My Super Ex-Girlfriend: G Girl vs. Golden Girl! Part 4 (FF, catfight)
by Tyval ([email protected])

Questar stood up, naked, folding his arms across his chest. Apella was
powerful, maybe more powerful than he was, but he could take her. If he
went all out.

"Get your clothes on and get out of here you little tramp," Apella snarled
at Jenny," He's mine!"

"We're not married, we're not engaged, we don't even date," Questar steely

"Who the hell is she?" Jenny asked getting pissed herself.

"Her names..." Questar started then stopped.

"He was probably going to tell you that I'm Amanda Becker, a model, hired
for his ad campaign," Apella cruelly laughed, "But he can't tell you that.
You already know, don't you slut?"

"Yes," Jenny said, "What? How?"

"That's one of my powers," Apella laughed, "No one can lie in my presence."

"You know what?" Questar was confused.

"I know you're the super hero called Questar," Jenny sighed, then turned
angrily to Apella, "So, who the fuck do you think you are?"

"You mortals call me Golden Girl," Apella said, fire surrounded her briefly,
when it faded she was in her outfit, "I have chosen Questar as my champion
and consort."

"It's...complicated," Questar sighed.

"It doesn't matter," Apella said, "He's too good for a nothing mortal cow
like you."

Apella's head snapped back from the vicious right cross Jenny landed. Questar
thought he was going to have to protect Jenny, and started to move forward.
He stopped in stunned surprise. Apella's hand had gone to her mouth, taking
it off Apella saw her own blood on her hand. Apella's lip was split, Jenny's
punch had hurt her.

"That's impossible," Questar said, "A 10 gauge slug from 2 inches couldn't
do that to her."

"Don't you get it?" Apella smiled lustfully, "She's a Meta! How many times
did Questar fuck you bitch?"

"Nine times, including twice in the ass," Jenny proudly said, "We were about
to start round 10."

"C'mon Questar," Apella laughed, "You men are so gullible. How many women
can take that monster of yours twice?"

"It's not easy," Jenny said, "He should be arrested for having a friendly

"So, who are you?," Apella asked.

"I'm G Girl you cunt," Jenny shook her head, her hair turned blonde, "I was
going to call myself Golden Girl until my lawyer told me there already was
one. You disappeared for a long time, but you came back before the statue of
limitations ran out."

"Mutant or accident?" Apella asked.

"Meteor," Jenny said.

"There's no reason to fight now," Questar said.

"Oh yes there is!" Apella and Jenny both yelled.

"Look, I'm not worth it," Questar said.

"Oh yes you are!" both women yelled.

"You are the bravest, most selfless, most noble man I've ever seen," Apella
firmly said, "And I'm 1510 years old! You're mine!"

"Caring, compassionate, fantastic lover," Jenny said, "You're mine!"

"This isn't even about me," Questar sighed.

"So, we fight?" Apella asked, wanting to.

"You know it," Jenny replied, "Stakes?"

"Winner strips, spanks, fucks loser," Apella said, "Too high for you?"

"You can't go high enough for me bitch," Jenny snarled, "I've never been with
a woman before, but I'm ready to try."

"Added condition," Apella said, "Win or lose, we both get Questar."

"Hey!" Questar said.

"Agreed," Jenny said.

"This still isn't fair," Questar said, "Jenny fought robots and hasn't had
any sleep."

"Eight hours then," Apella said to Jenny, "Costume or naked?"

"As hot as naked would be, costume," Jenny said.

"Location?" Apella asked.

"Canadian wilderness," Jenny said, No bystanders. We come back here when
one of us wins."

Jenny opened her purse and pulled out her G Girl outfit. Apella flew out the
skylight, followed minutes later by G Girl. Questar slumped down in a chair.

'How do things like this happen?' Questar mentally asked himself.

* * *

Jenny was extremely sexually charged. She was, in many ways, sexually
inexperienced. She'd had men, but no one even remotely Questar's size or
skill. And now she was about to have her first lesbian experience. She
forced herself to sleep. Her dreams were filled with sexual themes.

Apella didn't need to sleep, but did anyway. She wanted to dominate the
beautiful heroine. Images of G Girl in bondage, cumming from pleasure and
pain. Images too, of Questar with both of them.

For his part, Questar, to maintain his cover, and his relationships with Matt
and Lance called them up for a trip to Atlantic City. He would have to stay
away from Trumps, because he and the Donald were half-way friends. Both were
frequent guests at the Playboy mansion. Plus, he was going to use his powers
to cheat and wouldn't do that to Trump. This was part of Questar that was
'bad boy'.

* * *

At the appointed hour G Girl and Golden Girl arrived in the great white
north. The cold didn't affect them, the sight of each other did as nipples
grew rock hard and pussies became moist.

"You could just surrender," Apella smiled, "I'm a goddess, you can't beat
me. We could just fuck."

"That hasn't been proven," Jenny replied.

"Oh, and say goodbye to your costume," Apella said hitting G Girl with a
fireball from her hands.

It wasn't hot enough to hurt G Girl, but she was already naked now.

"Okay, so that's how you want to play it," Jenny said,whipping her arm at
super speed, creating a mini tornado that shredded Golden Girl's flimsy toga
leaving her nude as well.

"Okay, so we know each others extras," Apella said, "Hand to hand then?"

"Right," Jenny said.

In mid air they circled each other, then feints, loops, looking for an
opening. G Girl suddenly swooped straight in landing a hard double fist in
Golden Girl's stomach that sent her flying back a mile.

"Oooooffffff," Golden Girl groaned then thought, 'Damn, wasn't expecting
that. Better be careful, she's strong enough to hurt me.'

G Girl came straight at her again, but Golden Girl flipped and kicked G Girl
in the back of the head.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh," G Girl cried out then thought, 'Shit, she's got a lot more
experience fighting metas.'

They circled each other again. G Girl was faster, but Golden Girl was an
expert in Greco-Roman wrestling and more agile. The 2 came together like a
thunderclap, breasts smashing against each other. In a fingerlock hold, test
of strength, but the erotic rubbing of nipple to nipple, breast to breast
was turning both women on.

In mid air neither woman could gain any leverage, breaking, they landed, then
again clashed. For almost 30 minutes the 2 women strained, bare feet digging
into the ground, breasts mashed together. Sweat covered their entire bodies
making them look even more erotic, but neither woman could budge the other.

Golden Girl broke the stalemate with a sneaky move, she kissed G Girl hard
on the lips. This broke G Girl's concentration allowing Golden Girl to trip
her up.

"That's cheating," G Girl was indignant as she sat up.

"I could have kicked you at least 10 times while you were down," Golden Girl
said," If I was a villain do you think I'd play by the rules?"

"Point taken," G Girl said getting up.

The fight began in ernest now. G Girl threw a punch, Golden Girl stepped
inside it trying for a half nelson. G Girl managed to land a hard elbow in
Golden Girl's mid-section before Golden Girl could fully cinch it. G Girl
was being more cautious now. She knew by this point that any attempt at
wrestling would mean a sure defeat. Golden Girl threw a punch that G Girl

The Greeks had perfected boxing too, but G Girl noticed that she was using
the more ancient style. Perhaps she could exploit that. G Girl ducked under
the next punch, landing a solid uppercut that rocked Golden Girl. G Girl
landed a right cross, but Golden Girl managed to dodge the telegraphed left
hook, caught G Girl's arm, hit her with a back fist then threw her hard into
the ground.

Only a desperate attempted kick that missed, but backed Golden Girl up
prevented a painful hold. G Girl got back to her feet feinting a punch.
Golden Girl wasn't fooled and tried a punch of her own that G Girl just
barely blocked. Golden Girl kicked her in the chest, just under G Girls
tits. G Girl went back, but countered with 2 solid jabs that connected
on Golden Girl.

It was becoming obvious they were evenly matched. G Girl landed a right
that split Golden Girl's lip. Golden Girl retaliated with a left splitting
G Girl's lip. G Girl swung another punch. Again Golden Girl stepped inside
her arc, catching her arm to throw her down. But this time G Girl grabbed
a handfull of hair and both women went down, rolling several times.

Locked in each others arms, breasts again together, but this time, their
shaved hairless pussies also came together again and again. For several
minute they rolled around, fighting for position, hands painfully squeezing
each others tits. They mutually climaxed.

A temporary truce, they released each other, rolling onto their backs.

"You want to declare a draw so we can fuck?" Apella asked panting in sexual

"Who gets spanked?," Jenny panted, also sexually charged.

"We take turns," Apella said, "I've got some great whips too if you want to
go that far."

"Not right away, but the spanking sounds good," Jenny said.

"Let's go to my place," Apella smiled, opening up a portal to Olympus.

The 2 women flew into the opening. G Girl could scarcely believe the beauty
of Apella's Greek style villa. Flowers were everywhere outside, gold and
white marble inside. The large pool sized bathtub was filled with a warm,
soothing, bubble bath that healed all aches and cuts from the fight. Both
women relaxed and soaked.

After several minutes Apella moved closer to Jenny. When they embraced this
time it was with lust as their lips met, parted, tongues playing with each
other. To Jenny this was so differant from kissing a man, softer, more erotic
even than Questar. Jenny decided she wanted to be bi-sexual so she could have
both from now on.

The 2 women kissed and frenched , Jenny's hands caressed Apella's ass, while
Apella gently rubbed and kneaded Jenny's tits. Apella pinned Jenny to the
tub wall, one hand still playing with her tits, the othe hand moved lower,
fingers seeking, finding, and touching Jenny's clit.

"Mmmmmm," Jenny moaned.

Jenny spread Apella's ass cheeks with her own fingers, then inserted one
then 2, then 3 fingers in Apella's tight asshole. Apella responded by gently
inserting 3 fingers in Jenny's ass.

"Aaaaaaa," Apella moaned.

"Oooooo," Jenny responded.

"Come," Apella broke the kiss and their embrace.

She led Jenny out of the pool and over to 2 tables. A half dozen smiling
naked dryads waited for them with erotic scented oils. Apella and Jenny
started off face down as the multi colored dryads gave them erotic massages.

"So, what is it with you and Questar?" Jenny asked.

"Well, the simple fact is I'm a lipstick dyke," Apella said, "Except for
Questar. He is so unique, I've never known anyone like him."

The erotic massages were making the 2 women even hornier as they rolled on
their backs.

"Do you love him?" Jenny asked.

"Yes," Apella answered, "Do you?"

"Yea," Jenny said, "I think I do."

"You're going to have to learn to share then," Apella said, "Hundreds of
women want him."

With lips, tongues, and fingers 6 dryads were working on Jenny's tits and
pussy, another 6 worked on Apella.

"Mmmmmmmm," Apella moaned, "You sure you don't want to try whips?"

"Later maybe," Jenny said, the thought was turning her on.

Oiled and relaxed they sat up facing each other. Standing, they kissed
passionatly. Apella again took Jenny by the hand leading her into an ornate
bedroom. The large bed, with silk sheets welcomed them as Apella gently
lowered Jenny onto it, kissing the entire time.

"Please, make me a lesbian," Jenny begged, "Spank me first, 100 times!"

Apella spanked the willing heroine, turning her white ass pink. Apella
positioned Jenny with her legs apart so she could also slap Jenny's pussy.

"Ooooooohhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaa!," Jenny cried out, "It hurts! Spank me harder!
Yes! Aaaaaoooo! Slap my pussy! I'm cumming! Spank me!"

Jenny came twice, her ass pink and sore, but she was hornier than ever.

"My turn bitch," Apella said getting on all fours, ass up, legs parted, "I
want my 100."

Apella actually wanted 1000. Jenny started spanking her, wanting more
herself. Questar and Apella had opened up a whole new world for her and
she wanted to explore it forever.

"Oh yes!" Apella moaned, "Spank my ass! Mmmmmmmm! Oh yea! Aaaaaa! Harder!
Spank my pussy! Aaaaaa! I'm cumming!"

Both women were extrmely sexually charged as they embraced, lips and tongues
seekng each other. Apella was on top, spreading Jenny's legs apart with her
knees, she positioned herself, lips on lips, tits on tits, nipple to nipple,
pussy to pussy. Apella began to pussyfuck Jenny. This was another new
sensatin for Jenny, the grinding of another woman's pussy into hers, clits
touching again and again, it was driving her wild.

"Omigawd!," Jenny gasped, "It's differant! Aaaaaa! Fuck me! Ooooooo!"

Apella increased the speed of her thrusts, nipples, clits, and tongues
dueled with each other. Jenny began matching Apellas thrusts giving the
intense pleasure back.

"Aaaaaaa! That's it bitch! Fuck me back," Apella ordered, "Yea! That's it!

"Aaaahhhh! Fuck me!" Jenny cried out, "Fuck me! Ooooooooo! I'm gonna cum!"

"Oooooo! I'm so close," Apella moaned, "Let's cum together! Cummmmmm!"

The super women screamed as they mutually orgasmed. Side by side now they
panted in the afterglow of girlcum. But Apella was far from done with Jenny.
Apella began to roughly knead and slap Jenny's large titties. Jenny was out
of control now and loved the rough treatment of her tits.

Apella then switched tactics, with soft licks and kisses on Jenny's breasts.
Apellas skilled fingers now toyed with Jenny's pussy, rubbing, pinching her
clit, probing inside.

"You-you are the superior woman," Jenny gasped in surrender, "I submit to
whatever you desire."

"Let's do a 69," Apella said, moving into position.

Jenny had seen this in porn movies, but had never expected to ever do it.
From Apellas first licks she knew she wanted to do a lot of pussy eating.
Jenny licked Apellas folds, probing into her hot slit, tasting the delicious
juices. Apellas big clit, was a tempting target as Jenny attacked it too.

Apella licked and sucked Jenny's pussy, then licked to her asshole. Apella's
tongue circled the ring, then probed deep inside. Jenny moaned as Apella was
tongue-fuckng her asshole. Jenny followed suit and both women were licking
each others assholes. Again both women orgasmed, but kept right on licking
each others pussies and ass.

A second, bigger orgasm sent both women screaming into another girlcum, cries
muffled by each others groins. For long minutes all either one could do was
gasp for breath.

"I... I love lesbian sex," Jenny gasped, "I want more and more women. But I
won't give up Questar. I-I'll fight you again if I have to."

"No need," Apella smiled, "Now that I know you're a meta I don't have any
problem with you. Just like I don't have any problem with dozens of other
women who are lesbians, but love him. We're girlfriends now."

"Let's fuck some more," Jenny smiled at her new girlfriend, "Teach me more.

End Of Chapter 4


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