Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 1 (no sex)
by Cheryl Roberts

"What's the emergency, Zordon?" Tommy queried as the six Rangers materialized
in the Command Center.

"Yeah, what's Zedd up to this time?" Kimberly asked, rather annoyed at having
yet another date interrupted. Zedd and Rita had continued their assault
against Angel Grove with more than their usual vigor, and it never seemed to
fail that they got an alert just when she and Tommy felt like they could
spend a little time together. It was almost as if Zedd was watching and
waiting to spoil their dates on purpose.

Kim jealously guarded her time alone with Tommy; upon graduating, she was
expected to return to Paris with her mother, so she wanted to spend all
the time she could with him. She'd been glad when the district gymnastics
competition had finally concluded. She reflected on that with a bit of
regret. She had never told any of the others, but she had been asked to
train for the Pan Global games by one of the biggest names in gymnastics:
Gunther Schmidt. However, she had turned him down. Her responsibilities
as a Power Ranger came first, and she didn't want to give up Tommy to go
traipsing off to Florida.

Perhaps all the activity had been for the best, she mused. It didn't give
her and Tommy the time to miss what they couldn't have. After her adventure
in Angel Grove cira 1882, she and Tommy had come to terms with their physical
relationship. Kimberly would have liked to have waited at least until they
were out of high school -- a sort of compromise for her mother's wishes, but
that option was taken away when Zedd cast the spell that forced her and Tommy
to have sex to save her life. However, she really couldn't say that she was
sorry. Making love to Tommy had been so awesome; she'd never felt anything
like it before. The memory of that night on the shores of Indian Lake still
made her shiver with delight. Unfortunately, that night was also the last
time they had made love. An unfortunate side effect of their being intimate
was that it could rob them of their Ranger powers. Considering how hard she
had worked to regain her powers after losing them in the process of her cure,
she hadn't wanted to take the risk. Having lost and regained his powers on
a couple of different occassions, Tommy didn't want to go through that again
either, but abstaining sure had been difficult.

"There is no emergency, Rangers," Zordon announced.

"No emergency?" the six murmured as one, exchanging puzzled glances.

"Then why did you summon us?" Billy queried, recovering his equilibrium

"After careful consideration, I believe the time has come to retire the
current power team."

For a moment, no one could speak. Then came a tumult of voices.



"Did we do something wrong?"

"This decision is not a reflection upon your performance. Truly, this planet
could not have better defenders, and I am proud of all you have accomplished.
However, all six of you are due to graduate from high school in the next two
weeks. A new chapter in your lives is about to begin; it is time to close
this one."

"But Zedd's still out there; who will stand against him?" Tommy wondered.

"For the last month, I have been training your replacements," Zordon
revealed. "It had to be done in complete secrecy lest Lord Zedd discover
my plans."

"Won't you tell us who they are?" Kim inquired.

"Not at the present. I feel it is in the best interest of both teams that
neither is aware of the others' identies."

Another pause settled over the gathering as each considered Zordon's words.
The news hit Kimberly, Tommy and Billy especially hard; they had been Rangers
since the beginning. Being Rangers was what had brought Kimberly and Tommy
together, and Kimberly and Billy found that their friendship had grown
stronger while they had been teammates. It was as if they had grown up being

At last, Zordon broke the silence. "Alpha . . . ."

"Do I have to?" Alpha-5 moaned as he shuffled forward. He carried a box to
house the power coins until they could be transferred to their new owners.

"It must be done, Alpha. We knew that this day would come. It is not the
first parting we have experienced; nor will it be the last."

"I know, but they never seem to get any easier," Alpha sighed.

"Adam, Aisha, Rocky, Tommy, Kimberly and Billy, you have all served well and
have made many sacrifices in the line of duty. It is time the torch was

Solemnly, one by one, the Rangers placed their power coins in the box. More
than one teen was misty-eyed and more than one hand shook as the coins were

"I feel like I did the day I found out my folks were getting divorced," Kim
whispered to Tommy. He put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Though you no longer hold the coins, the power will protect you always,"
Zordon said. "Alpha, teleport the Rangers home."

"I won't say good-bye, Rangers," Alpha murmured, sounding for all the world
as if he was sniffling. "I know we'll see each other again -- someday."

* * *

"I can't believe it's over," Kim murmured as she and the other Rangers
re-materialized in a quiet corner of the Youth Center. She wiped at her
eyes. All were still slightly stunned.

"I know. I feel so empty inside," Aisha agreed as they pulled extra chairs
around a table near the juice bar.

"Zordon was doing the right thing," Billy said. "It was time for us to

"I guess so, but I hate leaving things unfinished," Tommy continued. "I wish
we could have gotten rid of Zedd and Rita so no one else would have had to
finish our fight."

"I don't think I'll be able to get used to being helpless against Zedd's
monsters," Adam remarked.

"We won't be helpless," Tommy hastened to say. "We always managed to handle
the putties and tengas while un-morphed. We still have skills that can be of

"And knowledge as well," Billy added. "Perhaps that is why Zordon did not
request that we turn in our communicators. He may want to have the new
Rangers consult with us at some future date."

"I wish he would have told us who the new Rangers were," Kim sighed. "If we
knew, we could help cover for them when they need to make a quick exit and
stuff like that."

"True, but we won't be around all the time; they have to learn -- as we
did -- how to handle those situations. Our positon now is as a resource, not
a crutch," Billy pointed out.

"Besides, maybe keeping us in the dark about the identity of the new Rangers
is Zordon's way of trying to protect us," Aisha suggested. "That way, Zedd
won't have a reason to bother us."

"That's the thing that worries me," Kim admitted. She glanced up at Tommy.
"What if Zedd does try to get back at us for all we did to him?"

"I hadn't thought of that," Adam murmured.

"I doubt that will happen," Billy said confidently. "Without our powers, we
pose no threat to Zedd and Rita. We'll be beneath their notice. They never
went after Jason and the others after they went to Switzerland."

Kimberly, however, still had her doubts. Zedd and Rita never went after any
of the others the way they did Tommy, and Zedd had displayed more than a
passing interest in Kim and Tommy's love life. He had derived too much
enjoyment out of Kim's activities while she and Tommy had been prisoners in
his lunar citadel, and Sagitteros' spell had been even kinkier. Kim would
not feel safe until Zedd was gone for good.

"As much as I hate not being a Ranger any longer, I'm kind of looking forward
to being able to do whatever I want without worrying about the communicator
going off," Rocky said.

"We won't have to make excuses to our folks . . . ." Aisha chimed in.

" . . . or dodge Bulk and Skull . . . ." Adam supplied.

". . . or be forced to do things because of one of Zedd and Rita's
spells . . . ." Billy concurred.

" . . . or have to worry about losing our powers," Tommy concluded. He
glanced over at Kimberly to see if she had picked up on his train of thought.
He could tell by the sparkle in her eyes that she had. There had been so
many times during the last six months when he almost couldn't hold back; now,
there was no longer any reason that he and Kimberly couldn't pick up where
they had left off in November.

"It'll be nice to make a date with a girl and not have to break it," Rocky
mused as his gaze latched onto Jessica Peterson and followed her as she
walked across the Youth Center.

"Speaking of dates, if you and Tommy don't scoot, you're going to miss your
movie," Aisha reminded Kim. She had been talking to Kim about her plans for
the afternoon while Kim was getting dressed -- before they received the call
from Zordon.

"And I wasn't quite ready when we had to leave," Kim yelped as she jumped up.
"Tommy, would you mind taking me by the house for a minute before we head out
to the theater?"

"No problem, Kim. We'll catch you guys later," Tommy said.

"I don't think they're going to miss active duty all that much," Rocky
snickered as the two disappeared through the doorway.

"The only thing they'll miss is scoping each other out while wearing those
form-fitting uniforms," Aisha concurred with a giggle of her own.

"Aisha," Adam scolded.

Billy said nothing, but privately, he knew he was going to miss those pink
tights, too.

* * *

"I'll only be a minute," Kim informed Tommy as they pulled into the
Campbell's driveway.

"Actually, Kim, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind a change of plans,"
Tommy proposed.

"Oh? What did you have in mind?"

"Well, my dad's out of town for the weekend, and my mom's working a
double . . . ." Tommy began hesitantly. He couldn't believe he was so
nervous about suggesting he and Kimberly go to his place to fool around.
It wasn't like they hadn't even discussed the subject during their forced
abstinence; in truth, they had discussed it quite often -- sharing erotic
dreams, ironing out sensitive topics and so forth. By the same token, they
hadn't exactly been celibate, either. A couple of their make-out sessions
had come dangerously close to going all the way -- especially those times
when Kim would dance for him.

"Are you suggesting we take advantage of having your house to ourselves this
evening?" Kim queried, an impish sparkle flickering in her eyes and a playful
grin tugging at her lips.

"Would you like to?"

"I've been waiting six months for you to ask me that," Kim answered with a
sigh that was almost a growl. She pulled Tommy to her and kissed him hotly.

"Then let's go," Tommy said with all due enthusiasm.

"I still need to run upstairs for a moment," Kim replied, slipping out of
his 4 x 4. "I picked up something that I've been dying to show you. I'll be
right back."


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