Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 3
by Cheryl Roberts (mf,voy,exhib)

Billy closed his psychology book in disgust when he realized that he had
been staring at the same page for the last five minutes without reading a
word. He just could not set his mind to studying. He was too preoccupied
with the dream he had last night. He hadn't been so distracted by a dream
since he hit puberty. Even thinking of it in the most abstract terms had
increased his pulse rate, raised the level of testosterone flooding his
body, and brought a blush to his face--much to his annoyance. His father
had accused him of hogging all the hot water for his shower; he had been
exceedingly long in the bathroom, but the water had been anything but hot,
not that an ice cold shower had done any good in alleviating his hormonal
distress. The power of the dream had been such to leave him with soiled
sheets and pajamas.

The dream had involved Kimberly and Tommy. He had relived the memory of
their love making many times, and the same could be said for Kimberly's
sleepy assault upon his person. However, the previous evening's x-rated
feature added a new dimension to his fantasy. It started as usual, with
him entering the infirmary and finding Tommy and Kimberly's naked bodies
intertwined on the island of mattresses and pillows. The recollection
played the same as always--him hiding behind the exam bed and Kimberly
waking up--until Kimberly began sucking Tommy's cock. This time when he
peeked around the corner of the bed, Kimberly's eyes were locked onto his.
She held him spellbound with her gaze as she gave Tommy the blow job. The
way she slowly slid her lips down Tommy's cock . . . every stroke of her
tongue . . . seemed to be performed for his benefit. He couldn't have
torn his eyes away even if he had wanted to. With rapturous delight,
Kimberly consumed Tommy's cock until he started waking up. When she ceased
her oral ministrations, she flashed Billy a lusty smile that had him biting
back a moan.

"I want you to make love to me," Kim requested of Tommy, but she seemed
to be making the same request of Billy. "I want to feel your hands on my
body, the warmth of your mouth on my breasts, and the softness of your
tongue on my pussy . . . ."

The sex that followed was the same sweet, slow love making he had witnessed;
however, when it came time for Tommy slide his organ into Kim's waiting
orifice, the dream changed. Kimberly was on top this time. Slowly at first,
then with greater abandon, Kim worked herself on Tommy's shaft. Her face was
alight with joy and lust, and her moans and gasps descended into hungry
growls. Her hands roamed her body, fondling her breasts and playing with her
clitoris, and all the while she continued to stare at Billy, who was helpless
to do naught but watch, his own desires simmering just below the surface of
his control. He ached to go to Kim, to devour her luscious lips and taste
the sweetness of her breasts. He longed to have her wrap her lips around his
aching organ.

"Make me come! Please, make me come!" Kim cried out, and Billy could have
sworn he heard her call his name. At last Kim climaxed with such force that
she was thrashing about wildly even as she continued to impale herself on
Tommy's rod. As for Tommy, his climax followed Kim's closely. The two held
onto each other fiercely as they rode out the wave of pleasure which consumed
them, and then, as if on cue, they collapsed.

Kimberly recovered from her swoon first. She pushed herself up from the
mattress and stared hungrily into Tommy's eyes.

"More, Tommy," she begged in a voice that was at once innocent and

"I can't," Tommy gasped. "I have nothing left."

"That's all right. You get some rest; I have an idea." Kimberly kissed
Tommy's brow. He was asleep almost before she was finished. Kimberly
contemplated her sleeping lover for a moment, her expression softening.
Then, the fire and hunger flared anew.

Billy breathed heavily as he took shelter behind the diagnostic bed, trying
to collect himself and make good his escape. Maddeningly, he hadn't
ejaculated yet. He wanted to, desperately, but he had to get out of the
infirmary before anything else happened. Billy debated whether to have
another look. Kim and Tommy had been quiet for an awfully long time. When
he peered around the bed, Kim was crawling off Tommy, who was sound asleep.
She had gathered a sheet about herself, and Billy's mouth went dry as she
advanced toward him. The coverlet slipped, revealing first her full, round
breasts, then her stomach and hips until Kimberly finally tossed the bed
linen aside. She stalked him with a lustful gleam in her eyes, her petite,
athletic body exuding a newfound sexuality. She stopped at last when she
stood before him, and she slowly sank down until she was looking directly
into his eyes.

"Please, Billy," she entreated. "Help me." Billy had never heard
supplication sound more inviting. How could he refuse?


Even as he agreed, the room spun, and the scene changed. Billy, now in
uniform, was pinned against the wall, and Kimberly was devouring his mouth.
He was trying to get his bearings and keep her from sending them both
crashing to the floor as her lips sought his neck and nibbled at his
earlobes. Her hands were all over his body. She was grinding herself
against his groin feverishly. Billy waited for Tommy to come in--which he
always did at this point in the dream--but he never arrived.

"I want to taste your cock," Kimberly growled as she tore the uniform off
his body. "I want to feel you ramming your rod deep into my pussy." Billy
groaned as Kimberly's lips enveloped his penis and his aching cock vanished
into the depths of her mouth. He was at a loss for words as she fucked him
with her mouth, and all the while, her expressive brown eyes held his in a
filthy cute gaze. Her hands pulled his buttocks forward, making him pump
her face of his own volition. A finger slipped down the crack of his ass
and trailed down to tickle his balls. The sensations were driving Billy
wild. He could feel the semen rising in his testicles. He felt the blood
pounding in his veins. Kimberly's mouth relentlessly slid up and down his
shaft. Billy climaxed hard, shooting sperm down Kimberly's throat. Colors
swam before his eyes, blurring his vision as his body gave in to the sweet
release of his powerful orgasm.

When Billy regained his equilibrium, he found himself seated at his desk
holding his now-flaccid organ, his hand sticky with semen. Billy sighed as
he reached for the tissues. This time he hadn't even made it to the part
of the dream where he got to do anything to Kimberly.

"I've got to get out of here," he muttered as he stripped off his soiled
clothing. Once he was dressed again, he decided to call Laura. She was a
friend of Kimberly's he had gone out with a few times during their academic
careers. He found Laura intelligent, beautiful, and convivial company;
however, she did not excite his hormones like Kimberly did. It wasn't just
Laura; why was he unable to picture any other young woman doing to him the
things Kimberly had?

Put Kimberly out of your mind; she's Tommy's girl! Billy chided himself
as he reached for the phone. He was escorting Laura to the prom on Friday
night--a prom delayed almost a month due to damages to the gymnasium from
one of Zedd's assaults. The two of them would be joining Tommy and
Kimberly and the others and their dates for the post prom festivities.

When Billy's call went through, all he got was the answering machine. With
a frustrated sigh, he hung up the phone and headed outside for a walk. It
was a beautiful Sunday afternoon; it was almost a shame to have to waste it
studying for exams. Billy headed towards the park, his thoughts never
straying far from his dilemma.

Why was he dreaming about being intimate with Kimberly now? Billy reflected
on their years of friendship. Initially, he hadn't been quite sure what to
make of her. Billy had found her cute, spunky, not unintelligent, but she
had always seemed so flighty. Still, she was a loyal friend, and Billy had
learned to accept her idiosyncrasies. However, his view of Kimberly changed
drastically with the arrival of puberty. From the outset, Kim had been a
regular feature in his adolescent fantasies. At night, in his imagination,
the two of them had engaged in all manner of sexual pursuits--such as he
conceived of them back then; however, during his waking hours, it was evident
that such a liaison was not to be.

It had been difficult accepting Kimberly's relationships with other young
men. Part of his difficulty was envy, but Billy had quickly realized that
he shared more with Kimberly in their platonic friendship than most of
her boyfriends ever did. The other part was realizing that her would-be
boyfriends didn't truly appreciate her. All they were interested in was
dating the attractive one-time cheerleader and gymnast; they weren't
interested in knowing the person inside. Sometimes when a relationship
had gone sour, Kimberly had turned to him for solace--when Trini wasn't
available. To be fair, it wasn't always the boy's fault. Her parents'
divorce had affected Kimberly more deeply than she would ever admit. Kim
was seeking something in her relationships that most teenage men could not
provide: a sense of security. Billy could have given her all that; he
would have liked the opportunity, but it wasn't to be.

By the time they had been recruited by Zordon, Billy had reached the stage
where he would have been satisfied to see Kim happy in a relationship
regardless of who it was she was with. That was why he was so happy for
her and Tommy, because Tommy did appreciate Kim for all those things no one
else could see, and he provided Kimberly with the affection and security
she had been looking for. Initially, he had been afraid that Kim would no
longer need him as she had, but he had discovered that she needed his
friendship and support as much as ever. In fact, she and Tommy needed him,
and that had never been more apparent than during their ordeals in Zedd's
citadel and with Saggiteros' spell.

Billy still had mixed emotions over what had transpired. He thought it
ironic that Adam should mention feeling helpless when Zedd's next attack
came; he had had his fill of helplessness during Kim and Tommy's abduction.
For all his knowledge and skills, he had been unable to do anything to help
his friends. Kim's resourcefulness had provided them with their location;
the sacrifice of her dignity had provided them with a means of escape from
the dungeon, and her emotional attachment to Tommy enabled her to hang on
to the thinnest thread of life. Billy's contribution to his friends' rescue
had merely been a shoulder to cry on; reversing the power flow on the lance
to restore Kimberly's energy wouldn't have mattered had Tommy been unable
to retrieve Kimberly's consciousness, and his efforts in the second crisis
had been limited to returning Kimberly to the present. Again, his talents
had not contributed to saving her life. That had been Tommy's honor.

Yet, for all his feelings of helplessness and uselessness, Billy would not
have wanted to trade places with Tommy. His own trauma at the time had been
bad enough without having the deeper commitment that Tommy and Kimberly
shared; how much more painful had nearly losing Kimberly been for Tommy?
Billy wouldn't have wanted to experience such a thing--not even for the
opportunity to be intimate with Kimberly. Although, he had had a taste of
what that might be like. In spite of his concern and sympathy for Kimberly
when she had confessed what she had done, Billy had been intrigued and
excited. Kim's sexuality, which always seemed to simmer just beneath the
surface, had been let loose in ways even he had never fantasized about. And
when Tommy further elaborated on her erotic activities during the course of
those six days . . . ! Even more tantalizing than that was experiencing the
magic of her hands and mouth for himself. He had been profoundly affected
by her perusal of his person and having witnessed Kim and Tommy's liaison,
and then there was the kiss in the infirmary . . . .

Billy had to thrust his speculations aside; his anatomy was becoming
noticeably more prominent. He wondered how Tommy managed to appear
unaffected by Kimberly--especially when she wore those cut-off shorts and
clingy, midriff tops. Billy found himself near the lake; he was sorely
tempted to jump in, clothes and all, but that would only provide temporary
relief. This was a distraction he didn't need during finals.

"Brett, over here! I'm open!"

Billy's attention was drawn to the basketball courts as he recognized
Tommy's voice. Tommy and several guys from school were playing a game of
three on four, the short-handed "shirts" having two players from Angel
Grove's varsity basketball team. The pass to Tommy was intercepted, but
the "skins" were unable to convert the turnover into points. Tommy cleared
the rebound and hit Allen at the top of the key with the pass. Allen was
double teamed, and the ball was knocked out of bounds.

"Hey, Billy, taking a study break too?" Tommy called out.

"You could say that."

"Would you like to join us? We could use another player to even things out."

Billy wasn't especially fond of sports in general, nor was he very skilled
at them; however, he often enjoyed shooting hoops with the gang. Billy
considered declining, but the fast-paced, intensely physical activity should
provide him with a diversion from his hormonal agitation.

"Count me in," he accepted.

"Great. It's our possession; you bring it in," Tommy said as he flipped him
the basketball.

Billy tossed the ball in and threw himself in to the game. With the
additional player, the "shirts" were able to turn the tide of the game to
their favor. The eight players were hard at it until, by general consensus,
they decided on a half-time break.

"What final are you working on?" Tommy asked Billy.

"Psychology. And you?"

"English. I'm dreading that essay exam."

"At least we don't have a chemistry final with Mr. Wilton."

"Yeah, ouch! Poor Rocky and Adam. Physics will be bad enough."

"I can help you with physics. When is your final?"

"Thursday. It's my last one."

"Why don't we meet at Ernie's after school on Wednesday, and I'll help you

"Great idea. Thanks, man."

"By the way, after you and Kimberly left yesterday, I received a bit of good
new that I wanted to share with you."

"Oh? What's that?"

"Are you familiar with Forest Creek Resort?"

"Isn't that up in the mountains or something?"

"It is. My uncle owns the establishment . . . ."

"He does? Billy, that's too cool! I've never been up there, but I hear it's
a great place for a vacation."

"I guess I had forgotten that you weren't with us the weekend the gang went
up there to study for our science final. Anyway, as part of my graduation
present, my uncle has offered me the use of three of the new bungalows for
prom weekend. He said that he wanted me to have a present that wasn't

"Oh, wow!"

"Rocky and Adam have already decided to share one of the cabins, and of
course Kimberly and Aisha will share one. I hope you don't mind sharing
the third with me, that is if your folks agree to let you come up."

"I don't think that'll be a problem," Tommy said with a grin. He already
had several ideas about what he wanted to do with Kimberly up at the resort
during the carnival, and having the use of the cabins would only facilitate
things. He'd have to discuss the matter with Kimberly.

Billy could almost see Tommy's thoughts. The resort would provide him and
Kimberly with the opportunity to resume their amorous activities--if they
hadn't done so already. He had his suspicions that the movie Saturday had
been long forgotten. That was the problem with having more than a passing
knowledge of the depth of their relationship. The others may have known
that the two had been intimate, but only Billy really knew the strength of
their passion, having witnessed it and discussed it with Tommy. He had
known that once their powers were no longer at risk, there would be no
holding back for the two. He tried to repress his sigh of frustration and
longing. Maybe that was what had triggered his dreams, knowing that the
two were going to be sexually active and wanting such a thing so desperately
for himself.

"Everybody ready for the second half?" Josh queried.

The guys had gotten their second wind, and Billy was more than ready to
put thoughts of Kimberly and Tommy out of his mind--if only for a little
while. The eight set up for the jump ball.

"Is this a private game, or can anybody join in?"

The guys turned around to see Kimberly standing on the sidelines. Billy
noticed, with a lump in his throat and a resurgence of the one in his
groin, that she was wearing a pair of very short white shorts which seemed
to be wedged in every crack and crevice. Enticingly, the snap was left
unfastened. Her pink t-shirt fit exceedingly close and was cut so that it
just barely covered her breasts. Billy prayed he wasn't the only one
experiencing difficulties from her presence.

"Kim can play for our team," Josh piped up.

"No way," Tommy objected.

"Why? You got the last new player, and you're kicking our butts," Danny
pointed out.

"In case you've forgotten, you're the 'skins,'" Billy said.

"So, that's no big deal," Kim responded brightly. "Tommy's mom told me
he was out playing basketball, so I came prepared." She whipped off her
t-shirt to reveal a pale pink bikini top that appeared to be a size too

Billy was gratified to hear one of the other guys groan.

"Will this do?" she queried innocently.

"Just how are we supposed to concentrate on the game with you looking like
that?" Tommy whispered in Kimberly's ear.

"That's your problem," she giggled in reply. "So, are you guys just going
stand there gawking at me, or are we going to play?"

Play resumed, but it was hardly the game it had been. Kimberly was proving
to be too much of a distraction. Billy couldn't keep his mind on the game
for watching her--the way her breasts bounced as she jumped for a rebound,
the way her shorts rode up her ass when she scrambled for the loose ball,
the way her bottom bumped against his groin as she backed him down. Even
the jargon began taking on sexual overtones: hard to the hole, filling the
lane, dribble penetration . . . . It seemed that every time he was guarding
Kimberly, his hands wound up in places he would never have dared put them
otherwise. Billy had noticed that the others were not immune to her
presence, but unlike him, they did not seem concerned. They seemed to be
committing a preponderance of hand checking fouls and more closely guarding
her than was warranted.

As for Kimberly, she did not seem to mind; in fact, she appeared to be
enjoying the disturbance she was creating. At times she seemed to be the
one going out of her way to initiate the contact, and in very awkward
places. Billy observed that she had singled out Tommy (naturally enough)
for special attention, but she was also giving him quite a few gropes.
However, no player went unmolested.

"That's it, Hart," Brett snapped, finally unable to take the teasing any
longer. He scurried off the court and retrieved his gym bag. "Time to
cool you off, girl." Brett pulled a water bottle out of his bag.

"Uh, Brett, I don't think that's such a good idea," Billy objected, but it
was too late. Brett shot ice water all over Kimberly, who was squealing and
trying to dance away from the spray. She was drenched from head to toe. The
fabric of her bikini top became translucent. It seemed as if Kim's breasts
were trying hard to break free of their restraints, so achingly hard were
the nipples, and their rosy coloring and that of the areola were also
discernable. She might as well have been wearing nothing. Even her shorts
were almost see-through, and the shadow of her brown curls was visible--
Kimberly wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Brett, I ought to . . . ." Kimberly fumed. She stood with her hands on her
hips--her thumbs tugging at her belt loops which pulled her shorts lower on
her hips--and glared at him.

"I think you and I should switch teams," Tommy suggested. He stripped off
his tank top and pulled it down over Kim's head.

"You're no fun," Kimberly pouted as she slid her arms into the holes. The
tank managed to cover her down to her shorts, although plenty of cleavage
was left visible, as were the sides of her breasts. Even so, Billy and his
throbbing cock were grateful for the reprieve.

"What's gotten into you?" Tommy scolded her softly.

"Ask rather what I'd like to have 'gotten into me,'" she replied with a
mischievous giggle.


"Oh, you're no fun. If you're going to be like this, I'll just leave you
guys to play your dumb ol' basketball game." Kimberly turned and marched off
the court. She pulled Tommy's shirt up around her waist and tied it loosely,
which provided her audience with a decent view of her bare ass under the
soaked white shorts. As she walked away, her bottom wiggled provocatively.

"Oh man," Josh groaned.

Billy and the others turned their attention to Tommy; he was staring after
Kimberly as she wandered up the hill. He appeared more perplexed than
angry--or aroused, for that matter.

"Kimberly's behavior is most unusual," Billy remarked, his words sounding
inadequate to describe the hormonally frustrating encounter. He knew that
Kim was something of a tease, but not to the degree she had displayed on
the court.

"Tell me about it," Tommy murmured. "Maybe I'd better go find out what this
is all about." He gave Billy a conspiratorial wink; Billy knew his seeming
indifference for the sham it was.

"Maybe you'd better," Billy seconded. He had no doubt as to the outcome of
their encounter, which was why he did not offer to accompany Tommy--as much
as he wanted to.

"I'll catch you guys later," Tommy said as he scooped up Kimberly's discarded
t-shirt and pursued her at a sedate walk.

"Does he have ice water in his veins or what?" Danny gulped.

"Find out--nothing! He should just fuck her," Brett said.

"Easy, guys," Josh advised, nodding discreetly at Billy. The others took the

Billy watched Tommy as he stopped to pick up something--a pale pink tangle
of string and minuscule triangles. Consternation vied with lust in his
expression. Kimberly's behavior was out of character. Granted, she was a
very sensual young woman, but she was usually more discreet. She would
tease Tommy sometimes in the presence of the others from the team but never
in front of the other kids from school. The only time she had ever teased
anyone other than Tommy was at the Halloween dance while she was under the
influence of a spell. Billy wondered if her behavior was the result of
outside influences; could she somehow be experiencing a relapse? They were
fairly certain that Tommy had cured her. What if Zedd had decided to
retaliate against Kim and Tommy without their powers after all?

"Hey Billy, are you going to play or what?" Allen queried.

"I don't think so. I'd better get back to my psychology books."

"I'd better get home too," Josh agreed.

"Yeah, so you can jerk off in private," Brett chortled.

"Man, if we all fail our finals tomorrow we'll have Hart to blame for it,"
Allen added.

Billy had tuned out their banter. His eyes were drawn to the copse of trees
into which Kimberly and Tommy had disappeared. Billy knew it was not the way
to either of their homes.

* * *

Tommy followed Kimberly into the knot of trees atop the hill. While it
wasn't completely private, it was probably one of the more secluded areas
of the park. It also had the reputation of being the place to take a date.
Actually, on more than one occasion, he had thought about bringing her up
here. He found Kimberly reclining against a tree near the lone picnic
table. She had one hand on her hip and the other tucked behind her. She
was smiling impishly. When he was only a few feet away from her, she
pulled out what she was hiding behind her back: her shorts. He fought hard
to swallow his groan.

"What's this all about?" he asked.

"Can a girl help it if her hormones are hyper-stimulated?" she queried
sweetly. Before Tommy knew what was happening, Kimberly dropped to her
knees in front of him and pulled his shorts--briefs and all--down around
his ankles. The fact that he was butt naked in the middle of the park
barely registered as Kimberly grasped his cock and swallowed as much of it
as she could.

"Oh man," he moaned. He overbalanced and fell forward, bracing himself
against the trunk of the tree as Kimberly sucked him for all she was worth.
Tommy couldn't resist watching Kim as she worked his rod in and out of her
mouth. Her eyes were closed, and she had such an expression of satisfaction
on her face. Still, it was difficult to concentrate on what she was doing
because it felt so damn good! As his own eyes fluttered shut, he wished he
could watch Kimberly give someone else a blow job.

"Funny," Kimberly murmured around her mouthful of meat, "You didn't show
much interest in me back on the basketball court. Even Billy had a more
noticeable hard-on than you."

"That's because I've had more practice at keeping my cock under control.
The last couple of years have been murder; white Spandex is not the best
thing to be wearing when your girlfriend is running around in pink tights
and white boots," Tommy groaned.

Kimberly's mouth and hands continued to work their magic on Tommy's cock,
bringing him almost to the point of no return; however, he pushed Kimberly
away. She emitted a frustrated whimper, and her tongue darted out in a
desperate effort to take another taste of his organ. Tommy pulled Kimberly
to her feet and stripped his shirt off her, then he lifted her up and held
her as he shoved his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Kimberly squealed
with delight; she wrapped her legs around Tommy's waist and commenced riding
his rod hard. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the sensation of his
cock filling her; her face was aglow with desire. Tommy watched her passion
play across her face and revelled in the abandon with which she repeatedly
impaled herself on his cock. When he could tear his eyes from her face, he
lapped at her breasts, sucking first one nipple then the other into his
mouth. Kimberly's hair flew about her as her thrusting became more frenzied.
Her moans were becoming increasingly more audible, so Tommy stuffed his shirt
into her mouth. The cotton absorbed most of the scream she released as her
body convulsed with her orgasm. She came long and hard.

"Wow, that was some orgasm," Tommy said, grinning. Kimberly's only response
was an inarticulate murmur, but her eyes glistened with satisfaction. "Now
it's my turn." Tommy set Kimberly down so that she was kneeling on the seat
of the picnic table; he bent her over so that he could take her from behind.
The walls of her vagina were still trembling as he thrust his cock inside.
He reached around to fondle her breasts as he pumped her hard.

"Care to tell me what got you so turned on today?" he asked.

"Another dream."

"Involving Billy?"

"Sort of. You and I were doing some serious necking, and while we were
busy, Billy entered the room. He came over and started undressing me while
you were kissing me. Once my top was off, you started sucking on my breasts,
and then Billy stepped back and took a seat. He watched while we made love;
in fact, you were taking me from behind so that I was looking straight at him
while you fucked me. I couldn't believe how excited I got; what a rush! I
begged him to come closer so I could suck his cock while you fucked me, but
he wouldn't do it--the fink. Then, after you came, Billy laid me on the bed
and fucked me while you cradled my head in your lap."

Kim's dream excited Tommy as much as it had her; he thrust twice more then
pulled out, squirting jism all over her ass.

"That was something else," he said as he collected his clothes. Kimberly sat
up on the table top and made no move to put on any of her clothes. "Was that
why you were teasing me and the other guys? I'd almost bet one of them had
creamed his shorts. That was a powerful performance--almost as good as the
one you put on at the Halloween dance."

"I know; except at the dance, I wasn't in control."

"Were you in control this time?" Tommy asked, suddenly concerned. It only
just occurred to him that her highly charged behavior might be due to some
residual side effect from her prolonged exposure to Zedd's magic.

"Definitely," Kim responded firmly, as if to dispel his doubts. "I came
out to the park intending on teasing the hell out of you; I hadn't planned
on flirting with anyone else, but when I saw that Billy was there too . . .
I just couldn't help myself. I wish I could explain the feeling to you.
It was kind of like the rush I got the first time I morphed. I felt
supercharged. I felt free, giddy, even a little naughty. It was really
powerful knowing that I had all eight of you in the palm of my hand. It
was very exciting, and the longer I teased you guys, the more uninhibited I
felt. Just thinking about it has me hot. Can we do it again, Tommy?"

"Here? Now? Can't you wait until we get home? We're lucky no one's caught
us yet."

"More, Tommy; please?"

* * *

More, Tommy; please?

Billy's heart leaped in his chest as his cock leaped in his pants. That
was the tone of voice Kimberly used in his dream.

Shortly after the basketball game had broken up, Billy hung around for a
bit, waiting for the others to leave. Once he was alone, he started off in
the same direction as Kimberly and Tommy. He couldn't have said why--at
least, not that he was willing to admit to himself. He hadn't figured that
the two would run the risk of making love in public in broad daylight, but
that's obviously what they had done.

From where he stood under the cover of the trees, Billy could see Kimberly
sitting on the edge of the picnic table. Her legs were spread wide,
providing him with an excellent view of her pussy--a sight he had never
enjoyed before. While not unfamiliar with textbook diagrams, this was the
first time he had ever observed the female genitalia in full flower: the
vulva a deep rosy pink, the folds of the labia--minor and majora--
engorged . . . all coated with Kimberly's fluids . . . . She was rubbing
her clitoris with her left hand and playing with her nipples with her right.
Tommy was standing beside her, trying to look stern and failing. She gazed
up at Tommy beseechingly.

"Please, Tommy, if you won't fuck me then at least eat me."

"You are impossible," Tommy sighed.

"Only when I'm horny . . . and boy, am I ever horny!" she growled.

"If you'd wait until we got to my house, I'd give you a tongue bath you
wouldn't soon forget."

"You can do me at home, too, as long as you eat me now!"

Billy watched as Tommy fell to his knees and buried his face between
Kimberly's legs. With a squeal of delight, Kim laid back on the table and
closed her legs around Tommy's head, throwing her limbs up over his
shoulders. Tommy was not using the patience that Billy remembered, but
Kimberly did not see to mind as she thrashed wildly about. Billy was
afraid that she was going to wind up with splinters in very awkward places.
Several times she nearly sat upright, and on one of those occasions, it
seemed as if she might have spotted him. A look of surprise filled her
eyes momentarily but was quickly replaced by mounting passion.

The imagined contact broke the spell which held Billy in thrall. He found
himself stroking his cock in rhythm with Kimberly's thrusts against Tommy's
face. Quickly and quietly, Billy fled from the scene. Kimberly's whimpers
and moans followed him as he hurried through the trees. He hadn't even
reached the basketball court when he heard the shriek that signified
Kimberly had achieved her orgasm.


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