A fictional story about fictional characters.

Mary Tyler Moore: Mary Does Christmas...And The Newsroom (MFF,orgy,inter,oral, anal,fist,drugs)
by shaggy77

December 23 had started out as the joyous occasion that it should be, WJM assistant Mary Richards had finished completely decorating her desk for the coming Christmas holiday. Santa's sleigh and reindeer were prominent on her desk and she even had a tiny nativity scene tucked away in her top drawer. Everyone in the newsroom thought of Mary as one of Santa's elves: she went out of her way to spread holiday cheer. She was counting on leaving work early for the drive home on Christmas Eve to be with her folks for the holiday, when her boss Mr. Lou Grant called her into his office. Knowing he was not exactly jolly, she had decorated his office with a single piece: an extremely tiny pipe-cleaner tree on his desk. It couldn't have been more than 1 1/2 inches tall and he made a joke about it shedding needles on his desktop. Mary's upbeat mood was soon dampened when he informed her that since she was the newest member of the Newsroom, she would be required to work on Christmas day. The tradition of spending the holiday with her family was ending and Mary was heartbroken as she entered her apartment after work that evening.

As she finished decorating her tree, her best friend, and upstairs neighbor, Rhoda Morgenstern attempted to cheer her up. They made a date to have dinner and spend Christmas Eve together in Mary's cozy apartment and Mary's mood lightened. Reporting for work at the television newsroom on the day before Christmas, Mary had resigned herself to her fate and decided to make the best of it. She exchanged gifts with her good friend, head news writer Murray Slaughter, and was actually getting back into the holiday spirit when Fred, the WJM weatherman, asked her to work for him that evening so he could spend Christmas Eve with his family. He played the guilt card by telling her he hadn't spent an entire Christmas with his family in years and she reluctantly acquiesced. He agreed to cover for her while she went home for a quick dinner and Mary drove home in a somber mood.

Normally she would have put some Christmas music on her record player as soon as she entered her apartment, but she just wasn't in the mood as she hastily put together a Christmas Eve feast consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She broke the news to Rhoda, who was actually Jewish and only celebrated Christmas to join Mary, and they both began Christmas Eve totally depressed. After finishing her sandwich, not even all the festive lights on her drive back to WJM through downtown Minneapolis could cheer Mary. As quitting time approached for everyone else, they systematically wished her a "Merry Christmas," while admonishing her for falling for Fred's sob story. When Mr. Grant finally left the newsroom it began to sink in that she would not be seeing another human until the next day. The only other person in the building was a night-watchman who had to remain in the lobby, and this was 1970 so there was no 24-hour news stations, no overnight newsperson. The newsroom would be manned by the teletype machine from the time Mary left at midnight until she returned at 6:00 AM on Christmas Day.

There was really nothing to do as she checked the teletype every few minutes on a slow news night. She watched all the traditional Christmas Eve fare on television: "It's A Wonderful Life," and "A Christmas Carol." When a presentation of "The Nutcracker" ballet came on, Mary glanced around the newsroom by reflex, making sure she was alone, and then began to gayly dance around the room using her best ballet moves. She was built like a classic dancer; tall, lithe and very flexible. Using all the moves she had learned at dance class as a child she freely moved around the newsroom bending in a "plie" and then jumping in her best "saute." Mary had often fancied herself as a professional ballet dancer, but knew from experience that her tiny ankles could not handle the stress. The dancing had lifted her mood and she was actually smiling to herself when she heard the familiar mechanical whirr of the elevator out in the hall. Suddenly fear gripped her because she knew there was no one else in the building who could leave the lobby and her imagination went into overdrive. Quickly she propped a chair against the doors and dialed her best friend Rhoda to tell her that a murderer was coming to get her.

She nearly dropped to her knees in relief when the unlikely trio of Mr. Grant, Murray, and eternally obnoxious newscaster Ted Baxter appeared at the doors carrying brown grocery bags. "Oh Mr. Grant, Murray, Ted; what are you doing here," she cried out.

"We're here to surprise you," Mr. Grant explained, "we're having a Christmas party. We were going to call, but it was Ted's idea to surprise you. I'm going to call Gordy (the WJM sportscaster) to join us."

Mary was so filled with relief and happiness that she forgot she had called Rhoda in a panic, until the phone rang and a frantic Rhoda asked Ted if he was the murderer. Mary quickly reached for the receiver and assured Rhoda that everything was fine; inviting her to join them for an impromptu holiday celebration. They had brought bottles of soda, juice and vodka that they mixed together in the water-cooler bottle for a festive punch. Paper cups, bags of chips, and bowls of dip were produced and spread on top of filing cabinets. Gordy brought more "munchies" and Rhoda burst through the door wearing one of her outrageous, brightly colored jump-suits. Unaware that Ted had poured the entire quart bottle of vodka into the punch, a carefree Mary drank freely and was soon dancing happily among the desks. Usually Mary's alcohol intake was limited to an occasional glass of wine with dinner so the vodka almost immediately took effect. All four males were unashamedly eying Mary's long slender legs as she gyrated to the pop tunes on the radio station Ted had tuned in.

When "American Woman" blared from the speaker, a very inebriated Mary began to twirl and shimmy almost uncontrollably and Rhoda joined her. From the way Rhoda's breasts swayed inside her loose jumpsuit, the men were fairly certain she had omitted her bra that evening. She had been in such a hurry to join Mary at the station that she had simply neglected to put on any underwear at all, and the feeling was incredibly liberating. Ted, who considered himself a "silver haired irresistible lothario" began to twist his upper body to the beat in front of Rhoda, trying to capture her attention. Watching this free-spirited woman shake her curves and ample breasts was exciting every male in the room and suddenly it seemed to be filled with sexual tension. Mary and Rhoda could sense it also; it was as if they could smell the testosterone; and mixed with the alcohol it was causing their arousal.

After working up a sweat dancing to "Spirit In the Sky," Mary virtually collapsed in her office chair while Rhoda seemed to be having her second wind twisting between Ted and Gordy. Mr. Grant wiggled his finger and motioned for Mary to join him in his office. He had taken off his tie and jacket and Mary could not help but notice how his muscular upper body strained against his crisp white dress shirt. She had always had a secret crush on her brusque, somewhat crude boss and tonight found herself becoming aroused at his close proximity. She stood leaning back against his desk as he closed the door gently behind him and turned to look at her. Her green dress did a marvelous job of displaying her slender legs as it ended about six inches above her knees. It was accessorized by a matching belt tied at the waist around two large ornamental rings and had a zipper that began at the neck and ended at her waist. While becoming perspired dancing, Mary had pulled the zipper down a couple inches and exposed some bare flesh below her neck.

On many women there would have been exposed cleavage, but Mary had been shortchanged in the breast department. Her 34 B's were barely handfuls and when in her apartment alone, she never bothered with a bra. In public however, a bra was a necessity because what she lacked in cup size, she more than made up for in nipples. Her nipples were incredibly long, nearly 3/4 of an inch and extremely sensitive. If she didn't wear a bra, the rubbing against her clothes quickly aroused them and they became quite prominent and visible through her shirts. When Mr. Grant turned to face her, she flashed him that electric smile and inquired, "Yes, Mr. Grant, you wanted to see me?"

As he slowly approached the desk, Mary was almost hypnotized by the movement of his muscular torso and could feel her nipples becoming erect under her clothes. Suddenly, even though she knew she was drunk, he was the most desirable man she had ever known. "It's Christmas me Lou," he almost whispered as he bent towards her face. "You can really dance," he stated, "it makes me wonder what else that little body is good at. You know, I have always been attracted to you...have you ever had any romantic feelings about me."

Feeling her crotch grow moist, Mary flung her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his while breathing, "oh, Mr. Grant." He crushed his lips into hers as his hands firmly grasped her tight little ass cheeks through her dress. For some reason he was surprised at what tiny little handfuls they were as he squeezed and released them rhythmically. As her tongue searched for his, Mary's mind was racing and she felt light headed while registering the warmth spread from her ass to her crotch. She desperately wanted this brute of a man; this man she had a secret crush on from the moment he had interviewed her. Dropping her hands, she pushed his slightly back and worked feverishly on his shirt buttons, one button popping off and rolling across the floor. He released her bottom and swiftly whipped his shirt down his arms, tugged his undershirt off over his head and stood before her naked from the waist up. Mary reached gingerly forward and began to run her hands through his thick chest hair; she had always been turned on by a hairy chest.

Mary's pulse rate shot up as Mr. Grant deftly untied her belt and then began to slowly lower the long zipper on the front of her dress. If she had not been under the influence of the vodka she would have been embarrassed as he gently eased the green material of her thin shoulders and down her slender arms. She felt her body shiver as she reached behind her to unclasp the plain white bra, that on her seemed as sexy as a lingerie model. Mary held the garment tight to her chest until Mr. Grant took it out of her hand and tossed it onto his chair. Resisting the temptation to cover her chest, Mary stood before him and thrust her girlish chest toward his thick body. For an awkward moment, Mr. Grant just stared at her tiny breasts and then tenderly covered them with his rough hands and began to knead. He trapped her incredibly long nipples between his fat fingers and squeezed; Mary nearly falling to the floor as her knees weakened. Her small mounds fit perfectly in his calloused hands and the friction caused her nipples to grow even longer.

One by one he removed a hand and began to flick his tongue around her bright pink, half-dollar sized areola; deftly avoiding the sensitive nipples. Mary's body was shivering with delight as he finally took each elongated nipple into his mouth and nibbled. As he bit down on her extended nubs, Mary could feel her crotch being flooded with her first orgasm. she spread her legs farther to steady herself against the desk and Mr. Grant took her by surprise by dropping to his knees in front of her.

With his face even with her groin, he hooked his large fingers onto the green dress which was bunched around her flared hips and began to tug it down her body as she leaned forward to allow the garment to clear the desk. Her legs seemed endlessly long to Mr. Grant as he ran his sandpaper hands up the insides of her silky thighs to grasp her plain white bikini panties. Ever so slowly he eased them down, revealing Mary's closely trimmed bush. She kept her pubic hair trimmed fairly short in an inverted triangle to prevent any unruly hairs from showing during her frequent trips to the YWCA for a swim. He could already smell the scent of her arousal as he let the damp panties fall to the floor, then lifted each foot in turn and freed her clothes.

"Oh, Mary," he exclaimed as he returned his gaze to her pubic area. She knew what he was referring to because while she had been shortchanged in the breast flesh department; her nipples and labia more than made up for it. Mary's pussy lips were long and fleshy and the first thought that flashed across Mr. Grant's mind was to wonder if she could tie them in a knot. She had always been mildly ashamed of her "deformity" and had never let her previous lovers get a good look at her naked. The truth was she had only had two previous lovers: her high school sweetheart who had taken her virginity on the evening of their senior prom, and the man she had been engaged to before moving to Minneapolis. Her entire body trembled as Mr. Grant gently grasped her pussy lips between the thumbs and forefingers of his hands and spread them apart. Her fluid was actually dripping from her flaps as Mr. Grant leaned in and inhaled deeply, enjoying her musky scent. Mary collapsed back against the desk as she felt his tongue enter her slit and lick it all the way from the bottom to the top, where her very prominent clit was already visible.

"Oh Mr. Grant," she moaned as she flooded his face.

"Lou," he mumbled as he nuzzled her crotch.

No one had ever performed cunnilingus on her before, and to Mary it was the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced as Lou began to lap at her slit. He slid his thick thumbs up inside her opening and spread her farther apart as he inserted his fat tongue up into her pussy and began to flick it in and out like a snake. Her legs involuntarily spread farther apart as she unashamedly pushed her crotch into his face. Here was the prim and proper Mary Richards, completely nude with her legs spread wide allowing her boss to lick her pussy. "Thank heaven for vodka," Lou Grant thought to himself as he noisily slurped up Mary's fluids.

Her eyes closed as she enjoyed utter ecstasy, Mary muttered, "Don't stop," as Mr. Grant withdrew from her crotch and stood before her.

"You have some incredible body," he complimented her, "normally I like a gal with a little meat on her bones, but you are a knockout. Now I know I gave you a card earlier today, but I have another gift for you." She opened her eyes to see him unbuckling his trousers and shoving them down his stout legs. His boxers tented in the front and when he lowered and stepped out of them, his stiff cock sprang free and pointed straight at her. It was really only the second one she had ever seen in person (she never even looked at her high school sweetheart's). She thought that his cock was perfect for the man it belonged to: it wasn't overly long, only about seven inches, but it was unbelievably fat. It resembled a beer can sticking out from his groin. It didn't flare at the tip like her fiancee's had, but was perfectly straight the entire length. She shyly reached her hand out to touch it and found that her fingers could not completely encircle its girth.

Mary felt like her pussy was on fire; she could feel her juices drooling down her thighs as she stood in front of him. Lou Grant was never much for preliminaries and this occasion was no different: he grabbed one of Mary's perfectly round ass cheeks in each hand, hoisted her petite body onto the edge of the desk and positioned himself between her slender legs. Once again her used his thumbs to spread her long cunt lips as he nudged his thick meat into her slit. She had never had anything that fat inside her before and Mary could feel her pussy lips stretch as he attempted to push into her tight hole. Lou looked at the beautiful secretary as she bit her lower lip and she nodded at him. Not being able to resist any longer, Lou lunged forward, pinning her against the desk as he buried his thick cock into her pussy.

As soon as he had penetrated her cunt, Mary saw brilliant flashes of light in front of her and yelled, "Oh my God! Mr. Grant...your cock is so fucking big."

Mary's pussy was so tight around his meat that it was almost painful for Lou and he just stood there with her trapped against his desk, impaled on his cock. "Geez Mary," Mr. Grant exclaimed, "your cunt is so tight...I am going to fuck you so hard." When he withdrew, Mary could feel her hole shrink around the void and it was incredible. Lou began to thrust up into her now stretched pussy as hard as he could. He bent his knees and slammed into her so hard he lifted her right off the surface of the desk. Lou was not making love to Mary: he was fucking her.

Mary could barely believe her lips could stretch wide enough to accommodate his wide cock; it felt like someone was shoving a beer can inside her pussy...but it felt absolutely marvelous. "Fuck me Mr. Grant...Lou...fuck me with your big fat cock," she ordered as she wrapped her long legs around him, pulling him into her. Lou slammed his log into her cunt, grinding his pelvis against hers as she convulsed in pleasure. All the times he had stared at those long legs and dreamed of what she looked like naked; and now he was fucking her...jamming his cock into her beautiful cunt.

"Oh Mr. Grant...Lou...your cock feels so fucking good," Mary moaned, "fuck me Lou...fuck my pussy." Lou Grant was strong as an ox and with her legs wrapped around him, Lou walked over to the office sofa, backed up to it and sat down with Mary sitting on his lap still impaled on his cock. She immediately took the initiative in this new position, placed her feet flat on the floor and began to push herself up and down on his fat meat. "Oh shit that feels good," Mary groaned as Lou thrust up into her.

Lou reached forward and began to fondle her tiny tits, sucking on each long nipple. "Do you remember the first time we met; at you job interview," he inquired. Mary nodded in the affirmative as she had thought about the encounter many times. "Well now I have some spunk for you," Lou announced as he grabbed her shoulders and held her down on his lap.

Mary screamed in delight as she felt the inside of her pussy being flooded with his hot cum. She laughed as she moaned, "Oh my God, Lou...cum in me...fill me with your hot spunk." The sensation was incredible as her widely stretched cunt was filled with Lou's seed. His fat cock acted like a plug, keeping every drop of sperm inside her hole and they could hear the "squishing" sound as he continued to fuck her. Mary was amazed that even at his age, his cock remained hard and he kept thrusting up into her pussy. Lou leaned back on the sofa watching her tiny tits jiggle with each stroke.

She was riding him like a jockey when suddenly the office door swung open and they heard, "Mare...are you in here," as Murray burst into the room. Not seeing anyone at the desk, Murray looked behind the door and spying them naked on the sofa, he stumbled into the center of the room and tripped over the chair. The sweet girl he had a crush on since the moment she had sauntered into the newsroom was completely nude with Lou Grant's cock buried in her pussy. As his mouth hung open he marveled at how beautiful her naked body was...just as he had dreamed it would be. Her little tits were perfect as was her round ass.

Suddenly he realized that he should be embarrassed and leave, but Mary shocked them both with a drunken invitation as she leaned forward covering Lou's body: "Well don't just stand there Murr...I have another hole you know...Merry Christmas you handsome devil." Murray nearly fell to the floor as he rushed to shed his shoes and pants. When he lowered his "tighty-whities" an impressive eight inch cock sprang out. Mary was relieved to see that it was relatively thin because, even though she had seemed bold with her suggestion, she had never engaged in anal sex before.

As her cunt gripped his cock in anticipation of her double penetration, Lou sensed her trepidation and suggested to a nearly frantic Murray, "Hey, Murr...there is a jar of Vaseline in my desk, why don't you use some. Yeah, yeah I know...I keep it there because my hands crack wide open in this cold weather."

Murray ran to the desk, ripped open the drawer and swiped the jar from inside. Wasting no time (and giving Mary no time to change her mind) he dipped his fingers into the gooey substance and slathered it onto his pole as he approached the sofa. Mary lay forward on top of Lou, her wonderful legs as wide as she could get them as Murray positioned himself behind her. Lou reached around her, grasped a perfect cheeks in each rough hand and spread then apart.

He tried to take her mind off the pending anal violation by grinding his pelvis up into hers, working his fat cock even deeper inside her pussy. "Mmmmm," she purred as her arms went around his neck. She could feel Murray's slick pole poking against her sphincter as he centered his crown in her ass hole. He pushed forward increasing his pressure and he popped past her tight ring and into her virgin ass. His cock was so slippery that he just kept pushing into her until his balls slapped against her cheeks. "Holy shit," was all Mary said as Murray began to slide his penis in and out of her rear tunnel. He and Lou began to fuck her holes in unison, matching each others strokes. They could feel their cocks rubbing against each other separated by her thin membrane as they thrust into Mary's ass and pussy.

Murray had a smile that stretched from ear to ear as he reveled in the fact that he actually had his cock buried in the perfect ass of "his" Mary. This was the woman he thought about when fucking his wife. He had dreamed about her naked body almost every night since she was hired and now he was fucking her magnificent little ass. The sensation was indescribable as her holes were totally stuffed with hard cock and Mary shrieked, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck my fucking holes...jam those cocks into me." Mary's feet were now completely off the floor as her two colleagues slammed their hard cocks into her holes. They were scraping every nerve inside her as they fucked her and she thought she was going to lose consciousness because of the overwhelming pleasure she felt. Why had she been saving her body for so long when cocks felt so good, she asked herself.

Murray reached around her nude body and found her girlish tits. They were exactly the size he had imagined, but was pleasantly surprised at her long nipples. As he pinched them between his fingers, he increased the pace of his thrusts. Her tight ass had loosened considerably and there was now hardly any resistance to his cock. Lou grasped her tiny waist in his firm hands and pounded his fat cock up into her cunt as Mary threw her head back and screamed at the ceiling, "Holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck me."

Lou looked over her shoulder at Murray and suggested, "Let's do it now Murr." Murray nodded and they both shoved their cocks as deep into Mary as they could and held there as they simultaneously began to pump their hot cum into her holes, flooding her belly.

"Oh my god," screeched Mary, her body trapped between them, "cum in my holes...fill me up...fuck me." Lou could feel her cunt muscles spasm, gripping his cock and milking every drop from his balls. Murray would swear that he had never cum that much as he drained his load into her sweet ass.

"Oh Mary," the men groaned at once, as they collapsed onto each other; one big pile of naked bodies on the office sofa.

Mary, still just as perky as ever, replied, "thank you guys...that was a wonderful Christmas gift. Now if you will get off me, I am dehydrated and need some more punch." She could feel Murray back up as his shriveling cock slipped out of her battered ass, and as she stood, Lou's deflating meat slapped against his thigh as it dislodged from her pussy. Mary suddenly realized that the empty feeling she now experienced was very depressing and she yearned for another hard cock to be buried inside her. Cum from both holes was now drooling down her pale thighs and she retrieved Lou's undershirt from the floor and wiped herself. Both men started at the naked beauty before them and both of their cocks began to stir.

Meanwhile out in the newsroom, the party had taken a similar direction. Gordy, Ted and Rhoda danced to the radio music. As Ike and Tina Turner crooned "I Want To Take You Higher," a very drunk Rhoda began a traditional bump-and-grind as Ted and Gordy sat on the office desks and observed. Alcohol always made her horny and Rhoda threw her hips from side to side as she slid the full length zipper on her jump suit up and down, all the way to her waist. Gordy and Ted could see her unencumbered 36 D breasts flopping back and forth inside her jumpsuit and whistled for her to "take it all off." Enjoying the attention and wanting to be the life of the party, Rhoda made a quick decision to comply. As she swayed to the beat, she shrugged the velour jumpsuit off her shoulders and let it slide down her arms where it gathered at her wide hips. Throwing her hips to the sides, she eased the material down over her ass cheeks and then let it slide to the floor where it pooled around her feet.

She was totally naked under the suit, hooked her garment with her foot and kicked it aside as she continued dancing. Ted and Gordy where stunned at the size of Rhoda's tits as they flopped around on her chest like huge water balloons. Rhoda was a full-figured girl, with a voluptuous figure and her curves were working to her advantage. Unlike Mary, she never bothered to trim her mound and her full dark bush was like a jungle between her legs. She looked at her admirers and stated, "well, what are you waiting for...this is a nudist party."

"Well, what do you say Gordo," asked Ted, but Gordy was already flinging his shirt aside and unbuckling his pants. Not to be outdone, Ted hurried to strip. Suddenly he realized that Rhoda had stopped dancing and was just standing there staring at Gordy, so naturally Ted stared also.

Gordy was now totally naked and the meat hanging between his legs seemed unnatural. His cock must have been ten inches long and as thick as a Coke bottle while still flaccid as it hung between his thighs. He saw them staring and asked, "what's the matter...haven't you ever seen a black man's cock before?"

Rhoda, her mouth already hanging open, replied, " I haven't."

This was 1970 and there was definitely a shortage of black men in frigid Minnesota...unless you played for the Vikings. Gordy was a large black man, six foot five, and had played college football for the Golden Gophers before blowing out a knee during pro tryouts; which prompted him to fall back on his Journalism degree. Rhoda could not take her eyes off the black meat hanging like an elephant's trunk between his muscular thighs and walked seductively over to where Gordy was standing. She reached instinctively and grasped his cock in her seemingly tiny hand. Her fingers did not go around its girth...and then it began to grow. She just watched in amazement as his magnificent meat began to stiffen and point at the ceiling. Feeling it grow in her hand was a new sensation as her fingers spread. Pointing straight up, it reached well past Gordy's navel and the crown had flared to the size of a tangerine.

Ted stood to the side suddenly self-conscious and insignificant. The truth was, Ted's penis was larger than average; it was a good nine inches long with a large purple plum head, but it was now dwarfed by his fellow reporter. As Rhoda again became aware of Ted's presence, she was surprised at his endowment and motioned for him to stand beside them. She grasped his penis with her other hand and began to stroke their cocks as she commented, "You boys really are happy to see me." Standing on each side of the naked brunette, Gordy and Ted each began to fondle a hanging breast. Gordy's huge hand was a stark contrast to her pale skin as he pawed and kneaded her fleshy bag. Ted leaned over and began to suckle on her thick nipple which resembled a red gumdrop. Ted's other hand began to rub Rhoda's full ass cheeks, while Gordy's long fingers stroked her thick bush, searching for her slit.

"Oh that's nice," moaned Rhoda enjoying the attention as Gordy's fingers fought their way through her dense jungle and began to stroke the sides of her plump pussy lips. He soon discovered that her clit was as large as her nipples and flicked and pinched it until a thick stream of fluid shot out of her pussy, wetting her thighs and his hand. "Mmmmm," she groaned as her knees bent, "I guess I should have told you...I'm a squirter."

She had tightened her grip on their poles and Gordy replied, "That's OK Rhoda, but now I think it's time your pussy was introduced to it's first big black cock." She released their logs as Gordy led her to one of the office chairs. He sank back onto the chair, his cock sticking up like a third leg and Rhoda began to straddle his legs, facing him. Using his large fingers, Gordy found her fat labia through her completely matted bush and spread them as she lowered her nude body. Lubrication was no problem as her pussy was actually dripping fluid onto his huge crown. When she was satisfied that her slit was centered on his prong, Rhoda began to twist and gyrate her body attempting to squeeze his giant head into her pussy. She felt her lips stretching farther than ever before as his "tangerine" pushed through her opening and was finally inside her.

Placing her hands on his strong shoulders for support, Rhoda then just lifted her feet off the floor and her body dropped onto Gordy's lap; completely impaling herself on his monstrous cock in one swift motion. Feeling her insides stretch to accommodate his massive pole, Rhoda threw her head back and screamed, ", that is so fucking huge." They just sat there momentarily, each getting used to the other's body; and then Rhoda placed her feet back on the carpeted floor and began to raise herself up until she was nearly standing straight up. She stared down between their legs at almost fourteen inches of cock, which now glistened with her juices, and wondered how her body had accepted the whole just didn't seem possible, it looked like she was sitting on a fence post.

Not wasting time on physics, she again dropped completely down on Gordy's lap and then began to rhythmically fuck herself as she bounced on his lap. Gordy slouched down in the chair and started to violently thrust his hips upward to meet her bounces; slamming his gigantic cock up into her juicy cunt. Rhoda begged him, "Fuck me Gordy...fuck me hard," feeling his pole splitting her apart. "Holy shit that feels good," Rhoda exclaimed as Gordy drove his monster up into her stretched out hole. Ted, feeling left out, stood beside Gordy, his cock in his hand, and offered it to Rhoda's mouth. Her mouth opened on instinct, she looked like a baby bird waiting to be fed when Ted inserted his large purple crown between her ruby lips. Like an oral pro she sucked his entire nine inches into her mouth and throat, not gagging for a second. She stopped bouncing on Gordy to concentrate on inhaling Ted, and Gordy never missed a stroke. Actually he began to slam up into her even harder to compensate for her stopping to just sit on his groin.

Rhoda's talented mouth slid up and down Ted's erection while her throat milked and squeezed his head. Suddenly she became aware of someone else standing beside her and with her peripheral vision saw her best friend just staring at her act of fellatio. Rhoda eased her mouth most of the way off Ted and declared sarcastically, "It's not nice to stare, you know Mare."

Mary, thoroughly engrossed with observing Rhoda give head, mumbled, "I'm sorry Rhoda, but I've never done that and I was just curious how it's done."

"You have lived such a sheltered life my friend," Rhoda replied, "it's really quite simple; you just take it in your mouth and suck. Oh Mare...wait until you see what's inside of me...I guarantee you've never seen one this big." Rhoda returned her attention to Ted and Mary diverted her attention to Rhoda's groin as it was being tossed up and down by Gordy's thrusting hips. She couldn't really judge how long Gordy's cock was, but it was surely as thick as Mr. Grant's. Like Rhoda, she had never seen a black cock before and was completely mesmerized at the sight of it disappearing and reappearing from her friend's hole.

Murray tapped Mary on her shoulder with a big grin on his face and volunteered, "If you've never given a blow-job before...feel free to practice on me...that's what friends are for."

Mary laughed and immediately dropped to her knees on the carpet, firmly grasped Murray's penis in her hand and began to lick the crown like a lollipop. Opening her tiny mouth, she began to slide her lips farther down his shaft until about five inches were inside and it nudged the back of her throat. She began to work up a rhythm sliding her head back and forth, letting Murray fuck her mouth. Murray looked down between his legs and saw the woman of his dreams sucking his cock, grasped her head in his hands and guided it back and forth. He wondered what it tasted like since its last port was her ass hole, but knew it didn't matter...he was her first blow-job. This was something he had dreamed about for months and could not hold out as he flooded her mouth with his ejaculation; no he moaned, "Ohhh Mary."

She was a real trooper as she attempted to swallow every drop, the stray juice dripping down her chin as she remarked, "that doesn't taste half bad, Murr." As she sat back on her heels, they both looked over to see Mr. Grant advance between Gordy's wide stretched legs, part Rhoda's ample ass cheeks with his hands and begin to wedge his crown into her sphincter ring. He pushed forcefully forward, and assisted by the lubrication provided by Mary's pussy, he broke through and penetrated Rhoda's ass. His thick cock slowly gained entrance and he joined Gordy in thrusting into Rhoda's holes. Quite appropriately, she exclaimed, "Holy shit." Murray sat down in his own chair and Mary crawled on her knees to where Ted was standing and began to cup and caress his scrotum, rolling his balls in her hand. This was too much for Ted to endure and he began to pump his seed into the waiting mouth of Rhoda. She slid her lips all the way to the base of his pole and did not lose a single drop as she milked him dry.

Gordy made one last violent thrust up into Rhoda's cunt, lifting her off the floor and jamming her deeper onto Mr. Grant's log. Gordy's course, Brillo-like, pubic hair ground against her clit like sandpaper and both Gordy and Rhoda began to buck against each other in climax. It felt like a fire hose squirting deep inside her belly as Gordy's ejaculation seemed endless. "Hooolllyyy shit," Rhoda screamed as her ass hole suddenly became very warm and she knew Mr. Grant was joining the duo in orgasm. They continued to pump into her and cum began to leak out of her holes and drip onto the Newsroom carpet.

Mr. Grant backed away from her and when his thick rod plopped out of her rectum, he slapped her cheek and said, "nice ass Rhoda."

"Thanks Lou," Rhoda returned and added, "thanks a lot...I probably won't be able to sit down for a week now, but it was worth it. Mare get a load of this cock," she remarked as she began to stand up and Gordy's snake slithered out of her pussy and hung between his legs.

It was like Mary was hypnotized by Gordy's rod. The combination of it being the size of a horse's cock and jet black was like a magnet and Mary walked over to where Gordy was sitting and placed both her tiny hands around it's girth. Seemingly in a trance, she whispered to no one in particular, "I think I want this."

"Oh don't worry Mary," Gordy answered, "I'm going to give it to you. I have something special in mind for you."

Ted interrupted, behaving like a three year old, "but I want to fuck's my turn," his lower lip protruding in a pout.

Gordy soothed the spoiled newsman, "that's right Ted...we're both going to fuck her at the same time. Mary's going to see what it feels like to have two cocks in her little white pussy at the same time."

Still fondling Gordy's giant meat stick in a daze, Mary didn't seem to fully comprehend his statement as Gordy stood with his back to his desk and grasped Mary's tiny waist with his huge hands, her back to him. He lifted her skinny body like it was weightless and when her crotch was above his giant purple crown, he instructed her, "would you mind guiding it in Mary."

Dreamily hanging in mid air she spread her slender legs, reached down between them, grabbed his massive erection and nudged it against her cunt hole remarking, "I don't think it will fit."

"Trust me," Gordy assured her, "it will," and without any warning he dropped her onto his giant cock, impaling her on the entire massive pole at once."

"Oh my God," Mary screeched as the entire length of her cunt stretched around his horse-cock. His crown was poking against her cervix and Mary felt like a piece of raw meat on a rotisserie. Even her belly felt full as Gordy began to lift her whole body up and down on his monstrous cock, her tiny tits jiggling up and down. It was like she was impaled on a pole as Gordy fucked her stretched out cunt, his cock scraping against every nerve inside her. His hands around her little waist were so massive that his fingers almost touched.

"OK Ted," Gordy urged, "now it's your turn...let's fuck her together."

Suddenly comprehending as Ted approached her with his nine inch cock waving in front of him, Mary looked over her shoulder at Gordy and pleaded, " can't be will split me apart."

"Think of it like this Mary," Gordy soothed her, "it will be the fucking of a experience you will never forget." Gordy leaned back against his desk, balancing her against his groin as he lowered his hands and hooked them around her thighs, spreading her legs even farther as he lifted her petite body effortlessly. Mary looked down between her legs at the giant cock spearing her tiny pussy and felt her cunt muscles spasm. The contrast between her lily white skin and and Gordy's black monster excited her like never before. Ted approached Mary from the front as she hung from Gordy's hands and timidly placed his flared head at her already full entrance next to Gordy's shaft. The sensation of Gordy's horse-cock splitting her pussy was driving Mary wild and at this point she would probably agreed to anything.

She reached her hands down, hooked her fingers into the sides of her elongated lips and spread herself as wide as her flesh would allow. Ted, almost afraid to let his cock touch Gordy's, several time attempted to stuff his erection into Mary's hole, but each time it just glanced off to the side. "It just won't go," he frustratingly proclaimed to Gordy.

"Oh it will'll see," assured Gordy as he withdrew his log several inches and instructed Ted to lubricate his cock with Mary's juices that were dripping off his tool. Feeling sheepish, Ted slid his meat up and down Gordys and then once again tried to penetrate Mary while she pulled her flaps to the sides. Perspiration was forming on Ted's brow as he pushed upward with all his force until finally his fleshy crown broke through her opening and into Mary's juicy pussy. With smiles on their faces, Gordy and Ted both pushed upward with all their might, while Gordy let Mary's body fall onto their cocks, penetrating her completely.

Mary actually lost consciousness momentarily as her cunt was stretched to an inhuman degree by the two giant cocks, her head flopping back against Gordy's hairy chest. When she came to, they were fucking her; shoving their huge cocks up into her battered cunt. Gordy chuckled and inquired, "Well, Mary, how does it feel to have two feet of cock in your pussy?"

"Oh my fucking God," she howled, "fuck me...fuck me...jam your fucking cocks into my cunt." The truth was it felt marvelous, wonderful, exquisite, indescribable, but she was having difficulty forming coherent sentences as they hammered her pussy. It felt like someone had shoved their entire arm up her hole...and she loved it. Mary was having a series of orgasms as they slammed into her pussy; her body in the throes of one big convulsion. Her head tossing from side to side as she approached delirium. How was it possible that her little cunt had stretched that far...she didn't care...all she could focus on was the exquisite sensation of their cocks deep inside her. As they slid in and out of her pussy simultaneously, it was like being fucked by one gigantic monster cock. Mary found herself wondering if three cocks would fit in her pussy, but she knew that was impossible.

Rhoda was now laying spread-eagle on top of Murray's desk as he and Lou took turns fucking her; cum dripping down the edge of the furniture. Mary reached up and pinched her own long nipples until they hurt as the two poles split her apart. Gordy looked down at Ted and asked, "Are you ready to fill this bitch up?"

"Let's do it Gordo," smiled Ted as both men thrust their huge cocks in and out of Mary's hole as hard as they could. They shoved into her as far as they could go and then held there motionless. Ted leaned forward and bit down hard on Mary's left nipple causing her cunt muscles to contract and squeeze their meat. The entire length of her tunnel felt like it was on fire as Gordy and Ted pumped their hot seed into Mary's belly.

"Oh my God," Mary shrieked as they emptied the contents of their balls deep inside her belly, "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." Her entire body shivered and twitched as she felt their cocks squirting cum inside her. Mary felt like a telephone pole was shoved up her cunt as Ted and Gordy continued to fuck her, their cum gradually finding its way out of her hole as they penetrated her. She reached down with her fingers, scooped up the sticky white fluid and then licked her fingers clean. Very gradually, they began to shrivel inside her, needing a break to reload. First Ted's cock, then Gordy's giant log slipped out of her now huge hole and Gordy set Mary down on the floor where she steadied herself against the desk. Seeing that her knees were a little shaky, Gordy picked her up again and sat her on the desk with her long slender legs hanging off the end.

Rhoda walked over to her best friend, glanced between Mary's spread legs and remarked, "Wow Mare...they really stretched you out." Mary bent her head to look between her legs and saw that her cunt was still wide open; a large hole instead of a slit; and there was a stream of cum drooling out and running down the end of the desk. Rhoda quickly dropped to her knees and began slurping up the jism as it ran out of Mary's tunnel. "I just have to do this Mare," Rhoda explained as she cupped her thumb under her other four fingers and started to work her hand into Mary's wide open cunt.

"Oh my God," Mary yelled as Rhoda's entire hand slipped, quite easily, into her cunt and completely disappeared. Rhoda's hand was buried wrist deep inside Mary and she began to fist fuck her best friend vigorously. "Oh Rhoda, that feels so good," Mary groaned, "fuck my pussy." Rhoda spread her fingers inside Mary and began to tickle her lining, making contact with Mary's G-spot. Mary's wonderful ass squirmed on the desktop as she thrust her pelvis forward into Rhoda's hand, burying it past her wrist. Rhoda closed her hand and began to jam her fist up into Mary's cunt, feeling Mary's muscles flex and contract around her wrist. Gordy was now standing behind Mary, cradling her head in his giant hands, leaning down and sliding his tongue into her mouth. Ted and Mr. Grant stood on either side of their favorite employee and each one nibbled on an incredibly long nipple. "Oh my fucking God," Mary trembled as her entire body convulsed and she collapsed on to the desk top.

Rhoda slipped her hand out of Mary's pussy and licked it clean, while everyone found a chair to relax in. Mary lay on the desk completely spent, her legs splayed obscenely wide as cum drooled from her hole. Looking at the big clock on the wall, Lou noticed that all their activity had only taken two hours. He knew he had to get home or he would have a lot to explain to Edie, his wife. He leaned in close to Mary, pausing to get one last look at her amazing nude body, kissed her cheek tenderly, and whispered, "Remember Mary, you have to be back here bright and early...I would suggest a shower." She smiled weakly as she sat up and looked around the room as all her friends searched for their clothes. A couple minutes later Mr. Grant emerged from his office fully dressed and handed Mary her pile of clothes. As she dressed she soon noticed that her panties were missing, and she just smiled to herself, knowing who had taken a souvenir of their encounter. As Mr. Grant strode out the doors he turned and delivered a message, "Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night."

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it's not perfect, but it was written for fun. I hope you will indulge another of my "oldies" stories. As always, any comments and/or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. [email protected])


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