some chapters NC-17 for M/F and F/F sex

Synopsis: What if an undercover Questar had been the one to meet G Girl?
What would happen if the goddess Apella a.k.a. Golden Girl got jealous of
G Girl? Can anyone say super catfight?

My Super Ex-Girlfriend; G Girl Vs Golden Girl! Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Questar hated New York. He hated everything about the city. His native L.A.
was big, but it was spread out. Here, with people so cramped together, well,
it seemed unnatural. Having to work out of New York was one of the reasons
he hadn't joined the second team of G.O.L.D. as a full time member.

He didn't really have a secret identity because even his closest friends
didn't know his real name. Anyone who had ever known him except his brother,
his parents, and his 'spirit brother', had long ago, through mystic, mental,
and scientific means, forgotten him. It was as if he didn't exist. Even the
F.B.I., C.I.A., and Interpol knew him only as Questar.

In California and the Orient he was famous. In New York, he could just be
anybody. A total unknown in a city teaming with meta-humans. Wearing civilian
clothes he was just one of countless faceless denizens. It made him perfect
for this secret mission.

A fake slouch and slightly too large clothes partially hid his 6' 5", and
muscular martial arts/gymnast build. He was a very handsome man, but there
were lots of handsome men in this city. No, here he would barely get a
second glance.

Dr. Gion. A 98 pound megalomaniac with a 250 I.Q. This puny runt had come
within 30 seconds of wiping out the entire west coast and defeating G.O.L.D.
A second scheme hadn't been quite as close, but had been deadly enough that
G.O.L.D. wasn't laughing at him anymore.

Like most hero's G.O.L.D. had fought their fair share of so-called 'mad
scientists'. Most had been easily beaten, more kook than actual menace. A
couple had actually been smart. A couple had actually been tough. Dr. Gion
was a legitimate menace!

Gion had escaped capture twice, something few had done to G.O.L.D., further
investigation showed a link to billionaire Ares Chang, a constant thorn in
the side of G.O.L.D. Chang, a former Triad enforcer who had possession of a
powerful Greek artifact, a belt that gave him the strength and power of the
Greek war god Ares. His wealth, influence, and political connections to
liberal politicians made him practically untouchable.

In a head to head fight Questar could beat him, barely. With the west coast
getting too hot for him Ares had moved most of his legitimate operations to
New York. Dr. Gion apparently had also been shipped here. G.O.L.D. had few
assets in New York, no established informants. With sparse underworld
connections, that meant that G.O.L.D. had to 'think out of the box'.

The solution was for the men and women of G.O.L.D. to infiltrate the
legitimate 'front' companies of the Mars Corp. Questar drew a job at Mars
Mod, an advertising company that made Chang millions of clean money. Questar
knew about as much about the ad business as he knew about Tibetan chanting.
Questar had been a cop, before becomming a super hero. But he wasn't stupid

He knew L.A., from the streets of the Barrio, to the beaches of Malibu. He
approached Mars Mod with a campaign for a 'California' look. Armed with
designs from top name west coast ad men employed by G.O.L.D. it had been
easy to quickly move into the upper echelon of Mars Mod. Acting friendly
with the other employees of Mars Mod was tougher.

Growing up in a family with a long history of law enforcement, and as a
student of the martial arts, Questar had spent his entire life in a world
of physical courage. Being around those he considerd 'soft and weak', well,
Questar wondered if he was 'girlymanphobic'. He was really having to fake
friendship with Matt Vance and Lance Goldman, both of whom were self
proclaimed 'playboys' and Yankees fans. (Thanks to his mother, California
boy Questar was a die hard Cardinels fan, with Dodgers a close second).

At present he was jammed in a subway car with Matt and Lance. Bot of them
had just been shot down by a librarian looking woman, who was sitting about
5 feet away. Questar thought she was actually rather attractive underneath
the huge glasses and unflattering outfit. He was halfway thinking of risking
the chance of being turned down himself when fate took a hand. The subway
stopped at a platform, the doors opened, and a tough looking thug grabbed
the woman's purse and took off.

Acting on instinct Questar took after the man. In L.A. the chase would have
been over in less than a hundred yards even in a crowd, here, with the thug
on his home turf, he was up the stairs and on the street before Questar
started gaining on him.

"Stop punk!" Questar yelled.

Not used to determined civiian pursuit ye tough dropped the purse and ran on.

"You better run loser," Questar called out, scooping up the recovered

Questar smile when the crook stopped and picked up a 3 foot metal pipe.

"What did you call me," the thug asked advancing on him.

"A loser," Questr smiled takng his suit jacket off," A pathetic loser at
that. In fact, your'e ugly and your mother dresses you funny."

"Oh man, you are so stupid," the thug said swinging the pipe.

Questar caught his arm and threw him down.

"Maybe you need a new line of work, like chorus girl," Questar grinned.

Totally enraged, the tough swung the pipe, then again, finding only air. On
the third swing Questar stepped inside the arc, caught the mans arm, then
snapped it. Howling in pain, the pipe clattered to the ground, the thug went
down to his knees. Without even a backward glance, Questar headed back to
the subway. This being New York chances were that he would be the one
arrested and with the liberal appointee court system that coddled the
criminals and jailed those that tried to defend themselves, at the least it
would blow his cover.

'Hate this city,' Questar thought.

The 'librarian' was on the platform as he reached it.

"I believe this is yours miss...," Questar smiled," It doen't go with my

"Jenny, Jenny Johnson," Jenny gave him a slight smile, "You're not from here.
No Galahad's in this city."

"Quentin Starr, two r's, dopey name, but I'm stuck with it," Questar said

Jenny had a real good look at him. All of him! Tall, his tan a far cry from
pale New Yorkers, hard wiry muscles that seemed strange that he was trying
to hide.

'Oh my god! That's real,' Jenny thought as her gaze fixed for a brief second
on his crotch.

Questar had no idea that Jenny Johnson was the newest, media sensation, super
heroine known as G Girl. For her part, she had never heard of Questar and had
heard only stories of 2 incarnations of a failed super group called G.O.L.D.
Had he performed a simple mind probe Questar could have learned her secret,
but he didn't use his powers to spy on 'civilians'. For her part Jenny did
have x-ray vision. Had Questar not stopped the purse snatcher she would have
got him a block later. She had watched the chase and was impressed at the way
he handled himself. Looking at him she could tell he was in top shape, and
very well endowed in the manhood dept.

"Would you like to grab, oh, I'm not much of a coffee man, but maybe a coke
or something," Questar smiled," I promise to be a boy scout."

'Okay, good sign girl, chance he's not gay," Jenny thought as she found
herself liking him.

"Um, I'm very busy," Jenny said, "Uh, I need to get back to the gallery."

"Then maybe I could interest you in dinner tonight," Questar said, "I know
this great Mandarin place."

"Are you always so forward?" Jenny asked, kind of liking it.

"What can I say, I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress," Questar smiled,
"Here's my card, call me around 4 or so. I know this is New York, but as you
said, I'm not from here."

"And if I don't call?" Jenny asked smiling.

"Then I guess I didn't make a good impression after all," Questar's smile

He forgot his slouch as he waved and walked off. Jenny smiled as she watched
him. He had definately made an impression on her. She looked at his Mars Mod
business card. Quentin U. E. Starr, 777-4653. Still smiling, she slipped it
in her billfold.

* * *

Making it to his floor, late, but Matt and Lance had covered for him, and
even the dept. head knew he was new in town. The lady boss came up to him
with a very familiar woman.

"Mrs. Haige," Questar started.

"Mr. Starr, this is Amanda Becker," Mrs. Haige said, "The agency sent her
over for your 'California Look' campaign. I'll let you too get acquinted
for a few minutes. Then I want to see some action. And it better not be

"Mr. Starr," Amanda shook his hand, squeezing hard enough to powder the bones
of a normal man.

"Miss Becker," Questar faked a smile, squeezing just as hard.

The 2 walked down the hall together until they came to an empty office.
Questar yanked 'Amanda Becker' a.k.a. Golden Girl a.k.a. Apella, daughter
of the Greek god Apollo! Once inside she threw him against the wall and
kissed him hard.

"Miss me lover," Apella panted, pulling back.

"Hell yes," Questar reversed their positions pressing the sexy goddess
against the wall, "Now, what the hell are you doing here? This is a G.O.L.D.

"I'm not here for the Alliance," Apella said, fingers tangled in his hair,
yanking his head back" Ares Chang is involved, that means the Olympians are
involved. I know you've got this macho thing with him, but we want that belt

"We who?" Questar pinned her arms behind her back.

"I'm under orders fom Zeus himself," Apella wrapped her legs around him
tight, "Now shut up and fuck me."

"Why Miss Becker," Questar smiled, "Are you trying to get me fired for sexual

"You bet that cute ass of yours," Apella huskily replied as their lips met

As fate would have it, Questar's cell rang. Reluctantly, he backed away.

"Green Hornet theme," Apella giggled, "I should have known."

"Hello?" Questar answered.

"Hi," Jenny said, "If you still, uh, want, I'll be at the Hastings Gallery
at 6."

"I'll be there with bells on," Questar joked, "That should give you an
interesting mental picture to think about."

Jenny laughed, liking him even more.

"See you at 6," Questar said, "Bye."

"Six, bye," Jenny smiled hanging up.

"New girlfriend," Apella grinned, "I may have to brand you."

"Taught a purse snatcher a lesson earlier," Questar said, "Librarian type,
glasses, very cute."

"I should be jealous, but knowing your, shall we say, prowess," Apella
purred, "I'm sure you'll have plenty left for me later."

"You may not believe this, but I'm actually kind of nervous," Questar said
sitting down in a chair.

"You, nervous," Apella laughed, "You have some of the most beautiful and
powerful super heroines lusting after you. I know at least a dozen heroines
who are hardcore lesbians, including me, that are in love with you."

"Believe it or not I've never had a 'normal' relationship," Questar said
seriously, "Growing up it was girls in Lon Tongs dojo and the cheerleaders.
Then it was lady cops and martial artists. Now it's super heroines. Always
women with the same interests. Jenny, well, I don't know if we'll have
anything in common."

"Maybe that's why I chose you as my consort," Apella smiled, "You care, you
really do. You are afraid of hurting this woman, and you know you will before
it's over. You and I, we can't stop being hero's. 'Real life' is someting we
can never have, nor do we want it."

"I guess, no, I know your'e right," Questar said, "No 9-5 for me. Every
second I'm here I want to scream. This monkey suit, the boring routine. I
can hear their thoughts if I want to. Small lives, small dreams, but for
all that they have more courage than I do. They face life without the
advantage I have."

"That's what drew me to Earth," Apella said, "I was born in paradise, but
I've always known, felt, the nobility. Well, I am happier here."

They smiled at each other. There was an unspoken bond between them. There
always had been. Neither really knew if they were in love. Questar felt the
same way about Mei Wong and Blue Yamaguchi as he did for Apella. For her
part Apella could not give up other women either.

* * *

Jenny Johnson was no fool. After meeting 'Quentin' she checked him out. She
had a secret access code in the art gallery's computer that allowed her to
access her own mainframe database. She didn't know that Japanese super genuis
Shiro Sanlemoto had provided the covers for all the undercover G.O.L.D.
members in every intelligence databank in the world. As soon as the mission
was over it would all be wiped clean.

In Questar's case Shiro had used the cover Questar had given him. Even Shiro
would have been surprised about how much of it was real. 'Hide in plain
sight' had been Questar's tactic. The same one he used when he visited his

Jenny started reading; Quentin U. E. Starr, son of L.A. Police Commisioner
Albert Starr. One brother,10 years younger. Excelled in martial arts and
football, turned down scholorship to UCLA to join police acadamy. Graduated
top of class. Made detective in one year, 32 commendations for bravery. Left
police force to go to college. Joined 'West Coast Ads'.

Jenny didn't know that only the last 2 lines were false. His record as a
police officer was impressive to the extreme. She wondered why he left, but
thought maybe he'd seen something bad.

'Maybe he saw some kid get shot or something,' Jenny thought, more impressed
than ever, 'It would explain a great deal. Advertising. Unusual choice, but
being around show business could explain that.'

Jenny could hardly wait for the gallery to close. With all the losers that
usually hit on her, to have a good looking man, and a former hero cop at
that, ask her out, she wanted to make an impression. It was hard to come up
with an outfit she liked. Her 'Jenny' wardrobe was pretty fumpy and old
fashion. Finally she found something; black, not too slinky, showed just a
teasing bit of cleavage, she looked pretty good in it. Not a sexpot, but
pretty and professional. The heels were slight, pearls, hair up, smaller
glasses. She would definately get his attention while still maintaining some

Questar was actually having a tougher time. His closet was mostly jeans and
leather jackets. Suits were not his forte. G.O.L.D. had provided him with a
half dozen custom Armani suits, specially designed in case he had to fight
in them. He finally picked the blue suit by eeny-meeny. Questar looked good
in anything.

"Nice car," Jenny said, also liking the way he looked.

'Wonder what she'd think if she knew this car could fly and had more gadgets
than 007's,' Questar thought.

Questar liked her look. He had been right about her, and wasn't just looking
for another notch on his bedpost. He knew it wouldn't work, knew he'd hurt
her, but in his world there was nothing like a 'normal' relationship. Most of
the members of G.O.L.D. had no relatives at all. Questar did. His parents
had always been so happy. Since he'd turned 13 he'd been able to hear their
thoughts and found they disagreed on almost nothing. True soulmates were
rare, and Questar considered himself lucky.

They chatted about small stuff on the way to 'Golden Pagoda'. Very upper
scale resturant. Inside, Jenny got a big surpise; 'Quentin' greated all the
staff he talked to in flawless Chinese.

"Oh, you are full of surprises Mr. Starr," Jenny smiled as he held her seat
for her.

"My old sensei, Lon Tong, taught me Mandarin and Cantonese, and a few diverse
dialects," Questar smiled," I had a good ear for it, and its come in handy on
some trips to the Orient. I also speak Japanese and Spanish."

"Impressive," Jenny said, giving him more notches for the good.

The following meal and conversation went well. Questar had to restrain
himself and not show too much ethusiam a couple of times on martial arts
topics. Jenny turned out to be a closet fan of anime too, another thing
they shared. After dinner they ended back at Hastings Gallery. The current
featured artist was buckng some trends with a 'realistic' style of
semi-erotic paintings and sculpture.

"Finally, some art I can understand," Questar laughed, "Usually the women
have 6 eyes and 12 toes. Hate to sound like an art no-nothing."

"It's refreshing in a way," Jenny smiled, "You are so differant from any man
I know. It's easy to blindly follow everyone else, you don't."

He was so close now, her self contol was weakening. The kiss came, gently.
She wanted more. The kiss became harder, but he didn't press it. Then he
drew back. She really didn't want him to, but his control was another mark
in his favor.

"See you tomorrow?" Questar asked.

"And if I say no?" Jenny asked back

"Then I guess this wears off," Questar said giving her the best kiss she had
ever had.

It was all Jenny could do to keep from orgasming jst fom his kiss. As he
turned and left her speachless, her knees almost buckled. Smiing and waving
he got in his car.

"Oh, we are definately going to see each other tomorrow Mr, Starr," she

* * *

end of chapter 1:

* * *


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