Married... With Children: Big 'Uns Part 1 - Kelly's Sweater Meat
by Omega Phallic ([email protected])

"Black Jim," Carl Nelson, the owner of Big 'Uns magazine, declared proudly,
showing Bud Bundy his hand.

"Its Black Jack you idiot and were playing poker you fool, how the hell did
moron like you end up with all this?" Bud asked waving his hands at the
multimillion dollar mansion surrounding them.

Bud was the lucky winner of a seasons pass to the Big 'Uns mansion, which was
why the born loser was playing cards with one of the most successful men in
the city, a man envied by many. Why Carl was playing with Bud was anyone's

The stunning blond massaging Carl's shoulder's glared at Bud, about to give
him a piece of her mind, when Carl cut her off. "I tell you what asshole, if
you think you could run things so much better then me, I bet you Big 'Uns
magazine and video inc., that I win the next hand" Carl offer with an evil

Bud was hyper ventilating, until the blond smacked him, knocking back to his
senses. Rubbing his cheek, Bud asked what he would lose if he lost.

"I'll tear up your season pass to the Big 'Uns mansion and you never darken
its halls again" Carl answered, his eyes alight with the hope he might
finally get rid of this useless asshole.

Bud bite his lip, uncertain what to do. "Is Carl as big an idiot as he'd
seems or is he hustling me to get me out of his way?" Bud whispered to
himself, stroking his chin as he considered his options.

"What was that Bundy, in or out?" Carl asked, looking Bud square in the eye,
trying gage the young man.

"I'm in" Bud answered, rubbing his hands at the thought of all the naked
women he'd be seeing and fucking if he won. He'd make that blond bitch that
smacked him the first to eat his cock he concluded.

Carl dealt them each a hand of five. Sweat was pouring down Bud's forehead,
his stomach doing somersaults as he waited for Carl to finish dealing.

Picking his cards up, Bud scanned them quickly to see what the best hand he
could put together was, he didn't even have a pair, his high card was an
eight of spades. He was fucked.

Bud put his cards done in defeat, there was no draws, and he didn't see the
point of waiting as his dreams were crushed.

"Damn it, busted, I drew a 40!" Carl bemoaned, confusing poker with Black
Jack again. The moron had a full house of course, three tens and a pair of
fives, which Bud promptly swept back into the deck before the blond, who
was taking care of Carl, finished talking to her friend, to returned to
correct Carl's mistake.

"Oh boy, oh boy, I'm going to get me some Big 'Uns" Bud declared rubbing his
hands together in anticipation.

"Not so fast boy, the girls aren't part of the deal, nor is the mansion or
the money, just the camera's and the deal with the publishing company, plus
the copyrights to Big 'Uns, good luck loser!" Carl laughed, leaving Bud to
his troubles.

* * *

"We're never going to get a girl to agree to pose for no money dad" Bud
complained to his father, who only gave a shit because Big 'Uns was his
favourite magazine. He couldn't in good conscience let his son run such a
fine publication into the ground.

"Look son I'll tell you the secret about getting women to put out, but if
you tell anyone I said this I'll deny it and it'll be your ass that gets
sent to jail" Al offered, looking around to make sure no one else was
around to hear it. It'd ruin his rep as a stud if it go around.

"I'll even help you run your company, but you've got to keep it secret,
especially from Marcy, she'd claw your eyes out with those chicken legs of
hers if she found out son" Al warned.

"Out with it old man!" Bud demand impatiently, desperate to try anything,
even if that meant listening to his fathers advice, something he usually
tried to avoid doing.

"Rape son, you got to rape them son" Al told his son, expecting his son to
bolt and freak out at his advice, but Bud looked on curiously.

Bud mouth was dry at the thought of raping some big breasted slut and making
pose from his magazine and videos, he'd dreamed of using rape women for
years, cutting out all the hard work of getting to go out with him, and
getting to know them, but Bud knew he was the type of guy that would be
passed around in prison, so it put an end to those hopes. Until now.

"Why weren't you arrested dad?" Bud asked, looking around himself now, hoping
no one heard conversion between them.

"You get something on them, pot works the best, you take a few pics of her
with a joint in her mouth, use that to blackmail her, it works very time" Al
explained, betting that a young man like Bud would have his own secret stash.

He was close. Bud pulled a fat bag of unused ecstasy pills he'd bought from a
guy at a rave, during his short lived Grand Master B phase.

"Good enough son, lets get started" Al said, taking the pills from his son,
slipping them in his beer cooler, the one he kept in the basemen.

"Kelly pumpkin, get down here please, your dear old dad needs your help" Al
called up the stairs to his daughter.

"Dad, you've got to be joking?" Bud asked, his eyes bugging out at the
suggestion of using his own sister.

"Why not, she'd make the perfect cover model, she'd got some of the biggest
tits in Chicago, she beautiful, and people eat up that incest stuff" Al
answered, getting up and turning on the video cameras Bud had set up all
around his bed.

Bud picked up his digital hand DVD recorder, taping his sister as she skipped
down the stairs, her enormous tits bouncing under the white knit button up
sweater she worn, the one that left her navel exposed.

"Dad's right, Kelly puts the meat in sweater meat" Bud muttered quietly to
himself as he traded his DVD recorder for his other digital camera, taking
photo's of Kelly, who had a confused look on her face.

"What do need daddy?" Kelly asked, trying to ignore Bud. She didn't know why
he was taking her picture, but it was starting to get on her nerves.

"Kelly, I've got you a new necklace for you Pumpkin, put it on" Al told his
daughter, pointing to the electric shocking collar he'd worn until he'd
agreed to fix the basement.

"Thanks daddy, hey isn't this the electric collar Bud used against you is
it? You not trying to use the collar to force me into baring my big tits for
Bud's new Magazine are you?" Kelly asked suspiciously.

"Ahhh, no hon, we're, ah, hmmm, oh yes, Bud's gay and he's turning it into
a gay skin mag hon, so he doesn't need female models" Al lied, receiving
daggers from Bud's eyes in the process.

"Bud, do you really think your going to do any better with men than you do
with women?" the dumb blond asked as she snapped the collar around her neck.

Kelly shook her short blond hair and ran back up the stairs, until the collar
zapped, making her back arch in pain, thrusting her huge titties out.

Walking painful back down the stairs, Kelly turned to her brother with snooty
look on her face.

"I'm a not a boy you idiot, I'm a girl, I know you don't have much experience
with those, but after all those Big 'Uns you read you'd thing you'd know the
difference, to think that people say I'm the stupid one" Kelly told Bud,
rolling her eyes at what she perceived to be her brother's stupidity.

"I'm not gay you pea brain slut, now go sit on my bed if ever want out of the
collar" Bud replied, finding her lack of brains almost as astounding as the
size of her tits.

"Daddy!" Kelly complained, pouting. She'd find no mercy in that corner. Al
was sick of his daughters cock teasing behaviour, if she was going to act
like a whore, he was going to treat her like one.

Kelly sobbed quietly as she walked over to the bed and prepared for her
sexual abuse.

Bud tossed couple of ecstasy pills to Kelly, both to blackmail her later with
and to loosen her up a bit.

Kelly didn't do drugs, but she thought they were Tylenol so she swallowed
them anyway. The pills worked quickly, making Kelly feel weird.

"Time to open your sweater Kelly" Al ordered, unzipping his pants and pulling
his cock out, beating himself off to thoughts of his daughter.

"Oh man, oh man, oh man I'm going to see some Big 'Uns" Bud declared as he
started snapping shots of Kelly unbuttoning her thin white knit sweater.

Kelly was embarrassed to find she starting to get wet as she pulled her
sweater open, exposing her mountainous hooters to her father and brother.
Seeing her father stroking his big cock at the sight of her massive
mammaries sent a thrill through Kelly.

"Grab them by the base and start smacking them togther" Bud order, taking a
close up of Kelly heavenly orbs.

Stifling a sob, Kelly grabbed her soft tit meat at the base and started
smacking together, the two tit flesh glaciers colliding with a meaty thwack,
again and again and again, Kelly's humiliation increasing exponentially with
meaty smack.

Bud was gleefully taking pictures of his humiliated sister when the light
bulb blew. "Damn it what do we do now?" Bud complained.

"Eureka, I've got it, we'll do the shots from now on in the Jiggly Room!" Al
announced, coming to the rescue again.

* * *

"Ah the Jiggly Room, where the breasts don't stop bouncing when a guy starts
a pouncing, at the Jiggly Room!" Al shouted.

"Where the a guy's mitts can cup some tits, at the Jiggly Room!" Bud added.

"Where the biggest hooters get the loudest rooters, at the Jiggly Room!" Al

"Where the guys start-a-wanking when the girls start-a-spanking, at the
Jiggly Room!" Bud continued.

"Where bucks start flowing when the fucks start going, at the Jiggly Room!"
Al added at a fevered pitch.

"Where the girls are a doffin' for guys belonging in a coffin, at the Jiggly
Room!" Kelly rejoined sarcastically.

"Heathen" Al counter, before waving over the manager, Akbar, an old friend
of Al's.

"Hey Al, I see you're with your daughter who is as lovely as always" the too
smooth owner of the Jiggly Room offered, greeting his best customer with a
handshake, while his eyes never left Kelly's chest.

"I've got a real treat you pal, Kelly here wants to work for you, you'll not
find a hotter piece of ass in all of Chicago" Al promise, nodded towards his

"No I don't, I'm an actress not a stripper and a whore" Kelly countered
snootily. He wouldn't dare force her to strip against her will with Officer
Dan sitting in the front row Kelly concluded.

"Don't make me come over there" Al threatened, shaking his fist at his
willful daughter.

"Fuck off, were in public and there's nothing you can do to make me" Kelly
challenged, sticking her tongue out at her father to drive her point home.

In a rage, Al bent Kelly over the nearest table, shattering glass and getting
everyone's attention. Kelly's eyes were wide with shock as Al fished around
her waist to unbutton and unzip her jeans, before pulling them down to her
ankles, exposing her ass and shaved slit to everyone in the room.

Kelly's public humiliation grew worse as Al lifted his hand high into the
air, bringing it down hard to smack Kelly on the ass. Kelly's eyes grew
moist, as did her tight young pussy, as Al continued her public spanking,
to the cheers and applause of the patrons of the Jiggly Room.

"I'll be a stripper here daddy, just please stop spanking me" Kelly pleaded,
dying of embarrassment.

"You've insulted everyone here, making them think you don't want to be
stripper" Al counter, the spanking he was giving Kelly making his hard.

"Please master, I want to be stripper, exposing my tits to everyone, jiggling
them in guys faces, it what I live for, sucking their cocks dry for free, I'm
nothing but a total whore!" Kelly screamed, getting a standing ovation from
the crowd.

Al stopped spanking her, but left her sobbing, bent over the table, with her
pants around her ankles. "Prove it" Al commanded his blond daughter.

Kelly got on her knees before her father, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped
his fly, freeing his cock, which smacked her in the face as it popped out.

"Tell everyone how much you want to suck your father's cock pumpkin" Al
instructed Kelly.

"Please daddy, let suck that big juicy cock of your, I want to wrap my lips
around it, slip it over my tongue slowly so that I can taste as much of it as
I can, till it hits the back of my throat, before adjusting my head so that
can take it all the way down my throat" Kelly begged huskily, cupping her
heavy tits through her white knit sweater to emphasis what a big slut she was
for wanting cock her father's cock.

Contrary to what her father and brother believed, this wasn't the first
time she'd been raped, guys did it to her all the time, so she knew from
experience that at this point it was best to play up the slut factor for
her own safety.

Kelly licked the precum from Al's piss slit, purring at the taste before
licking every available inch of skin on his cock she could find, before
turned to the main meal. Opening, Kelly bobbed her head lower and lower
on her father's dick, eventually taking the huge organ down her throat,
where she used her neck muscles to milk him.

Turning to Bud to see if he was catching it all on DVD, Al noticed Bud was
nodding in the affirmative to his unspoken question.

Kelly buried her nose in her father's pubic hair, looking up at him, making
sure he saw how good he tasted in her mouth in her eyes.

Kelly's cheeks hollowed and her head blurred as she used Al's dick to fuck
her face with, his smelly balls bouncing off her chin so fast that they were
almost drumming out a tune on the pretty blonds face.

Kelly's hands moved between her legs, her fingers plowing into her tender
pussy like a tiger on a deer, the blond slut fucking herself savagely.

Kelly's cunt muscles squeezed her fingers as her mind was assaulted by a
massive wave of debauched orgasms that left Kelly's entire body glistening
with a sheen of sweat, driving Kelly to suck faster, the slut dying of a
thirst that could only be quenched by her father's sperm.

Cum painted her tonsils and her tongue as Al could take no more. "Kelly
before you swallow, stick your tongue out to show everyone my cum" Al
commanded, waving Bud over so he could grab a close up of Kelly's tongue.

Sticking her cum covered tongue out, Kelly made sure that everyone had a good
long look up close and personal, before swallowing, after which she stuck her
tongue back out to show the crowd that she'd indeed eaten every last drop of
her father's creamy seed.

"Now crawl back stage and get ready for your dance while daddy deals with
the manager Pumpkin" Al told his daughter, not even allowing her to pull
her pants up as she crawled ever so slowly back stage, her ass wiggling
seductively behind her, before disappearing back stage.

"She'll need a stage name Al" the managed advised, rubbing the aching hard on
Kelly had caused. That cock teasing bitch was going to be doing a lot more
than dancing on the stage the horny manager decided.

"Sweater Meat" Bud suggested, remembering his earlier thoughts as Kelly had
skipped down the stairs to his basement.

"Sweater Meat it is" Manager agreed.

* * *

"Gentleman, put your hands together for the hottest piece of ass in the
tristate area, Sweater Meat!" the manager of the Jiggly Room announced to
massive applause. The place was packed.

Kelly skipped out onto the stage, the huge boulders under her sweater
bouncing beautifully. Grabbing the brass pole, Kelly swung around it once,
before shoving her huge breasts around it.

Pushing her tit meat around the phallic piece of metal with her hands, Kelly
started fucking the pole like she would a cock. She had to do her best or her
father would punish her, so Kelly held nothing back, fucking the pole with
sensitive tits savagely.

The look in Kelly's eyes as she fucked herself to a screaming titgasm was
priceless, as was the cum strain soaking her jeans.

Kelly unzipped her pants which dropped to her ankles, reminding everyone of
what had just a occur just 10 minutes before. Getting on her knees, Kelly
thrust her ass out at the crowd, before smacking her ass cheeks hard with
both hands, again reminding her fans of her public spanking.

Their wasn't a soft cock in the builder as Kelly's hands first pried her ass
cheeks apart, then her tight asshole, her fingers opening her sphincter wide
enough that everyone could see inside her shitter.

A Canadian tourist, deciding to give Kelly a special tip, took a roll of
toonies and shoved the money into the blonds unsuspecting ass. Kelly moaned
at the unexpected violation of her asshole, but she did nothing to stop him
from fucking her with the Canadian currency.

Kelly's eyes closed as her body was consumed by assgasms that left her
breathless, the pleasure making her forget to breath in, smothering her with
its intensity.

Kelly let go of her sphincter, which sprang back to its proper shape.

Kelly's asshole was so tight, she didn't even need to clenched her ass
muscles as she got to her feet, she wouldn't drop the money stuffed in her
bum, her rectum was too tight to allow for that.

Kelly squeezed her ass even tighter, and to everyone's surprise managed to
squeeze out a single toony from her ass. One by one, Kelly shit out toonies,
until the roll was empty, at which point she used her ass muscles to remove
the empty roll paper from her ass.

"Do you guys want to see tits?" Kelly asked, getting screams of wordless lust
and chants of "Sweater Meat, Sweater Meat, Sweater Meat..." taken up by the

"I can't hear you!" Kelly teased, kicking up the volume of chanting from the
crowd to a fevered pitch, to the point where Kelly was worried they might get
violent if she did give them the sweater meat they were demanding.

Kelly had never felt so humiliated, so powerless, or so turned on in her life
as she did when she ripped open her sweater, her mountainous knockers exposed
to the hundreds of screaming, whistling, and cheering guys filling the Jiggly
Room, not to mention Buds cameras.

Remembering what Bud had forced her to do earlier as she tossed her sweater
to Ike, one of her father's friends, Kelly grabbed her soft breasts by the
base and started smacking them against each other, the Jiggly Room was filled
with the beautiful sound of her perfect tits colliding like two heavenly
juggernauts, the stunning music of her tit meat smacking into each other
overwhelming the sounds of the crowd.

Every eye in the room was rivetted to Kelly's chest, the sight of the blonds
beautiful milk melons crashing together, her huge tits glistening with a
sheen of sweat, the slut purring with arousal at the self abuse of her tender
tit meat, had guys by the dozens cumming in their pants, soaking their
underwear with jizz, which they then removed and tossed at Kelly in the same
fashion that an Opera fan would toss roses at a signer they enjoyed.

"God, this feels sooo good, do you want to see me cum, want to me make my
tits cum for you?" Kelly asked, pussy juice trickling down her legs as the
little blond slut race to a shocking public titgasm.

The howls of glee from her audience were answer enough for Kelly who tossed
her head back screaming as she came, smacking her tits together faster and
harder, the titgasmic pleasure in her ample breasts blocking out the rest of
the universe so that the only things left were her huge knockers smashing
together sending lethal bolts of orgasmic bliss throughout Kelly's existence.

It seemed to last forever. When Kelly finally came down, it was as a pair of
underwear were lofted through the air, landing on her oversized hooters.

Kelly looked down at the boxer shorts, open the waist band to show everyone
the sperm covered crotch, which smelled of cock and ball sweat.

Kelly turned them around and licked her lips, before descending on her snack,
licking the nasty underwear clean, swallowing the cum stains and musky sweat.

Kelly then rubbed the rank pair of boxers all over her big breasts, making
them bounce and jiggle as she did so, until the lovely smell of her mammoth
tits completely overwhelmed the old one smell, tossing them back to the
original owner, now smelling of Kelly's huge hooters.

Kelly went back to tit fucking the brass pole, this time with her bare tits,
the cold metal making her nipples hard and cunt wet. While Kelly was fucking
herself to another titgasm, Al got on stage about to give the crowd what they
wanted most of all, to see Kelly fucked by her own daddy.

"Kelly, it's time for the real thing" Al announce as he smack her ass from
behind. Kelly jumped, not hearing him approach, and swallowed. She was
horrified by the thought of fucking her father, but even if her father didn't
spank her, the crowd would never let her leave until she was well and truly

Kelly layed down on her back and spread her legs submissively when Al knelt
between her them, but instead of fucking her Al grabbed Kelly her nipples and
pulled so hard on them that her upper body was slightly lifted off the floor.

The pain shooting through Kelly huge knockers was only dwarfed by the
pleasure said pain caused, making the Bundy cum yet again, this time a mixed

It was in that agonizing position that Al finally stuck his cock into her,
filling his daughter with dick meat.

Kelly gasped as her cunt was violated by her own father's big cock, the one
man in the world she'd thought would see her as something other than fuck
meat, had her completely impaled on the biggest dick Kelly had ever had
inside. Apparently her daddy saw her as fuck meat too.

While Kelly's mind was rebelling against this violation, Kelly body was
responding to it, losing the battle against the blissful joy her daddy's dick
was giving her as he fucked his gorgeous daughter brutally, punishing her
tight cunt with his cock for all the teasing, the slutty outfits, and the
fact that she'd grown up to have such mouth watering hooters.

Al finally let go of Kelly's well abused breasts, grabbing her long legs
instead, using them to fuck his sultry daughter remorselessly, raping her
cunt with the cruel stamina of a man half his age.

"Oh god Kelly, you've got to be the best fuck I've every had!" Al roared
as he sped up his fucking, the sounds of his cock pounding away into his
daughter's, prick milking cunt, echoing there out the Jiggly Room.

"Fuck me daddy, feed me your big dick daddy, fuck your daughter while
everyone watches, make cum on your cock so they see what slut I am, because
I love my daddy's big juicy cock" Kelly begged, looking up into fathers eyes
as she did so.

"You god damn fuck toy Kelly!" Al screamed as his cock exploded, jizz
blasting from his cock like a dam bursting, filling his daughter with more
of her daddy's sperm then such a tight hole had space for, flooding over
onto the stage floor.

Feeling her dad's cum inside her triggered Kelly's own orgasm, a soul
consuming blast of blissful torment.

Al removed himself from Kelly with a loud plop, rubbing his sperm and cunt
juice covered cock all over his daughter's trim stomach.

"Kelly, er, I mean Sweater Meat, you'd better lick the stain you made on the
carpet clean" Al suggested, which really wasn't a suggestion at all.

Kelly rolled over on her hands and knees. Kelly's lapped at the cum stained
carpet, but not fast enough for her father, who removed his belt.

Crack, went his belt as it made contact with his lovely daughter's ass,
making Kelly whimper and lick faster.

"Lick faster Sweater Meat, you busty little whore, swallow every last drop"
Al demanded of his daughter, bringing his belt down on her ass again.

It was never fast enough for Al, who just loved smacking his daughter's
sweet ass, making her whimper, humiliating till she creamed, paingasms which
distracted her from licking the carpet clean, which meant more punishment for
the lovely white globes of her ass.

As Kelly finished licking up every last trace of cum, she felt a warm liquid
hitting her back. Kelly looked over her shoulder to see her daddy pissing on
her, which sent a thrill through her, which in turn sent horror shooting
through her. What was she becoming? She was already a slut, but this was to
the next level. She was turning a sperm bucket, the realization making her
tremble with fear.

"Oh yeah daddy, shower my with pee, that's right piss all over me, piss on
you piece of ass daughter, oh god it's making me so fucking hot" Kelly
groaned, getting some on her fingers so she could lick it off.

The look on Kelly's face as sucking her fingers clean was encouragement
enough for the entire front row, who joined her father in pissing on her.

Hot golden liquid cascaded her back, trickling between her butt cheeks to
pool on the floor, while the guys on the other side of the stage aimed for
her face, the salty streams spraying her in the cheek, to drip down onto her
oversized fun bags.

Bud, who had guys working the cameras now, aimed his golden stream straight
into his sister's mouth, who's mouth filled up with as much of her brother's
hot piss as it could hold, so she could have the taste of it in her mouth as
long as possible, before swallowing it, even going as far as gargling the
golden nectar.

Bud still had plenty of tasty piss for his sister, so Kelly grabbed his dick,
shoving the head of it between her lips, while Bud pissed away, filling her
with a mouthful, before she'd gargle it, without spilling so much as drop of
the treasure golden ambrosia before it slipped down her throat.

When she'd sucked up ever last drop of her brother salty golden ale, she went
after his sperm, blowing her brother with the suction force of an expanding
vortex, her cock hungry mouth slurping on it noisily, the hot sucking sounds
of his sister's face in his crotch, musical to Bud's ears.

Cum squirted from his cock like a water gun filled with melted marshmallows,
Bud's creamy sperm blending with his piss on Kelly's tongue to form a salty
extravaganza of cunt tingling delights.

"I've been waiting for that for so long" Bud admitted, before Griff and
Officer Dan pushed him out of the way to take their turn the hottest fuck in
the tristate area.

"So much for protect and serve" Kelly muttered as Officer used her pants to
wipe the piss off her, taking a cheap feel of her soft tits, so he could flip
her on her back, tilt her head backwards, making it easier to plunge his
gargantuan cock down Kelly's cock sucking throat.

Officer Dan pumped Kelly's face harder than he pumped a perp for info, his
hairy balls smacking Kelly in the face so hard, she was thankful she didn't
get a black eye.

Kelly had never blown or fucked a black man before, not because she had a
problem with it, a big dick was a big dick to Kelly no matter what kind of
wrapping paper it wore, it all tasted good to Kelly, but because she hadn't
gotten around to it yet.

Griff, had taken the low road, wanting to lose himself in his co-worker's
sweet cunt. He'd been beating off every night to dreams of this moment ever
since Al had introduced him to his hot piece of ass daughter.

Feeling Griff's cock slowly enter her, Kelly's instinctively started sucking
harder and faster on Officer Dan's cock, her mouth sending waves of pleasure
through his dick like it was the portal to heaven.

Griff slammed his cock into the tight blond with the power of a charging war
horse, raping her cunt so hard, her tits were swaying in circles on chest,
smacking against each other with a vulgar cracking sound like thunder Gods

Feeling extra cruel, Officer Dan pulled his stun guns from their holsters,
shoving one into each of her tits, but he didn't pull the triggers.

He waited until Kelly noticed them, watching her eyes widen in terror, her
screams of fear muffled by his cock meat which was brutally raping her
throat, waiting for her fear to reach its zenith, before pressing the
triggers, sending shock waves of the most incredible pain and pleasure Kelly
had ever know in her life throughout her entire mammoth mammaries, instantly
causing Kelly to cum.

The pleasure and pain were beyond what was endurable, but that didn't stop
Dan from pressing the trigger time and against, each time setting off a
multititgasmic experience of hellish delights.

Kelly's screams just made her throat tighten and release around his cock
divinely, milking his prick masterfully.

Only when his stun gun batteries ran out, did Officer Dan toss them aside,
turning now to his night stick to torment the hot blond.

Officer Dan placed the club square above Kelly's big breasts, before pressing
down and forward, setting off a new series of screams around his cock. Just
when Kelly was about to lose consciousness, Officer Dan pulled his cock back
enough to shot his salty load in her mouth.

Griff, who wasn't into that torture thing like Officer Dan was, prefer an old
fashion high impact cunt pounding, looking her in the eyes as he made her
cum, a powerful, but almost relaxing orgasm, that contrasted remarkably with
the ones Officer Dan gave her.

Griff pulled out of Kelly, shooting his spunk onto her trim stomach like a
gentleman, again as opposed to Officer Dan who made her suck ever last drop
of sperm from his cock. Both of them left Kelly to her fate.

Kelly groaned as Bob Rooney sat his fat ass down on her belly, until she saw
his cock which had her drooling at its monestrous sight. Who would have guess
that Bob Rooney had the biggest cock of all, a massive magnificent beast fit
for a God, truly it was a thing of beauty, which would have been more
befitting on a Centaur Chief than on the greasy fat ass, who was currently
kneading her huge breasts with his oily fat fingers.

Kelly was almost purring as Bob Rooney's hands pressed her huge hooters
around his cock, enveloping it with the best tit meat Bob had ever had the
pleasure of knowing.

Kelly, who despite her slutty past and display with the brass pole, had never
had a human flesh and blood dick between her mountainous melons before, her
last shred of virginity, found the feeling of such a big, hot, throbbing cock
encompassed by her soft mam meat, to be an exhilarating and intoxicating

"Fuck my megamams you fat, greasy, horse prick wielding God!" Kelly screamed
as her tits got the fucking of a life time, the fireworks going off in her
beautiful breasts so enrapturing her, that having her velvety soft tits
fucked by Bob Rooney's gorgeous cock was the closest Kelly had ever been to
having a religious experience.

When Kelly's series of megatitgasms hit her like a meteorite shower, so
intense was the sensations swamping her big breasts, that Kelly lifted Bob
Rooney up as her back arched, in an impressive feat of strength induced by
the extraordinary pleasure coursing through her titties like blood through
her veins.

Sperm gushed out from Rooney's cock like an dangerous flood, plastering
Kelly's voluminous tits, graceful neck, and gorgeous face with more hot,
creamy sperm then all of Kelly's pathetic boyfriends could produce combined.

Bob Rooney got up and grabbed the huge pair of boxers he'd tossed at the
stage earlier, throwing them to Kelly to use to wipe her herself off.

Wiping all of the cum off her lovely body, Kelly then proceeded to lick the
gooey mess off of Bob Rooney's musky sweat soaked underwear, before rubbing
his underwear all over her massive hooters, till they smelled of her
mountainous peaks.

Kelly tossed Bob his boxers back, which now smelled like her big breasts, and
rolled over onto her hands and knees, thinking it was finally over, until to
her dread she heard the bark of a dog. Looking back over her shoulder, Kelly
saw Buck, the Bundy family dog, being lead onto the stage by Al.

"Buck, you don't want to do this, were best friends!" Kelly reminded the
dog, who jumped up, its front paws landing on her back. Unshed tears filled
Kelly's eyes at the ultimate betrayal, as the one creature that she loved
most in the world, the animal she had stood by when no one else would,
pressed its big doggy dick against her hot, wet, welcoming slit.

As Kelly felt her dogs dick enter her, something snapped within her, and to
her shock found she was begging her dog for its dick. "Fuck me Buck, fuck
this big breasted bitch, oh yeah baby I'm your bitch, give all that hot hard
dog meat Buck, oh God I love fucking dogs!" Kelly admitted, making sure every
last person in the Jiggly Room heard her admission.

Buck fucked Kelly like a wild maniac, but to the dogs surprise, Kelly was
fucking back just as hard, no longer resisting her cum bucket status, even
revelling in her public debasement.

*wow, who needs that up tight ass poodle up the street, when their's a red
hot busty blond bitch at home* Buck thought to himself, as his cock
"accidentally" popped out of Kelly wet cunt and into her ass.

Kelly screamed in pain, but just fucked back against Buck all the harder,
eager to have her ass inundated with dog sperm.

As Kelly succumbed to yet another assgasm that left her muscles feeling like
puddy, Buck granted the bimbo wish, her tight ass guzzling the dog sperm like
the grade A whore she was.

Thanks to its knot, Kelly couldn't get free until the dog was fully spend,
until it emptied the entire usable contents of its balls into Kelly tight
rectum. Kelly started whimpering as she really had to take a shit, but she
couldn't because Bucks dick was still blocking her ass like a cork.

Finally after what seemed an unbearable eternity, Kelly's ass was cock free,
and she was about to run to the bathroom, when Al intervened.

"You know the rule Kelly, you get the dog dirty, you clean him" Al reminded
her cruelly, pointing at Buck cock.

Kelly shot him daggers from her eyes, but Al didn't notice. "How could you do
this to me, your own daughter, how could you rape me?" Kelly asked, wanting
an answer before she'd start blowing Buck.

"Oh stop your whining, I get raped all the time by your mother, its no big
deal, so stop your complaining and start your sucking" Al answered, pointing
at Buck cock again.

A plan was forming in Kelly's dumb, but cunning mind, as she got on her knees
and put her head under Buck.

Kelly started by licking the sperm and brown streaks off Buck's cock, before
moving onto blowing it, finally even deepthroating it. Buck didn't have much
left in the way of sperm, so it took forever for Buck to cum in Kelly's
mouth. It took longer for Buck's knot to soften.

Kelly, jumped up holding her ass. "I been a good little fuck toy daddy, can
I go to the ladies room now" Kelly asked, plying all her considerable charms
on her father.

"Sure Pumpkin" Al answered sweetly, grabbing Kelly's arm as she tried to
speed off to the ladies room. "After you finish with them" Al added, pointing
to the crowd surging around Kelly like a flood of horny men.

Kelly screamed as she was swarmed by hundreds of men.

* * *

Kelly sat down very gingerly on the sofa. There wasn't an inch of her body
that was sore, but Kelly was smiling.

Bud and Al came up the stares gabbing about the new addition of Big 'Uns,
Bud's first issue. On the cover was Kelly, a look of titgasmic bliss on her
face as Bob Rooney's dick blew its mighty load all over her. Thankfully no
other part of Bob was in the picture.

Al opened the extra large centre fold, which was a massive picture of Kelly
being fucked in the ass by the dog.

"Hey, Bud tell you what, just to prove there's was no hard feelings I'll sign
the first 50 copies, cover and centre fold, starting with that one" Kelly
offer too sweetly.

Bud handed her the magazine, sitting beside her on the sofa, putting the
money he'd made off of her body on the table, a huge stack of bills that had
been tips intended for Kelly.

"Happy hunting, love your big sister Kelly" Kelly said reading it out loud
ofter she wrote it, making sure the word big was on her breasts, which to
Buds amazement she actually managed to spell properly.

Kelly signed the her centre fold too, again making sure the word big added
emphasis to the size of her tits in the picture.

"You're the best Kell" Bud declared, wrapping his arm around his big sister
in a loving embrace, until he coped a quick and cheap feel.

Instead of pushing Bud away, Kelly pushed his hands onto both of her huge
melons, actually encouraging him to feel her up, getting him take great
handfuls of her tit meat in his grubby paws.

Rubbing Bud's crotch, Kelly noticed that he was getting hard, just as her
father, who was watching, was.

"Bud, in the spirit of the truce, I've even found your next cover model,
she's a red head, big tits, and no one loves sucking cock more then her"
Kelly promised.

Al stopped stroking his dick as a feeling of impending doom descended upon

"Oh Al!" Peggy, his wife of more years then he cared to think about, cried
out as she walked down the stairs wearing nothing but the biggest strap-on
Al had ever seen. It was the real reason he never wanted to have sex with
his hot wife.

"Oh god no!" Al bellowed, turning to his daughter. "Have you no compassion
for your dear old dad?" Al asked accusingly of his daughter.

"Oh stop your whining daddy, I get raped all the time by my dates, its no
big deal, so stop your complaining and start your sucking" Kelly countered,
turning his own words against him.

Bud, who'd shoved Kelly's blue sweater up and started sucking greedily on his
sister's mountainous melons, which was getting Kelly really wet, looked up
reluctantly to see what was causing all the commotion.

Bud mouth went dry at the sight of his Mother's tits, his cock getting harder
as his eyes moved down her trim body, devouring the view, until he reached
the strap-on, pissing himself at the sight.

Peggy grabbed her son and husband each by the dick, declaring "if Al gets a
piece of Kelly, I get a piece you Bud!", pulling them up the stairs by their
manhood, both screaming for mercy.

"What comes around goes around" Kelly shouted up the stairs vengefully,
before returning to her seat.

Kelly pulled her sweater down and started counting her money as the screams
resounding up stairs rose higher, bringing a smile to the blond Bundy's face.


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