Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. It is made for entertainment purposes
only. The story is about fictional characters. Furthermore, it is fiction
about fictional characters.

Characters: Tony, Franklin, Kady

Codes: Mg, voy, shoe, viol, drugs

PROLOGUE: Franklin has been yelling at Tony, beating the shit out of Tony for
years. Franklin has been abusing Tony for as long as they met each other. The
reason that Franklin has been getting away with it for nothing? Tony's deep
Christianity prevents him from doing anything about Franklin. Also Franklin
is a little nine year old boy, and wouldn't feel right about hitting him even
if he wasn't a deep Christian. That is until one day, Tony's drink gets
spiked with some addicting chemicals, and turns into an alcoholic.

My Wife And Kids: Tony's Revenge
by Dragon333 ©Finished December 2006

Chapter One: Not This Time, Little Boy

Franklin came over to play with his girlfriend Kady at the Kyle house like he
always does.

"Hi, Claire. Is Kady home?" Franklin said looking up to the tall and
beautiful Claire Kyle.

"She's upstairs. Tony is up there too. He's crying like a baby because I
broke up with him because I said he was too sensitive." Claire told him.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him. I'll toughen him up, and when I get
through him, he'll be a man just like me! He‘ll be the imperative, quixotic,
tough being you've always dreamed of!" Franklin said talking tough and
sounding like a nerd at the same time.

"Really?" Claire said excitedly.

"Yes! I'll have a chat with him right before I go to Kady's room." Franklin
said as he walked up the stairs and saw Tony in front of Kady's room crying
on the wall.

"TONY!" Franklin said.

"Yeah?" Tony said sobbing.

"Get down on your knees." Tony got down on his knees. "Now, come here." Tony
then crawled to the annoying little nerdy, arrogant, wannabe smart little
boy. Franklin then slapped him in the face. "BE A MAN!" Franklin said to, and
did to Tony like he always did. Little did the little egotistical geek know,
Tony's Hawaiian punch that he had after the argument with Claire was spiked
and he was soon to be drunk. Tony felt something come over him, and shook his
head to get it out, but it didn't work. It was definitely the alcohol that
took into effect. Tony pushed Franklin into the bathroom right before he was
about to enter Kady's bedroom. He closed the door.

"Hey, Tony! You come to your senses yet? I hope your feeble mind came to
senses with its cerebrum." Franklin said cockily as he did a cheesy geeky

"SHUT UP!" Tony scolded. "I am sick of you treating me and everyone else like
they are worth less than you!" Tony said right before he locked the door of
the bathroom. "OK, you little brat! I'm so sick of you treating others like
shit! You're not better than ANY of us! Just because you're the world's
biggest nerd doesn't mean that you are any better!"

"And what are you gonna do about it, stupido? That's Spanish for stupid!"
Franklin said laughing hysterically.

"Oh you think it's funny don't you, you piece of shit!?" Tony said angrily.

"Yes, I do! It's hilarious! Watch this! Come here, Tony." The nerdiest boy in
the world told him. "On your knees." The nerd commanded. Tony did as he was
told this time with a mean look on his face. It was the first time in Tony's
life that he was mad. Franklin then tried to smack Tony again, but this time
Tony was smart enough to block it with his left wrist. Tony held the geek's
hand firmly and with his other hand took out some handcuffs from his pocket.
He then handcuffed Franklin's hands from the front. "Tony? What's this? What
are you doing?"

"Something that you thought I wouldn't do. But it's something you've been
deserving for a LONG time! Your ass ain't gonna get away with you starting
shit with me no more! Let me start by doing this!" Tony said as he punched
Franklin in the face as hard as he could. Then Franklin fell to the side
as he felt way too dizzy to even get up. "And to make sure I don't have to
hear ONE more fucking annoying word of yours that sounds like geek talk,
let me do THIS!" Tony said as he took off his sock and tied it around the
geek's face. "Now for the REAL fun to begin!"

Chapter Two: Tony's Revenge

Tony unlocked the door, and when he got back into the room where he tied up
Franklin, Franklin saw that Tony was holding his little girlfriend.

"I hate to do this to you, Kady, but your boyfriend is being a real ass! And
this is the only way I know of how to teach him a lesson. If you make any
noise at all without being told, I'm going to shove a needle in him and or
punch him in the face again. Do you see his head? Do you see that bruise on
his head? I did that to him! Do you fucking understand, Kady?" Tony warned
her as he put her down. Kady then nodded her head yes quietly as she began
to feel tears forming in her eyes. He ripped her shirt off revealing her
flat breasts. She didn't even have a training bra underneath. "I was 10 years
old once too, Franklin! So I know you are feeling very horny seeing your
girlfriends tits for the first time, or in this case her 'breasts.'" Tony
decided to add one more thing to say to Franklin before he had fun with the
nerd's girlfriend. "And I know you're feeling jealous of knowing I'm the
first one who's going to touch your girlfriend's breasts."

"N-NO!" Franklin mumbled through Tony's sock that was in his mouth.

"You love me on my knees, don't you, you little nerd boy? You always ask me
to get on my knees. Now I'm on my knees without being asked, you like that
don't you!?" Then Tony took Kady's nipple and licked it up and down. Tony
then looked at Franklin happily as he saw tears coming down from the geek's
eyes. Tony then took Kady's nipple and sucked on it. He then took as much
of her flat breast in his mouth as he could and began to suck. Then he did
to the same with her other breast.

"Mmmmm..." Kady moaned out.

"Do you have something to say, Kady? If you do, go ahead and speak, but say
it quietly." Tony told her.

"It feels so good when you do that, Tony." Kady whispered. Tony smiled.

"Do you hear that nerd boy? YOUR girlfriend said she liked it when I sucked
her breast!" Tony said vengefully. Franklin began to cry loudly now through
the sock in his mouth. He could no longer hide behind the fact that an older
person wouldn't hit a little kid. Franklin caused the most trouble, but since
he was a little kid, he always got away with it. He scammed Michael Kyle for
$4,000 but Michael couldn't do anything about it because he was a little kid
and it wouldn't look right for him to do anything about it, not even pop him
in the back of his head like his 17 year old son Junior. When Franklin woke
up this morning, he had no clue he was finally going suffer the consequence
for being a total nerd and a kid jerk.

"Now watch this, Franklin!" Tony said as he pulled his pants and boxers down
while standing up. "Suck this dick!" Tony demanded the little 10 year old
girl. She took the dick in her mouth and sucked it. Tony pushed her head
from time to time to get her into the good rhythm of cock sucking. It was
definitely her first time sucking dick, so Tony guided her with his hands on
how to suck a penis.

"Look at your playmate suck my dick, Franklin! You always smack me in the
face and tell me to be a man! Am I a man NOW, Franklin? Am I am man NOW, now
that I'm getting a blow job from your little girlfriend?" Kady must have been
a fast learner because she was soon sucking Tony's dick as if she was a porn
star. Soon enough, she no longer needed Tony's guidance to show her how to
suck a dick. She found herself sucking Tony's 17 year old dick harder and
harder. "OK, Kady, now I'm gonna call you some really dirty names. And since
you're 10 you probably think that they are mean. But in sex, they are words
to excite your partner. Whether you like it or not, I'm going to call you
these names today." Kady took her mouth off of Tony's penis and stopped

"OK." Kady said as she got right back to sucking his dick.

"Suck it, slut! You're doing a good job, you fucking whore!"

Kady continued to suck as she felt her 10 year old nipples hardening. Tony
noticed and started rubbing her nipples while he began to rock his hips
slowly in Kady's mouth back and forth, slowly fucking her face. Tony
gradually increased speed until he was greatly comfortable with the speed
he was fucking the pre-teen's mouth. Then he pushed her head out the way,
enough for her to stop sucking and back her mouth away, but not hard enough
for her to fall over. Then Tony shot a load of cum onto the little girl's
face, hitting her dead on her eye brow. Tony watched excitedly as his cum
that he got on her face, dripped down and into her eye.

"Owe! It stings!" Kady said as she felt like it burned her eye. She swiftly
rubbed her eye to get rid of the cum. Tony gave a big smile and helped Kady
rub the cum off of her eye with his finger. Then he rubbed the cum from his
fingers onto the caramel skinned pre-teen girl's lips.

"LICK YOUR LIPS!" Tony commanded. Kady found herself lick her lips in less
than half a second after Tony had demanded her to do that. She tasted the
salty cum from his penis into her mouth, and swallowed. She actually did
enjoy the way it felt in the back of her throat. Tony then turned to the
little brat that always picked on him.

"You want to hit me now, Franklin? You want to hit me, you little brat? You
want to hit me like you always do, don't you? Your girlfriend can sure suck
a dick! It felt so fucking good to feel her pre-teen lips wrapped around my
shaft and sucking in all the pre-cum from my black dick!" Tony laughed as
he saw Franklin bawling on the floor rolling over with tears flowing down
from his eyes. "That's it cry you piece of shit! Your nerd talk, book smarts,
and cuteness won't get you out of what just happened!" Tony told him causing
him to cry even more. "Kady, tell Franklin he's a cry baby with a little

"Franklin, you're a cry baby with a little dick!" Kady scolded at her
boyfriend. "And you're short too!" she added in her semi-cute voice (she
was growing up, thus not having the same cute voice she had when she was
just a little kid). If she was a kid now, she was definitely a big kid.
More matured, and voice was no longer squeaky cute. She knew how much he
hated to be reminded that she was taller than him. Tony pulled his boxers
and pants back up. Then Kady picked up a small shirt from the closet
drawer she could find and put it on.

"That's a good girl, Kady!" Tony told his new friend with benefits. "As for
you nerd boy, if you fuck with me again, the same shit you just saw right now
will happen again!" Tony warned him. "Kady, after I leave go ahead and untie
that little elf brat!" Kady then nodded her head yes.
_ _ _

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