Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Seduction Of The Yellow Ranger (ff,ir)
by Anonymous

She was afraid to come out of the locker.

She was as nervous as she could be.

She was afraid to come out of the locker.

She was afraid that somebody would see.

(Two, three, four, tell the people what she wore....)

The lyrics to Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini came unbidden
to taunt the new Yellow Ranger.

"I am not coming out!"

"Aisha...!" Kim responded with exasperation.

"Uh uh. No way. No how."

The girls were in the Oliver's backyard waiting for the others to show up
for their pool party to welcome the new members of the Power Team. Aisha
hadn't had a chance to don her swimsuit, so Kim directed her to the shed,
which doubled as a pool house.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into buying this! I don't even like

Kim simply giggled. "You're the one who said she didn't need to try it on
in the store. 'It'll fit,' you said. Now, come on out. Tommy's in the house
and the other guys aren't here yet." So saying, she purposefully flung the
door open and all but dragged her reluctant friend out.

As Aisha came stumbling forth, Kim studied her appraisingly. The recent
transfer from Stone Canyon was almost dressed in bright yellow swatches of
material held together by skimpy strings. The panels displayed her amply
curved figure delightfully, and the vibrant color set off her dark skin

"I feel ridiculous," Aisha snorted.

"You look absolutely yummy," the Pink Ranger sighed, her pulse racing at
the sight of her friend's well-displayed and barely-contained full breasts,
taut tummy, and gorgeously rounded ass that overflowed the tiny bottoms.
Man, was Aisha Campbell hot! "The guys are going to cream themselves when
they see you!"

"You think?" the young woman queried dubiously, eyeing her reflection in
the rippling surface of the clear water.

"I know." It took more restraint than Kim was expecting not to say something
more suggestive, and she found herself suddenly in need of cooling down.
Seeing that Aisha wasn't going to bolt, she dove into the pool, splashing
her companion in the process.

"Hey!" Aisha objected, laughing. She took a seat on her towel at the edge
of the deck, dangling her feet in the water, and leaned back to soak up
some of the delicious sun, feeling more than a little pleased with Kim's
estimation and a thrill of expectation waiting to see how the guys really
would react.

Kim regarded the posture approvingly as she surfaced.

"Never go shopping with me when my hormones are in an uproar; there's no
telling what I'll come home with," she advised her new teammate. "You
wouldn't believe some of the things I've bought Tommy."

"Speaking of hormones," Aisha interrupted, shaking of the spell of the sun,
"when were you guys going to tell us about this little side effect of holding
the Morphin' Powers?"

Looking decidedly sheepish, Kim answered, "Actually, that was one of the
purposes of this party: filling you guys in on the facts of Ranger-life.
Zack really gave Tommy hell about that -- although, he forgets that Jase
neglected to fill Tommy in about all this when he first joined us; that is,
until the poor guy was well into a spike. Once you get used to 'spiking,'
you tend to take it for granted. We didn't mean not to tell ... we just
weren't expecting all three of you to hit a 'trip' so soon -- or all at

"Hey, we've always done everything together," Aisha snickered. "I've always
sort of fantasized about what it'd be like to do it with either of them...."

"Bet you never dreamed of doing it with both of them at once," Kim giggled.

"I really am glad that my first time was with both of them; it was a lot
easier, y'know? And I didn't have to pick one or the other. I have to admit,
though, that I'm really looking forward to trying out another couple of
hunks ... uh, that is, if you and Tommy aren't mutually exclusive."

"No, we share. Considering you never know who you're going to be with when
a spike gets bad enough, we can't afford not to. That's not to say that it
wasn't hard to get used to at first, but then we were doing our other
teammates before we ever became a couple."

Aisha let out a low whistle of amazement and appreciation. She shook her
head. She had anticipated that there was a lot of weirdness involved in
being a Ranger, but she certainly never considered something like this! Hm,
a gal could get used this!

Kim noted Aisha's faraway expression and impish grin as she swam over to
her companion and leaned up on the side of the pool.

"So," the Pink Ranger pursued with a Cheshire Cat grin of her own, "you
going to tell me what Adam and Rocky were like?"

"I should make you wait and find out for yourself," Aisha retorted, but even
as she spoke, both girls knew she wouldn't be able to hold out that long. She
launched into a vivid account of their menage a trois from normally-bashful
Black Ranger pulling her against him, fondling her breasts and slipping a
hand up her skirt to having Rocky in her cunt and Adam in her ass.

As she spoke, Aisha found herself getting quite aroused. She could feel her
juices soaking into her bikini bottoms and her nipples swelling. She fidgeted
a bit with a sexual itch that ached to be scratched, but it wasn't anything
like being on a full-blown hormone trip. Then, she glanced over at her
teammate, wondering what Kim's reaction would be. The Pink Ranger was quite
close to her -- almost brushing against her. Her eyes were closed, but by
the way she licked her lips and the general air of enjoyment about her, she
looked as if she was savoring something awesomely tasty.

"Mmm ... I can hardly wait to have a shot at them," Kim purred. She noticed
Aisha's obvious reaction to the tale and grinned slyly. She had hoped the
present Yellow Ranger would be as easily stimulated as her predecessor. "So,
did Adam and Rocky do anything to each other while you were there?"

The query momentarily startled Aisha, but then she recalled that Kim would
know about that sort of thing.

"A little ... God, when they kissed ... it was the hottest liplock I'd ever
seen! Then Rocky mouthed his way down Adam and sucked his dick a little...
They might have done more if I hadn't interrupted," she muttered with a
rueful shake of her head at what her impatience cost her. Then she added
with a huff, "Do you know that those two brats had been holding out on me?
They'd experimented with each other and never told me!"

"So, what do you think of the idea of Adam and Rocky kissing ... watching
them trade tongues ... seeing those smooth, hard bodies pressed tight
together? Hands then lips wrapped around thick, straining cocks ...
touching, licking, caressing...."

Kim's voice was low and husky, barely more than a whisper, but it was a very
sexy tone that wrapped around the listener in a sensual embrace. Aisha had
never heard her speak like that before. She regarded her companion with
curiosity, taken aback by the expression on her friend's face. Her brown
eyes smoldered with a lusty gleam, and her smile was hungry ... predatory...
and the way she was positioned ... so close ... her breasts nearly spilling
out of the cups of her Hawaiian print top. It was a decidedly erotic pose.

Aisha gave herself a mental shake and considered Kim's words instead. She
had evoked a very lush mental picture, one that had the neophyte Ranger
squirming in her seat. It was all she could do to keep from playing with
her tits or fingering her pussy. The memory of seeing Rocky's lips around
Adam's cock --however briefly-- had her practically creaming her too-small

"Man, I can picture them doing it," she sighed. "Rocky on his hands and
knees ... Adam thrusting his dick in and out of that tight ass of his...."
She let a shudder of fiery pleasure wash through her. It was something she'd
never really contemplated before, but now that she had...! "Have you ever
seen Tommy do one of the other guys?"

"Uh huh! I love watching Tommy kiss another guy -- oh, the things he can do
with his tongue! I especially liked watching him with Jason. Mmm...!"

Aisha was a little startled to see Kim's fingers skim across her breasts,
absently tracing circles about the prominent impression of her nipples. Sure,
they were discussing a very hot topic, and they were friends and all, but how
could Kim play with herself while she was watching?

"And when he's with Billy...." Kim continued, apparently heedless of what she
was doing. "Billy like to take it from behind, so when Tommy does him, he'll
pull Billy onto his knees and press him hard against his body. He'll nibble
on Billy's neck or trade tongues ... one hand will play with Billy's nipples
-- they are really sensitive! -- and the other will pump his cock...." Kim's
voice trailed off and a throaty moan echoed up from deep in her chest. Aisha
nearly gave off one of her own. Man, she would love to see something like

"You know," Kim began suddenly, pushing herself away from the side of the
pool and trailing her fingers idly over the Yellow Ranger's thighs. She eased
Aisha's knees apart and insinuated herself between her girlfriend's spread
legs. She draped her arms around Aisha's neck in a very friendly manner.

"W-what?" Aisha gulped in surprise as Kim continued to press forward, their
bodies nearly touching. The newest Ranger felt a prickle all along her skin
even as felt herself yearning to lean into the embrace. It just occurred to
her that Kim was seriously coming on to her.

The corners of Kim's mouth quirked into an inviting grin. "The guys aren't
the only ones who get to have fun amongst themselves."

On some level, Aisha knew she had to have realized that if the male Rangers
did each other on occasion, so must the female Rangers, but she honestly
never gave the idea a moment's consideration.

"Can I interest you in some 'no boys allowed' fun?" Kim's face had been
drawing ever closer to her startled companion's, and as she finished her
question, her mouth settled against Aisha's.

For a moment, the dark-skinned beauty was floored and had the nigh
irresistible urge to pull away. However, she was too astonished to move,
and the longer she lingered in the liplock, the more she didn't want it
to end. Kim's mouth was just incredible. So soft. So hot. So unlike the
guys'. It was a hard, hungry kiss, and yet there was a tenderness and
sensuality to it that neither Adam nor Rocky had demonstrated.

The Pink Ranger's mouth wasn't still but moved over hers. Kim's tongue
slipped out and traced the contours of her lips then probed with delicate
insistence ... seeking ... demanding ... gaining entrance. Soon, that
questing oral digit caressed hers in a slow, erotic dance, and Aisha
yielded to the exchange with surprising enthusiasm.

While Kim seduced Aisha's mouth, her hands were not idle. They flowed over
her partner's smooth, chocolate colored flesh up into her hair ... down her
back ... pressing her close. Then, she shifted slightly, allowing her hands
to come between their bodies, gliding up to caress Aisha's ample swells.

"Ohhhh!" Aisha moaned as Kim's fingers glossed over her now-heaving breasts,
and Kim fought a grin. Her hands squeezed the plentiful, pliant mounds,
tweaking the stiff peaks through the stretchy fabric of her barely-there
top. Her partner sucked in an excited gasp.

Aisha was finally able to move her hands, and wrapped her arms around her
girlfriend's slender waist. She just had to touch her somehow, even if it
was merely to hold on for dear life.

"Oh, this feels soooo good," the Yellow Ranger sighed as her nipples
stiffened under her teammate's knowing ministrations.

Kim said nothing but began kissing her way down Aisha's neck. Her hands
dipped into the bright yellow triangles and scooped out her friend's
breasts. Her thumbs brushed back and forth against the taut buds even as
her fingers massaged the generous globes.

"Mmm... you have great tits," Kim said at last. "Your nipples are so
hard ... they look so suckable...."

Already her mouth was moving across the heaving bosom, her lips tickling
and her breath exploding hotly against the dark, satiny expanse. Aisha
shuddered against her as her mouth drew inexorably closer to those
delectably hard candy-kiss tips.

"Oh, God, Kim!" Aisha cried out as her friend's mouth latched onto her
nipple and suckled hungrily. Tongue and teeth sweetly tortured her tender
nubbin with expert care. The Yellow Ranger lost her fingers in her pink
teammate's tresses as she pressed her deeper into her chest.

For a while, Kim's fingers knowingly entertained Aisha's other needful
bud, but then her hand slid southward, over her partner's quivering belly
to dip into the tiny triangle of her bikini bottoms. Aisha's hips gave a
sharp snap as Kimberly's digits delved past her curls and into her moist

"Ooh, you are soooo wet," Kim rumbled as she kissed her way between the
valley of Aisha's breasts only to climb and conquer the other slope. Aisha
couldn't form an articulate response as she gasped and wriggled with supreme
pleasure as Kim's slender fingers worked wonders on her sex.

"Eat me!" Aisha rasped at last, unable to hold back any longer. "Oh, please,

"I thought you'd never ask," Kim murmured with great satisfaction as she
climbed onto the deck and pressed her newest lover back onto the brightly
colored towel. She sought Aisha's mouth again as she quickly loosed the
tie holding the yellow swatches of her top in place, and sharp tugs had the
strings at her teammate's hips unknotting. Kim peeled Aisha's bottoms aside
eagerly, baring her friend's lusciously curved frame to her avid gaze.

"Mmm... are Tommy and Billy gonna love doin' you," she purred throatily,
her hands moving across that sweet body without actually touching it. The
phantom caress made Aisha shiver. "I'm gonna love doin' you."

"So do me already!" the Yellow Ranger implored.

With that, Kim slid back into the water so that her face was level with
Aisha's juicy snatch. As much as she longed to draw the moment out until
her partner fair screamed in frustration and desire, the Pink Ranger just
had to have a taste. She eased Aisha's legs over her shoulders and urged
the other girl's hips forward.

At the touch of Kim's tongue on her sex, Aisha moaned and arched right off
the pool deck. Both Adam and Rocky had eaten her out before they all had
worn each other out their first time, but this defied description. Kim
certainly knew how to eat pussy! She took her time tracing the folds of
flesh, delving into her deepest recesses, tantalizing with tongue, teeth
and lips her desperate clit. And while the Pink Ranger's mouth thoroughly
made love to her cunt, her hands continued exploring... massaging her
thighs, teasing-cupping-squeezing her asscheeks.... As Kim's fingers sank
deep into the supple swells, her digits skimmed along the tight channel
between those quivering globes. Remembering how good it felt having Adam's
cock up her ass, Aisha whimpered supplicatingly.

The tension in her partner's body told Kim that her companion was ripe and
ready. And she was not unmindful of the way Aisha's bottom wriggled and
flexed. She knew what the Yellow Ranger wanted. Her tongue continued driving
her lover on towards orgasm, as she now pistoned a finger into her spasming
snatch. Aisha worked herself into a frenzy on that lone digit, losing herself
in her cresting climax.

"KIM!" she shrieked, her legs locking around her friend's head as the fire
within her flared out of control. Aisha bucked and writhed wildly, her towel
clenched tightly in her fists as wave after wave of hot pleasure seared her
senses. And Kim rocked with her, driving her on relentlessly. That knowing
tongue was almost too intense now, and Aisha was growing desperate to get
away from it's wicked caress.

"Kim... please... oh, God... you gotta stop! Let me... breathe...." she
gulped out, almost incapable of speech.

Kim withdrew --for the moment. She emerged from the water and lay down next
to her trembling teammate and pulled Aisha into her arms.

"Hey! You're all cold and wet!" Aisha protested.

"Not for long," Kim promised as she dove in for a kiss, allowing her friend
to taste her thick honey on her lips. As their tongues tangoed and tasted,
the Pink Ranger soothingly ran her hands over her companion's generous
assets, paying particular attention to her nicely rounded buttocks.

"Girlfriend, you have got to give Adam and Rocky lessons," Aisha murmured
around a rumble of pleasure, her hips undulating with the delicious sensation
of Kim softly stroking her ass.

"If Tommy and Billy don't get to them first. What say we get more
comfortable?" Kim propositioned with a meaningful toss of her head towards
the lounge chair. Aisha accepted with a grin. However, as the two climbed
to their feet, Kim pulled her willing partner into a heated embrace, her
tongue darting hungrily into her lover's sexy mouth, their bodies grinding
needfully together.

Aisha sighed blissfully as Kim's fingers kneaded her asscheeks again as they
played tonsil hockey. Her own hands reciprocated, roaming over Kim's back
and butt, forcing the exotically decorated bottoms deeper into the valley
between her cheeks and exposing more of her creamy ass. Less nimbly, she
tugged at the ties on her partner's top, wanting oh-so-desperately to see
Kim... to feel all of her naked flesh against her.

"Allow me," Kim offered as she deftly pulled and loosened the strings behind
her neck. She made a great show of removing her suit (Jason wasn't the only
one with the occasional exhibitionist tendencies!); her arms shielded her
breasts as the cups peeled down, exposing the enticing roundness of her
soft swells. She fixed Aisha with a hungry look and licked her lips as she
unfastened the back. Slowly, sensuously, she moved her hands across her
bosom, discarding the Hawaiian print and teasing her flushed, taut nipples
with lusty deliberation.

The striptease continued as Kim's hands fluttered across her silky skin in
an intimate caress, gliding down her firm stomach until she hooked her thumbs
under the elastic encircling her hips. Turning her back to her teammate,
but holding her gaze over her shoulder, Kim bent, thrusting her bottom out
provocatively, and eased the colorful, skimpy cloth down her hips until it
pooled about her ankles on the deck. She kicked the bottoms away

"Way wicked," Aisha murmured huskily, applauding appreciatively. She wet her
lips in anticipation of sampling those perky breasts and that tempting bush
for herself.

"Glad you approve," Kim replied, then seductively ordered, "Lay down."
However, no sooner had the Yellow Ranger begun to comply, she cried out,
"Hold that pose!"

'That pose' was Aisha with one leg bent at the knee, resting on the chair,
the other straight and on the ground. She leaned forward, her hands placed
on the arms of the chair. Aisha cocked an inquiring glance over her shoulder
and found Kim giving her a serious once-over.

"Nice. Very, very nice," the Pink Ranger sighed thickly. She sidled up behind
her dark-skinned lover and smoothed a hand down the length of her spine,
causing her back to arch slightly and her bottom to jut back. Then, both
hands glided around the curve of her teammate's hips and up her quivering
abdomen until Aisha's fulsome mounds filled the cup of her hands.

"Mmm...." Aisha moaned low and deep, her back arching further, pressing her
tits deeper into Kim's palms, those knowing fingers expertly rolling and
pinching the pebble hard buds, causing electric shockwaves of pure pleasure
to radiate throughout her body. Her backside thrust more firmly into the
plains of Kim's pelvis, and Aisha wantonly ground out her resurgent need. A
shiver raced down her spine as Kimberly suddenly held her tight against her
athletic body and her breath exploded hotly against the curve of her neck.
The Yellow Ranger giggled and gasped with delight as Kim nibbled on her
tender neck.

"How can you... I thought... you were the one... spiking," she moaned.

"You think I'm not getting off on doing this to you?" Kim challenged. Then,
with a sexy growl, she sluiced down the length of her friend, lips, tongue,
fingers, hair -- everything -- tantalizing and exciting Aisha's senses as
she continued lower.

Aisha sucked in a sharp breath as she felt Kim's warm exhalation against
her backside, followed shortly by the exquisite caress of her fingers over
satiny cheeks. She wriggled in spite of herself, her globes flexing, as Kim
continued to stroke, fondle and knead her ample attributes. Her moans could
not be contained, especially when Kim began eating her ass -- nipping,
kissing, licking and biting the quivering flesh.

"Oh!" the Yellow Ranger gasped suddenly, raising up on her toes as Kim
licked from the base of her spine to her still-dripping slit.

"You taste soooo good...."

Aisha could take the sweet torture no longer. She spun around, hauled her
horny pink teammate up and ravenously attacked her mouth, thrusting her
tongue in deep. Kim couldn't continue the exchange for laughing -- a sexy,
throaty chuckle.

"Ready to return the favor?" She slipped a finger into her own juicy snatch,
then offered the liberally coated digit to her partner.

Aisha fixed her with a gaze full of desire and mischief as she ran her
tongue over Kim's slender fingers, greedily lapping up every drop of
glistening honey.

"Just try and stop me."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Kim pushed Aisha back onto the chair then straddled her midsection.

"Don't you want me to suck on your tits?" Aisha queried, observing how Kim
fondled her breasts.

"Later. Right now, if you don't eat me...." Kim let the dire implications
hang, and Aisha knew her friend had pushed her hormones to the limit with
her game of seduction.

"What are you waiting for?" Aisha demanded saucily as she urged Kim's hips
forward. As her companion lowered herself over her mouth, the neophyte
Ranger didn't hesitate. Surrendering herself to the rhythm of her blood
pounding in time with Kim's, she thrust her tongue into her lover's spunky

"Aaahhh...!" Kim cried out, so far gone that the brief contact triggered
the first of her orgasms. It was all Aisha could do to hang on as Kim rode
her head, her body writhing and quaking in the throes of a fiery eruption.
Kim's climax spurred Aisha on, and her tongue probed the length of the
slick, swollen petals of flesh, delving into the spasming depths, teasing
the throbbing, needy kernel of pleasure.

Above the Yellow Ranger, her teammate was in constant motion, her hips
undulating, hands squeezing and fondling, perky breasts bouncing, head
whipping to and fro as a seemingly never ending wave of molten ecstasy
engulfed her. Aisha had never imagined anyone coming so long or so hard.

At last, the blissful surge ebbed, and Kim all but collapsed on top of her
lover. Quickly, she rolled off to the side, and Aisha pulled her into a
gentle hug, cuddling her close.

"Wow, that had to be a record orgasm, I think," Aisha teased, her fingers
seeking out and finding Kim's sensitive nipples and lightly stroking them.

"Mmm... you ain't seen nothin' yet," Kim quipped, satisfied but not
satiated, a rumble of pleasure echoing up as Aisha continued re-stoking
her fires.


"We're talkin' major spike here," she explained. "Right now, I feel like
I could take on the entire team and come back for seconds."

"Now that would be something to see," Aisha agreed with a giggle. She sat
up and smiled impishly at her still-horny companion. "However, since I'm
the only Ranger around...."

"I guess you'll have to do." Kim sat up quickly, careening into Aisha's
arms. Their tongues dueled once more as their bodies merged, gently
flowing together. "What I wouldn't give for some baby oil right now," she
said, recalling the way she and Trini would rub themselves together, breast
to breast, hip to hip....

"Sounds kinky," Aisha murmured, relishing the feel of the delicious friction
of their taut nipples sharing Eskimo-like kisses.

"I can't wait to show you some of the other things Trini and I used to do."
So saying, she pulled Aisha closer, then she moved a leg over top of her
companion's, allowing her still-hungry pussy to grind against Aisha's. The
Yellow Ranger's eyebrows climbed as her pink counterpart ventured an easy
snap of the hips.

"Oh, now that's interesting," she purred, essaying her own tiny thrust.
However, before they developed a more serious grind, Aisha asked, "By the
way, where's Tommy? I thought he'd have put in an appearance by now. You
two seem practically inseparable."

"Maybe he's found himself a new playmate," Kim replied dismissively, gasping
as something warm and wet brushed her clit, and she held her curvaceous lover
more closely.

"... or maybe he's been enjoying the show."

The two glanced up to find their longhaired leader standing at the foot of
the lounge chair, his hand down his trunks, nursing an impressive erection.
His arousal radiated from him like a heat shimmer.

"You two were absolutely incredible," Tommy continued. "Mind if I join you?"

The two gave their horny teammate an appraising once over then exchanged
questioning looks.

"This is a private party," Kim decided at last, mischief sparkling in her

"Yeah, no boys allowed," Aisha concurred. As one, they reached out and gave
Tommy a shove that had him backpedaling precariously.

"Hey! Why'd you... oh... oh... NO!"


"Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" Aisha wondered
as the two reached for each other again.


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