Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 2 (mf)
by Cheryl Roberts

No sooner had they reached Tommy's house, than Kim disappeared into the
bathroom, and Tommy headed for his bedroom. He couldn't seem to stay still
as he waited for Kim. There's no reason to be so nervous, he chided himself.
If this had been their first coupling, he could understand having butterflies
in his stomach. It was just that this time was so different from any of the
other occasions they had been intimate. No one was forcing them this time,
and they weren't practically naked -- like when Kim was in the infirmary. It
wasn't a situation they were being thrown into; they were creating the
situation. Part of his jitters had to do with the fact that having Kim naked
in his bed was something that he had dreamed about ever since he first
started dating her. A wry smile crossed his lips as he realized that he and
Kim had never actually made love in a bed -- the floor of the infirmary, in
the water, on the beach, a couple of near misses in his 4 x 4, but never in
a bed. Also contributing to his nervousness and excitement was the fact that
they were at his house; there was an element of risk to their doing it in his
room. Although his mother was working, she could come home at any time.

Tommy prowled about his room, fiddling with this and that. Briefly, he
considered getting undressed, but he didn't want to appear too eager. He
wasn't sure, but he thought that Kim might enjoy taking his clothes off
herself. He had worn the black slacks she really liked (I love the way
they hug your butt she had told him) and a button down shirt. He settled
for pulling it off; Kim always liked it when he wore tank tops anyway. He
tugged at the band holding back his ponytail but decided to leave it for
Kim. The waiting was getting to him, and he was just about to go check on
Kim when he heard her clear her throat behind him. He turned to find Kim
peering around the door frame.

"What's up?" he wondered.

"Nothing much. Just a little outfit I've been dying to show you," she
responded with a with a smile. Then, she stepped into the doorway and struck
an alluring pose.

Tommy felt his knees go weak and his cock stand at attention as he took in
the garment Kim was almost wearing. His eyes drank in the sight of her from
head to toe. Kim's hair hung low over her shoulders, and she accentuated her
sexy face with just the tiniest hint of make-up. A thin ribbon of black
satin encircled her neck. Her hands slowly roamed down from her hair and
skimmed over her face and down to the rest of her firm, petite body. Her
fingers glossed over a pink satin teddy, cut low at the breast and high at
the thighs, trimmed with black lace; it just barely covered her. Her pert
mounds nearly spilled over the rims of the shallow cups, but those cups
molded her bosom to create the illusion of deep cleavage. A pair of sexy
black heels which set off her shapely legs completed the ensemble.

"Do you like?" Kim queried as she sashayed into the room. She drew closer
to Tommy and snaked her arms up around his neck. She felt the pounding of
his heart as her hands slid over his chest and the heat of his erection as
it pressed against her hips.

Tommy wanted to say something, but the words failed him. He swallowed hard
and nodded his head.

With a radiant smile, Kim sauntered past him, giving him an excellent view
of the thong back, and stopped in front of the mirror on his dresser. She
studied her reflection more critically than she had in the bathroom. She
had bought the lingerie not long after their return from Zedd's citadel.
She just hadn't had the nerve to wear it for him yet. She remembered how
he looked at her when she wore the leathers and danced for him in her
underwear when they had been Zedd's prisoners, and she had longed to have
him look at her like that again. It warmed her to see the light shining in
his eyes now. As she considered her reflection, she still wasn't quite
satisfied with what she saw. The effect wasn't quite what she was hoping
for. After a moment's consideration, she realized the problem lay with her
hair. Frowning slightly, she began arranging it anew. Nothing seemed to
suit until she toyed with a loose bun, and that struck a familiar chord in

It brought back images from her dream a couple of nights ago. She had been
dressed in sexy lingerie as she was now; her hair had been up -- that's what
brought it all back. She wore a leather teddy in that scenario, and she
modeled it, posing and prancing around to the delight of her "audience,"
only Tommy hadn't been her audience. She had been modeling the teddy for

She had started out fully clothed; she and Billy had been in his lab. She
had been watching him while he worked and had been overcome by a powerful
urge to kiss Billy -- much as she had that time in the infirmary. Billy had
tried to resist, but she wouldn't listen. Upon retrieving her tongue from
Billy's mouth, she pushed him into a chair and held him spellbound by
stripping for him. It gave her chills to see Billy's wide blue eyes gazing
at her as she slowly peeled off each garment. It thrilled her to see the
growing bulge in his jeans. She had felt so incredibly sexy.

Kim's hand absently slid down her body as the vivid images played in her
mind. She had touched herself like that for Billy in her dream, displaying
herself for him. She had teased him a bit -- drawing close enough for him
almost to touch her but not quite. She pushed Billy until he couldn't take
it any longer. He finally jumped up and crushed her in his arms. He had
been surprisingly strong, and he devoured her mouth with equally surprising
passion. Kim tore off his shirt, wanting to run her hands over his naked
chest. Billy pressed her hips to his, his hands full of her ass cheeks.
Then he began kissing his way down her neck, and Kim had been content to
let him explore and play with her body. Their love-play continued until
Billy had laid her out on his lab table and buried his hardness deep inside

Kim gasped, and the sound shattered the dream's hold on her. Her vision of
making love to Billy had been as powerful and as vivid as any dream she ever
had of making love to Tommy, and this wasn't the first time that she had had
this type of dream. Actually, she was a little disturbed by it. Why was
she dreaming about having sex with Billy? It wasn't that her feelings had
changed towards Tommy; if anything, she was more in love with Tommy now than
she had ever been granted, she had always had a certain amount of affection
for Billy. After all, he was one of her oldest and dearest friends. He was
a very sweet person -- underneath all the big words. Billy was not
unattractive; Kim had always found him cute -- in a geeky sort of way, but
his tenure as a Ranger had brought about some very nice changes in him.

Kim's train of thought was suddenly disrupted by the gentlest of caresses.
She felt Tommy's hands on her shoulders and his lips on her neck.

"Hey, Beautiful, where are you?" he queried.

Kim's gaze refocused on the mirror. Tommy was right behind her. Even as
his hands stroked her body, his expression was sober. He regarded her with

"Is something wrong?" Tommy wondered.

"Just thinking," Kim mumbled sheepishly, trying to shake off her musings.
Tommy's hand slid down her back and glided over the swell of her bottom.
She felt herself warming to his touch. She really loved it when he lightly
stroked her ass like that. A soft purr rumbled up in her throat, and she
leaned back against Tommy's body. "Mmm!"

"You looked so distant . . . so serious there for awhile," Tommy prompted.

Kim wanted to put Tommy off; she couldn't tell him about this, but she was
getting hot just thinking about her dream. Adding to her excitement were the
sensations evoked by Tommy's hands on her body. As she acknowledged her
arousal, she became aware of a familiar warmth at the back of her mind. It
was the touch of Tommy's mind -- their link. It rather took her by surprise.
Zordon had thought that the mental connection would fade over time, and it
had, somewhat. Their minds were only accessible to one another during
periods of intense emotions . . . usually intense arousal. Kim had thought
that once they surrendered their power coins that would be the end of the
link; apparently, that was not the case. With Tommy being able to touch her
thoughts and emotions -- however slightly -- there was no way she was going
to be able to put him off with a little white lie. Kim glanced at herself
in the mirror and noticed the blush in her cheeks and observed Tommy's arched
eyebrows as he saw it, too. She turned away from the dresser, and it was her
turn to prowl nervously about Tommy's room.

"What is it?" Tommy asked, acutely aware of her discomfort and embarrassment.

"I was just thinking about a dream I had the other night," she answered
offhandedly, trying to sound and make herself feel as if it was no big deal.

"What sort of dream was it?" Tommy pursued.

Kim could tell he wasn't buying her nonchalance, and her blush deepened. Her
obvious distress only piqued Tommy's interest all the more.

"You can tell me; you've told me about your dreams before," Tommy continued,
"and you've had some doozies." Tommy grinned as he thought about some of the
kinky escapades he and Kimberly had had in her imagination.

Kim sighed and steeled herself. Tommy wasn't going to let her off the hook;
his curiosity was fully roused. Sometimes, having him in touch with her
emotions was a pain in the butt. "I know, but . . . ."

"So, where were we and what were we doing?"

"Actually, you weren't in this one."

"Oh? Were you fooling around with someone else?"

Tommy's query startled Kimberly; surely he hadn't picked up THAT much from
her. She glanced back at him and noted his broad smile. Astonishingly
enough, he didn't seem the least bit upset at the prospect that she had
been doing someone else in her dreams.

"I'd really rather not talk about it," Kim answered.

"Who was it?"

Kim responded to his question with a puzzled frown.

"What's the matter?"

"You are. Doesn't it bother you that I dreamt about sleeping with someone

"Should it?"

"I would think so; it bothers me."


"Well . . . I mean . . . ." Kim fumbled, her cheeks burning hotter.

Tommy laughed softly at her reaction. He walked up to her, took her hands,
and led her over to the bed. He sat down and eased her down next to him.
"Now you've got me really curious. You can tell me who it was; I promise
not to get angry."

"I wish this wouldn't have come up," Kim grumbled.

"Sorry, but you just went blank on me while I was talking to you. Then, I
started picking up on our link. I felt your excitement and then your
embarrassment. It was kind of hard to ignore."

"That link can be such a pain."

"Especially once a month," Tommy agreed, to Kim's complete astonishment and
utter mortification.

"You mean you can tell . . . ?" she gasped.

Tommy simply shrugged. He had long ago come to the conclusion that their
link had more to do with hormones than with emotions -- it better explained
why they sometimes picked up on each other's dreams. He had never told Kim
about being able to pick up on her PMS because she would haved died of
embarrassment, and he had learned not to pay too much attention to it.

Kim buried her face in her hands. "Oh God . . . ."

"Don't worry about it," Tommy said gently, giving her a hug. Then he
returned to the topic of her dream. "Tell you what. Why don't I try and
guess who it was."

"Tommy . . . ." Kim objected.

"Let's see . . . Lord Zedd?"

Kim scowled at him, giving him a look that said don't be ridiculous.

"Naw, that'd be a nightmare, not a wet dream," Tommy continued with a jaunty
laugh. "What about Skull? Nope, not Skull either -- same category as Zedd,
I think." He dodged as Kim took a swipe at him. Suddenly, the playfullness
left his expression, and he regarded Kimberly thoughtfully. The change in his
demeanor caught her off guard. "Billy."

Kim gaped at him. She could tell by his tone . . . he wasn't guessing. He
knew. His response caught her so off guard that she didn't even think to
refute it. "How . . . ?"

Tommy smiled broadly at her astounded expression. "There were a couple of
things. For starters, you and Billy have been friends for a long time;
there's bound to be a certain amount of affection between you, and the two
of you have gotten closer ever since Trini left. Then, of course, there
was all the stuff that happened in Zedd's palace. There had to be some
reason why you ripped Billy's shirt off . . . ."

At Tommy's statement, the memories of those days on the moon came surging
forth in a black rush. Suddenly she was back in Zedd's holding cell with
Billy and the others. Her pulse was still pounding from her dancing for
Tommy; her hormones were practically out of control. She had heard about
wanting someone so badly it hurt; now she knew what that meant. It had
been so hard trying to keep her head clear; Zedd was wanting her to
"inspect" the prisoners, her new playmates. Kim hadn't really wanted to,
but she had to maintain the charade. It had just been too easy to stay in
character. Touching Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had been exciting, but it had
all been a matter of show until she came to Billy.

She remembered running her hands over Billy's shoulders and arms; she
remembered thinking just how well Billy had filled out. She had liked
touching him; it had been exciting, and then she had the opportunity to do
something she had always wanted to do: see Billy without a shirt. As long
as she could recall, she had never seen Billy shirtless. Granted, he had
taken to wearing tank tops more often over the last couple of years, but he
always wore a shirt. She couldn't help herself when she tore the shirt
from his back, and she had been surprised and delighted to discover the
light brown curls on his chest. It was so different from Tommy's smooth,
hard muscles -- a difference she had liked.

" . . . and then there was the way you opened up to him when you slipped
him the key to the restraints . . . ."

More memories surfaced . . . memories she thought she had come to terms
with. Zedd had been watching, so she had to pretend to be seducing Billy;
only, somewhere along the way she had ceased pretending. She ran her hands
all over his body . . . kissed him all over . . . . Billy had been so
aroused in spite of his efforts to resist her. She recalled how desperately
she had wanted to tear his shorts off and take his cock into her mouth.
There was no telling what she would have done if the stress of the previous
four days hadn't broken her. Overwhelmed by everything she had endured,
everything she had been forced to do while under the spell and had done of
her own volition, instead of ravaging Billy, she confessed all that had
taken place.

"Billy told me that you didn't keep anything back," Tommy continued. "You
couldn't have done that with just anybody, and you said yourself that you
couldn't have done to Adam and Rocky what you did to . . . Kimberly?"

Tommy hadn't been paying attention to Kimberly's reactions as he expounded
on his process of deduction, but suddenly her emotions washed over him: all
the old guilt, grief, anger, and shame. Tommy turned to find Kim curled
into a tight ball, her arms hugging her knees to her chest. Teardrops
glistened on her cheeks as she sat there trembling. Tommy swore inwardly.
How could he have been so stupid as to dredge up those memories? There were
still times when he had difficulty dealing with what happened in Zedd's
citadel; he couldn't begin to imagin what Kimberly felt. "I'm sorry, Kim."

"I had thought that maybe I had done all those things to Billy because of a
residual side effect of Zedd's spell," Kim said at last, almost as if she
hadn't heard Tommy. She wiped at her eyes. "But just like with all the
things I had done to you, that all came from me and not the spell. It was
me all the time. Even when I kissed Billy in the infirmary . . . ."

"You mean you did that on purpose?" Tommy gaped. He recalled that incident
quite vividly. The two of them had literally collapsed after purging the
last (or so they thought) of Sagitteros' spell from Kimberly's body; shortly
thereafter, Billy arrived to see if the White Ranger still had his powers.
While Tommy was cleaning up in the lavatory, Kim had gotten out of bed and
was all over Billy, seemingly in the grip of a dream.

"Yes," Kim confessed softly. She was nervous about admitting that to Tommy;
she had known that he always thought that she had been sleepwalking.

"Why'd you do it?" Tommy wondered. He wasn't upset about it. In fact, at
the time, seeing Kim pursuing Billy had almost been enough to get him hard
again. He had been sorely tempted to see just how far Kim would have gone,
but Billy's embarrassment (in spite of his obvious enjoyment) had prompted
Tommy to pull her off him.

"I don't know," she sniffled. "I wasn't exactly in my right mind at the
time. I felt giddy--wild and out of control. My hormones just wouldn't
settle down even though I was all fucked out. I caught Billy staring at
me, and I just got the uncontrollable urge to see what he'd do if I kissed

It was more than that, but Kim could not bring herself to tell Tommy that
Billy had watched them make love. She had been aware of Billy's presence
almost as soon as he entered the infirmary. The cold blast of air from the
outer hallway had awoken her. She had been intrigued by Billy's reactions,
and she just couldn't resist seeing how far she could push him. The blow
job she had given Tommy, the request for a slow fuck -- all of it had been
a performance for Billy. Oh, and what a performance it had been! Knowing
that Billy was watching her and Tommy had been very exciting. It had made
her feel so . . . she couldn't put the feeling into words. She hadn't
minded him watching their love making; it was only afterwards that she
realized he had seen her lose control. That bothered her.

She had never been able to figure out if Billy had been aware of her
knowledge of his presence; he had never demonstrated any signs that he knew
he had been observed. Kim doubted that she could have faced Billy if she
knew that Billy had been aware of her scrutiny.

Kim looked up at Tommy anxiously; she was afraid to see what his reaction
to her revaltions might be. Surprisingly, he didn't seem at all upset.

"It's all right, Kim," he assured her as he wrapped his arms around her. He
gently eased her back onto his bed and began lightly running his hands over
her body to try and soothe her taut muscles. "I understand you having
feelings for Billy, too."

"It's just that until this business with Zedd's spells, I'd never thought of
Billy like that," Kim admitted. "He's always kind of been like a brother to
me . . . and you don't dream about doing it with your brother."

"But he's not your brother."

"Okay, so maybe my friendship with Billy explains why I'm having my dreams,
but it doesn't explain why you don't mind me dreaming about making love to

"I'd rather have you dreaming about fooling around with Billy than with
Skull," Tommy quipped.

"Tommy, I'm serious.

"All right, answer me this: why do you think you want to fool around with

"I don't know," Kim murmured. She paused to give the matter a little more
thought. "In my dreams, it's just sort of a spur of the moment thing. I
don't think it's because I'm in love with him or anything like that. It's
more like I want to see what he'd do. I guess I want to see what he'd be
like in bed."

"That's kind of what I figured: curiosity. I don't see what's so wrong with

"Have you ever dreamed about making love to another woman?"

"Not since we started dating."

Kim cringed inwardly. If Tommy had remained true to her, even in his dreams,
what did that say about her?

Tommy had a sense of what was going through Kimberly's mind as he made that
statement. He could't let her get down on herself for it. "While I've never
dreamed about fooling around with another woman, I have fantasized about
seeing you and Billy together."


Tommy grinned at Kim's expression of utter amazement. This was something he
had wrestled with for quite some time -- ever since Billy had told him about
the things Kim had done in Zedd's dungeon. At first, he had no problem with
it because he thought Kim had done those things under the influence of Zedd's
spell, but even after finding out that that wasn't the case, he still hadn't
been upset.

Tommy knew that he didn't need to feel threatened by Billy. Next to
Kimberly, Billy was his closest friend on the team. He had figured out that
Billy harbored a secret crush on Kim, but Tommy also knew that Billy would be
the first one to say he was genuinely happy for him and Kim. Tommy also knew
that he didn't have to worry about Kim; even if they had never been inside
each other's minds . . . just knowing the sacrifices she had made in order
to save him told him where her heart truly lay.

From the start, the thought of Kim doing Billy had inexplicably excited him.
His first reaction when Billy had told him about the "inspection" was man, I
wish I could have seen that. It wasn't so much the thought of watching her
do someone else that appealed as it was the thought of simply watching her.
Seeing her dance in the dungeon . . . watching her as she stalked and kissed
Billy . . . in fact, when Billy had confessed to seeing the two of them make
love, Tommy had been envious. He loved seeing Kimberly in action -- he would
have loved to have seen her give Billy a blow job. It was difficult to watch
her when she was doing himself.

"What can I say?" Tommy went on with a shrug. "From the first time I saw you
dance in the cell, I knew I got off on watching you. The way you touched
yourself . . . the expression on your face . . . you had that same look
when you went after Billy in the infirmary. It was a sort of lustful glow --
man, it was powerful. I like watching you when you're horny and enjoying
yourself. I guess having seen you go after Billy is the reason why I
fantasize about it; I know I'm going to like what I see."

Kim was too astounded to say anything in response. It was a lot to take in
at the moment.

"Hey, things have gotten a little too heavy," Tommy began offhandedly. "Why
don't you roll over and let me give you a backrub."

"Sure," Kim agreed. That would give her a chance to think about everything
Tommy had just told her. She closed her eyes and rested her chin on her
folded hands as Tommy began kneading the tension out of her shoulders. She
found herself melting under his touch and let her troubled mind drift.

Tommy drew his hands down Kim's back and softly brushed his fingers over the
curve of her ass. He spent several minutes simply stroking her behind. He
sensed her mind relaxing even as her body began quickening to his touch.

"How'd you do it?" he asked, unable to abandon the topic of Kim's attraction
to Billy.

"Do what?" Kim murmured dreamily.

"Seduce Billy."

"I could never . . . !" Kim gasped in protest, turning slightly to look at
Tommy. The look in his eye seemed to say oh really? "Never" was a pretty
strong term, considering that they had done a lot of things that they
normally wouldn't have done but for outside influences "Well, maybe if I was
under Zedd's spell or something like that, but I wouldn't have the nerve to
actually do that while I was in my right mind. I'd be afraid of jeopardizing
my friendship with him or our relationship; I'd probably make a a fool out of
myself -- especially if he said no."

"If you danced for him, there's no way he'd say no," Tommy teased, "but
that's not what I meant. I was asking how did you do it -- seduce him in
your dream -- not how would you do it."

"Oh." Images from Tuesday night's vision flickered through Kim's mind; they
were powerful scenes, and Kim's pulse raced at the memory.

Tommy rolled Kimberly onto her back again. He raked his fingers through her
hair then softly caressed her face. His fingers danced down the curve of her
throat to the swell of her breats over the bodice of her lingerie. His hands
travelled over the satin and lace, his thumbs brushing her hardening nipples.
He lingered awhile over her breasts, teasing them. He noted the quickening
of her breath and felt the pounding of her heart. As his hands wandered
lower, her hips gave the slightest of thrusts. Something had gotten her hot
awfully quickly. Tommy suddenly ceased his stroking and sat back. Kim
whimpered pleadingly.

"Tell me about your dream," Tommy insisted, smiling wickedly.

"No fair," Kim pouted. Tommy didn't need to tell her that he wouldn't touch
her again unless she gave in. He was just starting to get her going. In the
short time that they had been intimate, Tommy had learned how to play her
body well. Between Tommy's hands and memories of her dream, Kim was
definitely needing to be touched. "You really want me to tell you what Billy
and I were doing in my dream?"

"Of course."

"Well . . . Billy and I were in his lab; who knew or cared where you were,"
she began sarcastically. Tommy met her facetious scowl with a placid smile
of his own, to Kim's annoyance. However, he had resumed caressing her body,
so she continued. "He was demonstrating something on the computer for me.
While I was watching him, I had the urge to kiss him. So I did -- like this."

Kim sat up suddenly, threw her arms around Tommy's neck, and savaged his
mouth. His eyes went wide with surprise at the ferocity of her kiss. Tommy
knew that, as much as the dream had disturbed Kim, it had excited her as
well. He could feel her excitement in the tremors which shuddered through
her body.

"Billy resisted at first, but I soon wore him down," she continued. Kim
hopped up from the bed and pulled Tommy to his feet. "We ran our hands all
over each other; I especially like the way his ass filled out his jeans,
and he seemed pretty pleased with mine." Her hands roamed Tommy's body and
finally came to light on his bottom. Kim gave him a healthy squeeze which
made him moan. "I pulled his hips to mine, wanting to feel the bulge in
his jeans rubbing against my hot, wet pussy." Slowly, Kim worked herself
against Tommy's cock through his slacks.

"I was getting so hot, and poor, sweet Billy wasn't quite sure what to do
next. We both had too many clothes on, so I decided to take them off."

Kim pushed Tommy away from her and propelled him backwards until he tumbled
into his desk chair. As he sat there trying to regain his bearings, Kim
started dancing to a phantom tune. It wasn't anything as wild as her Zoning,
but it was very sexy. Her body rocked to music only she could hear as she
peeled off imaginary clothing, pretending to strip down to her teddy. Once
she was left with her underwear, she paraded about before Tommy, touching
herself, displaying herself for his enjoyment. She played with her breasts,
caressing and fondling them, tweaking her nipples through the satin of her
cups. Her hands slid down her abdomen, following the curve of her hips and
slipping between her legs to rub her mound. She turned around, flashing her
ass and running her hands all over her creamy cheeks.

When she turned around, she fixed Tommy with a smoldering stare that set
his pulse to pounding anew. She held his gaze with heavy lidded eyes and a
teasing purse to her lips as she slid the straps of her lingerie down her

It was more than Tommy could take, and he didn't need Kim's prompting to know
what Billy had done next. Tommy jumped up from the chair and crushed Kim in
his arms. His mouth covered hers in a fiery kiss, and his tongue invaded the
deepest reaches of her mouth. Kim responded with an equal ferocity of
desire. As they kissed, she tugged the tank top out of his waistband. She
all but tore the garment off his body.

"Mm, I loved running my fingers through the curly hair on his chest," Kim
moaned as her fingers grazed Tommy's muscles. Playfully she nipped and
nibbled his flesh. She especially delighted in roughly licking his nipples.
Her mouth was starting to drive Tommy crazy. Then, she slowly kissed her
way down his abdomen and nuzzled her cheek against his crotch. Her fingers
worked at unfastening his pants and pulling them down his hips -- briefs and

"Oh, how I wanted his cock in my mouth!" Kim growled as she knelt before
Tommy, her face level with his raging hard-on. She licked her lips hungrily
as her fingers danced along the length of his organ and tickled his balls.

Tommy felt his knees go weak as he looked down to see the expression on Kim's
face. It was a hungry, predatory look -- a look of utter satisfaction and
triumph. It sent shivers down his spine. He choked back a pleading whimper
as Kim's wet lips hovered so near his aching rod but not quite touching it.
Finally, she moved in closer, taking just the head into her mouth, and she
held it there, doing nothing else for what seemed to Tommy like an eternity.
Almost involuntarily, his hips snapped forward slightly, but Kim prevented
his cock from penetrating her mouth any further. Just when Tommy thought
he'd go out of his mind in anticipation, Kim started using her tongue,
caressing the head then licking her way down his shaft. She worked her way
to his balls, drawing one then the other into her mouth and bathing them
lavishly with her soft, wet tongue.

There was no holding back Tommy's groan this time. He sighed deeply as Kim
licked her way back up the length of his cock, but maddeningly, she still
didn't take him into her mouth. Instead, she slowly prowled around him until
she was nuzzling him cheek to cheek.

"God, Billy had a cute ass," she said breathlessly as she played with Tommy's

Tommy had forgotten how sensitive his ass was. It was all he could do to
remain standing while Kim licked and nibbled on his ass cheeks, and when she
lightly ran her finger up his crack he nearly lost it, especially when she
followed her finger with her tongue.

"Kim!" he begged; he wasn't sure he could take much more of her teasing.

"I was so tempted to suck him off," Kim continued throatily as she crawled
around until she was kneeling before Tommy again. "His cock looked so
delicious; I wanted to know what he tasted like." With a swift bob of her
head, Kim wrapped her lips around Tommy's cock and took it as deep in her
mouth as she could. As she slowly worked his tool in and out of her mouth,
she felt Tommy's hand at the back of her head and detected the movement of
his hips as he started fucking her mouth. She lost herself in the blow job,
and it was quite difficult to pull away. "However, I wasn't ready for Billy
to come yet. It was my turn, so I hopped up onto the lab table." Kim
abandoned her kneeling position and kicked off her shoes. She sat down on
the bed. She ran her hands through her hair and down her chest, peeling
aside the lace trimmed satin in their wake. She spread her legs in
invitation and unsnapped the garment. Her fingers fluttered over her
glistening curls and reached down to rub her swollen clit.

Tommy dropped to his knees. He loved it when Kim played with herself for
him. As he dipped in closer, he could feel her heat and smelled the scent
of her sex. It made his mouth water. He just had to have a taste.

"I wanted his tongue on my pussy so badly," Kim moaned. She wanted Tommy's
tongue just as badly now. She leaned back on the bed, arching her back and
offering her hips up to Tommy. He drew closer to her mound, and Kim's
fingers found their way to his hair. She guided him closer still, and a
sigh of perfect contentment burst forth from her lips as Tommy's tongue
slid along her gash. "Oh, Tommy, please eat me!" However, Tommy pulled
away. "Tommy?"

"It's not Tommy doing this to you; it's Billy. Tommy wasn't in your dream,
remember?" Tommy chided her mischievously.

"Don't tease me, Tommy," Kim pleaded.

"Not until you play along."

"Tommy . . . ."

"Come on, Kimberly. You're on the lab table; Billy's kneeling between your
legs," Tommy murmured, resetting the stage of her fantasy. "He can feel your
heat. He can see how wet you are and how red and swollen your clit is. It's
just begging to be sucked and licked." In addition to his verbal torment,
Tommy ran his finger along the fleshy edge of her netherlips. He touched Kim
everywhere but on her clitoris.

"Billy can smell the aroma of your pussy; it's driving him wild, he wants to
taste it so badly. He wants to eat you as much as you want to be eaten; all
you have to do is ask him." Tommy was having difficulty keeping the grin off
his face as he watched Kim's emotions play across her face: amazement,
annoyance, and finally aggravation. She was aching to come.

"Please, Billy," Kim demanded, giving in at last. "Eat me!"

Without further prompting, Tommy thrust his tongue into her pussy, lapping at
her juices with more than his usual enthusiasm.

"Yes!" Kim growled, her fingers tugging at her nipples as fiery tremors raced
through her body. It had been so long since she had been eaten out. She had
nearly forgotten how incredible it felt. She thrashed about on the bed,
humping Tommy's face. Every stroke of his tongue had her gasping for more.
"Make me come, Billy; please make me come!" Leaving one hand to pleasure her
tits, Kimberly reached down and grabbed a handful of Tommy's hair. She
forced his face deeper into her pussy, riding him as hard as she could as she
felt her orgasm bubbling to the surface.

"I'm gonna come . . . oh God . . . don't stop! More . . . that's it . . .
now, oh now!" Kim's body went taut, poised on the edge of delightful
oblivion, then the erruption came, hard, hot and fast. With a gutteral cry,
her body arched off the bed only to slam back down. Wave after wave of
pleasure ripped through her, and the tongue on her mound never stopped

"Billy--Tommy--somebody fuck me!" Kim shrieked, all the while writhing wildly
on the bed.

Although it gave him a chance to catch his breath, Tommy reluctantly tore his
mouth away from the delightful juices he was feasting on and quickly rammed
his cock into Kim's tight, wet snatch. Tommy gave a full bodied moan of his
own as Kim's velvety walls fitted themselves around his rod. Her pussy
gripped him so tightly that he almost couldn't move. However, Kim was so
into being fucked that she was thrusting against him with equal or greater
vigor than he was using to thrust into her.

"That's it, Billy . . . God, that feels good!" Kim moaned. Her face was
aglow with lust as she lost herself more deeply into the fantasy. She pulled
Tommy closer, kissing him hard.

Tommy couldn't believe how into the fantasy Kim was. He couldn't believe how
into it he was! He found acting out Kimberly's dream even more exciting than
getting Kim to play with herself. He couldn't explain it, but he was loving
every minute of it.

"Harder, Billy; take me harder. Give me every inch of your cock," Kim

To Tommy's amazement, she was on the verge of having a second orgasm; he felt
the trembling in her limbs that signalled her coming climax, and he hadn't
even touched her clit again. As he recalled, Kim usually needed more help
coming the second time around. Even so, her muscles were already bearing
down on him, rendering him immobile. It was all he could do to keep her from
forcing him out of her pussy. Tommy gathered Kim to him as she orgasmed for
the second time. When the quakes finally subsided, she practically went limp
in his arms.

"Oh my . . . ." she panted. She was exhausted; however, just enough reality
intruded on her fading dream for her to realize that, "You haven't come yet."

"I'm nearly there," Tommy gasped.

"Come on, Billy; you don't think I'd take you this far without letting you
get off," Kim murmured with a devilish grin, maintaining the fantasy. She
rolled over and got to her knees. "Come on, Billy; shove that cock of yours
into my ass."

Tommy was momentarily taken aback. Kim had never demonstrated the least bit
of interest in taking him up the ass, and to be perfectly honest, he wasn't
sure she could. Although, it would have been interesting to try; Tommy loved
playing with Kim's ass. The way it jiggled and rippled when he took her from
behind . . . however, before Tommy could voice his concern, Kim reached
between her legs and guided his cock back into the folds of her pussy.

"Ooh, yes, Billy," Kim moaned. "You like that, don't you? So nice and
tight . . . come on. I want you to shoot your load up my ass."

Tommy finally understood. Kim was still fantasizing. Well, this wouldn't be
the first time he had imagined that he was taking her up the ass while he was
fucking her from behind. With Kim verbally spurring him on, Tommy soon felt
his own white-hot fire building within him. A few more strokes was all it

"That's it, Billy . . . you can do it . . . !"

Tommy's orgasm hit so hard and fast, he barely had time to pull out before
shooting his load. He liberally coated Kim's sexy behind with his jism. He
sagged tiredly against Kimberly, and when her strength gave out, the two
collapsed onto the bed. Tommy rolled off her so he wouldn't hurt her.

"Next time, remind me to use a condom. I nearly didn't make it," Tommy
moaned exhaustedly. He turned onto his side so that he could look at
Kimberly. She looked as tired and satisfied as he felt; however, he
detected traces of her former distress. He reached out and gently touched
her arm. She gave him a weary smile. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"That was pretty awesome."

"And you say I'm the kinky one in this relationship," Kim muttered. "That
was too weird."

"But did you like it?"

Kim thought a moment and found that she could not deny having enjoyed
herself. "Yeah, I did," she admitted reluctantly.

Tommy laughed softly and pulled her close. "Do you think you'd ever want
to do something like that with Billy for real?"

"I don't know." Kim bit her lower lip thoughtfully. "You'd really like me
to, wouldn't you."

"Only if that's what you want to do," Tommy answered, all joking aside. "I
don't want you doing anything you're not comfortable with, but I'll respect
whatever decision you come to."

"Well, if I ever decide to do anything like that, I won't do it behind your
back," Kim assured him, stroking his cheek lovingly. She finally reached up
and removed his ponytail holder. She played with his long locks in silence
for a few moments.

"By the way, about your dream . . . ." Tommy began, starting to feel the fire
stirring in his veins as Kim toyed with his hair. "I liked the new ending
much better than the original from Tuesday night. Is that something you'd
like to do -- be taken up the ass?"

"Not really, but I thought you'd get a kick out of . . . hey, wait a minute!
How do you know that the ending was different? And how did you know I had it
Tuesday? I never told you when I had it."

"Well, you see, there was one other reason why I knew that you were dreaming
about fooling around with Billy," Tommy confessed, unable to repress a
sheepish grin. "Your dream was so intense that you were broadcasting."

"You shared my dream Tuesday night?" Kim gasped. She sat up and glared
furiously at Tommy. "You mean to tell me that you knew all along, and you
let me worry about what you'd think . . . Tommy Oliver, you fink!"

Grabbing a pillow, Kim lashed out with a vicious swipe. Tommy rolled out of
the way and grabbed the other pillow, using it as a shield against Kim's
barrage. Tommy took advantage of an opening to get in a quick hit when she
paused a moment to catch her breath. Kim retaliated; however, her irritation
quickly burned itself out. Amid the pair's laughter, the contest soon became
a playful tussle that evolved into the start of another round of love making.


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