Married... With Childern (MmFf,Ff,inc)
by Anonymous

Bud was home alone. He figured that he would have a little fun before
everyone else got home. He ran up to his parents' bedroom, opened "Dad's
secret drawer" and pulled out an adult movie. He took it down to the den
TV and popped it into the VCR. The video was showing three lesbians of
mixed race getting it on. Bud couldn't stand it, so it took his cock out
and started pumping. He was so into the movie that he didn't hear Peg
come in the door.

Peg saw her son masturbating. She was about to stop him but she paused and
saw Bud's hard-on. She took awhile to admire it, then she spoke up. "Bud,
what are you doing?!"

"Mom! I didn't hear you come in!"

"Obviously! Did you get that movie from your father's drawer?"

"Yes." Bud was looking down in embarrasment and started to turn red.

Peg said, "Oh, Bud, don't be embarrased. I do the same thing when I watch it.
Look, you don't mind if I join you?"

Bud could only say in amazement, "Sure."

"Good." Peg then sat down with Bud still holding his cock. "Oh, Bud, this is
my favorite part."

It was a scene where a female border agent was strip searching a tourist. She
then began to pull down her spandex pants and her red panties and started to
rub her pussy. Bud started to jerk, but then Peg asked if she could see his
hard-on. Bud was shocked. He lifted his hands away revealing his hard-on.

Peg said, "Wow! You kids are growing up so fast." She then put her hand on
his dick.

Just as soon as she did that, Kelly walked in the door. They could only stare
at her. Kelly asked them, "What the hell are you two doing?!"

Bud said, "Enjoying a good movie."

Out of the blue, Peg asked Kelly if they wanted to join them. Kelly could
only look at them in shock. But then, she look at the video, Peg, and then
Bud and got turned-on. She figured, "What the hell?" She sat beside Bud,
reached beneath her short skirt, removed her black panties, and started

Peg was still holding Bud and began to jerk him off. Bud wondered how far he
could get with this.

He told them, "You know, since I'm in this position, I'm just going to take
off the rest of my clothes." Bud then stood up and removed his shirt and his
pants that were around his ankles. Peg then stood up and removed her shirt
letting round breasts pop out. Kelly followed and took off her short skirt
and low-cut top revealing her just fully-developed tits. They all were
completely naked.

Bud started going further. He put one hand on Peg's tit and the other on
Kelly's. Peg kept her hand going up and down on Bud's cock. Bud then moved
his right hand down to Kelly's pussy and guided her hand as she rubbed

Then, Al walked in. Bud, Peg, and Kelly were so into the pleasure that they
didn't notice him. Al slowly walked towards them looking in confusion. He
then looked at his porno movie playing on the TV. He yelled out, "What the
hell are you doing with my tape?!"

They, like before, were surprised and couldn't say anything.

Kelly then said, "Enjoying a good movie?"

"I can certainly see that!"

Peg was the only one that could calm him down. She stood up and started
explaining. "Now, Al, just calm down."

"Peg, this movie is my property!" He was surprisingly more concerned with
his movie than Peg being naked with the kids.

"Oh, Al, listen, why don't you join us?"


The kids just stared wide-eyed.

"Al, I can help calm you down. Just take your clothes off and sit down."

Al had no choice but to do it. So he took off his clothes and sat down. Peg
then got on her knees and sucked his dick. "Oh, Peg, that's feels great."

Bud then looked over at Kelly and cocked his eye suggestively. Kelly got the
idea and proceed to suck his cock. Bud said to Al, "You know, dad, it's great
that we can be this close."

"It certainly is son." Peg told Kelly that they should switch to be fair. Peg
and Kelly traded places.

Al whimpered more because Kelly had more experience. Bud seemed to enjoy both
women the same. Peg stopped and mounted the slightly exhausted Bud and began
to ride him. Kelly then followed. Both went up and down wildly with their
hair flying around.

Bud kept yelling, "Go, mom. Go, mom. Go, mom!"

Al could only huff and puff. Peg and Kelly, again, traded places.

Bud asked his sister, "Is this what those guys do to you?"

Kelly said, "Yeah, but this is special."

Like father, like son, Bud and Al came in unison. The family then came to a
stop breathing heavily.

Peg broke the silence and said, "Guys, the movie's over."

They all looked at the static on the TV.

Kelly said, "Well. I had fun. I'm glad I got to do this with you all."

Bud added, "Yeah, we should do this more often."

Peg then said, "Oh, absolutely. Right, Al?"

Al was so wore out he couldn't say anything. Kelly then announced that she
was going to her room. Peg followed leaving Bud and Al lifeless on the couch.

Kelly walked into her room, then Peg entered. Kelly asked her mom, "Mom, do
they always take that long?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I'm not...well... satisfied."

"Neither am I."

"What am I going do?"

"Here, I'll show you, just lie down on the bed and spread your legs."

Kelly did as instructed and Peg got on her knees and started probing her
pussy with her tounge. Kelly whimpered, "Oh, mom." Peg kept poking her
tounge in and out as Kelly screamed in pleasure.

"Now, honey, you do it to me."

"Sure, mom."

Kelly and Peg got into a "69" position digging into each other's pussy. They
could only whimper and whine until they reached climax. They both lied on the
bed exhausted.

"Kelly, I hope you learned a lesson from this."

"Sure I did, mom. Sex education should begin at home."

Both just lied on the bed laughing.


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