Married... With Children: Big 'Uns Part 2 - Esmeralda's Habit
by Omega Phallic ([email protected])

"Please sir, in the name of Christ, please don't ever enter this den of sin,
you soul depends on it" Esmeralda pleaded with a young man looking to enter
the Jiggly Room. The young man looked just stood there while Esmeralda warned
him of the "dangers" to his soul that a place like the Jiggly Room presented,
giving her hope the she might actually reach this young man, until she
realized he was just staring at her gigantic breasts, not listening to her

"Carlos!" she cried out, to which her brother responded to by blocking the
young man's view of her ample chest, his own body.

The young man decided that the nun was more trouble then she was worth,
slipping into the Jiggly Room.

Esmeralda had been at it all day, protesting the Jiggly Room with her brother
as pence for her sin. She had chosen to do this as a way of pence for her sin
of having a premarital fling with a guy named Bud Bundy before she'd entered
the service of Christ.

It'd been her first time and last time, filling her with great remorse,
driving her to chose the sidewalk outside the Jiggly Room as the place for
her punishment, a self prescribed punishment of having to stay here until
she drove at least one man away from the sin pit.

So far not only had she failed to get a single man to at least delay entering
the establishment, but to her horror, she found her huge chest was attracting
men to the Jiggly Room like flies to shit. It was the only reason the manager
hadn't complained to the police yet, even being nice enough to bring her a
glass water when she got thirsty.

Esmeralda wasn't a quitter though, God she felt had given her a duty and he
would help her complete it.

At least she hadn't been alone, her brother Carlos had been with her the
entire time, protecting his sister without ever asking why she was doing
this. As far as he was concerned, she had been called by God to serve and
it wasn't his place to question her.

Thinking about the stares her huge wrack had been receiving all day, she
hated to think what might of happened if Carlos hadn't been there to
protect her.

Still, she was thinking of calling it a day, there was still tomorrow to
complete her mission, when she saw Bud Bundy approaching, which she took as
a sign. It was fit that as she had tempted him to sin that it should be her
that helped save him.

"Bud, its me Esmeralda remember me? I'm here to save you from the devil" she
greeted him as if they just old friends.

Bud looked the gorgeous Latin nun over trying to remember who she was when
it hit him like a ton of bricks.

He'd fucked her right before she'd entered the nunnery, she'd been an animal,
ripping his clothes to shred as she'd stripped him. While she'd been the most
passionate fuck of his life, she been reserved in her choices of positions,
only riding him, nothing else. Still it'd been one hell of a ride.

She looked as hot as ever in a tight black blouse, habit, and a long black
skirt. It was a shame she was wasting al that potential as a celibate nun.

Bud tried to enter the club with his friends, Gus, Ahmed, and Francis, but
Esmeralda blocked their way.

"Bud, your soul is in danger if you go in there, as the bible says..."
Esmeralda said as she started lecturing Bud.

As his annoyance with the hot nun grew, so did an utterly evil idea that gave
even Bud pause.

There was no way Bud was going to use the pictures of what had occurred
between him, his father, his mother, and that huge strap-on, shuddering at
the horrid memories, so he still needed a model for the new issue of Big

It was evil to rape a nun, but it was many times worse to allow such great
tits to go to waste.

"Tell you what Esmeralda, you make an excellent point, I know the owner so
can get you into see him, maybe if you tell him what you told me, he'll close
the place down completely" Bud lied, the smile lighting the Latina's face at
his words, making his cock swell.

This was better than Esmeralda was expecting, far better, proving as far as
she was concerned that she was right about God choosing her for this.

She followed Bud and his friends in, her brother tagging along behind,
looking very uncomfortable with the idea of entering a strip club.

His eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he saw Kelly, that lovely flower
he'd considered as pure as a Mother Mary who he'd briefly dated, buck naked
on the stage, pressing her enormous tits together so a guy could shove a two
dollar bill into her cleavage, coping a feel in the process.

"Esmeralda this Akbar, Akbar this your new dancer" Bud introduced, grinning
wickedly at the shocked look on her face.

Terrified Esmeralda turned to leave, but found Bud's friends blocking the
way. Her brother was struggling with the hand cuffs that Officer Dan had
placed on him while he was distracted with the sight of Kelly shaking her
ass for dollar tips.

"Here's the deal you slut, your going up on that stage and your going to
strip, I expect a 110% out of you, and if you don't comply, your brother's
cock is going to be a breakfast sausage" Bud explained as Kelly jumped off
stage, took the stun gun from Officer Dan and pressed it threateningly
against Carlos' cock.

"Don't listen to him, he'll try and take your virginity, don't worry about
me, worry about your duty to God" Carlos declared nobly.

Esmeralda looked away in shame, while laughed sharply. "I took that away from
this slut the day before she became a nun" Bud mocked.

Looking from Esmeralda, who won't look at him, to Bud who grinning evilly,
Carlos still refused to believe it. "You lye like a churr dog!" she shouted
at Bud.

"Please Bud don't make me do this, don't make me break my vows to God" the
beautiful young woman pleaded.

"This and everyone like it is your God now cunt" Bud told Esmeralda as he put
her hand on his cock, her hand instinctively rubbing it, until she realized
she was doing it, pulling her hand away as if it had been thrust into the

"So what's her stage name Bud?" Akbar asked, wondering what kind of perverted
name he'd come up with for her.

"Hmmm, Tit Goddess, nice and pagan for her" Bud answered taking delight in
Esmeralda's disgust.

* * *

"We have another treat for you again, courtesy of Big 'Uns new owner Bud
Bundy, put your hands together for the Tit Goddess, a nun worthy of the
Gods!" Akbar announced to a wild cheers.

Esmeralda come out on her hands and knees, submissively. Kneeling in front
of Bob Rooney, who was standing on his chair stroking his huge cock already,
like she was praying, worshipping at Bob Rooney's altar of cock.

Esmeralda tossed her habit onto his altar like an offering, which Bob Rooney
used to beat his meat.

Looking at the cock pointing right at her Esmeralda tried resist the allure,
the musky scent, the tempting sirens call the sight of it induced in the
beautiful nun, but it won over her faith.

Esmeralda jumped up, spun around the brass pole, her long hair flying around
beautifully. Esmeralda held the pole with one hand, and leaned back, her free
hand pushing through her hair, as she began dry humping the metal phallic

As she got closer to a climax, she pulled forward, wrapping her tits around
the pole, humping it harder, fucking it faster, losing control as the
pleasure raced through her like a forest fire.

Esmeralda throw her head back and swear in Spanish, screaming as she was
doubly hit, a titgasm of terrifying magnitude and clitgasm that blended with
her titgasm, to torment the Hispanic beauty with delights forbidden to those
of the cloth.

At the very height, Esmeralda ripped open her blouse, exposing to utterly
huge orbs encased in a lacy red bra, making Esmeralda's clothes an excellent
metaphor for the woman herself. Conservative on the outside red hot on the

Esmeralda's shirt was first to hit the floor, followed by her skirt, her
panties matching the racy bra containing her gianormous bra busting breasts.

Esmeralda went on her knees in prayer form again, this time in front of
Ahmed, Gus, and Francis' dicks.

Her hands tented as if she was praying the massive cocks in front of her,
Esmeralda, used her thumbs to pop the front clasp of her bra, her tits
popping out to smack into the cocks before her.

Guilt swamped Esmeralda for her blasphemy and her whorish behaviour, but she
had no choice, but to give these perverts the filthy show of a lifetime for
the sake of her brother, who'd alway protected and taken care of her all her
life. His manhood depended on her debasement for its very survival.

Esmeralda removed her bra and tossed it on top of Gus and Francis throbbing
dicks, a cup of the giant bra covering a cock each. To Ahmed she gave her
panties as an offering, pulling up so tight that after wedging into her cunt
for awhile, they ripped right off her. She tied the red panties around his
cock, to which he responded by pushing her onto her back.

Making Esmeralda spread her legs, Ahmed grinned as she whimpered when his
hot breath reached her tender cunt. He teased around her clit, until she was
almost sobbing with need, before muff diving the nun, his mouth feasting on
the Hispanic girls cunt like it was ambrosia.

Esmeralda tossed her head back and arched her back, thrusting her huge
mountains skyward, as Ahmed's tongue tormented her cruelly, driving her
spirally uncontrollable to a screaming climax.

"No, no, please, its to much" the Hispanic nun pleaded with Ahmed, unable to
deal with the pleasure his skilled tongue was sending through her body.

To added to Esmeralda's sexual abuse, Francis and Gus joined in, burying
their face in a huge piece of heaven, her mocha brown tits. Their wasn't an
inch of her impressive tit meat that they left unmolested, breaking her
resistence to her inevitable climax, her tit milk filling the mouths as she
had a titgasm and clitgasm more powerful than anything the young slut had
ever know, stronger than her call to God even. To added strength to the
nun's megagasm, Bud tossed a large leg wax strip to Ahmed, who put it on
Esmeralda's pubic hair and ripped it off, leaving her twat bald and adding
agony to her orgasmic bliss, intensifying it to a megagasmic explosion
inside the craven bitch.

Her screams left no question as to what Esmeralda was experiencing, even for
a fool like her brother, and to his horror, he was getting hard at the sight
of his sister cumming wildly. For a moment he found himself wondering what
it'd be like to rape his own sister, but he forced the thought away,
determined not to give into the evil of Bud Bundy the all consuming power of
Big 'Uns, but it was too late, Kelly noticed the look of cruel lust that
flashed briefly in his eyes.

Kelly pulled Carlos on stage by his dick, while Esmeralda was forced onto her
knees in front of him.

"Remove his pants bitch" Kelly ordered, intending on breaking Carlos from
being a nobly nice guy into cunt pounding rapist like her brother.

Esmeralda swallowed fearfully, but undid her brother's pants and pulled them
down. To her great embarrassment, Esmeralda started salivating at the huge
pop tent in her brother's boxers. "Oh my God Carlos, you could camp elephants
under that tent" his sister gasped.

"Ant it don't you bitch, you want to suck your brother's dick don't you
slut?" Kelly inquired, amused by the shame in Esmeralda's eyes.

"Yes" the simple answer escaping her lips before she could stop it, leaving
her to silently curse the Bundy family for forcing her to behave like a cock
hungry whore.

"Beg your brother for his cock Tit Goddess" Kelly commanded, wanting
Esmeralda's defeat and humiliation to be complete and all consuming.

"Oh God, I know its sin Carlos, but need to taste your dick, I want to suck
your cock more then anything I've ever wanted, I so sorry, its these Bundy's
and their evil" Esmeralda pleaded with her brother, shame and wanton lust
fighting for dominance in her eyes.

Esmeralda pulled her brother's boxer's down, moaning with desire as she saw
his cock, hard from watching her begging for his heavy tool.

Esmeralda took along sniff, burning the smell of her brothers cock into her
mind for all time. She then took a long slow lick of her brother's cock,
almost purring at not only her first taste of her brother's cock, but a her
first taste of cock period.

The beautiful Hispanic woman tried not to drool as she took her brother in
hand, stroking her hot cock in her hand. Finally she could take no more,
slipping the head of cock between her hungry lips.

Esmeralda's head was a blur of passion as her lowered her head down her
brother's shaft with every bob of her head, cumming when she had the whole
thing down her throat. Her throat tensed around his cock, as his sister
creamed from blowing him.

Esmeralda sucked his cock with animal savagery, thirty for his sperm in a
way that a man dying in a dessert was thirsty for water. She couldn't live
without it.

Carlos' self control was dissolving fast under the hot wet assault of his
sister's mouth on his throbbing manhood, so Kelly had Officer Dan uncuff him
so he could fuck his sister's face property.

Carlos mad with lust now, grabbed his sister by the hair and started raping
her face as hard as he could, violating her throat in the most demeaning ways
her could find. "You fucking whore, with tits like yours I should knew all
you were good for is fucking, now suck my dick like a good piece of ass"
Carlos told his sister cruel, having joined the dark side, along with Bud.

"I want anyone to see what a fuck toy you are bitch" he told his sister,
playing his dick out her mouth so he hose her beautiful face with his creamy
white sperm. Having her brother's cum on her face just made Esmeralda all the
more beautiful.

Carlos pushed his sister onto her ass and knelt between the terrified girl's
legs. Carlos had always protected Esmeralda, but she could tell he was about
to rape her. "No please, taking you in my mouth was one thing, but....Ahhhh
oh my God your going split in half with that thing!" Esmeralda screamed as
her brother stabbed his cock into her filling her up with beef.

"Oh, oh, oh m, oh yes fuck me Carlos, show me that I'm just fuck toy"
Esmeralda begged her mind overwhelmed by the cock violating her tight cunt.

Esmeralda whimper powerless as he brother fucked her senselessly, making her
cum time again on her cock, the megagasms enrapturing her in a way that her
God never could.

Esmeralda submissively stared into her brother's eyes as he used her like a
common whore, although as far as looks and fucks go she was anything, but

"Carlos, your cock feels so good inside me, I love my brother's cock, oh God
we should done this years ago" Esmeralda whimpered, her will breaking in the
face of the cruel, brutal fucking her brother was giving her, finally seeing
the hot slut for the tight wet cunt and big tits that she was.

"Please big brother treat like a whore, I want you treat me like I'm nothing,
but fuck meat from now on" Esmeralda told her brother as she looked him in
the eyes so he'd know she meant it.

Carlos' fingers sunk roughly into his sister's enchanting tit meat as grabbed a hold,
sending blissful agony tearing through mammaries, as fiery bolts of hot white
sperm blasted her tight young cunt sheath, making her cum one last time.
Esmeralda was having her greatest spiritual experience from being filled with
her brother's hot jizz, a blissful enrapturement that Christianity could
never compete with.

"Holy crap, that 220 gasm of orgasmic energy" Bud declared, having taken the
rape of Esmeralda by her formally loving brother as an opportunity to test
his new toy, an orgas-o-meter, which measured female climaxes in units called
gasms. It looked like speed radar the cops and sometime batting cages used.

Carlos was far from done with his bemoaning slut of a sister, as Officer Dan
handed him a dildo he'd crossed with on of his stun guns.

Carlos could tell was it was from the metal bolts protruding from the head,
but he was passed caring, getting hard again at the though of making his
sister fuck herself with it vigorously.

"Fuck your self with and tell me how much you like it cunt" Carlos whispered
into his sister's ear as he bent down to hand the nun, the stun gun dildo.

Esmeralda could tell from the twin metal studs on the head that this was
going hurt, even if she didn't know exactly what it was, aside from being a
dildo of course.

Esmeralda started off teasing her long pointy nipples, moving it around in
ever widening spiral, till she was circling the entire swell of her giant

This was making her wet, especial the fact that was in front of such a huge
crowd, but Esmeralda knew a menacing look from her brother that it was time
pull the trigger and see what this puppy was capable of.

Esmeralda pressed the cock head of the dildo hard into her soft tit meat,
right other dark brown nipple, looked her brother right in the eyes that
bespoke of betrayal, and pull the trigger.

The pain as too incredible to allow her to scream. Agony rushed through the
nun's heavy breast like a damn breaking, swamping out everything, but the
paingasm her inhuman torment triggered, the pleasure of the mind bending
paingasm blending with hellish agony in her soft mammary, leaving the
horrified nun yearning for more, leaving her sicken at the thought of what
Bud had turned her and her brother into.

Hell would be sending Bud back, that one was too evil a prick even for that
place Esmeralda decided.

Turning to her other tender tit, Esmeralda hesitated, building up the
anticipation in the room, the sexual nerve wracking tension to its peak
before moaning with utter lust and pulling the trigger, this time a
scream managing to forced its way free of the nun's cock swallowing

Esmeralda's hand moved slowly up and down her body, cupping her giant left
tit, before travelling back down again, while the growing slut teased her
clit the stun gun dildo, looking fearfully into her brother's eyes, before
pressing the trigger.

Agony flayed both Esmeralda's clit and her soul alive, the pain not only
triggering a paingasm with power of a large earthquake, but it also caused
the lovely Hispanic fuck slut to piss herself, to the amusement of the crowd,
not to mention her eternal humiliation.

Esmeralda moaned and licked her lips teasing, entering the dildo into the
wet welcoming depths for the first time, having never masturbated before,
believing it be a sin.

Esmeralda fucked herself with slow steady strokes, speeding up as time went
by, arching her back as moaned in pleasure, gabbing her tits with her free
hand squeezing first one, then the other hard, driving herself to an old
fashioned G-spot orgasm.

Esmeralda whimpered as she approach her point of eternal slutty rapture,
her whimpering turning into whorish declaration of debased and depraved
slutifaction as it hit, taking up on high in an almost spiritual rapture
of the multigasmic type.

"Fuck! I such a slutty whore, big pair of tits born to worship cock and
pussy, thank master for raping me and teaching me that I'm nothing but a
whore whose only reason to exist is serve cock!" Esmeralda screamed,
delirious in her depraved rapture.

Esmeralda pulled the cum soak stud gun dildo out of her with messy plop
sound, before sucking it clean, gazing up at her brother with fuck eyes.

Buddy could take no more, bending his sister over the stage, ignore her
complaints and missed kicks.

Bud rubbed his dick against Kelly's wet, slit, her complaints mixing with
deep moans of lust.

Bud smack Kelly's ass for resisting, till bitch was nice hot for him,
impaling her on his giant dick when Kelly started sobbing, no longer
offering any resistance to her brother's cock.

Kelly stopped crying as Bud got into rhythm, fucking her with deep fast
strokes, her tears turning into moans of joy as her tight young cunt
slurped thirstily at her brother's well hung cock.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda's brother had pressed against the floor, looking over
her shoulder at her brother who was rubbing his dry dick against her equally
dry brown chute.

Esmeralda bit her lip gently as her brother thrust his way into her ass
savagely, slamming his dick, not only all the way in a single thrust, but
at an angle that would ensure as much agony as possible to his lovely sister,
as he raped her sweet ass.

Esmeralda, lost in her greed for pain, started tearfully begging her brother
to rape and defile her with greater cruelty, to make her his bitch, all in

Carlos had never fucked anything as hot and tight as his sister's beautiful
ass, riding her bum rough and fast, getting off on agony it most be causing
ravishing sister and knew the slut loved every minute.

Esmeralda bit down gently down on her shoulder as she started to cum, her
assgasm wrecking havoc with her mind, it was too much pleasure thing were
going blurry and dark.

Esmeralda was worried that she might be dying when Jesus she'd to appear out
of no where.

"Jesus, are here save me?" Esmeralda asked hopeful while her brother's cock
continued plowing into beautiful bottom.

Jesus, Alex Jackson, as they called him at the mental hospital, pulled his
cock free from robes and offered it to Esmeralda mouth.

"You're nothing, but a huge pair tits, or at least your tits only part,
besides your holes, that matters, you've been chosen to be a fuck toy for
every guy you wants you, your new God is cock, are ready to worship you
worthless cum slut?" Jesus answered, asking a question in return, while
rubbing his dick all over Esmeralda lips.

"Oh God yes, I accept my place as fuck toy, and accept that the only parts
of me that matter are my wet holes, and huge fuck tits Jesus, please can I
take your flesh sword between my lips, I dying to have my tongue baptized
by your sperm, I promise to swallow every drop" Esmeralda grovel like busty
tart, which was what she was.

Getting Jesus' approval, Esmeralda smiled, realizing the only part Jesus she
cared about now was his hard cock, which she expertly slipped between her
lips, stuffing him greedily into her mouth in a race to see how fast she
could get him down her throat.

Kelly was on all four now, not far from Esmeralda, getting smacked in the
face by hard cock, but still refusing to out her mouth, while brother plowed
deeply into the blond slut tight wet snatch.

Bud spanked his sister's beautiful white bum, just as he felt she was close
to cumming, propelling the blond fuck toy into orgasmic bliss.

Kelly screamed out from her raw, powerful, all consuming multigasm, leaving
a target for Gus' dick, the friend of Bud shoving his dick between Sweeter
Meat's lips, grabbed her blond hair and using it to raped the busty bitches
face brutally.

"This is my revenge for all the cock teasing bitch, that right you fucking
whore, suck my dick, it what you snobby big titted sluts were built for" Gus
growled as his cock plunged the depths of Kelly's throat, his pubic hair
tickling her nose when even he buried his entire cock in her throat on every

Ahmed, got under Kelly, suckling on one of her big tits, drinking up the
cheap whore's milk, as his cock joined Bud's in brutalizing Kelly's narrow

Kelly screamed around Gus' cock at the massive intrusion, her dripping wet
snatch filled more cock than Kelly could stand. It was about get worse for
Sweater Meat.

Ahmed pulled the pliers from his pocket and went to work on Kelly's long
pointed nipple, tugging hard enough on Sweater Meat's nipples that whole
new screaming of agony were elicited from the Bundy slut.

The agony in her tits drove Kelly to fuck and suck harder, the the titty
torture turning Kelly on so much, that all resistance to being a fuck toy
for all men, evaporated.

Esmeralda remember hearing the myths of nun's who were made to by Jesus
realized that being fuck meat, a wet hole for those in need was her sacred
duty, one's never forsake again she told herself as she slipped Jesus' cock
to her dick worshipping mouth.

Still the hispanic slut almost bolted when she felt a dog, good old Buck
Bundy, jump up on her back and press ho's big hot dick against her asshole,
but Jesus held her there by grabbing her luxurious raven black hair, using
it to guide Esmeralda's mouth as he forced his cock in and out of her young

"Slut Goddess, never again are you to with hold your holes, if you understand
your place as a fuck toy for the beasts of the earth, prove it by guiding the
dog's dick into your ass" Jesus told the gorgeous hispanic pair of tits.

Esmeralda was horrified, it was dog after all, but Jesus told her too, so she
took Buck's cock and aim it right her asshole, so the Buck could slam his
dick right into her brown chute on the first thrust, the agony so unbearable,
the she almost bit down on Jesus, getting a hard smack in the face with his
dick for her sins, before he started raping the lovely nun's face again.

Buddy smiled gleefully as the sight of the stunning Hispanic nun, sucking
away with religious fever, on "Jesus" throbbing cock, while the slut took
it up the ass from Buck. "Good dog Buck, teach the fucking busty fuck slut
that's your bitch boy" Bud shouted, to cheers of agreement from the crowd
watching the nun being defiled.

As Bud raped Kelly's tight young cunt, his cock slick with her juices as he
pumped in and out of her, he wished he could thank her for calling up Jesus
on his outpatient day, but her mouth was too busy sucking on her daddy's to
reply, the hot slut slurping greedily, if unwilling, on her father's cock,
Gus' sperm now dripping from her pretty face.

Bud and Ahmed picked up the pace, seeing if they could make Kelly cum one
last time before filling the tight bitch with hot sperm.

Kelly took the cocks pounding at her holes and her daddy's dick raping her
throat greedily, finally broken in for good, realizing she was Bud property
now, his slave, a human blow up doll for men, that was all she would ever
be, pleasuring cock, any cock, even dog or horse cock, was all that mattered

An orgasm ripped through the soul of the shattered and enslaved slut,
cementing her acceptance of her sperm bucket status. Ahmed pulled hard on
Kelly's nipples with his pliers, intensifying her pleasure with pain, milk
squirting in his face as a result.

It was a close call, with spunk splashing up against the walls of Kelly's
tight cunt, the duo raping Bud's sister till the last drop was drained,
before pulling out and moving onto Kelly's asshole, making the blond fuck
toy scream around her daddy's cock, which was buried so deeply down his
Pumpkin's throat, that her scream vibrated his whole cock.

Kelly had accepted her new role as existing only to slate the lusts of men
so much, she actually wiggled her ass so the guys would be buried in her
butt up to the hilt despite the supreme agony it caused, even relishing the
pain because it was caused by cock.

Al Bundy, pulled his dick free of Kelly's wet mouth, painting his daughter's
beautiful face with her daddy's sperm, the blond whore thanking her daddy for
using her as his sperm bucket.

Esmeralda was jerking Jesus off during the same moment, hoping she'd be the
next slut to be used as a sperm bucket, purring with joy as an awesome tidal
wave of sperm escaped his cock to hose the nun's face down with salty nut

This left Esmeralda free to focus on the dog butt fucking her brains out.
"Oh God, oh God, OH MY FUCKING GOD" Esmeralda screamed at the top of her
lungs as she assgasmed, the dog's pounding his dicks way up her ass all
the fucking way to the dog fucking slut's bowels.

As the dog shot his load into her ass, Esmeralda flopped tits first to the
floor in utter subjugation, her tits smacking meatily as they made contact
with the stage.

It was Kelly turn to take a galleon of sperm up her bum, Bud and Ahmed's
sticky spunk, coating the blond slut's bowels as she assgasmed one last time,
while she sucked on Griffith's sweaty balls, savoring the musky scent and

"Bud Bundy!" Bud heard his girlfriend Amber shout. Bud instinctively wiped
his dick clean on Kelly's hot ass before putting his flesh sword away.

"Look Amber I can explain..." Bud started, but quickly trailed off, at a loss
for words.

"Don't start Bud, I was in the ladies washroom the whole time, I got here
before you did to ask your sister for her opinion on your birthday present,
I saw you raping that hot nun till she was your willing fuck toy, I saw you
raping Kelly, your own sister, till she broke, becoming a willing sperm
bucket, and all have to say to a disgusting adulterous rapist like you, is
that it was hottest thing I have ever seen, oh God Bud I know it's wrong to
get wet from seeing other women raped, but I swear to you Bud, my panties
are just soaked Amber admitted, kissing Bud hungrily afterwards.

"See what I got you for birthday?" Amber asked as she shook her tits, her
new massive tits, at Bud through her tank top.

It was a weeks before his birthday, but looking at his girlfriend's new
hooters, Bud was glad he didn't have to wait.

Amber yanked up her top, getting huge thrill from exposing her enormous new
tits to the gathered losers, getting off on the fact that they her only as
her sweater meat and nothing else. She felt bad about it, but being sexually
objectified by men made hot.

As Bud grabbed two firm handfuls of Amber's new tits, he remarked on how
pillowy soft they were, before diving into the twin oceans of mam meat.

Amber moaned throatily as Bud feasted on her jugs in public. "Bud, master,
can I suck Kelly's shit off your dick, I promise to be your slut queen, I
rape the men, I'll help rape the women, and we'll turn this town into a
pile of quivering cum slut!" Amber offering as rapidly spiraled towards an
explosive titgasm.

Bud signalled his agreement by suckling Amber to a screaming multititgasm,
that milk squirting into his mouth like titty cum.

Bud straightened up once Amber was finished, wearing his milk mustache like
a badge of pride.

Amber graceful dropped to her knees before Bud like a good Slut Queen, taking
a good long sniff of Bud's cock, before lapping the cum and shit off it with
a smile on her face.

"Kelly, or Sweater Meat I should say, you fucking sperm bucket, get over
here and eat you mistress' pussy" Bud ordered his sister, who crawled over
to Amber submissively.

Kelly sniffed Amber's wet pussy, having never eaten out another woman before,
Kelly was a little timid, but feared her owner would punish her big titties
again with the stun guns if she didn't make Amber cum, so she slipped a
couple of fingers into Amber tight cunt, sawing in and out of her rapidly,
while her tongue became a whirlwind of clitty licking passion.

Bud in turn ordered Esmeralda to lick the sperm from Kelly's ass and pussy,
the busty nun obeying like a good slave slut, placing her mouth around the
brown pucker of Kelly's ass, licking and sucking away, drinking both the
sperm and the booty juice like a fantatic.

Amber was deepthroating Bud, an activity she dearly loved, when she shoved
a finger up Bud's ass, making him shoot his creaming load down her sperm
swallowing mouth.

Bud wiped his dick off on his girlfriend's new rack, smacking her soft mam
meat with heavy cock, watching jiggle as he did so.

"That right you worthless bitch, suck my cunt, make me cum, it's all your
good for isn't Kelly" Amber demanded, reaching behind, to grab a hold of
Kelly's hair, to help Amber grind her dripping wet snatch into Kelly's face.

Kelly did the something to Esmeralda, minus the humiliating speech, she had
a wet pussy in her face after all, grinding the Hispanic whore's beautiful
face into her waxed bald pussy.

Bud wrapped Amber's soft tits around his big hard dick, the Slut Queen
purring as her master's dick disappeared into her mam meat.

Kelly's tongue dived deeply into the depth's of Amber's wet cunt, only to
emerge to tongue Amber's slut button, Kelly's tongue moving rapidly back and
forth across the Slut Queen's clit, before back into the tasty depth's of
Amber's wet cunt, starting the cycle all over again.

Amber hot, tight, young, pussy trapped Kelly's tongue within, almost crushing
the life from it as the Slut Queen creamed double, pussy juice squirting into
Kelly's face like a lesbian money shot, while her massive gravity defying
hooters squirted titty milk at Bud's belly, as a first class titgasm erupted
in the depths of her mam meat.

Kelly was the next to cum, thank to Esmeralda shoving her fist up Kelly's
now clean ass, while her mouth moved onto hoover the hot salty sperm and
cunt sauce from Kelly's tight slit.

Kelly's lower holes exploded with an array of colourful orgasmic pleasures,
they left her panting, exhausted on the edge of consciousness.

Bud was last, but for from least the lucky bastard, as dick glided along
Amber's smooth tit skin, a few dozen more times, ending the tit fuck with a
gooey storm of hot white jizz, the creamy guy juice, giving Amber a new pearl
necklace to got all with her spunk covered tits.

Amber moved away from Bud and Kelly, wearing Bud sperm proudly, telling her
boyfriend "I'm going to prove how much I love you Bud Bundy and how much I
meant my promise to be your Slut Queen by showing how big a slut I am, by
fucking not only your dog Buck, but every dog here, plus the tiger one of
the strippers in the back rides."

Bud watch in amazement as Buck mounted his girlfriend, the little slut
guiding Buck hard cock into her dripping wet snatch, Amber looking up into
Bud's eyes adoringly as fucked his dog.

Kelly and Esmeralda were forced on stage, both cum sluts to defeated to
resist as two more dogs were brought forwards, one a German Shepard, the
other, a pit bull.

Kelly sobbed silently as the German Shepard entered her with a forceful
thrust, his cock pounding away at her tight pussy with a vengeance, making
the human sperm bucket breath heavily with deep seated pleasure.

Esmeralda was begging the pit bull to rape her hard and rough in Spanish,
whimpering in shame and pleasure as the dog violated the nun's hot young
pussy, with savage, animalistic fury.

Kelly's, Esmeralda's, and Amber's ginormous knockers to smacked against
each other with a thunderous crack, with every thrust the dog's made into
their tiny, narrow pussies.

Bud called for three more dogs, for the girls to blow, while the first three
fucked them silly, when who finally showed up, but none other than the Bundy
MILF herself, Peggy.

Peggy's eye went wide at the sight of three young, beautiful women fucking
dogs, while each grabbed a hold of a second dog cock, slipping it between
their lips in order to deepthroat the beasts.

Peggy wisely tied to flee, but it was too late, brawny men, dragged her
kicking and screaming before son.

"Bud, about last time, sorry about the dildo, I you would have preferred be
the top instead of the bottom, but I stopped letting guys in since your were
born, you understand right?" a terrified Peggy Bundy explained.

"What do we call this one Bud, the busty bitch needs her slave name the owner
of the Jiggly room asked.

Milk Melons Bud decided, ignoring his Mother's pleas for mercy, her cries of
she was his mother, and her apologizes for raping his bum.

It was payback time. Bud grabbed his mom's spandex tiger print top and
ripped apart, her huge milk filled tits, the biggest Bud had seen yet, burst
freeing to Bud's waiting hands.

"Bitch this is how things are going to work from now on, your going to be
that one fucked in the ass, not only that but your forbidden from denying
anyone the use of your body, you're a free whore from now on, and when were
at home, instead of watch talk shows and eating bonbons all day, you'll
kneel on the bathroom tiles, open you mouth, and be the toilet in case
someone needs to go" Bud told him mother as he pushed her onto her back,
strange hands removing the rest of her clothing, before exploring her whole
body, especially her ginormous jugs.

Bud knelt between his mother's legs and with a powerful thrust, powered by
years of poor mothering, rammed his entire cock into his hot mother all the
way to the hilt, making her gigantic tits bounce and quiver.

Oh God your tight mom, you no idea how love I've dreamed of this day" Bud
told his mother as he started fucking her, the slut whimpering in shock,
humiliation, and worst of all pleasure as her son gave her the fucking
she'd been missing for years.

"Oh Bud, this is...isn't...isn't right...don't stop Bud fuck your mommy,
shove the big cock into mommy and show her what her cunt for!" Peggy
screamed, her years of smoldering pent up lust, weakening the walls of her

Bud waked delighted as his mother's huge tits bounced shook with every
thrust. Looking into his mother eyes, Bud saw defeat, shame, and lust
in them and in that moment he knew he owned her, knew that despite her
fearsome rep, his mother was another busty ho, waiting me mastered by
his big dick.

All over the Jiggle room it was chaos. The beautiful strippers that were
hiding back stage in fear, were being pulled, and clothes ripped off, and
raped by the legions of horny men filling the jiggly room.

Soon their wasn't a single stripper in the whole club wasn't impaled a cock,
most more than one, whimpering with pleasure and begging for mercy or help
that would never come.

Bud would never settle until ever cock teasing bitch was raped and fucking
into submission, fed his dick until she creamed upon her master's cock.

Dog sperm coated Amber's tongue and the wall's to her pussy, as it did the
tongues and pussies of Kelly and Esmeralda, but Amber wasn't finished as the
owner lead a horny tiger out to meet her.

Amber looked across the room at all the pretty women across the room,
whimpering, screaming, cumming, and being forced to beg for in wonder. She
was distracted from the show before her, by the dangerous cat pounced on her
back and pressed it's cock against her bald wet pussy. The big cat knew the
smell well, it had many different owners before, all big breasted stripper,
and in the end the cat would end up raping them, which meant the cat was
quickly sold soon after, or in some cases not so soon.

The big cat should it's prickly dick deep inside Amber, not pussy footing
for a second as the big pussy plowed Amber's tight little pussy savage, not
caring an once whether she wanted to fucked or not.

Bud soul kissed his mother as his cock pumped into his mother tight cunt
rapidly, his chest pressed to her ample chest.

Bud's hands slipped between their hot slippery bodies, play with his mother's
mammaries, squeezing them so fucking hard that, milk squirted out, soaking
their chests and Bud's fingers.

Peggy bit down on Bud's shoulder to muffle her screams as climax, her
multigasm causing her to leave long scratches along Bud's back.

Bud fucked his mother harder, trying maximize her pleasure, which his balls
decides to unload, shooting as much sperm into his mother as his balls could
produce, his mom too tight to prevent cumming any longer.

Bud fell a sleep on top of his mom, his cock still wedged inside her, his
head on one of her massive pillowy melons, as he watched the tiger fill his
girlfriend with sperm, before he drifted off.


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