Things heat up for Jenny and Quentin. And with G Girl, Questar, and Golden

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: G Girl Vs. Golden Girl Part 3 (MF)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Jenny could barely contain herself. This handsome man on her arm was
everything she had ever wanted. Strong, brave, good looking, and the perfect
combination of bad boy and hero.

"So, is there a Mrs. Starr?" Jenny asked," Forgive me if that seems too

"No, no Mrs. Starr," Questar grinned, "I have yet to experience that."

"That seems hard to believe," Jenny playfully squeezed his arm, "Your arms
are like steel! You make Ahnald look like a wimp. You're not gay are you?"

"Not even the slightest," Questar laughed.

'Thank you God!!' Jenny thought.

"You must be a big Dodgers fan," Jenny said.

"What makes you say that?" Questar asked growing suspicious.

"No reason," Jenny smiled, "Just the tan, the accent, a few other things
tell me California boy."

"You read Nancy Drew as a kid?" Questar asked.

"Not really," Jenny said, "More into comics, the super hero ones."

"Ah, there's the gallery," Questar said, "But you know, the evening is still
very young."

"Oh, and what is on your mind my good knight?" Jenny asked.

"I've never done one of those carriage rides," Questar said, wanting to
change the subject, partly because he really was starting to like Jenny,
and partly because he was having suspicions of his own.

Questar was tempted to do a surface scan of Jenny's thoughts, but dismissed
the notion.

'I'm being silly,' he thought, 'She works at an art gallery for Heaven's
sake. Just not used to dating women who aren't super human bi-sexual

The carriage ride was wonderful and romantic. Questar was relaxed again,
Jenny was snuggled up to him. Warm night, full moon, pretty woman. Questar
kissed Jenny, then again, she responded.

"Why sir knight," Jenny whispered growing aroused, "I fear that you shall
separate me from my virtue."

"Even Galahad can not resist your charms milady," Questar kissed her deeper.

"I think I would like to be very naughty with you good sir," Jenny said
smiling with lust, "We are near the village, do you live far?"

Questar had to fight the suspicion again. Not that she could ever find out
anything if he did take her there. Everything was underground, and shielded
against everything from x-ray vision to mentalist and even magic.

"Right over there," Questar pointed, "There's some perverts that live there

"Oh, and you're not?" Jenny laughed.

"Maybe," Questar laughed.

'Lead??' Jenny thought, 'Why would there be an inner lead sheath?'

Questar had the driver stop and he helped Jenny down. Handing the driver
the fare and a good tip he escorted Jenny. Punching in an access code, Jenny
didn't know there was actually a retina scan followed by a full D.N.A. scan.
If he hadn't matched 100%, Mechas 4 weaponry would have vaporized him.

"There's no elevator," Questar said, "I'm on the 5th floor, I usually run."

"Five floors? That's quite a climb," Jenny said.

"Not really," Questar grinned scooping Jenny up and running up the stairs.

"Eeeeeeek!" Jenny squealed in delight.

Knowing his secret she wasn't surprised he only needed a minute to get up
all 5 flights carrying her.

"You-you must be in really good shape," Jenny gasped.

Questar just smiled. Setting her down he opened his apt. door. The living
room had a stereo, a set of weights no human could possibly lift, no tv,
only a couple of chairs. Jenny pretended to lift the weights, then saw they
were a hi tech set with adjustable settings. Questar picked them up with
one hand to get them out of the way, but not before Jenny noticed the

"Sorry about that," Questar said.

'That was 50 tons and he picked it up with one hand!,' Jenny thought, 'He
must be as strong as I am or close to it.'

"Sorry about my lack of furniture," Questar smiled, "I'm still new in town."

"And what about the 'grown ups playroom'?" Jenny asked.

"That's a new one," Questar laughed, "Never heard it called that before."

Compared to the living room the bedroom actually looked lived in. The bed
was made military style, she didn't know Questar cheats and does that

"I don't drink much, but I've got a pretty good collection that came with
the place," Questar said, "Can I get you anything?"

"Perhaps a glass of wine," Jenny smiled.

"But of course milady," Questar said.

"Oh, do you play?" Jenny asked about his guitar.

"A little," Questar smiled, handing Jenny her glass.

Questar didn't tell her that he'd turned down a $1,000,000 Sony record

"Please play a song for me," Jenny asked, doe eyed.

Questar played a love song. He had a good voice and the song was ironically
one of Jenny's favorites.

'Is there anything you CAN'T do Questar?,' Jenny thought, 'It's getting hard
to keep my hands off of you.'

Questar finished playing when Jenny pushed him back onto the bed.

"Give me 3 minutes," Jenny licked her lips and ran into the bathroom.

Questar wasted no time in getting out of his own clothes, partly to hide
his torn uniform. Stuffing it under the bed, he took a quick look at his
chest. The scratches had been superficial and were already unnoticeable.

When Jenny stepped out of the bathroom, his back was to her.

"Nice tush," Jenny giggled.

Questar had known she had a good body, but he was still surprised by just
how great she looked. For her part, what Jenny saw confirmed what her
earlier peek had seen. Not only was Questar in top shape, he also was hung
like a horse!

"Do you have a third arm or are you just happy to see me," Jenny smiled,
thanking God she was super and could take that monster.

"I could almost say the same about some twin peaks I'm looking at," Questar
made no attempt at modesty.

Questar walked closer to her, gently he took her in his arms. He kissed her,
she responded. He scooped her up in his strong arms and laid her gently on
the bed.

"I love you Galahad," Jenny whispered as they kissed again.

Their lips met, then parted, tongues duelling. Fingers lightly touched her
nipples, touch became caress. Questar kissed down her neck, then to each
nipple. Jenny felt her nipples stiffen in a way beyond any other lover had
accomplished. Martial arts mastery gave Questar knowledge of secret places
to touch. Under his caress and licks Jenny suddenly experienced a small cum.

"Aaaaaaa," Jenny moaned, then thought, 'Omigawd! He's barely started and
he's already got my motor running!'

Questar kissed her again. Jenny responded, her passion growing. Questar's
hands continued to roam, Jenny's hands were around his neck, then on his
broad shoulders. His mouth was again on her tits, first one, then the other,
tonguing the hard erect nipples.

'I can't believe how good he is,' Jenny thought, 'At this rate I'm going to
be a puddle on the floor!'

Questar smiled as her body responded. His finger had now reached her mound.
A teasing finger gently touched her clit, sending pleasure through her. Jenny
then surprised the hell out of him. With a sudden unusual strength she rolled
him over onto his back and mounted him. Questar usually had to slowly work
his way before even super powered women could take his huge cock.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Jenny cried out trusting herself down to take his entire
length, "I-I've never had one this big! So full! Ooooooo!"

For his part Questar felt like he was in a vise, and it was great! Jenny
began to ride him, as he matched her downward thrusts with his own. Jenny
started off slow, then gradually increased the tempo as she became accustomed
to Questar's big cock.

"Fuck me," Jenny cried out, "Ooohhhh! Yes! Fuck meeee!"

Questar's hands were on her hips helping to drive her onto his cock. Neither
of them noticed that the entire bed was bumping into the wall. Questar could
scarcely believe what a hellcat Jenny was as she roughly kneaded her own
tits, hair flying as she rode him.

'Always the quiet ones,' Questar thought, he could feel she was near and
increased his own thrusts.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Jenny cried out, "Aaaaa! I'm cumming!"

"Uuuuhhhhhhh," Questar moaned as he shot his seed into her.

Jenny collapsed on top of him as the legs of the bed broke.

"I'll buy you a new one," she whispered.

"Are you ready for round 2," Questar kissed her eyes and lips.

"Round 2?," Jenny's eyes flew wide as her hand found his cock, finding it
was rock hard already, "How?"

"I've uh, been saving myself for you," Questar smiled.

'Mine, mine, mine! I'm a happy miser,' Jenny thought remembering a cartoon

Questar and Jenny kissed again. As before Questars hands roamed her body.
This time Jenny was on her back as his cock entered her tight wet pussy.
Jenny moaned in pleasure/pain as her pussy was again penetrated by the
biggest cock she'd ever had. Slowly he worked his immense cock in and out
of her hot, tight pussy with long deep strokes, filling her like no one
had ever done before.

Jenny was moaning as her lust grew and grew. She loved it! The teasing was
unbearable as he kissed her, then licked her nipples, fingers kneading her
tits. The pleasure was becomming unbearable.

"Please, please," she begged.

"Please what?" Questar smiled.

"Please, please fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!," Jenny begged.

Questar thrust his entire length into Jenny's pussy causing her to gasp in
pleasure. With increasing tempo he thrusted his monster size cock into her.
For her part Jenny had become aware of her own rising pleasure. The intense
fucking became an overwelming ecstasy! Never had she felt lke this before!

"Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!," the words Jenny cried were out of her

Her nails clawed Questar's back drawing blood. Had he been aware of it
Questar would have realized she was a meta, but he was also lost in pleasure.
Neither of them could hold out much longer, and with a final deep thrust they
matched and again mutually came. To her surprise Jenny felt him harden inside

"I-incredible!," Jenny gasped, "Most men would be out cold by now."

"I understand if you don't want to go again," Questar said.

"You have got to be kidding?," Jenny panted, "No way am I letting this end."

Jenny got on all fours.

"I-I want you to fuck me in the ass," Jenny panted in heat, "I-I've never
done that, I'm an anal virgin."

"Are you sure about this?" Questar asked, "I'm hard to take, and with it
being your first time...."

"Please, I-I want it," Jenny begged, "And-and I want it raw! Take me like
a bitch in heat!"

Jenny gritted her teeth. She knew that this was going to hurt like hell, but
she wanted it! She had never known anyone like Questar before and she wanted
him to have all of her. After cumming in her pussy twice Questar was actually
fairly lubed up, but this was still going to be very rough for Jenny.

The first thing Jenny actually felt was his tongue rimming her. This
impressed the hell out her. She had always wanted someone to do that to her,
but she could barely get a couple of pussy licks from guys before. Questar
wasn't shy, he did it all! He licked all around her asshole, even probed
inside, Jenny began to relax, unexpected pleasure filling her.

Questar knew what he was doing, as he next positioned his huge cock so that
it was between her buttocks. This was an Oriental technique to get her ready
for the feel of his cock as he slowly began to slide it up and down between
her cheeks. He rocked his hips, his cock moving in the groove of her ass.
With his hands he began to knead her breasts, sometimes gently, sometime
squeezing them harder.

As the teasing went on Jenny's arousal continued to increase. Soon she was
panting. The head of his cock now pressed against the sensative rosebud of
her anus. Jenny gasped as the head invaded her tiny hole. For a second she
almost backed down, but Questar, with great self control, simply paused,
giving Jenny a chance to get used to this unusual penetration. Jenny turned
her head and with a smile and a nod affirmed it was okay to continue.

Unhurried, Questar continued, slowly pushing his long thick shaft inside her.
Jenny's face was flushed, there was pain, but there was peasure too. Finally
she felt his entire length in her as he then began to fuck her. Jenny moaned
as the huge cock plunged in and out of her tight asshole. The pain was
completely gone now, her moans were now those of peasure. Her first
experiance with anal sex, and she wanted more!

"Oh god! Fuck my ass!," Jenny moaned, "Oooohhhhh! It feels so good! Harder!"

Questar complied, his huge cock slamming home, withdrawing, then slamming in

"Fuck me!," Jenny cried out, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my asshole raw!"

With a final trust Questar came in her ass just as Jenny screamed in her own
orgasm. Jenny collapsed for just a moment. Turning over her eyes and mouth
were open as wide as possible. Questar was fully erect again.

"I'm in love," Jenny gasped, "Let's do it in the shower next."

"Your wish is my command milady," Questar smiled.

'I am so busted if she can keep it going,' Questar thought, 'Most women would
be out cold by this time.'

From the shower they did it on the kitchen table, busting it too, then in one
of the chairs, twice more in the bed, then again in the shower.

'He's incredible,' Jenny thought as he playfully chased her from the
bathroom, catching her in the bedroom. Laughing and playfully wrestling they
fell on the busted bed then rolled on the floor. Questar had long forgotten
trying to hide his secret. He was amazed at Jenny's stamina though. Only Blue
and Apella had lasted this long with him.

So busy they didn't see the door open.

"Well, isn't this cozy," Apella angrily said, "Slumming Mr. Starr?"

End Of Chapter 3


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