Mighty Raunchy Power Rangers - The Dark Blue Ranger Chronicles Part 3 of ?

by NetWanderer

Sigh. Here we go again. Okay, if you are under the legal age to possess this
kind of stuff or are offended by descriptions of sexual activity, both
consensual and non-consensual, including bondage, S+M, and underage, just
delete this now.

Chapter 3A

In the darkened corner of a lab underneath Zed's castle, a needle on a small
dial moved to the farthest right position, and with a beep, a small light
started to flash on a console.

Trini came back to reality as she realised the suction devices on her nipples
had finally stopped. She had fallen into a daze from their constant
stimulation, which brought her to a gentle orgasm, one after another, until
they blended. She had no idea how long she had been connected to the energy
drain device. An intermittent beeping came from under the table.

As she tried to work some way to loosen her bonds, she heard a door open, and
Billy walked back into her field of vision. He smiled down at her, but his
formerly goofy smile was now an evil leer. "Lets see how we did." Billy bent
down under the table for a minute, and she heard him moving some equipment. He
came up holding an oblong box, with lights flashing along its length. "Ah.
Fully charged. Only one more to go, Trini." He slid another box over from a
spot near the base of the table. It looked like the first one, except it was
much larger. He started to connect it to the table. Trini shuddered as she
realised she was expected to charge this one too.

Billy must have read her thoughts. "Yes, you will provide the power for this
one too. Unfortunately, this one needs a bit more power to charge up, so..."

Billy pressed a control and the device she was strapped to started to rotate
forward, so that she was facing the dark stone wall in front of her. The table
stopped with an audible click as it hit about a 45 degree angle.

From her new vantage, Trini could no longer see what Billy was doing, but she
could hear him gathering equipment. Finally, he came around the table. Trini
started screaming frantically as she saw what he held, but the tape on her
mouth made it come out as muffled grunts. It was a large blue dildo, with a
wire leading out of the bottom heading back to the equipment.

Billy chuckled at her reaction. "Now, now, you didn't think those little cups
were going to charge that big thing, did you?" Trini watched as Billy applied
a thin layer of some kind of oil to the realistic looking phallus, which was
about 9" long and 1 1/2 inches across. "Maybe I should have made it black?
Like Zack's?" He reached down between her legs.

The defenseless Yellow Ranger closed her eyes as she felt the tip of the
intruder up against her mound. Where the oil coating the dildo touched her
cunt, it felt warm, and against her desires, she felt her pussy begin to get
damp and her muscles loosen. She gave up trying to hold in her scream as Billy
slow slid the plastic penis up into her box. As it entered, the lubricant on
the shaft caused her body to open and produce more wetness, no matter how hard
she tried to clamp down, there was no way to prevent Billy from finishing his
invasion. Once the device was inserted, Billy attached a silver strap through
a small ring on the bottom, and clipped it to a thin belt he would around her
waist, to insure it would not fall out.

"This one works just like the other. It's sensitive to your reactions and will
keep you just below orgasm this time, to provide the maximum amount of energy.
I'm sorry it has to be plastic, but I'll see what we can do about finding you
the real thing, soon enough." With that, the evil Ranger reached behind the
table and flicked a number of switches. The cups on Trini's chest started their
now-familiar sucking motion, latching back on to her nipples.

Again, she felt her traitorous body respond, and as the sensations from her
chest spread down between her legs, the device pushing up into her canal began
to pulse up and down its length, in time to the devices pulsating on her
nipples. The combination of the two was too powerful to resist, and soon, her
eyes closed as a wave of pleasure started to ripple through her body. Just as
the contractions forming down in her over-stimulated cunt began to reach a
peak, the machines suddenly stopped all their actions. Trini opened her eyes
in shock. Her body began to relax, unfulfilled.

In a few moments, after her muscles had relaxed, she felt the devices on her
breasts again begin their insistent, demanding rhythm, and soon, the one buried
between her legs began to pulse again. Trini moaned as she realised the
devices would repeat this cycle forever, until she wore out or the battery was
fully charged. All thoughts left her as her body spasmed once again, only to
have the devices stop. Trini worked furiously at her bonds, if only to reach
between her legs and end this torment. No luck. The devices started up again
as she relaxed. And the cycle went on. And on. And on.

Chapter 3B

"Oh, baby, fuck me. Harder, Harder.!" Jason smiled as he rammed his cock in
and out of the moaning girl beneath him. It was hard to believe, but the girl
was every bit as hot as his friend had told him. He had a little trouble
believing his friend's claims, no one was THAT horny, but the events so far
this afternoon had so far proven out.

It started about 4 hours ago. At his friend's advice, Jason was at the
stadium, watching the Angel Grove cheerleading squad practice for a big game
that night. The girl his friend had told him to look for was in the front row.
Jason settled into a bleacher seat as he watched the girls go through their
routines. She must have noticed him watching, because she started turning a
little in his direction. She was blonde, about 5'6", maybe 100 lbs. She had
large, firm breasts that bounced beneath her yellow cheerleader sweater every
time she leapt into the air. As her skirt spun up, Jason caught glimpses of
muscular, trim thighs and every so often a flash of yellow panties was visible
before the blue and yellow pleated skirt fell back.

The girls practised for another 20 minutes or so, before stopping for the day.
As they started to break away, Jason got up and went over to the blond, who was
talking with another girl. Just before he reached her, the two said goodbye,
and the blond turned, almost colliding with him as he approached. She stumbled
back, and Jason reached out and caught her by the arm. "Sorry!" he said,
flashing a winning smile. "My name's Jason. That was a nice routine." "You
liked it?" she said, smiling back, "my names Heidi."

"Well, Heidi, can I walk you to wherever you are going next?"

"Sure, I was going home to get ready for tonight." She offered her arm
prettily, and Jason noticed as she smiled again that she had really pretty blue

They walked down the street to her house, which was not to far away from the
school, chatting idly. As they got to her gate, Heidi said, "Would you like to
come in for a bit? My mom works, so its a bit lonely, and I have plenty of
time to kill before the game."

"Sure, love to." Jason replied. She led the way in as Jason admired the way
her ass moved beneath the thigh high skirt.

When they got in the house, she motioned Jason to sit on the couch in the
living room and offered him a drink, which he declined. She went to get one
for herself, and as she bent down to look in the fridge in the kitchen, Jason
could see her skirt ride up, giving him a clear, full view of her panty covered

She stood up and came back, a bottle of Pepsi in her hand. They chatted some
more about school as she drank, until Jason asked her if she had to do anything
else to get ready.

"All I need to do is run through a routine once more to stay loose. I probably
should. Want to stay and watch?"

"Sure." Jason rearranged himself on the couch to hide the bulge in his pants
as Heidi found a CD and dropped it into the stereo. As the music started,
Heidi began to dance in the center of the room, throwing out her arms, legs,
performing splits and jumps. As she landed in another split, the song ended,
and another slower one came on. Instead of getting up, Heidi remained in her
position, and in time to the music started to run her hands up and down her
sides and over her breasts. Jason smiled, transfixed.

Heidi worked her hands out along her breasts and paused to pinch her nipples
before letting her hands drop to the floor in front of her. Pushing up, she
rose to a kneeling position on the floor, and walked on her knees over to where
Jason was sitting. She pointed at the bulge in his lap. "No point in trying
to hide THAT!" she said with a smile as she ran her hands over the crotch of
his blue jeans. "I guess not", he replied as he reached down under her arms
and lifted her on to the couch.

She leaned forward on top of him and pressed her lips to his firmly. Their
mouths locked, until Jason started to press his tongue into her lips, which
parted to allow it entry. He let his tongue dance around in her mouth as he
felt her hands roaming his chest.

As they stopped to catch a breath, she reached down to the hem of his red
t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head, as he raised his hands to help. As
they kissed again, her hands found his nipples and started toying with them.
Meanwhile, his hands were roaming her back underneath her yellow sweater, as
they both fell back on the couch, her on top.

Jason could see she was starting to sweat a little, so he grasped the sides of
the sweater and began to lift. As he had earlier, she raised her arms so the
garment came off easily, leaving her clad in a white sports bras, her
cheerleading skirt and panties, and white socks, both their shoes having long
since been kicked off. Her breasts pushed out the material of the sports bra,
and she moaned as Jason placed his palms on them and began to massage gently.

Heidi started to run her stockinged feet up and down his lower thighs as her
hands dropped lower and began to fumble with the button of his jeans. Jason
was content to let her do the work as he reached up under the back of her skirt
and ran his hands over her satin covered ass cheeks. "Oh yeah!" she gasped as
he stroked his finger along the crack between her globes.

Her fingers finally got the button to his jeans open, and she virtually yanked
them down to his ankles. Beneath red silk boxers, his erection showed clearly,
and Heidi ran her hands over the material, causing it to twitch and throb.
Meanwhile, Jason had slipped his fingers under her panties and was massaging
her naked ass.

Stopping rubbing, Heidi sat him up on the couch and slipped off his lap to the
ground. As she descended, so did his boxers as she slid them to his ankles and
took them off, along with his jeans, leaving him in just his socks, erection
pointing skyward with moisture glistening off the tip. She took his erection
in both hands and began to pump slowly, grinning as Jason began to grunt
softly. With a wide smile, she continued to stroke as she leaned over and
engulfed his manhood with her lips.

She suckled on the end for a moment as she rubbed, then her head dipped
forward, taking as much of his 9" shaft in as she could, then easing back.
Jason gasped out loud as she went down again and he felt his cockhead touch the
back of her throat. She continued to suck as the pressure built, until finally
Jason knew if it continued he would not be able to control himself, and so
reluctantly pulled her back up on to the couch.

As she settled into a seated position, reclining slightly, it was his turn to
kneel as he pushed her skirt up around her waist, revealing her yellow
undergarment. Gripping the yellow cloth by the crotch, he took the fabric and
pulled down, stripping the material off her legs and tossing it to a corner.

He licked his finger and ran it around the edges of her naked cunt, feeling the
softness of the blond curls of thin hair that surrounded it. Heidi's eyes were
closed, and tiny gasps came from her mouth as he rubbed his finger across her
clit, which had poked out from beneath her folds. As she started to buck her
hips slightly, he moved his probing digit lower, until he found the opening to
her private regions. AS if to allow him better access, her legs spread apart,
almost impossibly far, as her hands grasped her own ankles. The stretching
opened her cunt wide, leaving him an tunnel glistening with inviting fluids.

With a gentle push, he slipped his finger into her tunnel, feeling the warm
softness surround it. Repeatedly, he slipped his finger in, a little further
each time, until the entire digit was in. He rotated it, stretching the
opening until it was more than wide enough, for first one, then two fingers to
join the first. He rhythmically thrust his fingers in, and out, gradually
increasing his speed until he was practically ramming them in, as with each
thrust she screamed, "Yes, do me, oh god, yes!"

The sight of the screaming teen, breasts heaving as she bounced on his fingers
screaming was too much for Jason to take anymore, so he withdrew his hand, and
standing, used his hands to flip her over so that she was kneeling, half on the
low couch, with her butt in the air. Her skirt flipped up over her back as he
grasped his turgid member with one hand and aimed for her love hole.

With one thrust, he rammed his member into her waiting cunt as she screamed in
wordless delight. All finesse was gone now as he simply plunged his dick in
and out of her box as fast as he could. Her interior muscles rippled and
contracted around him as he fucked her. "Oh, FUCK YES!!!" he heard her scream
as her muscles clamped down on him. The pressure pushed him over the edge and
his hips bucked into her ass as he pumped wave after wave of his seed into her.
As their spasms subsided, they sank into each others arms on the couch to rest.

Thus began a four hour fuckfest that took the pair all over the house, from the
kitchen table, to both bedrooms, to the den, and finally concluding where they
were now, on an exercise mat in the basement as he again pounded his cock into
her naked cunt as she lay on her back, legs hooked over his shoulders. As his
throbbing cock shot its load in one more orgasm, they both collapsed,
exhausted. Jason was amazed. That had been his third orgasm, and he had lost
count of the number Heidi had had.

"What time is it?" she asked. He told her, after looking at a clock on the
wall. "Shit, " she cursed," I have to get ready for the game. Still naked,
they went upstairs to find their clothing. After he got dressed, Heidi walked
him to the door, still naked. "I really do need to clean up a bit" , she said,
indicating the dried fluids running down her legs. Kissing him on the lips,
she asked "Can we do this again, sometime?" "Count on it, " Jason replied, as
he exited.

Chapter 3C

On the way home, Jason stopped at a public restroom to clean himself up, the
dried fluids were making his underwear chafe a bit. As he came out, he noticed
it was getting a bit dark, and so decided to take a shortcut through the
playground to get home faster.

As he passed through the darkening woods, he noticed a glimpse of motion out of
the corner of his eye. Spinning around, he tried to see what it was, but
nothing was there but some more trees. His curiosity triggered, Jason stepped
slowly towards a shadowy patch under some limbs, watching for any trouble.

When he entered the patch, there was nothing there. He looked around him, and
suddenly caught a glimpse of Power Ranger Yellow dashing into the trees ahead
of him. "Trini!' he yelled, "Wait!" as he ran after her. Crashing through
brambles and low branches, he stumbled to s stop in a small clearing. The
Yellow Ranger stood facing him, hands firmly on hips, her uniform unmarked by
their run.

He took a step closer and called her name again. "Trini?" he paused. "This is
too weird." he thought as he began to reach for his communicator. Before he
could press the signal button, the Yellow Ranger raised her right arm and
pointed at him. A beam of yellow energy streamed around him from a device on
her wrist, and he found himself moving as if in slow motion, all the energy
being sapped from his muscles. Desperately, he tried to use his communicator,
but it didn't seem to work. With his last reserves of energy, he took out his
Morpher and managed to sputter "It's Morphin Time! Red Ranger Power!" This
though took the last of his energy, and as his costume formed around him, he
froze in place, unable to summon the energy to control his muscles.

The Yellow Ranger raised her other arm, and a stream of silver ribbon began
coiling itself around his body from over his head, wrapping around his feet,
then climbing upwards. Soon, he was totally encased in the silvery material,
not even his eyes exposed, barely able to breathe. The energy sapping beam cut
off, but he was now totally bound by the wrappings.

Someone's hand pressed on his chest and he toppled backwards, hitting the
ground hard. As the spots from the impact faded from his eyes, he heard the
sound of a uniform helmet unclamping. "Well, Red Ranger, it seems you are all
Tied Up." Jason shuddered as he recognised the evil voice. Scorpina!.
Another energy field began to form, which he recognised as a teleport beam. He
was being taken somewhere, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Chapter 3D

Inside the command center, Alpha was busily cleaning the emitter globes that
projected Zordon's image, Zordon having temporarily deactivated himself for the
process. From behind him, he heard the sound of a Ranger teleporting in, but
before he turned to see who it was, and hand grabbed him and a disk was placed
into his access slot. He just had time to notice a blue arm before the new
program took over his circuits and he bent to his new tasks. He didn't even
notice as the intruder teleported away again.


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