best done in his lab.
He placed his and Kimerly's power coin in her drawer and closed
it. He leaned over and pulled a small syringe out of his bag. He
injected it into a small vial extracting a small amount of green
liquid. He flipped the end of the needle and checked the dosage.
"50 cc Perfect!" He tapped her vein to make it pop up. Billy
injected Kimberly in her left forearm. Kimberly's eyes widened as
the drug began to take effect. He pupils began to grow large and
then shrank to a minuscule size.

Billy picked up Kimberly over his left shoulder and carried
her downstairs. He quickly took her across the street. He opened
the front door to his home and entered. No one was home so he
had free reign. He took her to his basement workshop. He
quickly covered his lab table with a blanket to cover the cold table.
He laid her down and strapped her down.

In the exile world Zedd watched with greater interest. "See
that. Ha. The Power Rangers are their own worst enemy. Lust is
an interesting emotion. I would like to explore it further. I would
also like to capture the White Ranger. Goldar take a contingent of
Putties, get him as he sleeps. He will be our new best weapon.
Go now, I tire of you."

"Yes my master, Lord Zedd." Goldar walked to the portal and
entered. He walked quietly and looked at the house before him.
"The White Ranger lives over there. If we coordinate the attack
we can take him. We have been given a black star ninja." The
ninja bowed slightly. "She will help us bring the White Ranger to
Lord Zedd." The group edged quietly toward the house. The ninja
deftly jumped over the hedge and climbed onto the roof. She
looked in. Tommy lay on his bed. The ninja removed the cowl
over her head. She pulled back her long blonde hair. She looked
closer. Tommy was sporting a mighty erection. She watched as
Goldar and the Putties approached the house. The ninja, Kinji,
watched Tommy.

"Oh God Kim!" Tommy moaned in his sleep. He dreamed of
Kimberly naked in front of him. He loved the thought of fucking
her. He loved her body. He wanted her. "Jesus Kim, don't do
that." Tommy moved around on his bed. The putties quickly
entered his room. The ninja silently slid into his room through
the window. She pulled out her sword. She held it to his throat.
She pulled out a feather she kept. She used it on his nose.
Tommy suddenly lurched and began to sneeze. Tommy then
noticed the activity around his bed. "What's going on here?"

The ninja moved the blade back a small bit and said, "You are
now the prisoner of Lord Zedd." She placed the sword back into
its sheath and quietly walked over to the corner crossing her arms.
Goldar knocked down the door. "Hello White Ranger. Where is
the coin?" Goldar began to throw and strew Tommy's things
about. Then he found it. "Ah, I have it." Goldar pulled out a
small communicator. "Success my lord." The entire group
dissolved into a bright light.

"Welcome White Ranger. We have been enjoying the
festivities." Lord Zedd hit a switch that showed some of the
night's earlier events. It started with the abduction of Kimberly
and ended in her rape.

"You won't stop me from getting you Zedd. I don't know what
you did to Billy, but I'll see you destroyed." Zedd extended his
claws at Tommy. "You aren't going to scare me. Tell me what
you did to Billy."

"I did nothing. That's what he always wanted to do. He
enjoys what he's feeling right now. He will never regret it.
Unfortunately soon you will help us destroy the other Power
Rangers." Zedd let out an evil laugh.

"I'll never help you Zedd. I won't, ever again." Tommy
struggled against Goldar. He kicked Goldar and punched him.
Several putties joined in the fray as Tommy began fighting them
off. Kicking them in the chest. Then a puttie took hold of him
from behind as another began to punch him. Tommy pulled a flip
over the one holding him. He kicked him in the back, knocking
the other over. The Ninja had been watching with amusement.
She jumped in the air as she removed a small nylon cord. She
jumped up behind him. She began to strangle him.

"Listen to me lover. You will listen and you will cooperate, or
I will be forced to kill you. That would be a pity. You have such
wonderful... natural gifts. I know you are excited by me. Now
shut up, for now. I assume you don't have to be conscious for
this." She pushed a small part on the left side of his neck. Tommy
toppled to the floor. Zedd applauded and laughed. "A gift my

"Bring me his power coin." Zedd took the coin from Goldar.
All right. Zedd pointed his staff at Tommy. A dark black light
cascaded as it encased him. Zedd also had the beam encompass
the coin. It changed to a solid black color. "Now you will be the
Grey Ranger, my deadliest weapon. Now to test it."

Tommy stood up. He had an evil look in him. He took the
coin as Zedd flipped it to him. Tommy said in an evil tone, "It's
morphin' time." An evil black light brought down on him. The
white styled suit was the same, except for the suit was dark grey.
Tommy removed his helmet. The ninja walked to Tommy's side.
She walked up to him and gave him a deep kiss. Tommy had
made the deep transition to evil.

"Your first mission is to take out all of the rest of your Power
Rangers. First start with the Yellow Ranger. You saw what Billy
did. It's your turn to do all you want. Ninja go with him."
Tommy and the ninja bowed and left to return to Angel Grove.

Zedd leaned forward in his throne. "I am tired Goldar I have
expended much energy today, but I am near the end. The Power
Rangers are almost annihilated. I must rest for now. I will
remain in stasis for a week." Goldar nodded as Zedd's throne
rotated and he moved to his rest chamber. "I will inform Overlord
Gri'thak of my rest time. I will ask for reinforcements from the
homeworld. If I fail much more he will come here, personally.
That is not good."

Billy turned Kimberly over. He ran a finger into her pussy.
Her juice began to flow. It smelled sweet. He tasted it. A sweet
tang. He stuck his tongue to her pussy and began to lick slowly
and strongly. She was still unconscious. Her involuntary muscle
reactions began to work. She began to stiffen in orgasm. Billy
licked up the juices eagerly. He was enjoying this immensely.

Across town the newly formed Grey Ranger and the Ninja
entered the room of the Yellow Ranger. The ninja withdrew her
sword as Tommy pulled out his dagger. He held it out to her
neck. Tommy removed his helmet. He looked over to Kinji. She
knew what he was thinking. She quickly pulled off her suit as
Tommy did the same. She grasped Trini around the neck. She
stirred as she saw that Tommy and some strange woman were in
her bed. She had always fantasized about Tommy, but she was
unsure about the other woman. Kinji leaned forward and stuck
her tongue into Trini's mouth. Trini resisted at first, but she
began to enjoy it. She enjoyed the feeling of kissing another
woman. Kinji slowly began to unbutton Trini's gown. Tommy
began to watch in excitement. Kinji's hand slowly ran down
Trini's breasts down her stomach to her crotch. She squeezed her
fingers into her panties and began to fondle her clit. Trini began
a low moan. She writhed as she quickly orgasmed. Kinji
motioned for Tommy to join them. She instructed him to lay on
top of Trini and enjoy himself. Trini grunted as Tommy thrust
inside of her. It hurt. It hurt, but it felt Fucking great. She
wanted him in deeper. The pain of a few minutes ago began to
fade as Tommy started a steady rhythm. Trini began to sway and
soon came to a second climax as Tommy began to increase his
tempo. His breathing was ragged. She knew he would not be able
to last much longer. Tommy withdrew his cock. His semen
spurted across Trini's face.

Kinji once again joined the act. She kissed and licked the
cum from Trini's face. She held it on her tongue as she offered it
to her lover. Trini and Kinji kissed deeply. Trini swallowed the
cum. Kinji then began to kiss down her body to her crotch. Kinji
forcefully ripped off Trini's panties. Kinji forcefully inserted
several fingers. Trini once again moaned. Kinji looked up with a
wicked smile. She forced her entire hand into Trini's cunt. Trini
screamed in agony and pain. She was in extreme pain. The pain
wracked her body. Eventually Kinji's forceful movements began
to be pleasurable. Trini soon found herself impaling herself onto
Kinji's fist.

Kinji withdrew her hand and held it up to Tommy. He sniffed
at it and licked her hand. He ran his tongue over her fingers and
knuckles. Kinji then turned to Trini. She pushed Trini onto her
knees, facing away. She placed her fist around Tommy's cock and
began to work him up. When she felt he was ready she pointed
him to Trini's ass. Tommy had never done it before. Trini looked
scared. Kinji sat in front of her and slowly spread her legs. Trini
resisted giving her pleasure, but Kinji forced her head down into
her slit. Tommy began to be aroused at this sight and slowly
penetrated Trini's ass. She gasped at the pain. He had no
lubrication. The pain was unbelievable. It felt good also, but
mostly it hurt. Tommy began to slowly hump faster and increase
more and more. She intently began to lick at this unknown
woman's snatch. It was exciting to Trini. She always had a huge
crush on Kim and had always fantasized about eating her out.
She didn't really enjoy eating this blonde out though. The thrill
was gone. She slowly lifted her head. "I am tired of your snatch."
Kinji slapped Trini hard across the face and forced her head
down. Trini once again began to lick her. The slapping had
excited her. She had always wanted to be forced. She would not
defy them too much though. She wouldn't want to wake up from
this wonderful dream. Tommy penetrated even harder. Trini
began to realize this wasn't a dream. Kinji began to come. Trini
licked it all up and swallowed it. It tasted delicious. Tommy
finally came in her ass. It felt strange and erotic at the same time.
All three collapsed on the bed together, with Kinji in the middle.

In Billy's lab he had injected Kimberly with a coercive drug.
It would hopefully result in her becoming his total and completely
willing slave. The drugs began to take effect and Kimberly began
to laugh as Billy removed the gag and blindfold. Billy slowly told
Kimberly, "Get on your knees and give me a blowjob." Kimberly
kneeled down and undid Billy's zipper removing his 6' penis. She
placed his member in her mouth. She began to go up and down
on him. She moved her head up and down in quick motions. She
began to lick the sides with her tongue. Billy could hold out no
longer. He came into Kimberly's mouth. She quickly swallowed
his cum. "Get on the table and spread your legs." Kimberly
quickly obliged her master. Billy placed his head between her
legs and began to explore her.

Tommy and Kinji smiled. They got dressed quickly and in
dead silence. When they were dressed Tommy slapped the badge
on his right sleeve. The three of them vanished. Trini was
transported to a small prison cell. She was still asleep. Goldar
appeared before them. "The Master must rest now, but you have a
new mission. Destroy the headquarters of the Power Rangers."
Kinji and Tommy warped. One moment they were in Exile the
next they were in Zordon's chamber. They began to rip out the
computer terminals. Zordon was in a rest mode also. The chips
and wires were sparking as the duo carelessly pulled them.
Alarms went off as Zordon appeared. He was visible for a few
seconds, but soon the control center was decimated. Alpha ran in
"Ay...ay...ay..ay." Tommy ran his blade through Alpha's chest
exposing the metal and wires. Alpha's voice circuitry was
disabled and he had only a few minutes of emergency power left.
Tommy pulled a small device out of his pack. "I'll be right back."
Tommy entered the Zord's storage room. The Zords' were the
Ranger's robot counterpart. Tommy set the charge and left the
room. He and Kinji were transported back to Exile.

Alpha hit the Emergency beacon for the instantaneous
transport of all rangers. Only Jason and Zack materialized. The
power was drained on all systems. Alpha spelled out "bomb" on
the console. The rangers took Zordon's memory chips and
Alpha's remains. There was no time to save the Zord's. The duo
initiated an emergency transport seconds before the Headquarters
exploded encompassing a wide area. Jason and Zack materialized
in Angel Grove Park in their sleeping clothes. Alpha's power
cells were depleted. They knew they could plug in Zordon's
memory chip and know what's going on. They attempted to
contact Trini first.

Trini's wrist communicator sounded. Tommy responded,
"Yes." Jason began to explain about the Command Center. "I
know all about it. In fact, I did it. Trini isn't here right now. We
were having a little fun. So, I gotta' go now and sincerest regards
from the Grey Ranger."

Jason and Zack looked at each other. They knew it would be
hard to fight Tommy. They needed the other rangers. They
looked at each other and nodded, "It's Morphin' time." Jason and
Zack dissolved into the Red and Black Ranger. They tried to
contact Kimberly and Billy but got no answer. They had no
choice. They would have to fight alone.

Will Billy always be a virgin?

Will Trini get it on with Goldar?

Will Jason and Zack get it on?

Will the world be shot to HELL?

Will Zedd ever get laid?

Ranger Power, part II

It was 12:15 A.M. the second day of Spring Break. Kimberly
was no longer strapped to the table. She began to gasp as she
came closer and closer to orgasm. She grabbed Billy's head and
forced him deeper. Billy lapped at her tight virgin pussy. She
had a sweet aroma. He was becoming more aroused. She yelled
as convulsions took over her. Her taut muscles contracted as her
legs wrapped around Billy's head. Billy's tongue darted into her
pussy as she came. Kimberly sat up with a dazed expression. She
leaned over and began to rub her fingers into his coarse brown
hair. Billy rested his head on Kimberly's breasts. She smiled as
he slowly began to lick on her right breast.

Zack and Jason walked to a small corner in the park. They
put the mem chips near the outlet. The chips recognized the
energy in its proximity and began to draw on it. A small
hologram of Zordon appeared. It was crude but worked.
"Rangers Tommy has been captured by Lord Zedd and he is now
the Grey Ranger. He is at least without his Zord, as we are also
without ours. Billy is under the 'Lust spell' of Lord Zedd. He and
Kimberly are both incapacitated. Trini has been captured by Zedd
also. She will be altered when Zedd wakes from his stasis. Right
now Zedd is in his rest phase. He wasn't scheduled for another
one for a millennia, but these spells took great effort. We have
seventy-two hours until Zedd reawakens and the change of
Tommy becomes permanent. Trini will also be altered when he
reawakens. I must go now. Good luck Rangers." The image
faded as it became less distinct. Static began to take over. The
image faded to blackness. Zordon's memory chips began to smoke
and then caught fire. The chips blackened and turned to ashes.
Jason and Zack looked hopelessly. The pile of ashes quickly
disappeared. "Zordon is gone and so is the White Ranger. From
here I will become the leader. We have to find a cure for Billy
and Tommy, but first we have to get Trini. She is at least left

"How can we transport without Zordon? We are in deep
trouble. What are we going to do now?" Zack looked at Jason
with a worried expression on his face. His features were
burrowed. He had a grim expression on his face.

"I have some plans at home. Billy gave them to me. I would
guess that we could create own transporter. With any hope we
can assemble the needed pieces. I saw some footage on all of the
other Rangers. Trini is the only one we could recover. She may
not be able to morph. We will have to find her and her coin."

"Do you have any plans? I mean we have no transporter,
communications relay. Couldn't we track Kimberly and Billy's
coins and give them to someone else?" Zack looked up in

"I don't know Zack. Who could we trust that much? I don't
know anyone I would trust that much." Jason placed his arm on
Zack's shoulder and patted it reassuringly. "I just don't know
Zack." Jason and Zack looked out over what was left of Zordon's
core. A new turning point had been reached in the history of the
Power Rangers. "Let's get to my garage and we'll go and see if we
can salvage anything from Billy's junk in my garage."

"Geez, that's hot." The soldering iron came close to Zack's
hand. Jason apologized and carried on with the work. Both
looked at their home-made transporter. "Do you think this will
take us to Zedd's fortress? I mean I don't want to end up
scrambled in the side of a mountain."

"I know what you mean, but this is a chance we have to take.
No, I have to take. I don't want to risk your life. Zack, this is
your decision. I can't make it for you." Jason looked at his friend.

"Well, It's Morphin' Time!" The light engulfed them. The
transformation left them. They were now the Red and Black
Ranger. Jason hit the button on the make-shift console. A bright
shimmering portal appeared. "Now, or not at all." The two Power
Rangers entered the portal.

The portal shimmered to existence. The coordinates were
right on! The cell that Trini was in should be on their left. The
Rangers rushed to the metal door. Jason had another idea. "I'll
have to try and cut through this lock." Jason plunged his sword in
shorting out the circuitry. The door slid open. "Trini get up.
Come on." Jason had expected lots of alarms, but there wasn't.
Now to find the coin. "Zack, hit your comm and take Trini back.
Then return and help me find the coin."

Zack looked with a worried look. He nodded his head and
complied. The portal opened and engulfed around him. Jason
rushed to the other end of the complex. The putties weren't here
either. Unusual. There were sounds from the left. Jason stared
into the room. Tommy was making love to a small attractive
blonde. On the desk was Trini's power coin. Jason was hoping he
could also get Tommy's so he would never be able to morph back
into the Grey Ranger. Well he would have to settle for this. Jason
snuck into the room as Tommy loudly sucked on Kinji's perfectly
shaped pink breast. Hopefully Zack hadn't returned yet. Jason
slapped his arm patch. The portal began to engulf him.

Trini and Zack stared at the machine readout. Jason was
ready to transport back. The machine hummed as his pattern was
coming through. All of a sudden the machine blew up. Jason and
the power coins were lost. "What happened Trini? God! Jason!!!
Is he dead?" Then the transporter self-destructed into several
hundred pieces of shrapnel. Trini took one piece to her right arm.
She saw the blood and passed out.

Jason started a slow descent into a dark and dreary abyss. He
landed on a ground that wasn't exactly solid. It was slightly
padded. The ground had broken his fall. Jason stood up and
looked around. Seems like the transporter just lost the lock. It
looks kind of like Angel Grove but isn't. Jason looked down. He
wasn't in his suit. Jason pulled out his coin and tried to activate
it. It wouldn't work. He still carried Trini's power coin. Where
was he? It looked like a parallel version, but it was different in
subtle ways.

Jason noticed that there was no High School or Parks here.
Instead the place seemed deserted. No one here. Across the street
was a shop he had never noticed before. Jason decided to enter.
Along the walls were different sex toys, manuals, and creams.
Behind the counter was KIMERLY? It was her, but she looked
different. She wore heavy shades of makeup and strong perfume.
"What 'kin I do for ya' sexy?" She talked different, too.

"I'm just looking for some friends." Jason examined the shop
closely. Also there were magazines and videos. In the
background two women had a man tied down to the bed as they
had sex with him. He could not touch them. They held down his
arms and forced them to do what they wished. The blonde sat on
the man's face as the smaller brunette licked around his dick.
Jason hated to admit it, but he was beginning to have an erection.
Kimberly looked to Trini in the back of the store. Kimberly
shrugged as Trini gave her an OK sign. Kimberly nodded her
head. Trini slowly walked out of the back behind Jason. She
pulled a small stun gun out of her purse. Jason never realized it
as he was staring at Kimberly's, no not Kimberly, ample cleavage.
The blast came out of nowhere. Jason winced slightly as the jolt
hit him. He began to fall over, but Trini and Kimberly grabbed
him and held him up.

Kimberly quickly ran over to the door and put up the "Closed"
sign. She hurried and helped her friend drag "the boy"
downstairs. They hadn't seen a "boy" in a long time. Kim had
always dreamed of having a boy. They dragged him downstairs
and tied him to the bed. They would have their fun with him,
whether he ever woke up or not. There was no need for a gag.
The town was deserted and now they would have their fun.

Jason continued to sleep, but Kimberly and Trini quickly
removed his clothes and their own. Trini always got so turned on
at the sight of Kimberly naked. She had a beautifully tanned hard
body. Her legs were taut and strong. Trini pulled Kimberly close
and they began a strong and passionate embrace. Their tongues
laced around each others. Their fluids exchanged as they became
more and more excited. Trini's left hand traced down Kim's face
and down her chest cupping her left breast and kneading it softly.
Kimberly began to respond. Her nipples were erect now. Trini's
mouth kissed along Kimberly's chest and to her right breast. Kim
began to moan as Jason began to wake from the jolt. Seeing the
two women together was exciting him even more then the video.
Jason's erection bulged. It began to become painful. He could not
give himself release. He just watched. He did not want to
interrupt them and risk an upset. Trini's hand began to move
farther down to Kimberly's crotch. Kimberly's fingers were
already furiously massaging her clit. Trini's hand began to
massage her friend's slit. Kimberly began to moan lightly.
Kimberly lay on the left side of the bed next to Jason. Kimberly
spread her legs as Trini began to lick and nibble her clit.
Kimberly moaned as Trini's tongue ran along her slit.

Kimberly needed release. Her clit ached. She ran her fingers
through Trini's hair and forced her head deeper into her crotch.
Trini began to enthusiastically lap at Kim's snatch. She flicked
her tongue to Kim's clit as she began to moan. Trini was also
becoming very excited. She began to push her index finger into
her pussy vigorously. She needed to come quick. God it felt
GREAT! She began to rub faster and plunged her finger deeper.
She came all over her finger. Kimberly screamed loudly as she
orgasmed. Trini lapped it all up. Trini stood, walked over to her
friend, and stuck out her finger still sticky with her juices.
Kimberly flicked out her tongue and swallowed her girlfriend's
juices. She deeply swallowed the finger. Trini began to lightly
moan. Jason began to moan. The girls looked over and began to
laugh. "Look who woke up Kimmie. Do you think he was
watching' us? Did you enjoy the show?" Jason smiled. The two
girls exchanged coy looks.

Trini left the room for a moment and then returned with
something behind her back. "Should we get him ready?" Trini let
out a small laugh that Kimberly shared. Kimberly nodded and sat
on Jason's chest. He stuck out his tongue. She teased him, She
opened the drawer by the bed and withdrew some red lipstick.
She smeared it on his lips. "Get him ready." Kimberly uncuffed
him and turned him onto his stomach and recuffed him. Jason
stood on his knees in a doggy style position not sure what to make
of it. Trini pulled the strap-on dildo and placed it at Jason's anal
opening. "Should I go for it baby?" Kim held up a finger. She
grabbed a red wig and placed it on Jason's head. Trini forced
herself into him. Jason screamed as it penetrated into him.
"Kimmie, get 'The Freak.'" The word startled him. Freak? What
kind of freak?

Kim entered the back room and opened a locked metal cage.
She pulled out a young attractive woman who seemed to be in her
late teens or early 20's. Her skin was tanned. She had dark
attractive eyes. She wore a matched set of black lace bra and
panties. Around her neck was a black leather studded dog collar.
Kimberly pulled on the leash and lead her to the bedroom. Trini
bucked her hips as hard as possible achieving the maximum
depth. Jason was able to hold onto the head bars. He was
beginning to push back against the pressure. It was slowly
becoming pleasant. He was hoping to fuck one or both, but it
seemed they had the same idea for him. He noticed a movement
behind him.

"I'm ready to pull out. It's time for you gals to have your
turn." Kimberly and her friend just laughed. Kimberly nodded.
"OK, I'm pulling out. Sheena get in front. Let him lick you."
Jason got excited. He was going to suck some babe. He could see
her body. It was perfect. Her breasts and legs were incredible.
Sheena quickly removed her panties and bra. She sat on the head
of the bed spreading her legs. Jason looked up ready to lick her.
He looked and a DICK was staring him in the face.

"Are you surprised? We sure were. No suck it or we will be
upset. Understood?" Jason tentatively stuck his tongue out and
licked the head. He flicked his tongue and quit. Kimberly picked
up a particularly thick vibrator. "Now you better please Sheena.
She's kind of sensitive, and if you hurt her I'll hurt you." Kimberly
placed the vibrator at Jason's violated anal opening. She shoved it
partly in stretching him. Jason grunted in pain. He complied and
began to take Sheena's dick into his mouth. Sheena began to
slowly buck her hips toward Jason's mouth. Jason noticed that she
was not a male. She did have a slit. He began to lick and suck on
the dick. It felt good in his mouth. He was beginning to enjoy the
feeling of being violated. Sheena began to buck wildly as she
wrapped her fingers and forced him down. Jason began to beg to
be fucked more. "Do you believe this? He likes being treated like
a BITCH. Should we give him more?"

Trini stepped up to the vibrator and turned it on. Jason began
to moan as the vibrations began to bring him close to an orgasm.
Sheena pulled him closer as he deep throated her. She wildly
bucked and moaned as she began to come. Jason licked it up and
held it in his mouth. When Sheena was satisfied she lay down on
the bed and gave Jason a long deep and passionate kiss. The cum
went between them. She swallowed it as did he. They kissed for
several minutes as Trini and Kimberly watched from a distance.
"Should we thrill the poor boy some?" asked Kimberly. Trini just
smiled as she sat in front of Jason on the headboard. Kimberly
squeezed beneath Jason and began to kiss him. Jason began to
kiss back. Trini watched as Sheena realized what she was to do.
Sheena adjusted Jason and placed herself at his opening. Trini
getting hot at this scene closed her eyes and began to rub her clit.
She thought about Kimberly fucking "the boy." She moaned as she
rubbed faster and harder. She penetrated with three fingers. She
finger-fucked herself into a deep frenzy. Trini squealed with
delight as she came. Jason and Kimberly looked up at her. She
was sweating. Her dark skin was tight and hot. Jason saw that
Kimberly was ready to be fucked. He slowly began to penetrate
Kimberly. She moaned in a small voice. Trini grabbed Jason's
head and forced him between her legs. This was a dream come
true. He was with two women at once. He eagerly ate at her
snatch. It was tight and warm. The dark black hairs tickled his
nose. He licked harder and deeper. He matched rhythm with his
fucking Kimberly. He penetrated slowly and gradually picked up
speed. He quickened the tempo.

Jason was at the brink of orgasm when Kimberly jumped up
and left the room. She came back a second later with a device
that tied around his scrotum. Kimberly resumed her position.
Jason worked quickly to regain orgasm. He pumped harder and
faster. He could not cum. Kimberly began to scream. She began
to orgasm loudly. At that moment Jason felt a small sting and a
small rush of feeling. He soon realized that Sheena was fucking
him from behind. "Oh God!" What a feeling. "Fuck me
HARD!!" Jason began to buck back and forth between Sheena and
Kimberly, but he still continued sucking Trini's snatch. It was
Incredible. Kimberly and Trini began to moan. Trini came on
Jason's face. He eagerly lapped up the luscious juice. Trini sat
down on the floor, satisfied for the time being. Sheena pumped
quickly. She also came. The cum shot up Jason's ass. Jason
screamed in ecstasy.

Sheena sat down next to Trini on the floor as Jason and
Kimberly continued to fuck. Trini began rubbing her breasts. She
felt jealous of Kim getting a good 'fuck'. Trini rubbed her breast
as her nipples became erect. Sheena crawled slowly over to Trini.
She began to suckle on Trini's left breast. She sucked it into her
mouth. She circled her nipple with her tongue and playfully bit at
it. Trini let out a soft gurgle of delight. Trini reached down and
began to stroke Sheena's wet slit. She was as excited and horny as
Sheena was. As she stroked her warm slit she began to rub her
dick. Trini moved her head down Sheena's body. Sheena's prick
stood erect as Trini began to suck on it. Sheena wildly bucked to
gain release, but Trini had different ideas. Trini stood up and
pulled Sheen along with her. She bent over the table in the corner
and prompted Sheena to fuck her. Sheena began to fuck Trini.
Trini's breasts bounced with the impact. It felt really good. Why
had she never thought of this before. "Oh God! Fuck me baby.
Harder, Harder. Deeper." Trini bucked and swayed as Sheena
pumped her. Sheena's breathing started to become ragged. Trini
pushed her off and fell to her knees. Trini took hold of Sheena
and aimed her at her mouth. Sheena shot her cum all over Trini's
face. It hit the side of her face and flowed down her cheek. "Do
you think you can do that again?" Sheena smiled as she lay down
with Trini.

Kimberly decided the cruel game was up. She removed the
device and Jason began to pump her in earnest. He quickly felt
the urge to come. He pushed into Kimberly roughly pushing her
open. He shot his load into her. He pulled out as more shot onto
her chest and face. She rubbed it into her skin like it were lotion.
Kimberly laughed as she rubbed it in. Kimberly lay there
laughing as she was satisfied. Jason lie there in complete silence.

Jason was far from satisfied. He needed more. He felt of
Kimberly's asshole. It felt good and tight as he rubbed it with his
fingers. He slowly inserted his index finger up to his knuckle. He
began to push in further in. He began to force himself in as
Kimberly began to buck up and down on his finger. She was
ready for what he had in mind. Kimberly began to slowly enjoy
the ride, but she was not prepared for what Jason had in mind.
Jason quickly took control of Kimberly. He grabbed her hair
pulling her back, forcing her onto her stomach. He quickly
positioned himself at her puckered opening. He then forced
himself in. Kim wasn't prepared for the great shock or strain that
he used. He pushed himself in slowly at first, but Kimberly
screamed loudly as he entered her. She pulled against the wall so
he would not be able to enter her as much, but he anticipated her
move and forced himself into her to the hilt. He was buried. He
grabbed her hair and pulled her back, "Now don't disobey me. Do
what I want. Now please me." Jason let go of her hair and forced
her back down as he pushed faster and faster. Kimberly quickly
began to adjust herself and anticipate his thrusts. Kimberly began
to moan as she was building to her first anal orgasm. She
screamed as she came. Jason pulled out well before and forced his
dick into her resisting mouth. He grabbed her hair and she
relented as she sucked on him. He closed his eyes as he came into
her mouth. Kimberly began to swallow, but a large amount
dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

Jason fell over exhausted as was the rest. Jason quickly
drifted off to sleep. Trini, Sheena, and Kim decided the game was
not yet up. They quickly opened their drawers pulling out what
they would need. Jason still rested on the soft bed as the studded
dog collar was placed around his neck. The leash was secured
and then attached to the collar. Kimberly wanted her revenge
now. She had lost control to him. Now she would be in control.
Kimberly walked into the bathroom. She began to fix her hair.
She wanted to be prepared this time. "Trini hon. Get me my
outfit out of the closet, please." Kimberly combed back her hair.
Trini entered from the other room carrying a black dry cleaning
bag. She placed it next to the sink as Kimberly stepped into the
shower. She turned on the hot water. She rubbed it over her skin.
The water penetrated her as it glistened down her hard, wet body.
She rubbed her breast as the soap cascaded down her body. The
water streamed down her hot body to her pussy. The water felt
good as it touched her most sensitive spot. "GOD! I am so
horny!" Kim began to work her finger down her body. She had to
have relief NOW. She began to caress herself softly, but
quickened the pace as she imagined breaking the BOY's spirit.
She began to move her finger faster and deeper. She quickly
plunged her digit in and out of her soft folds. She came on her
finger. She quickly withdrew her finger and began to suck on it
savoring her own feminine juices. Kimberly quickly washed
herself up before she became aroused again. She opened the
medical cabinet and withdrew the small brown bottle. She had
never occasioned to use the stuff before, but she was going to need
it tonight. and so was he.

Kimberly quickly withdrew her outfit and began to dress.
Trini watched her prepare. Kimberly dressed. The final touch
she put the skin-tight hood over her head, pushing her hair
underneath. The bastard wouldn't grab her hair this time. Trini
looked at her friend impressed. She walked up behind her. Trini
cupped Kimberly's breasts. The black leather suit was a tailor-
made dominamatrix suit, but Kim and Trini had made some
alterations. One was cutting out the leather where the breasts
were, letting them hang free. She also cut the area around her
crotch that allowed easy access. She had never been able to use it.
She was ready now. Kimberly pulled on the leather gloves and
picked up the whip in the bag. She slapped it in her hand a few
times listening to the sound it made. It made a beautiful sound.
Kimberly looked over. Trini had a broad smile on her face. Trini
pulled Kimberly close as they embraced in a long loving kiss.
Their tongues swirled in the swoon of their passion. They
dislodged as Trini looked over Kimberly's leather suit. Trini
quietly got to her knees and began to bite on Kimberly's clit.
Kimberly closed her eyes for a second enjoying the sensation. It
was painful, but it was also pleasurable. Kimberly removed a
small stud from the medicine cabinet. She stuck out her tongue
and placed it in the hole. She also inserted her nose ring. Trini
was inserting the ring on her clit. Kimberly also inserted the ring
into her right nipple. It had hurt when Trini had done it, but
when tweaked it felt very HOT! Trini inserted the ring. She
flicked her tongue out into her friend. Kimberly could hardly
think straight as she inserted the ring that went above her left eye
brow. Kim had found pain, especially body piercing, very much a
GREAT turn-on. Trini had used a hot needle to do every single
hole in her body. Trini knew how much the pain had turned her
on. Trini was more into Bondage games.

Trini flicked her tongue in and out quickly. Kimberly had lost
her concentration and was only thinking about getting off. She
pushed Trini's head hard as she came closer to orgasm. Trini
lapped viciously at her friend. Kim bucked her hips as she came.
Trini lapped it all up. She loved the sweet dessert. She continued
to lick as Kim prepared. Kimberly wanted to look good. She
pulled out her make up. She high-lighted her eyes, reddened her
cheeks and then slowly pulled out the lipstick. She held it
lovingly to her tongue as she flicked at it. She then ran the
lipstick over her lips slowly, very slowly. When she was finished
she ran her upper lip over her lower. She carefully ran her tongue
to dampen were deep cherry red lips. She was now ready.

Kimberly slowly entered the room. She was a fearsome sight
to behold. She would immensely enjoy doing this. She walked
slowly to Jason. She leaned over his ear and flicked her tongue
inside. She ran it along his lobe and lovingly into the ear itself.
No response. Kimberly gingerly opened her mouth as she
clamped down on his right ear. Blood spurted out of his ear.
Kimberly eagerly licked it up. She clamped down and sucked it as
Jason screamed in pain. "Now that I got your attention lover, its
my turn." With that Jason's dream come true had degenerated into
a nightmare.

Kimberly slowly worked her way down from his ear. First she
licked on his nipple. At first playfully licking and biting.
Kimberly looked slowly to Trini. She nodded. Trini, still naked,
walked to Jason's head. She spread her legs above him. She held
out her right hand to him. He was about to take it, but she
grasped his nose hard. Jason hurt. He tried to move his hands but
now noticed that they were handcuffed. Trini held his nose as she
pissed into his open mouth. Jason had no choice. He had to
swallow or not breathe. "I feel relieved don't you sweetie?" Jason
looked away, but he secretly enjoyed being dominated by three
women, at least two for now. Trini just smiled. She had
humiliated him now, but it wasn't over yet. It hadn't even started.
Trini laughed as Jason gurgled on her urine. She slowly
swallowed. It had a slight tang, not entirely unpleasant. He
inwardly smiled and only wished there was more. He had not
been paying attention to Kimberly. He had not noticed that she
was still licking on his nipple. She prepared herself and bit down
on him. Jason once again winced. It wasn't as painful as the last,
but it hurt. Kim slowly stuck out her tongue as she traced a path
from his nipple to his crotch. Jason visibly shuddered as
Kimberly began to lick around his ball sack. He moaned as her
tongue traced his cock. He was in heaven, again. Trini once
again began to sit on him. She sat all the way down. Her full
weight pressed against him. It was painful, but he was ready to
swallow her sweet nectar. She had another surprise for him. Her
rectal opening expanded as her shit fell from her and entered
Jason's mouth. She completely covered Jason's mouth and still
held his nose. He was once again forced to swallow. He did not
like the taste, but as she was above him he was able to flick out his
tongue and taste her sweetness. He quickly did what he could
before she dismounted.

Trini walked slowly over to Sheena. She told him the
intimate details of what she'd done and what Kimberly was going
to do. Sheena was excited by this. Trini slowly whispered in her
ear. Sheena nodded and giggled. She walked over to Jason and
placed her cock at his mouth. He refused to open. Sheena
slapped Jason. Jason looked at her. She slapped him again.
Jason opened his mouth and allowed Sheena to do as she wished.
Sheena was not happy that Jason would not stimulate her. Sheena
placed her fingernails at Jason's throat and scratched a long mark
across. Jason began to cooperate. Sheena began to buck as she
began to come close to orgasm. She was able to secrete male and
female ejaculate, due to some experimental hormones. Sheena
quickly came and Jason swallowed. Sheena ran her fingers
through Jason's hair. She began to ride his face. Her pussy
rubbed against him, stimulating her and exciting him even more.
Sheena could hold out no more as Jason clamped down on her.
She had release. Jason swallowed her urine as it were a sweet
drink of the gods. He did not notice Kimberly who was still
slowly circling his balls.

Kimberly pulled out a small lighter and heated the end of a
needle. When the needle was hot she plunged it into his ball sac.
Jason screamed as it burned. He grabbed at the cuffs. He pulled
as hard as he could. He was stranded. After the hole was
complete Kimberly inserted a small gold stud into the hole.
Kimberly slowly worked Jason into her mouth. Swallowing and
the suction was driving him wild. The stud did its job. It
stimulated him. Jason bucked his hips. Kimberly brought him
close and then stopped. Jason was in agony as she withdrew her
lips. Jason thrust but could hit his intended target. Kimberly
looked up for the first time. Her face was flushed and red. Jason
looked up and was ready for release. Jason was in pain, but
Kimberly mounted his chest. She pulled out her lighter and lit the
needle. Jason's eyes opened wide. She inserted the needle into his
left nipple. "Now don't move or it will really hurt." Jason closed
his eyes as the searing pain penetrated him. She inserted a chain
ring that could be gripped. When he misbehaved they could
punish him.

Kimberly stood up and then squatted over Jason's face. He
was expecting her to piss in him too, but she jumped down on his
head full force. She wrapped her legs around his head and began
to jump up and down wildly. Jason's head was smashed against
the floor. She was in control now. He had no power. Kimberly
loudly came. Jason fell back exhausted. When she came down he
had buried his head into her hot snatch. She stood up. He could
do nothing about it. Kimberly walked over to where the chain
was attached and then unlocked it. Kimberly then took Jason and
strapped him down to the bed on his stomach. Jason was ready
again. Kimberly traced her fingers down the small of his back.
She would ENJOY this. Kimberly pulled the whip out of her
knee-high black leather boot.

Kimberly moved behind him. She opened her mouth, tracing
a path down his back with her tongue. Jason felt it and
responded. Kimberly pulled back and fingered the whip. She
pulled out a small gag and pushed it into his mouth. Kim then
fingered the whip. She brought it down on his back. He wasn't
ready for any pain. It was excruciating. She hurt him. The whip
left deep red marks on his back. Trini ran her fingers over the
welts. Jason's eyes were wide with pain. Trini began to push into
his anus with her index finger. Jason closed his eyes and tried to
ignore the pain, but it was impossible. The pain began to fade as
Jason drifted into a semi-conscious state.

The end may be near!

Will Jason ever return to Angel Grove?

Will Zack and Trini be able to save him?

Are the Power Rangers gone FOREVER?

Conclusion or the new beginning?, part III

Kimberly bucked as she tightly wrapped her legs around
Billy's head. Billy licked around her hole. Kimberly began to
buck as she came to the brink. Billy hadn't fucked her yet. It was
time now. Billy rolled off and spread her legs. He pulled down
his pants and placed himself at her entrance. Kimberly was still
turned on by the potion, but she was coming out of it. Kimberly
didn't mind. She had always fantasized about being fucked, but
she always thought it would be Tommy. Well it didn't matter.
Kim just wanted him in her. She placed her legs around Billy's
buttocks and pulled him forward toward her. He slowly entered
her. She screamed as her opening was stretched. Billy penetrated
her fiercely. He began to pump hard. Kimberly began to enjoy
the sensation. Billy pulled out and shot into her mouth as she
sucked him. He was already ready again. It had never happened
this way before. He entered her again. Kim began to sway and
impale herself on him. She pushed her hips toward him. She
slowly and rhythmically moved toward him. Billy grabbed onto
both of Kimberly's breasts. He pushed himself into her as hard as
possible. He came into her. She quietly moaned as she orgasmed
at the same instant. Kimberly lie there as Billy collapsed. His
head rested on her breasts. Kimberly embraced him warmly. The
effects of the potion had worn off completely now. She lie in
silence with her new lover as Tommy was with his in the world of

Kinji lie in the spoons position behind Tommy. She blew into
his ear and ran her tongue along it. Tommy slowly stirred. Kinji
said, "We could destroy him. He is old and weak. We are young
and strong." Tommy could not consider the proposition that was
out before him. He didn't realize the serious implications behind
the statement. Tommy began to understand what she meant.

"How? I mean it won't be easy with Goldar still around. I
mean that Goldar is strong. I suppose we could defeat him
together. I guess it's Morphin' time." He grabbed the coin from
under his pillow. The new dark light embraced Tommy as he
transformed into the Grey Ranger.

Kinji and Tommy snuck into the cryo-chamber of Lord Zedd.
Goldar rested next to it. Kinji withdrew her sword. She plunged
it through Goldar's armor and into his chest. Goldar began to spit
out the black blood that flowed from his heart. Tommy pulled out
his small dagger and ran it over Goldar's throat severing the
jugular vein, if he had such a thing. The cryo-chamber was using
a liquid nitrogen base that physically froze the body. When the
sleep cycle was over the coils inside heated up and melted out the
body. If the body was suddenly lost to heat and not slowly heated
the body would crack. Tommy picked up Goldar's huge sword
cutting all of the chamber's cords. The sword cracked the glass to
the chamber. The heat entered and Zedd's body was exposed. He
brought the sword down onto him and the body shattered into
thousands of small pieces. "We did it, Baby!" Kinji walked over
to Tommy and planted a kiss on his lips. They hugged each other
in contentment. "We need to address our new legions."

The Grand Hall was open with great ornate blood red curtains
with gold trim on them. Tapestries of the same color lined the
walls showing the history of Zedd and his legion. Now the
tapestries would be removed to start anew under the rule of the
Grey Ranger. Tommy ordered all the tapestries to be removed,
and a new one commissioned to show his rise to power and the
second to show the destruction of the Power Rangers. Kinji stayed
at his side as the legions kneeled before him. All chanted, "Hail
our Lord! Hail the Grey Ranger!" Tommy looked over his new
army. He would have to improve them. It was not their fault, but
he would correct it. The Power Rangers would kneel before him.
There would be no more mere kidnapping. Now would be death
and carnage. The first two victims were lined up already. He
would handle it personally with his love Kinji. He had also began
work to repair the cryo-chamber and the manufacture of a new
chamber for his love. They would dominate and then sleep a
millennia then they would arise again like the proverbial phoenix.

Tommy and Kinji prepared their weapons. Their coordinates,
if precisely calculated, would allow them to materialize behind
Trini and Zack. The transport was a success before they knew it
their swords had sliced through their necks. Zack fell over dead.
Trini fell down and slowly began to bleed. The blood worked its
way to the transporter. It shorted out seconds late in a huge
fireball. Kinji and Tommy disappeared. They dematerialized as
swiftly and silently as they had appeared.

Bulk and Skull looked around the corner. "Where are the
Power Rangers? Their in this garage, I swear!" Bulk and Skull
opened the garage. Before them lay the transporter and the bodies
of Trini and Zack. "Oh SHIT! Wait a minute what is this. You
see we have found the Power Rangers."

Trini had gathered up her and Zack's coins. She had no
choice. She tried to talk but whispered. "Help!" The blood fell
from her throat. "Take these." Trini handed Skull the coins and
told them of their new responsibility. They took the coins. They
were not laughing or even joking about this. They were about to
make a serious life decision. They would be Power Rangers.
Trini imparted the small amount of knowledge she knew. She fell
over dead

Jason had no idea what to do. He was alone now. He was
locked into a small room. It appeared to have no windows or even
a door. It must blend into the wall well. Jason had no idea what
was going on. All of a sudden his molecules began to disperse.
He was being transported. Jason appeared in the garage. He was
expecting to see the smiling faces of Zack and Trini, but Bulk and
Skull stood grimly in the corner. The floor was bloody. He had at
first thought they had done it, but it made no sense. Someone was
playing for keeps. "What do you think you're doing here?"

Bulk and Skull looked at each other sadly. "We are the new
Black and Yellow Ranger. We will be fighting side-by-side. We
are allies." Bulk and Skull were actually proud of their electronic
wizardry. Granted it was hot-wired but that didn't matter. It had
worked. Jason had a shocked look on his face. There was so
much blood. So much. They must have killed her!

Jason tried to pull through the ropes and get at them. "Calm
down. Now here is the story as it was told to us. The White
Ranger is now the Grey Ranger. As far as she knew she thought
that the Grey Ranger was the new leader meaning he had over
taken over from the older one. Now we are to replace the
casualties. We understand everything, except how to activate the
coins." Jason squirmed as Bulk came at him with a large knife.
The knife was thrust at him. He closed his eyes. The knife cut
the tough nylon cord, missing him. Jason breathed a sigh of
relief. Skull picked up the coin that was on the table. It must
have successfully transported when Jason did not.

Jason stood up. With this news and the death of his friends
the Grey Ranger must pay. They would go in alone. With the
power of the OverLords they would be able to set everything right.
This wasn't right. They would set it right. "OK, I'll buy that for
now. How do we get to Exile? Is there enough power to the
transporter for the three of us?" They just looked, shrugging their
shoulders. "Well we have to try. Let's go." The three Power
Rangers activated their coins. The transport was shaky. The
power was pulled from the lines. The power blew out just as the
transport was completed.

They appeared on Exile in the Fortress of Zedd. The Grey
Ranger stood two dozen putties. They were the Legion. His
Legion. The order of the Grey Ranger. The black suit and the red
sash with gold lining matched the curtains. It was a most
unsettling scene. Jason looked. He took the weapon and aimed it
at Tommy who spoke at the podium. The weapon fired but
missed. Tommy saw them and ordered the attack. The following
melee was one Ranger to every dozen putties.

Bulk and Skull both fought with their fists. They were slow,
but very powerful in their hits. Their accuracy could have been
better, but they dispatched their number soon and began to assist
the Red Ranger. As the putties were destroyed the Grey Ranger
was furious. He ordered his first-in-command to attack. It was a
suicide attack. Kinji pulled out her kitana. Jason was prepared to
fight this. Kinji lunged at him. Jason executed a perfect back-
flip. The sword sparked as it came in contact with the floor.
Jason blocked the next attack and began his own thrusts toward
her. He placed a kick into her chest.

Kinji fell onto her back. Jason placed his blade to her throat.
He thought she would relent. It had appeared she would. When
he looked over to Tommy she pulled the dagger out of her boot
and drove it into his side. The blood flowed down his red suit.
Bulk and Skull rushed over, but Jason waved them off. He would
finish this. He pulled the dagger out of his side. He grabbed it by
the handle and threw it toward her. It penetrated into her skull,
killing her.

Tommy was still on the high plateau above them. "You have
won this round Rangers, but I will win this war." Tommy draped
his black emperor cloak over his shoulders and over his head as
he disappeared into the Dark void beyond exile to the world of the
OverLords. Tommy would return and the Power Rangers would
be ready for him. Jason looked and found the staff. He picked it
up and shot at the globe. He hoped this worked.

A green florescent glow encased Billy. He went into shock as
he realized what he was doing. Kimberly realized that he had
come to his senses. She continued to kiss him. He continued
pumping her. He did not relent as she ran her hand to his crotch
and cupped his balls. Billy withdrew himself from Kimberly.
Laying her on her back he placed himself between her breasts. He
pushed them together as he began to pump her vigorously. Billy
began to groan as he came. He shot onto her chest. Kimberly
laughed as she licked her fingers. Billy stroked her hair. He
traced her face with his finger. He had wanted this. Now he
realized it. He jumped off of Kimberly, quickly getting dressed.
"I better hurry this stuff will wear off soon."

"It wore off long ago." Kimberly smiled radiantly. "I wanted
this night as much as you, well maybe not. I know you weren't
under your own will, but I know you wanted it. I wanted it. I
never expected you to be so good." Kimberly still sat there naked.
He was wide awake now. He didn't know what to think.
Kimberly stood and walked over to him. She quietly kissed him
deeply as she ran her hands over his back. Billy and Kimberly
walked over to the table as he mounted her again. He began at a
slow pace. He kept a slow pace as Kimberly slowly climbed to
orgasm. She came and as she did her fingernails left blood trails
on his back. Billy moaned in the pleasure as the pain rushed into
him. After she came Billy carefully began to move. He turned
himself so he could face her crotch as she could his. They began
to lap at each other madly not as of lust but also the vigor of
young and passionate love.

Three hours later all of the Power Rangers were assembled to
bid farewell to their friends. Even Bulk and Skull looked sad to
see them go. The holes in the earth, like at a normal funeral were
not there. Billy had repaired the transporter system. It was
improved with several new features. The bodies were placed on
the pad and the molecules disassociated and dispersed. The souls
were free. The Power Rangers walked slowly away. Billy was
slowly repairing Alpha. They would be whole again soon. Billy
and Kimberly walked away slowly hand in hand, as Bulk walked
away his arm around Skull. They were all saddened by the loss,
but the Power Rangers had a new future and a destiny that
included the Grey Ranger.

In the dark world beyond the void Tommy began to return to
Zedd's fortress. When returned into the main hall Kinji still lie on
the ground. She was cold. He leaned over her and kissed her
deeply. Her blood coated his lips. He picked her up and then
transported back. "You will live again Kinji and then the
destruction of the Power Rangers." Tommy returned to the void
and to the Overlord homeworld.

The End


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