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Note: Sally is 13, Mike is 15

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Mike's Super Short Show: Mike's Super Hot Sister
by Tricksterson

'What's *wrong* with me?' Mike thought as he sat in the living room,
supposedly watching TV but actually staring in fixation at his thirteen-year
old sister as she crossed from her room to the bathroom to take a shower
wearing nothing but a fluffy yellow towel wrapped tightly around her
adolescent form.

It had started a few months ago when Mike had begun noticing that Sally was
developing a...shape. Of course, he'd noticed other girls before and since,
but they didn't live with him, they weren't always around to be seen,
touched, even smelled. He couldn't get her out of his head, even if she was
his sister.

Even now his eyes ran over the coltish legs poking down out of the towel,
the small swellings of hip and breast that in turn drew attention to her
narrow waist, to her beautiful brown hair and stunning eyes. It took less
than minute for her to cross the corridor between her room and the bathroom
but time seemed to slow down and it felt like he watched her for hours,
absorbing every detail of her ripening young body. He was so hypnotized
that he failed to register the puzzled glance she gave him just before
closing the bathroom door.

No sooner had it closed than the bathroom seemed to draw him towards itself
like a magnet. Both their parents were out but guilt made him stealthy anyway
as he creeped up to the door and slowly opened it just in time to catch a
precious glimpse of his sister's tight round ass cheek and slender, shapely
leg before she stepped into the shower, drew the curtain and turned on the

* * *

'What's wrong with Mike?,' thought Sally as the water played over the angles
and curves of her developing body. Lately it seemed like all he wanted to do
was stare at her. Especially certain parts of her, namely her legs, her butt,
her chest, sometimes her stomach. And when she looked back he pretended to
ignore her but as soon as she turned around she could feel him staring again.

Even stranger was how his looking at her made *her* feel. She knew about sex,
sort of. She and her mother had had "The Talk" two months ago after her first
period had come and the school nurse had given a similar lecture to the class
but it had all come across as...mechanical and slightly distasteful. The way
she felt when Mike stared at her was anything but mechanical or bad, even if
he was her brother. Rather what she felt was warm and tingly. She had felt
that way even more the times he had touched her recently.

And that was even weirder than when he looked at her. Up until maybe four or
five months ago Mike had touched her all the time, usually to punch her in
the arm, pull her hair or wrestle. Now it was like he wanted to touch her but
was afraid to. The times he had were stranger yet, not in where he touched
her, once he had put his arm around her shoulders, another patted her on the
back, but in the way he did it, as if he wanted to touch her somewhere else
or in a different way but was scared of how she might react.

Her own feelings were just as odd, like whenever he touched her she didn't
want him to stop, that she wanted him to keep touching her, and wherever he
wanted to.

In fact, just thinking about all this had her body beyond warm and tingly
and into the territory of hot and itchy, more in certain places than in
others. She scratched and rubbed at her nipples and between her legs where
it felt worst but that only made it more intense, an intensity that
transcended good or bad. She only knew that she needed it, needed to keep
rubbing and thrusting her fingers in and out of her slit, where it was
hottest and itchiest, needed to keep rubbing her tiny tits. She didn't care
what happened as long as she could keep feeling this way.

As she pinched and rubbed and thrust, images and feelings keapt flashing
into her head, some of boys she knew, one or two of girls, but mostly of
her brother, of Mike kissing her, touching her in the places she was
touching herself, of doing...things to her that were vague but that she
knew she wanted. Then her fingers inadvertantly hit her clitoris and her
soul exploded.

"Unnnnh," she moaned, her knees buckling and sending her, still frantically
rubbing her clit, to the floor.

"Miiike! Yesss, I want it! I waaant ittt!"

* * *

When Mike heard his orgasming sister scream his name, he jolted forward,
slamming the door wide open. It had already been halfway open so he could get
a better view through the curtain of his naked sister frigging herself. When
Sally heard the bang she crawled up onto her hands and knees and pushed the
curtain open to see her brother standing there, pants halfway to his knees,
cock in hand. Before she could do anything but stare open mouthed, he pulled
his pants up and ran.

"Mike! Wait!"

But he was gone.

* * *

As soon as she could stand she hurried out after him, not caring one bit
about the fact that she was stark naked, much less that she was leaving wet
footprints all over the bathroom floor and living room carpet. All she cared
or worried about was her brother. She went down the steps to the basement
where Mike's room was and saw his door open. As she got closer she heard what
sounded like...sobbing? Could her brother actually be crying?

When she reached the door she saw that he wasn't crying after all, well not
quite. His breath was coming in ragged gasps and his eyes glistened as if
tears might come out, but not yet. All his concentration was focused on his
cock which he was stroking fast and furiously.

"Mike." she said softly.

He looked at her, ashamed, although his hand remained fastened on his member.

"Sally! I...I'm sorry! I couldn't...I shouldn't have..."

"It's all right, I want..."


"You," she said firmly, reaching a decision, "I want you."

Mike's room wasn't very large but it seemed to take forever before she
crossed the space between the doorway and his bed and lay next to her

Their hands reached out and pulled each to the other, face to face, mouth to
mouth, body to body. Sally felt the iron hardness of her brother's dick as
it pressed against her soft belly and moaned softly. Her hand reached down
between them and started stroking it, at first petting it with her open hand
like she would an animal she wanted to convince of her friendliness, then
closing her fist around it, moving up and down like she had seen Mike doing.

The kiss was clumsy but passionate. Sally had kissed a few boys but only one
with her mouth open and that had been so bad that she pretty much swore off
guys afterwards. Mike had more experience but not much. He had French kissed
a few girls and even gotten under one's bra, feeling her tits while she
jerked him off but he was still as much a virgin as his sister.

But awkward though it was at first, this kiss was different from any other
kiss either had had. It felt good, and right, and perfect, no matter what
anyone else might say.

Mike's own fingers slid downward as they kissed, first rubbing his sister's
sparsely furred pussy lips then pushing his middle finger inside, making her
stiffen and gasp. As his fingers continued to work inside her he felt Sally's
body relax even as her twat moistened.

What his sister did next was based on a combination of blind instinct, gossip
gathered from the girl's bathroom at school and pure courage. When her lips
moved from his mouth to his chin he had no idea what his sister-lover
planned, not even when she kissed his throat. Drawing a deep breath she
pulled off his shirt then kissed his chest. By then he had figured out where
those sweet lips of hers were headed and smiled in anticipation even as he
kicked off his shoes, pants and jockeys, which had been bunched up around his

When she reached his stomach Sally considered blowing a rasberry into his
navel but didn't. 'Concentrate', she told herself. 'This is serious

How serious, she realized when she found herself at the root of her brother's
cock. She paused and looked at it. She had no idea how Mike compared to other
guys but it looked plenty big to her. She took a quick, tentative lick and
found that it didn't taste as bad as she had thought it might. She took
another, slower lick. 'Not bad at all,' Sally thought, then licked it all the
way to the tip where she caught a bead of precum on her tongue and savored
the salty, creamy taste then took the entire cockhead into her mouth.

* * *

Mike moaned and knotted his hand in Sally's hair as she licked and sucked at
his glans while her hand moved up and down the shaft. It felt so sweet! But
it wasn't what he really wanted. Gently, he reached down with both hands and
pulled her off his cock.

"Wasn't I good?" she asked, worried.

"It was beautiful," He replied, pulling her back up next to him. "You're
beautiful. But I want...more. For both of us." He rolled her onto her back
and poised himself over her.

She blinked as she realized what he meant. "Oh," she said in a small voice,
then nodded. "I want it too."

"Want what?," he teased, grinning at her and pressing his rod against her
damp, peachfuzzed slit. Sally's face, on the other hand, was totally serious
as she answered, "I want you...inside me, Mike."

His first attempt didn't quite make it due to misaim and his sister's
tightness, sliding off the slickness of her vulva. Then she took him in hand
and guided it in.

He had never felt anything as tight, as warm or as damn *good* as his
sister's pussy. He pushed further in, making her wince when he hit her hymen,
then twist in pain when he broke through.

"Oww!" she cried, panicking at the pain. "Mike, stop, it hurts!" Her small
hands pushed against his chest, trying to get him out of her. He didn't care.
He didn't want to hurt her but he couldn't stop, just couldn't, not even if
it killed her. Not if it killed both of them.

Fortunately, after the first couple of thrusts, things got better. Her hands
stopped pushing against him and moved first to his sides, then to his back,
digging into his skin hard enough to draw blood. Her legs wrapped around his,
then slid upwards, to his hips, then his waist where they locked around him.
The pain drained out of her face and was replaced by awe and wonder, as if
she was looking into the face of God, or maybe as if she had God inside her,
which she decided she did, the only God that mattered anyway.

"Yesss!" she hissed. "Sogooodsooogoood! Moremoremore!"

His only reply, the only reply he was capable of in fact, was a rhythmic
grunting as he continued thrusting and sperm burst out of him, flooding her

"OOOOHHHHHHYESSSSS!" she screamed. "Fill me up Mike! Put your baby in me!"

* * *

After they were both spent they looked at each other, him still on top of her
and still inside her, and smiled at each other. He kissed his little sister
gently on the mouth and whispered, "I love you, Sally."

The look in her eyes was the only answer he needed.


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