Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Iceman Cometh (ff,ir,food)
by Austin Power Ranger, I.B.M. (Interdimensional Being of Mystery)

"In the mood for something cool and creamy? Better hurry before it melts!"

Aisha glanced up from her fashion magazine as Kimberly swooshed through the
patio door, precariously balancing two enormous, double-decker ice cream
cones. "I thought you'd gone jogging. Where in the world did you get those?"

"It's just too hot out there. I got as far as the corner, then I saw the ice
cream truck and thought, 'Why get all hot and sticky out there when I could
get cool and sticky with my roomie back here?' Besides, the thought of you
lounging around in that teeny yellow bikini was just too ... yummy!" Kim
cocked an eyebrow at her girlfriend, then took a quick swipe at one of the
dribbling scoops with her tongue.

"Girl, what is it about this autumn heatwave that makes you so horny all the
time? I thought I'd have at least an hour to rest up before you tried to jump
me." Aisha's exasperated tone was belied by the look of hunger in her eyes.
Kimberly's tongue swirled around and around her cone in a desperate attempt
to catch the creamy droplets dripping over her fingers, but her gaze remained
fixed on her friend. Aisha felt her own temperature rising in anticipation of
that cool, pink tongue gliding over her own torrid flesh.

"Come on, Aisha," Kim urged. "Help lick this up before it gets all over me."
She grinned and held out one of the melting double scoops. "I think I've got
all your favorite flavors."

"You can say that again," the Yellow Ranger murmured as she rose from the
couch and ushered Kim into the air-conditioned room. She took the proffered
cone, then raised Kimberly's sticky fingers to her lips and, closing her
eyes, gently sucked each cool, sweet digit into the warmth of her mouth.

Kimberly shivered. Aisha was making her even hotter than the Saturday
afternoon sun. "Let's cool each other down," she whispered, handing over the
other cone to her friend. The Pink Ranger unzipped her spandex crop top,
then shrugged it off her shoulders and playfully tossed it to the floor. Her
fuchsia shorts quickly followed, and she stood in the Campbell's rec room
wearing nothing but her Reeboks. She struck a pose for her lover, one hand
on her hip, the other slipping down the valley between her tanned breasts.

Aisha licked her lips, then her ice cream cone, scooping up a large dollop
of the cool french vanilla with her tongue. Quickly, before it could melt in
her mouth, she drew closer to Kimberly and closed her lips around one of her
tits, letting the frosty confection coat her friend's overheated skin. Kim
squealed at the sudden cold, then moaned as Aisha's tongue soon warmed her

"Oh my God, that was intense," she groaned, then squeaked again as one of
the cones made contact with her other tit.

Aisha swirled the ice cream over Kim's nipples and around the swell of her
breasts, giggling at the small screams and shivers she was causing. As soon
as her lover was thoroughly covered and dripping, Aisha handed off both
cones and loosened the ties of her string bikini. The tiny yellow triangles
fluttered away, leaving the Yellow Ranger naked, her firm tits swaying in
invitation. Spreading her arms wide, she smiled and asked in a little-girl
voice, "Can I have some ice cream too?"

Kimberly returned her smile, then bit her lower lip and gazed at her friend's
beautiful chocolate-colored nipples. She held both cones out, no longer
caring that driblets of cream were trickling over her hands and dripping onto
the floor. Like an artist, she brushed first one cone then the other across
Aisha's bare skin, painting swatches and swirls of frigid yellow and white
and warm brown and sticky caramel over her jiggling globes. Then, letting the
remains of the cones plop to the floor, she seized the shivering girl in a
fervid embrace.

The two friends mashed their cream-covered tits together, tongues dancing
and thrusting into warm mouths. Aisha could feel the hardened points of
Kimberly's nipples graze her own chilled flesh as the Pink Ranger mouthed
her way down her neck in search of the sweet, frosty treats below. "Lick
them clean," Aisha moaned, thrusting her tits outward even as her hands
tangled in her friend's caramel-colored hair and guided the hungry mouth
across her voluptuously sticky bosom.

Kim licked and sucked and swirled her tongue over and over Aisha's tits --
soon the rich brown flesh began to gleam wetly. Her breath coming in quick
"mmmm"s and "yummm"s, Kim couldn't stop devouring the luscious mounds that
swayed and jiggled before her, even though every dollop of sweet cream was
soon consumed. Her girlfriend's flesh was still so cool and sweet, its taste
sent a warm rush through Kimberly's blood and ignited a surge of fire in her
dripping sex. She desperately wanted to go down and down until her tongue
could taste the other sweetness she knew would be flowing from Aisha's pussy.
She moved lower, pausing in momentary delight to find a delicious pool of
chocolate in Aisha's bellybutton. However, before she could continue toward
her goal, she felt her lover urging her even lower, down onto the cold

Aisha tugged Kim away from her body and smiled as her friend emitted a small
growl of unsatiated hunger. She knelt along with Kimberly, her hands still
buried in the reddish brown locks, then gently forced her backwards, bending
her shoulders toward the floor. Kimberly's back arched, the melting cream
streaming over her tits and across her flat, firm tummy. She splayed her
knees as wide as she could and flung her arms back to support herself,
delighting in the cool tickle of the sticky rivulets running over her flesh
and at the taut stretch of her muscles.

Aisha too delighted in the sight of her girlfriend's nude form so open and
inviting and scrumptious. Her mouth descended on one breast, then the other,
slurping and feeding on the sweet tits with an inspired and fiery hunger.
Soon Kim's mounds were also clean and shining wetly. Aisha licked her way
over Kim's ribs and along her sensitive sides, seeking out the sweet trails
of ice cream and sending her friend into paroxysms of giggles. When Aisha's
cool tongue finally slid across Kim's sticky belly, the Pink Ranger threw
her arms around her companion and flipped them both to the floor, pinning
the Yellow Ranger beneath her. Aisha squirmed and thrust her naked body
against Kimberly, wrapping her legs around her waist as Kim's mouth ravaged
her own. The two girls deepened their kiss, savoring the lingering taste of
cream as they sucked at each other's tongue and lips.

"Mmmmmmmm," Kim moaned. "We've gotta try this with the guys sometime. I'll
bet Tommy tastes just delicious covered in fudge!"

"I'd put sprinkles on Rocky," Aisha laughed.

Kimberly snickered, then her mouth puckered in a mock pout. "But now we've
ruined our snack, and I'm still hungry for something sweet and creamy." She
smiled wickedly. "Got anything for me?"

Aisha's answering grin looked even naughtier. "Actually, I do. But you'll
have to get off me first. I brought you a surprise from work." Aisha
scrambled out from under Kimberly and headed towards the kitchen, leaving
her friend puzzled as to why her lover would walk away from such a wanton
invitation. Aisha had often brought home tidbits for her new roommate
whenever she helped out at her mother's Gourmet Catering Shoppe. Kim always
appreciated the culinary treats, but right now she wasn't hungry for
leftover hors d'oeuvres. She craved Aisha's succulent pussy.

Soon she heard her roommate's bare feet padding over the tiled floor. Looking
up, Kim saw that she carried a large cooler. Aisha knelt down and set the ice
chest between them. "I had a feeling you'd need some cooling off this
afternoon," she snickered, "so I snuck into the ice sculpting studio this
morning while Mom was in her staff meeting andmade this specially for my
horny pink friend. Look familiar?"

As she spoke, Aisha raised the lid of the cooler and unwrapped the hefty
object inside. Kim had been expecting shrimp cocktail, but the ice sculpture
that Aisha held towards her was anything but an appetizer. It was definitely
the main course. Rising from a large, smooth chunk of ice and gleaming in the
sunlight was a perfect, frozen phallus. It curved upwards gracefully from its
base, refracting the light into a rainbow around its large, bulging head.
Tentatively, Kimberly reached out to touch its cold and hard surface, running
her fingertips over the slick shaft, pumping it as she would one of her
teammates, then swirling her palm over the rigid, frigid cap.

"Do I know you?" she murmured in wonder. It was bigger than any cock she had
ever seen or handled, but it seemed to remind her of....

"I should hope you do!" Aisha giggled. "And I should hope I know that
magnificent hunk of ice too. We've both been inspired often enough by the
warm-blooded original."

"It's Tommy!" Kimberly shrieked. "Oh my God, Aisha ... he'd be so embarrassed
... and flattered ... and probably intimidated. It's abso-fucking-lutely
huge! This thing is bigger than Tommy's ever been -- even when Jase and I
used to sandwich him between us!"

"Wanna give it a try?" Aisha said sweetly.

"Yessss!" Kim hissed. "I think I've gotten hotter just thinking about how
cold it'll be!"

"First, I've got to get properly attired," Aisha said, donning a pair of
smooth leather gloves. "I'd hate to get frostbite while I'm cooling you
off." She hefted the sculpted icicle and brought it to eye level, turning
it lovingly in the shafts of sunlight beaming warmly through the blinds.
Splashes of reflected color danced across Kimberly's tanned face,
highlighting the lustful thirst burning in her eyes. Aisha gently stroked
the icy tip along her friend's cheekbones and down across her lips. They
parted and a pink tongue leisurely fluttered out to taste the delicate
vee carved along the underside of the frosty glans. The Yellow Ranger's
tongue soon joined in, flicking over the cold icecap and licking at Kim's
warm lips. As their tongues wrapped around the frozen phallus and twined
with one another, their gasps and moans wafted over the ice in vaporous
puffs and sent tiny, melted droplets trickling over their chins.

Aisha rose to stand over her kneeling girlfriend and held the phallus
jutting out from her loins. She balanced it in one gloved hand while the
other reached out to caress Kim's face and smooth the icy trails across
her cheeks with soft, leather-covered fingertips. She cradled the Pink
Ranger's chin in her palm, then eased the frigid tip of her sculpture into
her companion's open mouth. Kim's cheeks bulged as she struggled to engulf
the massive hunk of ice -- she bobbed the head in and out a few times, her
eyes fastened onto to her friend's inflamed gaze. Suddenly, both girls
dissolved into fits of giggles.

"I think I made it too big for you to handle, in spite of your reputation
as fellatrix extraordinaire," Aisha teased.

"I'm used to sucking cocks, not centerpieces," Kim laughed. "But never
fear -- I'll get it melted down to size. Besides, where I want it, there's
plenty of room." She rested back on her elbows and spread her legs wide.
"Let's thaw it out," she growled in invitation.

Aisha stared down at her friend's splayed form. Her legs were stretched
in a wide vee only a gymnast could hope to achieve, her lithe thighs taut,
her toes perfectly pointed, and her slender feet still encased in her white
running shoes. Somehow, Aisha reflected, they made her look even more
deliciously naked and alluring. Kim's deep tan was almost glowing, her
breasts heaving and eyes burning -- all signs of a heated and bubbling
hormone spike. Aisha stroked the cold shaft and knelt between Kim's legs.

Kimberly's view of her girlfriend sent a shiver of déjà vu tingling along
her limbs and throbbing through her pussy. How often had Trini taken her
just like this, so long ago? But here and now, Aisha's buxom tits and
incredibly thick, shining cock promised a newer, and colder, thrill. Kim's
juices flowed hot as Aisha brought the frozen dildo closer and closer to
her insatiable sex.

The Yellow Ranger set the sculpture on the floor, just a breath away from
Kim's quivering bottom and bare thighs. Its wintery aura caressed her tender
flesh as Aisha's cool, damp gloves slid up and down the lean and muscled
legs. Kimberly thrust her hips forward, now aching to be filled and frozen.
She gasped as the ice grazed the lips of her sex, then whimpered as Aisha
grabbed the dildo and held it just out of reach.

"Oh, please, Aisha," Kimberly begged. "Fuck me with it -- my pussy feels
like it's on fire!"

With a smile of fond delight, Aisha bounced to her feet and reversed herself
over her friend, then perched her naked bottom on Kimberly's tummy. She
tilted the ice-phallus until a chilly drop hung suspended from its tip, then
watched as it slowly parted from the cap and rained down onto the girl's
naked thigh. Drop after drop fell from the tip and coursed over Kimberly's
hot flesh -- she writhed and squealed beneath Aisha, much to the Yellow
Ranger's wicked pleasure. With every squirm and wiggle, Aisha's wet sex
rubbed and thrust against the hard muscles of Kimberly's abdomen. Her moans
of pleasure mingled with the Pink Ranger's cries of cold frustration.

"My god that's freezing! Come on Aisha. It's all gonna melt away before you
even get it inside me. Please, oh please, pleeeeeeeee...."

Before Kim could finish her plea, Aisha brought the frozen head to the lips
of her pussy and pushed it up into the slick, tender folds. As the hard
coldness of the frozen cock opened and filled her, Kimberly's body stiffened
and throbbed underneath her girlfriend's gripping thighs. Aisha could have
sworn she saw steam rising from the pink pussy.

The large thick icicle seemed to move deeper and deeper into Kimberly with
every firm shove. She braced her feet against the floor and wrapped her arms
around Aisha's warm, lush body, thrusting into each firm invasion. The cold
radiated inward in intense waves as the hardness slipped and slid on its icy
passage into the hot center of Kim's desires. She felt numbed and yet still
so very much alive to every freezing inch.

Aisha's thrusts grew harder, deeper -- over and over she buried the massive
shaft of ice deep within the petite, trembling girl beneath her. She could
feel the walls of Kim's pussy seizing and squeezing the icy sculpture, and
soon the weighty cock began a deluge of dripping and melting over the Pink
Ranger's loins. Aisha's juices were flooding and overflowing Kimberly's
shivering form as well. The frigid dildo rapidly softened, shrinking even
as Kimberly's passion boiled. With a growl of determination, Aisha shoved
the ice in deep and shifted her hips backwards, dragging her juicy sex over
the hard points of Kimberly's nipples, then upwards onto the Pink Ranger's
sweet, hungry mouth. As Kim's lips eagerly sucked at Aisha's creamy pussy,
the Yellow Ranger fell forward, planting a hungry kiss on Kimberly's own
throbbing, slushy sex.

The two girls licked and sucked frantically, each speeding towards a huge
meltdown. Aisha's sweet nectar gushed warm and fragrant over the Pink
Ranger's face, the taste mingling with a lingering hint of rich vanilla.
Dark chocolate thighs clamped hard around Kim's ears as Aisha's orgasm
cracked, her muffled screams trilling over the Pink Ranger's clit. Aisha's
orgasm seemed to melt away the final barrier to Kimberly's own climax.
Wrapping her legs around Aisha's head, she screamed her own sweet pleasure
into her girlfriend's still shuddering sex.

For a long, dreamy moment, they lay in each other's embrace. When Aisha
finally raised her head and rolled off her friend's body, she was surprised
to see that nothing remained of her artistic efforts but a silvery pool on
the floor. "Looks like I'll have to make another one tomorrow for myself,"
she teased, still a trifle breathlessly.

"Next time," Kim suggested, rolling over to cuddle into Aisha's warm arms,
"maybe you should make one with two heads so we can share." She chuckled
mischievously. "I'll bet I could melt my end before you melted yours."

Aisha smiled playfully back at the challenge. "We'll just have to see about
that." She pulled Kim into a slow, sensuous kiss, then suddenly pulled back.
"Ohmigosh, what time is it? Mom's working late, but Dad might be home any
minute from his golf game! We'd better get this mess cleaned up!"

"Calm down," Kim reassured her with a twinkle of laughter in her eye. "The
brilliant thing about an ice dildo is that it leaves no evidence. We'll just
sop up the water."

"But what about the ice cream?" Aisha moaned. "If it leaves a stain on Mom's
new floor...." Both girls turn to look at the spot where the remains of the
ice cream cones had fallen in the heat of their lovemaking.

"Well, whaddaya know," Kim laughed quietly. "It looks like they didn't go to
waste after all." The formerly sticky floor was now sparkling and spotless.
Sitting where the mess had been and contentedly licking herself clean, a
large white feline regarded the two naked girls with just a hint of

"What a good cat!" Aisha exclaimed, rising and approaching her new pet. She
reached down to stroke the puss's soft, supple body.

"And what an appetite," Kim chuckled, scratching behind the silky white ears
affectionately. "If this heatwave keeps up, PC, there just may be more creamy
treats for all three of us."


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