My Parents Are Aliens: Mel The Sex Kitten Part 1 (ff,f-mast,inc,f-dom)
by Carltos Cool

Melanie was particularly nasty to everyone in her own family secretly she
regretted this. Really she cared about all of them so much although she never
had the ability to show this.

It was not just her family she was nasty too Trent her friend had always
received negative comments from Mel but he got used to this.

"Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Beep Beep" Lucy's alarm clock rang out. "Ughhh Lucy
it's half 6 what are you doing?" Mel said barely able to make sense.

"I've got to study for a test at school," Lucy moaned.

"Swot" Mel said wretchedly.

Mel then went back to sleep.

She awoke much later at 8:00. Mel had the best dream. "Mmm I'm
getting desperate," Mel said two-facedly.

After School Mel came home from school, "Hi Mel" Sophie said happily.

"er... Yeah" Mel said in her usual way.

Mel went upstairs straight to her bedroom. Rapidly getting undressed Mel then
started to feel her breasts, "My breasts are so big...god how I want someone
to suck them," she said sexually. "Awe well," Mel said disappointedly, "I
suppose my hands will have to do for now," Mel said.

Mel laid down on the bed and started to finger her pussy. Mel being was a
virgin...and although she didn't show it she was desperate for sex.

"Ohh Yeah ohh god," Mel shouted as she was climaxing.

"Mel! What are you doing," Lucy said dramatically.

Mel got up and shut the door. "Listen here Lucy you shut up and do as I say,"
Mel said. Mel laid back down on the bed "Eat my pussy out Lucy...NOW!" Mel
said with a big smile on her face.

"Oh yes drink my juice slut," Mel said nearing yet another orgasm.
Mel then squirted all over Lucy. "You liked that you little slut sister of
mine didn't you," Mel said.

"Mel you tasted me out" Lucy replied.

"Yeah, right," said Mel.

Lucy was disappointed as she left the bedroom quickly heading to the

* * *

Early next morning Mel had awoken after another wet dream. Today was Saturday
and Mel then realised that everyone had gone to town for a couple of hours.

Mel was bored...then something came to her. In the midst of hornyess she
phone Frankie who lived next door. "Hey Frankie what to come round for a few
hours?" Mel asked Frankie.

"O...o...fff course Mmmmel" Frankie mumbled.


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