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Date: 05/18/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, male solo sex, male/female sex, rape, strong language,
graphic violence

Category: Het

Pairing: m/f

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Other Notes: This dialogue-only story is based on one of the recent episodes

Summary: A 16-year-old high-school student goes on THE MAURY POVICH SHOW and
starts telling the entire studio audience about her being sexually-violated
by her social studies teacher.

Dedication: I hope that this story would also cause each and every type of
school in the entire United States to think twice about hiring any teachers
without doing a security check on them first. That's all. -- ATK 2006

Maury Povich Show: My Teacher Had Violated Me
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Hello, everyone! And welcome to the Maury Povich Show! Today's subject is
child molestors and the victims who were afraid to tell anyone else about
their attacker's assults on them. Now, our first guest was once a proud
honor student at Berea High School without so much as a black mark on her
record. But that was before the day of May 18th, when a beautiful
16-year-old girl named Gail Breslin had no choice, but to allow herself
to be sexually-violated in order to remain loyal to her best friend. Ladies
and Gentlemen, please welcome Gail to our show.

* * *

Gail, let me just say that I'm so glad that you had decided to follow the
advice of your mother, Diane and your father, Steve to come on this show
and tell all of us about your sexual-violation ordeal at the hands of your
high-school teacher. So, why don't you take a deep breath and tell us all
about it?

Well, it had all started at the social studies classroom of Mister Jim
Wolska, where I was sitting next to my best friend in the whole world, Joan
Gideon. And at first, there has been no problems between him and all of his
classmates, who had thought of him as just being a likeable guy.

In other words, you had figured -- at first -- that the teacher who had
molested you was nothing more than just a real Prince Charming and there was
nothing wrong with him. Is that it?

Yes, that's really what I had figured at first. But that was until he had
suddenly slipped a note on my desk, which had asked me to remain after class
because he had wanted to talk to me about something that I was not aware of
at the time. I had shown the note to Joan and asked her what I should do
about it.

And after you had shown her the note, what type of advice had Joan given you?

Well, after she had looked at the note, Joan had placed her hand on my
shoulder and told me that I should do as he says in order to find out what
it was that he had wanted to see me about. Just then, after all of the other
classmates had left the room and he had closed the door behind them, Mister
Wolska had walked up to me and began to accuse me of helping Joan cheat on
each and every test that he had given all of his students, which was not

But you had no way of proving it, because it had became his word against
yours. Am I saying that right?

Yes, you had said it right. Of course, he had also told me that he would be
willing to keep his mouth shut under one condition... that I would allow him
to have hot, steamy sex with me. And after I had given that idea some thought
and realized that my friendship with Joan was a lot more important than my
own personal safety, I had taken a deep breath and told him that I had agreed
with his proposal.

Okay, Gail. It looks like you were leaking out some tears. So, before you
continue telling us about the sexual-violation that you had suffered at the
hands on your high-school teacher, would you like us to give you a tissue
and a drink of water?

No, thank you. I think I'll be okay. Anyway, after he had taken all of his
clothes off and started stroking his stiff cock right in front of me, he had
kneeled himself down to me, made me open my legs and slipped my panties off
of me in order to start licking on my pussy. I had really wanted to let out
a scream in order to get him to stop sucking on my snatch and touching my
entire body, but I was unable to do so, because I was still unable to see
Joan get into any trouble.

Look, Gail. We're going to go to a commercial break. All you need to do now
is just take it easy and try to get yourself together. Okay? Stay tuned,
Ladies and Gentlemen! We'll be right back.

* * *

Okay, Everybody!We're back with our first guest, Gail Breslin, who is now
going to tell us the rest of the story about her sexual-violation ordeal
with her Berea High School social studies teacher, Mister Jim Wolska. Are
you okay to tell us the rest of your story now, Gail?

I think that I'll be okay, Maury. Anyway, after he had lifted me off of my
seat and placed me down on the floor of the classroom, Mister Wolska had
told me to take all of my clothes off and start sucking on his stone hard
dick. And as long as I was still unable to ruin my friendship with Joan, I
had stripped off all of my clothes and started sucking on his cock, while
he had continued licking on my cunt. And even though I had tried as hard
as I had possibly could to resist it, a sudden wave of pure sexual pleasure
had came over my own body and caused me to start enjoying it.

It's okay, Gail. It's okay for you to cry. Just take it easy and take a nice
deep breath. Are you feeling okay now?That's good. Okay, all you need to do
now is try to tell us what happened to you next. Could you do that?

Yes, Maury. I think I could do that. Anyway, after he had placed his stiff
cock inside my asshole and used each of his hands to carress both my tits
and snatch, I had no choice, but to place my hands on his bare arms and
told him that I had wanted that freaking son-of-a-bitch to touch and fuck
the living shit out of me and continue to do so until the both of us had

Were you finally able to tell your mom and dad about what your teacher had
done to you in spite of what he had said that he was going to do to your best
friend's academic record?

Yes! He was a janitor at the school! And after I had told him everything, he
had placed his hands on my arms and told me to go straight home and just do
my homework for school tomorrow!And as soon as he had finally gotten home
and told me and my mom that he had grabbed that fucking son-of-a-bitch by the
throat and slammed him really hard against a wall three times, it had caused
me to let out a hearty doze of laughter, because that heartless piece-of-shit
had finally gotten what he had deserved!

Well, Gail. If you were to ask me, I really do agree with you. As for that
piece-of-shit who had sexually-violated you, the local police had gotten a
hold of him at Southwest General Hospital and placed him under arrest for
sexually-assulting a minor. And if my personal calculations are correct,
you don't have to worry about him doing what he had done to you to any
other girl for a long time.

Oooohhhh! Thank you so very much for telling me that, Maury!

You're quite welcome, Gail. And I also hope that you and your family would
continue to be able to put all of that ugliness behind you and continue
enjoying your lives together. We still have more guests on today's Maury
Povich Show, so stay tuned. We'll be right back.



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