Note: based on the episode of Mike's super short show where Sally dressed as
a pirate to discuss "Pirates Of The Carribean 2".

Mike's Super Short Show: Sally's Super Short Pirate Fic
by Hamster (

The Happy Harlot was a most unusual pirate ship. It was captained by a
12-year old girl. But Captain Sally was not one to be trifled with by any
means, despite her young age. For example her brother Mike had displeased
her so she had him tied to the mast and was whipping the hell out of him.
Gathered around was her crew, they watched with a mixture of amusement and

"AAAARGH PLEASE NO MORE!!!!" Mike begged as she lashed him again and again.

The crew winced as they watched their captain's vicious assault.

"I told you. NO PULP IN MY ORANGE JUICE. Why is that so hard for you to
remember?" She demanded as she lashed him again.

"I'm sorry. Please it won't happen again!" He begged.

"Sorry? I don't think your sorry enough, you little bastard." She cried as
she lashed him across the face. She then decided to give his balls a nice
whipping. The male crewman covered there eyes, and tried not to pay attention
to poor Mike's screams.

After her severe lashing, she wiped the sweat from her brow. She felt a
tingle in her pussy. Torturing Mike always got her hot and bothered.

"Man am I horney." she said. "All right crew listen up, after delivering Mike
the beating that he deserves, your captain needs to cum pretty fiercely. I
need my first mate and my Cabin girl front and center."

"Aye, aye." Said Her cabin girl Shanti.

Shanti was a pretty Indian slave-girl that Sally had bought the last time
that they were in port.

"Aye, Aye." Said Roland.

Roland was her first mate. He was a big grizzled and heavily scarred British

"OK you two take your cloths off so we can get to it. The rest of you pair up
as you see fit." Ordered Sally.

The crew included 60 females, 40 males, a parrot, and a monkey. So there
was more than enough pussy to go around. The crew did indeed pair off and
there was an excited flurry as cloths started flying. Sally herself was the
youngest member of the crew but she was pretty much the horniest. Shanti was
on her back spread eagle. The sweat on her nicely shaved pussy was glistening
in the sun. Sally got on her hands and knees and dove in. Sally's tongue
rolled around in Shanti's cunt like a playful puppy in blanket. Roland got
behind her and positioned his dick at the entrance of her wet little
12-year-old pussy. The big man plunged his large rugged cock into her tiny
hole mercilessly, which mad her squeal into Shanti's pussy. He knew that his
captain demanded a good solid pounding or else there would be hell to pay so
Roland grabbed the young girl's hips and he slid out some only to slam back
in as hard as he possibly could. He repeated the process, again and again as
hard as he possibly could.

"Yes, yes fuck me harder, HARDER damm your scurvy soul." Cried Sally.

Sally stuck to fingers in Shanti's cunt and began to pump them in time with
the thrusts of Rolandís cock. She added another finger, and then she squeezed
her whole hand in and started fisting the poor slave-girl ruthlessly.

"HARDER you bastard, unless you want to join Mike on the whipping post!"
Sally cried as she fisted Shanti as fast and hard as she possibly could.

"Oh Captain I'm CUUUUMING!!!!" Shanti cried.

Her back arched and her body had a spasm. Sally pulled her hand out and
licked her fingers clean as she did so Roland finally shot his load in her
and collapsed on his back. All around her crew was involved in a massive

"Bloody hell, I'm still horny. Abu, Iago front and center." The monkey and
the parrot made their way over.

They'd done this before. They monkey climbed underneath her and hung onto her
body while positioning his cock at the captain's pussy. Meanwhile the bird
clung to her ass cheeks while driving his own cock towards her ass hole.
Sally began to rock back and forth as the monkey and parrot double-teamed
her. Soon the twin cocks, working in tandem inside her, had her howling like
a wild animal.

"Oh YES I'm CUUUUMING!!!" Sally cried. After the two animals came Sally
rested for a minute and got dressed. "Alright you lazy dogs, the orgy is over
get dressed and get back to work. Mike grab a mop and clean this deck up, if
not I'm going to make you walk the plank."


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