Married With Children: Anal Destruction (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Jefferson Darcy sat on the couch inside his home. He was watching television.
Jefferson was a tall, good-looking man in his early thirties. He had recently
gotten married to the feisty tomboy Marcy Darcy. Jefferson lived close to
wacky neighbors known as the Bundys. Jefferson had actually become best buds
with Al Bundy, the head of a rather dysfunctional family.

Life was alright in the suburbs. There were the occasional glitches, of
course. Tonight was a Friday night and Jefferson wanted to go out. His wife
didn't feel like it. This was one of the unpleasant sides of married life.
The wife could be a pain the butt. Also, a man lost a huge chunk of his
God-given freedom. Oh, well.

"Oh, Jefferson." came a voice behind him.

What is it now? Jefferson thought as he turned around. He gasped. Jefferson
Darcy found himself looking at his darling wife, Marcy Darcy. There she was.
Cute, sexy and buck-naked.

"Like what you see ?" she asked.

Jefferson looked at her, surprised. "Um, yeah." he said.

Marcy smiled at him. "Come and get it, boy." She said seductively. With that,
she casually strolled into the living room and bent over the sofa. "Fuck me."
she said.

Jefferson stared at her sexy little ass and felt his cock grow stiff. He
didn't need to be told twice...

Jefferson positioned himself behind Marcy. He took some of the KY jelly and
rubbed it in between her spread butt cheeks. Marcy groaned. "It's cold." she

"Won't be long now, babe." Jefferson said. He rubbed his cock against her
smooth buttocks. Marcy purred and turned around, her pretty face beaming at

"Take me." she begged.

Jefferson grinned and thrust his cock into her butthole. Marcy groaned when
she felt his cock pop inside her rectum. Jefferson held her by the hips and
began to drill her tight asshole with his hard cock. Marcy cursed like a
sailor as she was fucked. He fucked her, hard and fast. Her tight asshole
felt so good around his cock. He loved the feeling. Marcy gritted her teeth
as Jefferson's massive prick slammed into her tight rectum. She buried her
face in the pillow and let herself be taken. Jefferson rammed his cock deep
inside her, wanting to go deeper and deeper. Marcy felt like she was being
split in half. Her screams were muffled by the pillow.

Jefferson smacked her hot ass and she gasped. He thrust deeper than ever
before and Marcy suddenly froze. She felt like Jefferson's cock was going to
come out of her mouth. It had gone so deep up her ass! He thrust into her a
few more times and then she felt him shudder. Instinctively, she clenched and
her ass tightened around his cock. Jefferson groaned pleasurably as he came
inside her assshole. Marcy let out a loud scream as his hot cum filled her
asshole. Jefferson grunted and lay against her after her sexy body slumped on
the floor. Jefferson's head rested on her butt.

"That was awesome." he said. "What did I do to deserve this?" he asked.

"A wife doesn't need a reason to want sex from her husband and vice versa,
darling." Marcy said with a grin. Jefferson nodded with a grin. "Ready to go
again ?" Marcy asked. Jefferson grinned even wider.

The End


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