All characters and events are fictional. Many are illegal, immoral and/or impossible. Never try this in real life. You do not have mental powers.


A rather long story continuing the adventures of my mind-controlling protagonist. All the characters except the protagonist (and a random Swedish girl) are from the animated show "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" ("Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir").

If you want to read more about the protagonist and how his powers work, seek out my earlier stories (e.g. the Spooksville story on TSSA).

I am greatly indebted to:
Doorknob22 for his invaluable advice on earlier drafts.
PandaPensif for his translation of the French dialogue and his insights on the story.
Vibes for his translation of the Italian dialogue.

(It is not necessary to understand French or Italian to read this story.)

As always feedback is welcome ( [email protected]).

Miraculous - Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir: A Man Of Singular Talent – Ladybug (mf,mm,orgy,mc,nc,oral,anal)
by Mephisto Pegari

Like anyone who has the ability to control the minds and bodies of others, I get bored sometimes. The same looks, faces, bodies. Other people travel abroad when they tire of the old homestead; although I travel constantly I rarely cross national borders. Too many identity checks, too many machines not susceptible to my very special talents.

The solution of course is to let the world come to me. Many major cities seem to have more tourists than residents. Which is why this evening I find myself sitting in a cafe opposite a mid-range hotel in one of the busiest tourist hotspots in the country (I prefer mid-range hotels - expensive hotels have older patrons and more security).

I expect to be sitting here a while, looking out the window and watching the comings and goings across the street. But in fact I had just set my coffee down when a group entering the hotel catch my eye. A gaggle of teens pour out of an airport minibus and into the hotel, shepherded by a woman who does not appear much older. I catch a glimpse of a dark-haired girl, not more than a glimpse but enough to captivate me; I manage to get a longer look at the older woman, a slender redhead. I abandon my untouched coffee and head out to the street.

At this point I realize I had made a mistake in choosing my observation point. The only crossing in this busy street is far from the hotel. By the time I enter the hotel the group is gone. The lobby is small, a couple hundred square feet at most. I am alone here except for one receptionist. Perhaps all is not lost.

I greet the receptionist who raises her head from the computer screen below the reception desk. Before she finishes her "Hello, welcome to th-" I am inside her mind and rooting through her recent memories. Yes, she did book in the group I had seen, not moments ago. A group of French students and their teacher, apparently. A little rummaging in the receptionist's mind and I have the room numbers of both the redhead teacher and the darker-haired girl (though not their names, which she has forgotten already).

This achieved, I take a proper look at the receptionist, and am surprised I did not do so earlier. Linnea is a Swedish girl with long pale blonde hair framing a round face, her full lips frozen in a smile. Pale blue eyes complete the look. I send a silent mental order to her and she obediently stands. She's about a head shorter than me, with an impressive chest stretching her uniform shirt (which is buttoned to the neck because she got fed up with guests peering down her cleavage at every opportunity). Linnea turns around and shows her curves are not limited to her chest; her ass fills out the conservative dark slacks very nicely. A deeper glance into her mind reveals that she is eighteen and is using this job as a working holiday. Looks like I'll be adding some Scandinavian flavor to my French evening.

The hotel keys are electronic; with a little mental push it is simple for Linnea to create three keys, one for the teacher's room, one for the dark-haired girl's and another for an unoccupied room. I head for the elevator. I consider ordering Linnea to join me, but it occurs to me that her abandoning her post would be problematic. Linnea's shift ends in an hour, however, so I spend a little time tinkering in her mind. By the time the elevator has arrived Linnea has forgotten all about me, except for one deeply implanted instruction to go to the teacher's room when her shift is over. With that covered I head for my first rendezvous.

The rooms for the class group take up one end of a corridor on the fourth floor. The teacher's room is at the very end, so I use the key and enter the room quickly before any of the students notice me. Luckily the teacher is not immediately visible; as I quietly close the door (and set the deadlock) I hear the sound of the shower running.

I cannot take control of people's minds without a direct line of sight, so while I wait for the teacher to finish her shower I close the curtains and strip off. I make myself comfortable on the double bed. It isn't long before I hear the water turning off, but I have to wait a good twenty minutes before the woman emerges from the bathroom - typical, right? The bed is not immediately visible from the bathroom, so I see her before she sees me, making it easy to take control of her before she can utter a sound of surprise.

The teacher (whose name is Caline Bustier, according to the brief scan I took while taking control of her mind) is indeed a redhead, and as she obeys my silent mental command to walk to the foot of the bed and drop the towel wrapped around her body I can confirm she is a natural redhead. Either that or the neat landing strip of pubic hair is dyed as well, which seems unlikely. My gaze travels up her body, and I feel my dick start to stiffen as I take in long legs; a slender body with just enough curves to be unmistakably feminine; apple-sized breasts with a dusting of freckles between them; a round face with more freckles on either side of a straight nose and large piercingly green eyes (currently wide with shock at her inability to do nothing but stand naked in front of an equally naked male stranger); and of course locks of red hair, tied up at the back except for one lock falling just beside her left eye. Caline's hair has evidently not been showered; the rest of her body is glistening with small beads of moisture that accentuate her fresh features nicely. Caline cannot be over thirty, I estimate; another look inside her mind tells me she is in fact 26.

So far I am very pleased with my latest toy, but there is one final thing to check. Caline's mind jolts as she finds herself turning to face away from me, bending her knees and arching her back. My gaze goes straight to her ass, enticingly displayed by her pose. The French redhead's naked ass is not large but it fits her body well; her pussy is clearly visible in this position, as is her asshole (which her memories tell me was thoroughly cleaned in her shower, how convenient).

Enough voyeurism, on to the fun part. I issue some further commands and Caline turns again before slinkily mounting the bed and crawling over my body. I return her ability to speak while she approaches me, not too loudly though.
"Mais qui êtes vous donc ?... Et... Que faites-vous ici?"

... I'm lucky my ability to control minds is not dependent on language, because I have no idea what she is saying. From her mind (and my copious experiences with this scenario) I can guess she is asking the usual pointless questions. I reply with my usual response.

"All you need to know right now Caline is that I have complete control over you. Your mouth, your pussy, your petite ass, it's all mine to play with, and when I'm done you'll forget ever meeting me. There's nothing you can do about it, so just sit back and enjoy the ride if you can."

"...what? Who are you? Why can't I sto-mmmff!"

My usual response to the usual question is as usual completely ignored. It does at least pass the time until Caline is on her elbows and knees directly above me, her head inches from mine. Her questions are cut off by her leaning her head down and kissing me, an act to which I eagerly respond. As we lock lips my hands rise off the bed and start exploring the rest of her naked body, starting at her hips and going over her back until I have her breasts in my grasp. Her skin is damp, supple and pliant, and I take pleasure in holding her firm breasts; judging by the muffled squeals from Caline I may be holding them a bit too tight. I enjoy it though, so I cup one breast in each hand and squeeze them, to Caline's vocal discomfort.

As much as I enjoy Caline's kissing (you can make your own french kissing joke, if you must), my penis is starting to feel left out of the action. But that is easily fixed; Caline lifts her lips from mine before planting them on my neck, beginning a slow crawl back down my body. I release her breasts from my hands and enjoy the sensation of them rubbing against my chest, followed by Caline's soft lips before finally a gentle tickle from her loose lock of hair. The bed is only of a normal length, so Caline is soon standing on the floor, her upper body bent down as she covers my stomach in kisses (I had removed her ability to speak again, in order to enjoy the quiet sounds of her movements). The position is no doubt uncomfortable to maintain so I show a little kindness by scooting down to the end of the bed until my own feet rest on the floor, allowing Caline to kneel and sit on her heels as she finally brushes her breasts over my erect penis and comes redhead to cockhead. I lift my upper body up on my elbows so I can get a better view of Caline as she places her face against my penis; the touch of her cheek against my shaft makes it twitch in anticipation. The beautiful redhead looks up at me with a pleading look in her eyes, and I cannot resist restoring her speaking ability again as she slowly places her lips on the tip of my dick.
"S'il vous plait, non ! Je ne veux pas, je ne peux pas faire ça, non-mmf !"
Caline's protests are again cut short. This time it is not her tongue pushing into my mouth that silences her, but my dick being pushed between her soft lips, as she lowers her head and engulfs the tip and a good part of the shaft in her mouth. Her eyes are still fixed on mine, and as she starts swirling her tongue around the shaft I distract myself by reaching into her mind and assessing her mental state. As expected at this stage Caline is still confused and afraid, but there is a surprising current of resignation as well; Caline is adjusting to the hopelessness of her situation faster than most. I make a few mild tweaks to make sure her mood does not turn into desperation (panic is unhelpful) before delving into her memories.

Caline is a teacher in a collège in Paris. She is well travelled and skilled in languages, which is why she was trusted to escort a class of teenagers on this trip. Her travel experience is much more varied than her sexual experience; no husband or boyfriend, only a few casual relationships in her history. It seems her innocent looks are accurate.

Caline is looking much less innocent right now. While I was inside her mind her journey down my dick continued, and now her lips are only about half an inch away from the base of my shaft. Her eyes are no longer wide open, but half closed in discomfort as she struggles to fit my penis in her mouth. One hand has reached to stroke and fondle my balls, gently pulling them one by one (a trick taught to her by a former boyfriend who I should really thank one day). She is audibly breathing through her nose, and I resist the temptation to pinch it closed and watch her struggle to breathe around my dick. Save that for later perhaps. For now I simply place one hand on top of her silky red hair and give her the extra push she needs to take the last fraction of my dick into her mouth. As Caline's lips touch the base of my dick she finally takes her eyes off mine and tries to look down at where my flesh meets hers. Her crossed eyes are quite amusing, especially when I twitch my dick inside her mouth and her eyelids flutter in distress.

I take my hand off Caline's head and give new mental instructions. Caline immediately starts bobbing her head, her lips tightly closed around my shaft as they slide up and down. Her hand has moved away from my balls, as she needs both to steady her body. There's not much finesse to this, but I enjoy watching this young attractive redhead naked on her knees, servicing my dick with her mouth, so I just lean back and watch for a while.

The first orgasm of the evening is always the quickest, don't you find? I almost prefer to get it out of the way quickly so that I can take my time with the next half dozen or so. It certainly doesn't take long before I can feel my balls tighten in preparation. I had already decided that I wanted to see Caline's fresh face covered in my cum, so before I end up shooting in her mouth I order her to stop. Caline lifts her head off my dick, which emerges glistening and swollen. One of Caline's hands snakes up to take hold of the shaft, wrapping her carefully manicured fingers around it. The redhead's eyes cross as she tries to look at the dick pointing her face, while her hand strokes it hard and fast.

I had not removed Caline's ability to speak during the blowjob, she had just had other things to do with her mouth. Now free of obstruction, she still doesn't say anything beyond a soft whimper as my cum erupts from my dick and lands on one cheek, covering her dark freckles with white. Under my control, her hand shifts to try to aim the next spurt on her other cheek, but it arrives too fast and instead lands on the side of her nose and the corner of one eye, causing her to reflexively wrinkle her nose and close that eye. She does manage to get the third streak across her other cheek however, and by the time my orgasm subsides and my balls are emptied, Caline's face is efficiently covered in warm white cum. She takes the head of my dick into her mouth, using her tongue to whisk away the last drops while looking up at me with her one open eye. I take the time to look into her mind; Caline's earlier resignation has blossomed into full hopelessness. In this state she would accept anything I do to her with minimal complaint (I'm not stupid enough to imagine she would submit willingly of course, this is real life not some silly BDSM masturbation fantasy).

My attention is brought abruptly out of Caline's mind by the sound of a knock on the door. I remove Caline's speaking ability immediately, before reaching out with my mind to scan the area (I can sense other people within a small radius, just not identify or affect them without seeing them). In the corridor is one mind in front of Caline's door. I assume it is the receptionist from earlier but I don't like surprises, so rather than go myself I order Caline to rise and open the door while I get within eyeshot behind her.

It is indeed Linnea at the door. Her confusion as to why she needed to come here is quickly replaced by surprise and embarrassment at being met by a naked woman with cum on her face. This gives me ample time to take control of Linnea's mind, and she enters the room without a murmur. I address Caline as she closes and locks the door.

"Good girl Caline, now go clean up."

Caline heads to the bathroom, helped along by a smack on her ass. I then turn my attention to my next toy, the blond teen receptionist standing silently in front of me.

Behind me in the corner of the room is a desk and a simple armless chair. I take the chair, turn it to face Linnea, and sit. Linnea looks at me with fear, her eyes occasionally darting around to find some kind of escape but always returning to me. I beckon her over and she jolts into motion, until she is standing less than a foot in front of me.

"I bet you'd like an explanation right about now? Sure you do. It's simple really. I control your body and can tell you to do anything I like. And you are going to do *anything* I like. Understand?"


"You may speak."

"..ah! I don't, who... how are you doing this?"

"I just told you. Keep up."

"Why are you doing this?"

"I just told you that too. Ah, never mind, be quiet now."


"Better. Still wearing the frumpy work outfit I see. Well, that's the first thing to fix. Strip, babe."

Linnea's mind radiates shock as she finds herself unable to speak. The look of confusion in her eyes turns to outright shock as she watches her hands reach for her shirt buttons without her volition. Soon her shirt is unbuttoned and falling to the floor around her feet. Her slacks soon follow. Linnea's underwear is similarly utilitarian, although her bra has some serious engineering to keep her chest restrained. Linnea unhooks her bra and removes it, and her breasts almost spring out of their confinement. They aren't porn star big, but nor are they porn star fake; large round breasts capped with prominent nipples loom over me. There's a clear upwards curve to them; in a few years these beauties will start to droop but at 18 Linnea's breasts don't have a hint of sag in them despite their impressive size. Linnea catches me staring at them and her fear is tinged with embarrassment. As she bends down to slip her panties down her hips her chest comes close to touching me, and I can't help but order her to freeze for a moment so I can take her breasts in my hands. My fingers sink into her flesh as I lift her breasts to feel their heft, before I let them go again so she can finish stripping. Soon panties, socks and shoes are discarded and Linnea straightens up, completely naked in front of me. Linnea's body is as shapely as I had guessed even with her work clothes on (I'm something of an expert in these things). A relatively narrow waist flares out to form a sizable round ass, again not porn star proportioned but certainly a good compliment to her top half. Linnea stands with her legs apart, enough that I can see her pussy peeking out from pale blonde curls of pubic hair. A glint catches my eye; further inspection shows she has a piercing of some kind down there. All in all, a very pleasing package, and a nice contrast to the slender understatement of Caline's body.

I'm still feeling quite drained from my earlier climax, but the sight of a hot naked blonde in front of me is always a nice pick-me-up. Even more when I can get up close and personal. I issue some more mental commands to Linnea, who steps forward, turns, and drops herself into my lap. The immediate tactile sensation of her soft skin against mine is welcome, and my hands waste no time reaching around to cup her breasts again - a reaction almost as automatic as if I were the one being mind controlled.

Linnea starts to gently circle her butt in my lap. Her pubic hair tickles my penis, which is beginning to wake up from its slumber. My hands feel the fullness of her breasts, before one reaches down past her smooth stomach to explore between her legs. The blonde teen certainly has some kind of metal piercing in her pussy though I cannot tell by touch exactly what. Her pussy feels dry but with a few well-practiced mental manipulations I soon get her aroused (a purely physical effect, I cannot create mental arousal if none is present to begin with). I order Linnea to turn her head so that we can kiss, and as her full lips meet mine and my tongue invades her mouth, my mind invades her memories.

Linnea has an interesting sexual history. Quite well-versed in sex for an eighteen year old, with a strong preference for women over men. Apparently the boys her age are all too interested in her impressive chest to pay enough attention to her own desires. Oral sex with both genders, some vaginal penetration (both flesh and plastic), more titfucking than she'd like (see previous statement re: selfish boys), one abortive attempt at anal... not nymphomaniac level experience but certainly more than the older Caline. No current girlfriend or boyfriend, nor indeed any friends in this city - apparently she arrived only a week ago. How fortunate that our paths crossed.

Linnea's pussy has started to warm up, and is slippery enough that I can insert a couple of fingers. Her nipples are similarly aroused; I feel them go from soft to firm under my hand. Having a hot naked blond grinding her ass in my lap while I finger her pussy, play with her breasts and explore her mouth with my tongue has exactly the effect you would expect. My penis is fully erect and ready for action, jutting between her thighs and rubbing her pussy whenever her circling ass brings it close enough.

At this point Caline emerges from the bathroom. She has cleaned up her face and mouth, applied some makeup and fixed her hair (still being worn up, I think it suits her). Her eyes display no surprise at seeing me toying with the new girl, nor does her mind show anything but calm, almost fatalistic acceptance when she finds herself walking over and kneeling in front of us.

Following my mental commands Linnea stops circling her ass and raises her body. Caline reaches out and gently grips my shaft, angling my dick just right to point straight at Linnea's waiting pussy. I often like to hear a girl speak when I first penetrate her but this time I decide on silence, so that as the blonde teen slowly lowers her body again I can focus on the sensation of warmth enveloping my dick as it pushes past Linnea's outer lips and into the depths of her pussy. I cannot see Linnea's expression from this position, but I do hear a sharp intake of breath as she feels me enter her. It's a smooth insertion, tight but not uncomfortably so, and soon Linnea's ass rests on my lap again, this time with my dick deeply embedded inside her. Caline moves her hand away as Linnea resumes circling her ass, swirling my dick around inside her. Linnea's mind is awash with shock and humiliation at her violation, so much so that I have to reach in and dial down her emotions enough that they do not distract me from my own pleasure. I speak and break the silence.

"Ahh, yes, that's right babe. Your pussy feels great. Keep grinding your ass around, let's make sure you feel my dick touch every part of your tight little hole. Oh, and Linnea, meet Caline. You two will be getting to know each other almost as well as I'll be getting to know you. Say hello Caline."

Of course I have removed her ability to speak, so instead of verbally greeting Linnea, Caline bends down and starts to kiss Linnea. A little mental prompting and soon the girls are locked in a deep passionate kiss, a nice visual sensation to complement the physical sensations of Linnea's pussy on my dick and her body in my hands.

I explore Linnea's anatomy while she grinds her ass in my lap. Her breasts are full and pliable, nipples now prominently erect in mentally-induced arousal; I roll them between my fingers, feeling the stiff yet soft skin. Her stomach is taught, muscles straining to maintain her constant movements. Reaching between her legs, I feel where my dick is swallowed by her pussy, the circling of her hips causing my dick to constantly slide in and out by small degrees. Again I feel the hardness of the metal piercing against my fingers, but her pussy is so slick I don't sense it on my dick. Linnea's mouth is busy with Caline, so instead I kiss the back of Linnea's neck, tasting a mix of sweat and some perfume I cannot quite identify.

While I could continue in this way for hours (and have, in the past), after a while I feel like taking a more active part in Linnea's violation. Linnea is surprised and relieved when she finds herself stopping her motions and standing up. My dick slides out of her pussy as smoothly as it entered. Caline is already heading to the double bed, lying on her back; Linnea soon follows. I order both girls to raise and part their legs. Standing at the end of the bed I admire the two women lying side by side; Linnea's fuller figure in contrast to Caline's more delicate frame. Two pussies await my attention; two pairs of eyes look at me with embarrassment and fearful anticipation.

I haven't finished with Linnea yet, so I move to kneel between her legs. My dick finds its way back to the entrance of her pussy easily. This time I can watch as the head of my dick parts Linnea's folds, surrounded by blonde curls, and sinks deep inside the Swedish teen. Linnea may prefer girls but her pussy is no stranger to penis, and I have no difficulty in stroking my dick fully in and out of her in a steady rhythm.

I want to watch Linnea's expression as I fuck her, so she and Caline do not resume their make-out session. However I don't want the French girl to feel ignored. So on my orders she rolls to her side facing me and Linnea, one leg still raised to allow Linnea's hand to reach down and start stroking her fingers over Caline's pussy. I help by initiating the same arousal process I used on Linnea. Caline meanwhile is kissing and licking Linnea's face, neck and shoulder.

We continue in this way for an unknown length of time. Linnea's pussy feels great, and we have all night - I anticipated a long night so I slept during the day (I imagine it will be harder for Linnea after a long working day, but if I cared about her that much I wouldn't be inside her right now, and what would be the fun in that?). Caline's pussy has warmed up, and the occasional involuntary shudder tells me Linnea knows how to finger an aroused woman.

I contemplate my next move as I look down on the two girls. There is still the dark-haired student of Caline's, but I have a plan for her. Checking Linnea's mind shows she is not on birth control - not a problem really, as sterility seems to be a side-effect of my mental abilities, but it does rather spoil the mood if a girl's mind is constantly full of fears over unwanted pregnancy. So I issue further mental orders and the girls return to their previous poses, lying on their backs with legs open (well, Linnea's legs are already open as I am currently between them, but you know what I mean). I take one more look at my Linnea's pussy stretched open by my dick before withdrawing and moving back. Linnea's sense of relief is palpable as she lifts one leg to let me move over to Caline, almost as strong as Caline's rising dread as she watches me kneel between her legs and position my dick.

Unlike Linnea's pussy, half hidden by pubic hair, Caline keeps herself clean shaven over than a landing strip of trimmed red hairs. Not much of Caline's pussy is visible from the outside. Tiny triangular labia mark a straight slit, albeit one currently raised up with arousal following my mental commands and Linnea's skillful manipulations. Still, her dainty slit opens up easily enough when I press the head of my dick against it, and soon I feel the warmth of another pussy around me. Having found my mark I raise my head so I can watch Caline's expression as I slowly penetrate her (Linnea's eyes are tight closed, but I ignore her for the moment). Her large blue-green eyes are delightful to watch, as she silently pleads for me to stop. In fact, let's turn up the volume on that pleading.

".. ah ! Non.. je veux dire- no Please don't! Pas votre bite, pas là ! - It is - You can't - ah ! arrêtez ! S'il vous plaît, arrêtez !"

Mindful of the thin hotel walls, I have not permitted Caline to speak loudly. Her bilingual pleading as I push into her and start stroking my dick inside her therefore comes out as a soft almost-whisper, which if anything encourages me to start fucking her in earnest. I know I don't have long before I come again anyway, so after an initial acclimatization I start energetically pumping my hips, causing Caline's body to shake and her litany to be interrupted by an "Uh!" every time I bottom out in her delightful pussy.

Fucking this gorgeous French redhead is great fun, but before it becomes too much fun I look over to Linnea.

"Come on Linnea, I have a present for you."

Linnea's eyes fly open as she finds herself rising up and getting on her hands and knees. She turns and places her head down over Caline's hips, getting a close up view of my dick plunging deep into the teacher's abused pussy. She doesn't get to watch the show for long, though, because I remove my dick and place it, wet and throbbing, in front of Linnea's face. Linnea dutifully (well, on command) opens her mouth and my dick slams into her, getting most of the way in before hitting the back of her throat. In this position I cannot go further, but that's okay. I take hold of the back of Linnea's head to steady myself while Linnea closes her full lips around my dick and starts sucking. Linnea's blue eyes dart around, but escape is out of the question as I begin to fuck her mouth with the same eager rhythm I was fucking Caline's pussy moments ago. I last barely a dozen strokes before my dick spasms and cum starts spurting. I hold Linnea's head in place as I empty my cum into her mouth (she cannot move anyway because my mental control is absolute, but it instinctively feels good to hold her). Linnea's eyes are wide as she starts to panic, but I am too caught up in the moment to notice. I do not move until my last spurt of cum coats the back of her mouth, at which point she has begun to lose consciousness. Releasing my dick from her mouth I finally allow her to swallow, after which she gasps and coughs. I wait a moment for her, then order her to clean my dick with her tongue.

Looking down at the blonde I realize her silky blonde hair is tangled and her body is slick with sweat from her earlier exertions. I'm not too fragrant either. Hmm, time for a shower perhaps. Caline is still fresh, but I can see she is tired, so on my command she falls instantly into a deep sleep. Linnea finds herself climbing shakily off the bed and going to the bathroom, followed by me (even in my post-orgasm state I admire the blonde's shapely naked ass as she walks. Definitely have to sample that later).

The bathroom is small, with most of the space taken up by a shower. Linnea gets in the shower, turns it on and jumps a little, gasping at the cold. Tsk, these old hotels just don't give instant hot water. I wait a while for the water to warm up before joining Linnea in the shower.

It's a tight fit; we cannot close the cubicle and so the bathroom floor is quickly very wet. But I don't mind getting up close and personal with the hot blonde teen. In fact I'm more than happy to help soap her body, running my hands over her breasts and stomach. Linnea returns the favor and I enjoy her hands on me. She kneels and spends some time cleaning my dick and balls properly, signaling completion by taking my now semi-erect dick into her mouth. I reach down and idly toy with her breasts as she sucks me. My hands glide around her skin, made slippery with soap. Which of course gives me an idea.

Without releasing my dick from her mouth Linnea kneels and holds her breasts together, creating a deep cleavage down which I pour a generous quantity of shower gel. Linnea rubs her breasts in circles to spread the gel around, before removing my dick from her mouth and tilting her head back. The wet girl looks up at me as I press my dick between her ample cleavage; a little rearrangement of her hands and my shaft is fully enveloped in soapy titflesh. I can't resist taunting her a little.

"That feels great babe, tits like yours just look so much better with a dick between them, don't you think? No? Oh but of course, you never did like it when guys tried to titfuck you did you? Don't worry, Linnea, I don't just see you as a great pair of breasts. Your pussy is great fun to fuck too."
Linnea cannot move much in the confines of the shower, so my hips do the work. My dick slides between the Swedish girl's soft breasts. At the top of each stroke the head of my dick is briefly visible before disappearing again.

Titfucking Linnea is a great visual experience, but I have cum only a short while ago and even I have some limits. So after a while I disengage, rinse off and step out of the shower. Linnea still has some cleaning up to do, so I let her continue alone while I towel off. As I do so I take a quick look around the bathroom. Caline has an impressive array of bottles and various beauty appliances scattered around; half the items I can only guess at a purpose. I do not find much of immediate interest however, until I come across a hair straightener (I guess Caline's hair is naturally curly, kind of a shame not to see it au naturelle). The straightener itself is not the interesting item, rather the plastic case it came in - comprised of two halves which fit together seamlessly, it is long and cylindrical with an upwards curve at each end. I take the case with me as I leave the bathroom.

When Linnea emerges from the bathroom she is dry and clean in every orifice, per my precise instructions. I'm not quite ready to play with her yet though, so I decide she and Caline are going to entertain me with a little show first. A mental command and Caline is awake and alert. When she sits up and sees me and Linnea I sense some disappointment in her mind; perhaps she thought we were just a dream. Any lingering doubts are dispelled when I order Linnea to sit opposite to Caline and lean in for a kiss. On my orders, Caline leans forward and their lips meet. I watch the blonde and the redhead make out. Their hands soon reach for each other's bodies, stroking each other's breasts gently. Under other circumstances this might be fun for Linnea, but unfortunately I sense no enjoyment from her mind. No matter, I can manipulate her body into arousal if not her mind; I do just that with Linnea and Caline, readying their pussies for the next step.

I liberally apply moisturizer to each end of the case and hand it to Linnea. Linnea takes the slippery case and places it between her and Caline. With a little repositioning Linnea and Caline find themselves sitting with legs entwined and the plastic case inside their pussies. The girls hold each other tightly, arms around backs and breasts pressed together while they resume their passionate kissing. Every movement causes the case to realign inside the girls; with a little mental prodding this movement is increased by the girls moving their hips, rotating and thrusting forwards at irregular intervals.

Time for me to join in, I think. I stand on the bed in front of the girls, my dick at their head height. The girls break off their kiss to attend to me, and Caline turns and takes me into her mouth while Linnea kisses my balls. Soon I am looking down at the blonde teen and the redhead teacher as they take turns to blow me, their naked bodies joined by the plastic case deep in their pussies. Caline's mouth is smaller; her look of discomfort every time she goes deep and the head pokes against her throat is incredibly cute. Linnea's full lips are a delight whenever they slide along my shaft, to say nothing of her skilful tongue fluttering over the head; she looks even better with a dick in her mouth than without.

For a while the only sounds in the room are the wet noises of the girl's mouths and pussies (and the odd groan from me, I'll admit). I am tempted to let them suck me to orgasm and cum on both their faces, but there is still one more thing I want from each of them. So I extract my dick from Linnea's talented mouth and let them lick the shaft together while I plan my next move. Hmm, the width of the bed looks about right...

On my orders Linnea and Caline move apart. The case slides out of their pussies and onto the bed, much to the girls' relief. I have Caline pick it up before she moves to lie down sideways on the bed. As I had guessed, the bed is wide enough that she can fit her head and body on the bed. Linnea gets off the bed, walks around and remounts it, on all fours above Caline in a position Linnea recognizes as a classic 69 pose. She is proven right when my mental commands prompt her to lower her head between Caline's raised legs and start burying her tongue in the French girl's pussy. Having her pussy licked by a girl is a new experience for Caline, and not one she would normally consider judging from her mental curl of revulsion. As Linnea lowers her hips to place her own pussy above Caline's face this feeling significantly intensifies, but I spare Caline from her first taste of pussy by instead commanding her to reinsert the hair straightener case into Linnea. I wait until Caline has the case securely inside Linnea's pussy before applying moisturizer to my dick and standing at the side of the bed behind Linnea. As I take hold of the Swedish girl's firm, round ass I return her ability to speak, but speak myself before she notices.

"So Linnea, time I sampled your gorgeous ass. Ready?"

"MMmf! Nnm, plnn!"

"Oh of course, hard to talk with a mouthful of pussy. Doesn't matter anyway, I'm ready and that's what counts. Caline, keep working that into her pussy, let's see how much she can take inside her."


Linnea's muffled pleading turns into a scream as I push the head of my dick against her asshole. Caline doesn't want to watch but nor does she take her eyes away from my dick as it penetrates Linnea's last hole. The moisturizer helps, but it is still a fair amount of work to get the head inside her. Soon afterwards I am secure enough to take hold of Linnea's hips, and with that extra leverage I am soon working my dick in and out of Linnea's tight ass. Linnea hasn't stopped screaming, but her face is buried in Caline's pussy so the noise is minimal. I can feel the plastic case through Linnea's body - that thing is long enough for two girls, so Caline's continual sawing of it in and out of Linnea's poor pussy must be really filling her up.

I look down with pleasure as I watch my dick sink into Linnea's round ass. The same ass I had admired since it was so unfairly obscured by loose dark slacks is now naked and being vigorously fucked by me while its owner squeals and moans. On my outstrokes I catch a glimpse of Caline's face, flushed red partly with the effort of maintaining a rhythm with the makeshift dildo and partly due to the effect of Linnea vibrating Caline's pussy with her every scream. Every so often her hair tickles behind my balls, a delicate sensation that contrasts with the more intense feeling of Linnea's asshole tightly gripping my shaft.

I pause for a moment, my dick only just inside Linnea. Now that the blonde is not moving Caline can more easily manipulate the case. On my silent mental orders she takes the curved case in both hands and pushes it as far inside Linnea as she can - which is quite far as it turns out, there must be a good eleven inches in there. Linnea makes indistinct protests, increasing significantly in pitch and urgency as I start pushing my dick back inside her asshole.

"Mmmf, nnnf... NNF! AANNF! FUUUHH!"

Linnea's mind is awash with pain as Caline and I stretch her asshole and pussy as far as we can manage. Her body involuntarily spasms, an intensely pleasurable feeling as her ass milks my dick. I am strongly tempted to start pounding Linnea's ass until I come inside her (which would not take very long at all). But instead I grip her hips firmly and keep my dick fully embedded in her quivering ass, reveling in the sensations for what seems like twenty minutes but is probably more like two, before speaking.

"You like that, babe?"


"No? Well I do. How about you Caline, you like what you see?"


"Well, I hope you do, babe."

I pull out suddenly, and before Caline realizes what she is doing she opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue. I plunge my dick straight from Linnea's ass into the redhead's mouth. Her position allows easy access to her throat, and I enjoy seeing it visibly bulge as the head of my dick slides neatly into place. I give a few rough thrusts before pulling out, resting my dick across Caline's face as she gasps and splutters.

"Because you're next."

I remove Linnea's speaking ability and restore Caline's, then issue some further mental instructions. We move to the other end of the bed (the sheets have gotten rather sweaty on this half). Caline is once again lying on her back. She lifts and parts her legs, bringing her arms up to pull her legs back as far as she can manage. Her pussy and asshole are completely exposed, a situation not unnoticed by the alarmed redhead as I move to stand between her legs.

Linnea meanwhile has placed herself, still on her elbows and knees, to be at a right angle to Caline, her head close enough to Caline's hips that she can bend down and take my dick in her mouth. I feel Linnea's tongue again flitting around my dick, and reaching into her mind I see that she is almost grateful to be sucking me, compared to having her pussy and asshole abused so thoroughly moments before. Gratitude is a strange reaction; I reach down and over and slap Linnea's ass hard, causing her to jerk forwards.

"I haven't finished with your ass, Linnea. I've hardly even started."

The slap and my words have the desired effect; any feeling of relative happiness is replaced with dread at what I have planned (in truth I'm mostly just winging it now, but she doesn't need to know that). Of course her feelings do not stop her from servicing my dick as my mental commands have compelled her; she continues to keep my arousal levels high with her adept tongue-work.

"But first, I have one more ass to fuck. Never had it in your ass, have you Caline?"


Caline's fear at what is coming is written all over her face. Her chest rises and falls rapidly, her arm muscles are tense as she grips her ankles. But a quick look in her mind shows the inevitability is bringing back her earlier fatalism. Caline is resigned to her fate, and sees no point in begging or pleading.

On my command Linnea wraps her lips tightly around my shaft before slowly sliding them away, her cheeks concave from sucking until the head pops out from between them. I align my dick to Caline's open asshole, the head touching her skin.

"Hey Caline, what's "fuck my ass" in French?"

"E-Encule moi."

I start to push. Caline's anal muscles close up but I press harder and the tip of my dick slowly enters her ass.


"Say it again"

"Encule moi."

Now that the head is past the entrance the shaft of my dick starts slowly disappearing into Caline. The skin around her asshole stretches as it is pulled inwards.

"Aïe ! Merde !"

"Say it again"

"Ca fait maaal !"

"Say it again"

"Encule moil ! AAAH !"

My initial push gets my dick about halfway in Caline's ass before the resistance gets too much. I look down and see the French redhead's no-longer-virgin ass wrapped around my dick as her anal passage flexes and ripples around my shaft. It's a beautiful sight, made even more so when I start pumping my dick inside her. Small jerks at first, graduating to longer, deeper thrusts as her asshole opens up and I can fit more of my dick inside Caline. Caline's protests get more intense the deeper and harder I fuck her ass, but my mental commands mean they never rise above normal speaking volume, no matter how urgent and desperate she becomes.

"Aah. Aah ! Fuc...merde, non, c'est tro-AAh ! God, no, pl- ugh ! Ah !"

I build up a steady pace - no subtlety here, all I want to do it fuck this girl's ass and that's exactly what I am doing. Caline's chest is flushed red, her breasts bouncing every time I push my hips forwards. Her face is flushed red too, mouth open as she gasps and moans, hair coming loose from its arrangement as her body moves against the bed. Linnea is still on all fours beside us, but for now I want her only to watch as I violate Caline.

I don't even notice when my dick becomes fully embedded in her ass, but before I know it I am stroking my entire length into Caline, relishing the feeling of cool air before my dick plunges into her warm, tight asshole. The slim redhead is still holding her legs up, almost bent double, her hands gripping her legs hard enough to leave bruises.

"Oh Jesus, please, it is- ah! huuh! Ah, ça fait mal, je-ah !"

I feel my balls tighten. I'm moments away from cumming hard. On a whim I grab Linnea's head and almost slam it down to Caline's waist. Linnea is shocked by my sudden move, opening her mouth in surprise just as I slip my dick out of Caline's red raw asshole and start cumming. By random luck the first stream of cum flies straight into Linnea's open mouth and down her throat. Linnea reflexively closes her mouth as she starts to choke and cough, but I hold her head in place both with my hand and with my mental abilities, so the next load coats her full lips. After that my ejaculation loses some velocity, and the rest falls short of Linnea's face and instead lands on Caline's pussy; I angle down slightly to get some on her asshole as well.

I realize that I've been making my own moans as I come, mixing with Caline's continued pleading and Linnea's coughing and heaving as she struggles to breathe through my cum. I worry a little about being too noisy, so I remove Caline's ability to speak. Reaching out with my mind I sense the people in the adjacent room are still asleep, luckily.

I take a step back and admire my work. The French redhead teacher is lying naked, her legs still held by her arms and her body covered in a sheen of sweat. Her asshole is red and swollen and sticky with my cum. The Swedish blonde teen is kneeling with her head resting on Caline's waist, her lips covered in cum. Her round shapely ass is raised in the air - it'd be a good position to fuck her if I hadn't just completely emptied my balls.

Looking at the alarm clock on the bedside table (red LED digits like something from the 1990s), its 12:20 a.m. I feel completely drained and I know if I laid down now I'd probably sleep through to morning. But I haven't forgotten the dark-haired student; in fact thinking of her produces the mildest of twitches in my rapidly-deflating dick. I would not have the energy to properly toy with her until I sleep, but I still have some arrangements to make before then.

With a couple of mental commands Caline releases her legs and she and Linnea lie down side by side on the damp, stained sheets before immediately falling asleep. I stagger off to the bathroom for a hot shower, which both cleans and partially revives me, then dress and head out of the door.

The dark-haired girl's room is a few doors down on the other side. I realize I'd forgotten to dig through Caline's mind for her name and other details, but no matter; a sleeping mind is somewhat easier to extract information from than an awake mind anyway. I pass my key over the lock, which unlocks with a beep and a click. I pause, but I hear no sounds from within, so I carefully open the door and step inside.

The room is dark, but the light from the hallway reveals that it is bigger than the teacher's room. The basic arrangement is the same - small corridor with a door at the side leading to a bathroom. Bedroom at the end of the corridor. I Walk into the main room, and see the bed - beds, plural. Three beds in fact, each one occupied by a sleeping form. I really should have scanned for minds before opening the door.

I quickly reach into each sleeping mind and make sure they will sleep soundly no matter what until I deliberately choose to awaken them. That done, I close and lock the door and hit the lights. Another typical hotel room, decorated and furnished the same as Caline's except the room is longer to accommodate the three single beds. Two of the sleepers are covered by sheets, but the one closest to me has thrown them off in the night and is mostly uncovered. I pass my eye over her at the same time as I scan her mind.

Juleka Couffaine is a fifteen year old with a definite goth style. Her hair is long, probably reaching past her hips if she were standing up, black at the top shading to a deep purple at the end. Half her face is covered by a lick of hair, also purple at the end. Her slim body is covered by a lacy black camisole and matching loose panties. Attractive and dark-haired certainly, but not the girl I had seen from across the street.

As I remove the sheet from the girl in the next bed I am pleasantly surprised to see she sleeps naked. Well, almost naked - orange panties cover her most sensitive areas. Otherwise her body is exposed - long legs leading to a slim but athletic torso, b- or c-cup breasts with inverted nipples. This girl keeps herself in great shape and apparently isn't afraid to show it, sleeping almost naked in a room with two classmates. Thick light brown hair frames a round face with a wide mouth. Her forehead is completely obscured by a row of brown bangs with a razor straight fringe. Reaching into her mind brings up a name - Lila Rossi - and an age - fifteen. Again, an attractive and welcome addition but not the girl I'm looking for.

It must be the final bed. I lift off the sheet (a little difficult as the occupant is lying on her side holding one end) and there finally is the girl who brought me to this hotel, to this room in the middle of the night. My first impression was accurate - she is an extremely attractive package. A cute face with a button nose and prominent cheekbones, whatever she is dreaming right now is turning her shapely lips up into a lopsided smirk. Pale skin contrasts with dark black, almost blue hair, shoulder length with two pigtails at the back tied with red ribbons. She is the most conservatively dressed of the three, in short-sleeved pink and white pajamas. I reach into her mind and-

-and experience resistance. Which means she has talents of her own. My mind shies back, and I take a seat at the chair by the desk (identical to the ones in Caline's room). I'm lucky that she is asleep, otherwise my usual casual scan would almost certainly have been noticed. My earlier command to ensure her sleep also seems to have been deflected - she could wake any moment. This is a surprising and disconcerting development, but one I have experienced before. My talents are extremely rare, but not unique.

I send a much more discreet scan of the girl's mind, feeling around the edges to get a shape of her talents without causing another reaction. I cannot tell how her power manifests from this, but I can at least confirm that she has it, can use it, and is of a strength similar to mine if not greater. This is the second shock of the night, and is much more profound. I have met (and neutralized) other talents, but none with power levels comparable to mine. I sit back in the chair and close my eyes to focus. This is going to take work.

A couple of hours later I had managed to sneak past the dark-haired girl's natural defenses and explore her memories. Her name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng (French father, Chinese mother), fifteen years old. Her abilities were latent until very recently when she came into possession of a totem artifact - some kind of doll which is currently residing in a purse on the bedside table, but I'm not ready to look at that yet. I've met talents before who rely on such totems, usually believing that the artifact gives them power. It doesn't; the power is inside them already and the artifact merely triggers it due to some unusual reality-warping properties. From her memories I can see Marinette's powers manifest physically, not mentally as mine do. With the help of her powers she leaps and jumps around Paris dressed in... a skintight ladybug costume? This is singularly odd, but made even odder by memories of others dressed in outlandish garb playing superheroes, most especially a boy dressed as some kind of cat-themed leather fetishist. I find that people's talents work differently according to how they think they obtained them and what their own influences are; some think it magic and so their talents emerge as 'spells', others think themselves demons or angels. Marinette and the cat-boy clearly have been reading too many comic books.

Any talented person I meet cannot be permitted to keep their abilities, in case they use them against me. I have never figured out how to reduce or alter a person's talent. Destroying a person's talent however is simple enough. So I begin the task of erasing the 'Ladybug' from Marinette.

The instant I begin to unravel her talents I discover her mental defenses are deeper than I had thought. I open my eyes to see the totem floating in the air before flying towards Marinette. Realizing this is about to get about as bad as it can go I abandon all subtlety and lash out at Marinette's center of talent. The totem (which I remember Marinette calls "Tikki") falters for a second but then resumes its path. Marinette is awake, sitting up in bed, as the totem lands on her.

"Tikki, transforme moi !"

I feel a wave of unreality emanate from Marinette. She stands on the bed as her clothes appear to change from pajamas to the skintight costume I had seen in her memories - red with black spots accessorized by a similar-patterned domino mask and a round object at her hip. In fact this is an optical illusion, but only another person with talents could see that. It also takes talent to notice the flaws in the illusion - in some places her power dominates reality, in others she can barely maintain her control. Ladybug (because that is who Marinette is now) turns to face me.

Qui êtes vous? Vous avez interêt à avoir une bonne raison d'être là, Monsieur !
I stand, unsure what to do. Ladybug's eyes narrow as she tries to assess if I'm a threat. I reach out again with my mind, probing the weaker areas of her control. This has two effects - one, Ladybug grimaces and clutches her head, and two, she decides that I definitely am a threat. I can feel Ladybug's talent repelling my own, and the tendril of mental power I had managed to get into her mind is snapped off, a distinctly unpleasant sensation.


Ladybug reaches for the object at her hip, throwing it at me. Or more specifically around me; a string of some kind reels out from the round object and wraps around me. It's a yo-yo? Really? Despite the silliness of her weapon, Ladybug's talent makes it very effective. I'm trussed up neatly; it's a struggle not to fall flat on my face. Ladybug somersaults off the bed in an impressively unnecessary show of agility, landing right in front of me. She starts talking to me, apparently oblivious to the fact that I have no idea what she is saying.
Vous m'avez fait quelque chose. Je ne... Je ne me sens pas bien. Etes vous une autres des victimes akumatisées de Hawkmoth ? Est-il ici ?

Her attempts to question me buy me a moment to collect myself. My apparently helpless state also mean her guard is let down a little. I spot another weak point in her mental defenses, and carefully pierce it with a small mental probe. As soon as I get through I pour power through the probe, as much as I am able, forcing the weak spot open wider. It's crude but effective; Ladybug's confident stance turns to one of gnawing pain, bent over with her hands clutching her head.

Ah! Aïe, ça fait très mal !

I press my advantage. My bindings loosen as Ladybug draws her power inwards to push my probe back out. Under normal circumstances she would have managed it easily - hell, normally I would not have gotten a probe past her mental defenses at all when she is fully utilizing her talents. But my earlier attack before Marinette had changed into Ladybug apparently caused significant damage. I make one last push, and Ladybug's consciousness blinks out like a light bulb. The yo-yo tying me up disappears as her Ladybug costume reverts back to pajamas. Marinette slumps to the floor; I fall heavily into the chair.

I estimate the whole episode took less than six minutes. Thanks to my commands the other girls in the room slept through it all. I feel almost completely drained but I cannot rest yet; if Marinette/Ladybug wakes she could still be dangerous. Once again I close my eyes and focus.

When I open my eyes again I feel confident that I have finally expunged every last trace of Marinette's talent. I have also carefully removed knowledge of herself as the superhero from her memory. She cannot miss what she doesn't remember having. She is not aware of anyone else knowing her secret identity, so hopefully that should be that.

Now that Marinette's talents cannot be activated by the totem it is safe to inspect it. I drag myself out of the chair and go over to the floor next to Marinette's unconscious form. "Tikki" resembles a small cartoon character, red with black spots. In Marinette's now-deleted memories this 'kwami' could move and talk, but in fact this was just a manifestation of her powers. The reality-warping properties are still there though, but as I said I have experienced such things before. Soon it too is rendered harmless. I pocket the doll for later destruction, then look at the clock. Almost 3 a.m. I am far too tired mentally and physically to do much more, but I take the time drag Marinette back to bed before tinkering with each girl's minds a little.

Returning to Caline's room I find her and Linnea still asleep, as expected. On my command Linnea wakes and silently starts to dress. I erase all memory of the night's adventures from Caline's mind; she will wake up, no doubt with several aches and pains, but otherwise unaffected. This done, Linnea and I leave Caline to her rest.

The third key I had Linnea make works for a room just past the ones occupied by the students. Once Linnea and I enter the room we both strip off and make straight for the double bed. I'm far too tired to play with the blonde, but nonetheless enjoy having her naked body lying at my side as we both fall into sleep.

Linnea's shift starts at nine. At around eight I release her from my mental 'sleep' command. She wakes up, lying face down, screaming into the pillow. Perhaps because I had buried my dick deep inside her ass before waking her. Her protests are handily masked by the thick hotel pillow as I pump my dick in her quivering ass. This may be the last time I enjoy this particular girl, so I make sure to push as deep into her as I can, fully savoring the feel of her tight asshole and the sight of her ass jiggling with every downward stroke. Of course I cannot say goodbye to Linnea before flipping her over and fucking her impressive chest once more. I have to remove her speaking ability to prevent waking the neighbors, so she watches me in silence as she pushes her own breasts together, creating a deep channel which I eagerly fill with dick. I smile down at her look of disgust as I cum on her tits - I make sure to get some on her face as well as a sort of comment on how much her revulsion matters to me.

Ten minutes later, Linnea is in the shower washing off my cum from her face and breasts before dressing. I shower and dress and follow her down to reception. We take the stairs to avoid contact with others; I have to get the timing of the next part just right. At the stairwell door I hear no noise in the small reception, so I order Linnea through while I stand holding the stairwell door open. There is no-one about, so Linnea sits at the reception desk and promptly falls asleep. I wipe her memory with practiced speed, finishing just in time for the previous shift's receptionist to appear from the breakfast room door on the other side. My closing of the stairwell door goes unnoticed while the receptionist wakes Linnea. Linnea is understandably confused to have no memory of getting to work, let alone sleeping at the desk, but her colleague jokes about her partying all night and not changing her uniform, and soon Linnea is assuming she did exactly that. I'm always impressed by the human mind's ability to make up explanations and believe them. Satisfied, I start walking back up the stairs to my room.

Lying in my room I don't have to wait long until I hear a group of people going past my door to the elevators, talking animatedly in French. The students are leaving to explore the city. When the last voices disappear I head out to see if my plan worked.

This time I scan the room before entering, as well as the rooms nearby. There are three minds in the room and no others on this end of the corridor. I can only issue orders to one mind at a time, so I ready myself for quick action as I use my key to enter the room.

I don't need to worry, however; the girls are awake but they are all still in bed and their reactions are considerably slowed by the throbbing headaches and queasiness I had given them the night before. I quickly enter each mind in turn and order them to be silent and still. It seems my plan worked - their 'illness' was enough to stop them from joining the others but not so severe that their teacher sent a doctor. Perhaps Caline assumed it was jet lag. Whatever the reasoning, the result is that these three girls are mine for the rest of the day. I lock the door and stand in front of the beds with a wide smile on my face, in contrast to the looks of fear and confusion on the faces of the girls sitting up and staring at me.

"Ladies! Welcome to town. I hear you are not feeling well? That's easily fixed."

With a (completely unnecessary) flourish of one hand I undo the tweaks I had made in their minds last night, and instantly the girls' headaches vanish and queasiness fades.

"Feeling better now? Good. Such a shame you missed your tour today, but don't worry. Today will be a day of discovery and delight! Discovery for you, delight for me."

As I talk, I am removing my clothes, to the increasing horror of the girls. Soon I am naked before them, my dick erect and pointing straight at the brunette Lila in the middle bed. Lila is painfully aware of her own near nakedness; just to increase her embarrassment I openly leer at her breasts. I bow, and on my command the girls applaud loudly.

My grand entrance amuses me, but its real purpose is to study Marinette's reaction. I am carefully studying her mind throughout, looking for any signs of her talent or any memories of herself as Ladybug. I am pleased to find nothing; just frantic attempts to move her body and the growing realization that she cannot. Looks like I can safely play.

Once the girls have finished applauding I address them once more.

"I'm sure you are anxious to know what is going on, and I'm happy to tell you. I have the power to control the minds and bodies of other people. That is what I'm doing to you now. There is no way out of my control until I decide to release you, but you are welcome to try."

"You will serve as my sexual playthings. Everything I want you to do, you will do. I'm going to fuck all your holes until I get tired and then I'll have you fuck each other until I'm ready to fuck you some more."

"Any questions? You may speak now."

I release the girls' speaking ability. There is silence for a moment until they realize they can speak again, and then all three talk at once. I listen patiently for ten seconds or so before removing the girls' speech again.
"Clearly you are having difficulty grasping your situation. That's okay. Actions speak louder and all that. Juleka, come here."

The goth girl's mind jumps when she hears her name, but her body obeys my mental command instantly. She gets out of bed and stands in front of me, her back to the other two girls. I look into her wide eyes, which are a bright clear brown.

"Juleka, strip."

Despite her mind's frantic efforts to resist, her hands reach for the straps of her camisole and slip them off her shoulders (a talent such as Marinette used to be might have successfully resisted my mental orders, but I've yet to meet a normal person who can). Juleka's top is pushed down to her waist, whereupon she adjusts her grip to hold the panties as well, pushing them both over her hips. I glance behind Juleka to make sure the other girls are watching, and indeed their eyes are fixed intently on their friend as her clothes fall around her feet.

I look Juleka's naked body up and down. She is indeed slim, with breasts that don't quite qualify as handfuls. Her black-purple hair reaches below her waist, contrasting well with her smooth pale skin. Her pubic hair sits in a neatly trimmed triangle pointing to her clearly visible pussy in an impressive thigh gap. I notice she has gone as far as dying her pubic hair purple. I'm curious as to why, but an exploration of her mind finds no boyfriend, girlfriend or sexual experience beyond her own hairbrush-assisted masturbation. I guess the girl just likes to be thorough.

I give Juleka an encouraging smile (which is met with the same frightened stare as before), then look past her to address the other girls.

"Are you getting the idea yet? I can make you do anything I want. Anything."

To emphasize my point (but mainly because I want to) I bow my head as Juleka raises hers. Her lips meet mine and soon we are making out.

Juleka turns out to be a passionate kisser. Her tongue is inexperienced but energetic as it whips around my mouth, her lips pressing against mine. I look forward to trying her tongue out in other ways. One hand goes to her breasts, finding them soft and pliable; the other snakes around to caress her ass, pushing our lower bodies together so the teen can feel my erection against her stomach.

Abruptly I end our intimate make out session and Juleka steps to my side, her body against mine and her hands softly stroking my chest.

"Your turn Lila, come here."

As the brunette walks towards me I notice a distinct swing in her hips. Unintentional of course, but undeniably sensual. Up close, Lila's breasts are larger than I had guessed, easily c-cups, sitting proudly on her well-formed athletic body. I waste no time in feeling their firmness, before running my hands down to her taught stomach.

"Very nice, girl. Why don't you turn around and show me what you got back there."

I catch a look of desperation passing between Juleka and Lila before Lila turns around. Lila looks great from behind as well, especially when I issue her a mental command and she bends over to remove her panties. I stop her before she straightens up, and reach down to caress her round peach of an ass. I take my dick and rub the head between her ass cheeks and down over her clean-shaven pussy. I resist the urge to fuck Lila straight away, because I like the build-up so much, but the feel of my dick against her ass and pussy sends Lila's mind into a panic. She is almost relieved when she finds herself standing up, turning around and pushing her tongue into my mouth.

Where Juleka's kiss was inexperienced but intense, Lila's is knowledgeable enough to use a light touch. Her lips brush against mine, tongue only occasionally making forays out to flutter against mine. Reaching into her mind I am unsurprised to find Lila is considerably more experienced than Juleka, and not just in kissing. I see memories of multiple sexual partners, although at the same time I see her exaggerating her worldliness to her classmates. None of her partners have been women, nor has she engaged in group or anal sex, despite her claims. Well, I can fix that. As the kiss continues Lila's hands join Juleka's on my body, her light teasing touch roaming over some of my most sensitive regions. This girl is intoxicating, and I haven't even gotten to the main attraction yet.

Said attraction watches with wide blue eyes as Lila (whose eyes are a deep green, I belatedly notice) moves to my side opposite Juleka, her kisses travelling from my mouth to my ear and neck.

"Marinette, come join the party."

The dark-haired teen hops off the bed and goes to stand in front of me, just as Juleka and Lila had before. Marinette's two piece pajama set reveals nothing of the body underneath. A probe of her memories show no sexual experience at all, not even the usual teen fumblings at parties and dark movie theaters. I release her mental gag before issuing other commands.

"Hey, Marinette, how about a dance."

"Quoi ? Je ne comprends pas- ah !"

Marinette begins to sway to a beat only she can hear. Her movements are jerky and poorly timed; the grace and athletic prowess she showed as Ladybug was obviously an aspect of her powers. Nonetheless I enjoy watching the girl's awkward dancing, especially when her hands take hold of the hem of her pajama top and begin to lift it up, revealing a smooth flat stomach and pert b-cup breasts, unencumbered by a bra. Marinette's vision is blocked while she pulls the top over her head; when the top is removed and thrown to the side she sees her two friends have moved their hands to my dick, slowly stroking my shaft and running fingernails over my balls as I watch her strip.

"Lila ? Juleka ? Que faites-vous ?"

Marinette's hands run down past her breasts until they hook into the waistband of her pajama pants. As she pushes the pants down she turns, so that by the time they are around her ankles she is facing away from me, bent over with her perfect round ass pointing at me, covered only by a pair of simple light pink cotton panties. I mentally order Marinette to turn her head and look back at me as she starts to remove her last piece of clothing.

"Non, s'il vous plaît, non, ne faire pas ça, s'il vous plaît !"

Marinette's plaintive words (whatever they are) do not stop her from slipping her panties down, revealing her compact but perfectly formed ass to me and her two friends. The girls on either side of me kick their masturbation of me up a gear as I admire Marinette's petite body. Juleka's hand grips my dick and strokes the shaft firmly while Lila's fingers twist and dance around the head.

Marinette's pussy is clean shaven - no, not shaven, waxed. I guess pubic hair would be uncomfortable in her skintight Ladybug costume (I can't confirm that guess because of course Marinette now has no memories of wearing that costume). Her pussy lips are visible in the gap between her thighs.

Marinette is surprised that she does not stand up as the others had done. Instead, on my silent orders she sinks to her hands and knees and turns around. Marinette crawls towards me, her panties still around her ankles and her ass swaying as she moves. Lila and Juleka get on their knees but do not stop working my dick; they move my dick to keep it pointed at Marinette's upturned face as she approaches. I widen my stance, allowing Marinette to kneel between my legs. She places her hands on the floor behind her, leaning back so that her frightened face is mere inches away from my dick. Marinette is breathing heavily, making her breasts rise and fall most attractively. Even to a novice like her what happens next is obvious.

"Oh mon Dieu ! Non Comment faites-vous ça ? S'il vous plaît, je n'ai jamais fait ... ça avant."

I look down and admire the tableau. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, formerly the teen superhero Ladybug, is kneeling before me in her hotel room, naked, helpless and pleading while her two equally naked friends are pointing my dick at her face and using their hands to bring me rapidly to orgasm. Some days it is great to be me.

I feel my legs tense up, and quickly order Lila to move her hand from the tip of my dick to fondle my swollen balls, allowing Juleka to vigorously pump my dick.
"Ugh, yeah that's it Juleka. Marinette, I can see what you are thinking and no. No Ladybug is coming to save you this time. The only person - ah - the only one coming is me."

I have to rush out the last words before Juleka's and Lila's hands finally bring me to climax. Cum flies out of my dick and lands square on Marinette's open mouth. Her protests sputter out as she closes her mouth tight. The next load catches her across one cheek just under her eye. She reflexively closes her eyes as well. I issue rapid mental commands and both her eyes and mouth open wide, so Marinette can watch as I plunge my dick between her lips and cum into her mouth. Our very first physical contact is the head of my dick on Marinette's tongue, as I coat it in warm sticky cum. I order the cute teen to close her lips around my pulsing shaft and watch her expression of discomfort and disgust as she tastes semen for the first time (but certainly not the last).

Coming down from my climax high, I notice my hands had automatically grasped Lila and Juleka by the hair. I see Juleka has closed her eyes tight shut, unwilling to watch her friend being abused. Lila however is watching with open eyes, not so much out of concern for Marinette as fear for what I planned to do to her. While Marinette's tongue starts licking the last of my cum from my dick I lift the other girls up by the hair (and by my mental commands, otherwise they would not disobey my earlier orders to kneel even if I tore their hair out). I address the two girls, looking at each in turn.

"Whew! Well done you two. Especially you, Juleka, for a girl who has never touched a dick before you did well."

"Alright, Marinette, there's no more cum to lick up. Don't worry, there will be plenty more later. For now just go clean up. Don't get up. Crawl to the bathroom. Let's get a good view of that ass."

"Juleka, Lila, push those beds together. We'll need enough space for all of us to play."

I admire Marinette's ass swinging from side to side as she crawls to the bathroom (without protest as I had removed her ability to speak before her lips left my dick). Her panties slide off her ankles on the way there, leaving her wearing nothing but the ribbons tying her hair and my cum on her face. Meanwhile, the other two girls are busy moving bedside tables, pushing the three single beds together and putting the covers aside. Once they are done I walk over to the middle bed and stretch out on my back. I hear water running in the bathroom. Juleka and Lila lie down on either side of me; I spread my arms and the girls rest their heads on my shoulders, their bodies against mine. Two legs twine over mine, and two arms stroke my chest gently.

"Well, while Marinette's getting ready for the next round it's just us three. It'll take a bit of work for me to be ready to go again, but I have faith in you two. Lila, you've sucked dick before, right?"

"Oh, yes sure. You may speak."

"I.. what? Non capisco. Per favore, come lo stai facendo?"

"That's not French. What... oh, I see. Italian exchange student. Italiano?"

"Sì, italiana. Mi capisci? Io non parlo inglese."

"I have no idea what you said but it sounds beautiful, babe. Now, let's put that mouth to better use."

"Che cosa? No, per favore no. Non lo farò!"

Lila's protests (I assume that's what they are) make no difference. As soon as I send the right mental commands the brunette rises and repositions herself to lie on her stomach at a right angle to my waist, her upper body raised onto her elbows. I admire the curves of her body in profile, her long legs leading to the round curve of her ass. I can't reach her ass from here, but her breasts are in range of my hand. I reach down and feel then as they hang from her raised chest, lifting them a little to feel the weight of them. Lila's head meanwhile is poised over my crotch; her hair is obscuring my view so I order her to brush it away on one side. Lila doesn't stop talking, her tone becoming more urgent right until she ducks her head down and wraps her lips around my semi-erect dick.

"No, no! Per piacere non farmi fare questo. Non è giusto, non puoi-mmf!"

My dick is still recovering from my earlier exertions, but the sensations that this shapely Italian teen is giving as she takes my dick into her warm wet mouth, not the mention the feel of her breasts against my hand, is doing wonders for my libido. I actually shudder when Lila's tongue starts twirling around my dick, its movements similar to when we were kissing but so much more fun this way. Lila works to encourage my dick to full readiness, her cheeks going concave as she sucks hard. I spare a glance at Juleka, and see that again her eyes are tight shut. That won't do; with a mental command Juleka's eyelids open and stay open, while she raises her head on one arm and turns to look down at Lila. I absent-mindedly stroke Juleka's hair, finding it soft and glossy to the touch.

"Watch carefully Juleka. Lila -uh- yes, Lila knows how to suck dick alright. Watch and learn."

I feel my dick grow with Lila's skilful encouragement, to the point where she starts having trouble fitting it in her mouth. Instead she focuses on the sensitive head, alternating between slow swirling of her tongue around the tip and quick bobbing of her head, lips tight around the shaft for maximum friction. I'm surprised at her skill; digging into her memories show only two guys before me have gotten head from Lila, neither of them being treated to her current performance. Digging deeper provides the answer - in order to impress her female friends with her sexual knowledge, Lila has been watching 'instructional' porn. Clearly she's a good study; her blowjob skills have quickly returned me to full hardness. Once again I address Juleka, releasing her speech as I do so.

"Alright Juleka, go join your friend. See if you can keep up with her."

"But... I never... please, I don't want."

"Oh, you speak English?"

"Yes, a little. Mais - but why you do this?"

"If you could feel what Lila's mouth is doing to me you wouldn't need to ask, babe."


"Never mind. Get down there and suck me."

"No... no, please, please I-"

I cut off her speech again; for some reason her broken English is mildly annoying. Instead Juleka is silent as she takes up the same position as Lila on the other side of me. With some reluctance I order the brunette to lift her lips off my dick. I open my legs a little to allow her to lick my balls instead, while Juleka looks down in dismay at my erect dick, glistening with Lila's saliva. The cute goth girl opens her mouth, lowers her head and for the first time tastes a man's dick as it passes between her lips. Her head keeps descending, more and more of my dick disappearing into her mouth until she stops about two thirds down. She pauses for a moment, then pulls her head back up and off my dick. Again she pauses; I feel her hot breath on my dick before she begins her descent again.

Juleka's blowjob is basic, but it certainly does the trick. I reach down with my unoccupied hand and caress the goth girl's exposed breasts, something that causes an extra wave of humiliation to wash over Juleka's mind. With the girls on either side of me I can compare breasts as they suck me. Lila's are clearly bigger but both girls' breasts are smooth and firm. Juleka's nipples are a light pink and too small to grip properly. Lila's inverted nipples are an unusual feature; I try to tease one out but it stays firmly inside.

By the time Marinette emerges from the bathroom (face cleaned and make-up reapplied; all three holes thoroughly cleaned) she finds Lila Rossi and Juleka Couffaine sharing my dick, kissing and licking either side of my shaft and taking turns to suck and bob their mouths on the head. Marinette stares at her two friends as she walks over to the bed and climbs on, but I do not have her join them for the moment. We haven't been properly introduced yet, after all. So instead Marinette curls up beside me, her head on my chest looking up at me. My view of the other two girls is blocked, but that's okay. Marinette moves her head up and soon our lips touch. Our mouths open and we begin to kiss. Marinette is a timid kisser, clearly unsure what to do. How does a girl this attractive have so little experience? I dip into her mind and find that she has a crush on one boy in her class who does not reciprocate. All other suitors have been ignored. How dull.

I continue to wander through Marinette's memories, partly because I am curious about this Ladybug and partly because I want to delay climax a little more - two hot teens sucking my dick while I make out with a third is something I want to savor for a while. Although Marinette's memories of being Ladybug have been completely and permanently removed, I left her memories of other people talking about Ladybug, news shows, etc. It would be noticeable if she just forgot about the superhero entirely. The more I see the more impressed I am with her (former) abilities. And with her skintight costume, which she thought was 'magic' but was simply a manifestation created by her now-expunged powers. I am puzzled how this could work - I can create only simple illusions under specific conditions, not something as complicated as a superhero costume. Let alone one that can fool a camera.

Another little item thrown up by my wandering through Marinette's mind - a classmate of hers was once mistaken for being Ladybug but turned out just to be a fan in a cosplay costume. Apparently this classmate is on the same trip. Hmm, I wonder...

Moving back to the present, I find my hands have wandered to explore Marinette's body. Her breasts are round and very pert, with prominent nipples. Flicking her nipples produces a flash of not-quite-pain in Marinette's mind. I take one nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinch until the not-quite-pain becomes actual-pain, then release it and let my hand travel down her flat stomach to explore between her legs. I easily fit a couple of fingers in the gap between her thighs, but her pussy is much more difficult. That's easily fixed - I run through the commands to arouse the dark-haired teen's body and soon her pussy is slick and slightly swollen, making it possible to slip first one finger, then another, then a third inside her. The invasion of my fingers into her body is extremely alarming to the virgin teen, so much so that I have to reach into her mind and dial down her emotions a little before she faints. While Marinette may not welcome the feeling of my fingers in her pussy I certainly do. The girl's pussy is tight around me, allowing me to feel every bump and wrinkle. I don't dig my fingers in too far; this is not how I intend to take her virginity. Marinette's breathing quickens as we continue to make out.

I can't see which girl is doing what to my dick, but it doesn't matter - Juleka's and Lila's blowjob styles are different enough that I can tell whose mouth is on me from how they use their lips and tongue. Reaching into their minds I find differing emotional states also. Juleka is humiliated at being forced to suck me, at being naked in front of me and her friends, and also by the little spark of curiosity deep inside her that is watching Lila's skill at giving head. Lila on the other hand has gone past embarrassment and landed on anger. There is no hint of it in her technique, which is still precise and attentive, but her mind is roiling with images of revenge, desperate plans for escape, and other fantasies. Good for her. Or bad, maybe, because her rebelliousness is attractive to me. Looking into Lila's memories of previous boyfriends, I find she broke up with one because he would try to pump his dick in her mouth rather than let her take control. Not a fan of deepthroating, apparently.

I break off my kiss with Marinette and speak.

"Hey babe, how about you go help your friend Lila down there."

Marinette is silent of course, and on my mental command moves down to lean over Lila, taking her head in her hands. Meanwhile I order Juleka to kneel on the bed, facing me with her legs spread close enough that I can slip one hand between them and cup her pussy. I initiate Juleka's arousal as well, and start to stroke her pussy lips as they warm up. Meanwhile, Marinette has gathered Lila's hair in her hands, holding it back to allow me a clear view of the Italian girl as she struggles to fit as much of my dick in her mouth as possible. I start moving my hips, sliding my dick in and out of the brunette teen's wide mouth. Marinette uses her grip to angle Lila's head just right, and soon my dick is pushing into Lila's throat, to Lila's growing alarm. Marinette pushes Lila's head down as I push my dick up, and finally I am fully inside Lila's warm mouth, a good inch or two of my dick embedded in her throat. Lila starts to panic as she runs out of air; before she passes out I pull back enough to clear her throat and she takes a deep breath through her nose. I wait until Marinette has a good hold on Lila's head before I start thrusting again, making sure to get my head into her throat each time.

Lila's lips are tight against my shaft; her hands grip the sheets tightly as she tries to stay in place. The Italian girl's panic is tinged with anger at being throatfucked like this, a mix of feelings that taste delicious to a talent like mine and encourage me to thrust my dick in her mouth with as much force and speed as I can manage lying down. Marinette is horrified by her own actions even as she knows she cannot control herself. The dark-haired girl's pigtails sway as my thrusts make the bed bounce; her mouth is a thin line of tension as she helps me abuse Lila. Juleka meanwhile has closed her eyes yet again, but that just allows her to focus more on the feeling of my fingers, which by now are sawing in and out of her wet pussy in time with my dick sawing in and out of Lila's mouth. I have her place her hands behind her on her heels, pushing her chest out towards me.

I feel my orgasm build rapidly now that I've taken the driving seat. I wait until the last moment before ordering Marinette to raise Lila's head. Marinette jerks Lila's head back off my dick, so quickly that Lila's mouth hangs wide open. I grab my dick and aim it at Lila’s mouth just in time before my cum starts flowing out. A large thick dollop of cum lands directly inside Lila's mouth, who instinctively closes it but not before I mentally order her not to swallow. I raise my hips a little to ensure that the rest of my cum coats her mouth and nose, before slapping my dick against her cheek.

"Ugh! Whew! Good girl, Lila. Hey Juleka, Lila has something for you."

Juleka leans over while Marinette moves to allow Lila to rise also. To Juleka's horror she and Lila share a deep kiss over my body, and I watch as Lila's tongue pushes some of my cum into Juleka's mouth.

"Don't worry Juleka, you'll get some straight from the source later."

(I know neither girl is likely to understand me. But as you may have realized by now, everything I do is for my own amusement.)

I have ejaculated now three times this morning, which even for me is a challenge (no superpowered stamina here, just long experience of sexual marathons like this). I slide my body up and out from the girls, letting Juleka and Lila continue their kiss. I order Marinette to lie down, and soon she is asleep. Juleka and Lila follow shortly (I allow them to swallow first of course). All three girls are now sleeping, naked and sweaty. I take a quick shower, dress and once more head down to the reception.

Linnea is still at reception, looking very tired, about to open up a packet of chicken salad for lunch. Instead she suddenly decides to look up the name Chloé Bourgeois on the guest list. She generates a key for Chloé's room and hands it to me before falling asleep at her desk and once again forgetting all about me.

The elevator takes me back to the fourth floor. I dig a piece of lettuce out of my teeth and discard the empty salad box in a nearby trashcan. Chloé's room is opposite Marinette's, but where Marinette has to share with two others Chloé apparently gets a room all to herself. A bigger one, even. She isn't here of course, the tour group won't be back until late evening, so I have plenty of time to search through her clothing. I'm in luck - the little fangirl has indeed brought her Ladybug costume along. Browsing through the drawers on her bedside table I find a bonus. A large pink studded vibrator with accompanying lube. Another drawer reveals something even more interesting. Exactly what use a girl like Chloé would have for a strap-on dildo is a mystery, although I vaguely recall Marinette's memories of Chloé constantly being accompanied by some nerdy friend/lackey. Perhaps Chloé uses her little servant for more than homework and assignments. I take all these items and carry them back to Marinette's room, hiding the vibrator, strap-on and lube in a drawer of one of the bedside tables.

I let Juleka and Lila sleep, but on my command Marinette wakes, rises and looks blearily at me. I hold up the Ladybug costume and release her speaking ability.

"Hey babe. Fancy a little cosplay?"

"Quoi ? Qu'est-ce que c'est ?"

Marinette takes the costume from my hands and starts to struggle into it while I strip off once more and go sit in the armless chair, having turned it to face her. The costume is a very tight fit; I enjoy watching her wiggle around. Finally it is on, complete with yo-yo, earrings and domino mask.

"Vous voulez que je m'habille en Ladybug ? Mais... pourquoi ? S'il vous plaît, je suis épuisée."

Ladybug (I can't think of her as anyone else while she's in costume) is almost as confused as I am amused. I look her up and down. Perfect. Her costume is so tight it conceals nothing; Ladybug's chest is prominently displayed, and her mask only adds to her allure. She turns around and I get a great view of her ass. If anything her ass looks even better in the costume than it does naked.

I have Ladybug assume several poses in her costume, perform a few high kicks and generally stretch and bend for my amusement. Her lack of powers (and the physical restrictions of the non-'magical' suit) do not allow her to move quite like Ladybug, but it's as close as anyone will ever get now, and up close it is no less effective. I feel the blood rushing to my crotch as Ladybug turns her back to me and does the splits, accentuating the curve of her ass and the length of her legs, before rising ass-first into a doggy position. All the while she is protesting. Or asking questions. Or something, I'm not sure.

"Aïe, ça fait mal ! Je ne peux pas me plier autant ! Laissez-nous tranquille, et nous ne dirons rien à personne. Je vous le promet. S'il vous plait?"

"Goddamn, Ladybug, you look good in that outfit. Like it was made for you. Unfortunately it does cover you up. But that's okay. there's at least one hole I can see. Come over here."

I beckon to Ladybug and she stops her routine and walks over to where I am seated. I open my legs, and Ladybug drops to her knees between them. My dick isn't fully erect yet, but it is stiff enough that she does not need her hands to hold it. I watch carefully as Ladybug bends her head down and gives my dick a long languid lick. Ladybug's face screws up in displeasure.

"Ugh, c'est dégoûtant ! Pas de nouveau, je ne veux pas- ah!"

The dark-haired girl's litany is interrupted every time she goes to lick my dick. The feel of her tongue against me, lifting my dick up before letting it drop down, is doing the trick. Each time she releases my dick it falls down a little less, until soon it is standing up proud and ready. On my orders, Ladybug takes one hand and holds my dick at the base, angling it down so that she can look up at me while the head slides between her lips. The dark-haired teen holds her gaze on mine as she moves her head slowly forward, enveloping more and more of my dick in her hot mouth. Once she gets halfway she removes her hand and starts pulling back, until only the tip is past her tightly-pressed lips. Then she begins to slide her head towards me again; then back; then forwards, and so on, each time going a fraction faster and getting a little deeper. Shortly I hit the back of her mouth, but with a little mental suppression of her gag reflex my dick is soon entering her throat. I sit back, relax and watch as the teen superhero Ladybug kneels between my legs, fellating me while looking up at me with pleading eyes.

For a while the room is quiet apart from Lila and Juleka's breathing in their sleep and the rhythmic wet sounds of Ladybug's mouth servicing my dick. Ladybug is not using her tongue; she is sucking me in every time she moves her head forward, then sealing her lips tight around my shaft to keep it in place as she draws back. The feeling is intense, and it takes a lot of self-control not to let myself cum in her mouth. As a distraction, I wonder what to do next; I do want to fuck her pussy, but this costume has no convenient holes and it would be such a waste to peel it off now. The light from the closed bathroom door gives me an idea.

I take hold of the back of Ladybug's head and push her down into my crotch, forcing as much of my dick down her throat as possible before releasing her and standing up.

"Mmmf ! Guoi ! Je.. je ne pouvais plus... respirer... Quoi ? Où allez-vous?"

I leave Ladybug kneeling and go to the bathroom, dick swinging freely. Rummaging through the girl's cosmetics I soon find a pair of nail scissors, and return with them to the bedroom.

Ladybug is facing away from me, in front of the vacant chair. On my mental orders she leans her arms on the seat of the chair and raises her ass. I take a moment to admire the pose before approaching with the scissors.

"Où êtes-vous ? S'il vous plaît, ne m'obligez pas à vous sucer encore une une fois. Je... Hé !.. Qu'est que vous faites ?"

I pinch the fabric and open a little hole in the costume, just at the top of Ladybug's ass. I slowly cut down and Ladybug's (or I guess Chloé's) costume starts to split apart. It's still tight across her ass, and in fact opening up a slit causes the costume to part her ass cheeks, exposing Ladybug's asshole and (as I cut further down) thoroughly depilated pussy. I had started manipulating her arousal levels before fetching the scissors, and am pleased to see her pussy is wet and ready. I put the scissors aside, take hold of the girl's slender hips, angle just right, and without warning push my hard dick into Ladybug's exposed pussy.

"Ah, c'est froid ! Qu'est-ce-que, non, pas là, ne pas là- AAH!"

Ladybug's pussy is wet enough to let me in about two inches on the first penetration, not much but enough to get the head in. I push harder and feel the skin of my shaft being pulled back as I squeeze another couple of inches inside her. Ladybug's pussy is tight as only an athletic teen virgin's can be. I start my strokes, little ones at first but quickly building in length and forcefulness. She's still talking; I don't understand every word but I think it is safe to assume she is not enjoying this half as much as I am.

"Mon Dieu! Ah! Non non non, arrêtez, arrêtez, s'il vous plaît! Uhn...uhn...uhnnon non, arrêtez, vous me faites mal!"

Ladybug's words may not make sense to me, but I can sense the thoughts roiling around her head, the confusion and helplessness which to a mindreader like me tastes delicious. Spurred on by this I redouble my assault on her poor abused pussy. Her thoughts crumble further and her protests degenerate to simple gasping and moaning, with the occasional squeal as my dick reaches new, deeper parts of her body.

Ladybug's costume is thin enough that I can feel the warmth of her body through my hands as I grip her waist. I admire the way the red and black of her costume changes to the light pink of her skin where the scissors opened a hole, and changes again to the darker pink of her petite pussy. The feel of Ladybug's pussy around my dick is fantastic, but every time I look down to watch the action I catch sight of her asshole. There is no way I am not going to tap that; the problem is how to do so without tearing the poor girl apart? Ladybug's pussy is a tight fit even with her natural lubricant. Lubricant, hmm.

I pull out of Ladybug abruptly. She expects to feel my cum splashing on her again, but instead I walk over to the bed. I wipe my dick on the corner of the bed (a little blood is to be expected the first time) before reaching over to the drawer in the bedside table where I had stashed Chloé's little toys. I grab the bottle of lube and return to my costumed plaything.

I apply liberal amounts of lube to my dick, and squirt some on her ass for good measure. Ladybug's head is still turned back but she cannot quite make out what I'm doing. I take one last look at the girl's pristine ass before placing the head of my dick at the entrance to her asshole. I hold my dick in place with one hand, while I use the other to pull one side of her ass, opening it as far as I can. The lube reduces Ladybug's sensitivity so she does not notice when my dick first touches her asshole, but as I start pushing the head against her anal ring she finally realizes what I'm doing.

"Qu'est-ce que vous faties ? S'il vous plaît, vous avez déjà fait cà , je - NON C'est pas le bon trou ! Quoi ? Ca ne passera pas ! S'il vous plait non, je -AIE !"

I have to use my mental control to loosen her anal muscles in addition to the lube, but the steady pressure of my dick is eventually rewarded. I watch the head of my dick pop into Ladybug's asshole, taking her last shred of virginity. The cute teen superhero marks the occasion with a scream which quickly descends to a plaintive wail. But of course I don't stop there. I continue to press my hips down, and inch by gradual inch my dick penetrates deeper into Ladybug's ass. It isn't long before my slow progress stops entirely. Normally I would start stroking my dick in and out at this point, but right now all I want to do is have my full length inside this quivering girl. So I add more lube, mentally tweak her muscles to relax further, grab her hips with both hands and shove forwards.

By this time Ladybug's protests have been replaced by rapid deep breaths. As I pull her body to me and my dick forces its way deeper in, her head jerks and she lets out a sharp cry. I brace myself and push forwards again, and again Ladybug lets out an incoherent howl. I have to limit the volume of her screams, but I let her pant and moan as I relentlessly work my dick into her trembling ass.

I get about two thirds of my dick inside Ladybug before I simply cannot penetrate deeper. The dark-haired girl shudders beneath my grip, her only sounds now the occasional pained groan. I too am in some discomfort as the walls of Ladybug's asshole squeeze my dick. Perhaps it is possible for an ass to be *too* tight?

No. I will not let Ladybug's ass defeat me. I move my hands up her body, and with some difficulty (and considerable wordless laments from Ladybug) I lie upon the floor of the hotel room while Ladybug squats over me, her back to me and my dick still deep in her ass. This new position opens up her ass a fraction more; I return my hands to her waist and mentally order Ladybug to bear her full weight down on my dick. Finally, with a damp squish, Ladybug's lube-coated ass meets my hips and my dick is all the way inside her incredibly tight asshole. Both Ladybug and I let out heartfelt moans, although mine is mostly of pleasure. I look down to see my dick completely penetrating the ass of the girl I had obsessed about for hours, ever since glimpsing her from a coffee shop across the street.

It still isn't enough though - I want to see her face as well. So I issue some mental commands and once again Ladybug starts moving. This time she raises herself up a little (not enough to remove more than a couple of inches of my dick from her), and awkwardly starts turning around. The sensation of Ladybug's ass twisting around my dick is fiercely pleasurable, and as she turns to face me I don't need to be a mind-reader to see the effect it has on her. Ladybug is squatting with her hands on my thighs; the teen superhero's clear blue eyes are half closed in a wince of pain. When I order her to start using her legs muscles to raise and lower herself I get to see her eyes fly open in shock as her anal violation shifts up a gear. Her cheeks are flushed. Her mouth alternates between being tight shut with gritted teeth and hanging open as she begs and moans. It's an expression of pure defeat, which only encourages me to grip her small waist and start thrusting my hips upward, fucking her even harder than she can manage herself. Looking down I can gaze straight at her pussy, red and swollen from earlier. The curve of her ass is visible when she raises her legs; when she lowers them I get to see her impale her ass on my dick as well as feel it. The pain of my dick being squeezed into such a small space is heavily outweighed by the waves of pleasure radiating from my crotch as Ladybug pushes her own ass onto my dick.

Raising and lowering her body from a squatting position using only her leg muscles is tough, especially when Ladybug's been put through her paces already. Sweat breaks out on her face as she strains to maintain the slow but steady pace. But I don't want slow and steady any more, so once again we need to change. Ladybug pauses, her body resting on my hips and my dick hidden in her ass. For fun I have her rotate her hips a few times, eliciting fresh gasps from the poor abused teen, before finally ordering her to lift herself off completely and stand. As my dick exits Ladybug's ass I swear I feel it reinflate. I stand to face her. Ladybug is trying to get her breath back, her chest rising and falling, causing her breasts to strain against the tight fabric. I am momentarily mesmerized by this, but I snap out of it and fetch the nail scissors. Ladybug looks up fearfully at me as I approach her with the scissors in hand; I reach for the space between her breasts where a very little looseness can be found, and start cutting. A few judicious snips later and first one breast, then the other, are released from the tight costume. Guess I won't be returning this costume to Chloé. Thanks to my mental manipulations Ladybug's nipples are erect and stiff, and I take a moment to taste each one in my mouth. Salty sweet.

Ladybug has recovered enough to try to talk. Her efforts to form a sentence are cut short by me picking her up by the waist and half-throwing her onto the bed, between her soundly sleeping friends. Her newly-freed breasts jiggle pleasingly as she lands on her back. On my mental order she scoots up the bed to place her head level with Lila and Juleka's before lifting and parting her legs, presenting her pussy and ass to me as I position myself on my knees between her spread legs. I enter her pussy without ceremony, and Ladybug moans at the invasion. It takes a few strokes before I can get deep enough to start properly fucking her, but eventually I am pounding her tight teen pussy, watching her bounce and moan below me.

At this point I choose to wake up her friends. First Lila, then Juleka rise back into consciousness, to be met with the unmistakable sounds of sex. I have them both turn onto their sides so that they can see the action. Lila is the first to speak.

"Urgh, dove so- Ladybug? Oddio no, sei tu? Est-ce que c'est vous, Ladybug ?"
Lila's expression is one of confusion; I check her mind to find she is honestly unsure if she's in a nightmare or not. Juleka, however, is fully in reality. She looks up at me with her clear brown eyes, then looks Ladybug up and down as the teen superhero jerks up the bed with my every thrust. Juleka takes a deep breath and I expect a scream, but instead she lets it out as a despondent whisper:


Of course Marinette does not know she used to be Ladybug; in order to keep things simple I remove her speaking ability. Ladybug can only grit her teeth, close her eyes and lie flat on her back as I fuck her pussy while her friends watch on either side of her.

I pause, remove my dick and angle it down. My re-entry into her asshole causes Ladybug to arch her neck and shoulders, her mouth opening in a silent scream as her ass is violated again. Juleka doesn't understand what I just did, but I can tell from Lila's thoughts that she does. Lila continues to try to talk urgently to Ladybug.

"Oh mon dieu, Ladybug, comment at-il fait ça ? Utilisez vos pouvoirs, battez-vous, faites quelque chose, n'importe quoi! Ladybug!"

Eventually, Lila seems to accept that no reply is coming, and falls silent herself except for the occasional "non" and "Dio mio". I spend some time alternating between Ladybug's pussy and asshole, enjoying the different feelings and reactions each produces. Whenever I enter either of Ladybug's holes her chest heaves and her eyes open wide; Lila and Juleka often wince in sympathy at this, but I do not allow them to turn away. Ladybug isn't the only one who's been hard at work though, and soon I feel it is time to finish this round. I turn my head to address Juleka.

"Juleka. Juleka!"

"... Yes?"

"Tell Ladybug she has a choice. Either I cum in her pussy or in her ass. But she's gotta tell me which one she wants fucked, and make it good or I'll choose for myself."

"Uh... what?"

"Hmmph. Okay, so I - me, right? I'm going to cum soon. Cum?"

It takes a little while and a few elaborate hand gestures before Juleka finally nods her head. I guess she understands, because she leans in to Ladybug and whispers in her ear. Juleka is blushing bright red as she does this, and when Ladybug turns her head to stare at Juleka she flinches and says: "Je suis désolée, Ladybug, je suis vraiment désolée."

Ladybug closes her eyes shut. Reaching into her mind I can tell she is contemplating her options. The fear of pregnancy looms in her mind - a sensible worry as she does not know I am sterile. I see her choice in her mind before she opens her mouth to speak.


Ah, of course. I release her speaking ability as she tries a second time.

"Dans le cul."


"... Dans mon cul. Je choisi dans mon cul."

"Juleka, tell her she has to ask properly."

"...Ladybug, il dit que vous devez lui demander correctement."

Ladybug winces, partly in pain (I'm still inside her pussy at this point) but mostly in humiliation as she says clearly:

"S'il vous plaît remplissez moi le cul, monsieur."

"A fine choice, babe."

I withdraw my dick and watch as, on my mental orders Ladybug reaches down with both hands and pulls her ass open. I reapply lubricant to her open asshole and place my dick at the entrance. This time I watch Ladybug's reaction as I enter her. She tries to put on a brave face for her friends but as my shaft pushes deeper her resolve crumbles and she starts babbling in a plaintive, begging tone.

"S'il vous plaît, juste ... juste ejaculer. Je ne -Ah ! - ne peux plus vous prendre. Oh mon Dieu, s'il vous plaît arrêtez vite !"

I might not understand the words Ladybug speaks, but her friends do. They both watch in silence as the masked heroine is fucked in the ass, helpless and pleading. Juleka's mental reaction is straightforward - seeing her hero defeated and violated crushes all hope that she will be rescued or escape. Her visual reaction is the same; her eyes fill with tears I do not allow her to shed, partly for Ladybug and partly for herself. Lila is similarly dismayed, but I sense underneath that a flickering of... satisfaction? It seems Lila has no love for Ladybug, and a very small part of her mind is actually enjoying seeing the teen superhero being debased. I grab that feeling and amplify it as much as I can, which is not much but I swear I see the corners of Lila's mouth turn up as I begin pumping Ladybug's tight ass.

I am not gentle with my plaything now. I fuck Ladybug's ass as deep as her fantastically tight hole will let me, picking up speed as I feel my orgasm approach to Ladybug's considerable dismay. Finally, with one last thrust I start cumming. Ladybug feels my dick pulse inside her as I fill her asshole with my cum and lets out a groan that is part horror and part relief. I stay in place, my shaft buried deep inside the dark-haired teen's body until my load is completely spent. When I am finally ready to remove my dick, it is a mess of Ladybug's pussy juices, lube and cum. I stand on the bed, step forwards to straddle Ladybug's head, and lower my dick into Ladybug's open mouth.

"Ah mon Dieu. Attendez, qu'est-ce que vous faites ? Non, ne faites pas, no-MmmMFff!"

While Ladybug licks and sucks me clean, I take stock. My balls are drained once again, but if anything my arousal is all the stronger. I want to keep fucking, and my erect dick agrees. Just as well, really, I still have two girls to enjoy.

Once Ladybug has gotten my dick reasonably clean I remove it from her mouth, at the same time also removing her ability to speak. I turn around to face the other direction. moving back a little so that I am straddling Ladybug's head with my dick pointed down her body. I mentally order Lila to also straddle Ladybug in front of me, facing the same direction. Lila has had nothing to do since waking other than watch the teen superhero's defilement; her mind snaps to attention as she feels me move her body.

"Oh no. Cosa mi stai facendo adesso?"

Lila bends down until she is resting her elbows on the bed. Her head continues to lower, and as her face approaches Ladybug's asshole she realizes my intention.

"Oh Dio, no. E 'disgustoso! Non farmelo fare, non voglio-aagh!"

Lila's protests are obscured by her tongue sticking out of her mouth and poking into Ladybug's red abused asshole. The brunette starts cleaning up Ladybug, her tongue reaching deep inside the dark-haired girl's ass to get at the mixture of cum, lube and pussy juice within. Lila's mind is filled with disgust, not only at the task but also at having to service Ladybug. Not at all Lila's choice for her first lesbian encounter.

Lila's ass is raised in front of me, round and taught and very inviting. I gladly accept the invitation, running my hands over her buttocks while mentally ordering her pussy to warm up. I feel the muscles under the fit teen's smooth skin tense as they hold position. Meanwhile Ladybug makes herself useful by running her tongue over my balls as they hang over her head (and occasionally rest on top of her face).

Lila is far too distracted by the humiliation of sucking my cum out of Ladybug's ass to notice her own ass being fondled. In fact it is not until my dick presses against her pussy and starts sliding in that she starts to make loud but incoherent protests. Entering Lila is a much smoother process than with Ladybug. Perhaps because (unlike her friends) Lila has experienced penis before? Whatever the reason, most of my dick sinks into her depths on the first attempt. I start pumping my dick in Lila's pussy, enjoying the feel of the teen girl's vaginal walls sliding around my shaft. The motions catch Ladybug by surprise, but she tries to keep up, sometimes running her tongue over my balls and sometimes along my taint while my balls slap her chin. I hold Lila's waist and increase my speed. Lila's muted complaints take on a regular pattern as I fuck her, my thrusts punctuated by her sharp grunts which themselves vary between fearful, painful and angry.

I realize that Juleka has not uttered a word since she woke up, despite being able to speak. I don't want her to think I had forgotten her, so with a silent command she finds herself rising and heading off to the bathroom to wash the taste of cum out of her mouth. On the way back I have her fetch the vibrator from the drawer in the bedside table, as well as the lube bottle I had discarded earlier. Returned from these tasks she kneels on the bed next to me, her arms around my shoulders. I turn my head and we kiss deeply while I violate her friends.

I have Juleka pass the vibrator to Ladybug before sliding my dick out of Lila and standing, allowing Ladybug to insert the plastic penis in place of my fleshier one. The vibrator is larger than my dick, and Juleka's complaints grow accordingly, especially when Ladybug pushes it deep inside Lila and turns it on. The room is filled with a muffled buzzing and Lila's equally muffled squealing. Satisfied the vibrator is not likely to fall out, I again lower myself onto Ladybug's waiting face.

I take the bottle of lube from Juleka and apply it liberally to Lila's ass. Lila feels the cool gel on her skin and quickly draws the correct conclusion. For fun, I have her lift her head up from between Ladybug's legs while I ready my dick at the entrance to her ass.

"No ... no! Non metterlo là! Non ho mai avuto nulla làaaAAH FANCULO!"

Lila's asshole would have been a tight fit as it is, but squeezing my dick in with the vibrator already stretching her pussy is pushing her to the limits.

"Oh Dio, no, non ci starà. Ti prego, mi sfondi, non ci entrerà! Ah! Ah! AaaAAaAAAH!"

The tip of my dick goes in fairly smoothly. The challenge comes with getting the shaft into the brunette teen's ass. But I repeatedly push forwards, progressing a fraction of an inch at a time. Once I get enough inside, I hold steady. The muscles on Lila's ass are visibly taught as she experiences her first double penetration; her back is pricking with sweat. The Italian teen is almost passing out from the pain and shock of being filled beyond capacity. I reach into her mind and rebalance her emotions to dampen down her fear and amp up her anger. Immediately her attitude changes; I note with satisfaction that she is no longer going to pass out but instead is looking back at me with the purest hatred I've seen for a while.

"Io ... brutto stronzo, ti ucciderò per questo. Sporco sadico pervertito del cazzo! Ti conviene uccidermi quando hai finito, perché non appena mi libero TI TAGLIO IL CAZZO E TE LO INFILO SU PER IL -"

Lila's verbal assault is fierce and unrelenting - even the other girls are surprised at her vehemence. I don't reply, other than to smile and start stroking my dick inside her helpless ass. The contrast is wonderfully exciting. I look up and see Lila practically foaming at the mouth, ready to tear my throat out with her bare teeth. I look down and see her round naked ass, with my dick sliding in and out of her tight hole. The constriction of her ass around my dick is incredible, and I have to force myself to go slowly in order to prevent permanent damage (as well as to make the experience last as long as possible). The flesh between my dick and the plastic toy wedged deep inside Lila's pussy is thin enough that I can feel the buzz of the vibrator, adding an extra dimension to the experience.

I order Lila to return to licking Ladybug's pussy and asshole. Her stream of invective is muffled again as she bends her head back down, but adds a newly urgent tone as I take firm hold of Lila's hips and start fucking her in earnest. Even having cum so soon earlier and not taken time to rest, the sensations felt by my dick as Lila's ass clenches and spasms are intense, to say nothing of her almost incoherent screaming. Lila's body shudders and shakes, and I have to reach back into her mind to prevent her from passing out until I am finally ready to climax.

With one final thrust I come hard inside Lila's quivering ass, letting out a guttural moan as I grip her hips tightly. I don't have more than a few tepid spurts of cum left, but nonetheless the orgasm is strong. I hold my position until I feel my dick stop jerking and twitching. Lila's protests have reduced to moans and gasps by the time I withdraw. I make sure to dip my dick into Ladybug's mouth so she can lick and suck me clean - Lila has tasted Ladybug's ass, only fair that Ladybug gets a taste of Lila's. After a few moments I move aside to allow her and Lila to stand. Ladybug half-leads, half-carries an exhausted Lila to the bathroom to clean up.

I lie down and let Juleka lie next to me, gently caressing and kissing my body. I must have dozed off because the next thing I know Lila and Ladybug have returned from the bathroom and are standing beside the bed waiting for their next orders. Juleka of course has not stopped her fondling; right now her leg is hooked over mine, her lips nuzzling my neck while her fingernails gently run up and down my chest.

Lila and Ladybug look clean but tired; looking at the clock I realize they must have been standing there half an hour or more. Juleka and I stand while the other girls lie on the bed. It takes only a gentle nudge before both girls are asleep, leaving me alone with the cute goth teen. I turn to face Juleka, looking down into her fearful eye (the other is covered by her hair) and releasing her speaking ability.

"Well babe, looks like it's your turn."

"Non, s'il v - No, please, is not already enough?"

"I haven't been inside your pussy yet, Juleka. Or your ass."

"No, you don't have..."

"Oh but I do. I've fucked your friends already, not fucking you too would just be impolite. Come here babe."

On my mental command Juleka throws her arms around my shoulders and presses her body tight against mine, her head arching up to kiss me. Her long black and purple hair falls away from her face and I see both her clear brown eyes looking up at me as our mouths touch. I put my hands on her slim waist before sliding them down to cup her diminutive ass. Juleka lifts one leg and wraps it around me, leaning further into me as she does so. The innocent teen's body is having the obvious effect on me. I feel my dick rising, and soon so does Juleka as it bumps against her pussy. Juleka's mind jumps as she feels my warm shaft against her; it jumps once again as I order her hips to move, stroking my dick between her legs. I once again increase her physical arousal levels and soon my dick is getting sticky from Juleka's increasingly wet pussy.

We stand like this for a while. Juleka is pressed tight against me, her mouth locked with mine while her hips grind her pussy against my dick. In between kisses I take the time to whisper my plans for her into her ear. I hear her breath catch as I tell her how much I look forward to filling her ass with my dick, my words emphasized by pulling one asscheek aside and circling one finger gently around her asshole. Eventually I can take the teasing no more; I reach between Juleka's legs and angle my dick, and before Juleka realizes it the tip of my dick has entered her tight wet pussy. The goth teen's kiss does not pause and so she manages only a "mmff!" to mark her first experience of penetration. Her hips continue to rotate and grind, but now her motions twist and twirl her pussy around the first inch or two of my dick, considerably increasing the pleasure for me.

I cannot manage to insert any more than a couple of inches inside Juleka in this position. The bed is currently occupied by two sleeping teens, so I decide to get creative. I take hold of the leg already lifted against mine, and raise it further. On my command her other leg rises just right for me to catch it in my other hand behind her knee. Juleka's mouth is torn off mine as I lift her body, but she manages only a gasp before I walk forwards carrying her. Juleka's arms and legs reflexively wrap tightly around me. When her back hits the wall I lower her, and finally my dick pushes deep inside the cute goth teen. Juleka's mouth opens wide as she feels the new sensation of having a man fully inside her.

"Oooh.. Oh ! Vous vous êtes introduit en moi ? Mon Dieu..."

Juleka is remarkably light, or then perhaps she just feels that way because my blood is up. Either way I have no trouble pinning her against the wall and thrusting into her. Juleka gasps and grips me even more tightly, her fingers digging into my back. I'm going to have some impressive scratches. Her long hair protects her skin from the friction of being rubbed against the wallpaper.

It's a little awkward at first to find the right pose, but soon I have bent my knees just so and shifted her weight just right that I can lift her with my arms, then lower her and let gravity force her body onto my hard dick. When my arms tire I simply lean her against the wall, hold her in place and pump my hips, pistoning my dick in and out of her tight pussy in short rapid strokes. In this way I introduce the goth teen to the wonderful world of fucking, or at least to the experience of being a mind-controlled fucktoy. Juleka continues to protest, sometimes in French and sometimes in broken English, but mostly just in gasps and moans as her body is bounced up and down on my dick.

Once I have gotten the hang of this position I reach out with my mind to wake Ladybug and Lila. I can't see them from this position, but I hear the sheets rustle as they rise and start to follow the series of orders I send to them. Juleka is too distracted to notice any of this.

When I hear the movements behind me stop, I lift Juleka up one more time. She is expecting to be impaled on my dick again, but instead I surprise her by turning around and almost throwing her onto the pushed-together beds. Juleka lands on her back lying across the bottom half of the beds. In accordance with my orders, Ladybug is lying on her stomach across the top half of the bed, head to tail with Juleka. Lila is standing on the opposite side of the bed from me, behind Ladybug. She has donned the strap-on dildo and is just finishing applying lube (Chloé is going to need to buy another bottle).

Juleka has only a moment to witness this scene before she feels me lift and part her legs. Lila throws the lube bottle to me, and I apply it to my own dick while the brunette positions herself behind Ladybug (no blood this time, that's handy). I place my lubricated dick at the entrance to the slender goth teen's last unviolated hole, and at the same time both I and Lila start to push forwards.

I had mentally silenced both Lila and Ladybug, but of course I release Ladybug's voice just before Lila's plastic penis enters her asshole. The superhero's scream is matched by Juleka's, as the head of my dick stretches her skin until it pops past her anal ring and is enveloped in the warm tightness of the goth teen's ass. Neither girls' protests make any difference. My need is strong, so I push my dick relentlessly into Juleka's pale-skinned virgin ass. Lila has been commanded to be no less merciless in violating Ladybug's round peach of an ass (looking into Lila's mind I again find a very small corner which is enjoying seeing Ladybug humiliated and in pain. This girl has some serious freak potential).

Despite the relatively large size of the strap-on dildo, Lila is the first to 'bottom out'. Of course I can feel my dick sliding into Juleka in a way Lila cannot. Which gives me an idea.

I reach into Lila's mind and tinker carefully with certain parts of her nervous system. I then make some even more careful adjustments to my own (I almost never adjust myself mentally, but this is a very basic level adjustment so I feel reasonably confident in experimenting). This done, I pull an inch or so out of Juleka and watch Lila's mind carefully. As I feel my dick rub against Juleka's anal walls, I see Lila's pleasure zones light up. I smile broadly as I realize I have successfully mapped the responses of the nerves in my genitals to Lila's. This is going to be fun.

On my command Lila begins pumping the strap-on inside Ladybug. At the same time I start properly fucking Juleka's ass, much to her vocal distress. Lila's mind is instantly a storm of confusion, as she starts to feel sparks of pleasure rising from between her legs, corresponding with the motions of the plastic penis as it slides in and out of Ladybug's ass. I have to reach in and soothe her mind a little to prevent her from deciding she has gone mad, but otherwise I let her try to reconcile the horror of her current position with the pleasure radiating from an impossible place. Unconsciously she has stepped up the pace of her thrusts; I have to increase my own speed to match.

While focusing on Lila I have been using Juleka as little more than a prop, so I turn back to the slender goth teen and watch her as well. Juleka's hair is spread messily around her head and over her upper body. Her chest is flushed red, a color which extends to her neck and cheeks. Juleka's head is arched back, her mouth open as her body is jerked back and forth. I reach down and slap one of her breasts, causing her to gasp and lift her head up to look at me. Her wide-eyed expression of shock, strands of long black-purple hair lying across her face, almost makes me laugh in delight. I cup her breast for a moment before taking hold of her nipple and pulling, eliciting another gasp.

Meanwhile, Ladybug has turned her head away from us. A quick mental command and her head is turned back to watch as I abuse Juleka's ass and breasts. Ladybug's expression softens, and I sense a momentary bust of pity for Juleka from Ladybug's mind, but such concern for others is quickly washed away by the feeling of having her own ass pummeled by Lila. For fun I order Lila to slap Ladybug's ass, and soon the room is filled with the sharp sounds of flesh smacking flesh followed by gasps and squeals.

Lila's reaction to the sensations flooding her mind is to continually increase the pace and ferocity of Ladybug's assfucking, prompting me to increase my own efforts. It's a ferocious feedback loop, which quickly results in Lila and I pistoning in and out of Ladybug and Juleka, implacable to their screams as they are jerked back and forth like ragdolls. Juleka's breasts are glowing red from my slaps, pinches and squeezes; Ladybug's pert ass has a pattern of red handprints, a new one appearing every time Lila slams her palm down on the poor superhero with an audible crack.

The almost manic fucking brings me closer and closer to climax. When I feel my balls tingling I quickly withdraw from Juleka's ass and practically jump onto the bed. I straddle Juleka's chest and bend my knees just in time, as cum spurts from my dick and lands on Juleka's cheek. A minor adjustment to my aim and the next spurt tracks across her nose and reaches the corner of her eye. This has happened too fast for Juleka to recover and react; her mouth is still wide open and so becomes the next target for my ejaculation. I have no idea how this feels for Lila, her pleasure centers linked to my mine; I hear Ladybug utter a particularly guttural moan behind me but I don't look over to see. I am still in the throes of orgasm, delighting in the waves of pleasure washing over me as I coat Juleka's face in my cum. Eventually I calm down enough to look behind me. Lila's eyes are tight shut, her hands so tightly gripped on Ladybug's waist that the knuckles show white. The brunette’s full weight is bearing down on the dildo which is buried deep inside Ladybug's ass. Ladybug herself has passed out, her body finally overloaded. In fact, as I watch Lila her eyelids flutter, her body goes limp and she slumps over Ladybug. Guess I have quite powerful orgasms.

I carefully disconnect the mental links between Lila and I, noting with satisfaction that there seems to be no lasting changes in either of us. There will be lasting change in Ladybug's asshole however, if I don't get that dildo out; I don't like to jump-start an unconscious mind, so I simply roll Lila over onto the bed next to Ladybug. The strap-on slides out and stands proudly in the air as Lila lies on her back.

The next few hours pass very enjoyably for me; rather less so for the girls as they each experience different combinations of dick, vibrator and strap-on dildo. I have an approximate time for the return of the rest of the tour group, and well before then the girls have pushed the beds apart, tidied up here and there, redressed and returned to their beds. I reach into their sleeping minds one at a time, erasing all memory of the day's activities, before turning the lights out and retiring to the bathroom when I hear voices approaching in the hallway.

There's a knock on the door to the hotel room, which after a pause is repeated more loudly. The girls are in natural sleep, so eventually Marinette (her Ladybug costume long removed and her pajamas restored) wakes and gets the door. I hear Caline's voice through the bathroom door, answered by a sleepy Marinette.

"Ah, tu es là. Comment te sens-tu, Marinette ?"

"Je me sens bien... je crois..."

"as-tu dormis toute la journée ?"

"Je... oui, je crois. Je me sens pourtant encore vraiment fatiguée."
Between the bathroom door and the door frame is a tiny crack, illuminated by the light from the hallway. By putting my eye against the crack I can see both Caline and Marinette.

"Tu n'es pas malade ?"

"...Non, je ne crois pas."

"Très bien. Dors encore un peu, nous allons voir comment tu te sens demain matin."

"Oui, Mademoiselle Bustier.."

"Bonne nuit Marinette."

"Bonne nuit Mademoiselle Bustier."

I had originally planned to make my exit after confirming my adventures had gone undetected. However, seeing the redhead teacher and her cute student together gives me another idea.

I take control of Caline, removing her speaking ability. Marinette is clearly expecting Caline to leave; instead she lets out a squeak of surprise as Caline puts her hand across Marinette's mouth. Caline's other hand reaches to open the bathroom door. I quickly retreat to the shower, closing the glass door just as Marinette staggers backwards into the bathroom by Caline. Through a clear patch in the smoked glass pattern of the shower door I can see Caline pushing Marinette against the sink. Marinette is too preoccupied to notice, but Caline's shocked expression makes it clear that the teacher is just as taken aback by her actions as her student.

"MMf! Qu-mmm!"

Marinette is making a lot of noise as she struggles against Caline. I reach into Marinette's mind and lower the volume of her voice (in my imagination I picture a volume dial on a speaker). The next part is tricky; rather than simply order her body not to resist Caline, I damp down the urgency of Marinette's movements without completely removing her ability to make them. I have to constantly work to maintain this kind of control. Marinette's movements become weaker, slower. Caline is able to keep Marinette in place despite the teen's feeble attempts to escape.

Caline keeps one hand on Marinette's mouth, holding her head up. The other hand finds the waistband of Marinette's pajamas. Marinette's voice rises an octave or two as Caline pulls her pajama pants and panties down, managing to get them over her hips and down to the top of her legs. Caline removes her hand from Marinette's mouth, but I reduce Marinette's voice further, so all the teen can manage is a whisper as Caline lifts her up and sits her on the sink.

Oh! Que ? Que faites vous ? Mademoiselle Bustier ? Ah!

Caline rapidly tugs at Marinette's pajamas and panties, pulling them down and off her body. Marinette automatically opens her legs a little, and Caline wastes no time in placing her hand on the teen girl's exposed pussy. On my mental orders, Marinette begins to feel the warm glow of arousal from her pussy, as Caline starts stroking her hand over the outer lips.

From my viewing position in the shower I can see Caline's face reflected in the mirror above the sink. Her brow is furrowed in complete confusion, her eyes fixed forwards as she watches herself abuse the dark-haired teen. Marinette's mouth opens in a gasp as her teacher pushes a finger into her tight pussy.

Watching the scene from a distance is fun, but my dick is straining against the fabric of my pants in its eagerness to get involved. I'm just about to take my own clothes off so I can emerge from the shower ready for action, when I hear a voice outside the bathroom.

“Mademoiselle Bustier ? Je sais que vous êtes là, je vous ai vu entrer, quelqu’un a été dans ma chambre et je me demandais si vous... oh ! “
A blonde teen girl enters the bathroom, her expression of outrage changing rapidly to surprise as she sees the scene before her. It only lasts a moment before she screams, turns tail and runs out.

I slam open the bathroom door and stumble out after the girl, ignoring Marinette and Caline. I hadn't gotten Caline to close or lock the door to the hotel room. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The girl is already in the corridor, raising hell.

“Aaaah! Mademoiselle Bustier, Marinette!? Je ne peux pas, c’est tout simplement... Urgh!"

Doors open and students poke their heads out as the blonde girl loudly tries to process what she has seen. Which of course means they also see me exiting Marinette's room. I have to shut this down. Right now.

The blonde girl falls silent and stands still the instant I send the right mental commands. Sweeping my gaze across the hall I do the same for everyone I see - I cannot send a command to several people at once, so I have to do it one by one, as quick as I can. I am also unable to issue commands to people I cannot see, so the next step is to enter every room with an open door and prevent the occupants from escaping. It helps that my methods don't sound alarming - no shouting or screaming or running, just a bunch of people standing quietly in a corridor. Still, at least couple of times I catch a student just before they dial for help on their cellphones.

In this manner I work my way through every room on this corridor (scanning further shows no signs of concern from the other side of the elevators). I get to the last room. The door had been opened by a large male student which I had earlier ordered to motionlessness. As soon as I order him aside I hear a voice inside the room say:

"Plagg, transforme moi !"

I am hit by a wave of energy, identical in form to my earlier encounter with Ladybug. This strike is shortly followed by being physically hit in the stomach by some thrown object, knocking the air out of me. I don't have the opportunity to see what it is before someone leaps out of the room and bowls me over. The carpet in the hallway is soft, which is just as well as my head thumps hard against it. My vision swims. When it clears I look up to see a blonde man clad in black leather, standing over me with his foot on my chest. I can sense power warping reality around him. Oh great, another superhero.

"Did you do this? What have you done to my friends?"

His English is strongly accented but clear enough. Judging by the black mask, cat ears and leather strap tail I assume this is the male superhero I saw in Ladybug's memories, "Cat Noir". I only defeated Ladybug because I managed to damage her talents before she fully activated them; I have no such advantage against this one.

Cat Noir is looking around at the corridor full of frozen students.

"Kim? Nathaniel? Ivan? Secouez-vous les gars!"

He looks genuinely concerned for these people - of course, he must be one of the students. And he's a hero... okay, I can work with this.

I turn my head enough to look down the corridor and send commands to everyone I see. Half a dozen students turn and run towards us, their faces showing confusion and fear but their bodies obeying my commands.

"Quoi? Non, descends, maintenant!"

I feel the pressure on my chest relieved as the first student to reach us (the large male student from before) leaps and tackles Cat Noir with full force, knocking him off me. The superhero fends off the next attack, but is less lucky against the second student, who manages to land a kick on the back of one of Cat Noir's knees.

"Ow! Hé, stop! Je ne voulais pas lui faire ma.. Aïe!"

I drag myself to my hands and knees as Cat Noir disappears beneath a pile of students. He won't hurt his friends, but under my command they have no such qualms. Still, he will break free eventually. I adjust the orders I have given the students and they start tearing at Cat Noir's clothes, searching for his totem.

"Non, donnez-moi... ne tirez pas dessus, C’est mon.. hé !"

I feel reality snapping back into place as a black object comes flying out from the scuffle. In mid-air the illusion drops and Cat Noir's totem lands on the carpet a foot from me. Another cartoon-character doll, black this time but otherwise much the same as Ladybug's. There's a ring as well; presumably the two items are related somehow. I struggle to my feet and pick up the totem and the ring. When doing so I notice my hands are shaking; the adrenalin rush is wearing off, leaving me simply anxious and fearful. The fear numbs my thinking, but does nothing to alleviate the pain rising from my various bruises and knocks. I close my fists around the objects until the jittering stops, and then throw them both down the hall.

Without his totem Cat Noir is powerless - actually, that isn't true but he believes it. So when I order the students to stop attacking and move off, I see a normal teenage boy, curled into a fetal position. Slim with short blonde hair, wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, he doesn't look threatening at all. I order him to sleep, and his eyes close immediately. Sitting down next to him I wait a while until I feel well enough, then close my eyes and get to work.

I've learned my lesson from the last time, and so I am able to complete my task without triggering his mental defenses. Soon Adriene Agreste (Cat Noir's civilian identity) is no longer possessed of special talents. Nor does he remember ever being a superhero. Just a normal teenage boy.

Crisis over, I open my eyes and look around. What a mess. Students everywhere standing to attention, doors open - I'm very lucky there are no cameras around. My eyes alight on the female student who started this whole episode, still motionless in the corridor where I had left her. Medium height, slim build (are all French teenage girls this svelte?), she has honey blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is currently turned away from me, which has the disadvantage that I cannot see her face, but the advantage that I can see her pert round ass nicely filling out a pair of white capri pants. Reaching into her mind I am not surprised to find this is Chloé Bourgeois. Evidently she had noticed the missing Ladybug costume and other, uh, items, and gone to complain to her teacher.

Chloé can wait. I spend the next ten minutes shepherding the students into their rooms, setting them to sleep and editing their memories. I work as fast as I can, fear of discovery and further danger pushing me on - a bunch of people playing statues in the hotel corridor would be hard to explain. Fortunately I find some painkillers in one room, which alleviates my aching head.

I'm just finished when I remember Caline and Marinette. Looking back into the bathroom I find a nearly passed out Marinette, still sitting on the bathroom sink, pinned against the wall by Caline. I did not change my commands while I was busy dealing with the emergency, but most of the fight had gone out of Marinette by then anyway. Caline has been relentlessly plowing her fingers into Marinette's sopping wet pussy for half an hour already. The redhead teacher has managed to get four fingers into the teen, who is limp with exhaustion at fighting her attacker. Both of them notice me in the bathroom doorway; two pairs of eyes look pleadingly at me to stop. I just smile and watch.

I extract some information from Caline's mind without halting their performance. Apparently the tour group's plans for tomorrow are pretty simple; no-one would miss them for a day. Good; now that I don't have to sneak around as much I have plans for this group. But I'm not fit for anything without some rest. On my command Caline disengages from Marinette, who hops off the sink with a wince before being treated to the same memory wipe and sleep commands as the rest of the students. Everyone but Caline and I are now sound asleep; I accompany the redhead teacher to her room. I barely have time to order her to sleep before half-collapsing into bed beside her and falling into deep slumber.

One long sleep later I feel like my old self again. Chloé's room is feeling crowded, despite its size. Chloé stands in the center of the bedroom, her light blue eyes looking fearfully around. She clearly takes care of her appearance; her looks are accentuated by blue eye shadow, nude lipstick and light peach blush. Her skin is lightly tanned. Her black and white striped shirt fits tight across her body. She is small-chested, probably a similar size to Juleka. I stand a couple of inches in front of her and look straight into her eyes; as she looks up at me her expression flits between fearful and indignant. Both looks are attractive in their own ways.

Surrounding us are a selection of people that I had pulled from other rooms. Four male students, including Adrien; four female students - Juleka, Lila, Marinette and another called Alya; and one redhead teacher. All have washed (the girls especially well in certain places), dressed and awaited further instructions as per my earlier commands. The remaining students will be having very long lie-ins today.

Chloé flinches when I speak up.

"Chloé Bourgeois. You've caused me a lot of trouble. What are we to do with you..."

Now the crisis has passed and my adrenaline levels have returned to something like normal I realize I feel considerable anger towards this girl for bringing me so close to catastrophe. Not that she deserves such anger, of course, but at this moment I don't particularly care. I raise my arms and announce.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today's entertainment, Chloé Bourgeois!"

I release Chloé's speaking ability at the same time as I send other commands to her. The blonde teen's hips start to sway as she slowly turns in place.

"Que? Que faites-vous, Je vous demande de me lacher! Savez-vous qui est mon père? Je Hé, Non ! Je ne dis pas celà à..."

Chloé is indignant at being made to dance in front of everyone, her tone becomes more strident when her hands grab the end of her shirt and start pulling it up over her head.

"Vous ne pouvez pas ne faire ça! Ce n’est pas juste! Arretez-le bande d’idiots, Je.., Non, s’il vous plait !"

Chloé's top lands on the floor next to her, revealing a peach-colored lace bra. Very pretty, very easily removed. As Chloé lowers her arms she crosses them over her stomach, pushing her small pert breasts up while still turning on the spot. Taking a quick mental scan around the room, I find the expected fear and panic, but also strong whiffs of satisfaction - it seems her fellow students strongly dislike poor Chloé. Chloé herself is terrified, but she is trying her best to hide it under a thin layer of outrage. Her cheeks are blushing furiously red, but her eyes are fixing on every person surrounding her as she turns, willing them to look away. I order her hands to start undoing her belt, and soon she is rolling her tight capri pants down her shapely legs.

"Que personne ne regarde! Tous ceux qui me regarderons aurons des prob... hé!, non, ne me baissez pas... ! Qu’est ce qui ne va pas chez-vous!"

Chloé's pants and shoes join the pile of clothes next to her and her round ass comes into view, clad only in a small lace thong that matches her bra. I make sure she is facing away from me as she bends at the waist to pull down her last piece of clothing, giving me an unobstructed view of her firm ass and clean-shaved pussy. I have her rotate one more time before standing to face me, completely naked but still barking out orders.

"Vous me le paierez, monsieur. Je ne sais pas comment vous faîtes cela, mais je suis une amie personnelle de LadyBug, et quand elle saura ce qui s’est passé ici, elle viendra vous botter les fesses !"

I think I distinguish the word "Ladybug" in her tirade but I'm not sure. Instead of answering, I simply start taking off my own clothes. Chloé looks around in shock to see everyone else doing the same. I add a few extra mental commands to the boys (except Adriene) and soon their arousal is clear to everyone in the room. I send similar commands to Chloé, although she does not notice.

I myself need no mental prompting to get erect; as I walk towards Chloé her eyes fix on my bobbing dick. I reach out and run one hand from her neck, over her small but firm breasts and down to between her legs.

"Ne me touchez pas, Sale type! Oh !"

I play with her pussy lips a little, and feel cool metal. Some kind of piercing. I take hold of it and gently tug, pulling her pussy lips down. Chloé's eyes dart around her, watching her classmates as they watch her being intimately touched.

"What's wrong Chloé? I thought you liked being the center of attention."

"Parlez en français imbecile! Et ne me touchez plus !"

"Good, keep up that tone babe. The longer you can keep it together the more fun it will be when you break."

I snap my fingers (the ones not currently exploring her increasingly damp pussy) and the two larger boys step up behind Chloé and grab an arm each. They lift her and march her over to the bed, where she lands with a soft thump.

"Ah! Arretez Kim! Ivan! Que faites-vous-argh!"

I release Chloé's body from my mental grip. She immediately turns onto her back and tries to get off the bed, but again the make students are at her side, taking hold of her arms. Caline and the third boy take hold of her flailing legs before they touch the ground and keep them apart while I move to stand between them. Chloé is held down, on her back with her hips on the edge of the bed. Her pussy is fully exposed, wet and glistening; a steel barbell piercing glints from the depths of her folds. The blonde teen is jostling and jerking, trying to shake off her attackers, but to no avail. She doesn't stop struggling even as I place one hand on her hip and use the other to line up my dick to her pussy.

"So, babe, I was wondering. I know you've had any number of plastic pals in you, but have you ever had the real thing?"

"Laissez moi tranquille- Ladybug! Au secours Ladybug? Où êtes-vous! J’ai besoin de votre aide!"

Chloé's struggles make me miss the first couple of times, but on the third time I hit my mark. My dick sinks into the blonde teen's pussy a good five inches on the first penetration. Looks like she really has been using the toys I found in her room. Still, her pussy is warm and inviting, her vaginal walls stroking the head of my dick as it parts her flesh. Chloé's head tilts back and she releases a guttural moan, half of horror and half of exasperation. As I start pumping my dick insider her, the slim teen's moan continues, punctuated by what I assume are unkind words.

"Oh... oh! Putainnn!! Arrtez-uuh! Stop-ah fils de pute - aah!- Mon dieu –oh!-Ladybuuuug!"

After a brief pause to get over the shock of having me inside her, Chloé resumes trying to wrest herself free of her fellow students' grip. The effort is useless, but does have the effect of moving her hips around, swirling my dick inside her as I thrust in and out. I have to hold onto her hips with both hands to keep from falling out, but otherwise her movements serve only to heighten the sensations. I fuck her all the harder in response, my hips slamming into hers as I push my dick completely inside the teen blonde's pussy. The barbell piercing rubs against me in a most pleasurable way, almost like a finger inside her pussy running along my shaft.

"Oh-mon dieu-oh!-Putain-AH!-Sortez de là, espèce de fils de pute !"

Suddenly I step back from Chloé. My dick slips out of her pussy with a wet schlooping sound. It takes a moment for the girl to notice, by which time I have stepped to one side and issued some further commands to the other students. Juleka and Lila take the place of one of the larger male students, together holding down one of Chloé's arms, while the boy moves to between Chloé's legs. He takes hold of Chloé's hips and enters her, immediately starting a methodical pumping motion.

"Oh!-Je-"Ah!-Hé, Qu’est-ce que tu fais? - um, Kim, Que quoi!, no, Kim, Non, merde, non! Ah! Oh! Kim! Stop! Merrr.."

I take a seat in a chair facing the bed and watch as Chloé's abuse continues. While I do so, I wave Marinette over and she kneels in front of me. The dark-haired girl stares nervously at my dick, erect and wet with Chloé's pussy juices. Her fears are confirmed as I part my legs and she shuffles forward. I allow her to speak, and she immediately starts speaking in a pleading tone.

"Oh là là, non. Ne me faîtes pas faire ça. Je n’ai jamais..."

I look down at her cute innocent face, inches from my dick.

"Suck me, Marinette."

The teen girl's head moves forward, her mouth opens and once again I watch the ex-superhero take the head of my dick between her lips. Her eyes narrow in disgust as she tastes Chloé's juices on me, then widen as she moves further forward and my dick probes deeper into her mouth. As before, Marinette's tongue lies flat and her lips do all the work, wrapped tight around my shaft as she bobs her head up and down. Her pigtails sway back and forth, and I idly wrap them around my hands before pulling them toward me, pushing Marinette to take me deeper inside until my dick touches the back of her mouth. She gives an indistinct "MMF!" at this, but I pull her head down firmly and soon my dick enters her throat. She automatically tries to swallow, her throat muscles massaging my dick. I move one hand to the back of her head, keeping her in place, while my other hand reaches down and finds a nipple. A little twist and again Marinette squeals and tries to swallow my dick, both actions sending little waves of pleasure through me. I don't want her to pass out just yet though, so I release her head and she jolts back, coughing and spluttering.

"Nice work, babe. Hey Adrien, get over here."

Adrien has been silently watching Chloé's assault (because that's what I order him to do). I had carefully scanned his mind before waking him, which confirms what I already knew - Cat Noir is long gone and will not return. My words don't seem to register, but as he feels his body move involuntarily he is pulled out of whatever distant place his mind had gone to try to escape the situation.
Marinette shifts a little to the side, creating space between my legs. The blonde teen boy takes to his knees next to the dark-haired teen girl. He looks up at me in puzzlement - has he not been paying attention or is he really this dumb?

"Time you made up for that nasty knock you gave me earlier. Marinette, show him how it's done."

Adriene's frown of confusion only deepens - he has no memory of almost defeating my as Cat Noir, after all. His look quickly changes to one of horror as his eyes turn toward Marinette. The teen girl's tongue has snaked out of her mouth and she is gently licking the shaft of my dick, up and down, before taking the tip in her open mouth and swirling her tongue around the head (yes, I had been giving her mental tips to improve her tongue-work. She's a student, this should be a learning experience). I decide to allow Adrien to speak.

"Waouh! Marinette, Mais pourquoi tu fais ça? Que-hé-urgh!"

Marinette's mouth has moved down to suck my balls, allowing Adrien to taste his first dick. As his tongue touches my shaft his eyes narrow in disgust. His evident distaste at his task makes no difference however, as his body is fully in my control. Still, it is fun to listen to them talk as they lick and suck my hard dick.

"Ah! Merde, c’est-beurk!"

"Adrien, pas toi aussi, c’est... ah ! ce type... Comment fait-il... mff!"

"Je ne sai, pouah !, sais pas, Marinentte, où est Lady, beuh !, Ladybug et Chat Noi-glumph !"

I watch in contentment as Adrien and Marinette, formerly the teen superheroes Cat Noir and Ladybug, kneel naked between my legs and work together to pleasure me. Neither of them are experienced (Marinette of course has no memory of her earlier violations), but in combination my dick is being thoroughly coated in saliva, gently coaxed into ever higher feelings of pleasure.

I briefly look up to check all is well with Chloé. Yes, she is still spitting fire at everyone around her, while her classmate almost robotically fucks her pussy. I worry that he could climax too soon, so I reach into his head and tweak his arousal levels, not enough to deflate his erection but enough that he won't be filling Chloé with cum any time soon.

Once I have done this, I notice there is one person still standing awaiting orders. Alya Césaire's skin is an even light brown, making her stand out a little from the rest of the group. She's also quite curvy for a fifteen year old girl, still slim but with hips that flare out to a noticeably round ass. Her breasts are larger than her friends' also - the main reason I decided to bring her along to the party. I'm pleased to see that they look just as good naked as they did clothed. The underside of her breasts curve up smoothly without a hint of sag, ending in dark nipples that stand erect in the air-conditioned room. Moving my gaze upwards I admire her wavy shoulder-length hair, brown at the top and shading to red near the ends. Alya sports a wide mouth and hazel eyes, with a beauty mark just above her right eyebrow. She hasn't noticed my attention yet; her gaze seems firmly fixed on Marinette. A friend perhaps... yes. A dive into her mind shows they are best friends. That's nice, I'll have to make sure they get to know each other even better.

I don't bother calling her over - I only vocalize my commands for fun, and I'm having plenty of fun already - so Alya is even more surprised when she suddenly starts walking over to me. She tears her eyes off Marinette as she approaches and looks at me. Her expression is one of simple dread, her lips thin and taught at the prospect of becoming another of my victims. I doubt the scene in front of her is much comfort - Marinette is kissing the skin between my dick and my legs while Adrien struggles to fit as much of my dick in his mouth as he can, eyes watering from the effort. I watch Alya's her breasts bounce as she walks towards me, until she reaches my side and leans down. Our lips meet and we start to kiss. I bring one hand up and feel the supple skin of her breasts as they hang from her body - smooth and firm. Her lips taste of some fruit-flavored lipstick.

Now that every person has something to do, the scene in the room stays much the same for a while. Chloé is unrelenting in her anger, spitting out a constant stream of strident French. The guys fucking her are just as unrelenting however - I swapped the first one out for another boy, and then the third, mostly just for variety. None of these students have been allowed to climax of course, blue balls all round - myself included, as I have Marinette and Adrien vary the intensity of their double blowjob to keep me on the edge. At times they make only the lightest of touches with the tips of their tongues teasing the head of my cock; at other times I have one of them force the other's head up and down my shaft (the one without a mouthful of dick is usually apologizing profusely to the other or looking up at me, begging me to stop - fun times). Alya turns out to be a proficient kisser, and I enjoy having a third mouth on me as I take the time to explore her body, cupping her breasts, running my hand over her flat stomach and stroking my fingers over and between her prominent pussy lips, partly obscured by curly dark hairs.

To distract myself I delve into the students' minds, getting a handle on the group dynamics. It's clear that everyone dislikes Chloé; even her teacher Caline finds her insufferable. I find a few hate-fuck fantasies involving the blonde girl in the minds of the male students, but no genuine affection. Marinette and Alya's friendship is deep, but has not extended into any sexual experimentation, unfortunately. The relationship between Marinette and Adrien is more complex. In short, Adrien has strong feelings for Ladybug, who he does not realize is (or was) Marinette, while Marinette has a crush on Adrien to which Adrien is completely oblivious. Marinette has no such tender feelings for Cat Noir. How utterly teenage. Still, it gives me something more to play with.

I order Alya to disengage from my mouth and instead apply her talents to kissing my ear, neck and shoulder. This clears my view to see Adrien bobbing his head with his lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, while Marinette is pulling the skin of my dick down at the base to fully expose the sensitive head to Adrien's ministrations. She looks up at me as I speak.
"Does Adrien look good like this, Marinette? Not nearly as good as he feels, believe me."

"Comment, je ne comprend pas?"

"Gah, of course. Hey Alya, you speak any English?"

"... Yes."

"Great. Adrien does but I have better uses for his mouth right now. I was asking your friend Marinette if Adrien looks good sucking my dick. Relay that to her won't you."

"Go fuck yourself."

"Wow, okay. Got some spirit in you. That's good. Would you like to take Chloé's place for a while? She could probably do with a rest."

"I... no."

"Then do what I tell you and ask Marinette how Adrien looks."

"Alya? Qu’est-ce qu’il dit?"

"Des conneries, Marinette, ça n’a pas d’importance."

"Hey, I didn't hear Adrien's name in that. Ask the question or get your pussy stretched out by all your friends."

"Très bien! Putain... Marinette, Il veux que je te demande comment tu trouves Adrien là maintenant, vieux pervers"

"Quoi ?”

"Oui, je sais?"


"Ugh. Yes. Yes he does. Okay?"

"Good. Now ask her if she'd like him to stop."

"Veux-tu qu’Adrien arête ?"

"Oh oui, s’il vous plait!"


"Works for me. Alright Adrien, up you get."

Adrien's lips leave my dick and he stands, taking a step back. I remove his ability to speak, but Marinette speaks to Alya while she starts to kiss my shaft.

"Remercie le."

"Quoi? ¨Même pas en rêve, remercier ce pervers."

"Fais-le Alya!"

"Marinette says thank you."

"Oh, she'll have even more to be thankful about soon. Take a look."

I allow Marinette and Alya to pause and turn to look at Adrien. Marinette's face blushes bright red as she sees Adrien's erection standing proud. I had of course tweaked his arousal levels but it didn't take as much as I expected; I guess someone who leaps about Paris in tight black leather is going to have a freaky side.

"Hey Adrien, did you know Marinette has a crush on you? Like, big time?"

Adrien cannot respond, but he understands my words, and his eyes dart to Marinette. Apparently it was possible for Marinette to blush even redder. I quickly up Marinette's arousal levels in preparation.

"Get back there and give her what she wants, stud."

On my orders Marinette shifts position, rising on her hands and knees. Her ass is presented to Adrien, who kneels behind her. I can't see the moment that Adrien's dick enters Marinette's pussy, but the expression on her face is priceless. Her mouth opens in a gasp as she feels a man inside her for what (to her memory) is the first time. Her eyes shine, eyebrows raised high. I swear I see the corners of her mouth turn up - even in this scenario having her virginity (again, to her memory) taken by her teenage crush is something special.

I'm a little less sentimental, however. In fact, I take advantage of her open mouth to push her head down onto my dick. Her gasp of delight turns into a muffled gulp as my dick pushes once more into her throat. Adrien begins thrusting, jerking Marinette's head forward and sending more of my dick down the teen girl's throat.

As Adrien starts to get a rhythm going I turn to Alya. Marinette's eyes bug out as she starts to run out of air, the dick down her throat effectively cutting off her breathing.

"Alya, you should help your friend before she passes out."

"What? What are you - ooh no, don't you fucking dare, if you think I'm gonna-mmf!"

I let Marinette lift her head off my dick, placing her hands on my knees to allow her to raise up enough for Alya to bend down in front of her. As the dark-skinned girl's head descends her expletive-laden protests are cut short when my dick slides between her soft lips. My hand travels down her body as Alya bends over the arms of the chair, reaching the firm curve of her ass. Alya's breasts rest against my leg. Her hair falls forwards, briefly obscuring my view before I order her hand to lift her hair up; I can now watch stormy-faced girl glare straight ahead as my dick disappears into her mouth.

Marinette has steadied herself with her arms straight, hands on my knees, swaying back and forth while Adrien fucks her from behind. Her expression is priceless; a conflicted mess of despair and guilty pleasure, eyes closed tight, biting her lip to stop from crying out. Adrien also seems to be holding back; I remember how tight Marinette's pussy is, he must be trying very hard not to enjoy himself.

After so much attention my dick is starting to feel a little desensitized, but Alya's oral skills coax my libido back to life. Delving into her memory, I find no prior experience with blowjobs, or dicks generally. The girl just has natural talent. I share this observation with Alya; it's hard to tell her response with a mouthful of dick, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a thank you. I shrug my shoulders, lean back in the chair and enjoy the experience. Alya's blowjob style is fast and aggressive, drawing back with her lips tight around the shaft before diving her head down, sucking me deep into her mouth as she goes. Every few strokes she pauses to open her mouth and flick her tongue roughly over the head of my dick, like she's trying to beat it into submission. It's an intense experience, made all the more enjoyable by watching her furious expression. I place my hand on her head, wrapping her thick locks of hair around my fingers. My other hand alternates between fondling her breasts and stroking her well-formed ass. I wait until Alya's lips are off my dick before addressing her.

"Wow, Alya, you have a magic mouth. I look forward to seeing how your other holes compare."

"Fuck you."

"Yes, you will. But -"

"Ha-fucking-ha, what clever wordplay."

"-BUT I have other things to attend to first. Now be a good girl and take over from Caline."

Alya doesn't reply as she stands up, most likely out of relief. I remove her ability to speak anyway. She pads over to the bed and replaces Caline holding one of Chloé's legs (I cannot resist sending Alya on her way with a hearty slap on her ass, hard enough that she stumbles a little). Caline walks over to me; I admire the sway of the redhead's hips as she walks, watching her pussy peeking out from the gap between her slender thighs. While this is happening I tweak Adrien and Marinette's commands; Adrien takes hold of Marinette's upper arms from behind and helps the girl into a standing position. This allows me to stand and face Caline.

Caline and I briefly make out; she presses her body against mine as I reach around to grab her ass. Then I disengage and step to one side.

"Caline, I believe you and Marinette have some unfinished business."

Caline sits on the chair I recently vacated. She lifts her legs over the armrests, spreading them wide apart. Marinette has a perfect view of her teacher's open pussy below the neat red landing strip of pubic hair. Marinette's view turns into a close-up as I order her to lower herself back down, returning her hands to the ground. Now, instead of Marinette blowing me her face is buried between Caline's legs; a few small commands later and Marinette is busy licking Caline's pussy, probing the depths with her tongue (Marinette is picking up new tongue skills a lot today). I order Adrien to slow down; he switches to long steady strokes, letting Marinette focus on eating out her hot teacher. I initiate Caline's arousal with a mental tweak, and soon Caline is looking down at the dark-haired girl in confusion as she feels her pussy warm up and her juices start to flow, despite her mind feeling no such arousal.

Satisfied with this scene I move on to the next, but not before checking Adrien's progress. The poor boy is trying very hard indeed not to climax; his face is a mask of concentration as he tries to think of something else, anything else to distract him.

"Good work, Adrien, keep pounding Marinette's pussy. What, are you worried you'll cum? Don't like the idea of being a teenage dad? Don't you think Marinette will still be pretty with a seven or eight pounds of baby in her?"
My words break Adrien's concentration, as intended. A spike of alarm from Marinette's mind show she heard them too.

"Don't worry stud. You aren't going to cum inside her. You aren't going to cum at all tonight, no matter how much you might want to."

I reach into Adrien's mind and reduce his arousal levels. His relief at being brought back from the brink is almost outweighed by his frustration at being denied climax. The more animalistic level of his mind desperately wants to fuck the girl's brains out; his fingers tense as they hold Marinette's hips. But I ordered slow and steady, and so slow and steady it is. With a smile I leave them to it and saunter over to the bed.

A lot of the fight has gone out of Chloé at this point. Being continuously fucked has worn down her struggles to sporadic bursts, mostly when one of the boys swaps out for another. Likewise her protests have ebbed to moaning and the occasional "Non", "Mon Deiu" and so on. Her body shines with a sheen of sweat. Her eyes are shut so she does not notice me approaching. She does notice however when the guy currently inside her withdraws and is not immediately replaced; instead she is lifted up and off the bed to land heavily on her knees on the floor. Hands that held her arms down now hold them behind her back, pushing her chest out. Chloé opens her eyes to see me looming over her, my dick hard and ready for her next violation.

I smile down at the blue-eyed blonde teen, take hold of my dick and slap it playfully against her face a couple of times. Chloé winces but otherwise doesn't react.

"Open up, babe."


I tut, reach down, place my thumb against her chin and open her mouth. She immediately snaps it shut again and looks directly at me with a baleful glare.

"Non, vous m’en avez assez fait, mon papa s’assurera que vous allies pourrir en prison"

"Oh good, you still have some fight in you."

This time I reach with my mind, and her mouth opens by itself, tongue sticking out, much to Chloé's obvious frustration. I'm careful to leave the rest of her body uncontrolled, however, something she proves by turning her head away. I'm about to order one of the male students to hold Chloé's head straight, but instead I decide that task should fall to Alya. The teen dutifully kneels beside Chloé, puts her arms behind the blonde's head and firmly turns her to face me. I let Alya speak, but she chooses not to.

"What's wrong Alya, don't you like me anymore?"

"I hate you, you fucking creep."

"Harsh, babe. Let's kiss and make up."

Alya's head darts forward and she places a quick kiss on the head of my dick.

"Better. Your turn, Chloé. Show me how much you like me."

My dick enters Chloé's mouth, her tongue running along the underside of my shaft. She manages a "Glmmph!" before my dick blocks further commentary. Her lips close around my shaft, and I hear Alya exclaim something in French as she watches me begin to fuck her classmates's mouth. My dick has been receiving a lot of stimulation so far without release, so I enjoy cutting loose and roughly pumping the blonde girl's mouth as her light blue eyes look up at me in alarm. It isn't the most comfortable of positions, half bending over a kneeling Chloé and thrusting my hips at her face, but I don't mind; my world shrinks down to the electric feelings of rapidly approaching orgasm.

With a heartfelt groan I feel my balls tighten, and my dick pulses as cum flies into Chloé's wet mouth. I quickly withdraw, and my next spurt goes across her nose and into one eye. Chloé is too shocked to even close her eye; it takes another burst of cum spattering into her other eye before she manages to close them.

I come down off my orgasmic high to see Chloé's carefully made up face streaked with white sticky cum. Alya is looking stunned, her mouth open, which I take as an invitation.


My dick is sticky with cum, saliva from four people and possibly even still some pussy juices from Chloé; as I push it into Alya's mouth she begins to gently lick and suck it clean. I step to the side, Alya turning to keep me in her mouth, and one of the boys stands in front of Chloé. He pushes his dick into Chloé's still open mouth and pumps a few times before withdrawing. The guy grunts, and starts spraying cum over Chloé's face. Two down, two to go.

Alya's careful cleaning does the trick; my deflated dick exits her mouth with a wet smack of her lips. There's a couch next to the bed and I walk over there. Behind me, a sigh of release and some sputtering tell me Chloé has received her third facial. I sit on the couch and beckon to Alya.

"Hey Alya, come over here babe. I'm not nearly done with you yet."

Alya snorts in indignation, but cannot stop herself rising and turning to face me. She takes a few steps and I stop her with a raised palm. My flat palm becomes a wagging finger of admonition, before the finger points to the ground. Alya's eyes burn with anger and shame as she gets on her hands and knees and crawls the rest of the way. Her ass sways as she moves, which is such a nice sight that when she reaches me I have her turn around and swish her ass slowly from side to side, the muscles of her round toned ass moving under the skin in a very attractive way.

"Your ass is stellar, Alya."

"Fuck you."

"I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks with my dick deep inside it."

"F-fuck you."

"You gotta earn it though, babe. I just came pretty hard, so I'll need some encouragement before I can get back in the right mood, you know?"

"Just... oh, just fuck you!"

"Let me show you how to tease a man right, Alya. Get your ass up here."

A quick dip into Alya's mind shows her dancing skills are rudimentary, so I take the time to instruct her in the art of the lapdance. My real instructions are sent directly to her mind, but it amuses me to coach her verbally as well.

"That's it Alya. Now, arch your back a little and really push your ass out."

"I... aurgh! Stop making me do this, you bastard!"

"Smooth slow motions. It's a marathon, not a sprint."

"You think this is funny? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me right now is I'm not seeing enough passion from you. Come on, really grip your tits... now twist the nipples.... that's better."

"Ah! Merde!"

Soon Alya is sitting in my lap, hands on her knees, grinding her ass into me with small circular hip movements. My hands are not shy in groping her ass, nor do I hesitate to move them up to cup her breast as she leans back against me, her head resting on my shoulder. She parts her legs and I split my attention between her breasts and fingering her pussy - no rules against touching in my private club. Alya's pussy lips are thick and prominent, even more so as they obey my mental commands and swell with arousal. Her pubic hair is unshaved, verdant and curly above and around her pussy. I generally prefer a smoother style, or at least trimmed, but a little variation now and then is a good thing, right?

Alya's head being next to mine allows us to whisper sweet nothings to each other. Well, to be exact I whisper what I'm going to do to her in great detail, and she whispers back various insults. I start to hear the first notes of despair in her voice about the time I start describing exactly how to fit five dicks inside one teenage girl, but she rallies admirably by describing a rather elaborate revenge fantasy involving my dick, a cheese grater and some coarse salt. I *like* this girl.

I spare a glance at the rest of the room. The third boy has just finished unloading on Chloé's upturned face. She looks stunned, eyes locked in a deer-in-the-headlights stare. The guys mostly just look tired. Their work is over for the moment, so on my orders they go to an unoccupied corner of the room, lie down and sleep (not the most comfortable place to sleep but I have other uses for the bed).

That leaves Juleka and Lila. I have my hands full right now (literally), so I simply order them to place themselves in my view and make out passionately. Now if I tire of Alya's visual charms I can look past her and watch a naked pale-skinned goth teen locking lips with a fit athletic (and equally naked) brunette.

Chloé meanwhile is simply ordered to remain in her current pose. Let her enjoy the feeling of cum drying on her face for a while.

Meanwhile, Adrien has been fucking Marinette for quite a while now. Both of them must be pretty sore. Marinette's face is still buried deep between Caline's legs, but at least Adrien looks like he's about to collapse. On my orders Adrien steps back and Caline takes her hand off Marinette's head. Marinette gets up and trots off to the bathroom to freshen up. I let Adrien get on the bed and lie down; his look of relief turns to shock as Caline straddles his head and lowers her pussy onto his face. Time for the teacher to compare her students' oral skills.

Back to the situation in hand. The teen beauty (currently detailing the treatment of sexual offenders in French prisons while simultaneously working her ass on my lap) is doing a great job of reviving my libido. My increasingly hard dick is becoming more of an obstacle to Alya's gyrations, so I order her to swap positions. Alya twists in my lap, raising her legs onto the couch, until she is facing me with her arms around my shoulders. She raises her ass, pushing her chest into my face. I accept the opportunity to savor her breasts, gently squeezing them with my hands while placing my lips around one nipple. I feel the textured skin with my tongue before taking her nipple between my teeth and tugging, not enough to leave a mark but enough to make Alya gasp. I have her raise and lower herself in my lap, enjoying the feel of my dick sliding in the valley between Alya's buttocks.

Marinette steps into view. Her face is washed clean of Caline's pussy juices, breath minty-fresh and absolutely terrified of whatever I'm going to do to her next. Perfect.

"Ah, there you are Marinette. Just in time to help me take your friend's virginity."


"Alya, could you tell Marinette - you know what, never mind, I'll just show her."

Marinette moves to lie on the floor in front of the couch, her shoulders between my spread feet. I scoot forwards a bit to the sit on the edge of the couch, so she has a good view from underneath. Alya raises herself up again, but this time Marinette reaches up to take my dick in her hand and angle it towards her friend's pussy.

"Oh mon Dieu. Alya, je suis désolée je ne peux rien faire, je suis désolée Alya!"

"Oh, mais putain de quoi tu parles, Marinette, je ne sens rien... oh...!"

I watch Alya's expression as she lowers herself slowly. She knows what's coming, but the reality of it doesn't properly hit her until she feels my dick part her pussy lips and start entering her body. I feel a moment of scratchiness from her pubic hairs before being enveloped in her warm folds. Alya's anger instantly vanishes and her mouth forms a surprised O as she experiences the new sensation of having someone inside her. As for me, the pleasure of finally penetrating the spirited girl and seeing her hard shell crack is worth the wait. I smile broadly as the dark-skinned teen sinks her pussy onto my dick, her violation assisted by her best friend.

Alya sees my smile, and her anger comes back just as quickly as it disappears. She looks sharply at me and growls out words.

"Ah! Jesus, fuck. You bastard! Get it out of me right now or- merde!"

"Je suis désolée, Alya!"

"Ferme-là Marinette, Ne lui donne pas la satisfacti-oooh mon Dieeeuuuu."

Alya lets out a long moan as my dick is entirely swallowed up in her pussy. Her ass rests on my legs and her shoulders slump. I send a mental order to Marinette and feel her hands move off my dick and onto my balls, gently stroking and tugging them to enhance the experience. Now that Alya is firmly planted on my dick, she starts moving up and down at a slow but increasing place.

"Ah! Oh! Hah! Oh, Cea vous fait mal bat-ah!"

Alya leans into me to steady herself, and I breathe in the salty sweet smell of her. Her red-brown hair bounces in front of me. I order her to mix up her vertical movements by turning her hips. Soon the hot-tempered teen is jumping wildly up and down and around, never enough for my dick to leave her pussy but more than enough to feel every part of it rub against me. Alya's words turn into deep gasps as she works hard to keep up the pace. Marinette must be getting a very entertaining view from under us.

I let Alya fuck herself on my dick until I hear her breath start to sound ragged. At this point... I let her keep going, because it feels so good for me. I do however send some new orders to Marinette, who crawls out from underneath Alya and I to fetch something for the next stage of Alya's violation. Soon she returns, unnoticed by a panting, sweating Alya, and starts strapping on the large dildo I had earlier liberated from Chloé's room (you thought I'd forgotten about that? Oooh no). When Marinette is ready, I bring Alya to a sudden stop.

"Nice work, Alya. I think it's time you and Marinette took your friendship to the next level."

"Quoi? Qu’est-ce qu’y dit, Alya?"

"Je-*gasp*-ne sais-*phew*"

Marinette sits beside me on the couch, and on my orders Alya shakily rises, before climbing on to Marinette's lap in the same position as she had been in mine. Now it's my turn to help Marinette aim; I hold the plastic dick steady as Alya lowers herself onto it, her pussy being stretched out even further.

"HeEeep! Alya, Je..."

"Ferm ah ! me-là Haah! Marinette !"

The last inch or so is tough, but Alya bears her weight down and with a sharp "UGNH!" the whole length of the dildo is embedded in the teen's tight pussy. Marinette is still babbling, but Alya is trying to remain stoically silent at this latest degradation. I pick up the bottle of lube Marinette had brought along with the strap-on (forgot to lube up the strap-on, whoops) and start to apply it to my own dick. Not that I need much, Alya's pussy juices coat my dick quite thoroughly.

On my command Marinette reaches her hands around and grabs Alya's ass from both sides. She pulls the buttocks apart, exposing Alya's dark asshole. I line my lubricated dick up to the right spot, before addressing Alya.

"So, I've fucked your mouth, your pussy, can you guess what's next?"


"No guesses? Alright, I'll give you a tip."

The tip of my dick touches her skin, and I press down with my hips. When it pushes past her anal ring Alya's silence breaks with a wavering groan. I continue to push down, and watch with pleasure as my shaft is swallowed up into Alya's pert peach of an ass. I cannot see Alya's face, but Marinette can; her look of baffled fear is enough to let me guess what Alya's expression might be conveying right now.

"A-Alya? Qu’est-ce qu’il fait? Oh mon Dieu Alya, Qu’est-ce qu’il te fait ?"

"Jesus Chr-hnn-Christ, Espece de gourde, Qu’est ce que tu crois qu’il me fait putain? Ferme - AAH! Ferme-là!"

"Stop, Arrete de me dire de la ferm..."


"Hey Alya, could you tell your friend to shut up for a minute? I'm trying to fit my dick in your ass and her prattling is distracting."

"No. Fu-Ah!-FUCK you."

"Whew. Your ass is almost as tight as Marinette's."


"Oops, spoilers. Never mind."


That last heartfelt scream marked my latest thrust, getting the final inch of my dick inside Alya's narrow asshole. No doubt her ass would be a tight fit even without the plastic dick already occupying her innards. But determination and a lack of concern for her pain threshold sees me through again. My eyes track down Alya's sweat-slick back to her upturned ass, the curve of her cheeks interrupted by my shaft just barely visible, buried inside her stretched out asshole. My dick planted deep in a hot girl's ass is a sight I never tire of.

"Whew. I was right, Alya. You ass looks even better with my dick in it."

I get nothing but pained moans in response. Marinette is still babbling, probably a panic response. That stops when I have her and Alya press their lips together and make out.

Sandwiched between Marinette and me, Alya cannot really move her hips much, so it falls to me to provide the motion. I start sliding my dick out of Alya's ass, but only about three quarters of the way before pushing it in again. Alya yelps into Marinette's mouth as she feels her anal passage being forced open again by my hard dick. I start slowly, relishing the sight of my dick appearing and disappearing into Alya's round backside, as well as the friction of her anal walls gripping my shaft as it moves inside her. Each time my dick is again fully inside her I make sure to add an additional little thrust, pushing Alya's body more firmly onto the strap-on dildo filling her pussy. Alya and Marinette manage to keep their lips together, muffling Alya's squeals, groans and wails. Marinette looks past Alya and up into my eyes, silently pleading to stop hurting her friend. I look back down, smile, wink, and pick up the pace. As Alya's protests turn into howls, Marinette realizes her mistake and closes her eyes tight shut.

Alya's ass feels amazing. The lube lets me slide in and out with relative ease, but it is still an effort each time to get the last inch or two in. Marinette helps by holding Alya's ass apart, a fact I make sure to point out to the girl. There's no visible response, but I catch a flash of shame in Marinette's mind behind her screwed-shut eyes. I consider riding Alya to completion but there is still one thing I want to do to the spirited girl, so after maybe fifteen minutes of riding her tight teen ass I withdraw and stand ready.

A short set of commands later and Alya is kneeling in front of me, with Marinette kneeling behind her, her body pressed against Alya's back. The sudden change catches the girls by surprise, but I don't want to lose momentum. I simply slap my dick onto Alya's chest and watch as Marinette reaches around, grabs her friend's breasts and pushes them together, neatly enveloping my dick in taught brown titflesh. I place a hand on Alya's shoulder to steady myself and start thrusting. My dick slides between Alya's breasts; at first Marinette's hands slip when the skin moves under them, but she readjusts and gets a better grip, and soon I can properly pump my dick in the cleavage of Alya's breasts.

Marinette looks down over Alya's shoulder, seeming fascinated at the head of my dick appearing and disappearing between her friend's tits. Alya herself looks straight up at me, her eyes blazing with hate.

"You sick pervert. Is this how you get your kicks? Abusing women? That's just sad."

"...sorry, did you say something, babe? I was too busy fucking your tits."

"Urgh! I hate you I hate you I hate you!"

"Don't hold back, Alya, tell me how you really feel."

Alya growls in exasperation before saying something long and detailed in French. I don't understand it but Marinette looks pretty shocked. Sweet innocent Marinette provides a nice contrast to Alya's fiery defiance; I remember Marinette's own screams when I penetrated her tight little ass yesterday. This thought is the final thing to bring me over the edge, and I have to be quick to lift my dick out from between Alya's breasts before my orgasm begins.

"Hey Alya, catch!"

Alya doesn't have time to respond before my dick jerks and cum flies into her half-open mouth. She splutters but is unable to turn her face as I continue to ejaculate onto it. Marinette likewise is unable to move her head from beside Alya's; her assistance in the deflowering of her friend is rewarded when I move my dick slightly and give her a taste of my cum. The rest of doesn't fly as far as the first few spurts but instead fall onto Alya's breasts, still pushed together by Marinette.

I look down in satisfaction at the two cum-covered teenage girls. Both have expressions of revulsion on their sticky faces; Marinette in particular looks like she's going to be sick.

"Remember girls, best friends share."

Alya and Marinette turn their heads towards each other. Their lips touch, and again the two friends kiss. The angle is a little awkward as Marinette leans in from behind and Alya tilts her head to reach, but they manage to share a long, lingering kiss, the cum smearing over both their faces. I pat both girls' heads with my slowly softening erection.

"Good girls. Now go to the bathroom and freshen up. Feel free to get to know each other while you do that."

Alya and Marinette rise and walk hand in hand to the bathroom.

I look over to Chloé. She hasn't moved a muscle - because I ordered her not to. The cum from four men has dried on her face. I walk over until I am within her field of vision.

"That's a good look for you, Chloé. Maybe I should keep you a while so I have somewhere to unload on. Would you like that?"

Chloé mind shows both fear and anger fighting for dominance. I chuckle a little and give her a playful slap on the back.

"Heh, don't worry, I'm only kidding. Stuck-up little blondes like you are a dime a dozen. Now off you go and join your Alya and Marinette. Make yourself pretty again for me."

Chloé stands and walks towards the bathroom, her expression fuming under a mask of dried cum.

I walk over to the bed, where Caline is busy grinding her pussy onto Adrien's face. Adrien's arms and legs are splayed out, and for a moment I wonder if he is dead. But no, his chest is rising and falling. Caline lifts herself off Adrien and I confirm he is merely passed out. I am relieved; a corpse is always a hassle.

I grab hold of Adrien's legs and drag him off the bed. His head thumps the ground, but the bed is not high and the carpet is deep and soft so I doubt he'll have more than a bruise. It's much less than the bump than he gave me, that for sure. I tweak his mind to ensure he doesn't wake until I want him to, and then lie on the bed myself.

At this point Marinette and Alya return from the bathroom, once again fresh and ready for more. Looking around at the women - Marinette and Alya hand in hand, Caline kneeling next to me on the bed, Lila and Juleka making out on the floor - it occurs to me that I've collected quite a few here but haven't fully taken advantage of that fact. Well, while I recover from my last bout I can do something to fix that. I lift my arms above my head and shout:

"Girl pile!"

On my orders, all the girls (except Chloé still in the bathroom) climb onto the bed. Caline is already on the bed so she claims pride of place, clambering on top of me, her slim body wrapping around mine. I look into her deep blue-green eyes; her expression is pensive, but I can already see the fatalism clouding her mind as before. I am distracted by a pair of soft breasts brushing my shoulder; Lila's soft lips start nibbling my ear. I feel another girl's naked body press against me on the other side, and look to see Marinette running her hand up my arm as her silky black hair softly tickles my cheek. I can't see Alya or Juleka anywhere, but there is a couple of pairs of lips and hands working their way up my legs so I can guess where they have gotten to. Caline's head lowers and I accept her lips against mine as Marinette's hot breath sighs into my ear.

I relax and let the five hot naked girls worship my body. I close my eyes and allow myself to be carried away on a sea of lips and hands and legs and breasts. The girls fluidly change positions and soon I lose track; I don't know which nipple is being pushed to my mouth; which ass my hand is cupping; which fingernails are gently running up my chest. Eventually I hear the soft padding of feet approach the bed. I open one eye and just make out Chloé, washed and cleaned and makeup restored, standing next to the bed. I issue a mental order, close my eye again and soon I feel another body trying to squeeze around me; I smell Chloé's freshly-applied perfume and conclude the pussy currently warming my left leg is probably hers.

The one area I do not allow the girls to directly caress is between my legs. Needless to say the eroticism of the situation is doing a lot to reinvigorate me, but for now I am simply going to enjoy being surrounded by attractive naked teen girls (and their hot naked teacher). Every so often I sneak a peek, watching the different body types and enjoying the different expressions - for example both Lila and Alya would much sooner kill me than kiss me, but Lila's look of hatred has nothing on the absolute loathing written all over Alya's countenance as she gently brushes her lips against my shoulder. And then of course some other differences noticeable even without looking; my hand can completely cover the pert breast currently being offered to it, making it fairly certain to be Juleka's. The mouth currently sucking one of my fingers is too skilled to be Juleka or Marinette - Caline? I open my eyes and am surprised to see not Caline but Chloé running her lips over my fingers, her tongue twirling adeptly around my digit. I should probably let Chloé do the driving next time she blows me rather than just roughly fucking her face. I close my eyes again and smile. At this rate I should be ready to go again in no time.

Half an hour later and I am still buried under half a dozen naked girls, but feeling a lot less sanguine. It seems my libido has reached a peak; although my current circumstances are unquestionably pleasurable they are not quite pleasurable enough to restore my erection. After two days of almost continuous fucking even my hard-earned stamina has flagged.

I hate to disappoint a beautiful woman, let alone six, so I think hard to come up with a solution. Wait a day? No, I've already been in this hotel much longer than intended. I am puzzling over this when, over the constant sound of skin sliding against skin, I hear a soft snoring from one of the male students. This sets me on a train of thought which has me sitting up in bed, shaking off the advances of the girls as I put a plan together. Yes, that might do the trick...

I immediately set to work, sending new instructions to all of my playthings, female and male. Soon the setup is ready. All four boys (including Adrien) are lined up. In front of each kneels a girl. I am also standing in line but I have two girls in front of me because it's my goddamm party. Chloé and Juleka look up at me expectantly. Chloé's blonde hair and fashionably tanned skin is a nice contrast to Juleka's black/purple hair and pale skin.

On my orders, the girls in front of the boys begin their task. Four mouths open and reach out to four erect dicks, four wet mouths slide over four shafts. I look down as Chloé takes my own semi-erect dick into her mouth, while Juleka's one visible eye watches closely for her turn. I was right about the honey-blonde teen - she skillfully coaxes my dick, the tip of her tongue running around the edge of my cockhead. Chloé's clear blue eyes look up at me as she takes me deep into her very wet mouth. When she releases my dick from her mouth a long strand of spit extends from her lips to my dick, before it is broken by Juleka taking me into her own small mouth. What the goth teen lacks in skill she makes up for in effort, sucking hard to get me as deep into her mouth as possible. The hair across one side of Juleka's face brushes against my skin, a gentle accompaniment to the more intense feeling of her mouth doing its best to wake my dick from its slumber. I reach down and idly toy with the nipples of both girls as they blow me.

Looking up I see the other girls are having an unmistakable effect on the men. I paired Alya up with the largest student; even with her wide mouth I can see her struggling to fit all of the guy's impressively thick erection inside her mouth. Lila meanwhile is enthusiastically licking Adrien's cock while gently stroking the shaft (like Marinette, Lila seems to have an attraction to Adrien, something Adrien himself knows but has never acted upon. What a wimp.). Looking into the minds of the male students, I can see the unmistakable glow of arousal blooming in all of them. So far, so good.

The next part is something I have not attempted before, but in theory should be possible. Just as I could link my nervous system to Lila's earlier to share the sensations of fucking Juleka with her, so I can do the reverse. Also, if I forgo the precision of mapping nerves and simply channel raw sensations, it is relatively simple. I reach into the mind of the closest male student, currently pumping his dick in and out of a wide-eyed, spluttering Marinette. I open his pleasure center and link it to my own. The student's pace instantly increases as the pleasure he feels is partially siphoned off into my own mind. Marinette has to lean back against the renewed intensity of the boy's thrusts, but I don't notice that much as I can feel my own pleasure increase significantly. I mentally reach out to the next male...

Shortly, the poor girls in front of the boys are struggling to cope with the almost animalistic behavior of the men in front of them, urgently ramming their dicks into the girls' mouths in a bid to maintain their erections. I, on the other hand, stand almost stupefied with pleasure. Normally I am limited to however many women I can fit around one dick; right now it's as if I have five dicks, each being sucked by one (or more) girl. It's a hell of a kick-start to my libido, and looking down I see it's done the trick. My dick is so erect it feels like it wants to leap off my body and bury itself in the nearest hole. Chloé and Juleka do their best to service it, but their mouths are not sufficient for my needs any more. I need something warmer and tighter.

I break my links with the male students (any more stimulation and I'd come in seconds anyway) and make some modifications to our positions. The guys step away from the girls; the looks of frustration on the boys' faces almost make me sympathetic to their plight (almost). The girls stay in their row, but rather than kneel each girl gets on all fours, asses in the air. Chloé is closest to me, her firm ass and shaven pussy offering just the sort of relief I seek. I kneel behind the blonde teen, resting the head of my dick on the skin just above her puckered asshole. Naturally I allow her to speak, and she wastes no time in doing so.

Oh mon Dieu, vous n'en avez pas déjà fait assez ?

I was expecting more threats and put-downs, but the tone of her voice is very different to before.

"What was that, Chloé?"

"Uh...please. Non. Do not. Please."

"Oh, hey, learned some English *and* some humility? Nice work."


"For your next lesson: anal. Can you say 'anal'?"

"Anal? Oh, non, non, s’il vous plait, Je - aaAH!"

I usually apply lube before fucking a tight teen ass, but this time I just don't feel like searching around for the bottle. So Chloé experiences the full effect as my dick pushes eagerly into her last untouched hole. It's a little uncomfortable for me as well of course, having the skin of my dick pushed back as I enter Chloé's tight asshole, but the feeling of satisfaction far outweighs the pain. For me at least; Chloé's head snaps back and she lets out a howl that I quickly have to silence before someone on another floor hears her and thinks she's being murdered. I quickly restore her speaking ability, at a lower level, and the formerly haughty blonde starts begging and squealing. I look down to see only half my dick inside her. Drawing back an inch or two I see a little blood, not much but enough to make me change my mind about the lube. On my orders one of the male students silently finds the bottle and hands it to me. I withdraw, apply a generous dollop to my dick and re-insert it into Chloé's trembling ass. Fresh cries ring out as I enter her again, but this time I get most of my dick inside. I reach over and grab Chloé's shoulders, pulling her body back onto mine, before starting to pump my dick in short sharp pumps. Her back arches down, her body shakes, her cries fall down to moans, and finally my dick sinks all the way into Chloé Bourgeois' tight teen ass. I shift my hands to her hair, and use her ponytail to keep my balance as I lean into my thrusts.

I look to the side and admire the row of girls, bent over and silently waiting for their fate. Considering how much it took to obtain this erection I'm not going to waste it on just one girl. I stop fucking Chloé, pause a moment to let cool down, and then withdraw. As I move to kneel behind Juleka, I order one of the boys to kneel behind Chloé. As with her classmate, I release Juleka's speaking ability before penetrating her ass. Both girls speak at the same time.

"Oh Mon Dieu, ça fait mal... Ivan, qu’est-ce que tu... oh mon Dieu, non, il est trop, s’il vous plait monsieur, Je - AAAH!"

"Non... no. Please, not like Chloé, I can-AAAH!"

I'm mildly annoyed that Chloé seems to scream more loudly when Ivan enters her ass than when I did. He's a gifted man, that's for sure. I take solace in the feel of Juleka's ass as it closes around my shaft, spasming in pain and shock as I drive my dick into the slim pale teen. Juleka's scream is satisfyingly loud; if anything it sounds louder than the first time I took her ass (which of course she does not remember). Juleka's ass is too small to move much, but her long black hair bounces with my every thrust.

A few more minutes fucking Juleka before it's on to Lila. I hear Chloé moan in relief as the guy behind her withdraws and moves to the side. Her respite is short, however, as he is soon replaced by another boy. Juleka meanwhile shudders as she feels another dick being positioned at the entrance to her ass. The male students wait until I am ready. Lila's speaking ability is restored as my dick touches her round toned ass.

"Oh... oh putain.. Je ne peux..... pa- AAH!"

"Ah! Ivan, tu es trop gros!"

"No, per favore no- AUGH! Oh Dio!"

I can tell the difference between Lila's athletic ass and Juleka and Chloé's simply pert ones. The latter two have their own attractions of course, but the Italian girl's muscles grip my dick like she's trying to crush it (which, given her state of mind, she probably would like to do). This mostly serves to enhance the experience of violating this latest teen girl, and I make a point to give her ass a few slaps, just to feel her muscles contract even more around my invading shaft. Caline gives a foxy little yelp every time I bring my hand down, which adds to the fun.

Caline is next in line. By the time I move behind her she can tell what is coming, but I sense nothing but meek acceptance from her mind. As I release her speaking ability, I stop to ask her.

"You ready for this, babe?"


"Oh hey, someone once told me a phrase in French. 'Encule moi'. What does it mean?"

"Fuck my ass."

"Speak up, Caline."

"Fuck my ass."


"Fuck my a-aah!"

Caline's cries are soon joined by her students'.

"Oh Mon Dieu !"

"Please, not another. Please, I-AAH!"

"Oh Dio, no, non ci starà!"

Caline may be mentally prepared to accept her fate, but her ass is still a challenge to penetrate. I push down resolutely, and slowly work my way inside the redhead woman. My work is made a little easier when I mentally order Caline to rest her head against the floor, freeing up her hands to reach back and pull her buttocks apart. Not only does this allow me to reach deeper into Caline, it also allows a clear view of my shaft stretching her asshole as it invades her ass. Caline's head is lying to the side, her profile shows her eyes tight shut, jaw flexing as she grinds her teeth to keep from crying out.

Where Caline took her anal violation stoically, lining my dick up to Alya's round ass produces a litany of abuse.

"I'm going to fucking kill you, you creepy pervert. The instant I get free I'm going to cut off your tiny dick and shove it up your a--AH! FUCK!"

Alya's ass is no less of a tight fit than it was earlier, but this time her mouth is not occupied making out with Marinette. The fiery teen snarls and swears and all in all puts on a very brave front. Which does her absolutely no good of course; my dick penetrates her shapely ass as easily as it did her friends'. Caline, Lila and Juleka add their own voices to the chorus as the male students fuck their asses without pity. Chloé is unfortunately unoccupied; I look over to Adrien, who is still standing, watching the orgy with an expression of horror. His gaze fixes on me as I address him (freeing his speaking ability so we can have an actual conversation).

"Well, Adrien? You want to fuck Chloé's ass? You know she likes you. She might even be able to pretend she's enjoying it if you fuck her just right."

"I... no. Please man, just leave us alone."

"Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how good Alya's tight ass feels right now?"

"FUCK YOU, you fucking - AH!"

"Heh. Her ass is more welcoming than her mouth right now. So, Adrien, you want some of this action? Hmm?"


"Good, because you weren't going to get any anyway. At least, not that way."

"What do you-hey!"

On my command Adrien feels his body jerk into movement. Marinette (next to Alya and the last girl in line) stands and Adrien gets on all fours in her place. The blonde ex-superhero looks to the side, watching the girls' pained expressions as their asses are roughly fucked, then looks to his own position next in line. His eyes widen and he starts to stammer.

"Oh... oh god, no. Jesus man, no. Please!"

I let him panic a little more, while I focus on circling my hips, swirling my dick around inside Alya's tight ass and earning a fresh round of expletives from the helpless girl. Marinette meanwhile fetches the vibrator, lubes it up and not very carefully inserts it in Chloé's ass. Can't have Chloé feeling left out can we?

I turn to Adrien, enjoying the panicked look on his face.

"Oh don't worry Adrien. I'm not going to fuck your ass."

"Oh. Oh god, that... that's-"

"Marinette will."


Marinette didn't just fetch the vibrator; Adrien has been too distracted to notice, but the cute dark-haired girl has taken position behind Adrien, wearing nothing but hair ties and a large strap-on dildo. She kneels, parts Adrien's buttocks with her hands, and moves her hips forwards as I release her speaking ability.

"Oh non. Adrien, Je suis désolée. Je ne peux pas arrêter!"

"C’est bon Marinette, ça va-AAAH!"

As Marinette penetrates Adrien with the plastic penis I discover he screams like a girl. Specifically, like a girl being fucked in the ass for the first time.

Marinette screams too. An objective observer may wonder why, but the other people in the room are too busy fucking or being fucked to ponder such things, and I know the answer anyway. Remember the fun I had linking the sensations being generated by my dick to Lila's nervous system? Well, I maaay have linked Adrien's nervous system to Marinette's. Okay, I totally did that. Which means that, as Adrien feels the dick enter his tight asshole, so Marinette feels the very same dick push into hers. As the former Ladybug fucks the former Cat Noir in his ass, she is fucking her own ass.

This amuses me greatly. Marinette and Adrien are... less impressed.

Besides, it gets better. I withdraw from Alya's ass, my position being taken up by the well-endowed male student - Alya may come to miss my dick in her ass after that guy's been in her. Moving behind Marinette I take hold of her hips and place myself in the right spot. It's a bit of a moving target as the dark-haired girl gradually gets the dildo deeper into Adrien's ass, but not too difficult. My dick finds the entrance to Marinette's ass, and the thoroughly abused teen gets to feel not one, but two dicks inside her tight asshole.

"Ah! Argh! A-AAGH! HAAAH!"

I have no idea how her mind copes with getting two simultaneous signals from the same nerve endings, but judging from the way her whole body spasms when I push deeper into her ass, it probably isn't pleasant.

I can tell from Adrien's mind that he tried to put on a brave face for Marinette. That lasted maybe two seconds. The former superhero (and teen fashion model because of course he is) is sweating profusely, his head bowed into his chest. Adrien is only holding his position due to my strong mental commands. The pain and extreme discomfort of the plastic penis drilling into his asshole is more than he ever could have expected.

Of course, thanks to my mental manipulations, Marinette is experiencing exactly the same as Adrien, plus the feeling of my own dick working my way into her ass. And yet her cries are no more desperate than her teen crush's. Guess she's made of sterner stuff.

Marinette's petite ass is just as tight as it was before. I use my powers to relax her anal muscles, allowing me to get my dick about halfway inside her. The chorus of screams, moans, and pleas for mercy and/or vengeance in three languages eggs me on. I slam my hips down, causing not only my dick to bury itself inside Marinette's incredibly tight ass but also pushing the full length of the strap-on dildo into Adrien. My own moans add to the soundscape of the orgy from hell as I feel myself unload into Marinette, blasting cum deep inside the gorgeous teen's bowels. Marinette is pinned between Adrien and I. For a minute or so the only movement is the twitching and jerking of my dick as my balls empty themselves.

Shakily I lift myself off Marinette. My dick is losing its hardness, but that's okay for the moment. I walk around and place myself in front of the Marinette and Adrien, who dutifully start to lick me clean. I have Marinette attend to my shaft while Adrien licks my balls - he is still being fucked by Marinette, I don't want him to accidentally bite down on something sensitive.

I look over at the others. Seems like the guys are about to pop. I wonder which girl gets to have a faceful of cum this time? Oh, but the choice is clear, really.

The defeated teen superheroes continue to share my dick while Alya gets on her knees and stares in dread at the guys surrounding her, dicks in hand. I wonder if this will break her? I glance at the alarm clock on the bedside table. Still plenty of time left in the day, if this doesn't do it I'll find out what will.

I enjoy a challenge.



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