Mighy Morphin Power Rangers: Variations On A Straddle Mount (ff)
by Cheryl Roberts

"Ernie, is Kimberly still here?" Kat queried, hurrying up to the door of the
Youth Center as the portly owner locked up.

"Yes, she is."

Kat let out an exasperated sigh. "I can't believe her! I'd have thought that
after what happened the last time she stayed late to practice ...." She
shuddered, recalling how she found her friend and teammate on the floor.

"Don't worry, Kat; she said she was done on the beam. She only expected to
be a few more minutes. I'd have waited, but I really need to be getting home.
I'm expecting a call...."

"Would you mind if I waited for her?"

"I'd feel a hundred times better knowing she's not alone. Thanks," Ernie said
as he unlocked the door and let her in.

Kat had to admire Kim's determination in pursuing the Pan Globals -- and not
just all the practice time. She was giving up a lot of things: going to Paris
with her mom, her friends, her Powers and her place on the team .... Kat had
been fortunate when she'd been diving; she hadn't needed to make those kinds
of sacrifices. She wished Kim all the luck in the world.


"Oh no, not again!" Kat gasped upon hearing Kim's cry, and she rushed from
the vestibule to the juice bar proper, steeling herself against the sight
she most feared: her friend writhing on the floor in agony. However, the
sight that greeted her wasn't one she was prepared for.

The former Pink Ranger was writhing all right, but not on the floor and
certainly not in pain. She straddled the balance beam at center, hands
forward bracing herself, legs extended, toes pointed -- the perfect portrait
of a gymnast; however, there was much more to the picture. Kim's shorts lay
in a heap next to the springboard; her racer back top was pulled up, baring
her breasts. With her back arched, her softly rounded globes thrust forward,
her pleasure-hardened nipples taut in invitation. Kim tossed her head back,
a smile of purest delight lighting her features as her canted hips rocked
against the polished wood.

I bet they don't teach that move at Coach Schmidt's, Kat mused, mesmerized
by the unadulterated sensuality of the scene. She felt herself responding
in ways she hadn't thought possible just a short time ago but were now as
natural as the Power flowing through her veins. Kim's lithe, athletic body
with its graceful curves backlit by the dimmed lights ... her petite frame
moving with a powerful, primal rhythm ... her moans -- lush and deep --
giving voice to inexpressible sensations.....

Kat absently reached up to caress her own breasts as she watched Kim's rise
and fall enticingly with her every movement. Her breath kept time with her
friend's, and between her legs she felt the rising heat and wetness -- the
ache to know the same pleasure enrapturing Kimberly.

Kim suddenly shifted position, flowing gracefully over the beam. She lay
down on the narrow apparatus, skimming off her top as she eased herself
down. Her back arched into her caress as her hands smoothed over her bosom,
her nipples visibly erect in silhouette. Kim's legs began to move as her
hands slid down to her hips, slipping her panties over her curves. Slowly,
her legs came together; knees bending, she brought them to her chest,
enabling her to fully divest herself of her last garment. Then, she
stretched out with sensuous ease, her body forming a pleasing collection
of curves against the planes of the hardwood.

Kat licked her lips in anticipation, and her own fingers slipped under the
waistband of her denim shorts even as Kim's hands glided to the juncture of
her thighs. Kat's soft moan echoed Kim's rich, throaty sigh as she began
working her fingers across and into her moist, pink sex. Kim's fingers moved
slowly at first, then faster. One hand continued to sweetly torment her
pussy while the other returned to her breasts.

"Aahh ... yes ... mmm...!" Kim moaned with abandon, her body quickening to
her touch, her legs spread further apart as her climax drew nigh.

How does she stay on that thing? Kat marveled, watching as Kim's body
undulated with her pleasure. She felt her own legs trembling and was forced
to take a seat on the mat. Her fingers were inside her panties stroking her
own needy clit. Her eyes never left Kim as her own budding orgasm simmered
within her. She had the wildest urge to hold back and come with Kim; however,
Kim's moans were only just beginning to crescendo when the sweet fire of
orgasm exploded through every facet of Kat's being. She bit back her cries
of ecstasy as best she could, not wanting to intrude on the scene that had
driven her over the edge.

Kim's back arched impressively and her thighs clamped around her hand. A
second later, a visible shudder tore through her as her orgasm crashed over
her, and even in the throes of ultimate pleasure, there was still something
artistic in the way she moved, bucking and writhing, on the beam, somehow
maintaining her balance. The sight left Kat as breathless as her own eruption
had. Before she realized what she was doing, she heard the sound of her
applause replacing the void Kim's cries of joy had filled just moments ago.

Still gasping for air, her hands soothing her quivering body, Kim turned her
head, looking at Kat with heavy-lidded eyes smoldering yet with passion.

"Like that?" she queried, her voice thick and husky. She curled gracefully
into an upright position.

"Uh huh," Kat agreed, picking herself up off the mat. A grin tugged at her
lips as she asked, "So, what do you call that maneuver?"

"Variations on a straddle mount," Kim quipped. Her breasts still heaved with
her exertions, and her whole body glistened wetly in the low amber lighting.

"Looks like fun."

"Want to give it a try?"

Kim hopped off the beam and drew closer to Katherine, smiling invitingly.

"Sure," Kat agreed, seeing a hunger to match her own dancing in Kim's smoky
gaze. "What do I do?"

"First, you have on way too many clothes," Kim murmured, running a hand up
Kat's blouse. Kat raised her hands to undo the buttons, but Kim caught her
wrists and pulled her arms away. "Let me."

Kat shivered as Kim's fingers deftly unfastened her buttons. There was a
sensuality to her movements that she hadn't seen in any of her other lovers
on the team. Perhaps it was in the way Kim's eyes held hers the entire time;
Kat found herself melting into the velvety brown depths. So lost was she
that she wasn't even aware that Kim had finished opening her blouse until
she felt a whisper of cloth slide down her arms and flutter about her feet.
Kim's hands cupped Kat's breasts through the lacy fabric of her bra, and
Kat closed her eyes, sighing contentedly as she felt Kim's hot mouth press
against the thin material, her teeth grazing the pebble-hard nipples,
exciting Kat's desires anew.

When Kat opened her eyes, she looked down into Kim's face; Kim's moist lips
parted provocatively. The pink of her tongue peeked out, lightly grazing a
rosy, soft lip. Kim's whole being invited one to share her fire, to taste
and explore ... an invitation Kat did not want to refuse. She offered her own
mouth in exchange, and Kim accepted, engaging her in an erotic, open-mouthed
kiss, their tongues barely touching. Then slowly, oh-so-very-slowly, Kim's
tongue delved deeper -- caressed harder -- until Kat felt as if Kim was
drawing every electric sensation out of her body and into her own via their
joined mouths.

Kat's body pressed tighter against Kim's, wanting -- needing -- to feel her
hot, silky flesh against her own. As their bodies melded together, Kim's
hungry mouth worked its way down the curve of Kat's throat, leaving warm
trails of wetness down the creamy skin. Her hands brushed the straps of Kat's
bra down her shoulders and peeled the cups away to bare the quivering mounds
to the cold kiss of the air before searing the delicate swells with her
torrid mouth.

With a gasp, Kat urged Kim's face deeper into her chest, relishing the heat
of her lips and tongue and the whispery caress of Kim's hair against her
skin. Kim turned her face from side to side, nuzzling her smooth cheeks into
the valley of Kat's baby-soft breasts. The tender teasing had Kat whimpering
for more, and Kim gave it willingly, her tongue reaching out in a languid
lick, sampling the sweet softness.

"Oh, Kim," Kat purred, reveling in the warm waves of delight which rocked
her body and soul with every stroke of Kim's knowing tongue. It was as if
Kim's mouth moved over her in slow motion, bringing the flesh at the point
of contact to joyous life, exciting the skin not yet touched to quivering
in anticipation of the fiery caress, and leaving that which had been left
behind trembling with wanting to know such supreme pleasure again. The
long, slow licks gave way to Kim's lips -- and just her lips -- wrapped
around a taut, tempting bud. Then came the teeth grazing gently in a caress
so ecstatic it had Kat yearning for more.

Kat could hardly stand it any longer. She wanted to do more than simply let
Kim make love to her (and yet she was loath to have Kim stop); she wanted to
taste and touch and explore the woman pleasuring her. However, Kimberly had
already started down her trembling body again, somehow sweeping away her bra
and peeling her shorts down her hips until she was dressed in nothing but a
pair of damp panties. Kim's fingers stroked her inner thighs, brushing
against the wet cotton covering her womanhood.

"Mm, so ready...." Kim murmured heatedly, inhaling deeply and pressing her
mouth against Kat's heated sex in a quick kiss. "Come on!"

So quickly it had Kat's head spinning, Kim bounded to her feet and tugged
Katherine towards the balance beam.

"Kim!" Kat protested, wanting to be eaten, not to play on the equipment.

"Trust me," Kim whispered, brushing her lips across Kat's. "Put your hands
on the beam, press yourself up, and hold it."

Kat had a smattering of gymnastics experience -- things she had learned in
gym class -- so she had an idea of what Kim wanted. As she supported herself,
her arms trembling slightly, she felt Kim's mouth and hands on her back
slowly trailing down to her buttocks. She eased Kat's panties down until
they just barely covered her sex and nothing more.

"Toes pointed ... nice..." Kim praised, glossing her hands over Kat's exposed
cheeks. Kat felt her back arch ever so slightly as Kim's tongue traced the
same route. She shivered, loving the feel of Kim's silky touch and her hot
wet mouth on her behind.

"Keep your legs as straight as possible and swing one up over the beam,"
Kim instructed. Kat complied as best she could and soon felt the cool wood
against her hot, wet sex through the thin cotton. It wasn't exactly
comfortable, but she canted her hips as Kim had, bringing her hungry clit
in contact with the hard surface. Almost instinctively, her hips rocked
forward in a needy grind.

"Keeping your underwear on helps you slide better," Kim explained as she
helped the new Pink Ranger position her arms. Kat's back automatically
arched, forcing her breasts forwards. Posed as Kim had been, Katherine
felt excitement stirring within her, and she wondered if she looked as
erotic as Kim had in the same pose. She certainly felt sexy! She tilted
her head back, shaking out her golden hair.

"Very nice," Kim praised. "You look sooo good ...." She agilely swung
herself onto the beam, straddling it just at Kat's grip. Kim reached
forward to gently touch Kat's face, and Kat impulsively nipped at her

Kat continued rocking her hips against the beam as Kim's hands wandered
lower, brushing her fulsome breasts. She sucked in a sharp gasp as Kim
strummed her fingers across her excruciatingly tender nubs, but that was
nothing compared to the moan that burst forth from her depths as Kim
pinched her nipples hard.

"Lean back," Kimberly whispered, her lips scant millimeters from Kat's. She
could feel the movement of those soft petals against her own. Kim helped
reposition her hands to brace herself behind her, causing her breasts to
jut forward more sharply and her hips to pull back. Kat's body trembled as
Kim kissed her way down to her heaving chest. Kat's mouth parted, releasing
a throaty explosion of her need as Kim's mouth latched onto a straining bud.
Even as Kim's lips and tongue made sweet love to Kat's bosom, her hand
caressed Kat's desperate body as it glided southward until her fingers
dipped inside the barely-there panties and excited her passions to a fever

"Kim, please!" Kat entreated, finding it harder and harder to maintain her
balance as her body raced wildly towards an explosion of molten desire.

"All right," Kim agreed. She moved closer, pressing herself against Kat's
lithesome body. Slowly, she continued urging Kat back. "Lie down and hold
onto the beam above your head." As Kat did so, Kim flowed down her, their
bodies caressing hotly. "Bring your legs up and together."

Kat momentarily bobbled, but she held on as she swung her legs up as she
had seen Kim do earlier. Kim held on to her legs and helped her raise them
perpendicular to the beam. Lavishly, she ran her hands over their elegant
length, then she rolled Kat's panties over her hips and slipped them off,
tossing them aside with a flourish.

As Kim parted her legs, Kat realized that her position was not unlike being
bound. She couldn't let go of the beam unless she wanted to fall, nor could
she move around much for the same reason. Unable to touch herself or her
partner, unable to move ... she was completely at Kim's mercy, and the
thought sent an unexpected frisson of excitement shooting through her.

Kim slid her tongue down the soft, pale flesh of Kat's inner thighs,
descending with maddening patience to the profusion of golden wet curls
between Kat's legs. Then, all sensation ceased as Kim paused, depriving
Kat of her touch. Kat, her body taut with anticipation and spread open
-- vulnerable -- could no longer take the suspense. "Please, Kim ... eat

Kim's smile was hungry and predatorial as she traced a finger along the
moist, tremulous folds of Kat's slit. Kat squirmed as much as she could,
trying to work Kim's finger closer to her clitoris. She felt a snarl of
impatience curling her lips when Kim failed to cooperate; however, her
dissatisfied rumble became a startled yelp as Kim slipped a finger into
her vagina and started stroking.

A second finger joined the first as Kat bucked her hips to meet Kim's
pistoning thrusts; however, the finger fuck just wasn't doing it. Kat was
on the verge of letting go and forcing Kim's head between her legs when
she felt the exquisite tickle of Kim's soft hair brush her heated flesh
preparatory to the explosion of hot air breaking upon her anxious sex.

"Yes!" Kat shrieked when at last Kim's tongue broadly swept across her
painfully hard button. She was taken by surprise when Kim savaged her clit
with ravenous licks; she had been expecting as torturously slow a session
as everything else Kim had done thus far. Kat felt herself rapidly swept
away on the ecstatic tide surging through her body, and she barely had time
to catch a breath before her climax hit. Her vision swam, and her head
tilted back on the beam even as her body arched more bow-like as she came
with thunderous intensity, her cries ringing throughout the empty juice
bar. She'd have fallen had it not been for Kim's steadying hold.

Slowly, her body relaxed, and she gulped in deep draughts of air. As her
trembling eased, she thought Kim might cease her oral massage, but the
former Ranger continued licking -- more leisurely than before. She removed
her fingers from Kat's sopping cunt and reached up to titillate Kat's
nipples. Kim played with Kat's body until Kat felt another fiery stirring
in her blood.

"Kim, I think I'm...."

A second orgasm -- smaller, sweeter, but no less pleasurable -- broke upon
her. When the after shocks from this one ebbed, Kim finally pulled away and
helped her up. Pleasantly drained, Kat clung to Kim, trying to get her

"How was that?" Kim queried.

"You have to ask?" Kat sighed dreamily, feeling well satisfied. "So, is it
my turn to do you?"

"I was hoping you'd say that," Kim admitted, betraying her own excitement
and eagerness.

Cupping Kim's face in her hands, Katherine brought Kim's lips to hers, her
tongue darting out to taste the juice still glistening on Kim's mouth.
Slowly, she slid her tongue past Kimberly's teeth to engage her tongue in
a twining, sensual dance. Kim sighed deep into Kat's mouth as her pent-up
desires began to bubble to the surface.

"Lay down," Kat commanded just as Kim had done to her. Kim ebbed backwards
with easy grace as Kat moved over her, her predecessor’s supple flesh flowing
beneath her. Kat sat back, pouting. "No fair, she huffed. "You make that look
so easy!"

"More practice, that's all," Kim replied easily, grasping the beam above her
head, keeping her body as taut and still as Kat had.

Kat leaned over her again, this time working her lips from Kim's hot mouth
to the valley between her breasts. Even though familiar with the female form,
there was something thrilling in exploring another's body. The contrast
between the softness of the swells and their stone-hard tips ... the pleasure
just a simple touch could bring ... the heady sound of another moaning in
rapturous joy all because of a tiny brushing of the tongue .... Kat shivered
with as much delight as Kim as her mouth closed over a quivering breast.

"Mmm ... yes!" Kim cried out, her legs working around Kat's body, pulling her
closer and bracing herself at the same time.

Wish I'd have thought of that, Kat mused, feeling Kim surging against her
in all the heat of her need. Wanting Kim's sweet torment to be as exquisite
as her own had been, Kat pulled away from her breasts. When she had Kim's
attention, she slowly licked kitten-like at one aching nipple, pausing
between laps.

"You've been talking to Tommy!" Kim hissed, wriggling. Kat merely grinned
and took another leisurely lick.

"Kat ... please!" Kim begged with a desperation akin to Kat's former state.
Only then did Kat draw her tongue down Kim's quivering belly.

Kim's heady scent filled her senses as Kat drew closer to her sex, and the
Pink Ranger found herself licking her lips in anticipation of tasting Kim.
Kim's hips thrust forward, seeking satisfaction; Kat grinned, ignoring Kim's
body's entreaties, wanting to draw this out as much as possible. If Kim was
as hot as Kat suspected, she wasn't likely to last long.

To prolong the delicious agony, Kat pulled away from her lover and pressed
her legs closed. She folded Kim's knees and pressed her legs back against her
chest, causing her bottom to tilt upwards. Kat had to admit, Kim did have a
cute ass -- so nicely rounded, soft yet firm ... and as sensitive as all get
out! She glossed her hands over Kim's swelling cheeks and was rewarded with
a thick moan. Her fingers drizzled over the pale mounds, completely ignoring
the pouting lips peeking through Kim's closed thighs. Kimberly whimpered in
frustration. Grinning wickedly, Kat dipped in closer and drew her tongue
across a taut globe, and Kim nearly fell off the beam.

"Kat...!" Kim gasped. This time, Katherine took a playful nip, forcing a
squeak of delight to chirp out of Kim's throat. Sensing that Kim was at her
breaking point, Kat administered her coup de grace and ran her tongue from
Kim's crack to her juicy slit, and Kim's subsequent exhalation was more like
a growl.

With a wicked grin, Kat ran her tongue down the back of one of Kim's legs,
then she parted them, allowing her access to Kim's pink treasure. Kat's
tongue lightly played over Kim's pulsing lips, tempting and teasing. Wanton
tremors of pleasure shot through Kim's straining body, but she was unable to
give them free rein.

Kim's taste was elusive -- one moment sweet, the next tart, one flavor on
the surface, another deeper inside. The differences were so enticing that
Kat found herself delving deep within Kim's creamy folds to sample all that
Kim had to offer. However, Kim's hips ground so insistently against her
face that Kat couldn't indulge for long. She had the distinct impression
that if she didn't get Kim off soon, the gymnast would do it herself.

"All right, all right," Kat chuckled, lifting her head to shake the hair out
of her eyes.

"Oohh," Kim groaned as Kat at last applied her tongue to Kim's throbbing
clit. Kat swirled her tongue round and round in ever tightening circles
until the very tip fairly vibrated on one small spot. The sensation was so
intense, Kim lost all control. Her legs locked around Katherine once again
as she released the beam. Her hands swept across her feverish body, pausing
to caress her breasts and squeeze her nipples, exciting their painful
harness. They continued lower until she lost her fingers in Kat's silky
golden tresses. Both hands forced Kat's face deeper between her legs.

"Uuuhhhnnn!" Kim screamed as her climax hit, the recoil of her tensed
muscles pulling her up from the narrow wood. She held Kat so tightly
pressed into her as she writhed about in ecstasy that Kat couldn't have
pulled away if she wanted to. For the moment, though, she was content to
drink deeply of Kim's warm juices as they filled her mouth. Her tongue
sought to soothe the ecstatic tremors rocking Kim's pussy even as her
hands sought to do the same for Kim's spasming frame.

"Oh, God," Kim sighed, finally collapsing on the beam exhaustedly, releasing
Kat. "Mm, that was intense!"

It took both women several minutes to catch their breath and regain their

"Who knew the balance beam could be so much fun," Kat sighed with amusement.
"Is the other equipment just as entertaining?"

"I'm not sure; how about we find out? I know some awesome moves for the
floor," Kim said invitingly as she sat up. The two reached for each other
to share a warm hug, an even warmer kiss, and the incomparable sensation
of skin-on-skin -- soft breasts and taut nipples ‘kissing’ as they touched.
Hands wandered over backs and buttocks as tongues dueled anew. They drew
each other closer, seeking to meld bodies even as their passions melded.
Kim threw a leg over Kat's -- and vice versa -- allowing greater proximity.

"Oh!" Kat gasped in surprise. With her hands buried in Kim's asscheeks, she
pressed Kim's hips into her own. What caused her exclamation was the tickle
of hair against her tender, passion-swollen nether lips. She saw amazement
reflected back at her in Kim's eyes. However, surprise gave way to sensual
delight. Moans reverberated about each other's mouths as their hips began
moving, their moist slits rubbing together deliciously. Before they could
fully explore the exquisite sensations of their new position, the two were
interrupted by a familiar chime.

"Damn," Kat swore softly, but when she looked to her wrist, her communicator
was silent.

"It's Tommy," Kim murmured with more than a little frustration as she
disentangled herself. She hopped off the beam and hurried over to her gym
bag. "He gave me his old green communicator -- just in case," she explained.

"A sensible precaution," Kat agreed, since she had Kim's pink one until
Billy could finish a communicator of her own.

"Hi Tommy," Kim said.

"Hey, Beautiful. When Aisha told me you weren't home yet, I got a little

"I'm fine. In fact, we were just finishing up."


"Kat stopped by, and I was showing her some moves on the beam." The two Pink
Rangers exchanged knowing grins.

"Oh. Well ... I guess this means you won't be needing any help with your
shower," Tommy said dispiritedly.

Kim looked questioningly at Kat. It was tempting, but Kat shook her head,
and Kim's smile blossomed.

"Kat and I can manage just fine by ourselves."

They could almost see Tommy's eyebrows climbing in amazement and amusement.

"Maybe next time?" he asked, doing his best to mask his disappointment. The
girls tried to stifle their giggles.

"If you don't have to teach tomorrow, you could come by, and I'll show you
the same moves I showed Kat," Kim offered, glancing at her partner with
smoky, hungry eyes. Kat shuddered in anticipation and hoped Kim would hurry
up and finish.

"Sounds great. Call me when you get home."

"I will. Bye, Tommy." Kim signed off and tossed the communicator back in her
bag. "Now, where were we?"

"Your floor routine," Kat prompted, taking the hand Kim held out to her and
following her willingly out onto the mat.

"I'll show you some moves that'll have Tommy creaming his jeans tomorrow
night," Kim promised.

"Do I get to be there to help demonstrate?" Kat wondered.

"Hm, possibly."

"I can hardly wait!"


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