Mighty Raunchy Power Rangers - The Dark Blue Ranger Chronicles - Part 2 of ??

by NetWanderer


Please see notes and disclaimers from part 1 before proceeding.


Chapter 2A

A few days later, the Power Rangers were resting in Angel Grove. Zed had been
quiet since his last defeat, and even Zordon could not find any trace of evil
actions. However, they had all taken advantage of the "time off" to rest. All
of them looked recharged, except for Billy, who looked a little haggard.

"Billy, you look tired," Kimberly said. "I haven't been getting much sleep
lately," he replied, "I think its been too quiet, my mind is making up things."
Kimberly snuggled up next to Tommy. "Oh, I hope you feel better," she said.
Billy remained silent to but thought to himself "sure you do, as long are you
are next to Mr. Muscle there."

The talk turned to mundane matters, like a charity concert the teens were
running in their spare time. Finally they all broke up, Zack and Trini going
back to the Juice Bar, Tommy and Kimberly went walking in the park, and Jason
had a date with a girl from school, so as usual, Billy found himself heading
back home alone. "As usual.." he muttered to himself. He hadn't told the
group about his strange recent dreams. All of them started the same way, a
strange and beautiful girl was presented to him by one of his friends, bound in
one of variety of positions. He was able to remove their clothing, and feel
their bodies, but then their faces changed into Kimberly's before he could do
anything, and then he woke up. In addition to being groggy from lack of sleep,
he was now in an almost constant state of arousal. Also, in the last few
dreams, there had been a strange silver amulet on his chest, that felt like it
was feeding him some kind of power.

As he headed through the woods, he notices a glint of silver through the trees.
As he peered through a bush to investigate, he saw, hanging from a limb, the
same amulet from his dreams. He started to reach for it, but part of him
hesitated, perhaps realising that if he gave into the power of the amulet, he
might never be the same. His mind kept flashing back to images of Kimberly
with Tommy, Zack and Trini, and the bound girls from the last few nights.
"It's time I got what I want," he thought, as he grabbed the amulet and dropped
it over his neck. With a flash of sickly green light, he vanished. From his
castle, Lord Zed smiled.

Chapter 2B

Three days later, Trini was walking through the playground, on her way to meet
Zack for a drink at the Juice Bar. With things staying so quiet, Tommy and
Kimberly were spending time together, Jason was at a Karate tournament, and
Billy had taken advantage of a school break to go away and get some rest,
though he didn't say where, just left a note.

Trini was looking forward to her meeting with Zack. He didn't know it, but she
had been fantasising about him since they got their powers. Last night, she had
brought herself to several powerful orgasms by fingering her clit and thinking
about his powerful body. Someday soon she was going to have to take the plunge
and tell him how she felt.

Just thinking about it caused her to grow warm and flushed. Looking around,
she saw that the playground was conveniently empty, so she leaned up against a
pole on the jungle gym, and slipped her hand down her yellow bicycle shorts.
Her finger found the opening to her moistened cunt and began to move in and
out, stroking her engorged clitty. She leaned her head back and worked her
head faster, muttering "Zack. Oh Zack."

She was so involved in her daydream that she almost failed to notice the group
of putties that materialised behind her. They were almost on top of her before
their gibbering noises broke her concentration. Reacting in tune with her Power
Ranger training, her hand flew out of her shorts to strike the nearest putty in
the Z-spot. Before the putty exploded into a zillion pieces, you could see
where her finger had left a wet spot.

She continued to punch and kick and flip, taking out one putty after another,
unable to get a break to call for help, nor notice that they were herding her
to a patch of darker sand. She spun to face another enemy and was amazed to
find they had all stopped attacking and were standing in a circle, surrounding

Trini went to flip out of the circle and resume the battle, but found she was
unable to lift her foot. Looking down, she noticed she had sunk about a
quarter inch into the playground sand. As she watched, the base of her yellow
sneakers vanished into the sand, and she saw the substance begin to creep up
the sides. It almost looked as if the sand was climbing up the sides of her
shoes and pulling her downward.

Realising that she was in more danger than she thought, she reached for her
communicator, but one of the putties dashed in and ripped it off her wrist.
The putty took a shot, shattering it, but not before the communicator fell out
of range. Trini struggled mightily, pulling on her legs to try to free them,
but continued to sink, the sand now having reached the tops of her yellow

From behind her, she heard an evil voice, which she recognised. Goldar. Goldar
stepped around in front of her and flexed his wings. "What are you going to do
now, Yellow Ranger? That is Lord Zed's special GrabSand. It will keep pulling
you down until you are totally buried. hahahahahah!" Goldar's hideous
laughter only made Trini struggle harder, but to no avail. The insidious sand
had kept up its advance and was now up to the insides of her thighs, and
climbing. As the sand rose up her skin, she noticed that it caused a faint
itching, not unpleasantly. As the sand rose above the base of her yellow
shorts, she noticed the itching sensation become more pronounced, and to her
horror, she found herself start to get aroused by the gentle scratching.

Wriggling in defiance, she gasped as the sand reached her thinly covered cunt,
scratching it ever so slightly and causing exquisite sensations. She relaxed
her efforts momentarily from the unexpected pleasure and her hands fell to her

Recovering from the shock she found to her dismay that the sand had grabbed on
to her fingers and she could no longer free her hands. Meanwhile, the putties
just watched as the sand crept ever higher. Twisting her upper body only seemed
to increase the rate of her descent, and she felt the sand reach the underside
of her breasts, which were covered only by a yellow spandex cycling top.

The deeper Trini sank into the sand, the more agitated the motion of the sand
beneath became. To her shame, sensations were rippling through her body from
the rubbing of the sand against her pussy and clit. Now, the sand reached up
and began to caress her breasts with that same gentle scratching feeling.

The sand began to get warm, and the heat, combined with the incessant
stimulation of the sand particles which had started to find their way into the
tight clothing, brought Trini to the point of orgasm. Resisting with all her
might, Trini fought off the impending explosion, but completely unable to move,
and helpless, she found herself out of control. As the sand began to close in
on her mouth, a shattering orgasm ripped through her body, so intense she began
to black out. As her vision faded, she saw Goldar laughing, and standing next
to him, it looked, like, wait, Billy?

Chapter 2C

Trini coughed, spitting out some grits of sand that had remained in her mouth,
as she struggled to regain consciousness. Trying to focus her thoughts, her
mind recalled struggling in the insidious sand, and the final image of Goldar
standing there, with, who was that? "Billy, NO!," she yelled as her eyes
snapped open.

As she focused, she noticed that she was now wearing the helmet of her uniform.
The feel of the material against her still mildly sensitive skin told her that
she was wearing the rest of her uniform too. As her vision cleared, she saw
Lord Zed, sitting on his throne before her. Instinctively, she tried to move
into a defensive stance, but was unable to move, her ankles and wrists were
bound to something behind her.

Zed rose from his throne to approach her. Welcome to my castle, Yellow Ranger.
Did you like my little playground toy?" Zed reached out with his glove and
prodded Trini in the belly. "I would have liked to played with you myself, but
my new assistant says he needs you for the devices with which he will destroy
the other Rangers."

"Thank you, Lord Zed. This will be most illuminating." Trini could only stare
numbly as her worst fears were concerned. There was Billy, no longer in blue,
but instead in Green overalls, with a silver amulet around his neck, shaking
the hand of Zed. It was too much for her wounded mind to take and she lapsed
back into oblivion.

Chapter 2D

This was getting to be a habit, she reflected, as Trini roused herself from
unconsciousness. She found that this time she was laying flat, still bound,
and her helmet had been removed. She strained to break her bonds, but she did
not feel the customary tingle that came with her powers, and looking down, she
saw that her power coin was no longer in her belt. Her mouth was covered with
some kind of tape tat prevented her from speaking and made it difficult to

"Ah good, you're awake." Billy stood over her head. "We had to activate your
uniform to get to your power coin. Surprised?" Trini could only nod. Billy
smiled. "No long words anymore? Heh. I've learned so much since I joined Zed.
Soon, you will too. I have such plans for you all. No more 'Billy, get the
gadget, Billy fix this..'" His face took on almost a maniacal look. "Now, 'I'
am in charge and you will all listen to me."

Billy picked up a small bottle, filled with a thick green liquid. "Zed has an
excellent lab. I can make things here I only dreamed of on Earth. I think you
may enjoy some of them as much as I do."

Billy unscrewed the cap of the bottle and pulled out a dropper filled with the
thick green liquid. "Zordon did an excellent job with the uniforms. It took
me almost three hours to find something that would destroy the material without
damaging what was inside. Well, not much, anyway."

Trini jerked frantically as Billy lowered the evil looking substance towards
her midsection. She tried to twist away, but her bonds held her tight, and
several drops of the noxious liquid fell onto her taut belly.

Nothing seemed to happen at first, until Trini started to feel the material
where the drops had struck get warm. The feeling increased, becoming almost
unbearable hot as the effect began to spread. Stretching her head, she saw to
her horror that her uniform was beginning to dissolve, her skin was now visible
in a widening circle from where the now-evil Blue Ranger dropped his devilish

As the uniform dissolved, the burn faded, only to travel to new areas as the
acid ate through more of her rapidly dissolving suit. Trini grunted in pain
and spasmed wildly as the crotch of her suit dissolved and the caustic liquid
found her sensitive opening. She spasmed again as the material over her
breasts burned away, unable to scream due to the gag in her mouth.

Finally, her muscles relaxed as the last of her boots and color faded away. As
the pain ebbed, she felt herself redden in shame, as Billy leered at her fully
exposed, helpless body. "I'll be right back," she head him say, "time to
charge the batteries."

Moments later, he returned. "You see, Trini, Zed has shown me that one of the
most powerful sources of energy available is sexual energy. Using this energy
source, I can build devices that will allow me to capture and control ALL the
other rangers. But of course, I need a power source, and it simply wouldn't
work for me to be that source." Billy's hands reached under the surface that
she was bound to and pulled out a collar, with wires attached to it that ran
out of her field of view. His hands, the ones that had once held her when she
cried after not being chosen for Homecoming Queen, fastened the collar around
her neck, where she felt it latch with an audible click.

"This collar will convert the energies produced by sexual excitement I can use
in my machines. Unfortunately, I'm afraid you are not going to generate quite
enough energy just laying there, so I've made a few things to help you along a
little." From under the table, Billy pulled two suction cup-like devices, with
a single wire running from each.

No matter how hard she twisted and squirmed, Trini could not avoid Billy's
hands as he placed the devices onto her breasts, right over her nipples. There
was a click, and with a gentle sucking motion, the cups began to slowly
contract and expand around her nipples and breasts. Against her will, she felt
the effects of the gentle stimulation, as her nipples began to harden. The
dastardly device responded by focusing on the engorged lumps of flesh and
increasing the suction.

Billy spoke again. "The machine is set to monitor the flow of your sexual
energy into the convertor, and will adjust itself. Eventually, you will wear
down and we will have to increase the stimulation, but we don't want to burn
down the battery just yet. Billy gave her a quick pat on the belly as he
walked away. "By the way, don't worry. I'm saving myself for Kimberly." He
passed out of her field of vision and she heard a door close.

In the sudden quiet, Trini heard a faint humming from the collar as it fed on
the sexual heat building in her breasts. The incessant suction began to take
its toll and she rested her head back as she felt the pleasure rise in her
body. Behind her, and electrical device hummed happily.


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