Mighy Morphin Power Rangers: Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (ff,m/ff,ir)
by Cheryl Roberts

"It was really sweet of your parents to let me stay over this weekend," Kat
said as she and Aisha headed upstairs. "Mum is still a little leery about
leaving me alone at home yet, what with all the monster attacks, but I didn't
want to miss the barbecue."

"Not a problem," Aisha said brightly. "I think Mom was surprised that neither
Rocky nor Adam were crashing here, too."

Kat smiled mischievously. "I think the boys had other plans."

"Yeah, but so do we," Aisha giggled. She barely had the door to her loft
bedroom shut when she reached for Kat and pulled her into a hot kiss.

"I just feel sorry for poor Billy," Kat gulped as the kiss left her more
than slightly breathless. Already Aisha's hands were moving across her body,
pinching her nipples through her shirt. Without even thinking, Kat mirrored
Aisha's moves, tantalizing the Yellow Ranger's erect nubs. Trading knowing,
hungry grins, they started stripping off each other's clothing. "I can't
believe he was up all night babysitting an experiment."

"You'll find that Billy does that a lot," Aisha said, taking a quick nip at
one of Kat's nipples through her bra.

"But he missed the party, and now he's going to miss all the fun with the
other guys...." Kat continued, moaning softly as Aisha nibbled on her swollen

"Don't worry, I'm sure the guys will make it up to him," Aisha assured her.
"Now, speaking of fun...." She paused to wetly lick Kat's torso from
breastbone to belly button, making her squirm. "... mmm, I was hoping to get
to do you tonight!"

She noted that Kat's eyes were shut and her head was lolling back as her
dark fingers traversed her companion's body. She remembered earlier in the
afternoon ... Kat had been trippin' so badly that she'd practically jumped
Aisha when she'd promised her some fun during their sleep over.

"So, girlfriend, are we gonna talk all night, or are we gonna fool around?"
In response, Kat shoved her back onto the daybed/couch.

"I need to come!" she growled hungrily, staring down into Aisha's eyes
lustily as she pinned her.

Yep, major trip! Aisha mused feistily as Kat kissed her hard.

Aisha let Kat have her way, and the Pink Ranger hungrily began nibbling down
her body. However, Kat was almost too anxious to have her partner. She tried
to kiss everywhere at once, never lingering, teasing without satisfying
either of them.

"Whoa, girl!" Aisha chuckled, urging Kat's head up.

"Did I do something wrong?" Kat panted.

"Naw," Aisha said dismissively, not wanting to hurt Kat's feelings. She knew
what it was like to be so desperate for relief and so eager to please that
you didn't know what to do. "I just thought you might like to try something

"Like what?" Kat wondered eagerly.

The glaze in her partner's azure eyes was such that Aisha suspected Kat
would agree to anything as long as she got off. "A sixty-nine. This way, we
can do each other, take the edge off your trip, then take our time to enjoy

"All right," Kat agreed readily, anxious to learn new ways to pleasure her
partners better.

"Why don't you be on top," Aisha suggested as she stretched out on the
daybed. She preferred being on the bottom; it gave her a better angle, and
she'd be able to eat Kat more thoroughly. "Sit on my face."

"Um ... like this?" Kat queried, straddling her friend's head so that she
was facing down Aisha's body.

Aisha adjusted her position slightly and tucked a throw pillow under her
head. Then, she grabbed a hold of Kat's hips. "Perfect. Now, just lay across
me until you can reach my pussy ...."

Kat complied, and Aisha cut loose with a contented "mmm" as her teammate's
tongue slid across her heated flesh. However, she didn't want to lose herself
too much in her own pleasure. Kat was already trying to grind against her

Aisha slipped her fingers between her face and Kat's pussy (it was so hard
to stifle her snicker over that!) and stroked the soft, moist folds; Kat was
super heated and super wet! Aisha felt Kat's bottom wiggle as she petted the
pink flesh. Slowly, she dipped her fingers into her teammate's hungry slit.
Ooh, Kat was so tight! She felt her partner's murmur of approval vibrate
through her own sex as she pumped her digits in and out.

"Please, Aisha, I want to feel your tongue on my clit!" Katherine gasped,
tossing her head back and arching her spine.

Mom always got on me about playing with my food! Aisha reflected bemusedly,
removing her fingers and licking them clean. Kat sure was delicious! Finally,
she stroked her tongue over the petal-soft skin just as she had with her
fingers. She hadn't even connected with Kat's pleasure pearl and the Pink
Ranger was already bearing down hard on her face.

"Ohh, Aisha!" Kat moaned in perfect bliss.

"Not so loud, my folks are home," Aisha cautioned around her mouthful of
pussy. Her tongue licked every inch of Kat's juicy cunt, and she playfully
flicked her oral organ over the hardened kernel of Kat's clit, driving her
deeper and deeper into a quivering frenzy. As for her own pleasure, Kat had
all but forgotten about her hot mound, but Aisha didn't mind. She could
wait -- Kat couldn't.

As her teammate writhed above her, Aisha's hands wandered about until she
was caressing and squeezing Kat's pretty, pale cheeks. She had such a soft,
silky bottom ... Billy would love it, the Yellow Ranger mused, recalling
her teammate's fondness for a pleasing posterior. Aisha gave those sweet
cheeks a pinch and discovered something else about Kat's ass: it was really
sensitive -- if her deep rumbling moans of enjoyment were any indication.
Let's see ....

It was a bit of a stretch, but Aisha managed to reach far enough around
Kat's body to run her fingers down the crack between those rippling swells.
As her fingers teased the puckered opening of her teammate's bottom, a
massive tremor shot through Kat's body, and she reared up with a yelp of

"And I thought Tommy had a sensitive ass!" Aisha mused with wicked glee.

"Aisha!" Kat whimpered. No one had ever played with her bum before; she
never expected it to feel so good. "Please ...!"

Grinning, Aisha wriggled about until she pushed herself far enough back to
get her shoulders between Kat's spread knees. Inserting a couple of fingers
into her partner's pussy to keep it happy, Aisha applied her tongue to the
valley between the peaches-n-cream swells.

"Oh lord!" Kat moaned, unable to keep still as her teammate, with fiendish
delight, thoroughly tongued her ass.

The Yellow Ranger did her best not to remove her fingers from her companion's
sopping cunt as Kat's pumping hips made it difficult to maintain her
purchase. Still, Aisha loved a challenge! To that end, she stiffened her
tongue and thrust the shaped point into the Pink Ranger's crinkled opening.

"FUCK!" Kat rasped, and Aisha nearly lost it to a fit of giggles. Hearing the
f-word coming out of Katherine's mouth with her oh-so-proper accent was too
much; it was almost as funny as hearing Billy use it!

Kat couldn't believe what she was feeling as Aisha's torrid tongue pushed
past her sphincter; her whole body was on fire! She felt herself bucking hard
against Aisha's face; the sensations ripping through her were almost too
intense. With a gasp, she fell forward across her partner, unable to support
herself any longer, and dislodged Aisha's tongue. As she sucked in needy
breaths, she was grateful for the respite. She also couldn't believe she
hadn't come yet!

Aisha knew Kat was on the brink --and she knew exactly what to do to send her
over the edge. She removed her well-lubed fingers from Kat's pussy and once
again focused her tongue on Kat's clit. Then, she started working her wet
digits into Kat's virgin hole.

"Aisha, what are ... oh. My. GOD!"

With unexpected suddenness, Kat rammed her hips back, causing Aisha's
fingers to plunge into her ass. Aisha hadn't meant to be so rough, but Kat's
accompanying scream had more of pleasure about it than pain.

"Don'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstop!" Kat begged, rocking herself against Aisha's
fingers and tongue frantically. She had thought having Adam's and Rocky's
cocks in her pussy had felt good, but this ...!

Kat's keening began to get too loud, and Aisha handed her the pillow from
behind her head. When Kat's orgasm exploded through her, she screamed into
the cushion and bore down fiercely on Aisha's fingers, nearly forcing them
out -- but Aisha had fingered more than one ass in her time! She knew how
to keep them in place. Even so, she had to admit that Kat was going wild
above her.

When at last the tremors faded and Kat all but collapsed, Aisha freed her
mouth and fingers and said, "Wow."

"Oh, God, Aisha," Kat gulped in a choked sob. "That was almost too powerful!"

"Damn, I've never seen a woman get off on having her ass fucked like that!"
Aisha giggled.

"I--I never knew ... I ...."

"The guys are going to love this!"

Kat gave her a weak smile, and she rolled off her teammate. Then she recalled
the purpose of the sixty-nine. "I'm sorry, Aisha; I got so caught up in what
you were doing to me that I completely forgot about you."

"That's okay. You can return the favor now; watching your ass fuck my fingers
was pretty ...."

Aisha paused in mid-sentence as she heard a very loud snore.

"What the ...?" she gasped, scrambling up from the daybed.

"We're not alone?" Kat queried, following her.

"Looks that way." However, Aisha had no idea who else would be in the room
with them. If it'd been Rocky, he certainly wouldn't have been sleeping; he'd
have been jerking off or trying to join in.

"Someone's in your bed," Kat said, indicating the lump under the comforter.

"We were so eager to get started we never even noticed," Aisha mused. The
girls tiptoed closer, and Aisha yanked the covers back.

"Billy!" they gasped simultaneously. The Blue Ranger was quite contentedly
snoring away in Aisha's bed.

"I'll be damned," Aisha murmured quietly.

"I thought he went home," Kat remarked.

"I bet Mom told him he could lay down up here so he wouldn't have to try and
drive home while he was so tired."

"Poor thing must be really exhausted."

"I'll say. I can't believe he slept through your orgasm!"

The two laughed softly.

"Should we wake him up?" Kat asked.

"Probably. Mom would have a cow if a guy spent the night in my bed."

"It seems a shame, though. He looks so cute."

"Yeah, and by the looks of it, he's having a pretty good dream, too!" Aisha
snickered, regarding the ample bulge in Billy's jeans.

"Oh, my!" Kat gasped, a hand going to her mouth as her eyes widened with

"You haven't been with Billy yet?"

Kat shook her head. "Until tonight, I hadn't been with you. And I haven't
been with Billy or Tommy yet."

"Then you're in for a treat. Here, cop a feel," Aisha instructed.

Timidly, Kat ran her hand over the burgeoning lump. "He feels huge!"

As she continued rubbing him, Billy moaned softly.

"Tommy can drill you the deepest; Adam lasts the longest; Rocky is the most
fun, but Billy will really fill you up," Aisha said. "Come on and give me a

"With what?"

"Stripping him."

"Should we? I mean, he looks really out of it."

"You were the one who felt sorry for him because he was missing out on all
the fun. Besides, I bet you'd love to try him out."

"Well ...." Kat hesitated just a moment longer, her fingers still caressing
Billy's thick cock. She could feel it twitching beneath the denim. "Oh ...
what the hell."

"You take care of getting him unzipped; I'll get his shirt unbuttoned."

Kat couldn't believe her excitement as she unfastened the snap and eased the
zipper down. She tested Billy's hardness through his underwear, and she could
feel the burn of her own need coursing through her veins again.

Aisha finished with the buttons and bared Billy's chest. She glanced over at
Kat, who was still stroking Billy's imprisoned dick. Oh, she was going to
love this!

"Let's get his pants off," Aisha directed. Between the two of them, they
peeled his jeans over his hips and down his legs.

"I'm surprised he hasn't woken up yet," Kat observed.

"He's probably like Rocky. Rocky can sleep through anything except a blowjob
-- and the smell of his mother's cooking," Aisha said. "Let's get his BVDs

"Are you going to give Billy a blowjob?" Kat wondered, feeling a surge of
devilish delight at the thought. She hoped Aisha would let her watch so she
could get some pointers.

"Eventually, but there's an even better way to wake Billy up."

Curious, Kat watched as Aisha sidled up along Billy's left side; she motioned
for her to do likewise on the right. Next, Aisha ran her hands lightly over
the Blue Ranger's pecs, and Billy moaned in his sleep.

"Billy's nipples are incredibly sensitive," Aisha explained with an evil
grin. So saying, she swiped her tongue wetly across the tiny nub. Almost
instantly, a tremor shot through his body.

Intrigued, Kat attacked the small pink nipple on her side, which elicited a
groan from the sleeping genius. Trading grins, the two began licking their
somnambulant comrade in earnest. His groans continued to grow in intensity,
and his body began to move. His hips bucked forward as if he were driving
his throbbing organ into aninvisible partner. As one, the girls reached for
Billy's cock and began stroking him. He swelled hotly in their grasps;
orgasm was imminent.

"Uhhnn ... don't stop ... please ... I ... I ... Aisha?"

Billy opened his eyes with some semblance of coherency; however, it was
momentarily obliterated as the Yellow Ranger bit down on his responsive
knot, and he shot a forceful stream of come onto his stomach. The girls
stifled giggles as Billy struggled with whether to address his confusion
or wallow in euphoria.

"Aisha? Kat? What are you two doing here?" he demanded, still somewhat

"And the Yellow Bear said, 'Someone's been sleeping in my bed, and he's
still there!'" Aisha chortled.

"Huh?" Slowly it began to sink in that he wasn't in his own bed. "I'm sorry,
Aisha; I didn't intend to...."

"That's all right," Aisha murmured, pressing him back onto her bed even as
he tried to scramble out of it. "You're right where we want you."

"I am?"

"As long as you're here, you might as well join the party," she continued.
She shot Kat a mischievous grin. "Right?"

"Uh, right," Kat agreed diffidently, not quite sure she was following her

"I appreciate the invitation, ladies, but at the moment, I am presently in
no condition to 'party,'" Billy pointed out.

"Don't worry; we'll take care of that," Aisha assured him, her eyes gleaming

"'We'll?'" Kat whispered nervously.

"Sure. Three-ways are a lot of fun," Aisha claimed as she motioned Kat to
follow her down the length of Billy's body. "In fact, when I first found out
I'd have to have sex or go nuts, I had a threesome with Adam and Rocky;
afterwards, we all wondered why we hadn't tried it before." More softly, she
added, "Billy will never admit to it, but he really gets into kinky things.
Watching two women kiss and stuff really gets his hormones in an uproar."

Kat had to admit that it sounded like fun.

"Trust me. Besides, don't you want to have his thick dick in your mouth?"

Kat's eyes lit up at the prospect.

Aisha reached across Billy's hips and pulled Kat into a heated kiss,
purposefully trading tongues as her fingers lost themselves in Kat's silken
hair. With her free hand, she reached for Billy's cock; it was already
showing signs of new life.

"Suck 'im," Aisha urged, breaking off the increasingly heated liplock, and
Kat eagerly acquiesced.

Her mouth was stretched to the limit, but it was remarkably satisfying to be
so full. To her dismay, she couldn't take him in as far as she wanted. With
a frustrated whimper, Kat backed off and began licking him from tip to base.
Once he was no longer ensconced in Kat's mouth, Aisha joined in the tongue

Billy was in an absolute frenzy of sexual bliss. His body writhed wantonly
under the wet assault of the two tongues, and he articulated his joy, moaning
with abandon. Those moans dropped at least an octave every time the two
tongues tangoed around his tool.

"You weren't kidding," Kat murmured as she slipped her tongue free of Aisha's
oral embrace. "He really is getting off on watching us."

Aisha smiled lasciviously. "So, you want first crack at him? He's good 'n

"Why don't you go first," Kat suggested. "You haven't come yet ...."

... and he's wide enough to make you a little nervous, so you want to see
someone else take him first, Aisha finished for her silently. She had no
objections to doing Billy first; man, she was dying to have a cock inside
her right now!

"You ready, Billy?" Aisha challenged.

"Always," he quipped jauntily. "The question is, are you ready for me?"

Aisha laughed. "You've been hanging around Rocky too much!"

"Actually, I suspect that it has more to do with the fact that I don't quite
have all my faculties about me at the present."

"Oh, just shut up and eat me," she grumbled good-naturedly as she straddled
his face.

"With pleasure."

Katherine watched in amazement. She could scarcely believe she was in bed
with two of her teammates and watching them have sex. Furthermore, she
couldn't believe how much the sight of Aisha playing with her breasts as
she rode Billy's face and the sight of Billy's fingers pressing into Aisha's
dark cheeks was exciting her. Her fingers brushed across her own pulsing
points even as she tentatively continued to stroke Billy's thick prick.

"Oh yeah, Billy," Aisha gasped as Billy probed her folds with his
characteristic thoroughness. Her breath was already coming out in short,
excited pants, and she was circling her hips on his face in a serious
grind. However, as much as she loved riding his mouth, she wanted to ride
his cock even more.

Billy whimpered his disappointment as Aisha backed off his face; he'd been
enjoying his tasty treat. She silenced him with a plundering kiss.

"Now, which would you rather have up my tight pussy -- your tongue or your
cock?" she chided as she oozed her way down the nicely muscled lines of his
body and settled herself over his groin.

Aisha cast a glance over at Kat, who was watching intently with lust-glazed
eyes and playing with herself, and she recalled the first time she had ever
really watched two of her friends get it on. It had made her so hot she
almost couldn't see straight, and the first time she'd ever joined Kim in a
threeway .... She grinned at the memory (come to think of it, Billy had been
the guy!), and it gave her a splendid idea of what to do for Kat.

Normally, Aisha loved getting the guy's dick in place and just dropping down,
impaling herself, but the 'slow burn' was almost as much fun. Aisha readied
Billy's cock, and in a slow, controlled descent, she lowered herself onto his
throbbing rod. She could feel every inch as it slid into her tingling twat,
spreading her open and filling her up with a searing fire that threatened to
flare into a raging inferno at any moment. As her cunt eagerly devoured
Billy's dick, Aisha's gaze never left Kat's flushed face until Billy was
buried balls-deep and she all but swooned with satisfaction.

Kat found herself in need of air as Aisha took all of Billy's impressive
girth. She hadn't even realized she'd been holding her breath. Her teammate's
face all but glowed with her pleasure, and both Rangers moaned their mutual
rapture in perfect harmony. However, the sensual pause was fleeting. Aisha
raised up then slammed down on Billy hard, causing her to squeal with delight
and the whole of her amply curvaceous body to jiggle enticingly.

Aisha and Billy rocked together frenetically (her pace, not his, Kat soon
realized); however, Kat found she could no longer sit by and watch. The way
Aisha's breasts bounced with every stroke was mesmerizing, and the urge to
squeeze them in her hands, to tease and kiss the taut chocolate-colored buds
was almost overpowering. Even so, she didn't want to interfere with her
friends' pleasure. Then, Kat felt Aisha's eyes on her.

"Please, Kat?" Aisha entreated, and it was all the encouragement Kat needed.
She accepted the Yellow Ranger's invitation to join her and the Blue Ranger.
With a grin, she crawled over and knelt behind Aisha. Pressing her front to
her friend's back, Kat reached around to cup the bouncing swells she had
found so enticing.

"Mm, yes!" Aisha growled as Kat's fingers pinched her aching nipples. She
practically purred as her teammate tried to kiss her neck, but Kat hadn't
quite matched her and Billy's rhythm. As for Billy, his gaze was riveted to
her chest where Kat's fingers stood in stark contrast to the globes she
fondled. The look in his heavy-lidded eyes was one of pure lust.

"Mm, swing around here so I can kiss you," Aisha moaned; she just had to
have Kat's tongue in her mouth! Kat complied, flowing around and straddling
Billy's torso. She faced Aisha and readily met her hot mouth. Almost as soon
as the kiss commenced, both women had their hands all over each other --
tweaking nipples, squeezing breasts and the hot, wet treasure between each
other's legs.

"Ohh," Aisha heard Billy softly moan, and it was difficult not to grin as
she felt his pulsing prick swell within her well-juiced pussy. She knew
exactly what had inspired that particular noise: his fondness for a gorgeous
ass (something else he'd never admit to!). Aisha didn't know how many times
he'd almost lost it just by running his hands over her fulsome cheeks. And
while he wasn't particularly fond of tonguing someone's ass, if properly
inspired, he would kiss and nibble until he fairly drove you nuts.
Considering what she thought of Kat's bottom, Billy was faced with a real
treat, and considering how much Kat liked having her butt played with ...
This ought to be good!

"Oh!" Kat gasped as she felt Billy's hands at her hips, pulling her towards
his face.

"Magnificent," he murmured, smoothing his hands over her creamy globes, and
Kat all but purred as she settled back. It wasn't long before she felt
something soft and wet stroke her cheeks, and she moaned throatily.

"Billy eating your ass?" Aisha queried knowingly as Kat trembled in her arms
and her face all but glowed.

"It feels so incredi ... BLE!" she finished with a yelp.


"He just stuck his tongue up my bum ... oohhh!"

Aisha's eyebrows arched as she peered over Kat's shoulder. Sure enough, Billy
was seriously tongue-fucking Kat's tight hole. The sight sent a flood of fire
unexpectedly shooting through her veins -- enough to finally send her over
the edge into a major orgasm.

She clasped Kat to her as she climaxed, screaming her pleasure into the Pink
Ranger's mouth. Almost at the same time, Billy shifted to tonguing Kat's
pussy, and Kat gripped Aisha fiercely as her second explosion rocked her
lithesome frame. Billy, however, didn't join in the orgasmic moment.

"Do you think you have one more in you?" Billy asked of Kat as she and Aisha
melted into a puddle of soft skin and sweet curves on top of him.

"I think we can convince her," Aisha piped up.

"I don't know, you two," Kat murmured sleepily; she felt positively drained.

"Aw, come on. Billy saved his come for you and everything," Aisha pouted.

Kat glanced up at Billy who regarded her with bashful hopefulness. It was a
side of him she hadn't seen before -- and couldn't resist.

"Oh, why not."

"Just lay back and relax," Billy advised.

"If she does that, she's liable to fall asleep," Aisha snorted.

"Who is making love to Katherine here -- you or me?" Billy queried with

"Fine," Aisha said, sitting back and holding her hands up in surrender. "I
guess you don't want me making any suggestions -- like doing her from behind
because she's never tried it before and you always get in deeper that way --

"Are you two going to have a debate or is one of you going to fuck me?" Kat
demanded, her still-considerable appetite making her impatient.

"If you want to be fucked, talk to Billy," Aisha retorted. "He's the one
with the dick."

"I seem to recall a certain 'toy' you have in your possession that works
just as well as the real thing --or so you said," Billy jibed slyly, and
Aisha grinned broadly when she caught Kat's inquiring expression.

"A vibrating toy is no match for a good cock," she replied.

Kat whimpered supplicatingly at that. Billy leaned forward to kiss her,
gently easing her back onto the bed. Aisha stayed out of his way as he
feasted on Kat's sweet tits and luscious body. She contented herself with
stroking her still-quivering pussy in anticipation of what was to come.

Billy definitely had a talented mouth; Kat sighed contentedly as his knowing
lips nibbled their way down to her sex. Yet, as much as she wanted to feel
his tongue on her clit again, her cunt ached with wanting to be filled with
his dick.

"Billy, please ... fuck me!" she entreated, forcing his head from where it
was nestled between her legs. As he moved his hips into position, Kat wrapped
her long limbs around his waist; her hips pumped forward as his thrust down,
and his engorged rod spread her wide open.

"Oh, God!" she gasped as he gently but steadily buried himself in her pussy.
It was a good thing she'd come twice so that she was loose enough to take him
all in. He stroked her slowly until she fairly growled with frustration as
she arched her body more forcefully into his.

"I think she's ready for ya, Big Boy," Aisha tittered. She leaned over Kat
and kissed her. "Aren't ya, Hon? You're ready to take that fat cock as hard
as he can give it to you."

"Oh, yes!" she hissed wantonly.

"Care to try Aisha's suggestion?"

The Yellow Ranger saucily stuck her tongue out at him, but Billy blithely
ignored her.

"Sounds like fun," Kat agreed.

Moments later, Kat was on her hands and knees, her ass anxiously thrust
towards Billy's rampant anatomy.

"Magnificent," he murmured a second time as he slid his hand over her cheeks,
his caress sending chills racing through her body.

"Billy!" Kat demanded, wriggling her bottom invitingly at him. Bracing one
hand on the small of her back, he guided his cock to her eager entrance with
the other. He slipped the head in and waited. Then, just as the anticipation
became too great for Kat, he drove home with a mighty thrust.

"Uuhhhnnn!" Kat groaned, rocking forward until she was face first in Aisha's
pillows, moaning out her pleasure.

As Billy drilled Kat hard, her cheeks slapping loudly against his loins,
Aisha scrambled around behind him, petting his taut cheeks. That evoked a
satisfied purr from him, and he moaned harder still as she reached down to
gently play with his balls.

He slowed his frantic pounding to help Kat up from the pillows and eased her
back until she was sitting upright on his thighs while he rested back on his
heels. Her hands reached back to cup his butt as his reached around to cup
her breasts. As his fingers teased her rock-hard tits, her headed canted
back, her hair cascading down his shoulder. Her throat was exposed to his
hungry mouth, and he took advantage of her vulnerability, devouring her
tender neck.

Kat moaned in utter bliss as she rode Billy's lap. Yet, as much as she
enjoyed him kissing and touching her, she longed to feel the burn of his
wide organ splitting her juicy folds. Unable to do more than moan in
helpless pleasure, she drove her hips back into his with greater urgency.
As she hoped, he responded. He pushed her forward roughly and slammed his
dick in deep.


Of course, it helped that Aisha was driving Billy wild by playing with his
nipples. Soon, her fellow teammates were grinding together with primal
intensity. Mischief gleamed in her eyes as she abandoned her pursuit of
Billy to goad Kat on further. Her touches and kisses soon had Kat enflamed
to the point where she teetered on the razor's edge of a massive orgasm.

"Want me to stick something up your ass?" Aisha hissed into her ear.

"Oh, please!" Kat pleaded, recalling how incredible Aisha's fingers had felt
buried in her backside. "Oh, God, I want something in my ass!"

"You heard the lady," Aisha informed Billy, smiling as she retrieved a bottle
of lubricant from her nightstand drawer.

"Y-you can't be serious," he gasped.

"What would you like, Kat? A couple of fingers? Billy's cock ...?"

"Oh, would you, Billy? Would you fuck my ass?" Kat asked, absolutely wild at
the thought.

"He thought you'd never ask," Aisha snickered as Billy shot her a disgruntled
look. "Oh, what's with that face?" she whispered in his ear. "We both know
you like doing my ass almost more than you like doing my pussy."

"If she's never had anal sex before, I'm liable to hurt her," Billy insisted
through gritted teeth.

Aisha was already applying the slick fluid to Kat's quivering cheeks. "Trust
me on this one."

Billy pulled out and rubbed his dick between Kat's cheeks. Every time his
generous tip teased her pink hole, Kat gasped and wiggled even harder against
him, and she whimpered with disappointment when Aisha interrupted their play
to slather lube all over Billy's shaft.

Kat was all a-quiver with anticipation. Then, she felt the pressure of the
soft cap against her opening, and she willed her muscles to relax, to accept
the pleasurable invasion. She knew she should have felt some sort of
discomfort, but instead, all she felt was a mind-blowing, sense-numbing fire
that radiated outward from her deepest reaches to engulf her entire body.

"Unbelievable," Billy moaned, sliding his wide organ into Kat's virgin hole
more easily than he'd imagine possible. Yet, for all the ease of entrance,
she held him tightly, exerting the most delightfully intense pressure he'd
ever felt on his anatomy. The two moaned in sheer ecstasy as Billy ventured
his first stroke.

"I'm not going to last long," Billy cautioned as he began to piston Kat more

"M-me either," Kat rasped.

Just as the two hit their most intense stride, Aisha slipped one lube-slick
finger past Billy's sphincter, and she rubbed another over Kat's clit. The
two climaxed almost simultaneously, crying out so loudly that Aisha began to
worry about her folks overhearing.

When Billy extricated himself from Kat's exquisite ass and the two collapsed
in an exhausted muddle, Aisha snuggled up alongside Billy.

"So, was this fun or what?" she asked brightly, propping herself up on
Billy's sweat-slick chest.

"Mm, we'll have to do this again some time," Kat purred appreciatively.

"Definitely," Billy agreed.

"What about tomorrow?" Aisha suggested. "If you think your lab can handle
you being gone for an entire afternoon, why don't you join us on our trip to
the mall."

"That's a wonderful idea!" Kat exclaimed. "We're doing lunch and a movie."

"No shopping?" Billy queried warily, and Aisha slapped his abs playfully.

"Rocky'll be there, too," Kat continued.

"Kat can be your date, and I can be Rocky's or vice versa. Or if you'd
prefer, you can be Rocky's date, and Kat and I ...."

"Aisha!" Kat giggled. "Say you'll come, Billy."

"I'd be happy to," he acquiesced.

"Great!" Aisha cheered.

"A word of warning," Billy offered to Kat in a stage whisper. "When Rocky
and Aisha get together, there's no telling what might happen."

"Hey!" Aisha protested. "Any more comments like that, and you guys can sleep
on the floor!"


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