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This story contains m/F, cons, morphing sex organs, mast, gay [not graphic],
b&d, snuff, ....hell, the only things it DOESN'T have is incest.

'Something for everyone! A comedy tonight!' ["A Funny Thing Happened On The
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[Note from the author: no attempt has been made to 'introduce' you to the
characters. This story assumes you are fully aware of the characters in the
Power Rangers series]

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Balance Of Pink Power Part 2
by The Mad Ranter

Kim had a bright idea. It happened occasionally when sex was involved.

"Wait just a second", she said, reaching for her bag and her Power Coin.
Grasping it in both hands, she held it firmly in front of her and shouted,
"I need Pink Ranger Pussy Power NOW!"

There were a bunch of arcs, sparks, and other cheezy effects as she felt a
stirring in her loins, ass, and mouth. Tommy's schlong fit her comfortably
now and a feeling of power coursed through her veins as she took control.
Her cunt muscles expanded in the unfilled portion of her pussy, creating a
vacume and sucking him into her deeper.

Tommy gasped as his hips surged forward, pulled by the Pink Ranger's

As the air pressure in her cunt equalized with that outside her body, Tommy
took control and continued the lunge. [When Alpha designed the modification
to the coins, he made sure that no matter which Ranger fucked which, they
would be able to accommodate their partner]

Tommy started pounding into Kim's pussy; her enhanced cunt muscles milking
his huge schlong.


"Aye yi yi yi yi Zordon!", squeaked Alpha as he watched the White and Pink
Rangers getting it on in the viewing globe. "Look at Tommy pump his Power
Cock into Kimberly's hot pink Power Pussy!"

He reached down between his legs, opened a service panel and touched the hose
within, stroking it back and forth, pounding his electronic pud.

Zordon's hand was barely visible in the flowing mists of his Hyperlock
Chamber as it moved back and forth over his ancient withered stub of a cock,
his eyes riveted on the action in the viewing globe.

"Now you know why I put up with all the bullshit from these punks, Alpha", he
said. "Look at those teenagers GO! Remember that period I chose only
'experienced' Rangers? True, they were better at fighting and having sex but
their sagging boobs and asses combined with the wrinkles just can not compete
with these nubile hardbodies!"

The millennia-long friends continued to watch the viewing globe intently,
shouting encouragement and instructions to the youthful lovers.


One of the additional features of the Power Coins is it fills the user with
grace and coordination. Only being partially morphed, however, the feature
only extended to Kimberly's cunt, ass, and mouth: the rest of her body was
'normal'. Tommy kept having to grab her before she slid off the bench on
about every third stroke and it was getting very tiring. As he bottomed out
at the end of a stroke, he picked her up by her pussy and carried her over to
the mats as one would carry a kabob to the grill.

Kim whimpered.

"Does that hurt, Kim?", Tommy asked, concerned for his friend and lover.

"No! I was almost there when you stopped! HURRY, DICKHEAD!!!!"

He lowered her to the mat: he'd been trying to be gentle and loving and was
taken aback by her harshness. He hung his head and asked her, "Is everything

she screamed. She could see that she was going to have to take control or he
would be so fucking gentle that she would sit on the edge and never come!

"FUCK ME, WHITE RANGER!", she demanded through her clenched teeth.

Tommy began to move back and forth again, trying to be gentle. She arched
her back, wrapped her legs around his waist, and kicked him in the buttocks,
spurring him like he was a horse.

"FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!", she screamed, 'spurring' him every time she said

Tommy had always been concerned with the welfare of others. He wouldn't hurt
a soul. He would even go so far as to open the door and shoo out a fly
rather than swat it like everyone else. These where traits that Kimberly
found endearing normally, but not in the middle of a fuck session!

The constant spurring caused something to snap within the White Ranger.

Kim looked into his eyes and saw the same evil glow she'd seen when he was a
minion of Rita. She got real worried that somehow 'that cunt' [as Kim
referred to Rita] had cast her spell over him again.

"Tommy?", she queried softly.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch, and get ready for the ride of your LIFE!"

"Has Rita got you under her power again?", Kim worriedly asked.

"NO! My cock needs some Pink Ranger Pussy Power NOW and YOU are going to
give it to me!", he growled, lunging into her cunt with two foot strokes that
carried his Power Cock's head from her Pussy Power lips to her cervix.

Realizing it was just passion she saw in his eyes, Kimberly's worry turned
to lust as she began humping back at his powerful lunges. His balls were
hitting her ass so hard they sounded like gunshots and began to bruise the
smooth globes.

Kim's orgasm came from nowhere. One second she was pumping Tommy's Power
Cock as it rubbed furiously along her enhanced Power Clit, the next second
she froze solid and her eyes went wide as the massive orgasm swept over her.

She'd had orgasms before, but they were like cap guns to this H-bomb!

Her frozen body came back to life as Tommy continued to pound into her
spasming Power Pussy. She began to thrash about so much that had Tommy not
had a Power Cock he'd have been severely injured.

she howled.

Her Power Pussy clamped down on Tommy so hard that had he not also been
enhanced he'd have looked like John Wayne Bobbit after the incident with
Lorena and the scissors. As it was, however, it merely slowed him down as
the friction increased. There was the faint odor of cooking tuna as her
juices boiled away.

Kim went limp for a few moments, exhausted after the explosion of her loins.
Tommy's enhanced member, however, didn't give a shit: it needed RELEASE! He
kept pounding into her still enhanced cunt, hurrying before it morphed back
to it's normal size.

Kim sensed his need and began to move under him, meeting his thrusts. She
could feel another orgasm building in her cunt, this time not centered around
her enhanced clitoris but deep within her vagina.

'My GOD', she thought. 'If the last one was a H-Bomb, how intense will this
one be?????'

Tommy started to groan. His balls had grown nearly to the size of
grapefruits, boiling and churning, aching for release. Kim, sensing he was
almost there, squeezed her Power Pussy's muscles, sending an incredible wave
of pleasure through both their bodies.

That was it for Tommy. He arched his back and started shooting his little
swimmers in her cunt. Just as Zordon had described, it came out with
incredible force. It hit Kim's morphed cervix, driving her off his cock and
across the mat, stopping only when her head hit the wall. Dazed but pleased,
her eyes uncrossed after the force of both the impact inside her and the one
with the wall and she saw Tommy standing in the middle of the room,
destroying everything. With every pulse of his Power Cock, the stream of
sperm came out like a rifle shot, slicing through everything it encountered.
Kim scrambled back to him and in between loads, engulfed his shaft with her
morphed pussy. Wrapping her arms and legs around him to keep from shooting
across the room again, she felt his cock pulse as stream after stream poured
out in buckets from the head of his huge cock.

Tommy moaned in ecstacy as Kim milked his cock; she wanted every last drop of
his spooge!

Between the White Ranger's thrashing about and the swelling of his cock every
time another load was deposited in her morphological pussy, Kim came again.
It was as she suspected: the first one was NOTHING compared to this one. Her
mouth opened wide but nothing came out. She lost control of her entire body,
bucking and heaving so hard she nearly threw Tommy off and out of her. He
was still trying to shove his member into her deeper, so he hung on for dear
life and orgasm.

Kim's orgasm was so intense that she lost control of her bladder and peed all
over Tommy. The sudden rush of the warm pungent fluid made Tommy's shoot
even harder: he knew he'd 'done good' with Kim! She was coming so hard she
didn't have time to be embarrassed; she could only think, 'Thank GOD I took a
SHIT before I started my workout!'

Their orgasms spiraled down together. Tommy had literally come buckets. Kim
was equally spent. Both their sexual aparati morphed back to their normal
state. They lay in each others arms for a few minutes, then Tommy's cock
shrunk to the point it popped out of Kim's vaginal lips with a 'pop'. She
could feel the gallons of come in her starting to ooze out and leapt to her
feet, hand over her pussy, and ran for the bathroom.

Tommy sat there dazed for a second, wondering at her sudden departure. Had
she realized what had happened and was running away in shame? He struggled
to his feet, exhausted as he'd never been before, and plodded after her.

Knocking on the door to the girl's locker room, Tommy called out, "Kim? Are
you alright?"

There was no answer.

Feeling bold [for Tommy, that is], he pushed on the door slightly and
gingerly stuck his head in, not wanting to embarass any young lady that might
also be in the locker room [sheesh - what a dweeb!]. Seeing and hearing
noone, he entered the locker room, grabbing a towel to wrap around his nude
waist. He walked back through the locker room, softly calling Kimberly's

"Tommy?", he heard from the direction of the bathroom.

"Kim? Are you there?"

"Yea, baby, I'm here. Can you go to locker 555 and get my purse, please?"

"Yea, sure. Are you alright?"

"Of course, silly! I just didn't want to leave the largest wet spot in the
world all over the mat!", she giggled.

Tommy was relieved, but then realized once again that he was in the Girl's
locker room. He hurried to Kim's locker and carefully pulled out her purse,
careful to pick it up so as not to open it and invade her most private of

Back at the bathroom, Tommy softly called, "Kim?"

"Here I am", she said, her hand sticking out from under the stall door.

He handed her the purse then quickly backed out saying, "I'm going to get out
of here before someone catches me!"

As he walked away, he heard a giggle.

Kim met him outside a half-hour later. Tommy watched her as she walked
toward him. Her hips swayed erotically in perfect sync. Her grace was that
of the Pink Ranger, not sweet but clumsy Kimberly.

He was trying to think of a diplomatic way to ask her about it when she
exclaimed, "Isn't it GREAT??? I don't know why, but I'm not tripping over
everything!!! Let's go ask Zordon if he knows why."

"Ok, just a second", Tommy replied. Holding his wrist communicator to his
lips, Tommy said, "Alpha? Are you there?"

After a second, Alpha answered, "Come in, White Ranger".

Tommy swore it sounded like he was out of breath.

"Kim and I need to come to the Command Center and talk to Zordon."

"Ay yi yi yi yi!", Alpha exclaimed, looking over his shoulder at the spooge
spots all over the inside of the Hyperlock Chamber and the oil slick on the
floor from their discharges. "Uh, ok, Tommy, but be careful: I've been doing
some maintenance around here and it's a mess."

"Ok, Alpha. Will do!"

Tommy and Kim both took a spread-eagled stance, one arm at their side and the
other behind their backs and became streaks of white and pink light as they
were transported to the Command Center.

Rematerializing, Tommy took a step towards Zordon and nearly fell flat on his
ass after his boot hit some of Alpha's oil slick.

Kim gracefully skated through the mess, coming to rest at the edge of the
stained Hyperlock Chamber. She bubbled, excited at being graceful for the
first time in her non-Pink Ranger life and at having her greatest fantasy

Both Zordon and Alpha immediately noticed the change. Alpha especially was
pleased: she'd broken so many things in the Command Center due to clumsiness
and it was he who had to fix her fuckups.

"Kimberly! You are graceful as you are when you have morphed into the Pink
Ranger!", Zordon exclaimed.

She stuck a finger under her chin, assumed a ballerina pose, and pirouetted
then bowed to Zordon. "Thank you", she said at the bottom of her bow.

As she raised up, she could feel some of Tommy's spooge drip down her leg.
She'd used a pad [why she needed her purse] at the gym, but it had absorbed
way beyond it's intended capacity and now was leaking.

She reached for her groin in an attempt to hide the growing wet spot and
instead slapped her leg. An anguished look came across her face as she
realized she was clumsy again!

She burst into tears and sat down, not wanting to break any of Alpha's
precious toys.

"Kim? Honey? What's wrong?", Tommy asked, concern furrowing his brow.

"I'm CLUMSY again!", she wailed.

"Zordon? Is there something you can do?", asked Kim's concerned friend and

Zordon thought for a few seconds, then spotted the growing puddle under
Kimberly. "Pink Ranger! Please do not be embarrassed when I ask you, but
did you become graceful after you and Tommy had sex?"

Despite Zordon's request, Kim turned beet red. She hesitated, then answered
simply, "Yes."

"And did you use a pad to soak up the flow afterwards?", he continued.

Kimberly's embarrassment grew. You'd think that she couldn't get any redder
than she already was, but sure enough, she did. The beet red turned to
crimson. "ZORDON!", she moaned. Asking her about something as private as
PADS made her want to move to another GALAXY!

"I am not trying to embarass you, Kimberly. I have an idea. Please answer
the question."

Kim looked at him, a mixture of anger, hatred, and embarrassment crossing her
face. Had it just been the two of them, it wouldn't have been so bad. Even
having Alpha around would have made things easier, but having TOMMY right
there... She sighed, resignedly, and said, "Yes, I used a pad".

"You did NOT use a tampon, just pad, correct?"

"YES!", she shouted. "Get on with it!"

"Ok, ok. Here is my idea: I believe that it was the presence of Tommy's
ejaculate in quantity that gave you an inner balance, similar to a gyroscope.
Water wouldn't be enough: you would have to have a thick fluid like the White
Ranger's sperm to do the job. I could have Alpha come up with a suitable
replacement and injection device if you would like."

Kim just licked her lips and looked at Tommy's member and said coyly, "That's
a tempting offer, Zordon, but I think I can make do with Tommy's help. Alpha
has so much to do with all that mess on the floor and the inside of your
Hyperlock Chamber."

She may be dumb as two bags of rocks, but when it comes to sex she's wise.
She grabbed the object of her lust and slipped on the floor, the two of them
landing in a heap. "Come on, Tommy", she whispered lustily. "You have a duty
to perform."

"Alpha, I need you to transport us to my bedroom NOW!", Tommy ordered. "My
mom has some tampons that you can use to keep yourself plugged and poised."

Kim thought about those 'butt plugs' she'd read about in some of the
magazines she'd stolen from her father's collection. She wondered if they
had them to fit pussy's as well, as she and her lover dematerialized into
two beams of light and streaked towards Tommy's bedroom and another glorious

The End

The Mad Ranter has several other excellent ideas for more Power Ranger
stories. I'm sure given enough E-Mail we could continue this collaboration.


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