Married... With Childrem: A Bundy Star Wars Part 3
by ShadowWalker

*Last time in part 2 of 3*

*Inside the Death Malls holding cell.*

Kelly is stripped naked, bent over with her head and hands locked inside a
wooden stalk. "Hey! I though I was suppose to be inside a holding cell."

One of three guards get up from playing cards at a table and staggers over
to Kelly, he kneels down to look up at her face then explains, "Look sweet
cakes, You are in a holding cell, the stalks are holding you, and I gets Ta
hold your tits."

Kelly perks up as she realizes, "Oh! I see, 'HOLDING CELL, it's for holding
thingies; then that's why you were holding my ass awhile ago when you butt
fucked me?" said Kelly as she strains to keep standing.

"Getting cramps in your legs pretty baby?" asks the guard, wearing only his
fatigues as his armor and helmet with his weapon are stored in a nearby

"Yes, please, pleaseee let me out, I promise not to run away." pleads Kelly
as she shifts and squirms inside the wooden stalk.

The guard takes a key, stands and walks around to the lock side of the wooden

Kelly strains to watch as he unlocks the stalk, but she can't see him, then
she looks at the other guards at the card table; they both had big smiles.
Kelly thought to herself, "Great, they'll want me to dance naked atop the
table again. Kelly's expression changes to one of surprise as she adds aloud,
"Now that stopped the cramp!" as she felt a large alien cock enter her pussy,
the guard's hands gripping her hips as he begins to pump into her, on each
thrust he goes deeper. Kelly screams as she asks, "Oh great, now I'll get
bruises on my ass, hey! Did you wash your hands off after that jelly

* * *

Back in the real world

Al had come home earlier and found Bud naked on top of Kelly, slamming his
big Bundy cock into his sister at a great hard thrusting slam that was
keeping pace with the movie beat of Star Wars musical theme from the illegal
cable movie hook up. Kelly was so drunk and drugged from her own partying
she still remained semi-asleep in her version of the Star Wars world.

Al pulls Bud from off Kelly, Bud's cock slid out with a 'POP' and a spurt as
he sprayed his fertile liquid all over his sister's stomach and legs.

"Now shame on you Bud, go make me a salami sandwich!" orders Al as he points
toward the refrigerator; and wash your hands; Bud immediately, with his head
down and his penis limp outside his pants, heads for the kitchen to cook some
food for Al as punishment for fucking Kelly, or at least for getting caught;
Al then turns his attention to his precious Pumpkin.

Tenderly, caringly, and lovingly, Al picks his daughter up into his arms,
recalling all those years he had carried his sleeping precious to her bed;
now he tenderly carries her towards the stairs, then turned and laid her
across the back of the couch, commenting to himself, "That was then, this
is now." Al drops his pants and shoves his larger Bundy rock hard penis
into his little Pumpkin from behind. Al was really enjoying Star Wars as
he begins slapping his thighs against Kelly's butt cheeks, his large twelve
inch cock disappears like a pile driver into Kelly's cunt hole, thrusting
and slamming his balls against her firm ass cheeks while he waits for his
food and humming the Star Wars Theme.

Bud is bent over looking inside the refrigerator for some food, peeking back
around to see Al busy with Kelly bent over the back of the couch; Meanwhile,
Kelly could 'feel' the hard deep thrust of the guard from behind and into her
'virgin' (ha, ha, ha,) snatch as she strains against the stalk and chains.

* * *

Elsewhere in the death-mall

Ss Bud, Steve and Buck head towards the holding cells, 'Old One' sneaks past
confused security guards as he waives his hands in front of their eyes and
telling them, "You have the weak mind of a political type, you haven't seen
me and will allow me to pass."

The guards watch as 'Old-One' keeps on shuffling towards the doors to the
central core. One guard looks at the other questioningly, asking him, "Do you
believe that, he tinks we is political and he wants us to piss?"

"What's a political?"

"I don't know, diz ya tink he was making of the fun of uz?"

"Wait a minute! you're not wearing an imperial battle suit! that's the
costume of the tin man from the land of Oz; you're on the wrong set mate,
your movie is on the next lot."

"Oops, sorry, must have gotten turned around when I was chasing my pet Rue."

As the tin man shuffles toward his set, the Imperial trooper pulls out his
cell phone and calls security, "Hey dude, we has a weirdo heading towards the
central core, he said he was chasing someone call 'Rue'." (note: Rue, Aussie
for Kangaroo.)

* * *

Elevator stops at the Retention Level

Bud stands staring at the blank Elevator door for door open button, or an
iris scanner.

"Well, open it!" orders Hahn 'Steve' Solo as Buck is busy heisting his leg
in one corner.

"I don't know how it works, I'm just a farm boy." answers Bud with a sense
of confusion.

Throwing his arms up and dancing in a circle, "Why don't you use the 'force',
and why all of a sudden, 'I'm a farm boy' crap! the guards will kill you
irregardless if you're a farm-boy or a nerd." Steve pushes Bud to one side
and kicks the door, it hums, smokes then slides open.

Immediately they see the desk sergeant and his two guards playing pong.

"Hold on there! we're on our break, come back later." snarls the sergeant as
he then notices Buck, "This isn't a kennel, that's two floors up."

Buck snarls "Arrrrrrh."

"No Buck, later, so you sniff bitches in heat; wait until we are done here
and I'll let ya free to nail the sluts."

"What later?" asks the sergeant as he reaches for his weapon.

Steve reacts immediately as he opens fire with his blaster, "Get behind me,
get behind me, ... Oh for god sake Buck, let go of my leg."

As quickly as Buck finished Steve's leg, Bud and Steve have blasted the three
guards; most of their precision fire was ricochets that hit the book cases
that fell over onto the guards, knocking them out.

Buck and Steve quickly check the rolodex, then Steve yells to Bud, She's in
Cell 416, that's the honeymoon suite.

* * *

Outside the Holding Cell door

Bud stands at the security door, staring at the blank door (he does a lot of
that) for the security box or any code buttons, or even an iris scanner; he
notices a red button and a black button; he pushes the red button, a
whooshing sound of rushing air is heard as Bud peeks through the security
window, he sees Kelly locked inside the wooden stalks, her legs in the air
as the air is flushed into vacuum of space; Bud quickly pushes the black

The noise of the air stops and Bud gets frustrated looking for the 'door
knob' when a shot ricochets down the corridor, hits him in the ass, causing
him to jump forward, pushing the door open. Bud falls past the door, then
stands up quickly thinking no one saw him, then he spotted Kelly laying
stretched out on the bunk naked and looking back.

"Thank god someone shut off the emergency decompression button, it sucked the
security guards out into space, pulling the sergeants cock out of my snatch
and then it had just pulled me from the stalks when it was cancelled. ..."
Kelly stares at Bud a moment, then adds, "... aren't you a little short for
a storm trooper?"

"Hugh! Am I hanging out again? and I'm not short, it's just cold, don't you
know about shrinkage...." Bud quickly zips up, catching 'it' in his zipper he
dances around as he grimaces in pain.

"No Rubbermaid, I was re-fermenting about your height, Troopers are at least
twelve inches."

Another shot hits Bud in the ass, bring him back to reality, in pain he
grimaces, "I'm here with Old-one Knobby, we're here to rescue you."

Kelly sits up immediate, "You're here to re-screw me? Everyone wants to fuck
me today."

"That's not what I said, ...." Bud, frustrated, tries again, "They're right
about blonds, look, I said, I came here with Old-one Knobby, we are going to
rescue you; get some clothes on!"

Kelly, still nude, kneels down, studies the injured tool, suggesting,
"It's swelled up to a decent cock now, I'll kiss it and make the pain stop."

"You'll what!." cried Bud in pain, until he felt Kelly's lips take the tip of
his penis into her mouth, her tongue working the underside as he feels his
penis grow and stretch inside her mouth to his fulls hard cock size of ten

Bud could only support himself by grabbing Kelly's hair and shoulder as she
took his cock down her throat; Bud immediately began thrusting his cock down
her throat as her tongue wrapped around his cock. Bud was immediately in the
good pain as he felt his cock strain and stretch as filled with an overflow
of ripe sperm, then the spasm struck as he yelled and rammed his pelvis into
Kelly's face, holding her head solidly as his tool delivered his full load.
Kelly choked, she couldn't breath as she struggled to gas some air, but only
cock was there as she then felt a flood of white spunk pore into her throat.

Bud let go as Kelly fell onto her ass on the cold cell floor, her legs spread
wide as she sit there, wiping her face with her hand as sperm flowed from her
lips. She tried her best to swallow, but there was too much. "Wow Cowboy,
that is some cock you have, are you as good with pussy? If you are I can wait
to have you slam me around; and I expect it rough; like Old One used to do

"That reminds me, Old-one Knobby is shorting the tractor-beam so that we can
escape.; so grab your pussy and let's go!" ordered Bud as Kelly assisted him
with pushing his cock back inside his pants, Kelly zipped it up carefully,
kissing his cock head as she said to the strawberry shaped head, "See you
later, so get some rest, now let's get moving." yells Kelly as she grabs her
transparent sheet and follows Bud through the door.

"Where is Old-one Knobby? I though that Master prick would have died a long
time ago from the infection he caught from me."

Bud replies to protect the old Jedis reputation, "He used the force, and he
has been living alone in the desert all these years; he really wants to see

"I bet! He's probably so horny he just wants a free fuck." says Kelly as she
moves down the corridor, following Bud.

"It's not just that, we're here to help you fight the empire."

"Well, you're a little late, they blew my planet up, they're all wearing
clothing and shoes; going to that new Death Mall Outlet they blew into town
with their giant Death Mall."

Shots ricochet down the corridor as Steve 'Hahn' Solo retreats with Buck
as they fire back at approaching Storm Troopers, "Stop playing with the
Princess' snatch boy! We have visitors."

Leaping into the hallway, Kelly grabs Bud's UZI and begins firing, two shots
hit the leading troopers in their balls, they grab them as they drop.

Steve and Buck grab their balls as they watch, "Oooooo."

"Well, she can shoot." comments Bud as he stares at the two fallen trooper,
them at the doorway as ten more enter the room, firing.

Kelly turns and shoots the dumb waiter, he drops, then she shoots the garbage
door, blows a hole in door and leaps through, yelling as she leaps, "Com-on
dummies, they have Gail Rifles."

Bud notices the more powerful rifle, yelling "Oy Veeee!" and leaps though the

"Com-on Pee Boy." Yells Steve to Buck as he kick's him in the butt, "Get in
that hole.

"Wolf-wolf." Yells Buck.

"I don't care what it smells like, ..." Steve thinks a minute, pauses, then
suggests, "Kelly's not wearing panties, and she's horny."

Buck immediately leaps through the opening as Steve hears the storm troopers
yell, "She's not wearing panties.

Steve leaps into the hole as the Guards discuss Kelly's pantiless state; when
they look around they see the hall way empty. [Note: In Star Wars when Leia
(etc.) have leaped into the garbage shoot, why didn't the Storm Troopers
follow? Well, my reasons is that they were so concerned about doing the
princess, they didn't notice the hole in the wall.]

The Storm troopers run past the blasted wall, ne trooper commenting to the
other, "Is that You?"

"No idiot, it's that garbage bay again, someone forgot to empty it."

"At the end of shift, you empty the garbage shut."

* * *

Inside the Garbage Shut:

Steve slides through and falls face first into the garbage, landing with his
face in Kelly's snatch; "Whew! Nice choice of hiding places; smells like your

"It does NOT!" retorts Kelly as she lifts her semi-transparent gown to
examine her yellow pubic hair, "I wash and comb it daily."

Steve stands up, and continues to stare at Kelly's yellow haired snatch.

Everyone by now stares at her private parts as Buck begins to hump Steve's

"Stop that Buck!" yells Steve as he beats the horny Wookee from off his leg.

Kelly looks up to see what the argument is all about and notices Bucks twenty
inch cock. "Wow! What a salami."

Bud and Steve reply aloud together, "Thank you."

"I was talking about Buck!" said Kelly as she pushed her transparent gown
down, then she stops and listens as she hears mechanical noise, "What's

The walls start closing.

"Nice job Princess, you got us into a trash compacter!" Yells Steve Hahn-Solo
as he starts to climb up one side, grabbing for spools and long things to
brace between the walls.

"I didn't know, I thought it was like a trash can!" explains Kelly as she
climbs the trash and attempts to push a pole (in girlie fashion) up one side.

Buck is pounding the door for help like a sellout would.

Bud goes diving into the water looking for the keys to the door (I don't know
why? but it sounds good, maybe he was pearl diving, or even muff diving.)

* * *

Back in the real world

Al is now sitting on the couch, a bowl of popcorn in hand, resting the bowl
on top of Kelly's head as she lays naked on the couch, her head resting on
her daddy's lap, still in a deep sleep from her drug abuse and the mix of
booze. Bud is sitting on the couch also, with Kelly's legs propped over his
lap, his right hand embedded in his sisters crotch, his fingers fondling her
pussy. As Al, watches Star Wars intently, keeping his eyes locked onto the
action, asks Bud, "Find those keys yet Bud?"

Bud looks over at Al, now pushes his finger inside Kelly's snatch as he
replies, "Searching deeper, ah, some more Dad, Haven't found them yet!"

"I know they're in the couch son, when I fucked Kelly I heard them fall out."

"Probably your balls." says Bud to himself under his breath.

Al looks over at Kelly, noticing Bud with his hand buried up to his wrist
inside his sisters cunt. "Take Kelly to her room Bud, and wash you hands, I
know where they've been; then make me some-more poppy corn."

"I can't Dad, Kelly's laying across me."

Al shifts Kelly enough so that Bud wriggles out and then helps him lift Kelly
up onto his shoulder, her face and breasts hang over in front, her ass on his
back with her legs dangling down his back as Bud pulls her from off Al, a
'Pop is heard as Al's hard cock pops from Kelly's mouth as she has been
'nursing' on her favorite prick.

"What was that?" asks Bud as Kelly's head and body drop to his crotch, he
feels a funny sensation as he carries Kelly towards the stairs.

"What was what son?"

"That popping sound!" asked Bud again.

"What popping sound, I didn't hear any popping sound."

"That ...." Bud stops as he feels Kelly's hand pull his penis out and into
her mout, with a muffles sound of Kelly's saying, "Binki!" Bud feels Kelly's
hot lips sucking on his penis that quickly goes rigid ".... Ah, never mind,
it was my luck turning."

As Kelly sucks and slurps in all her eager Ernest. Bud grins as he carefully
carries his naked and several times over screwed, climbs the stairs as Buck
follows his most precious bitch up the stairs.

As Kelly continues to suck, Bud feels the pressure building, "Dam! Walking
with my naked sister while she sucks my cock really gets it ready fast."

Bud's cock blows as Kelly, still hung over from her booze and drugs, attempts
to swallow each drop as most of it drips from her mouth.

Bud with his pants now halfway down his legs, he steps from them, leaving
them at Kelly's door, then carries Kelly to her bed, flops her head over
heels as her ass comes to bounce and rest on the bed, Bud's cock still inside
he mouth as she starts suck all over again as Bud stans at the side of the
bed and Kelly's head between his legs. "Oh crap, this is too good to let
pass." Bud pulls his shirt off as he then pulls his cock from her face, spins
Kelly around as she yells "Heeey!" then she stops screaming and starts
laughing as Bud grabs her ankles, spreads her legs and pulls her across the
bed towards him as he immediately shoves his cock into her cunt, driving it
to the hilt as he begins to fuck her.

Kelly, still laughing, grabs Bud about his shoulders as she rolls him onto
his back and starts him his cock, and then with a surprise on her face she
feels another hard cock slam into her as and start pumps, "Oh wow!". Kelly
fells the dog claws grab her about her waist as his hips hump and slam into
her butt, "Buck! dam it Buck!:

* * *

Back down stars on Star Wars.

Princess Kelly steps from the now opened door (that's what you get when you
go with Bud up the stairs.), she then screams as she feels Wookie hands grab
her about her waists as Buck mounts her from behind, his doggie (wookie) cock
slams deeps into ass. "Pull that dam Wookie cock from my ass, we have to get
to the landing bay."

After wondering around lost, the small team of rebel commandos stopped at a
large bay windo open to the landing bay. Steve's eyes glow as he looks at the
millennium falcon.

Princess Kelly looks at the starship and notes aloud, "That is what you came
in? I was wrong, you are crazy."

Bud brags, "The millennium falcon is great ship."

"Looks more like the 100 year chicken." asserts Kelly as she then feels
Buck's cock poke into her butt crack, "Stop that you perverted dog."

"That's Wookie!" Buck barks.

"Then why are you barking?" asserts Kelly as she jiggles in place.

Bucks and Steve's eyes lock and watch the bouncing tits.

Suddenly troopers come around the corner and spot the escaped Princess,
"Stop, don't move!"

They all moved as Kelly and Bud run away down one corridor as Steve and Buck
open fire and start chasing the fleeing troopers as Steve yells to Kelly,
"Get to the ship, we'll take care of these guys."

"Fine, get you pecker shot off, I'll run away to fight another day." screams
Kelly as she flees like a politician. Bud follows closely as he watches
Kelly's bare ass as she runs.

Buck and Steve chase around another corner and come to stop as they face
three more squads of Imperial Troopers who start shooting. "Run-a-way,
run-a-way!" yells Steve as he turns and flees in the opposite direction.

Buck follows Steve as he yells, "Too many guns, I want that Princess snatch."

More troopers appear around another corner, spotting Kelly and Bud, "Hooters!
That's them, arrest them."

Another trooper yells, Hey honey ass, don't run!"

"Run!" Yells Kelly as she lifts her dress up to waist height as she yells
again, "Feet! don't fail me now."

Bud follows quickly as Kelly turns down another corridor and stops quickly
as Bud also skids to stop at the edge of a great empty space, "They must have
the bridge withdrawn."

The troopers appear around the corner and start firing, as Bud quickly reacts
by slamming the door.

Kelly looks for the lock then tells Bud, "There's no lock!"

"Out'a the way Princess!" orders Bud as he fires his Uzi and blows the
controls into confetti

"Now look what you did, we can extend the bridge across this open space."

Immediately two shots bounce past them as Bud looks up and sees two troopers
shooting at them. "We're trapped." he yells as he fires back, missing
everything but the bridge controls on the other side.

"Nice shooting farm boy, let me at them." yells Kelly as she steps in front
of Bud.

"You can't so anything, your gun is empty." complains Bud as he watches as
Kelly drops her dress, and stands naked for the troopers to see, then shakes
her breasts.

The lead trooper drops his gun from his shock of seeing her tits, he reacts
and grabs for the gun, loses his balance and falls off the edge, the other
trooper grabs for his friend, then notices Kelly as she waives at him; the
second trooper forgets and continues his forward motion over the edge.

The third trooper comes to the edge, looks over to see his buddies dead at
the bottom, then looks to see what happened and notices Kelly as she turns
around, bends over and looks at him between her legs as she spreads her
pussy lips and sticks her finger into her snatch and starts finger fucking

The trooper grabs his crotch, but inside his armor he can't jerk off, his
cock expands, rams his armor, he twists, the armor pinches his dick, he
jumps in pain and drops over the edge.

Kelly stands up proud, still naked as she jumps up and now, giggling in joy
as her tips bounce and then she has to Grab Bud as he starts to lose his
balance and fall over the edge.

Kelly pulls Bud to safety as Bud notices the door as it starts to move
upward, "They're coming through."

Kelly squats down as she describes to Bud, A long time ago, Old-One Knobby
explained to me 'The Force of Pull my finger', Old One Knobby had mastered
it, he used his force in my pussy, and he had discovered my gift of the gas
side of the force; Kelly gave a loud blast used the Force of the Gas side
to shut the door on the storm troopers, the door magically slams shut.

Bud covers his nose as he complains, "Oh my god! that is powerful."

"Yes, the power of the gas side of the force, Old-One Knobby told me that a
true Jedi must never admit to it, you must conceal it from those around you,
that when it is used that the Jedi should blame the dog or some old person."

"Oh PE UUU!" muttered Bud as he wipes tears from his eyes.

"And they are on the other side." grins Kelly as she pulls her dress back on.

Inside the room, the troopers are rubbing their eyes as they struggle to
wonder through the green mist towards the opposite end; one trooper notices
the sergeant come around the corner smoking his cigar, "Sergeant Arnold, put
out that Cigar."

Sergeant Arnold of the old Imperial Guard, in a strong Bavarian accent,
replies, "Dis is my cigar, and Dis ain't a non smoking area; what is dat

The Trooper yells, "Oh yes, it ..." the corridor flashes as the gas ignites,
flames engulf, leaving the armor charred and blackened.

The Sergeant flicks the now ashened cigar as the blast has burned it into
cider, then notices his armor, "That blast burned my balls and blacked my
armor." He looks at his men as smoke pores from their, "Well, we can fight
in this armor, dey has to be polished white; back to the quarters."

The troopers line up and march two abreast as Sgt. Arnold sounds off, "Hut
two three four, .... Hut two, three four."

"Hey sarge, better not light up that new cigar, there are green gas balls
floating everywhere." warns one trooper.

The troop round a corner when another explosion, and the sergeant complains,
"Well der goes my other ball."

A thud is heard from the other side of the door when Bud looks at Kelly and
grins, "Wow! a powerful use of the force."

"But we're still stranded." note Kelly as she looks at the grand abyss.

"Well, I have this hook and wire and with a little material from your
dress we'll have enough to swing across." explains Bud as he pulls out his
grappling and a long coil of wire."

"How much do we need?" asks Kelly as she starts ripping the dress into long

Soon Bud had a make shift rope attached to the still wire and hook, he tosses
the hook to the farside. Bud turns to Kelly, his arm extended for her; Kelly
is naked again. "What?"

"Had to use all my dress and shoes?"

"We had to have enough to grab that pipe up there, now com-on, hang onto me."
ordered Bud as he waited for Kelly to get into his arm.

After several attempts Bud can't get a secure enough grip on the naked
Princess Kelly, noting, Boy, it's hard to hold onto a naked girl."

"Da! you would think we had handles." complains Kelly as she noticed a grin,
"No! don't even thing about holding onto my tit!"

"Well, we have to swing across, we don't want to fall or be here when the
troopers come back."

"Oh, I guess you're right."

Kelly attempts to get tightly wrapped into Buds Body, but he can't grip her,
then Kelly gets and Idea as she drops down and pulls Bud penis out and starts
sucking and licking it until it is hard and stiff.

Bud looks at Kelly, "That's Nice Princess, but we don't have time for sex."

Kelly grins as she explains, Since Emperor Clinton proved that as blow job
isn't sex, well there must be other none-sex uses."

Kelly slides herself onto Bud and his huge magnificently large cock, his hard
pecker slides up into Kelly's pussy as she humps amd pumps herself onto his
cock until she gets it embedded as deep and as far as she can then she
strains and her cunt grips his cock like a hard fist.

Buds eyes role back from the sensation as Kelly spins him and kicks them off
the edge, then she swings he legs up around his waist, her weight forcing her
body down onto Bud's cock as he snatch grips him like a vice with her arms
around her neck while she kisses him, driving her tong down his throat as
they swing united across to the other side.

They both land on the other side, Bud beneath Kelly as she falls hard atop
his hard dick, driving his cock even deep as she gyrates and the experiences
a large orgasm as she screams and humps, arching her back as he cunt grips
even tight making Bud explode his load into her.

* * *


Darth Al walks down the corridor and encounters and senses Old-one Knobby by
smelling the fart, "I smell something, something I've not smelled for a long
time, something of my old master; he's here." Al, with his black cape
flapping, turns and walks toward Governor Tarpin's office.

Steve and Buck rush down another corridor to collide with Bud and the Naked

They all land on their asses as they sit up to greet each other, they all
grab and hug; then Kelly feels four hands fondling her breasts, and another
furry set fondling her pussy; "Oh well, at least were friends." Kelly kisses
Steve pushes her back and pulls his dick out as Kelly opens her legs.

Steve shoves his penis into Kelly and starts thrusting, then he rolls onto
his back and Bud mounts Kelly from behind, driving his dick in along side
Steve's cock and they double piston fuck Kelly.

Kelly was enjoying the double fucking when she felt a large dog cock drive
into her ass as Buck forces his way alongside Bus as they both thrust into
Kelly's young backside, one in one hole and the other in Buck heaven.

* * *

Governor Tarpins Office:

Darth Al stands before Governor Tarpin and explains "Old-one Knobby is here,
I smelled his presence in the hall."

"Old-one Knobby, he's long dead; it's impossible, must have been fumes from
the bathroom." explains Tarpin with a flip of his wrist.

Darth Al concludes his argument with Tarpin, "Old One is here, I smelled the
disturbance in the force, I have to stop him before he rescues that little
slut and starts making porn movies again; and watch the wrist governor, it's
a little girlie girlish."

Governor Tarpin looks at his wrist and turns it as he comments to himself,
"No wonder I like muscle magazines."

Darth Al turns, his black cape by Franciese of Hollywood, and struts out of
Targins office, his tight black jeans showing his tight buns twist as he
walks, Tarpin's eyes lock on their movement, then with a worried look on his
face, yells over the intercom, "Marcy, stop my subscription to MISTER

Kelly, naked and covered in sperm, inside and out, lays on the floor as Bud
and Steve finish buttoning their uniforms while Buck brushed his fur off.

Bud looks at Buck and comments to Steve, "I hadn't realized that Buck was

Buck snarls "Arrrrrrh."

"Well he is a Wookie, they have fir."

Bud looks at himself. "You mean if I had long hair to cover my body, I could
walk around with my dick hanging out?"

Steve studies the statement, then replies, "I hope not."

Kelly stands up, still naked and smelling of sperm, "Well, shall we be off."

"Princess, don't you ever bath?" retorts Steve as Buck and Bud hold their

"Well thinks for the dinner and fuck fest boys; just like all males, once you
get your piece of ass, ..."

"And pussy" adds Bud.

"...and pussy, it's wham bam and then off to the pub." snorts Kelly.

"Actually no, we have a reward for getting your pussy to the secret base."
adds Steve as he pats Kelly on her pubic patch.

"Right. then let's get Old-One and out'a here." says Kelly as she marches
around Buck, "And get this walking carpet out of my way."

* * *


Old One walks down the dark passageway, he pulls out his Jedi-light saber.

Darth steps from the darkness with his Surefire brand Light Saber to confront
Old one.

"Old-One, at last, the student is now the master."

"A masterbater of evil of Darth Al." Old One turns on his light saber and
dances around, slashing the blade about as Al watched in confusion.

"What's this, crotch inch ? and you have to dance around like a chicken?"

"A master chicken Al, if you defeat me I'll come back stronger than you can

"I believe that you're old and forgetful you old fart!"

Old One lunges, flashing his light saber's light into Al's eyes.

Darth Al, covering his eyes momentarily with his hand and dodging the sharp
blade, he then removes hand to stare into Old-One Knobby's Light Saber,
commenting as he points his finger to his visor, "Gargoyles Extra Dark Icy
Black Sunglasses, your Light Saber is useless; now for my 'SUREFIRE LIGHT
SABER!" Al blasts his powerful light saber into Old-Ones eyes.

Bud following Kelly close behind, watching her buns fighting as he keeps step
into the hanger deck, Bud notices the flash of light to his right and reacts,
"Old-One Knobby!"

Old One jerks back in reaction to the military quality high powered
light-saber as it floods his face with 3000 lumens of light, notices Bud out
the side of his vision, then flips Darth Al the bird.

Darth whips his sharp blade in a high arc and slices through Old-One Knobby.

Bud yells, "No! Not the slice and dice!"

A great plume of green gas issues from the cloak as it falls to the deck with
Old-Ones Jedi light Saber and his concealed shotgun.

Al pokes at the cloak with his Jedi Blade, sniffing as he pushes the material
about. "He used the gas side of the force, stinky!"

Al turns walks toward Bud and his fleeing group as the door lock is hit by
one of Bud's ricocheting shots, causing the hanger deck door to slam shut.

"He's gone Bud-Luke, run, runaway with us on the millennium chicken." yells
Kelly as she jumps up and down, her tits bobbing and shaking in place as she
turns and runs up the ship's ramp.

"That's 'Falcon, Falcon!! not chicken, just because I named her after my
first wife Marcy, who happen to look like a chicken." screams Steve-Han Solo
as he follows her up the Ramp.

Buck yells at Steve as he follows in Wookieze "She was from the chicken
planet Steve, and she had chicken legs."

"Shut up Buck, just shut-up!"

Bud leaps through just as the doors close and the ship rises from the deck,
turns and sputters out into space.

Buck sits at the controls as Kelly instructs Buck to the secret base, "We go
six parsecs, then left at Alpha Beta Yaba Daba Doo."

Steve grabs an Atari game counsel and directs the defense guns, yelling to
Bud, "Grab the other Joy stick, we have enemy fighters coming after us."

"Bud settles into his game chair and watches the scream, "Yes, there they
are, Three Me 109 fighters."

"They're Imperial Tie Fighters Dumbo." snorts Steve from his weapon station.

"Why do they look like 109s then?" argues Bud

"It's the Atari controls! At least they don't look like pong." laughs Steve
as he pushes his firing button.

Kelly looks out the window, "Here they come." Two bugs strike the window,
Oops, sorry, that was two bugs; here they come now!"

Two fighters peel off towards the Falcon, strafing across the ship then
dodging flak as they fly away, but they turn, two Vipers from the Battlestar
Galactica intercept and destroy the two fighters.

"Hey! that was mine!" yells Bud.

"This is Captain Apollo, Sorry about that, these guys weren't Cylons then?"

"No, they're Imperial Tie Fighters." replies Steve.

"This is Leut. Starbuck, You know the way to Earth?" asks the very sexy
sounding female voice.

"Sorry, must be on the far-side of Chicago ..." explains Bud, can you get
that other fighter for us?"

"Sure, glad to help." answers Apollo as the two Galactica Viper class
fighters head off to intercept the last Tie Fighter.

Kelly leaps up and Hugs Buck, whose face is buried in her tits as he slobbers
and blubbers in her warm breasts.

"Ewe! Dog spit, stop that! What am I to do now?" whines Kelly as she .

Buck leans back in his seat and lifts up his hard doggie cock and waives it
at her.

"Oh crap, why not."

* * *

Bud and Steve walk back to the Pilot's cockpit; Steve looks inside, stops and
stares as he sees the Naked Princess Kelly, Straddling Buck as she bounces on
his dog cock, her breasts bounding on the beasts head as his tongue laps her
nipples with her hands locked around his head.

Steve stops Bud and closes the door and waits.

"What's wrong? Some One hurt?" asks Bud with a worried look.

"No one hurt, Kelly's in the middle of learning how to fly; she in the
middle of her Joy Stick Instructional."

* * *

On the Death Mall.

Darth Al stands with Governor Tarpin as they watch the blip zig zag across

"Must be attempting to lose us, they must be aware of the tracking device."
adds Tarpin.

"No, they're having control problems." answers Darth Al as he turns from the
view screen, thinking to himself, "I have to practice with my joy stick so
that little Princess can scream in a new octave."

The Millennium Falcon screams like a sissy past the outer moon of Rebel
Planet, a resort planet for freedom fighters, located ten miles outside Las
Vegas. Once they burn a hole through the Ozone layer, leaving a trail of bad
exhaust to cause global warming in two hundred years, they skim the planet's
smog covered surface and lands a hidden base (At third and Pine). Princess
Kelly is quickly whisked to CIC sitting in the back seat with her R-U-2
droid, the guards all sit around her, facing her as they whistle and hurrahs
as they ogle her nakedness. The Rebels quickly down load with the plans of
the Death Mall, and reluctantly get Kelly a dress.

Steve and Buck are Busy with car wash and was as they clean the Millennium
Falcon, "Dam Princess, did she have to spit outside the side window."

Buck barks his reply as Steve replies, "Yes, it was stupid since the don't
roll down; but you thought it was funny when she cranked the window crank to
roll the window down and then saw you grinning."

Buck laughs and laughs.

"Alright, it is funny that she was cranking your Wank! and she didn't know
until you blow your load all over her and the cabin; wait a minute, this
white stuff, it isn't!"

Buck just laughed and laughed as Steve through his bucket at him.

"Hey you two, aren't you going to get a fighter and help us; the rebels
really need pilots." yells Bud-Luke, standing in his bight orange pajamas,
Pilot crash helmet in hand, a torn parachute on his back and his boots
untied (actually they didn't have shoe strings.)

"Oh stop whining Kid, I saw those fighters, they're call 'X' wings and 'Y''
wing; now 'X' always is an unknown; and 'Y' is a whining noise; now my ship
is named after a bird, and a bird can fly." preaches Steve as Buck nods his
head in a yes agreement.

Bud turns and walks off, yelling back, "A bird alright, a CHICKEN, Kelly was

Bud turns a corner and runs into Kelly who is bent over with her dress up
over her ass with the Rebel Leader behind her in the middle of fucking her
ass. "Oh, ... Ah, Ooops, ... Excuse me your hind end, ... hind ass, butt
fuck, ... Oh crap, ...Hey Kelly, Glad to see you."

Kelly looks up and sees Bud's crotch in front of her, she reaches insides
his Orange pajama and pulls his penis out, smells it, comments , "Funny,
smells like rubber." she takes his penis and starts licking, "Hummm, tastes
like cherry." Kelly takes the growing male organ into her mouth and starts
stroking it with her tongue, soon it was a hard ten inch weapon as Kelly
starts sucking and pumping her head on his hard cock until she had it sliding
down her throat."

Kelly is really pumping her head on Bud's man meat as Bud is in shock of
walking around the corner to have his cock engulfed by the princess, he
stammers in a mindless muddle, "Sorry to have caught you in the middle of
conference, but I'm glad to be invited for my opinion."

Kelly mumbles something that sounds like, "Mmmn ... nnn ... nurd ... glub ...
burp ... Pilot ... thrus ...Fck ... Arrack!" Kelly arched her back suddenly
as Bucks cock slid from her mouth, she cried aloud as the Rebel Commander
thrust hard, hold her, pulling her hair as he pulls her back, one arm wraps
around her, his hand grips her left breast and grips it hard and Kelly scream
in pain, he thrust hard again, then again, then even one more really hard
slam into her cunt as he pressed his cock deep into her as he emptied his
load; Kelly screams in a multiple orgasm. Bud grabs his cock and jerks it a
few more times to relieve himself as he then sprays Kelly from her face to
her belly with his sperm in several jerks.

Moments later, after being hosed down and buffed by the ground crew,
Kelly and Bud walks towards the Millennium Falcon. "So now you'll fly that
Kama-slultra mission down the crack of the Death Mall."

"You mean I get to fly the suicide mission down the ASS-CRACK of the Death
Mall." acknowledged Bud.

Bud climbs up the ladder and enters the Fighter, he straps himself in as
Kelly reaches in and kisses him, then she grabs the joy stick and starts
stroking it up and now, I think I'd like flying with controls like these. "

Kelly starts stroking the joystick hard and faster, it expands and then
spurts a flood of spem that blasts her in her face, she falls back and lands
on the floor.

* * *

Kelly, naked as the day she was born, becomes aware that she's on the floor
in her bedroom, she sits up, sees Bud, naked on her bed sound asleep, his
penis now limp with sperm sprayed all over everything, then Kelly wipes her
face and breasts, smearing the sperm that covered her. "Eww, I thought I was
in the fighter!" Kelly jumps up and runs out her bedroom, down the hallway,
her boobies bouncing as she runs like in a television commercial, and rounds
the corner, sees her father on the couch jerking off, "Oh, Daddy's in
trouble, he's gripping the joystick too tightly."

Kelly bounces down the stairway, leaps buck telling him, "That's Okay Wookie
Buck, I'll save us." Kelly races around the couch as Al catches the bound
breasts of his naked daughter. "Oh Daddy Al, I'm here to save you, turn from
the dark side, I'll take control of the fighter."

Al watches in amazement as Kelly grabs his erect cock as she straddles his
lap and squeezes down, "Just like Buck taught me, I can fly this mission

"Sure Pumpkin, sure." said Al as he leans back, watching his little girl
bounce and pump her hips, her pussy gripping his cock like an iron glove as
she gyrated and hummed the theme of Star Wars.

Al reaches up and grips her breasts, squeezing them hard as he mushes them,
his thumbs flicking and twisting her erect nipples. "Go Daddy! Use the port
gun controls, but don't push the fire buttons until you see the whites of
their balls."

Al feels his orgasm is about to explode as Kelly grinds and lap dances like
he has never had done before; Kelly grips Al's hands on top and help in
squeezing and rubbing her breasts as she grinds even faster, screaming, "Oh
Daddy, fuck me! ram your cock up into me, hard, deep into me, HURT ME! make
me scream like a bloody wee wok!"

"Wee Wok?" Al says as he peeks past Kelly at the Television, "Woo, the final

Kelly cums, the orgasm explodes inside her entire being. She shakes then
collapsed into Al, head rests on his shoulder as Al kisses her neck, then
comments, "Still suffering the hang over Pumpkin." Al puts his arms around
her as he plays with her butt, while his cock is still hard up inside her
as Kelly's cunt still massages his meat.

Al heard Kelly whisper, "Take over Bud, they got me."

* * *

(Back to Kelly's dream version)

Princess Kelly sits up on the hanger deck floor as Steve helps her up, "Well,
Captain Steve, I guess you want your reward?"

"Yes, the billions of bucks." Greedily Steve was seeing money in crates being
loaded into his ship, then his dream bubble busted.

"Sorry, Steve, my planet was blown up into a billion Malls; the only money I
get is from welfare." snorted Kelly as she laughs, "I never promised any

"That little pisser, him and Old One told me that your people would give me a
great reward." screams Steve madly, he looks at Kelly, "Well Sweetheart, I am
going to get something."

Kelly looks at Steve, crosses her hands, asking, "What? you've already fucked
me, that should be enough."

"You're right princess, this time we're both right." said Steve as he picks
Kelly up, his hand under her dress, gripping her bare butt as he carries her
over his shoulder, coming to stop beside his ship, he tosses Kelly over a
crate, rips her dress off, grabs her kisses her, driving his tongue down, her
throat, holding the French kiss until Kelly almost passes out, then flips and
turns her onto her belly, her cunt and bare ass exposed to the entire landing
bay, with his foot anchored onto Kelly's rump, yells aloud, "Alright, here we
have the royal cunt and ass of Orgasderon, she has to be worth Five bucks a
'POP', your choice which hole; or for fifteen bucks you can twist and fuck
her body in any position and use any amount of tentacles you have; then you
can fly off to destroy the Death Ball."


/"That's Death Mall!"/ came a cry from the crowd.

/"Oh who cares, Fuck the Princess and then off to WAR!"/ came another cry,
followed by wild cheering.

"Kelly lay across the crate, her nakedness cold until she felt a pair of
hands gripping her thighs with the pressure of the cocks, one in her cunt,
one in her ass, and the other one slithering like a snake over her back
until it came face to cock head with her, she mutters, "Oh grate, a Morillian
Slime Devil, the Rebels Lead Bomber Pilot, ....Mmmm"

Before Kelly could finish griping she felt his cocks thrust into her, all at
the same time; the one in her cunt was already deep to the full length and
thrust; the other pounding her ass, and the final third as it 'Popped into
her mouth and down her throat as it began pumping and twisting."

* * *

Hours Later.

"All fighters! this is fighter command, we've stared thee hours late due to
a great pick up in the military moral, thanks to Princess Kelly. Form up your
formations and attack the Death Mall before we have to wear dresses."

Bud looks around for the button, then he notices the crank for what he knew
had to be a window crank, he cranked it and the Wings began to rise into
firing position, he looks out and then back at the crank, "Wow, what a low
budget production."

* * *

On the Death Mall

"We've found the Rebel Base, they've launched a bunch of weird fighter to

Darth Al orders, "When they get in range, open fire, and if they evade out
fire, launch fighters, that standard procedure; so why do I have to keep
telling you, I was on the John reading my Playboy."

"Because we have a low budget without visual effect my Lord, we have to
layout the time frame for the ready." explained the Air Defense Commander.

High over the Death Mall, the fighters begin to dive into their attack
formations, "Gold One. we're heading for the Golden arches now."

"Roger Gold One! Red One and Two, fly cover, and watch out for debris when
the burgers blow."

"That's a Roger Fighter Command." says Bud as he fumbles with his controls,
his fighter jerks and pops and he fires his fighter's weapons, and unseen to
anyone, he shoots down Gold One and his attack ships, "Oops, well, ...Fighter
command, we have heavy fire down here, some in the toweres, some in the
canyon; Gold One's attack force had bought it."

"Wow, the Death Malls defense guns are really good."

"You go in there Bud and fuck over those Golden Burger, ah, Bars, or what
ever and I'll give you such a blob job." Kelly looks up around the room at
everyone, then she asks the Commander, "We're on live aren't we?"

The Commander grins as he shakes his head in the affirmative.

The men (and Women) around the Command center, raise their hand as they yell
and applaud, "Hurrah!"

"What's that?" asks Bud as he hears the noise over the background.

"Oh nothing that an hour won't take care of; now go fuck'em over Master
Poker, ah, .. Master Zee, Master Blaster." Kelly turns the radio off, then
looks around the control room as some of the males are taking their pants,
off, "Oh cramp, me and my mouth; Oh hell, line up over here, double file,
lets make it quickies."

Bud flys fast down towards the McDonalds arch, singing to himself, "Fly like
a bumble bee, sting like a snake." then he hears his masters voice in his
head, "Bud-Luke use the force."

Bud sees the arches, he arms his bombs, looks through squinted eyes, saying
to himself, "The force, I can feel i building, the power of the gas side of
the force." A great sensation of force builds and explodes a green cloud of
gas as Bud Blows a loud FART, "Feeeewwwweee rrcch craaack!"

Bud waves madly about, attempting to clear the cock pit of his thick chocking
fumes, his hand strikes the fire button and the bombs strike their target. He
pulls up just as Steve and Buck fly into scene to fire two shots at the
fleeing Darth Al in his Toxic Fighter, "Didn't think we allow you to get all
the credit did you kid."

The Death Mall blows up Just as Bud and Steve fly back to base to the
awaiting arms of the rebel confederation.

To the blaring of trumpets, a great crowd of onlookers watch the tens of
thousands of ground troops and thousands of newly trained pilots (since most
of the pilots were shot down over the death mall, and some friendly fire),
Steve, Bud and Buck march proudly up towards the front pdium where they will
receive their medals and awards for valor. They climb the last steps to stand
before the thousands who applaud greatly for their courage.

The Commander of the Rebels stands beside Prince Kelly who is dressed in a
transparent (what else would you think) that is a loud rich pink color. So
bright is the dress that the three heroes put on theirGargoyle Sun Glasses.
The Commander pokes Kelly in her ass and pinches her butt as she jumps from
it, then gives the first medal to Buck, she then shook his hand, Buck grins
as he makes a cooing sound, Kelly looks down as she releases her grip as she
sees Bucks erect cock drop away, "Oh I might have expected that,"

Kelly takes another medal and puts it around Steve's neck, when he grabs
and hugs her, hump his hard-on in his pants into her crotch. Kelly smiles
in appreciation as she then turns to Bud, "Now for you Budskee, what you've
always wanted." Kelly puts the medal about his neck, then hand a special
award, a box.

Bud opens the box and sees a rubber sex doll.

They all line up and wave as the crowd applaud, then one lone voce rings out
in an English accent, "/Is that All?"/

The three look at each other, then in agreement, they grab Kelly, strip her
naked in front of the entire audience as the three gang rape her. Some one
in the crow yells "Now that's what we're fighting for, a real award!"

The End


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