Married With Children: Bud Gets His Wish (M/F,inc)
by Demon Hunter ([email protected])

For years I always would dream about licking my sisters pussy or rubbing her
tits. It wasn't uncommon. I mean Kelly is a few years older than me. She has
long blond hair, light pink nipples, and perfect breasts. She could give me
a hard on just by walking by.

She began to be the object of my wet-dreams, her and her friends. Every time
she came out of her room wearing her see thru dark pink nightie. I remember
staring at her panties every time she walked out from that dark hallway.
Breasts just bouncing perfectly before my eyes. It was much too much for
this horny brother.

Late one night everyone was out or asleep, except for me and my sister, she
was upstairs in the shower and I was sitting on the couch thinking about her
being naked and wet, soaping up. I remembered that there was a pretty wide
crack at the side of the bathroom door, I had used it before to spy on my
mom and Kelly, but I guess I tried to repress the memory of it after I tried
to watch one of them, but it was actually my dad's monthly shower, uugg. So
now it's time to put a good image in my head I thought, I ran up the stairs
and got on my knees outside the bathroom door.

Kelly was just stepping out of the shower, water glistening on her beautiful
breasts and trimmed pussy hair. I unzipped my pants and started rubbing my
erect cock as I watched her towel off. Once or twice I thought she had seen
me but she didn't say anything, or cover up. My hot sexy sister turned her
back to me and bent over to dry her legs and feet, I got a perfect shot of
her pink pussy shinning with drops of water. I imagined myself behind her
great ass sliding my dick in and out of her tight pussy.

I was so distracted that I didn't notice the noise I made as I leaned against
the door, Kelly quickly opened the door and pulled me in. She looked at my
hard-on and got a devilish smile.

"Oh, I see. I know what you want." she said in a teasing voice.

I tried to reply, but I couldn't form the words. She pulled me closer, my
dick was now pressed up against her still wet pubic hair.

"You want to fuck me don't you Bud? Well what are you waiting for? Come on
Bud fuck my tight pussy hard!"

As she spoke she grabbed my cock and guided the head into her cunt. She held
me there, not letting anymore than the head slip in. The tease pulled me out
of her sweet hole, and pushed me up against the wall.

"Or maybe you want me to suck you off. Would you like that? Would you like to
put your dick in my mouth?"

I was still to shocked to speak, all I could do was look into her eyes and

"I'll ! take that as a yes."

She said as she got on her knees. She gripped my cock in her right hand, and
played with my balls with her left hand. She began to lick up and down my
shaft, she kissed the top a couple of times and then stood up.

"Well that's to bad," she said with an evil grinn as she grabbed her dress so
that she could leave.

The bitch was just teasing me! I had a plan though. I grabbed her shoulders
before she could get the dress on, and I kissed her hard on the mouth, she
slid her sweet tounge in and out of my mouth. I knew she had a thing for guys
who take charge, she was testing me. I broke away from the kiss, and sat her
down on the floor with her legs spread. her pussy was dripping wet. I rubbed
her clit with my finger and thumb, while I moved in with my tounge, and
licked all around her twat I kept this up until she was seconds away from

I brought my head up and away from her crotch, and kissed her again, she
passionatly sucked her own juices from my tongue, as I placed my dick at the
entrance to her pussy. I licked her nipples before moving back up to her
face. I entered her pussy while rubbing her wet nipples and kissing her
deeply. Kelly wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me tightly as she
bucked under me.

It didn't take long for her to cum, and the movements of her pussy as she
came sent me over the edge, I shot a load deep into her cunt causing her to
cum again. I pulled out shooting another load onto her belly. Kelly reached
down and rubbed my cum into her skin and then licked her fingers clean. This
was the first time we did anything like this, but not the last.

The End


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