Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 5 (no sex)
by Cheryl Roberts

"Did you check with Billy about tomorrow?" Kimberly asked as she and Tommy
headed down the basement stairs. Tommy had converted part of the basement
into a practice dojo, and over the last six months it had doubled as a dance
studio. There were plenty of mats; the stereo was down there, and when his
parents weren't home, it provided plenty of privacy. The idea had been
Tommy's; he hadn't seen Kimberly dance in ages, and he loved watching her
dance; she was so incredibly sexy.

"Yes, I told him that I might invite you over and asked if he minded very

"So, what did he say?"

"To paraphrase Billy, he had anticipated as much, and as long as we were not
disturbed by his presence he had no difficulties with us co-habitating."

"Billy must be bugged by something; he doesn't usually get wordy unless he's
'emotionally off balance,' as he once put it."

"He seemed fine to me."

Kimberly set her bag on the floor and rifled through the front pocket in
search of her cassette. She stepped out of her sweatpants and jacket;
underneath she wore black bike shorts with a thong in hot pink over them.
Over her black bra top she wore a loose pink tank. If Tommy's pulse wasn't
elevated enough by the thought of her dancing and her outfit, it shot off
the charts when she slipped on a pair of black leather boots.

"He 'anticipated' our `co-habitating,' huh? Why is it everyone seems to know
what we're going to be doing before we do it?" Kimberly snapped, thinking of
her discussion with Aisha and Adam the other afternoon. "Why is it they all
expect us to be sleeping together? Why can't we ever seem to have any

"What's wrong?" Tommy queried. It wasn't like Kimberly to grouse about
something they had no control over, and he thought she had accepted the fact
that their friends more or less knew what was going on in their lives.

"Nothin' much," she grumbled as she began stretching out. "Do you know what
Aisha suggested we should do this weekend? Invite Billy to join us in bed
after the prom."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Tommy replied with a nonchalant shrug.

"Tommy, please! It's bad enough they know what we're up to; I'd rather not
have everyone know about this thing with Billy."

"This is really starting to bother you, isn't it? Although I find the idea
of you sleeping with Billy exciting, if you're not comfortable with it, let
it go."

"I don't know any more . . . I had another dream," she admitted reluctantly.
"You and Billy were making love to me at the same time; it was incredibly
powerful. I came so hard, I woke myself up. My panties were soaking wet."

"Wow. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself."

"I did. That's kind of what bothers me. I never imagined that I'd ever want
to do something like that." Kimberly completed her warm ups and walked out on
to the mats, but her step lacked its usual strut.

"Hey, if you're not in the mood for this . . . ." Tommy offered.

"Right now, I need to lose myself in the music."

"What are you dancing to? More oldies?"

"Seventies and Eighties hard rock, some Nineties." She nodded to Tommy to
start the tape, then waited at parade rest for the music to begin.

Tommy took his seat beside the stereo and settled back to enjoy the show.
Her eyes were closed as "Back in Black" started, and her body began to move,
starting with her shoulders and down into her hips. Tommy saw the tension
ebbing from her body as she began to dance; arms and legs weren't so stiff.
Her movements began to flow. When she opened her eyes, he noticed the fire
flickering to life. By mid-song, Kimberly's sexy hip movements told Tommy
the music had taken over. She was lost in the Zone--a place where nothing
existed but the music, and she was its willing slave. Tommy knew well that
if Kimberly was as hot as the music, anything could happen.

AC/DC was just the warm up. "Shoot to Thrill" faded and "Let's put the X
in Sex" by Kiss came on. Kimberly's eyes were aglow. She gazed at Tommy
predatorialy and licked her lips, sending an electric charge straight to
his cock. He moaned in helpless pleasure as her hands travelled down her
undulating body in an intimate caress. Then she undid the knot on her tank
top and flirted with removing it. Tommy fervently wished his parents
weren't home; if they had been absent, Kimberly probably would have stripped.

"Oh man . . . ." he groaned as Kimberly dropped to the mat during the third
verse and began humping the floor. She was getting really close . . . in
another song or two, she'd drag him out onto the mats and start dancing with
him--which wasn't a very accurate description. It was more like she used him
as a prop, grinding herself against him and using him as a support for some
very interesting moves.

"Tommy, door!" his mother yelled down from the basement door. Tommy wanted
to swear.

"Coming, Mom!" He was grateful he was wearing the pants from his gi. "I'll
be right back, Kim." Tommy doubted that Kimberly had heard him. Her eyes
were closed again, and a ZZ Top song was starting up as Tommy bounded up the

"Front door or back?" he queried of his mother as he entered the kitchen.

"Back." That meant it was probably a friend. Tommy peeked out the window and
spied Billy on the back porch. "Why didn't you let Billy in and send him

"He said he'd wait on the porch, and I wasn't sure you and Kimberly wanted to
be disturbed."

Tommy studied his mother's face; her expression was neutral. Tommy had a
sneaking suspicion that she knew exactly what was going on when she wasn't
home. His mother was annoyingly perceptive. If she did know what he and
Kim were doing, why hadn't she said anything? Tommy just shrugged it off.
If his father hadn't been able to figure his mother out in twenty-plus
years of marriage, what chance did he stand?

"Hey, Billy, what brings you here?" Tommy asked as he joined Billy on the
back porch.

"I thought I'd drop off your key to the cabin," Billy said, handing him the
magnetic passkey.

"Thanks, but I probably won't get a chance to get up there before the prom."

"Here's Kimberly's key, too. I figured that she'd be here since she wasn't
at Aisha's. I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

"You didn't. What could you interrupt? My parents are home," Tommy said
ruefully. "Kim's just dancing . . . say, why don't you come downstairs
with me?" A tiny voice in Tommy's mind told him that this might not be a
good idea, considering Kimberly's frame of mind when she arrived, but
Tommy knew that while she was dancing, nothing else mattered but the music.
"I've told you about her dancing; it's definitely something to see.
When I left her, she was dancing to ZZ Top."

"Are you sure, Tommy? You've also told me how aroused she gets from dancing
and that activities of an intimate nature usually follow a performance,"
Billy reminded him.

"Like I said, what's going to happen with my parents at home?" Tommy could
see that Billy was interested in spite of himself; he just needed a little
more coaxing. "Come on, Billy. I'd really like you to see what I've been
talking about; words don't do it justice. Kim won't mind."

"I must admit to being more than a little curious," Billy admitted
reluctantly, almost as if he couldn't help himself. He had been intrigued
since the first time he heard from Kimberly about her seducing Tommy with
her dancing in Zedd's citadel, and Tommy's later admissions only fueled his
imaginings further. Billy was loathe to gratify his appetite in this manner,
but it was a vastly more satisfying method than perusing pornographic media.

"Great! Let's not keep Kimberly waiting," Tommy said, ushering Billy inside
before he could change his mind. Tommy's mother looked up from the dishes as
Tommy and Billy entered and headed for the basement, but she made no comment.

As they descended the stairs, the introduction to "Gimme All Your Loving" hit
their ears. Kimberly was still going strong on the mats. Her hair was damp,
and her arms and chest glistened with a light sheen of perspiration. Her
head lolled from side to side in time with the rocking of her hips. Tommy
motioned Billy to be seated on the stairs then stayed with him instead of
resuming his place by the stereo. Kimberly seemed to sense that her audience
had returned. Although her eyes were still closed, she threw herself into
the dance with greater abandon. At the start of the second verse, Kimberly
whipped off her tank top. Tommy grinned at Billy's wide eyes. Billy started
to get up--presumably to escape--but Tommy put a restraining hand on his

"It's all right," Tommy assured him. Billy sat down again hesitantly, and
Tommy noticed for the first time that Kimberly's top zipped in front.

"I never realized she could move like this," Billy remarked in a hoarse
whisper, his eyes glued to Kimberly's ass as she strutted off in the opposite
direction only to stop and bounce with the beat. The pink thong against the
black Lycra drew one's attention to her curvaceous bottom. She glance back
at the boys over her shoulder, her lips pursed in a sexy pout. Her eyes
gleamed with satisfaction. Tommy could tell she was enjoying her audience's
response. He could also tell that she was planning something mischievous.
She paused her performance long enough to flip the tape over.

"Enjoying the show so far?" Tommy queried.

"Mostimpressive, but I feel like a peeping Tom," Billy confessed.

"She knows we're here. I should warn you that Kim will probably pull us out
onto the mats with her at some point."


"It's nothing to worry about. She'll let you know what she wants you to do.
It can be an awful lot of fun."

The two fell silent as the music resumed: "Cream" by Prince. Kimberly lay
down on the mat and rolled about to the moans that served as the song's
introduction. As the guitar line commenced, she laid on her back and pumped
her hips into the air, sliding her hand down her neck, over her breasts, and
between her legs. Then she got to her knees and crawled towards Tommy and
Billy as if she was an animal stalking prey. She suddenly stopped and slowly
uncoiled herself and rose to her feet. She turned her back to the boys and
planted her feet shoulder width apart. With a sharp snap, she bent over,
peering at the guys between her legs. Kimberly winked and them and blew them
a kiss, then she painstakingly rolled up one vertebrae at a time while
sliding her hands up the backs of her legs. When her hands reached her hips,
she toyed with the waistband of her thong. Kimberly thrust her bottom
towards her audience and eased her thong over her hips and down her legs.

"Oh my . . . ." Billy sighed as Kimberly stepped out of the thong and kicked
it toward the stairs. Tommy echoed the sentiment with his own moan of

As the final bars of the song faded, Kimberly fixed Billy with a smoldering
stare and beckoned for him with her index finger. Her grin was so impish it
was almost evil.

"Go on," Tommy urged Billy, nudging him. "She wants you on the mats."

"I couldn't . . . ." Billy protested, however, Kimberly was not to be
refused. She sauntered over and stood in front of Billy. She took his
hands, placed them on her hips, and held them there as she backed away to
the beat of "Finish What You Started" by Van Halen.

Tommy nearly came as he observed the pair. Billy looked almost terrified,
and Kimberly looked as if she was going to eat him alive. Kim finally
released Billy's hands and turned to face him. She wrapped her arms around
Billy's neck and rocked her body closer to his until she was grinding against
him. She let go of his neck and as she rocked her body lower, her hands
trailing down Billy's chest and stomach almost to the bulge in his shorts.
She shimmied up again and placed Billy's hands under her arms, his thumbs
brushing the sides of her breasts. Kim let herself go limp until her weight
rested solely in the crook of Billy's thumbs and index fingers. She arched
her back, thrusting her breasts forwards.

If he had been in Billy's position, Tommy would have buried his face in
Kimberly's cleavage. Although Billy was restraining himself, Tommy could
see that Billy's nervousness was starting to fade. While not willing to
touch just yet, Billy was willing to drink deeply of the exquisite view
presented to him. Tommy also noted that Kimberly was holding back more
than usual, almost as if she was uncertain about what she was doing.

At the moment, Kimberly had her arms about Billy's waist; her hands were on
his ass pressing his hips to hers. She had him put his hands on hers in a
reciprocal fashion. She was trying to get him to follow her lead, to move
with her. When that didn't work, she spun away from him and finished out
the song lightly running her hands over his chest, shoulders, arms and
back--but no place more incriminating. The next song was "Poundcake," and
Kimberly continued her seductive dancing and teasing, occasionally placing
Billy's hands on her sweaty, undulating body. However, halfway through the
song, Tommy began to notice subtle changes in Kim's body language. She was
touching herself more, running her hands along the neckline of her top,
tugging at it and pulling it lower. She toyed with the zipper. Her fingers
wandered over her breasts, lightly stimulating her nipples. Her smile became
more predatory even as her eyes closed yet again. Tommy didn't need to be
standing close to her to feel her heat or her wetness. He knew that look
well. Tommy wondered if he should cut in or let Kimberly go to see just how
far gone she actually was.

The song had not yet reached the coda when Kimberly stopped moving. She was
but a few inches away from Billy. The two of them stood still save for the
heaving of their chests, their eyes locked onto each other. Tommy hardly
dared to breath, waiting to see what would happen next. Kimberly was
obviously aroused; the same could be said for Billy. Tommy could see the
indecision in Kimberly's eyes; finally, she moved, but it was only to stand
on tiptoe and give Billy a gentle peck on the cheek.

"Thanks for the dance," she panted heavily.

"Uh, no problem," Billy muttered as he staggered backwards.

Kimberly then advanced on Tommy. The fire in her eyes told him that all
pretense at restraint was gone. She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him
off the stairs. She jerked the ponytail holder out of his hair and grabbed
a double handful of his locks, pulling him to her and crushing his lips in a
burning kiss that made him weak in the knees. Then she tore herself away and
threw herself whole heartedly into "Runaround." Billy cleared the mat and
returned to the stairs. Tommy leaned helplessly against one of the supports.

"I get the distinct impression I should take my leave," Billy said.

"Wait one more song," Tommy suggested. "She's not totally gone yet." Tommy
was barely able to finish his sentence before Kimberly yanked him onto the
mats with her. She shimmied down the length of his body; her hands wandered
as freely over his body as they wandered over her own. Kimberly was
dangerously hot. She was beyond merely dancing; she was into serious
foreplay. Tommy could see it in the way she spun around, leading with her
hips, in the way she played with her hair, and in the way she touched
herself. As "Runaround" reached the vamp before the final repeat, Kimberly
slid her hands up Tommy's abdomen, undoing the buttons on his shirt as they
glided upwards. Tommy had taken to wearing button down shirts whenever
Kimberly danced so she wouldn't ruin any more of his t-shirts or tank tops.
By the song's end, Kimberly had stripped him to the waist.

At the introduction to "Black and Blue," Kim stood away from Tommy, swaying
from side to side. Then, she started advancing toward him with a sexy strut
and even sexier smile on her face as the drums joined the guitar line. She
dropped into a deep pli and swivelled up again with slow, sweeping movements
of her hips.

"Slip and Slide,
Push it in.
The girl sure has got rhythm."

As Sammy belted out the first verse, Kimberly thrust her hips sharply against
Tommy's in a dry hump. She swung a leg up around his hips and performed an
intense bump and grind against his groin. Tommy slipped an arm around her
waist to support her, and she slowly arched backwards with a shake to her

Kimberly snapped up suddenly and shoved Tommy away from her. She spiked
her heel and spun around. She sauntered towards Billy, her arms snaking up
around her head. Her fingers romped through her hair, and her eyelids--
already at half mast--closed completely. She skimmed her hands down her
face and down along her top's neckline. Almost unknowingly, her fingers
caught the zipper.

Billy's eyes went wide, and he swallowed hard, much to Tommy's surprise.
When Kimberly turned to face him, it was his turn to experience difficulty
in swallowing. Her top was completely unzipped. When Kimberly let her top
drop to the floor, Tommy shot a glance at Billy. It was difficult to say
who was more startled. Tommy shrugged helplessly, and Billy bid him good-bye
with a nod. Tommy experienced a pang of regret; he hadn't wanted to scare
Billy off or embarrass him in any way.

"Kimberly, what are you doing?" Tommy hissed as she snuggled up to him and
began kissing his chest. "My mom's in the kitchen; she could come down at
any time."

"I don't care; I need to be fucked now," Kimberly growled, pulling Tommy to
the mat and pinning him.

"You know I'd fuck you in a heartbeat, but this isn't the best time or
place . . . ." Tommy insisted. Kimberly stared at him as if she couldn't
believe he was refusing her. Tommy couldn't believe he was refusing her,
but he met her gaze. He wasn't going to back down. Finally, Kimberly
climbed off him, her face betraying her frustration, disappointment, and
anger. She snatched up her tank top from the floor, and as she put it on,
she crossed the room to the stereo and killed the tape.

"Kim . . . ." Tommy began.

"Don't," she snapped. "I know you're right, but that doesn't mean I have
to like it. Where'd Billy go?"

"I think you scared him off."

"Great, just great."

"Take it easy. He didn't look angry or anything like that."

"This is driving me crazy!" Kimberly fumed. She stomped off when Tommy tried
to put his arms around her. "I'm going to do it. I have to, or I'll go

"Do what?"

"I'm going to try and fuck Billy this weekend while we're up at his uncle's

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Tommy asked.

"The dreams won't go away, and I can't get the thought out of my mind. I've
got to do something, or else I'll bust!"

"If that's what you want to do, I'm behind you all the way."

Kimberly's shoulders sagged with relief. "Thanks for being so understanding,

"No problem, but can I ask a favor? If things go well, will you tell me what

"You'd really like to know?"

"I like it when you share your dreams; why not this?"

"Well, if you really want to hear about it, I guess it's the least I could

"Thanks. You know, if you're still in a mood to fool around, we could go to
the park," Tommy said. Kimberly perked up at the suggestion. "Only, you'll
have to keep it down. I've heard that sound carries really well out there."


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