Mighty Raunchy Power Rangers - The Dark Blue Ranger Chronicles - Part 1 of ??

by NetWanderer

Hey All:

Before I get into this, some notes. Please read them, they are important.

1> The stories that follow were actually written before I started the whole
Girl Scout Camp Series, which has taken, and will continue to to take most
of my efforts. Some of the plotting and pace therefore may be inferior to
what you are accustomed to from me, but until I get to new stuff, I am
rewriting, so please bare with me.

2> As far as continuity regarding the show: This story line starts at the
beginning of the second season of MMPR. The roster of members at that time
was Tommy (White Ranger), Billy (Blue), Trini (Yellow), Kimberly (Pink),
Zack (Black) and Jason (Red). Lord Zed had just taken over, and we had the
mythological creature zords (they don't really matter in this. The enemy
du jour was Lord Zed, who had just arrived, with his second generation

From here, I am going to add in characters and monsters created later in the
series, but will NOT be following continuity. Thus, you may still see Zack
with Cat, or whatever, ditto for Rita, Reedo, tengas, the "zeo" crystal, etc.
And I've just realised I watch this show too damn much.

3> The repost policy is the same as for the Girl Scout Camp Series. Once a
month, I will repost the series, one month zipped, one month plain. Don't
ask me for individual reposts, I can't accommodate you.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers et. al. are trademarks of Saban Entertainment and
used WITHOUT position, but not for financial gain.

The following story contains sexual elements that may include the following:
heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, nonconsensual sex, bondage, S+M, melodramatic
bondage, furry sex, bestiality. If this material offends you, or you are under
legal age to possess this material, please do not read further.

That said:

Chapter I

The day was sunny and hot and Angel Grove High School. The bright afternoon
light gleamed off the building's that had been rapidly repaired after being
ravaged by Lord Zed's latest creation, the "Shroom-Ster", an enlarged beast
created from the leftover remnants of Zack's Chinese food. The monster had
taken out over half the financial district before the Ultra-Megazord had
chopped the head off the stem.

Classes had ended for the day, and the six teenagers who made up the Mighty
Morphin Power Rangers were relaxing at the Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar.
While Kimberly and Trini watched, Zack and Tommy were staging an impromptu
karate demonstration, trading a fast flurry of blows, kicks, punches, and
leaps, always careful to keep their faces away from any cameras while they

Panting, the two completed their routine and shook hands in the center of the
mat, as the onlookers applauded. As they stepped off, Kimberly and Trini ran
up and gave them each hugs, complimenting them on their performances.
Unnoticed, Billy sat alone at a corner table, and with a grimace muttered to
himself, "they ALWAYS get the girls."

Meanwhile, in his lunar fortress, Lord Zed was pacing back and forth in front
of Goldar, berating him for his latest failure to destroy the Power Rangers.
"I don't understand it, Goldar. Every monster we send they cut with that
ridiculous flaming sword. I must find another way to destroy them!" Goldar
just cringed.

Using his long-range goggles, Zed looked in on the Rangers as they sat in
groups at the bar. As he was focusing in on Billy's face, he was interrupted
by Finster, who dropped a book he had been reading. "Finster, you fool!" he
roared, until his gaze fell on the cover of the book that was now on the floor.
"What is this?" he asked, picking it up. He looked at the cover. "Jealousy,
the Green Eyed Monster, by Joyce Brothers."

"I was looking for some new ideas, Lord Zed," stammered Finster. "Silence!"
snapped Zed, now reading intently. "Finster, I think you may have finally done
something right." Zed walked off reading as Finster and Goldar looked at each
other and shrugged.

While all this was going on, Jason was riding through Angel Grove Park. As he
rode through the trees, he failed to notice a silvery glint coming through the


Some small time later, Tommy and Zack had completed another routine and were
sitting at a table with Kimberly and Trini, tricking one of Ernie's fruity
concoctions. Billy was still alone at his table, tinkering with some gadget,
but every so often glanced at the other foursome at their table and scowled
before looking down again.

Up in his tower, Lord Zed was observing the scene below. Turning away, he
rubbed his hands together evilly. "Goldar!" The golden armored monkey
scurried out of the shadows. "Yes, my lord?" "Goldar, I have it, the plan
that will finally destroy the Power Rangers! I want you to take some putty's
and capture an attractive human female. Take her to my workroom." "Yes, my
Lord Zed."

Along the road from Angel Grove Park, a lone girl was walking home after
relaxing in the woods. Her dark hair swung lightly from side to side as she
whistled a jaunty tune. Suddenly, a rip in the fabric of space appeared in
front of her and several gibbering gray skinned creatures jumped out and
surrounded her. She screamed as they wrestled her to the ground and wrapped
her body in a shiny silver ribbon, immobilising her. As she struggled, she saw
a hideous monkey-faced creature lean over her and point something in her face,
at which time everything mercifully went black.

Chapter 1a

Lord Zed studied his new prize in the workroom beneath his castle chambers.
The raven haired student was bound to an angled table in the middle of the
room, her wrists and ankles secured by the same silvery tape with which the
putties had bound her. A strip of the same silvery material covered her mouth,
preventing her from talking. She stared with wild eyes at Lord Zed as he ran
one gloved finger down the center of her blouse.

"Such a delicious creature. It's a shame I will have to keep you for that damn
power ranger. Perhaps, after he is done with you, we can 'play' for a while.
The victim grunted through her gag, but fell silent as she saw Lord Zed's image
start to waver, then change into that of Jason, a student she recognised from
school. "Now," she heard the figure say in Jason's voice, "it is time to
finally destroy the Power Rangers, once and for all!"

Chapter 1b

Billy was sleeping in his warm bed at home. Apparently, Zed was still smarting
from his last defeat and was not planning any new trouble for Angel Grove this
night. How little he knew. His dreams were filled with visions of Kimberly
performing gymnastic routines, especially many, many splits. He tossed and
turned in bed as he felt his dream slow, then freeze. To his amazement, he saw
Jason step out of a doorway to his right, that he hadn't noticed before.

Jason spoke. "Do you want her, Billy? You could have any girl you want, you
know that?" Billy could only nod. "Follow me, Billy, and I will show you."
What the hell, it's only a dream, Billy thought, as he stepped through the
doorway. Somewhere in the distance, as the image of Angel Grove Gym faded,
evil laughter echoed.

Billy found himself walking along a dark stone tunnel. He had to pick up the
pace to keep up with Jason, who would not answer any questions, except to say
"Just wait." Finally, Jason stopped at a door. "Once you go in there, you
can't go back..."

Billy took a deep breath, open the door, and stepped inside. Behind him, the
image of Jason followed.

Chapter 1C

As the door opened, Billy gasped at the sight before him. Strapped to a table
in the center of a dark room was a black haired girl. He recognised her as
someone who had turned him down for a date once before. He shoulder length
hair was in disarray and her brilliant blue eyes were in clear view over her
mouth which was covered in silver tape. Similar tape bound her wrists and
ankles to the table. She was dressed in a sheer white blouse, through which
Billy could see the outline of her bra, and a denim skirt, which came down to
her knees. He thought again that he remembered her from school, but the thought
seemed to flee from his mind before he could focus. He felt a burning hunger
start to rise within him.

Jason spoke again as he left through the door, "She's all yours Billy. You can
do anything you want to her...." With that, the door closed behind him, and
Billy and the girl were alone. For once, Billy was speechless. He stepped up
to the struggling girl, and ran his fingers through her hair.

Billy felt a newfound power come over him as the girl was unable to resist his
advances. His manhood rose to full attention inside his overalls as she
stroked his hang across the helpless girl's cheeks, feeling her shiver.

Revelling in his control, Billy set to work in earnest. His fingers, nimble
from working with electronics all the time, quickly undid the buttons of her
blouse, revealing her lacy beige bra as she quaked in shame. He jerked the
blouse open, popping the last button and baring her upper body.

Billy felt his manhood grow harder at his first sight of a woman's exposed
breasts. The clasp of the bra appeared to be in the back, but he spotted a
small knife laying next to the table. With the blade, he cut the material
holding the bra together. Her breasts sprung out, their nipple involuntarily
hardening in the cool dungeon air.

Fully enmeshed in his activities now, Billy ran his hands over the exposed
melon sized globes, pinching and rubbing. The groans of anguish from the bound
girl only added to his arousal.

His hands drifted to the hem of her skirt. The trapped girl frantically shook
her head NO as he undid the single button, and whipped the material from
underneath her, leaving her exposed in just sheer white panties. Breathing
heavily, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties, drawing them
down until the spread of her legs prevented further movement. He wanted to
see her expression, so he looked up to her face. Suddenly, he recoiled in
shock. The face of the bound girl had changed into that of his friend
Kimberly! Staggering backwards, he tripped and found himself....

...sitting in his bead, awake, sweating, and with a wet spot in the center of
his sheets. Laying back, Billy tried to return to sleep but could not, thanks
to the thoughts churning in his head.

Back in the dungeon, Lord Zed reappeared next to the bound girl in his regular
form. "Yes, Billy will soon be mine. As you are." As Zed started to strip
pieces of his armor, the lights faded, until all that remained was a scream.

End chap 1


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