Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 7 (mf)
by Cheryl Roberts

"So, did you enjoy yourself?" Kimberly queried, rolling onto her side to
study Billy.

"Magnificent," he sighed, a dazed expression on his face. "This surpassed
my wildest expectations. I probably should have thought to use a condom,

"Me too. I have a couple in my purse."

"How about you? Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Mm," she murmured noncommittally. She laid back and closed her eyes. She
absently traced circles in the jism on her chest.

"Thank you," Billy said as he leaned over and kissed her gently. It was the
first time that he had initiated the kiss. Kimberly opened her eyes and
smiled at him tiredly. "We should probably get cleaned up," he suggested.
"Do you want to use the shower first?"

"You go ahead. I don't think I can move yet."

Billy rolled off the bed, but when he tried to stand, he fell over. He
felt lightheaded, almost giddy. He glanced back at Kimberly and smiled
sheepishly. Amusement gleamed in her eyes. Billy was able to remain
standing after the second attempt, but he still had to hold onto the
furniture to cross the room.

"So beautiful," he whispered as he paused to look at her before ducking into
the bathroom.

Billy ran the water for his shower then stepped into his own room to
retrieve his robe. Feeling in need of a drink, Billy emerged from his room
and discovered Tommy in the hallway. While Billy hadn't expected to find
him there, he certainly wasn't all that surprised. In fact, he wondered if
Tommy's presence was part of Kimberly's plan. Billy recognized Tommy's
excited state--from his flushed cheeks and sweat streaked face to his rapid
breathing--as having been caused by observing his and Kimberly's sexual
encounter. Tommy's eyes were closed at the moment, so Billy went up and
put a hand on his shoulder. Tommy was startled to have been discovered.
Bidding Tommy to be silent, Billy motioned for him to follow. The two
retreated to the cabin's kitchenette.

"How long had you been out in the hall?" Billy wondered as he handed Tommy
a can of soda.

"I got here about the time you took Kimberly her purse," Tommy answered,
feeling self-conscious at having been caught.

"Does Kimberly know you're here?"

"No, I told her I wasn't coming up until later. I certainly didn't expect to
find her here; I thought she'd still be busy decorating the hall. I didn't
mean to spy on you guys; part of me kept telling myself to leave you two
alone, but when Kimberly stepped out in that teddy I just couldn't . . . "

"A situation and feeling I can identify with whole heartedly," Billy assured

"You guys were really good together, and Kimberly . . . wow! That was
pretty amazing."

"Yet you look troubled. What's wrong?"

"I'm wondering if I did the right thing in encouraging her," Tommy confessed.
"When Kim first told me about dreaming of sleeping with you, I thought it was
due to hyperactive hormones. She can get really kinky when her motor's
revved. I remember what you had told me about how hot she had made you, and
I have to admit, the thought of Kim making love to you really charged my
batteries. Billy, I had no idea that there was something seriously bugging
her. Seeing her look so thoughtful and serious when you were finished . . .
that isn't like her. I don't know, I guess I feel as if I forced her into
something she really didn't want to do."

"You didn't force her into doing anything. It was her decision to pursue
this; you only freed her conscience from the burden of worrying about your
reaction. Kimberly wouldn't have come here this afternoon if she hadn't
wanted to, and I did offer her the opportunity to back out. Whatever her
reason, Kimberly wanted to make love to me," Billy said, "and I'm not sorry
she did."

"I suppose you're right, but would you mind if I checked up on Kimberly while
you finish your shower?" Tommy queried.

"Sure, I . . . shower? Ohmigosh! I left the water running!"

Billy hurried down the hall while Tommy retrieved two items from his bag: a
bottle of oil and the rose he had planned on giving Kim that evening. When
he returned to the bedroom, he peeked in cautiously. The mirror showed
Kimberly laying on her stomach, looking for all the world like she was
asleep. Tommy pushed the door open quietly. Kim didn't move. He crawled
onto the bed next to her and gently stroked her back with the rosebud.

"How does that feel, Beautiful?" he asked, following the curve of her spine
to her bottom with the flower.

"Mm," she sighed contentedly. However, she broke off in mid-exhalation.
"Tommy? What are you doing here?" Her words were tinged with uncertainty;
she rolled onto her side but did not meet his eyes. Her cheeks were scarlet.

"I had a change of plans."

"Did you see . . . ?"

"Everything. What's wrong? I thought this was something you wanted to do?"

"So did I, but now . . . I feel sort of guilty."

"Why? It's not like you were going behind my back. You told me you were
going to make a play for Billy this weekend."

"I know, but . . . ."

"Do you feel like you did something wrong?"

"Sort of. Actually, it's more like I did it for the wrong reasons; I feel
like I played a dirty trick on Billy."

"He doesn't feel that way."

"He knows you were watching?"

"He found me in the hallway."

"Oh, geezus!"

"Hey, it's all right. He enjoyed himself. I know I enjoyed myself. Did
you enjoy yourself? You certainly looked like it."

"I suppose so. While Billy and I were going at it, I was having a ball.
I was so horny I couldn't have cared less whose cock I was riding." Tommy
grinned at her unexpected candor. "I didn't start having doubts until we
were finished. That's when I started asking myself if I had done the right

"So, how did it feel to make love to Billy?"

"I was kind of neat and kind of strange," Kimberly said thoughtfully. "Every
time he'd touch me, I'd be thinking of how you'd do the same thing to me or
that you'd do it differently. I really liked being able to take his whole
cock in my mouth."

"I liked it too," Tommy confessed. "You looked so pleased with yourself when
you did it. Do you think you found what you were looking for--those little
things you were missing?"

"Yes, but not like I expected. I mean, so what if I can't remember how I
felt the very first time we did this or that? That wasn't really me at the
time anyway. I can remember what I felt after I snapped out of the spell.
Not all those memories are pleasant, but there are good ones mixed in with
the bad."

"If you found some peace of mind, then I'd say you did the right thing and
for the right reasons. Neither Billy nor I want you to have any regrets
about what you two did. Like you said, something special--just once, just
between friends." Tommy took the rose and trailed it down her body then
handed it to her. When he pulled her into his arms to hug her, she yawned.

"Sorry, but I'm beat," Kimberly murmured.

"Considering how hard you went at it, I'm not surprised. Here, lay down."

"What do you have in mind?"

"I thought you might like a massage . . . "


". . . and a hair brushing."

"You sure know how to spoil me rotten," she sighed, settling into the rumpled

"Where's your brush?"

"In the bathroom."

Tommy was about to get up when Billy opened the door and tossed it to him.
They traded knowing grins before Billy retreated.

Straddling Kimberly's bottom, Tommy started with her hair, pulling out the
remainder of the bobby pins and giving her a deep scalp massage. Then he
applied the brush, using long, slow strokes. He was barely into the grooming
when Kimberly purred contentedly and gave her ass an enticing wiggle. It was
with great difficulty and great restraint that Tommy finished combing out her
hair. He ran his fingers through her locks once they were tangle free. The
longer he played with her hair, the more tension he felt easing from her

When he was finished with her hair, he took up the bottle of massage oil and
let the liquid trickle slowly onto her back. It was the kind that warmed on
contact. He took his time kneading the lubricant into her skin, his fingers
caressing every inch of her back, shoulders, and arms. When her upper back
gleamed, he slid off her bottom and ran his tongue between her smooth cheeks
before dribbling the oil down the crack of her ass.

"Ooh, yes," she groaned as his fingers worked their magic on her behind.
Kimberly found herself melting under Tommy's touch until the only sensation
she was aware of was the flutter of his satin-like caresses brushing her

Tommy lingered a while longer over her ass, drizzling more oil on her and
rubbing it deeper into her crack and lower between her legs. With a wistful
sigh, he abandoned her buttocks and started on her legs. He licked the backs
of her knees and her inner thighs before smearing oil on them. He rubbed his
way down to the soles of her feet.

"We have achieved Jello-ness," Kimberly murmured drowsily.

"So soon? I still have another side to do," Tommy teased, sucking her big
toe into his mouth.

"Tommy!" she squealed with an immediate wriggle as a jolt of adrenaline raced
up her body. Encouraged by her response, Tommy proceeded to bathe each of
her toes with his tongue. By the time he had tasted all ten digits, Kimberly
had practically squirmed her way across the bed. When Tommy touched her to
roll her over, she all but growled at him.

"Glad you liked it," he said impishly. Kimberly gave him a playful scowl,
which he ignored. He set about ministering to the front half of her. He
kissed her forehead, then the tip of her nose, and finally, softly, her
mouth. She emitted a tiny whimper when he didn't linger over her lips, but
her whimper turned into a full-bodied moan as his tongue slowly caressed the
right side of her neck. He licked his way down to the hollow of her throat
and up the left side. He then nibbled his way down to her collarbone and
lower, stopping short of her breasts. Kimberly's brown eyes widened
pleadingly; Tommy's response was to hold up the bottle of oil and slowly
pour a measure into his palm. He started over with her shoulders and arms,
ignoring how her body sought to maneuver his hands elsewhere.

"Settle down. I know what I'm doing," he assured her. Kimberly wasn't
exactly satisfied with his answer, but she did her best to comply. With
exaggerated patience, Tommy massaged her arms. He nipped at her finger
tips and drew his tongue across her palm. He noticed that her eyebrows
shot up with surprise, so he licked her palm again. She moaned
beseechingly, and Tommy slowly continued down to her wrist. Kimberly's
whole body quivered with excitement. He tongued her wrist, finding the
tendon at the base of her palm to be the most sensitive spot. "What are
you doing to me?" she gasped as her squirming intensified.

"Obviously, I'm making you feel good." As much as he was enjoying her
writhing, Tommy ceased licking her wrist, only to transfer his attention
to her right arm. Her right wrist was even more sensitive than her left.

"Geez, that feels so good!" she moaned breathlessly.

Tommy slid his oily hands up her sides to her breasts. His thumbs brushed
her nipples lightly, sending Kim into a new paroxysm of writhing. He slowly
massaged her mounds but was careful not to touch her nipples a second time.

"Tommy, please!" she begged, her back arching with her desire to be touched.
Tommy obliged by giving her nipples a teasing lick, much to Kimberly's
frustration. He ignored her supplicating moans--not an easy task--and
continued with his massage. He poured oil onto her stomach and smoothed it
into her skin. He spread the lubricant down her hips to the edge of her
curly bush, which he avoided completely. He leisurely worked his way down
her legs, lingering over her sensitive inner thighs and indulging himself in
caressing her shapely calves. With his rubdown complete, Tommy sat back to
survey his handiwork.

Kimberly was a picture of contentment. She was stretched out on the bed
with her arms up above her head and her right knee canted just so. Her
body fairly glowed, glistening with the oil. She smiled with inviting
warmth and peered up at him through sleepy, heavy lidded eyes.

"Billy was right; you are incredibly beautiful and incredibly sexy," Tommy
whispered heavily. Kimberly opened her mouth the reply, but Tommy put a
finger to her lips. "Sh, you just lay back and enjoy."

Tommy pulled off his tank top and removed his ponytail holder. He lay down
beside Kimberly and gently drew his finger up the length of her body. He
spent several moments simply gazing into her eyes and stroking her hair.
When he kissed her, it was with such exquisite tenderness that he felt the
shudder which rippled through her body. He glimpsed the sparkle that lit
Kimberly's eyes. He raised up slightly, leaned over her, and shook his
hair down until it tickled Kimberly's face. He kissed her mouth a second
time then placed a trail of tiny kisses down her throat and chest. His
mouth sought out her right breast, and he covered it with gentle licks and
kisses before drawing the nipple into his mouth.

Kimberly's sigh was music to his ears as he patiently explored with his
tongue the contrast of her rock hard nipple and oh-so-soft mound. He nibbled
and suckled until Kimberly's sighs became needy whimpers and her body began
to move under the light touch of his hands. When he was satisfied that he
had tasted all the sweetness that one breast would give up, he released it,
gently blowing the nipple dry, and then he repeated the same languid process
with the left one. Kimberly's whimpers swelled into soft moans, and her body
moved with more insistent need.

Tommy felt her muscles becoming taut. He heard her heart pounding with a
stronger beat. His hands wandered lower as his mouth continued to excite
her breasts. He barely touched her brown curls and could feel her heat and
wetness. She was poised on the brink. Her hips thrust against his hand in
search of something that would send her crashing headlong into an explosive
orgasm. Slowly, Tommy slid a finger between the folds of her labia, and he
gently touched her aching clitoris.

Kimberly's body responded immediately; his slight caress sent her convulsing
with a powerful climax. Tommy ceased his nuzzling and sat back to watch
Kimberly writhe on the bed as he continued to stroke her swollen bud. Kim's
body rocked with her orgasm for several moments, her cries of delight and
expression of immense enjoyment filled Tommy with an intoxicating warmth.
He never tired of watching her. When he noticed that the wave of pleasure
was beginning to subside, he swung around so that he could cradle Kimberly's
head in his lap. He stroked her hair and her face as the last tremors of
her orgasm ebbed away.

"Did you enjoy that?" he queried, smiling down at her.

"Mm hm."

"Would you like more?"

"Mm hm!"

"Show me what you'd like me to do."

This was one of Tommy's favorite games. He loved watching Kimberly play with
herself and masturbate; usually she was too self-conscious to do it for him,
so he would talk her through it, pitching his voice soft and deep almost as
if to mesmerize her. It was a tone she loved; she once told him that it
reminded her of hot chocolate and a soft, warm blanket--not an erotic image,
but one of comfort and security.

"Where would you like me to start? With your hair? Show me," he directed.
With movements like a sleepwalker's, Kimberly began running her hands slowly
through her hair. She caressed her face and neck. Her finger tips traced
the outline of her lip, and then she sucked a finger into her mouth.

"You want me to suck on your fingers? All right. What would you like me to
do after that?"

Kimberly inched her finger down her opposing palm, wrist and forearm. She
smoothed both hands over her upper chest and slid them down to her breasts
where she began fondling and kneading her mounds and toying with her nipples.
She lightly swirled her taut nipples on the palms of her hands. She shivered
and wiggled minutely as her body quickened at her own touch. Kimberly
lingered a long while over her breasts before caressing her stomach and
gliding her hands over her hips. She twirled her fingers in her pubic hair,
but didn't venture further between her legs.

"Would you like me to play with your pussy? Is there something special
you'd like me to do?"

Kimberly tentatively inched her fingers down to her sex but did nothing else.
Tommy was never really certain if she was reluctant to play with her pussy or
if she was just furthering the scenario, but invariably, Kimberly needed a
little extra coaxing before she'd masturbate for him.

"Don't be shy. You can show me," he encouraged her as he bent over to kiss
her forehead. He slid his hand down her body until it covered the hand she
had on her mound. "You have a beautiful pussy, and I'd like to make it--and
you--feel good, but you have to show me what you want me to do." Tommy
released her hand, and Kimberly began rubbing a finger up and down her slit,
then she concentrated on stimulating her clitoris.

"That's better," he murmured reassuringly in response to her soft moans.
He reached for one of her breasts, lightly stroking the nipple. Kimberly
fingered her clit harder and faster. While she was intent on pleasuring
herself, Tommy looked about the room in search of Kimberly's bag. He
couldn't see it, but he spied Billy standing in the doorway of the bathroom.
Tommy had expected as much. Billy reclined in the doorway wearing only a
towel and was looking very flushed and aroused. Tommy grinned. Billy shot
him an inquisitive expression, and Tommy nodded his head at Kimberly,
mouthing the word "purse." Billy ducked into the bathroom and returned with
Kim's bag. He crept out, set it on the bed next to Tommy, and retreated to
the bathroom to continue observing--for the first time without a trace of

Tommy slipped his free hand into the bag, hoping that Kimberly had brought
her recent acquisition. There it was, on the bottom--cold, hard, and smooth:
a vibrator. He also found the packages of condoms and pulled them out as

Kimberly was really warming to her hand; she had practically wiggled herself
off his lap. Her gasps and sighs were much louder, and she had begun finger
fucking herself. She furiously worked two fingers in and out of her pussy.
Tommy grinned wickedly. He was aching to see Kimberly use the vibrator on
herself, and he was hoping that she was too close to another climax to care
what he asked of her.

"Your fingers are so nice and juicy; they look good enough to eat." Kimberly
responded to his hint by offering him her fingers. He sucked them both into
his mouth and licked them clean. "Mm, you taste good. I can hardly wait.
Do you want me to fuck you?" Kimberly nodded enthusiastically. Tommy wrapped
Kimberly's hand around the slender, golden rod and switched it on. She
didn't open her eyes, but her eyebrows shot up as high as they could.

"Pretend this is my cock," Tommy directed her. "Show me how you want me to
fuck you." Tommy thought he was going to have to guide the sex toy into her
cunt, but to his delight and surprise, Kimberly needed no prompting.

"Ooh," she moaned as she ran the pulsating metal shaft along her slit before
sliding it into her vagina. She eased it in slowly and stroked herself
gently, but Tommy could tell she was holding back. He could feel the tremors
in her legs and the aborted thrusts of her hips; she was attempting to fuck
herself as slowly as he would, and he appreciated her efforts. Watching the
vibrator slip in and out of her pussy had his pulse racing. It was almost as
exciting as seeing Billy's cock plunge in and out of her.

"Very nice. Good girl. Now, how would you ride my cock?" Kimberly began
pumping hard and fast. Her moans were a cross between squeals of ecstasy and
whimpers of frustration; she just wasn't being transported to the brink of
orgasm fast enough. She pulled the vibrator out and applied it directly to
her clit. That sent her over the edge so hard she had tears in her eyes.

"Oh man, Kim," Tommy groaned, nearly surrendering his restraint. Instead,
he kissed her and tried to settle himself down; he still had things he wanted
to do to her before coming.

"That was awesome." When she tried to respond, he silenced her with another
kiss. Tommy stripped off the remainder of his clothing then lay down between
Kimberly's legs. She opened her eyes briefly then melted back into the
covers, emitting an anticipatory moan of delight.

Tommy slid his tongue slowly up her slit, and Kimberly nearly leaped off
the bed. She was hotter than he could ever remember, and there was so much
liquid oozing out of her . . . he darted his tongue into her pussy, drinking
the water directly from the well. There was something new in her sweet/tart
juice, and Tommy lapped it up eagerly, but for all his efforts, he was unable
to identify the new taste. Reluctantly, he abandoned his efforts there to
concentrate on sending Kimberly off into another orgasmic frenzy. He flicked
his tongue across her clit then he titillated her in ernest, swirling his
tongue over and around her mound with deliberate lassitude.

"Tommy . . . ." Kimberly said pleadingly, unable to keep silent any longer.
She found his tongue jobs both exquisite and maddening. His mouth on her
pussy was absolutely delicious; it felt so incredible good, but no matter
how hard she rode his face, he wouldn't move his tongue any faster. He
licked her at the same relentlessly languid pace until her body was
quivering on the brink, but then . . . .

After Kimberly had had so many orgasms (two with Billy and already two with
him), Tommy expected her to take longer to reach the peak again, but he
detected the telltale signs that she was rapidly building to another
explosion. It was difficult to keep from increasing his tempo to match the
thrust of her hips, but he kept his movements slow and steady.

"Oh god, Tommy, I . . . I . . . ."

Kimberly's voice trailed off into an ecstatic gasp. Tommy bathed her clit
one last time to send her over the edge. Then, as quickly and smoothly as
he could, he buried his cock deep inside her pussy.

"I love it when you do that," Kimberly growled when she was able to find
her voice. She continued rocking herself on his cock until the last of her
orgasm began to subside.

"I love doing it. Man, it's absolutely incredible to feel your pussy
squeezing my cock and to feel you coming all over me." Tommy reached over
to collect one of the condoms he had extracted from her purse and was on
the verge of pulling out when Kimberly stopped him. He eyed her

"I want to feel you come inside me," she said.

"Are you sure? What about . . . ?"

"Don't worry. I came prepared," she assured him.

"All right, if you're sure . . . ."

Tommy began pumping her with the same deliberate slowness he had exercised
with his tongue. Kimberly smiled up at him and reached for his hair. Her
fingers were quickly lost in the thick brown strands.

"Easy now," Tommy said. "I want us to come together."

"I don't know if I have any left. I haven't had so many orgasms in one
afternoon since I was under Zedd's spell."

"Oh, I'm sure you have something left; you'll see." Tommy slid his arms
around Kimberly's body and pulled her closer as he thrust his hips against
hers. Kimberly began nibbling on his ear lobes and licking his neck, which
elicited a deep sigh from Tommy. She held onto him with one hand and
continued to play with his hair with the other. Tommy returned the favor,
his hand and mouth traversing Kimberly's body. Their bodies rocked together,
the pace quickening as they both drew closer to orgasm. As they moved with
each other, both became aware of their minds opening, their link
reestablished. Tommy had hoped that might happen; the one time they had come
together inside each other's head had been too awesome for words. He felt
himself poised on the edge of his climax, but Kimberly wasn't quite there
yet, so Tommy reached down between their bodies to finger her clit. That
provided the extra push she needed. They came. Together. Tommy smothered
Kimberly's shout with his mouth, his own exclamation lost in the soft caress
of their tongues and their minds were awash with each other's pleasure. They
were still kissing long after their bodies had stopped trembling and they had
collapsed into an exhausted heap on the bed, their bodies still intertwined.

"I love you," Kimberly purred as she nuzzled her cheek against Tommy's chest,
Tommy kissed the top of her head then glanced up at the bathroom doorway.
Billy was applauding silently. His face was flushed and streaked with
moisture, and his towel concealed a noticeable distention.

"How was that?" Tommy asked.

"Wonderful," Kimberly replied sleepily.

"I think I may have a little left in me. Do you have the energy to give me
a blow job?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Kimberly smiled wickedly then swung herself
up onto Tommy and reversed herself so that her pussy hovered directly over
his mouth. Tommy needed no prompting and buried his face in the wet snatch
before him as Kimberly gave his semi-erect cock a few experimental licks.

"Hey, am I imagining things or do I taste differently?" Kimberly queried,
pausing in her cleaning of Tommy's cock.

"I didn't think you'd notice something like that," Tommy groaned.

"I've licked my fingers and cleaned your cock often enough to know what I
taste like." Tommy moaned helplessly. Kimberly swallowed all of Tommy's
still soft cock in a rapid gulp--she wouldn't be able to do that when he
was fully erect. The sudden maneuver made his body collapse limply on the
covers, and he had to give up munching on her pussy. Kimberly didn't seem
to mind; she continued to devour his rod with abandon. She was beginning
to detect new life in his organ when Tommy pulled her off.

"Would you do me a favor?" he asked softly. He was almost nervous about
making this request. "Would you suck my cock while Billy fucked you from

"Would you really like that--a threesome?"

"That'd just about blow my mind."

"I've sort of wondered what it'd be like to have the two of you at one
time--like in my dream," she admitted hesitantly. "Do you think Billy
would go for it?"

"All we can do is ask."

Kimberly shot Billy a surreptitious sideways glance.

"Poor Billy, he does look awfully hard," she murmured impishly. "You get
comfy; I'll get Billy." Kimberly crawled out of bed and stretched. "Geez,
Tommy, you spent so much time between my legs I'm going to be bowlegged.
How am I supposed to dance at the prom tonight?" Kimberly walked across
the room towards Billy; his mind must have been elsewhere because he didn't
react as she approached.

"Hey, Billy, what'd you think?" she asked innocently.

"A virtuoso performance," he sighed absently. Then he realized who he was
talking to and blushed.

"Care for an encore?" Kimberly ruffled her fingers mischievously through his
hair. Against Billy's lips she whispered, "Please say yes."

"With such an invitation, how can I refuse," he responded.

"You won't be needing this," Kimberly said as she pulled the towel from his
hips. She took Billy by the hand and led him to the foot of the bed. She
dropped to her knees and swallowed his cock, giving him several long, slow
sucks. Then she crawled onto the bed, positioned herself between Tommy's
legs and thrust her bottom towards Billy.

"All right, Billy, if you'll slide in from behind . . . ." Kimberly backed
up and helped Billy ease his achingly purple cock into her pussy. From
behind, he was able to penetrate deeper than he had when he fucked her
earlier. Kimberly knelt up and directed Billy's hands to her breasts as
she arched her back so she could nibble the side of his neck. Tommy
whimpered in helpless delight as he watched them. Billy began thrusting
his hips against Kimberly's ass.

"Easy does it, or you'll come too soon," she chided him. "Let me get a
steady rhythm going on Tommy's cock, and then you try to match it."

Kimberly pumped Tommy's shaft, bringing it up to full stand. She swirled
her tongue over the head and leisurely licked his rod like an ice cream
cone. She lightly ran her fingers over his balls, seeking out one particular
sensitive spot, then she wrapped her lips around one ball and hummed.
Tommy's body went rigid as pleasure shot through his body. Smiling even
though her mouth was full, Kimberly sucked the second one in her mouth and
hummed a different tune, leaving Tommy shivering with delight. He moaned
in disappointment as she removed her mouth from his balls, but she quickly
slid it down over his cock. Kimberly hollowed out her cheeks, being careful
not to touch him with teeth or tongue, then she began to bob her head as she
played "Black and Blue" in her mind. As she had hoped, Tommy recognized the
song from the pace of her strokes. She could sense the jump in his heart
rate and feel his excitement in her mind as he tossed his head from side to

Once Kimberly had a stead motion going with her head, she began thrusting
herself back onto Billy's cock, and Billy did an admirable job of matching
her pace. He was meeting her backwards thrusts with a forward thrust of his
own. He also did an excellent job of keeping to her tempo and not rushing
things. Kimberly could scarcely keep her mind on the song; her body kept
interrupting with the pleasure it was experiencing. She never dreamed having
two cocks at once could feel so good--or perhaps it was more having Billy
fucking her in front of Tommy that was driving her so wild. The last of her
exhaustion had long since fled. She found herself moaning around Tommy's
cock; Billy had reached around her hips and was fingering her clit.
Impossibly, she was ready to come again. She let Tommy's cock slip out of
her mouth as she concentrated on her body's cries for release. Even so, she
kept working Tommy's shaft with her hand as she worked herself harder and
faster on Billy's cock.

"Harder, Billy," she groaned. Tommy's cock was all but forgotten as her
climax neared. Billy increased his strokes until Kimberly could hear his
hips slapping her ass. Billy's fingers continued to play with her clit,
but suddenly, she felt Tommy's hands at her breasts, playing with her
nipples. That sent her over the edge; she came with a shriek, tossing her
head from side to side. Her vaginal muscles clamped down hard on Billy's
cock as her hand clamped down hard on Tommy's. Billy's orgasm hit moments
after hers, and Tommy followed shortly thereafter. Billy shot his load
inside her, and Tommy squirted jism all over Kim's face and hand. Pearly
liquid oozed down his cock. Billy pulled out and collapsed onto the bed.
Kimberly lovingly stroked her face with Tommy's cock and lapped up his

"Amazing," Billy murmured.

"Awesome," Tommy echoed.

"Don't tell me you guys are fucked out," Kimberly pouted. "You have to
change places."

"I have had nearly as many orgasms in the last hour or so as I have had all
week," Billy said.

"You've only come twice," Kimberly said, nudging Tommy.

"Actually, three. I came once in the hall while I watched you and Billy

"You've got to have at least one more fuck in you," Kimberly insisted, "and
I know exactly how to find it." She scrambled around the covers until she
located the vibrator. She indicated to Billy to sit down next to Tommy.
When the pair were settled before her, she fixed them with her wickedest
grin and her best fuck-me gaze, then she slowly licked her juices from the
golden metal.

"Damn," Tommy gulped in surprise as Kimberly made love to the sex toy with
her mouth. He never imagined he would ever see Kimberly perform as she was
now. This was going beyond "Power Slut" antics.

"You--uh--weren't kidding when you said Kimberly becomes lascivious when
highly aroused," Billy murmured, his mouth dry.

Kimberly took the vibrator from her mouth and caressed her face with the
smooth tip. Then, she turned it on and ran the throbbing wand down her
neck and arms, starting a full body massage. She circled her breasts with
the pulsating metal; she gathered her mounds together and fucked them with
the gleaming rod. Lust gleamed in her eyes as she massaged her nipples
with the device. She continued playing with her breasts until she saw
Tommy's cock twitch with signs of life. She rolled the vibrator over her
stomach and down her body, but she stopped short of sliding it between her

Kimberly slipped a finger into her sopping wet pussy; when she pulled it out,
it was covered with spunky ooze. With it she coated her lips. She then
slithered up Tommy's body and kissed him, letting him taste the mixture of
her's and Billy's come. She repeated the performance for Billy. Then she
sat back and spread her legs wide, giving the boys a clear view of her pussy
in all its pink glory. It was the vibrator's turn to vanish into her still
steaming snatch. With one hand she fucked herself with the vibrator, and
with the other she played with her clit. Her performance drew hungry moans
from her audience.

Kimberly suddenly shifted positions, turning her back to the boys. She
continued to pump the vibrator in and out of her pussy; she bent over so they
could see better. Next she ran the trembling toy up and down the crack of
her ass. That provoked a deep groan from Tommy, and Kimberly's eyes lit up.
Tommy enjoyed stroking her bottom and having his ass caressed in return.
Kimberly knew where she wanted to explore with the vibrator next.

She applied her little toy to the soles of Tommy's feet. She watched as his
eyebrows climbed as she rolled it up the inside of his leg. Tommy tried to
squirm away as the vibrator tickled his inner thighs, and he nearly jumped
off the bed when she gently touched his balls with the smooth tip. Tommy
was squirming in complete ecstasy. Billy observed Tommy's reactions with
interest, recalling what he had been told about a previous encounter with a

"Don't worry, Billy; you'll get to find out what it's all about soon enough,"
she assured him with an evil grin. Billy swallowed hard.

Kimberly massaged Tommy's slowly reviving cock with the vibrator. She had
scarcely begun when she trailed the device down to his balls and continued
down until the metal shaft rested between his ass and the bed.

"Kim, w-what are you doing?" Tommy gasped with a mixture of excitement and
nervousness. It was a tone Kimberly had never heard him use before.

"It felt so good on me, I thought you might like to have your bottom

Kimberly placed the tip of the vibrator on Tommy's perianal area, and he
went wild, bucking and squirming so hard that she almost couldn't hold the
vibrator in place.

"Stop it . . . oh God, Kim, stop it!" Tommy pleaded.

Kimberly couldn't make up her mind whether he was laughing or crying.
Suddenly concerned, she switched off the vibrator.

"Are you all right?" Tommy didn't answer; he just lay there panting.

He sat up unexpectedly and kissed her hard. "That felt so good I couldn't
stand it," he gasped. "I had forgotten how sensitive my ass . . . ." His
words faltered when he recalled Billy was in bed with them, which was absurd
since Billy already knew about the other incident.

There was still just enough of their connection active that Kimberly picked
up on his discomfort. She understood. "How about it, Billy? Shall we see
just how sensitive your ass it?" she teased, touching the tip of the vibrator
to his calf.

"I'm not quite certain I'm ready to explore that particular avenue of erotic
stimulation," Billy demured.

"Are you sure? I managed to get a rise out of Tommy's tired cock with this

"If your expert mouth cannot provide sufficient stimulus to revive me, then
nothing could."

"Well, ready or not, here I come. I'm really hungry for some cock--at both
ends," Kim declared with a wicked giggle. She leaned over and engulfed
Billy's cock with her mouth while Tommy sheathed himself to the hilt in her
pussy. She repeated her performance to "Black and Blue" on Billy's rod;
however, she was well into the second time through the song when both she
and Billy admitted defeat.

"I'm sorry, Billy."

"You have nothing to be sorry about; I just have nothing left at the present,
and even if I had the energy, considering how talented your mouth is, I would
not have been able to last very long." Billy tilted her head up and gave her
a kiss. "Not used to failing to evoke a response?"

"I'm shooting blanks too," Tommy said, surrendering also. He collapsed next
to Billy in an exhausted heap.

"Tommy!" Kimberly moaned in desperation, her pussy still aching with the need
to come.

"Don't worry, Beautiful; there are plenty of other things Billy and I can do
to get you off."

"You and Billy?"

"Just like your dream--if Billy doesn't mind," Tommy said.

"I should be delighted," Billy agreed. "This will give me the chance to
inquire about certain of your techniques . . . ."

"I'm not going to be a lab rat!" Kimberly protested.

"If you want to come, you will lay back and let us have our way with you,"
Tommy scolded her gently. Kimberly stuck her tongue out at him, and he
swooped in close to suck it into his mouth. Kimberly flopped back on the
bed with a contented sigh and prepared herself to be a guinea pig.

They started with her arms, each one licking a wrist. Kimberly had not
expected it to feel so good to have both their mouths on her at the same
time. Tommy and Billy played with her hair, nibbled on her ears and neck.
They took turns kissing her lips and exploring her mouth with their tongues.
Her sigh of contentment was woefully inadequate to express how she felt when
their mouths closed over each of her breasts. While their mouths were
engaged, their hands roamed everywhere--massaging, tickling, titillating.
Both men stroked her throbbing pussy, and she squealed with delight as each
one pumped a finger into her snatch as they continued to suckle her breasts.
The last thing Kimberly remembered before sweet oblivion claimed her was
Billy and Tommy taking turns tonguing her clit.


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