Married... With Childern: Buck Bundy's Romp (A Naked Girl & Her Dog)
by ShadowWalker ([email protected] (M/f,m/f,M/ff,Fff,inc,best,preg)

The birds were singing, spring is in the air, the bitches are in heat and
Buck is happy. The Bundy dog struts his stuff as he goes from house to house,
to service the females of his harem. As he rounded the corner of the Darcy's
home, he heard Jefferson waking to his alarm as Marcy yelled, "Get up you
lazy bum, your too limp to service me, then you can get up and get a job."

Buck knew he had it best as he headed for that little bitches house in the
back yard, then he stopped and watched as Amber crossed the fence from his
home at the Bundy's as she tip toed back to the Darcy's, her shirt opened
from a gust of the morning breeze that gave Buck a view.

"Hmm," thought Buck, "Bud got him some pussy, human pussy." Buck knew all too
well the nice tight pussies that human females have as he recalled getting on
Kelly's bed once, where she was sound asleep and naked, and where he got a
taste of her pussy, and then when she never woke up, he humped the hell out
of her; Buck was still waiting for her first litter, he wanted to hear her
excuse for the brown puppies.

Marcy left her house, mad as hell, as she slammed her Mercedes door, started
the engine and sped off. Jefferson, mad for revenge, looked out the window
and saw Buck a buck'n on his little bitch. "Dam dog!"

* * *

Kelly was taking a shower, the water washing the soap from her eyes as she
heard the door bell, "Mom! some ones at the door!"

The door bell rang again as she just remembered (and that was a chore for
Kelly) that Al was at the shoe store, Bud was out cold from fucking Amber all
night, and Mom went shopping to spend some of Al's money that he didn't have

Kelly quickly grabbed her robe and hopped down the stairs, jumping over
Buck's sleeping place by habit, running to the door and opened it to see,
"Mr. Darcy! Daddy's gone and Mom's gone shopping."

"You'll do, this dog of yours having his way with Tootles."

"He likes noodles, he'll eat anything." said Kelly with a stupid smile. Her
robe, not being tied, was open as she had her hands in the pockets.

Jefferson saw Kelly totally nude from chin to toes, dripping wet and smelling
very nice. He immediately got an erection and Kelly noticed it rising in his
pajama's. "Kelly, your dog was screwing my female."

"Mr. Darcy, if it made you horny, shouldn't you screw Marcy instead of
sticking it out in my face." replied Kelly as Buck leisurely stopped, heisted
his leg and marked Darcy's foot, then walked past Kelly and went to lay down,
he was tired from a busy night.

"I'm horny because your robe is open Kelly."

Kelly looked down at herself and quickly closed the robe, "OOPS, ha, ...
Sorry. Well, we were almost married once."

"Yeah, I remember, I should of took you instead of that mad dwarf. I'd gladly
fuck you any time."

"Why Mr. Darcy, that's a nice thing to say." smiled Kelly as she looked at
the older neighbor, then down at his swollen cock with it's head visibly
pushing his fly out.

Before Kelly could turn around and shut the door, Jefferson told her, "Look
Kelly, Marcy will kill Buck for knocking her dog up, personally I don't care,
but she's got lots of money in that bitch and Buck really fucked it up this
time; she'll want Buck put away."

"No! you can't!..." cried Kelly as tears came to her eyes and her lips pouted
as she defended Buck, "He's just doing the doggy thing."

"Marcy has my nerves on edge Kelly, I can't go against her in Buck's defense
unless I settle my nerves."

"What can I do Mr. Darcy? Anything to save Buck."

Jefferson reached out and opened Kelly's robe, "You said we were almost
married once."

"Mister Darcy, I can't marry you, you're a married man."

"No need Kelly, just let me have a piece of you at my house after Marcy
leaves, and in your room when your parents are gone."

Kelly looked around, then back at Jefferson, then at Buck (who was licking
his doggie cock), and then at Jefferson who's hard-on was big and stiff
inside his pajamas. Kelly took Jefferson's hand in hers and pulled him into
the house, "All right, if you keep Buck's caper a secret."

"My mouth is sealed."

Kelly stopped and felt Jefferson's stiff penis collide and press against her
butt, "Too bad it's the only thing not sealed."

Jefferson turned and slammed the door shut as Kelly dropped her robe, knelt
down and pulled Jefferson's pajama bottoms down, taking his stiff cock into
her mouth and began sucking on his hot flesh.

"O'god, Kelly, you are good." commented Jefferson as Kelly took his cock all
the way down her throat on the first move as she also fingered and played
with his balls. Jefferson played with Kelly's hair as she sucked and licked
his cock, her masterful tongue wrapped around his cock like a snake and
stroked it.

Jefferson's cock exploded, squirting as he thrust a full load down Kelly's
throat with large amounts slobbering out of her lips, Kelly tried to
swallow most of his jizm.

Jefferson picked Kelly up by her shoulders and kissed her sperm covered face,
pushing his tongue in her mouth as he met Kelly's tongue, she forced it
inside his mouth. He pulled Kelly closer as he crushed her tits against his
chest, grabbing her ass and squeezing tight.

Kelly reached down and guided his cock as he pushed it into her pussy. Kelly
squeezed her legs about his cock as he carried her to the couch, Kelly
grunting as she is now impaled by his cock with most of her weight resting on
the bridge of it; Darcy laid her on her back and laid flat on top of her with
his hot shaft sliding deep inside her pussy.

Jefferson began thrusting and twisting his dick inside Kelly's snatch as he
slammed his thigh and balls against her crotch.

Kelly hung on tightly and grunting and moaning as Jefferson slammed and
pounded her, then squeezing her tightly as he squirted another load into her.

Jefferson stood up as his penis slid from Kelly's snatch and asked Kelly,
"How was that Kelly, like a pro?"

Kelly leaned up on one arm, answering, "I see why Marcy wants you to look for
a job."

Jefferson looked down at his cock and then at Kelly, "Don't speak ill of
Little Jeff, he made you happy didn't he."

Kelly slid off the couch and pet Little Jeff, "That's all right, you did
well, so don't let what Big Jeff does make you feel bad."

Jefferson left as he reminded Kelly, "Remember, every night and morning."

As the door shut, Kelly walked up the stairs and stopped to speak to Buck,
"It's all your fault Buck, you get the bitch, but my ass gets the fuck; what
I do to save you! You better be good to me." Kelly climbed the rest of the
stairs, forgetting her robe as she walked naked back to her room, meaning she
had forgot the shower as well.

* * *

Peg came home in time for Oprah and sat on the couch, and as she sat, she
felt a wet spot with her hand, then looked at Buck asleep on the stairs,
cursing, "Dam kids, the kids didn't let you out did they Buck Boy."

Buck's ears perked up, then got up and ran upstairs, thinking, "I'm going to
make a wet spot on her bed."

* * *

Upstairs Bud was waking from his sleep, his jammie bottoms were halfway off
as he sit up, his hard-on pointed towards the ceiling as he lay on his back,
thinking about Amber and how he had fucked her brains out the night before;
and as Bud recalled his Amber, he stroked his tool that was screaming for
attention, and in a minute it was announcing its coming as Bud took aim to
please, at a series of stains on the ceiling, he aimed, it pleased, and a
huge load of jizm shot forth and splattered the ceiling, dead center,
dripping back down like a drip from rain, and the other that didn't make
escape velocity, arched up and back down, splatting Bud in the face. O'well,
that's my life.

* * *

Kelly, wet from her shower and fucking, was exhausted from her early morning
sex with Jefferson, so she lay back on the bed and soon was sound asleep;
naked with water drips and puddles on her body as she lay with her legs
partially spread.

The door slowly opened with the sound of little feet padding across the
floor, then Buck's cold nose and eyes peered over the edge of the bed; what
Buck saw was a shot out of memory, a clean shot between Kelly's legs at a
brown covered field of waiting snatch. He sniffed the air and smelled `wet',
and that ever odor of `female'. Buck leaped up to land gently on top of the
bed, which rolled slightly as Buck thought to himself, "Ooo, water bed; I
wonder who the bitch fucked for this. Don't matter, I owe her for saving my
balls from Marcy's knife."

Buck smelled the bed, sniffed here and there, then as he did before, barked
to see if Kelly was awake, and as he knew like last time, she'd be so sound
asleep he'd fuck her again and make both of them happy, and Buck did want
some puppies with his favorite bitch. "Woof!"

Kelly's head looked up and smiled when she saw Buck and held her hands out.

Buck's heart leaped a bit as he felt the blood rush from his cock as he
realized, "Dam! she's awake."

"Buck, come on boy." cooed Kelly as Buck responded and crawled up between
her legs, stopping to lick the water from Kelly's pubic hair, his tongue
caressing her vagina lips as Kelly warned, "Stop that Buck, it tickles." Buck
continued to lick as he worked his way up to Kelly's breasts and nipples as
he licks with broad rough tongue licks. Kelly held Buck by his mane as his
tongue worked her nipples and Kelly closed her eyes to enjoy Bucks tongue.
"You're a good boy Buck."

Kelly rubbed Buck's hair and hugged him, his face embraced by Kelly's
marvelous hot breasts, a hug any male would be glad to have, and a dog wasn't
any different as he felt her naked body against his naked, but fur lined,
body, and his doggy dick was in place hot and rubbing Kelly's slit.

Buck sniffed Kelly's tits and chest, it all smelled `Kelly' sweet, clean and
perfumed and powdered. Buck's dick began to grow again, getting hotter as it
poked at Kelly's hole, rubbing against her clitoris.

Kelly was busy rubbing Buck as he licked and nibbled at her tits, the
sensation was making her horny as she held tightly to Buck, telling him
softly, "Buck boy, right now I wish you were a guy, I want a hard cock so
bad right now and Bud is asleep. I guess I could go into his room and
bounce his balls." At that moment Kelly's eyes popped wide open as she
felt a hot hard cock of considerable size force its way into her pussy;
she felt it slide in deep as she realized that Buck had a 9-inch boner and
she had got him excited and that she had just been mounted by her pet.
"Buck!!" Kelly attempted to force and shove Buck from off her, but his
legs were now locked into place around her body, and his cock was inside
her, deep and hot.

Buck couldn't help what nature had designed as he locked his legs about
Kelly's waist, digging his hind legs into the bed as he thrust and pumped
his hard hot penis into Kelly's hot and tight pussy hole. Buck fucked even
harder as he thought to himself, "This is better than last time, Kelly's
awake and loving it, and it's better than humping her leg when she was
twelve and I came on her leg; got hit for that."

Kelly lay quiet as she gave up, she started to enjoy her dog as she played
with Buck's head, spreading her legs to allow Buck his free movement, as
Buck pounded her snatch; she closed her eyes to enjoy his thrust and work
effort. Buck's body was warm and fuzzy, what man was that, Daddy had hair
on his back that Kelly felt when he would fuck her, his butt was solid as
he would thrust; Buck was different, he was like wearing a fucking fur coat,
a coat with a cock. Kelly then got an idea as she thought, "Great idea, make
a coat with a penis, that way I could wear and get fucked at the same time."
Kelly is smart, but in a disarranged way.

Kelly was really getting into Buck's mount when she felt him shoot off his
load, "Dam! Just like a man, wham bam thank you mam crap." Then to Kelly's
surprise she felt Buck's tongue driving into her hole, he was tonguing her
and with a long rough tongue, Kelly's thoughts went wild, "Dam, Buck is
better than a guy, he's thoughtful, he cares, he has one hell of a tongue."

Buck continued to stick his tongue inside Kelly's squirming snatch as her
hips rose and fell and as Buck felt the need again, he remounted Kelly as
he jumped up on top of her to lock his legs about her hips, driving his
hard-on into her snatch and began fucking his mistress. Kelly's legs
tightened in greeting her toy as her snatch muscles closed about Buck's
cock which made it more of an effort that felt even better to both.

The bed rocked in waves as Buck set the rhythm with his humping until he
came again and again, blowing a double load into Kelly's love canal. Buck
pulled his cock out and rolled up into a fuzzy ball between Kelly's legs,
where he could smell his females pussy with an occasional lick, thinking
to himself, "My loving bitch, others just chase me off, but Kelly likes me
sleeping with her and licking her pussy." Buck's eyes were soft brown and
loving as he rested his chin on Kelly's pubic mound so he could look at
her and her breasts, then he would sniff her snatch and lick her clitoris,
and with an occasional driving of his doggie tongue deep into Kelly's love
canal and watch Kelly flinch.

Kelly closed her legs about her fuzzy friend as he lay quiet with an
occasional lick kiss from her Buck that would make her jump. Both were
soon asleep.

* * *

It was mid-afternoon when Bud peeked into Kelly's room and saw her and Buck
on the bed. Bud walked over to the bed and chased Buck from the bed and out
of the room as he then turned his interest to his naked sister laying on her
back. Bud watched Kelly's tits as they rose and fell from her breathing. He
noted how solid these jigglies were, and for a fifteen year old sister, she
had great looking breasts, and a nice slender body that was solid from her
gym classes; either it was from racket ball, swimming, or fucking the couch.
Bud dropped his jammies as he stepped out of them and onto the bed between
Kelly's legs. "Once again into the breach my little friend."

Kelly was enjoying her sound sleep, a dream about her daddy when he fucked
her on her eleventh birthday, and how it happened; she recalled that on her
eleventh birthday she came in to wake him up and he was in the shower, so
she surprised him by taking her clothes off and getting into the shower,
she first saw his hard penis that was standing erect and huge, and was at
an accessible height to her, so she took it into her mouth and sucked. After
Al shot off jizm into Kelly's mouth and she enjoyed the licking and jizm so
much, Al decided to show her the rest of the game. Al took the eleven year
old Kelly up over his shoulder, and carried her naked body wet and giggly as
it was, to his bed, he lay her down as she waited as Al spread her little
lengthy legs apart, eyeing her bald snatch and little hard nipples. "O' well,
it's my turn." he thought to himself, then he fingered Kelly's pussy which
was hot to touch as he drove his finger inside her muscular and tight snatch,
her muscles gripping his fingers like a vice, "Your are going to be one
fucking machine." thought Al as he stroked Kelly's pussy. Al then pulled her
down close as he could rub his hard cock against Kelly's snatch, then began
inserting it slowly, an inch at a time, then pressing it against her hymen,
which moved out of the way and not breaking, it made it a tight fuck as Al
began a gentle thrusting action, in and out, again and again as he increased
the pace until he squirted off his load inside his now personal fucking toy.

Kelly wanted more as she began sucking on her daddy's cock again. On her
eleventh birthday, Kelly was fucked a total of ten times because her daddy
said she was worth it, a tight fucking little bitch. and that she was, she
would always be his little bitch.

Kelly was brought back from her dream as she felt Buck's cock again and again
as she slept, then she woke to see, "Bud!, ..." she looked down as she saw
Bud pumping her pussy, fucking her as she just lay there, then he came, laid
down on top of her as he exploded another load and kissed her on her neck,
sticking his tongue inside her ear and hugging her with his cock still inside
her pussy. Soon, Bud was sound asleep atop Kelly, who just lay there enjoying
his fuck and body. Then she rolled him over onto his back, his cock slid out
of her pussy, then she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking and
licking his hot wet man meat. Taking the whole 10-inches, and it surprised
her how big her little twelve year old brother got, but how big would he get
by manhood. She rolled her tongue around his swollen hot flesh as she played
with his pee hole, then inserted it slowly as she learned to control her
gagging as she swallowed his penis down her throat, then stroking his cock by
sliding it in and out until she felt him spurt a large load of jizz down her
throat, and again as she retracted it and it exploded another load inside her
mouth and spilled some dripping from her mouth.

Getting up as Bud's cock lay limp, laying across his belly, Kelly kissed her
little brother, leaving some of his sperm on his face as she got up to

Once inside the shower she realized how busy she was today, she fucked
Jefferson, got screwed by Buck, fucked by Bud, she fucked and sucked Bud,
then taking a second shower; and all without wearing a stitch of clothing
all day and it was almost evening and she hadn't been to dinner yet.

As she soaked and sud herself she felt a hard cock rub against her butt as
she leaned back to see, "Mister Darcy! I though you were ..."

"I watched you and Bud, he can sure fuck your ass; and ..." Jefferson ran his
finger over her lips, "... and how talented your lips are; you don't want
your parents to know about you and Bud, do you?"

Kelly turned to face Jefferson as he put his arms about her, her feelings of
what it would have been like that first day and they were man and wife, but
then, she would have still been fucking her daddy and brother because that
was a family thing. Kelly arched her back as he pressed her against the
shower wall, kissing her warmly as he poked her pussy with his hard cock,
driving it deep inside her, "Dam! you are tight!" he commented as he pressed
against her even harder.

The shower continued to pour warm water over them both as the soap suds ran
off in riverlettes as Jefferson pushed and ground his cock inside Kelly's
pussy, pushing her hips up and legs off the shower floor as Kelly raised and
locked her legs around Jefferson's waist. Jefferson held Kelly tightly as he
pressed against her titties, her nipples hard and erect, her pussy hot and
wet as he shoved and pumped her hard, popping her ass in slaps against the
shower wall.

* * *

Jefferson left after an hour, Bud still on the bed asleep, only his cock was
up. Jefferson ran into Al at the front door as Al got home, and greeted him,
"Hey Al, how's it hang'n?"

"Just fine, you go'in to Hooters this evening?"

"Yeah, want'a come, I just came over to ask but you wasn't home, now I have
to fix dinner for Marcy."

"Well, bang her once so she'll let you go."

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking, I'll get a bag for her head and my last
issue of Hooters." waived Jefferson as he went back to his house.

Al entered the house and saw Peg on the couch and went over to set by her as
he hollered, "Yeah Peg, another dollar behind, and speaking of behinds, have
you moved yours yet, or is Oprah gone into overtime."

"What's the matter Al, seen too many behinds today, or is it that your just
behind the eight ball?" retorted Peg as she kicked her leg nervously.

"I work all day Peg, at least you could cook something for me."

"I have Al, I've been saving my pussy, its hot and cooking, it just needs its
oven stroked."

Al snarled his face up as he sit and bounced up off the couch in disgust,
"Peg, now you've destroyed the moment," Al grabbed a magazine and started for
the stairs, "I'm going to the toilet Peg, you drove me to shit."

"Well don't let anything get hard Al, I don't want anything to scare you."
laughed Peg as she watched Al climb the stairs.

Al walked down the hall towards his bedroom when he notice Kelly's door ajar,
he peeked inside to see Kelly bent over looking for something in her dresser
drawer, and he also noticed she was totally naked, he saw only her firm round
fifteen year old ass and little tight pussy peeking at him from between her
legs, he got a hard-on immediately, he immediately unzipped his pants and let
his charmer out and silently walked over behind Kelly, almost touching and
almost pushing his hard cock into her snatch as it pointed straight at her

Al studied Kelly's body movement as she twitched her ass, leaning on one leg
and then the other, twisting her pussy as he watched, then he couldn't stand
the desire anymore as stroked his cock to work up some pre-ejaculate and
after he had his cock all slicked up, he shoved it in.

Kelly's eyes went wide with surprise as Al's hard cock slammed into her
snatch, driving in deep inside her as she felt his one hand grabbing her
waist and the other gripping her tit as he pumped and ground into her pussy.
Pumping and fucking Kelly vigorously.

Al's pants fell down to his ankles as he wrapped his arms around Kelly,
cradling her breast in his hands as he pulled her up to hug her and kiss her
without loosing pace in pumping her pussy. He waltzed her back into his arms
to her bed where he laid her down, with him on her back as he continued to
screw his little girl.

Kelly grimaced as Al fucked her, pounding his thighs against her buttocks
with a slapping sound.

Al fucked Kelly for the next two hours as they changed positions several
times, and cumming as many more, then Al fired his last load and he went to
his bedroom and laid down exhausted.

Peg went to bed, not hearing from Al for a couple of hours and thinking her
might be trying to get some sleep, and Kelly heard Al scream in surprise.

Kelly, still not having dressed the entire day and having been fucked all day
long, was extremely tired as she lay down on the bed, again she remained
naked, too tired to dress, and was soon asleep.

Bud was busy as Amber had climbed into his room and he was very busy fucking
her in every orifice, falling off his bed with her only twice and coming
inside her several times. About three am, Amber went home having been fucked
twenty times, and she forgot her nighty and was totally naked as she walked
to her house where she meet Jefferson raiding the refrigerator and she had to
immediately fuck him in order to keep her nightly fuck with Bud secret from
Marcy so Uncle Jefferson was now getting Amber every early morning after she
had fucked Bud (Now we know why Darcy never had a job, he was too busy). So
Amber slept with Jefferson in her bed until five every morning when he would
return to Marcy's bed.

Kelly was shaken awake as she woke up with Bud on top of her again, he had
already mounted her at three-fifteen, only five minutes after Amber went
home, and he was fucking her now as Kelly commented, "More than enough for
Amber huh, Bud?"

"Yup sis, I am fuck'in pussy mad."

Kelly and Bud fucked each other and then slept with each other until Kelly
woke at 9 am when her phone rang and she answered it to hear Mr. Darcy says,
"Kelly, your dog did it again, come and get him before Marcy gets him."

Kelly hang up, she was so exhausted and groggy she dragged herself down the
stairs, totally naked and unaware of it as she, like a zombie, walked over to
the Darcy's front door where she stood, completely bare-ass naked, her cute
tight little perky ass stood up as she stood atop her toes, waiting for
Jefferson to open the door and give her Buck. Half asleep she didn't even
notice that Buck was asleep on the stairs as she had stepped over him.

The Milkman was stunned as he watched Kelly from his truck, walk nude from
her house, out onto the sidewalk. Her small firm breasts jiggled solidly, her
nipples stiff and erect in the cold morning air, passing him as she looked
inside his truck and waved to him, saying half dozing in her sleep walk, "Hi
Mr. Milkman." then she turned and preceded to walk her perky little butt to
the Darcy's front door.

The Milkman watched as Jefferson opened the door, he too was naked, and he
had a hard on that was huge, as he grabbed Kelly, kissing her as he shoved
his cock into Kelly without a second's delay as Kelly raised her leg and
locked it around his waist and buttocks. The Milkman clearly watched
Jefferson's cock sliding in and out of Kelly as he grabbed Kelly's ass and
lifted up and then closing the door.

The Milkman had one hard cock and he waited by the truck as he stroked his
cock, then he popped the milk bottle cap and stuck his penis inside the cream
milk and stroked his cock into the bottle hole, then he came and he pulled
his cock out, leaving the jizm inside the milk and then recapped it, leaving
it on Darcy's front porch.

Kelly lay naked on Jefferson's couch, the couch was soaked in body sweat and
sperm spills, Kelly's pussy and legs were soaked in his sperm. Sperm was
splattered all over Kelly's body and face from a lot of blow jobs and heavy

Again, not rested from the previous day and night, Kelly still thought it
was morning as she hurriedly, and half exhausted and desiring to rest, left
Jefferson's house with him still asleep at the other end of the couch.

Kelly walked down the side walk and was about to turn into her entrance when
she came face to face with the mailman, who was all male as he looked down at
the small naked female with a perfect athletically hard body, a small waist,
firm breast and a tight ass. He handed Kelly the mail for the Bundy's as she
had caught him about to turn into her house; of course, Kelly got confused as
she didn't see the walk to her house as the mailman was blocking her view,
and the mailman was too stunned and staring at the naked little bitch as she,
still sleepy, dragged on down the side walk and by mistake, walked down Mr.
Higgins' walkway, thinking it was her's, opened the door (Mr. Higgin's is in
his late eighties and never locked his front door) and entered the dark
house. The Higgins' house was similar to the Bundy's as they both were a
track house, and Kelly was too tired to see the difference in the interior
as she lay the mail on the couch and walked up the stairs to her bedroom, or
better described, where it would have been had it been her house, instead it
was Higgins house and his bedroom.

Kelly entered her room, and was so tired she didn't even know that the room
was different and she sit on the corner of the bed where Higgin's, who was
asleep was now wide awake and watched the young girl from next door sitting
on his bed, stark naked and looking so fine as something happened to him that
hasn't happened in forty years, his penis went stiff, hard as a rock and rose
like a pole in a tent as he looked at Kelly's bare back as she opened the
covers, not seeing him yet as she slide under and back into the bed until she
bumped into Higgins naked body, and as she reached back to `feel' for the
bump, she took hold of his hard-on in her hand as she assumed and said aloud,
"Daddy? you always give me surprises in bed."

Kelly turned over without looking at Higgins and under the covers she went
down on his boner, taking his hard cock into her mouth and started pumping
her head, sliding up and down on his pecker as it slid in and penetrated deep
into Kelly's throat until he felt his dick swell, hurt and explode a load of
jizm, something that he barely could recall in his recent life, and then
Kelly, with jism dripping from her mouth, swallowed more of it as she once
again started stroking his pole and licking his cream as it ran down his
penis that limped over and then as soon as Kelly's tongue licked his balls,
his cock shot erect again as Kelly threw the covers back and rose up to
settle herself atop his cock, settling on top of the cock head, closing her
eyes to sense even more the cock as she slid her pussy down over his pole of
hot flesh.

Kelly bucked and squeezed as she pumped up and down, riding Higgins as he
reached up and grabbed her tits; he was partially stunned as he watched the
little fifteen year old bounce and slide her young body on top of him. He
held her breasts solidly, one in each hand, and as he discovered, as he
played with Kelly's nipples, her snatch muscles tightened and gripped him
like an iron fist, Kelly screamed, "Go daddy, squeeze my tits, fuck me, ...
Ooo god, daddy! fuck!!" which made his cock explode, shooting his jizm up
inside Kelly so hard that she also had an orgasm which double triggered
Higgin's cock to blow off another load as Kelly collapsed atop Higgins,
kissing him on his neck as her pussy continued to stroke his cock. Kelly got
out of bed after pulling Higgins' cock from her snatch, and with an exhausted
body, she kisses Higgins, thinking it was Al inside the dark bedroom.

Kelly walked out of the room and down the hall, confused as she thought she
was suppose to go to Jefferson's and walked out of Higgins' front door and
out onto the sidewalk, not realizing it was now 1 P.M. and the kids of the
neighborhood were outside and playing, the prepubescent boys all got boners
as they watched Kelly walk down the street and turn onto her own sidewalk
towards her house which she thought was Jefferson's house and opened the
door. Once inside, Kelly didn't see what her body did to the boys outside as
they immediately attacked the girls, pulling their pants and dresses off,
then they jerked the panties off as the girls; the girls wanting to be like
Kelly as they spread their legs, allowing the boys to fuck'em. Kelly had set
forth a wave of horniness that started the boys fucking every girl in sight
as hair growth drastically began on their faces and their voices crackled.
It was reported that a Milder and Scully of the FBI were called in to
investigate the incident as an alien abduction and encounter, but that is
another story.

Kelly looked round the front room and saw Peg sitting on the couch, realized
that she was in her own home, she wondered where she had been, then she
shrugged her shoulders and walked over to behind the couch, kissed Peg on her
cheek and told her with her confused thoughts, "I'm going to bed mom, I'm
just too tired to eat."

"Okay honey." answered Kelly as she continued to watch Oprah without breaking
pace with her Bon bons.

Kelly climbed the stairs, patted Buck on the head and walked down the hall to
her room where she fell on the bed face down with her ass in the air.

Buck followed close behind and entered her room, looked on the bed at his
naked bitch, saw her small ass and that amazing hole that he loved so much,
he jumped onto the bed and grabbed her around the waist with his front paws
and dug his rear paws into the bed and shoved his doggy cock into Kelly's
butt and began humping his human lover. Kelly only groggily resisted as she
stammered under her voice, "Buck, not now!, Oooo crap! what the hell l l
l..." Kelly slept as Buck continued to hump her ass until he shot his doggy
jizm into her, then hopped off to curl up beside her, happy and tired.

It was now six P.M., Kelly had slept fifteen minutes when Al walked by and
looked in, saw her on the bed and decided to treat his pumpkin to some
exercise as he dropped his pants, shooed Buck from the bed and then climbed
onto the bed, aligned his golden shaft and mounted her, shoving his stiff
cock into her snatch and began pumping her twat.

Kelly woke, seeing through closed exhausted eyes as she was bouncing on the
bed with Al on her back, feeling Al's dick slide into her pussy and as he
raised her up with his hard cock and shot off his load; then he grabbed her
leg, swung her over onto her back and reentered her as he began fucking her
again as he lay atop her, kissing her and shoving his tongue inside her
mouth as Kelly wriggled her butt and pussy as she returned her daddy's kisses
through her sleepy eyes. Another hour passed with several bouts of fucking.
Al left Kelly naked on the bed with her legs spread and a wet dripping pussy
and a puddle of sperm between her legs.

Kelly drifted into some more deep sleep when Bud peeked around the corner
after Al had disappeared into his bedroom, then he tiptoed to the edge of
Kelly's bed and dropped his pants, climbed onto the bed, grabbed her hips
and pulled her onto his cock as he slipped it into her pussy, she responded
by locking her legs about her brothers waist as Bud pumped and ground her
snatch. Kelly woke up and grabbed Bud about his neck and hung on as he
lifted her off the bed, pounding her pussy all the way until they both slid
off the bed with his dick still rammed inside her as he continued to fuck
her even harder.

Bud and Kelly held onto each other as they laughed about falling out of bed,
their bodies locked tightly together with their legs and arms holding each
other tightly as Bud grinned a great big grin and exploded a hugh load of
sperm that splattered Kelly's insides like a shotgun blast. Bud pulled his
cock out as he got up and grabbed his pants as he told Kelly, "Going back
to my room Kelly, Amber will be here in an hour, want to join us?"

Kelly just lay there on the floor and replied, "No! I'm too fucked to

* * *

The alarm sounded at 5 am as usual as Kelly's hand slowly climbed up the
edge of the bed on this Monday morning, her school day, she had to shower,
then ....the phone rang and Kelly answered it to hear, "Kelly! Buck's done
it again, and Marcy's not left for work yet." Kelly crawled to the edge of
the bed and through blurred eyes looked at the clock and couldn't see it,
then told herself, "Got'a get Buck before Marcy kills him."

Without thinking Kelly stood up half asleep and walked groggily out of her
room even before anyone was up, and she still hadn't dressed and was totally
naked as she walked down the stairs and stepped over Buck who looked up at
her pussy as she walked to the front door, opened, stepped outside and shut
the door behind her, then bumped into the milkman who just stared at Kelly,
then the Milkman unbuckled his pants and dropped them as Kelly just stared
at him, quiet and asleep as if she were waiting for him to move; instead she
felt his hard cock enter her pussy as her eyes came awake and she stared at
him and asked, "Mr. Milkman, what are you doing?"

"Giving to you two gallons of ice cream, four bottles of milk and cottage
cheese; okay?" said the Milkman as he pushed Kelly against the wall and
fucked her even harder, pounding the wall and making a knocking sound,
kissing her neck as Kelly just seemed to go along for the ride, mumbling,
"Ice Cream? Strawberry? I love strawberries."

After he had finished, the milkman put the promised products on the step,
kissed her warmly as he fondled her pussy and breasts as they hugged and
rubbed their bodies together. Kelly waived to him as he left, telling her,
"See you in the morning at five."

"Okay Mr. Milkman." smiled Kelly as he left.

Kelly turned around and bent over to pick up her milk and ice cream when she
felt another penis, hard and long, stick into her pussy, Kelly looked back
between her legs to see a big black cock thrusting in and out of her snatch,
his balls swing back and forth as Kelly then braced herself, "Mr. Mailman,
can I have a book of stamps?"

"A book of stamps every, morn'n sweet thing." he replied as he held her hips
tightly and pounded his cock into Kelly's snatch.

Kelly was beginning to work up a heavy sweat as it ran off her forehead and
body, making her slippery to hold, but easy to slide a cock inside her pussy.
The Mailman's thrusts became more frantic as they began to raise her feet
off the walk as his pounding lifts her ass up. As she held onto her feelings,
she tightened her pussy muscles around his cock, her orgasm was building to
a greater height as she felt his cock really harden and expand a little more
than as it shot off a hot load of sperm, which triggered her orgasm as she
screamed and lost all her strength. The Mailman held Kelly in his arms and
twisted her around and kissed her, then he set her down on the porch as he
then tucked his cock in his pants.

After the mailman left, Kelly carried her dairy products in with the book of
stamps, put the food in the refrigerator and carried the stamps to her room.

Peg exited her bedroom just after Kelly closed her door and entered the
shower. Peg looked inside and heard Kelly in the shower, commenting to
herself, "I'm sure I heard someone knocking at the door and then scream,
and that sounded like an orgasm scream."

Peg went down stairs and checked the front door, peeked outside, and spotted
a hugh wet spot of sweat and sperm on the porch, saying to herself, "Damn
dogs! can't they mark their territories somewhere else."

* * *

Kelly dried off and then dressed, if you could call it that, a short skirt,
no panties, no bra and a tight top that showed her nipples and breast so
well. She left the house and caught a ride on the bus.

Kelly set through her classes as usual, half asleep, and with her skirt
pulled up just enough for the students sitting in front, when they looked
back, they clearly saw her brown pubic hair. After the bell rang Kelly was
about to leave when her instructor asked her, "Kelly, are you going to
attend gym today, you look a little exhausted."

"Well, I am tired, I didn't get any sleep last night."

"I'll have you hand out towels in the showers today, you can rest and not
have to play volley ball."

"Gee couch, thanks!" replied Kelly as she walked out to go to her next class.

Kelly took a shower as the other kids were playing volleyball, then she dried
off, sit down and put her skirt and was about to slip top back on when she
fell asleep with only her skirt on and her top in her hands.

The couch came in, saw her topless, woke her up so that she could hand the
towels out, "Kelly, after seeing you so tired and cute, why don't you go home
and miss the rest of your classes today and get some sleep."

"Really couch! thanks, if I can do anything for you?" asked Kelly as she
pulled her top on, her firm breast bagging to be played with.

"Well, there is, take your clothes off, I want to see you naked."

Kelly, without thinking, dropped her skirt and pulled her blouse off.

The couch pulled his dick out and stroked it until Kelly knelt down and took
his cock into her mouth and sucked his penis to a hard full erection, "This
better get me all `A's" said Kelly, and when it was hard, he took Kelly into
his arms, carried her to a stack of dirty towels and mounted her, screwing
her pussy as he bit and licked her tits.

"You'll pass, just keep up these extra credit studies and you'll get your
Ass, ... `A's"

A half hour later, Kelly got off the bus and walked towards her house when
Jefferson opened his door and waived to her to come in, Kelly responded,
and as she entered his door, he closed it grabbed her around her waist and
stripping her skirt off as he grabbed her butt in one hand, carried her to
the couch, inserted his penis and began fucking her as Kelly looked at
Jefferson and asked, "This is a lot of fucking for a dog! ..." Kelly thought
about Buck and his wonderful ability at mounting her, his companionship,
his caring and licking, then she looked at Jefferson and put her arms around
his neck, "O' hell! he's worth it." said Kelly as she kissed Jefferson and
shoved her tongue down his throat, making him choke as he fucked her and shot
off his load at the same time."

Jefferson regained his stamina as he began fucking her again. Amber was naked
as she came down the stairs over to the couch and recognized Kelly by her
legs in the air, "Kelly, I didn't know you were fucking Uncle. Gee Uncle,
does this mean a threesome?"

"Damn right, if you want to." replied Jefferson as he pumped into Kelly.

Amber started licking Kelly's tits, kissing her and Jefferson as he fucked
Kelly until they both came, then Jefferson jumped Amber as Kelly enjoyed
kissing and licking Amber.

"Does Marcy ever join in?" asked Kelly.

"God forbid, she would kill us all." warned Jefferson.

Jefferson screwed both girls twice more as they shared blow jobs.

An hour before Marcy was due to come home Kelly pulled her skirt up and then
pulled her blue top over her head as Amber licked Kelly's titties once more
as she suggested, "Tonight, let's give Bud a treat, we both could fuck his
brains out."

Kelly budded her nose up, crossed her eyes as she though about Bud, then
replied, "Bud is a cute little bugger, sure, I'd love to fuck the little

"You don't mind incest with your own brother?" asked Amber as she walked
naked to the door with Kelly.

"You didn't mind fucking your uncle!" suggested Kelly as she yawned and
stepped outside as her stomach growled, I got's ta eat something.

Kelly walked back to her home and waved to Mr.. Higgins who lived next door
who was watching her from the fence.

Mr. Higgins got another treat as Kelly's skirt lifted up and flashed a view
of her pussy, then again as she turned down the walk and her skirt lifted up
to flash her firm thighs and then her butt. Higgin's got another hard dick
as he rushed to his house where he had to beat it off.

Kelly entered the house and saw Peg sitting on the couch again as she walked
over and kissed her mother on her cheek, then walked over to the refrigerator
and got some cottage cheese from it with some ice cream and began eating it
at the table. Peg notice her eating and ran over to the table and asked,
"Where did that come from?"

Kelly had a confused look on her face as she fought for an answer and then
replied, "I earned it on one of my jobs." Kelly smiled with ice cream on her
lips and a worried stupid look of being found out.

"When did you work this job?"

"This morning, early, at school." added Kelly quickly.

"Ooo, I thought you were lying and stole it, which is okay, but I'd want a
share." said Peg as she got another ice cream from the refrigerator and began
eating it.

"Hey!" yelled Kelly, "That's mine."

"It's ours, we're a family and share in all things." said Peg.

Kelly's frown hid her thought as she answered, "I didn't see your pussy
getting screwed."

Kelly gave Buck some ice cream under the table and then returned to eating

Buck finished his ice cream and looked up at Kelly and saw her pussy between
her legs as she spread them open. "Yup!" Buck thought, "She's not wearing

Buck raised up and stuck his head between Kelly's legs, his cold nose pressed
against her pussy, then he stuck his rough tongue inside her pussy, licking
her with several twirling penetrations that was bring Kelly to a quick
multiple orgasm as her body shook and shuddered as she quickly shot off her

Peg watcher Kelly's whole body shake and then her relaxed look of
satisfaction on her face as she came. "Watch it Kelly, that ice cream can
really freeze you."

"Woo mom, that was a finger licking good freeze." Kelly said as she pushed
Buck's head from between her legs before he could tongue her again.

Kelly got up and put her remaining ice cream away and went upstairs to get
some rest, with Buck following closely behind with his nose up her skirt with
Kelly jumping every time his cold nose made contact. "Buck! STOP THAT!!"

Kelly had been nude all week end to the point that she felt better without
her clothes, so she unsnapped and let the skirt fall to the floor, then she
slipped her top off. Stretching up on her toes Kelly's little perky butt rose
up like the head of a tempting beast as she twisted and swayed on her tippee

Buck loved tippee toes and pressed his cold nose to Kelly's butt as she
jerked and jumped. twisting around to bend down and cuddle her puppy, hugging
him, ruffling his mane as he licked her tits, "I know what you want, but I
have to take a shower boy, you'll just have to take your place in line."

Kelly then walked on her tip toes toward the shower where she adjusted the
temperature of the water and then stepped inside, allowing the water to wash
off the dried sperm, spit, slobbers and kisses as she suds up her body with
some Irish Spring Soap that made her smell nice.

A half hour later and smelling like a fresh garden, Kelly danced naked out of
the shower to her bedroom to fall on the bed, wriggled herself to the top the
bed that felt so good and nice as she lay back and fell asleep.

Bud peeked in and saw Kelly naked on the bed, smelled the freshness of the
room and the scent of a showered body; he moistened his lips, then said, "Ah,
later sweet pussy sis, I came to shower so I can smell fresh for Amber. Bud
was naked with a towel over his shoulder, that did little to hide his penis
that was hanging in a semi erection and sticking outward at eight inches with
a bounce, and as he looked at Kelly it rose upward and expanded quickly to
ten inches as if it was about to burst, "Damn! it has a mind of its own." Bud
closed Kelly's bedroom door slowly, then jumped at it clamped his pecker;
then he danced and skipped towards the bathroom holding his hurt member,
"Damnm, damn, damn, almost broke it! that would make me Presidential

Bud walked into the shower and turned on the water that he found to be warm,
"Kelly girl just had a shower, dam! I just missed screwing a hot wet sister
snatch." said Bud as he soaped up, running his hand along his hurt shaft
and as he soaped his precious tool the pain disappeared, his mighty tool
responded by going erect as he squeezed some jizm out. "God Kelly, sure could
use your ass right now."

As Bud dreamed and squeezed, he felt a naked body behind his, her breast
pushing against his back and her bush rubbing up against his leg as her hands
reached around to grasp his hard cock and to stroke it's slippery soapy skin.
Warm moist lips pressed against Bud's neck as he felt her face and hair on
his shoulder.

"Amber?" asked Bud as his sensations, and cock climbed toward an explosion
of sexual ecstasy.

"Amber! Master Bater `B', you know sis knows better." commented Kelly as she
had seen Bud and his hugh cock swinging into the shower after he had yelled
from the door incident.

Bud turned to find himself locked in with Kelly's lips as she deep tongued
her brother as his cock rubbed her clitoris as he humped his erected penis
between her legs. As their passions rose Kelly lifted her leg around Bud's
waist and used her foot to draw his butt and penis close as she used her hand
to guide his cock into her pussy, then Bud pushed it in all the way, all 10
inches of hot expanded flesh that made her already tight pussy even tighter
han ever before, his balls pressing and tickling her clitoris that shot her
emotions to a climax.

Bud thrust and ground Kelly until she had her ass pressed against the shower

Amber entered Bud's room by his window, looked around as she dropped her long
leather jack to reveal that she was naked underneath, she was ready to fuck.
"Bud! where are you? she walked around and saw his clothes on the floor, then
thought to herself, "Bud! you're showering up just for me!"

Amber trotted to the door to peer down the hallway, then she saw Kelly's door
open and commented to herself, "Kelly, she's a good lick and if I know Bud,
he's in her shower and uses every moment to get a look at his sisters body,
he wants to fuck her so bad; maybe my talk with Kelly will get him some
sister snatch, and I may have to push Kelly to do it because old Bud is too
incestuous conscious to poke her."

Amber jumped across the hall to Kelly's room so as not to be caught by Al,
she knew that he might get mad if she knew that Bud was fucking her and that
she was licking Kelly with her uncle. Amber looked inside to see the rumpled
bed, then heard the shower. She then peeked inside to see Kelly's bare ass
pressed against the glass with a thrusting cock slapping her snatch and
lifting her up on the shower glass.

"Damn, good for Kelly, she finally got Bud to get it on." said Amber as she
entered the open shower door behind the fucking sister brother screw-team.
Amber watched as Bud screwed Kelly as Kelly was kissing her brother's
shoulder, then as she looked up and saw Amber, she smiled with her yellow
hair covering her face with her green eyes peeking through the golden

Amber went over and joined in the fray as she pressed her body against Bud
and Kelly's gyrating forms. Bud's eyes opened wide as he looked at Kelly as
he felt Amber's kisses and body press. "Amber?"

"It's all right Bud, Amber knows you wanted to fuck me, and it's okay, she
enjoying this." explained Kelly as Amber played with Bud's body as he
continued to stroke Kelly, then he came as she shot off his load. Amber
pulled his cock out and popped it in her mouth as she began sucking and
stroking his cock, deep throating his wonder weapon as Kelly knelt down and
assisted Amber by licking Bud's balls. Bud could only lean back against the
shower wall and enjoy.

In fifteen minutes of sucking, licking, then with both girls soaping and
bathing Bud, then each other as all of them rubbed their soapy bodies
together as they washed each other, they were hornier than ever; Bud was
spurting loads of sperm all over the giggling girls.

Later, all three were on Kelly's bed, Kelly and Amber were talking and
discussing Bud and making love, experimenting with different styles of
fucking and Bud's bloopers; Bud lay naked with a super satisfied smile,
saying to himself, "Two to fuck and never a virgin or alone on a weekend

"Kelly! will your brother ever get out of the idea of self serving himself
and take some pleasure in caring for others?" asked Amber.

Kelly curled her lips and nose and looked crossed eyed at Bud and his
erection as he stroked and spurted a load that hit the ceiling. "Master
Bater `B' is a self defining name, and his best effort is to hit the
ceiling. At least we can help each other when little dick loses it when
he gets old."

Bud sit up immediately at that statement and asked, "What do you mean loses
it? Mr.. Bee hammer will always deliver."

"Hey! what are you kids doing?" yelled a voice from the doorway.

Kelly, Amber and Bud turned to see Al standing in the door, steaming mad.

Kelly stood up and ran over to Al, telling him, "I'm a good girl daddy, Bud
made me do it!"

"That's okay Pumpkin, Daddy understands." assured Al whose eyes were glued
on Amber as she stood up naked and looking very nice as he added, "I bet the
little animal took advantage of both you girls, well your grounded young
man." Al pointed his finger towards Bud's room.

Bud, naked and hanging, bowed his head as he left the room for his room as Al
shut the door saying, "And you stay in there, I will talk to you later."

"Now young ladies, I ..." Al stopped as Kelly unsnapped his pants and Amber
helped him out of his pants as he stepped from them, his penis rising to a
large 12 inch hard drive as both girls eyes bulged out.

"Kelly, you're daddy is really hung!" commented Amber as she took his cock
into her mouth and began sucking and stroking.

Al's eyes closed as he enjoyed Amber's and Kelly's tongues as Kelly licked
his balls and Amber deep throated him.

Both girls directed Al to the bed where Kelly tongued Al with a French kiss
and Amber deep throated his cock again. In less than a minute Amber was on
top, rocking and rising as she humped and pumped.

Al was soon on top as he fucked Amber with Kelly licking Amber's breasts and
French kissing her as well, then it was Kelly's turn as Al switched and poked
her and began fucking her as Amber witnessed with, "Woo, how long have you
and your father been fucking"

Kelly strained as Al ground his hips into Kelly as she explained, "Since I
was eleven, we've been sleeping together every morning ever since; he is such
a good fuck."

"How many more Kelly?" asked Amber as Al came inside Kelly.

"Oo, Grandpa's Christopher, and Henry when I was eight and ten; Uncles Jake
and Ted, Cousins Billy, Stephen and Josh, and then there was Jamie when she
was ten." explained Kelly as Al lay down and Kelly sit up.

Kelly then turned onto her tummy and took Al's cock into her mouth and
stroked as Amber went over and got Bud, brought him back and explained to Al,
"Al!, you've been doing what Bud wants to do, to share your love to Kelly,
why not make it a family thing?"

Al looked at Kelly, then gave in, "Okay son, as long as I get my share, I
won't give up anything."

"Daddy, you'll always have me and now you get to share Amber." explained

"Yeah, it just means we women have to work harder, and from the looks of
those hard beefs then we will have to be lucky us." said Amber as she went
over to straddle Al, and began to insert his cock into her pussy and ride
him as Bud got behind Kelly and mounted her butt and began to fuck her ass
off while Kelly deep tongued Al.

After cuming inside Amber, and with Bud still fucking Kelly, Al told Kelly
and Bud, "Roll over onto your back Bud; and Kelly, lay on top of Bud."

The bother sister fuck team didn't lose a stroke as Bud balance Kelly on his
belly as he fucked her ass; then Al stuck his hard-on into Kelly's pussy and
lay atop her and Bud and began fucking Kelly, who was sandwiched between her
father and brother as both seemed to keep the same pace and stroke as they
fucked her. Amber played with Al's balls and then would kiss Al, then Bud,
then Kelly, then kissing and stroking Kelly's breasts.

After twenty minutes it was Amber's turn as she took Kelly's place between Al
and Bud.

Now almost 2 A.M. in the morning, it was time for Amber to go back home as
she wrapped her leather coat about her, with her butt barely showing, Al went
to his bed with screams of protests, and Bud pat Kelly on her ass as he poked
his finger into Amber's ass as he walked her to the down stairs door and
kissed her good night with a fondle and a feel.

Bud went back up to Kelly's room and saw her in the bed, then she held the
covers open, revealing her naked body and her inviting eyes as he quickly ran
over and leaped into her bed as she threw the covers over them both. Bud
quickly cuddled up to Kelly's back, put his arms around her with his stiff
cock coming to rest in the crack of her ass; he kissed her neck as he cuddled
closer and resting his face against Kelly`s neck.

* * *

At 5 AM, Kelly got up, looked at Bud still asleep in her bed, put a robe
around herself and walked down to get her dairy products that the milkman had
promised to deliver every day. As she opened the door she saw him waiting
with a box full of goodies, he carried the box inside and loaded her
refrigerator, then he turned to see Kelly open her robe to reveal a delicious
naked fifteen year old body that was so hot that his cock raised like a
frozen hot salami, that Kelly eagerly let out of his pants by removing them.
Kelly was soon laying across the dining room table on her back as the Milkman
screwed, popped and pumped her as he did the day before. Soon there was sperm
all over the table from her pussy being over stuffed. There was also a Peg
Bundy watching Kelly as she fucked.

"There had better be a good reason for this!" said Peg with a motherly
temperament in her voice.

Kelly sit up, shocked and embarrassed at being caught as Peg walked over with
her rms crossed.

"Mom!, ah, I'm a good girl; I was just paying the milkman."

"What!" asked Peg as she looked at the Milkman and Kelly.

"Yeah, he gives us a ton of food and he gets a piece." explained Kelly who
was naked as the day she was born, still on the table and with the milkman's
cock still deep inside her, which shot a load off as Kelly shook slightly as
it splatter inside her.

Peg then commented, "I'll never be able to eat off that table again."

"Mom, you rarely eat off of it any how." added Kelly as she leaned back, her
young breasts firm and solid, her nipples standing up erect.

Peg looked at Kelly's naked body, at the Milkman's cock rammed inside her
baby girl, then she dropped her robe, revealing her naked body and big boobs,
two for the price of two, only I want bon bons."

The Milkman grinned with one word, "Okay!"

Kelly and Peg took the Milkman down and fucked his brains out, trading places
as they bounced his pole, The Milkman left after an hour of glorious fucking,
and Peg sit naked on the couch with her Bon bons as Kelly went to get the
mail, only thing is she forgot to put her robe on. The mail was in the box,
and as she bent over to retrieve it, she felt a big black shaft slip into her
pussy box as she grabbed the mail box for a brace as the Mailman pushed and
thrust his cock into her and then pumped her with extremely long strokes
until he came; he then pulled Kelly up erect with one large hand, kissed her
on her cheek as he handed Kelly a book of stamps and then grabbed her snatch
with one finger inside her wet pussy and stroked her as he reminded her,
"Tomorrow bitch, I'm going to fuck you so hard."

Kelly then got the rest of the mail that had fallen sperm stained on the
porch; she notice a Social Security check with Mr. Higgins name and decided,
"Ooo, he needs this check, poor old Higgi, he has to get his food."

Kelly put her mail down, and with the one letter in her hand and holding it
high as she ran like a Pony Express rider, except that her breast bounced
like solid Jello cups, running the letter next door to Mr. Higgins' front
door where he was watching Kelly bounce down his walkway, totally naked; he
prepared himself.

Kelly knocked on the door and then opened it to see Mr. Higgins standing
there totally naked with a hugh cock that screamed for attention.

Higgins grabbed Kelly around her waist and jerked her inside as Kelly hang
onto the check.

Kelly was on the floor faster than she could say, "Here's your check!"

Higgins was stroking her with his meat as well as Bud did, driving his old
but not withered cock deep into Kelly until he and she experience an orgasm;
Higgins then pulled his cock out, spurting a load onto her belly as he turned
his attention to licking her clitoris that drove her to another multiple
orgasm as Kelly had only one thing to say, Wow! Mister Higgins, you really
know how to fuck a girl."

"I have a life times experience, and with a little girl like you, I have
someone to respond to my technique." said Higgins, as quickly he was inside
her again as his old hot tongue entered Kelly's mouth, down her throat and
cleaned her tonsils as he sucked her brains out.

Kelly stood there naked, hugging the old man, caring for him as he was a good
love that she didn't mind to fuck, as he reminded her of her grandpa.

Higgins gave Kelly a small bag of silver coins, saying, "Here honey, you can
have these coins, they are worth more money than their face value, you save
them until you go to college, they'll pay for your college.

Kelly kissed him again and as she was about to leave as she told him, "See
you in the morning Higgi."

"Come over tonight and I'll make you even happier."

Kelly gave her pixie look as her eyes crossed as she thought about his
statement as though her brains left her eyes to feed her thoughts, then told,
him, "Okay." She shook his hand as a promise, but it turned out that she
grabbed and shook his hard cock, it made him cum in her hand. Kelly walked
back to her house with sperm dripping off her hand, then she decide to walk
over to Jefferson Darcy's house.

Jefferson opened the door as Kelly was about to knock, then she was grabbed
and carried inside to the couch as she laughed from his attention and readied
herself for another Jefferson fuck feast.

An hour later, with Jefferson exhausted on the couch, Kelly went up stairs to
Marcy's bedroom, looked inside to see Marcy tonguing Amber's pussy, so Kelly
strutted inside and crawled up onto the bed as she asked, "This a family game
or can I join in?"

Marcy looked up, mumbled with a wet mouth, "Kelly Bundy, what are you doing

Kelly responded by going down on Marcy as Amber assisted with Marcy's eyes
going blank from pleasure and rolling into the back of her head."

* * *

Buck was in the back yard, making the little bitch scream, fucking her really
good, then he caught a smell, "Kelly pussy!" Buck pulled out and trotted to
the doggie door into Marcy's kitchen, squeezed through as he lost some fur in
getting through, then he looked around, smelled the air, then trotted off to
the stairs, climbed the stairs to where he could smell his bitches scent.

Buck found his door, used his nose to push it open, then he saw Amber and
Kelly on top of Marcy.

Amber poked at Kelly as she saw Buck, and Kelly looked around and pat her
thigh for Buck to come to her and jump onto the bed.

Buck did as his bitch said, after all, wouldn't you do what your bitch said;
anything for her pussy.

Buck landed between Marcy's legs, she was on her back and he smelled a
needful pussy as he sniffed his way to Marcy's snatch, he began licking,
driving his tongue inside her. Marcy looked up in surprise, then laid back
and screamed from the tongue that had just rammed into her, and then she
collapsed and enjoyed it.

Marcy then felt Buck lock his legs and she began to resist as Amber and Kelly
held her down as Buck locked his legs around her and mounted her, shoving his
doggie cock into her snatch.

Buck immediately thought, "Woo, this bitch has room to crawl."

Amber and Kelly kissed and licked Marcy until Buck brought her to orgasm.

Kelly pet Buck and told him to set, he laid down and went to sleep as Marcy
sit up, looked at Buck, then commented, "That! is the last time I will ever
be a bitch!!." Marcy laid back down and went to sleep.

Kelly and Amber walked Buck down stairs as Amber went over to Jefferson and
woke him up as she began sucking on his cock.

Kelly had Buck to lay down on a nearby chair as she went over to assist as
she began French kissing Jefferson.

Amber was first as she straddled Jefferson's cock and rode it as Kelly
continued to French kiss Jefferson as she was on her knees with her back to

Buck woke up to see Kelly's butt at a close distance as Amber was busy
riding Jefferson. Buck trotted over and crawled up Kelly's back, locking his
forepaws as he mounted Kelly's butt.

Kelly's eyes went wide open as Buck pounded away on his bitch as she
continued to deep French kiss Jefferson as Buck humped and bumped her.

Buck finished and curled up beside the couch as Kelly and Amber changed
places, with Kelly stroking Jefferson's cock and then straddling his legs
she settled down and began riding his pole. with Amber licking Kelly's
breasts, and then watching as Buck stood up, smelled Amber's scent, and in
the next second, he was wrapped around Amber, her eyes went big as Buck's
doggie penis slammed inside her.

Jefferson was curled up on the couch again, exhausted and asleep, as Amber
went up stairs to shower and Kelly walked with Buck back to the Bundy house.

It was still early, at least 9 A..M., as Kelly, who now was so accustomed to
being nude, gave no thought to her neighborhood as they also must be used to
seeing her nude by now, walked down the sidewalk with Buck beside her. Her
little butt was tight and wriggled so invitingly that it made every-male that
watched her get a hard-on, and the news paper boy was no different as he
stopped his bike and watched Kelly approach; he couldn't take his eyes off of
her pussy and firm breasts that were set off by her narrow waist.

As Kelly was about to turn down her walkway, she stopped and took the
newspaper from the newspaper boy, "Thanks Jimmie."

"I have to collect for this and the last three months service Miss Bundy."
said the Jimmie quickly.

Kelly stopped, wrinkled her face as her nose curled up, then she turned and
asked, "How old are you?"

"Eleven!" replied Jimmie.

Kelly looked down and saw the bulge in his pants, "Alright, come with me."

"Alright!" acknowledged Jimmie as he followed the naked girl and her dog.

Kelly bent over and picked up her mail, and this made Jimmie hornier as he
was only inches from Kelly and could smell her sweet odor.

Kelly opened the door as Buck trotted in and headed for his corner on the

Kelly held the door open for Jimmie as he entered after he had parked his
bike near the porch.

Kelly looked at him and asked, "You sure you want to be paid today?"

"Yes mam! Your Dad's so cheap I usually have to slice his tires before he

"Okay! come with me." instructed Kelly as she went up the stairs to her room
with Jimmie behind her.

Once inside, Kelly put the mail on her dresser, turned and looked at Jimmie.

Jimmie's eyes were wide open as he had never been in a woman's bedroom
before, and a naked woman at that. "Wow!"

Kelly went over and sit on the bed as Jimmie sit beside her. Kelly leaned
over and kissed him, and to his surprise she stuck her tongue inside his
mouth and he seemed to love it as he stuck his tongue back in hers, then as
Kelly drew back and looked at his smiling face he commented, "Like that?"

Kelly smiled, "Yeah." Kelly then asked, "This your first time?"

"No Mam! I've done it with my sister."

Kelly's eyes went wide with surprise as she understood that he had screwed
his sister.

Kelly then knelt down at Jimmie's feet, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them
down and off. Then Kelly found his erect penis pointing straight at her and
took it and began to lick and mouth his small erection.

Jimmie's eyes went glassy with a big happy grin from the sensation as Kelly
licked and sucked for only a couple strokes as Jimmie immediately shot off
his load.

Kelly's face and mouth was splattered with his early ejaculation as she
looked at Jimmie as she licked her face and mouth commented, "Haven't learned
to control it yet huh?"

"Well, it's not like this is a daily thing."

"You never screwed your sister did you?" asked Kelly.

"Screwed? I only kissed her, but tonight I will give her a surprise." said
Jimmie proudly.

"Well, watch and learn." said Kelly as she inserted his prick and began
sucking, which immediately responded, then Kelly instructed Jimmie, "Lay on
the middle of the bed on your back."

Jimmie crawled to the center, pulled his shirt off and lay on his back with
his little boner standing up.

Kelly straddled over Jimmie as she thought, "Well, Jimmie is four years
younger than me, it won't hurt to teach him

Kelly took hold of his penis and guided it in as she settled down on Jimmie
and began to stroke his cock within her pussy.

Jimmie went nuts as he felt himself enjoying Kelly, holding onto her thighs
as she raised up and lowed herself repeatedly on top of him. Jimmie had
several orgasms in a series as he shot load after load of jizm into Kelly.

Kelly then laid on her back and instructed Jimmie as she spread her pussy
lips for him to insert his cock into her.

Jimmie, anxious to do the real thing, inserted his hard on and began fucking
Kelly as he told her, "Damn, this is better than jerking off with my

"Wow, you are great, I'll take you instead of money for the paper Kelly, you
are the best." said Jimmie as his body went like a statue as he stretched and
shot off another load into Kelly, then he got off of Kelly as he explained
"I have to finish the route or my Dad will kill me, but I'll be back next

"Come back any time Jimme, it's nice to have a little relief." said Kelly as
Jimmie slipped on his pants and hurried out to complete his route.

Kelly picked up his shorts he had left behind and threw them into her drawer,
commenting to herself, "A keep sake of a fallen virgin."


Nine months later, Kelly woke up, her belly was big, she was pregnant. Kelly
crawled out of bed as she waddled to the door and then to Al's bedroom,
telling him, "Daddy! I have to go to the hospital, I'm having our baby."

Kelly made it to the hospital and was immediately in labor, and was soon in

Al, Bud, the Mailman, Postman, the Cop friend of Al's, Jefferson, the Coach
and a couple other cousins were waiting as Kelly gave birth; then the doctor
walked out, shook his head as he announced "Congratulations your a father."

Everyone yelled back, "Who???, we all fucked her."

The doctor held two babies in his arms as he knelt down and showed the babies
to Buck, "Good boy Buck, your a Daddy again, you have a healthy litter of
six, three boys and three girls."

Buck was so proud he handed out cigars to Al and everyone (He had two boxes).

The doctor showed everyone puppies that looked like Buck with streaks of
yellow hair.

Kelly lay in bed with some of her puppies with one nursing on her breast as
she told the nurse, "I need a bottle, I can't nurse all these guys on two

The nurse looked at her and scoulded her, "Your fifteen years old, you
shouldn't have fucked a dog and then not to be able to take care of these
cute babies. Just how are you going to send tem off to college if you
yourself don't have a college degree."

"But he was Buck, my puppy dog; he's a good boy, I'm a good girl." cried
Kelly as one puppy sucked on her left nipple. "I'm a good girl" she said as
Buck jumped on top of the bed, sniffed the other puppies, then pulled the
blankets down and grabbed Kelly around her waist as he mounted her, sticking
his cock inside and fucking her as the puppies started pressing and sucking
her tits.

The nurse commened, "How sweet! he really loves you and he wants more
puppies. He'll keep you bare foot and pregnant, When are you two lovers
getting married?"

As Buck rocked Kelly she answered, "O' we have an open relationship, we can
fuck anyone we like."

Buck looked at the nurse and explained, "We'll always have each other, she's
my bitch; I just have others to service and Kelly needs to get her stamps and
dairy products. Need the milk for the puppies."

Woo Bundie

Kelly woke up in a sweat, she was on her bed, naked and looking at the
ceiling as she felt her belly, it was flat. It was all one bad dream after
dinner; Dinner? Kelly didn't remember any dinner.

Kelly walked down stairs, too much in a hurry to eat, or to dress as she
strutted naked towards the refrigerator when she saw her father on the couch,
she leaned over the back to kiss her father who kissed her back, saw her
hooters and grabbed her, dragging her over and onto the couch with her laying
across his lap, a lap with his zipper undone and his cock wet from Al jerking
to the oldies. His cock stood up beside her head as he played with Kelly's
ears, then fondling her breasts that caused her nipples to stand erect as she
lay naked on the couch with her head on her father's lap, her eyes crossing
and lips watering as she studied his hard cock pointing toward the ceiling.

Kelly moved her head closer, like a snake getting ready to strike, facing his
shaft as she licked his cock that was wet with his sperm.

Father and daughter continued to play with each other as he heard Peg moving
about, then he got an Idea, "I bet you can't suck me off in front of Peg
without her knowing it."

Kelly looked at her father as if he were crazy, "Bet so! If I can, you get me
a car for my sixteenth birthday."

"If you can't, then you come to the shoe store every noon and we do it in the
front row." said Al as he got up.

Kelly sit up as she accepted the challenge, "Done so!, ah, yes I can! now

Al grabbed a magazine then slipped his pants down and sit on a chair at the
table, "Blow me here when Peg sits at the table."

Kelly on all fours, scooted across the floor naked and then under the table
as she closed the table cloth down to hide her as she moved in between Al's
legs and took his Penis and began sucking on him.

Peg walked down the stairs and saw Al sitting at the table, reading. "What
are you reading Al? Hooters and snatches."

Al kept the book up so as to hide Kelly's head as she bobbed up and down on
his boner.

Peg sit at the table as she watched Al with his book.

"Al! is that book that interesting."

"Yes Peg! it's very interesting." replied Al as he kept the book up, his
voicing quivering in tone and pitch.

"Can I see it Al?" asked Peg as she kicked her leg and hit Kelly in the ass
as Kelly quickly shifted away from it.

"Oops, sorry Buck!." said Peg as she lifted the table cloth to see Buck, then
she noticed Buck on the stair as she added, What's going on here Al?" as Peg
looked under the table and saw Kelly's naked ass and legs, then grabbed the
book to see Kelly's head sucking Al's cock as it spurted a load into her

"Kelly Bundy, stop sucking your father's cock this minute." yelled Peg as
she stood up and hollered at Al, "Dam' it Al, just what has Kelly got that I
haven't got."

Al looked up with a grin, "A tight young pussy that fits like a glove. And
she sucks like a vaccum cleaner."

Kelly added, "Slurp! Ooo, Gurbal, glob glob, spew." Jizm dribbled out as she
tried to speak and swallow at the same time.

"Shut up Kelly! it's not nice to speak with your mouth full." instructed Peg.

"Al, you're suppose to fuck me, not your daughter! That's incest." screamed

"So fuck Bud, he's got a dick that's big enough for your canyon." suggested

"I already have, and he's better than you." retorted Peg as she then stopped
talking as she realized she blurted the wrong blurt.

"He's too young to be better." said Al as he stood up, grabbing Peg and
carrying her to the couch, pulled her leotards down and rammed his Kelly
created cock into Peg and fucked her to laughter.

Kelly, standing at the table, notice that Al was holding his magazine upside
down, then she walked over to the couch and told Peg, "Sorry Mom, I didn't
want to hurt you."

Peg grabbed Kelly's hand, "Don't worry honey, as long as you keep Al horny,
and we have our milk man, you can fuck Al all you want; after all, its all in
the family."

Kelly leaned over and kissed her mother who stuck her tongue down Kelly's

After Al had shot his load off, Kelly was pulled onto the couch as Al and Peg
began kissing and licking her, then Al shoved his cock into Kelly and began
fucking her as Peg licked Kelly's tits.

Bud came down stairs to see his parents fucking his sister; then he thought,
"What the hell!" so he joined in as he walked down the stair, undressing and
then lining up behind Peg, since Al was busy pounding Kelly's pelvis, so he
mounted Peg in her big ass as Al continued to fuck Kelly.

Peg was grinding her teeth as she held onto the back of the couch as Bud
rammed her with his hard cock; Al was Busy with Kelly as she held her arms
over her head, gripping onto the couch with a death grip as Al fucked her so
hard that her small firm breast were shaking and bouncing all over the place
as well as her body.

It was 9 A.M. when the four had fucked themselves dry and Al had to go to
work. Peg lay naked on the couch with Kelly who was sitting naked on the
couch, her legs spread out as she played with her snatch with her right hand.
Bud was leaning back in the chair with his cock pointing skyward wet with

Peg watched as Kelly got up, walked over to Bud and straddled his lap and
settled down on his cock; it was the first time Peg had seen another woman,
or in this case, a young girl, squeeze down onto a hard male cock.

Kelly, with her little tits bouncing, ground her snatch on her brothers cock.
Then she settled in on his body as he shot off his load. Kelly then stood up
as Bud's cock slipped from her snatch and lay limp across his lap; satisfied,
she twisted her tight ass as she turned and walked towards the stairs.

Peg mention to Kelly, "Now I see why Al likes fucking you so much, you're one
sex machine."

"I haven't eaten yet!" complained Kelly as she turned and wriggled her way
towards the refrigerator.

* * *

Monday came early, as did the milkman, as Kelly was knelling on her knees
sucking his cock as he leaned heavily on the wall with Kelly beneath him, her
golden hair swaying as she stroked and deep throated his cock, bobbing and
tonguing his entire shaft until he gave a loud groan and shot his heavy load
into her, filling her mouth as she swallowed her protein for the morning.
Kelly stood up as the milkman tucked his pants in and zipped up as Kelly
picked up her milk and goodies, with a big smile on her face and hands full,
she kissed the milkman as he felt her pussy with his finger, commenting,
"Humm, still hot! ... what do you want next?"

"Ice cream, two vanella, bon-bons, and that french flaged ice cream, Neo
Palaton." described Kelly as her titties jiggled. The milkman gave her one
last kiss and tongue, and a lick on her nipples.

Kelly took her supplies to the refrigerator, now bulging, then grabbed her
skirt and shirt, hopping as she put her shoes on, one at a hop as she headed
for the door.

Peg was sitting on the couch as Kelly started to leave, she yelled to her,
"Honey, if the Postman cums early, it means I got to him first!"

"Okay mom." yelled Kelly as she left Peg to nibble on her fresh bon bons."

The End.


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