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Power Rangers series]

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Balance Of Pink Power Part 1
by The Mad Ranter

It was a warm and sunny afternoon in Angel Grove, California. Hell, it was
ALWAYS warm and sunny: that was one of the things that was driving her NUTS!
Even though it would mean leaving the Power Rangers and most of all her
beloved Tommy, Kimberly wanted the fuck OUT of Angel Grove. She was sure
that it was the most BORING place on the entire planet!

She had dressed in a sprayed-on pink body suit to work through her routine.
Kim was really looking forward to the upcoming trip to the Olympics training
center in Colorado where she was going to try and qualify for the balance
beam ['Ahh, Colorado!', she thought. 'Wide open spaces, cool crisp air you
can't see, and WEATHER!']. She'd trained for years in school and,
considering the average age of the other contestants, this would be her last
chance: as it was, she was nearly 5 years older than her peers.

Kim was 5' 4" of pure muscle. Between her gymnastics and her duties as a
Pink Ranger, she was in excellent shape. Unlike most good gymnasts, she had
medium-sized breasts, but otherwise she fit the mold. Her waist was narrow,
her ass a delight, and her legs AWESOME! There wasn't an ounce of fat on her
entire body.

Flitting across the balance beam, her feet lightly touching it like a ballet
dancer, she worked her way through her routine, her mind wandered to Tommy
and his monster schlong. That was going to be the only bad thing about going
to Colorado. She paused for a second to screw down her concentration just a
little more, locked her arms at her sides, took 2 steps, and sprang into a
forward somersault.

Her feet missed the beam as they came around and she found herself laying
face-down on the mats. She felt dizzy and a wet spot appeared between her
legs staining her body suit.

"Damn!", she thought as she heard a muffled pop and the gush of fluid dowsing
her leggings. She'd have to get another spooge injection from Tommy now if
she wanted to continue her practice session.

'Huh?', you say.

Let me explain.

Before Kim and Tommy started having sex, the ONLY time she was graceful was
when she morphed into the Pink Ranger. Kimberly couldn't walk over a smooth
surface without tripping and falling. Yupper, that lithe, graceful creature
that you now see before your eyes couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time
without tripping and falling as she bit her tongue.

Then it happened.

Late one afternoon about 6 months before, she and Tommy were working out in
the weight room. She didn't need weight training: she was one of those lucky
ones that never needed to diet or exercise. She just wanted to be near Tommy
and working with the massive weight machines required no grace on her part.

Kim gazed upon Tommy with lust in her eyes and a moistening in her loins. He
was a Senior as was she. His 6'2" height was a mass of lean, solid muscle
that glowed with a sheen of sweat as he thrust the bar on the bench press
machine up and down, up and down. The moistness in her pussy became a flow.
She felt that old familiar feeling tugging at her loins and knew she needed
some release. She'd had many lovers, but had always dreamed they were Tommy
as their cocks would slide in and out of her assorted orifi.

She slid/fell off the leg machine and started to walk towards the girls
locker room where she could frigg herself to orgasm. Swaying her hips in her
most seductive manner, she did her best to catch Tommy's eye.

He was oblivious: his martial arts training had taught him focus and
concentration. All his attention was focused on his weights.

Kim took a circuitous route through the room so she would pass right by
Tommy. She was into a flowing rhythm, her hips swaying more and more the
closer she got to the object of her desires. Everything was going perfectly;
she knew Tommy would notice her this time.

But remember: Kim is as clumsy as they get. Her radically swaying hips began
to fall out of rhythm with her feet and started a counter-rhythm. Her hips
had once said 'SEX': now they said, "PASTA".

To make matters worse, lying unseen on the floor lay a tiny dust mote,
waiting to ruin the young lady's day. Her toe made contact with the nearly
microscopic particle and she fell face-down into Tommy's crotch.

Her mouth had opened wide to scream but the fall had happened too fast and
unexpected. Kim's face softened the fall; one soft lip landing on each side
of Tommy's semi-hard cock. Ever the graceful lass as well as the proverbial
dumb-blonde-valley-girl, she tried to mouthe apologies with her face still in
Tommy's crotch. All she managed to do was make some muffled noise and caress
his growing erection with her luscious lips.

Tommy's concentration broke with the blow to his crotch. There was a
momentary stab of pain quickly followed by a glorious feeling that made his
member swell. Looking down to his crotch, he saw the unfortunate lass moving
around on his groin. Being the responsible [trans: naive] clean-cut guy he
was, he helped her to her feet.

Conflicting looks passed her eyes: one was what you see when you take candy
from a child, the other one of rapidly growing embarrassment. When her two
brain cells figured out what her mouth surrounded she decided then and there
she wouldn't take 'Huh?' for an answer this time.

The problem was, she could see the naivete on his face and knew this sexy
goodie-goodie would once again deny her his cock. Her boiling loins found
that intolerable.

'Ok', Kim thought. 'Maybe I need to be a bit more direct.'

The clumsy lass swung her hand forward towards his crotch, but with her lack
of coordination, she ended up grabbing his arm instead. Staring him straight
in the eyes she began to work her hand up and down his 'cock', thinking how
thick and long it was - she hadn't even found the head yet!

Tommy broke the embarrassed silence and asked, "What are you doing, Kim?"

She looked down and realized she'd screwed up again. At this rate she'd
NEVER get laid by Tommy! Her mind worked furiously, trying to come up with
a plan that would ease the burning in her loins.

A lightbulb snapped on in her otherwise dim one-tracked mind. She couldn't
be subtle with her stud muffin. "Tommy, I need White Ranger Cock Power NOW!"

Tommy was still confused. "Cock Power? You know Zordon told us to never use
it unless we were......"

"Shut up and FUCK, Tommy! Grab that Power Coin and morph your cock over here

Kim laid back on the bench, spread her legs wide, and fell off onto the


Empress Rita's voice was almost as pleasant and melodic as two cats fighting
at 3AM. "Would you believe that?? She's clumsy, only has two brain cells,
and he's so the only one in Angel Grove that she hasn't LAID! He's so
fucking naive he probably thinks she's still a virgin! So why can't we ever
defeat these idiots?", she demanded. She had the telescope in one hand and
Lord Zedd's massive member in the other. Her hand slid up and down his
swollen shaft as he fondled her breasts from behind, her conical bra pushed
down about her waist making it appear she had four tits.

The combination of Zedd's attentions, stroking his rigid member, and the
steamy scene unfolded before her eye, Rita was on fire. The raging furnace
in her loins distracted her and she got out of sync with her hands. Their
duties were now reversed: she was pumping the telescope and grabbed Zedd's
balls to twist them, 'adjusting the focus'.

"RITA!", Zedd howled as she tweaked his nuts hard [the focus didn't change!].
"Pay attention to ME! I am the ruler of the universe, not those two Power

"Ok Zeddy. I'm coming!" She pried herself away from the telescope: she'd
just seen the Morphinominal size of Tommy's Power Cock and she nearly came
just thinking of having some of that for herself!


Unlike Kim, Tommy had total control over his muscules. He effortlessly
picked her up and gently lay her down on the bench still coated with his
sweat from the workout. Being the model All-American-Boy, he ate right, got
enough sleep, and drank plenty of the right kind of fluids: his sweat had
only the slightest odor. To Kim's nose it was sweet and sensual. She started
undulating her shoulders and spine on the sweaty surface, revelling in
another of her lovers juices.

She fell off the bench again.

Tommy quickly swept her off the floor and plunked her gently back on the
bench. "Sit still, Kim", he asked softly as he pulled off his shirt and
quickly slid his Speedo's to the ground. His morphed cock almost took flight
as it cleared his skimpy spandex briefs. It was as big around as Kim's wrist
and two FEET long! His balls hung like twin billiard balls from a scrotum
bigger than most of her purses.

Kim moaned, anticipating how good that monster was going to feel sliding in
and out of her well-lubed pussy. She quickly pulled her shorts off and
spread her legs: she had only her body suit on and it had a hole in the
crotch. No, it wasn't just because she was a wanton woman. Every time she'd
worn that body suit in the past she'd forgotten to take it off BEFORE she
peed, so her mom had cut and sewn that lovely easy-access hatch, making it
unnecessary for Kim to have to remove the suit before peeing. Now there was
an added bonus [pronounced BONE-us] to the slit!

Tommy was always amazed at his Ranger-enhanced hardon: when he used the Power
Coin to give him Ranger cock power, it would make his normal 6" penis swell
to it's current immense size. The standing joke has always been mens penis'
[penii?] have a brain unto themselves: Tommy's DID have a brain after the

Tommy's boner 'sniffed' around until it sensed Kim's flowing juices. He was
always amazed by it's unerring sense of direction. True, it was two FEET
long, but proportionally it looked just like nearly every other erection on
the planet. No eyes, no ears, no nose, yet his moisture seeking missile was
more accurate than the smartest of the weapons the US Military had yet to

Following his cock's lead, he walked towards Kim, her eyes growing wider and
wider as she began to regret asking Tommy to morph. His woody was now a
redwood and half-again as thick as the huge 'novelty' dildo her friends had
bought her for her 16th birthday [they had never intended that she actually
USE the huge shaft, but curiosity got the better of her and now she can't
satisfy herself with anything smaller. At least childbirth should be easier
for her when the time comes].

His cockhead touched the gaping maw of Kim's oversized pussy. As it slowly
entered her dripping snatch, Kim moaned in delight. She was stretched to the
limit, but no painfully so.

Fully aware how huge his cock had become and being a politically correct
teenager, his concern showed in his voice as he asked, "Are you ok, Kim?"

She gasped out, clenched her teeth and growled, "Shut up and fuck!"

Tommy shrugged his shoulders and eased his cock deeper in her, steadily
pushing forward until his huge member butted up against her cervix. This is
what he hated about morphing his cock to it's current dimensions: he loved
the feel of his balls slapping against his lovers asses, their soft glutimus
providing a maximus backstop for his pounding. In his present state, he had
to be constantly on guard, ever vigilant of the depth he was penetrating his
lover, else he could end up fucking her throat from the wrong end.

"GIVE ME MORE!", Kim yowled. "I WANT MORE"

"I can't - I've hit bottom"

Something fuzzed into her brain - Zordon had mentioned that she could
morphologically enhance her cunt as well. Her two lonely brain cells went
into overdrive and replayed the incident.


"Rangers", Zordon began his lecture, "I have instructed Alpha to modify your
Power Coins so in the event of your capture you can enhance your sex organs."

"Why would we want to do THAT?", Ayisha asked, trying to act innocent all the
while thinking that it would be nice to have one of these otherwise cute
white boys hung like her black boyfriends. She'd wanted to do Billy for a
long time now, but she could tell by the slight crease in his trousers that
his cock wasn't going to cut the mustard [or tuna, in this case]. Adam? His
Asian bloodline showed in the width of his penis even though it was the
'standard' 6 inches. Rocky she was sure was gay. Tommy, well, Kim would KILL
her if she tried to seduce the White Ranger.

"Long before your time, Zedd and Rita captured Manuel who was then the Green
Ranger. They tortured him sexually. Rita would give him head until his cock
was fully erect then Zedd would brutally whip the Green Ranger's erection
until it became flaccid. This happened until Manuel could no longer get it
up because any touch, even that of Rita's experienced cocksucking, was too
painful. They killed him and kept his Power Coin. It stayed in their hands
until Rita gave it to Tommy."

Tommy lowered his head in shame, remembering his induction as the Green
Ranger. Rita had seduced him with her wonderful sucking mouth and cunt, then
cast her spell on him, turning him against those whom he now was allied.

Zordon realized Tommy's distress and said, "Tommy. You are now on the side
of right. That is all that matters."

The rest of the Rangers gathered around Tommy and assured him that they
wouldn't know what to do without him now and all that tripe. Billy, tho,
still harbored a grudge. Tommy had kicked him in the balls during one of
their battles when he was against the rest of the Rangers and Tommy's cock
had never recovered: he was stuck with a 4" erection and balls the size of
small marbles. Outwardly, he was best friends with Tommy. Inwardly, he knew
he would get even some day.

"So tell us more about this new power, Zordon", asked Kim eagerly. Anything
to do with her body and sex took precedence over everything else.

"When you male Rangers - with the exception of Billy - morph your cocks, they
will grow to 4 times their normal size. Billy, since the 'accident', will
have to grow more, so his modification takes his member to 6 times it's
normal size. That means all the male Rangers will have 24 inch cocks."

'That's it', thought Billy, his face showing none of the seething anger and
embarrassment he felt after Zordon publicly humiliated him by reminding the
rest of the Rangers of his tiny cock. 'Zordon's on my hit list NOW!' Ayisha
and Kim only looked at him with a look that said they were sorry but it was
also obvious that he would never get laid by either of the sexy babes.

Rocky swished to the front of the group and asked Zordon, "So I'm confused:
how will that help us defend against Rita and Zedd?"

"When Rita gives you head and you cum, your ejaculate will spew out at such
pressure that it will act like a stream of bullets. Rita loves to have her
victims shoot their seed all over her face and boobs. Your come would lance
through her body like a hot knife in butter, taking care of her for once and
for all."

"Will it also work on Zedd?", Rocky enquired, a distant look in his eyes and
a small smile on the gay youth's lips.

Sighing, Zordon replied, "Yes, Rocky, it will work on Zedd and Goldar as

"What about Kim and me?", asked Ayisha. "We come but not that way."

"I haven't forgotten you, Yellow Ranger, or the Pink Ranger. Your cunt,
mouth, and ass sphincter muscles will be enhanced until they are like bands
of spring steel, able to stretch from a tiny pinhole to a foot in diameter.
Zedd has always dreamed of doing a Yellow or Pink Ranger, but thankfully he
has never captured one long enough to try. If he does capture you, you let
him stick his cock into one of your orifices then when he is fully inside,
tighten your muscles and squeeze him until his voice changes. If he's in
your ass or your mouth, you can shrink it so small that it will be pinched
completely off!"

Kim looked at Ayisha and they both giggled. The boys' reaction was a bit
different. There was no love lost for Zedd but being fellow males, they
quickly covered their groins and groaned in agony, just thinking of such a

"Also with this enhancement you can help service the male Power Rangers
safely. Once morphed, the Power Cocks can only be returned to normal AFTER
they have spent their seed", Zordon concluded.

Kim looked at Ayisha again. The Yellow Ranger had the same dreamy look on
her face. An erotic shudder passed through their bodies as they thought of
taking on their male counterparts's two foot long schlongs.

The Command Center's air scrubbers went into overdrive, trying to rid the air
of the smell of teenage tuna. [Was that what Ivan Ooze smelled when he said,
"What's that foul stench? I smell TEENAGERS!"]

[Unbeknownst to the others - Zordon included - Rocky later talked Alpha into
adding in the asshole and mouth morph mods to all the male Rangers' Power
Coins. He wanted to be the fucker or the fuckee in ANY encounter. He
especially wanted to do the White Rangers tight asshole. It was no accident
that when they went into battle Adam was always behind Tommy so he could
stare at the White Ranger's ass in that tight Ranger suit!]


[continued in part 2]


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