A Bundy Day

This is for all of us who watched Al, Peggy, Bud and Kelly, and wished we could get Peggy or Kelly
into the back seat of the Dodge. For those of you who wished to get Bud or Al in the back seat, or
on the sagging couch, this may appeal to you as well.

Marcy Darcy was furious. Mr. Vanderhouven, her boss at the bank, had forgotten to turn off the
security camera, and now, the entire security staff was laughing at her. They were calling her 'Marcy
the tit-less wonder'. They had a thirty minute show of her sucking Vanderhouven's little dick to its full
three and a half inches and then allowing him to bend her over his desk and plunge it into her for ten
minutes. She reflected that it was a good thing she'd learned to fake an orgasm. Her buttocks stung
from his flabby belly slapping against her as he thrust and groaned his way to a dribbling orgasm.
Afterward, she'd sucked him clean, and left him to smoke his foul cigar.

"Oh, well," she smiled. "The guards won't be laughing when they get their paychecks tomorrow."
She'd waited until Becky, the new teller, the one with the long blonde hair and the large chest, had
gone to lunch, and used her computer to change the entire security staff's payroll to minimum wage,
and their hours to five hours a week. And it would take at least a month to correct the error; she'd
password protected the file, 'LittleDick'. She'd used Becky's (everyone called her Chesty) computer
in case anyone was smart enough to trace it down the line.

"Let's see how much you laugh then, you bunch of high school dropouts," she thought, and smiled
maliciously. "I'd rather be a tit-less wonder, than a homeless one. And, speaking of little dicks, I
wonder what Jefferson is doing right now."

Jefferson Darcy, her pretty boy, younger husband, may have only had a raging five inches of
manhood, but his tongue reached a good six inches. At that moment, his tongue was busily thrusting
in and out of Peggy's tight anus. She wiggled her ample buttocks and squealed with pleasure.
Jefferson's tongue was beginning to tire; he'd licked her overly hairy twat to two orgasms already,
the bright red hair completely covering her wet crotch from belly button to ass hole. To be fair,
though, he'd watched her teased red mane as it bobbed up and down on his stiff member.

"Oh, I'm so glad 'Oprah' was a rerun," she panted, traces of semen drooling from her lips. "Stick it in
me, Jefferson, ram it in hard!"

She was bent over the back of the couch, so Jefferson got to his feet and aimed his cock at the
slobbery wet anus that winked at him.

"Ugh! Wrong hole, Jefferson! Wait, you're in the.." she grunted. Jefferson grabbed a hold of her
good sized tits and roughly shoved his member into her bowels. She struggled to free herself, but
Jefferson cruelly twisted her boobs.

"I learned this trick in prison," he growled. "How do you like it, Big Red?"

"Get off of me," she whimpered.

"Or what? You'll tell Al? Then I'll just have to tell him about you and the garbage man, won't I?" he
laughed. He thrust harder, and felt his balls tighten. He twisted and pulled her tits harder. As she
screamed out in pain, he unleashed his sperm into her anal cavity, and collapsed on top of her. His
hands slipped from her now sore boobs, and she felt the sperm trickle out of her ass hole.

"Let's see 'Oprah' top that, slut!" Jefferson gloated as he pulled his dick out of her raw bowels. He
slapped each cheek as hard as he could, and was pleased to see his hand prints show bright pink on
her backside.

They dressed in silence, Peggy glaring at him, and he ignoring her. She turned the television on, just
in time to catch the 'Jerry Springer Show.' She wiggled her tender bottom into the well worn crevice
of the couch. Jefferson grabbed himself a beer and walked out of the front door. Peggy was
engrossed in her show; she didn't even notice that he was gone. She did think momentarily about
what Al would think if he knew his best friend had just finished ass fucking his wife.

Al was sitting in his chair at the shoe store. His massive eleven-inch prick was at full mast as he
watched the nubile little treat that fate had sent to his store. She seemed most interested in the
high-heeled pumps that Al and Griff had placed on the bottom of the display racks, specifically for
this purpose. The seventeen-year-old's short, tight skirt would rise up, and Al could see that she
wore no panties underneath. Her long brown hair hung into her eyes, and she swept it back. This
move allowed Al to peer at her large perky breasts as they jiggled, unencumbered, in her low cut
top. She selected a slinky model, and turned to him.

"Um, mister, would you have this in a size six?" she asked.

Al jumped to his feet.

"Why, I'll go see!" he giggled and fawned. She wiggled over to a chair and plopped down. Her skirt
rose high on her shapely thighs, and Al almost shot his load. This maneuver displayed that her pubic
hair was shaved down to just a thin line, barely covering her ripe pink lips, very much unlike the
forest that his wife, the evil red head, liked to sport. And she wondered why he wasn't interested in
her? Who wanted to have to fight his way through a jungle, just to get to a tired old watering hole?

He ran to the stock room and grabbed the pumps in a size six and ran back out. Griff had just
returned from his lunch break, and was now vying for the girl's attention. Al roughly shoved his burly
African American co-worker aside.

"Back off, Griff," he snarled. "I saw her first."

"Yeah, but Al," Griff whined. "You're married... with children. I'm happily divorced!"

"There's no need to get ugly! How dare you bring my married misfortune into this?" Al roared.

"Listen, Al," Griff reasoned. "There's a way we can settle this, and we can both be happy!"

"I'm listening," Al said.

"She wants a pair of shoes, right?"

"No, Griff, she's here because she wants a car! Of course she wants a pair of shoes!" Al yelled.

"Well, Al, a pair of shoes means two, right? There's two shoes, she has two legs, there's two of us.
Get it?"

Al thought about it for a moment. The girl thought about it for a moment.

"You know, you're right!" Al finally said.

"I get the right one," Griff said, and grabbed the shoes from Al. He lunged toward the girl's right leg.
Al quickly grabbed the left leg and slipped the high heeled pump on her foot. Griff was struggling to
get the right shoe on her other foot. The two men pulling on her legs had spread her legs wide apart,
and her cunt lips opened to reveal the moist pink interior. She giggled as she felt the two men's hot
breath on her vagina. They both noticed her open, inviting pussy at the same time, and both lunged
for it at the same time, bumping their heads together.

"I saw it first!" they both exclaimed, as they rubbed their sore heads.

"Look, Griff, she may have two legs, but she only has one cunt," Al said. "So, you play with her
bigguns while I plow that luscious, scrumptious hole. When I'm finished, in, oh, say about fifteen
seconds, you can plug her up."

The two men high-fived, and Al unzipped his polyester slacks and unloosed his throbbing eleven
inches. Both the girl and Griff gasped at the same time.

"Mother fucker, Al, you sure you a white man?" Griff asked.

"As sure as I am that I scored four touchdowns in a single game, and scored five cheerleaders in a
single night."

"I was a cheerleader," the girl giggled.

"I know," Al smirked as he drove his thick member deep into the girl's now dripping pussy. Griff
pried her large firm breasts from her top and lavished attention to each of them in turn. Ten deep
long strokes later, Al released a load of sticky come deep into the girl, then stepped back. Griff
relinquished her ripe tits for Al's inspection, and unzipped his tight slacks. The girl reached for Al's
drooping cock and sucked her own juices from it. She groaned in pleasure as Griff's own eleven
inches sank into her slippery box.

Ten minutes, and a free pair of shoes later, the girl walked out of the store. Sperm slowly dripped
down her legs, but she was oblivious to this, as she was too busy admiring her new shoes. Al and
Griff sat down, relaxed and pleased with themselves.

"Hey, Al, can I see that dick of yours again?" Griff asked.

"Fuck, Griff, you're just as bad as Peggy," Al grumbled.

"Does Bud have a monster like that?" Griff asked.

"No. If he did, his hand would have to be twice the size it is now," Al chortled.

Bud's cock wasn't quite as big as his dad's, but the eight and one half inches was plenty enough for
him to handle. At three and one half inches around, with balls the size of small potatoes, it was plenty
enough to satisfy him, and a girl, any girl, please God send him a girl! He was down in his basement
apartment, watching the video he'd made of his mother and Mr. Darcy going at it, and stroking his
cock. He'd already shot his wad twice, but watching Mr. Darcy maul his mom's titties got him hot
again. The large hard dark red nipples bounced and swelled as those fingers cruelly dug into them,
and Bud shot another thick jet onto his sticky belly.

"I wonder what Mrs. Darcy would think of Mr. Darcy if she saw this?" he asked himself. "She might
be so grateful, I'll finally get me some from her!"

He giggled and rewound the tape. He cleaned himself off and slipped into a pair of shorts and a large
tee shirt. Grabbing the tape, he headed upstairs.

His mom was still on the couch, watching some insipid talk show with the intensity of a scientist
studying a new bacteria. He didn't even speak to her as he walked out the front door to watch for
Mrs. Darcy's arrival home. He hoped to get her alone, without her niece, April catching them. He
liked April, probably even loved the attractive young lady, and that's where the problem lay. Fucking
a girl that you liked, loved, was like fucking your sister. Not that he would have minded fucking that
slut of a sister of his. Many nights, he'd stroked and rubbed his dick thinking of sliding it into her
luscious lips, or into her steamy cunt, but her constant insults let him know that the bleached blond
bimbo was not interested in a little incestuous fuck fun. He liked April, and felt funny about
approaching her for sexual release. As a result, he spent most of his time with his hand, and a stack
of porno tapes and 'Bigguns' magazines.

He groaned inwardly as he saw that April's car was in the driveway, but Mr. and Mrs. Darcys' cars
were not there. He wondered why Kelly's motorcycle was also parked in the Darcys' driveway.

Kelly and April were in April's bedroom. Kelly was showing April her newest pair of thong panties,
a patent leather pair, that matched her patent leather bra.

"I mean, if you're going to be a biker, you got to be into leather, right?" she asked April. The
brunette nodded and admired her blond friend's slim yet curvaceous body.

"Yeah, you think Bud would like me in a pair like that?" April asked.

Kelly shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know what that little troll likes," she said. "But, if you want to try them on.."

With that, she slipped out of them. April stared at Kelly's smoothly shaved pussy. The lips and clit
peeked out of the folds of flesh that formed her pubic mound. Kelly reached out the panties to her
friend. April looked into Kelly's eyes. Even as dense as Kelly was, she couldn't mistake the look on
April's face. Her pussy immediately responded, and her sensitive nipples strained to pierce through
the slick black leather of her bra. She unhooked the bra and let both bra and panties drop to the
floor. April stood up and embraced her friend. Their tongues searched each other's mouths for a
moment, then Kelly broke the kiss.

"I've, um, never done it, you know, with a member of the same gender as me. Hell, I've never even
done it with a member of the same sex before!"

"Me neither," April said.

"So, what do we do? Let insides take over?"

"Yeah, Kelly, we'll just let instincts take over," April replied.

The two girls fell onto April's bed and kissed again. April struggled out of her tight dress, and rubbed
her hairy pubic mound against Kelly's smooth one. Both girls gasped as their clits brushed one
another, and their wetness mingled. Kelly breathed deeply of the musk in the air and gasped, "I got
to taste your pussy."

Kissing her way down, she lingered on April's quarter sized nipples for a few moments, then slurped
hungrily toward the sparsely haired pussy that lay before her. Her tongue, more used to tasting and
teasing big cocks, went instinctively toward April's penis shaped clit. When her hot tongue grazed
against her clit, April shrieked out in pleasure. Kelly then dove into April's spread lips and dug her
tongue as deep as she could into April's gushing twat. April shrieked again and again as Kelly
alternated between her clit and her love hole. She screamed out her orgasm as Kelly drove two
fingers deep into her pussy and her ass hole at the same time. While she recovered, Kelly kissed and
nuzzled her neck. Finally, April rolled her friend onto her back and returned the favor. When she
drove two fingers into Kelly's soaked pussy, Kelly grunted for another finger, and another, until April
was ramming her entire fist in and out of Kelly's wet hole. She wormed two fingers of her other hand
into Kelly's anus, and Kelly spread her legs even wider.

"Give it to me, bitch!" she screamed. April worked a third and fourth finger into Kelly's stretched
rectum, and glued her lips to Kelly's large clit. Kelly grabbed and pinched her own nipples and April
felt her orgasm approach as Kelly's ass hole opened and closed around her fingers, and her pussy
gripped and released her fist. Kelly screamed loudly, and April's face was literally sprayed by Kelly's
come. The two girls cuddled and licked each other's face clean of pussy juice. They then relaxed in
each other's arms.

"God damn, Kelly, as loud as you scream, it's a wonder Bud didn't hear you," April giggled.

"Me? Fuck, girlfriend, you're the screaming maniac. It's a good thing that Bud's in his basement, or
he would have heard you for sure!" Kelly retorted.

Bud did hear them. And, his trusty camcorder had recorded the whole thing from the window. He
stood on the tall ladder, the one Mr. Darcy used to sneak out at night, and aimed his camera lens at
the lewd and lovely sight. His other hand stroked his rod.

"Bud Bundy! What do you think you're doing?" Marcy Darcy screamed at him.

With a scream, Bud lost his balance and fell to the ground. Marcy was unsympathetic as she leaned
over his writhing form.

"Were you filming my niece changing clothes again, Bud Bundy?" Marcy shrilled at him. Bud shook
his head no.

"Give me that tape, you little pervert," she ordered, and held out her hand. Bud shook his head no
again, and slowly climbed to his feet.

"No, ma'am, Mrs. Darcy, but, I'll let you see the tape I made of Mr. Darcy," he smirked at her. She
frowned deeply.

"What? Was that little pretty boy sunbathing in the nude again? I'll kill him. Flaunting his body to the
neighborhood women like that. It's disgusting. He doesn't flaunt it to me!" she whimpered.

"Let's go to my place and I'll show you just what he was doing," Bud cooed. She let herself be led to
the basement, and gingerly sat on the edge of his bed. She was sure that there were creatures that
lived in his bed, and she didn't want any of them jumping on her. Bud put the tape in and turned to

"Now, before I show you the tape, what are you going to show me?" he asked.

"Nothing, Bud, just play the fucking tape, you little worm," she hissed.

"Oh, come now, Mrs. Darcy! Surely I deserve the same thing that Mr. Vanderhouven gets!"

"What? How? How do you know about that?" she sputtered.

"Oh, you forget. I'm the one who installed that security camera in the bank," Bud leered.

Defeated, Marcy nodded her head yes. Bud hit the play button, and he and Marcy watched as
Jefferson's tongue disappeared into Peggy's hairy twat, and then plumbed the depths of her ass hole.
Marcy, despite her rage, felt her pussy get wetter and wetter as she watched Jefferson plunge his
small cock into her best friend's plump ass. She watched as Jefferson's face twisted in the throes of
sexual pleasure, and listened with slight amusement as Peggy protested the harsh treatment of her
anus and breasts.

"How'd you get so close to them without them seeing you?" she asked Bud.

"Oh, I just left the camera in the last place Mom would look," Bud said. "I put it on top of the stove."

The tape faded to black and she turned to face Bud. She gasped as her eyes beheld the naked,
short, scrawny form of Bud Bundy. Her eyes immediately fell to his throbbing erection. Eight and
one half inches long and three and one half inches around, it was certainly larger than she expected
for this pip-squeak to sport. She groaned as a mild orgasm thrilled through her. But she was angry;
with Jefferson for cheating on her, with Peggy for betraying her, Mr. Vanderhouven for his stupidity,
and this little ogre for manipulating her. She decided it was high time for Marcy Rhodes Darcy to get
hers. An evil smile crossed her face.

"Why, Budrick! I had no idea you were so, so well endowed!" she cooed. "Just looking at that great
big dick of yours makes me want to get wild! You do want me to get wild, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah, baby, get wild!" Bud squeaked.

"All right! Get on the bed, on your hands and knees, and bark like a dog for me, baby," she panted.

He quickly complied. She reached into her briefcase and pulled out, first her handcuffs, then her
ankle cuffs. She grabbed Bud's arms and cuffed his wrists together behind his back. Before the
foolish boy could react, she'd bound his feet together as well. For the final insult, she pulled out her
twelve inch long realistic vibrator, and plunged it deep into her dripping cunt. With Bud struggling
and protesting, she brought herself off in front of him. She then took the buzzing monster, slick with
her juices, and viciously rammed it into his virgin rectum. He howled as the intruder punched into his
tight hole, until all twelve inches dug into his belly. She then turned it on to full power, and slapped a
piece of duct tape over the base of it, holding it in place.

"Well, Bud, it's been fun," she calmly said, as she removed the tape from his machine. "But, I have a
husband to kill."

"Wait! You can't leave me like this!" Bud whimpered.

"No, you're right. I can't," she agreed. "I'll need Mr. Buzzy back in time for work in the morning."

She walked up the stairs.

"Oh, damn! That's right! Today's Friday! I won't need it back for a whole weekend! And, don't
worry, Bud. Those are fresh batteries in that thing. Well, have fun," she giggled as she let herself out.

"Wait! Come back here, you tit-less withered old hag!" Bud screamed.

Peggy had not turned her attention from the television the whole afternoon, even with Jefferson's
juice dripping from her sore ass hole. She heard the door open and close, but since she didn't smell
the foul odor of an unbathed Al, she paid it no mind. Marcy walked to the front door and looked at
her friend. She decided it was no use to hate such a simpleton, and decided to hate Jefferson
instead. He would pay for this. But, before he paid for it, she wanted him to work that big tongue
into her tight ass, just like he did for Peggy. Then she'd play the tape for him, and then...

As she left the Bundy house, she saw the dust cloud of Al's car approaching. She hurried across the
street; she didn't want to have to talk to that vulgar excuse for a man. Her niece, April, greeted her at
the front door.

"Have you seen Bud?" she asked her aunt.

"Yes, I did, honey, but he's a little tied up right now," Marcy said. "Probably until tomorrow."

"Oh, okay," April said. "At least there's Kelly to fuck," she thought, as she walked back up to her



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