Married... With Children: Al Bundy On Vacation (M/f,inc,ncon->cons)
by Wilcox

I'd taken the family on vacation and rented a trailer up at the lake. My
daughter Kelly, has a kick-ass figure. 36C-24-34. She was strutting around
the trailer in a tight tank top and Daisy Dukes. She's a hot little slut who
screws around big time. The way she flipped her long blonde hair and licked
her lips at me made me crazy with lust that day.

Peg and Bud were off to the store in town and I was sitting, watching
television and drinking beer, a lot of beer. I was on vacation after all and
I had one hell of a buzz. During a commercial break from The Jerry Springer
marathon I turned to watch Kelly wash the dishes and the sight of her firm
little ass wiggling around gave me a monster boner.

Man, I thought, does she look hot or what. I was so drunk I rationalized that
since she was giving it away to every guy she met, I might as well get some.
I certainly was getting any from my red headed witch of a wife Peg. I stepped
up behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my rock hard cock
into the crack of her sweet little ass.

"How's it going, pumpkin?" I asked, my lips hovering just above her ear.

She wiggled away.

"Just fine Daddy," she said. "Now go on. Get away, before Mom comes home and
sees you getting fresh with me."

"But pumpkin, I don't think you understand," I said, inching toward her. "I'm
going to show you how much I love you."

She lunged for the door, but I grabbed her by the hem of her jean shorts and
threw her on the couch. Pressing my chest against her big full tits, I pinned
her to the cushions. She was helpless under my weight, and she knew it. I
smashed a kiss onto her lips. As she stopped struggling, I smiled.

On television, a couple of transvestites were screaming about the lover they
shared -- a 450 pound black man named Gayle. The crowd was cheering. I
imagined they were rooting for me.

"I always knew you were a sicko," Kelly snapped.

"And I always knew you were a cum guzzling slut," I said. "You want my
dick -- no -- you need my dick, you cum guzzling whore. You're gonna like
this shit. I can tell already. Now take off your shorts."

She spit in my eye. I wiped it off with the back of my hand and shot her a
cold, mean glare.

"I'm not going to smack you for that one," I said. "No, instead I'm going to
be nice. I'm going to ask again, and I'm going to say please. So, would you
please be a good little girl and take off your pants for me pumkin?"

She spit again. This time, I laid a backhand on her cheek with everything I

"Goddam it, bitch!" I yelled. "I tried to be nice. Now take off your fucking

Tears rolled down her cheeks, as she obeyed my order. My dick was a rock
solid ten inches.

"Goddam you," she sobbed, shoving down her shorts.

Hooking my arms around her legs, I forced her knees to her ears. The pink
slit beckoned me as she trembled. I think it was the prettiest sight I've
ever seen.

I rammed my long thick rod inside her, and she gasped. I started off pounding
hard. No sensual bullshit. Just pure punishment for my whoring bitch
daughter. I felt powerful, and I knew the guys would of been proud of the way
I was giving it to a little slut who teased a man till he couldn't think

Kelly liked it, too. Within 10 minutes, her legs started quivering.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" she shrieked.

She came hard three times in a row, her body vibrating all over each time.
The whole trailer shook, and I thought the concrete pilings under the living
room would give way.

But they didn't and I kept pounding her tight little pussy for another twenty
minutes, riding her through three more orgasms before I felt the surge of cum
begging to be released from my balls. I didn't want to knock her up so I took
my dick out of her pussy and stuck it in her mouth.

Talk about a natural born cocksucker, she teased the head for a while, then I
decided it was time to go deeper. I shoved all ten inches down her throat. At
first she gagged. But after she got used to having that much meat in her
mouth, she sucked it good. No teeth. Just lip and tongue running up and down
my shaft.

Jizz juice rose in my loins. I buried my big cock all the way down her throat
and shot off. The cum shot in five separate bursts. I swear, there must have
been a gallon of it. I pulled back about half through, keeping the head in
her tightly suctioning mouth, so she could get a good taste of my thick rich

She sucked my dick like the little whore she is and swallowed every drop as
the crowd on the TV burst into applause and barked like a rottweiler as the
show took a commercial break.

I wasn't through with her yet though. My cock was still up hard as a steel
bar and needed more relief. I pulled her up and spun her around onto her
hands and knees on the couch. I knelt up behind her and sawed my dick through
her sexy little buns awhile as she asked me what I was going to do next. Her
voice all breathless and excited.

I slide my dick into her juicy slit and pumped her nice and hard for a couple
of minutes while I squeezed her big tits. Then I pulled my ten incher out and
slid it up to her little puckered asshole and caved it in. Her spincter put
up a fight but was overmatched as I put all my weight behind my thrust and
slammed my big dick up her ass to the hilt as she howled her head off.

I drove up her hersey highway, all the way home for a good fifteen minutes
before I pumped it full of jism and let her up.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it pumpkin?" I asked as she slipped her clothes
back on and went back to the sink to finish the dishes.

She didn't answer, so I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her against my
semi hard dick. I pulled her head around and gave her a long deep french
kiss. "I asked again as I dry humped her, "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

She turned to look at me and smiled.

"I guess not Daddy," she said.

We play "rape" now, whenever Peg and Bud are out of the way. Peg is still
wondering why I haven't gone out and had any fun on my vacation. I think
she's starting to blame The Jerry Springer Show.


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