Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Seduction Of The Blue Ranger Part 8 (mf)
by Cheryl Roberts

Kimberly woke up exhausted, sore, and glowing with satisfaction. She felt
hands on her body; one was Tommy's and the other was Billy's. When she
opened her eyes, she looked up into Tommy's face; she spent several minutes
studying him, admiring his long lashes, remembering how wonderful his mouth
felt on her body. As she lay gazing at Tommy, Kimberly felt Billy's breath
in her hair, and the enormity of what the three of them had done settled on
her. She found herself wondering how she'd be able to face Billy the
following day when everything was back to normal, but she did not feel as
if she had any regrets.

Quietly and carefully she wriggled out of the dual embrace so as not to
disturb her partners. She stood and stretched and wished at least one of
the guys was awake to appreciate the view. She also wished she had thought
to bring a robe or something. It was getting dark outside, and it was
chilly in the air conditioned room. She tiptoed about and rummaged through
the pile of Tommy's clothes in search of his watch. It was later than she
thought; they'd have to hurry if they wanted to make their dinner
reservations. She decided to let the boys sleep while she got into the

A quick shower was all she intended on taking; however, when she saw that
the tub had whirlpool jets, she couldn't help but indulge. Nice hot water
to soak away her tension . . . the jet spray pounding against her aching
muscles . . . all she needed was a little bubble bath--and Tommy to wash
her back. She started filling the tub and cast a longing glance towards
the bedroom. She slipped into the tub with a sigh of contentment, and
almost unconsciously she found herself positioning herself so that the
running water splashed directly on her pussy.

When Billy had asked her about masturbation, she had been too self-conscious
to tell him about her preferred method. There was something sinfully
delicious about laying back in a tub of hot water and letting the stream
from the faucet do all the work. A constant stream of warm water gently
pounding on her clit . . . Kimberly would lay back, close her eyes, and
fantasize about Tommy giving her one of his torturously slow but absolutely
incredible tongue jobs. She could almost see his head between her legs, see
him gazing up at her with those beautiful hazel/brown eyes of his.

"Mm, Tommy," she moaned softly as her hips began to wriggle. She spread her
legs farther apart, and her hands began caressing her body. "Yes, Tommy,
make me come, Tommy!"

* * *

The muffled sound of running water roused Tommy from his slumber. His fading
dream left a smile on his face, but for a change, reality had been better
than fantasy. Tommy reached out to cuddle Kimberly closer, but the arm he
touched was definitely not Kimberly's. Tommy opened one eye and spied Billy,
who was still sound asleep. Kimberly was nowhere to be seen.

I know Kimberly was here when I fell asleep, Tommy mused as he sat up.
After he and Billy had finished sharing Kimberly, the three of them must
have fallen asleep. Tommy couldn't even remember pulling the blanket up
over them. Tommy attempted to get up but didn't get very far. He flopped
back onto the bed, feeling lightheaded and sore in every muscle of his body.
He lay there thinking how nice a hot shower would feel when he realized--
again--that there was water running. This time Tommy forced himself out of
bed. He paused at the bathroom door and tried the knob; it wasn't locked,
so he peeked in. As he had figured, Kimberly was soaking in the tub. Tommy
had an overwhelming urge to join her. He crept softly out of the bedroom and
went to fetch his abandoned luggage. He also popped into Billy's room to get
him his robe. Billy was just waking up when Tommy returned. Tommy tossed
him the robe.

"Thank you," Billy said.

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

"You have to ask? This was probably the most phenomenal experience of my
life, but I am glad this was a one time affair. Kimberly was fantastic,
but I would never be able to keep up with her. I don't see how you do it."

"It isn't always like this. Like you said, this was something special."
Tommy found his watch on the dresser and glanced at the time. "It's
getting pretty late. We'd better start getting ready for dinner." Tommy
gathered up his robe and headed for the bathroom.

"I believe Kimberly is in there," Billy pointed out.

"I know, but I've always wanted to take a shower with her. Interested?"

"Yes, but I think I will pass; if I don't, we will never get out of here."

"That'd make for an interesting weekend."

"It has already been more interesting than I anticipated."

As Tommy laid his hand on the door knob, the two heard a most enticing moan
echo within. Tommy and Billy exchanged curious glances, then Tommy opened
the door and peered in.

"Oh man!" he groaned softly, backing out of the door and closing it again.
"You've got to see this." Tommy stepped aside to let Billy have a look.
Kimberly was reclining in the tub with her legs propped up against the far
wall. Her pussy was directly under the water rushing from the tap, her hips
rocking back and forth urgently. She was getting off on the steady stream
of water!

"Please, Tommy," Kimberly moaned, but she wasn't addressing Tommy. She was
lost in a private fantasy. "Make me come; please, I want to come!"

"No wonder she didn't answer my question about masturbating," Billy murmured.
"If I hadn't seen it, I doubt I would have believed it."

"I had forgotton about her liking for water," Tommy said with a grin. "I
watched her get off like this once before--at the grotto by Stranger's Rock
when you sent me back in time to bring her home."

"I am most definitely going to get dressed before anything else happens."

As Billy made his escape, Tommy closed the bathroom door behind him. He said
nothing, not wanting to disturb Kimberly. Her climax was close. She was
trying to stifle her gasps and moans, presumably so as not to disturb Billy
and himself, but she was beginning to thrash about in the tub, her upper body
twisting and writhing while she held her hips under the faucet.

"Tommy . . . ." she whimpered beseechingly. Her hands gripped the sides of
the tub, and she bit her lip to soften her cries. When she came, it seemed
to take her by surprise. Her back arched sharply; she sat up, and in spite
of her efforts, she let out a lusty cry. "Yes! Oh god, yes!" Just as
suddenly as she came, she went limp, panting heavily and revelling in the
afterglow. The water continued to flow between her parted legs.

"You are amazing," Tommy said as he applauded her performance. Kimberly
looked up at him through half closed eyes as Tommy sat down on the side of
the tub.

"Mm, that felt so good," she purred.

"Intriguing masturbatory practice," he teased, doing his best to sound like

"If I had the energy, I'd smack you," she grumbled.

"I was wondering if you'd like to have your back washed."

"Sounds like fun." Kimberly scooted back to make room for Tommy. He helped
her to her feet, turned the faucet from tap to spray, and pulled the shower
curtain closed. In short order, the two were kissing under the pulsing
water. Tommy grabbed the soap, and working up a full lather, began soaping
up Kimberly's breasts with slow, gentle strokes. Already weak-kneed, she
all but collapsed against him.

"By the way, where's Billy?"

"Getting dressed. Why? Do you want him to join us?"

"Not really. I think I'd like us to have some time to ourselves." Kimberly
rubbed her soapy tits all over Tommy's chest then used her hands to lather
him up. His hands were working on her back and her behind. Their bodies
were so slippery they were having a difficult time holding on to each other.
Kimberly was giggling as she reached for Tommy's cock. "This is fun; why'd
it take so long for us to try this?"

"No privacy," Tommy replied with a lopsided grin. "You were absolutely
fantastic. Any regrets?"

"I don't think so. You?"

"I had the time of my life."

"I only hope Billy feels the same way." Kimberly reached for Tommy's cock
and began sudsing it up. Tommy groaned and braced himself against the wall.
"Reloaded and raring to go, I see." She let the water rinse his cock clean,
and she knelt down before him, licking her lips in anticipation.

"We don't have a lot of time," Tommy reminded her. He had no intention of
dissuading her, however.

"I know, but I've always wanted to know what it would be like to make love
in the shower," Kimberly replied as she swallowed his cock deep into her
throat. She bathed every inch of his organ with her tongue, making sure to
take her time and do a thorough job. Her hands skimmed the insides of his
thighs and played with his balls; then she caressed his smooth, hard ass.

Tommy was beside himself with delight. The shower spray was relaxing his
body while Kimberly's mouth was stirring him to a fever pitch. Suddenly he
tore himself away from Kimberly's eager mouth. A moment or two longer, and
he would have shot his load down her throat. He backed out of the shower's
spray; without his body to shield her, Kimberly received the brunt of the
watery blast in her face, which wiped the lust-glazed expression off her

"Your turn," Tommy declared, helping Kimberly to her feet. He tasted the
sweetness of her mouth and breasts as he slowly licked his way down her
slippery body. Soon he was crouching on the shower floor with Kimberly's
pussy hovering over his face. It was indeed her turn to squeal with
delight and seek out the walls for support as Tommy's tongue delved into
her moist, pink slit.

* * *

In his bedroom, Billy listened to the sounds of his friends' lovemaking and
smiled indulgently. He briefly considered joining them but changed his mind.
He was no longer consumed with the urge to make love to Kimberly. The
afternoon's sport had satiated his desires. He felt no regret for what they
had shared, but a tiny seed of guilt germinated inside him. He had not been
totally honest with Kimberly--or with himself. Curiosity and hormones were
only two of the reasons he had wished to be intimate with Kimberly. The
other reason was insecurity. His experience with members of the opposite
sex was woefully inadequate. None of his previous relationships had ever
achieved a high degree of intimacy. He had dated Laura longer than any other
girl, but he had never worked up the nerve to kiss her, let alone anything
else. Part of the reason was his lack of experience and an irrational fear
that he would make a fool out of himself if he tried anything. He had turned
to Kimberly in search of instruction . . . and what an instructor she had
turned out to be.

As Billy started dressing, he wished he would have had the opportunity to
test his newfound confidence and skill with Laura. He did not think he would
carry matters to their ultimate conclusion on their first attempt, but he
would at least be able to lay the foundation for future encounters. While he
was musing over what would have been, he heard the phone ringing.

* * *

Upon noticing the tremors rippling through Kim's legs, Tommy stopped licking.
He stood and lifted Kimberly up. She threw her arms around his neck, wrapped
her legs around his waist, and lowered herself onto Tommy's cock.

"Just like in the park," she cooed.

"And Billy will be able to hear everything--just like in the park," Tommy

"He didn't . . . !"

"I told you sound carried out there."

"Oh, shut up and fuck me," Kim growled.

"With pleasure."

Kimberly rode Tommy hard and fast, but her water-slick body was difficult to
hold on to. After a minute or two, Tommy had to switch positions. He set
Kimberly down and bent her over, ramming his cock hard and deep into her
pussy. He paused briefly to grab the soap then began lathering up Kim's body
as he fucked her. The suds trickling down her ass and between their bodies
added to her lubrication and his pleasure. Kimberly moaned long and loud as
one of his hands soaped up her breasts while the other lathered her swollen

"Make me come, Tommy; please--oh please!" she begged as she ground her ass
into him. She was banging him as furiously as he pumped her. Kimberly came
first, bucking and writhing so hard Tommy feared she might fall over. Her
cries echoed so loudly about the bathroom that they drowned out his own as
he pulled out and shot his come all over her backside.

"Now, do you think we're capable of showering in earnest?" he teased her.

"Why you . . . ! Rinse off and let me finish my shower in peace," Kim

"As you wish, milady," Tommy replied with a grin and a bow.

"Could you do me a favor once you dry off? My dress and stuff are in my car
which is parked behind my and Aisha's cabin. Would you get them for me?"


"No peeking at my dress!"

"Heaven forbid." Tommy vacated the shower and grabbed his robe without
bothering to dry off. In the bedroom, he slipped on his shorts--sans
underwear--and made for the front door. As Tommy reached the living room,
Billy was just hanging up the phone; Billy's expression was thoughtful,
almost somber.

"What is it? More bad news?" Tommy queried.

"Actually, no. That was Laura. She informed me that when her grandmother
learned that Laura's mother had made her cancel her prom date, her
grandmother snapped out of her funk and insisted that Laura be allowed to
attend the festivities. Laura called in the hopes that I had not cancelled
our previous plans or made new ones."

"So you and she will be going to the prom after all? That's great--or is

"It's wonderful; however, I was kind of looking forward to continuing the
evening in your and Kimberly's company."

"You'll still be able to hang out with us at the prom."

"True, but we will have to behave ourselves."

Tommy laughed at Billy's sheepish smile.

* * *

"Hurry up you two!" Billy called out, glancing at his watch. "You are going
to be cutting it awfully close."

"Keep your pants on," Kimberly groused as she emerged from Tommy's bedroom.
She was putting on her earrings. "Tommy's almost finished with his hair. He
takes almost as long as I do in the bathroom."

"You look fabulous," Billy said as he scoped out Kimberly's attire. She
wore a close fitting sheathe of black velvet. The center of the gown was
cinched vertically by a band of rhinestones which created a daring, plunging
neckline and an even more daring abbreviated hemline. The gown fit so well
that her breasts virtually spilled over the cups, and the ensemble appeared
to be held up only by thin rhinestone halter straps.

"Do you like it?" Kim asked, modeling for him. She pirouetted neatly in a
pair of silver strap heels.

"Was this the outfit on which you wished to solicit my opinion?" Billy
inquired, grinning impishly.

"You mean before you got sidetracked with the lingerie? Sure, why not," she
replied with an equally mischievous grin. "So, what do you think?"

"I think Tommy will love it, but I wonder if Mr. Caplan will allow you into
the dance. Your outfit is rather revealing."

"Tell me about it. I can't wear pantyhose because the lines show."

"I'm ready, Kim; I . . . wow!" Tommy gasped when he finally emerged dressed
in his tuxedo. Kimberly enjoyed his reaction, from his speechlessness to the
bulge in his pants.

"Thank you. Why don't we get going? Billy has to stop by to get Laura . . .
just a sec, Billy. Your tie is crooked. Let me help you."

As Kimberly rearranged Billy's neckwear, she leaned close and whispered, "Do
you think I should tell Tommy I'm not wearing any underwear?" Billy closed
his eyes and stifled a moan. "I guess I'll just have to wait for the proper
moment. Are you guys coming or what?"

With a backwards glance that gave a double edge to her parting query,
Kimberly sauntered out of the cabin. Tommy and Billy exchanged smiles,
sighed longingly, then followed.



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