Married... With Children: Bud's Awakening (m/f,oral,inc)
by Anonymous

Bud strolled through the halls of TRI KAPPA GAMMA with a smile on his face.
It had been hell but he had made it through the initiation process and the
big party was coming up this Friday. The party that the KAPPA's throw has
been legendary around the campus and Bud was sure of one thing, he was going
to see some HOOTERS and get him some, no doubt about it. This was guaranteed
because every pledge is promised a night with a woman that a KAPPA man has
fucked and likes to be fucked by any man.

"Christ, I wish I had that much luck" Bud thought, "the closest I've come in
awhile has been with Darcy's niece, but she hadn't been giving up much other
than blowjobs but one can't complain. She could suck a bowling ball through
a straw!"

Bud's dick started hardening at the thought of her between his legs, nibbling
on the head of his dick looking up at him with those big blue eyes and the
baby face. She really enjoyed his dick, going all the was down on it which
was not easy considering Bud had quite a sizable piece of meat between his
legs. Kelly can rass him all she want (tramp), but when it comes to
satisfying what woman he has been with, his 9 inch sausage had been enough
to amaze (even himself sometimes while jerking himself off).

"Anyway, I'm going to have fun and have as much wild sex and humanly possible
in one night. I hope my pledge brother picks me a girl with BIG hooters and
a great body" Bud thought.

The were also stories about some of the woman the KAPPA brothers found for
their new pledges and due to the fact that the woman are required to have
bags over their faces during the sex didn't thrill him to much but the things
you have to sacrifice for a free fuck.

Bud turned the corner and walked into the men's room to jerk off as the boner
in his pants was making it hard to walk and it gave him an excuse to touch
himself. Getting on his hands & knees, Bud checked to see if anyone else was
in the stalls and saw no feet.... coast clear. Bud walked down to the last
stall and walked in closing the door behind him. Working down his pants down
was not an easy task because his dick was so swollen and was sticking out of
the crotch of his jockey shorts but with a quick flick of the wrist it was
out vain pulsing with hot blood. Bud sat down on the toilet and lubed up his
had with spit and cupped his hand over the shat of his hot meat. The strokes
began very slowly up and down, at first his grip was soft and loose but as
he got hotter & hotter the strokes became fast and hard as he gripped it like
it was going to take off without him. He could feel himself building and felt
quick burst of tremors through his body and his slick hand went over the head
of his cock and the sensitive skin around his cock head.

Bud's mind was drifting in escasty when he heard the bathroom door open and
also hear voices of two WOMEN!!! Bud's mind starting reeling, fuck, he had
heard that the joke around campus lately had been changing the bathroom signs
around so that guys would end up in woman's bathrooms and vise versa,
childish, but in his hurry to satisfy himself, he hadn't even noticed. Bud's
dick was throbbing in his hand as he listened to the girls talk about a date
one of them had been on.

"We went to the mall and saw a movie and afterwards we went to the Polk High
football field behind the bleachers. He was all over me and had his hand up
my skirt before I knew what was happening. I told him to fucking slow down
and wanted to cuddle for awhile but his mind was in his pants. The truth was
I was so fucking hot that I was afraid I was going to have to wring out my
panties before we even got to the field, but I didn't want him to know how
fucking horny I was. Anyway we started making out and I could feel his dick
rubbing against my stomach and I knew he was just as hot as I was so what
could I do but just unzip his pants and start giving him my "Twizzler"

Bud heard the other girl ask what the fuck a "Twizzler" blowjob was, and to
tell the truth, Bud was very interested too as he closed his eyes and imaged
the girl who was talking below him starting stoking his meat again.

"A "Twizzler" is when you start at the top of his dick with your tongue and
slowly work your way down rotating around the shaft of his cock, the guy goes
fucking nuts and blows his wad pretty quick, but they seem to like it. Well,
I start and within 2 minutes, this guy is cumming down my throat and I
swallow every drop. I LOVE the taste of cum, I don't know why, but that warm
juice sliding down my throat fucking gets me off!"

Bud was still stroking away as the two girls staring laughing and the one
girl said she was going to go to the library and would see her later, Bud
heard the door open and close and he was left in the bathroom with the
"Twizzler" girl. Bud looked through the door crack and saw the girl
approaching the stall and sat back so she wouldn't see him through the crack,
and just as he did the door swung open and he was face to face with a wide
eyed red head, huge dick in hand.

"I forgot to bolt the damm door and she's gonna scream like a banshee in a
second", he thought. But she was just staring at him, well not quite, she was
staring at the huge throbbing pole between his hands still slick with his
spit and pre cum.

"Well what do we have here?" the girl said with a lopsided smile, "I was
going to catch some lunch, looks like I will be eating here, how I love those
protein shakes!"

Part 2

Bud was speechless as the red head looked at his 9 inch pole.

"Well, I see you forgot to bolt the door, lucky me, I thought I would have
to settle for a small lunch, but I see I will be eating tube steak for lunch
today and will be PLENTY full."

With that, she turned and bolted the door and fell to her knees in front of
Bud taking his cock from his hands and kissed the head with her moist wet
lips. Bud sighed as her lips parted to take the head of his cock in her
mouth, her lips straining to get it in her mouth.

"Muumf good" she managed to mutter as she tasted his pre cum that had oozed
from his cock tip. Bud grabbed a hand full of the red hair and pulled her
closer to take more of his dick but she was having a bit of a problem getting
more than a quarter of him in her mouth.

"My goodness" she said slipping her warm mouth from his cock, "I guess I will
have to try something else." thus proceeding to start her "Twizzler" by
licking the ridge on Bud's cock sending a shiver through out Bud. Round and
round his shaft when her tongue down to the base of his cock, then she would
playfully suck on his balls until she would repeat the tongue lashing. Bud
was just floating as if having a out-of- body experience when he felt the
moist lips of the red haired woman's cunt hovering over his rod.

"This is going to be a tight fit" she mummered as if resigning herself to
getting this huge cock in her no matter what. Bud felt the pressure on his
cock as she wiggled her ass as she impaled herself on Bud and as he finally
slipped inside her hot snatch she let out a gasp that Bud was sure could be
heard in the next dorm over. She was so tight that Bud almost came, but he
used his control he had mastered from all the nights of masturbation, and
put up his wall within his mind to control himself and began to move in and
out of her tight walled pussy. The girl was very wet and his cock made
sucking noises as he pushed into her bumping her cervix and issuing a gasp
from her with each stroke.

Bud begain to feel the beginnings of his orgasam comming on and begain to
pump harder and faster as the girl reached her orgasm very quickly, clamping
down on his cock as the contractions sparked through her body. Bud was going
to come very soon now so he pulled out of her, and she sensing he was
cumming, went back to her knees on front of him taking the head of his cock
back into her hot mouth. Bud could not hold back any longer and the first
spurts of cum slammed into her ready mouth almost gagging her with shear
volume of seamon comming from Bud. Bits of cum dripped from the corner of
her mouth in which she gathered on her fighers and pushed up in her pussy,
greasing it up with Bud's love juice. Bud's breath was comming in short
gasps as he slowly came back to earth, and seeing the smiling, cum soaked
face was a sight that could him kept him hard for another go.

"I have to go, but that was the best fuck I have had in a long time, can I
get in touch with you again?" she said.

"Sure, but it would help if I knew your name" Bud said, "so that I can fit
you into my studies."

"My name in Jennifer and we'll "meat" again I hope very soon, possibly Friday
if I can work something out."

"Your going to be at the party?" Bud asked hoping like hell thats what she

"Yes, my boyfriend knows what a nymphomaniac I am and I will usaually do the
party for him. I will arrange to be with you that night."

Bud's mind raced, "But how will I be able to pick you out from the other
girls, they all will have bags over thier head."

"I will wear a tight fitting red dress with a cross neckless, just choose me
and I will make it a night you will never forget, I promise." Jennifer got
up, pulling on her panties and then wiping off her face with some toilet
paper , left Bud sitting there on the toilet, his member hanging down, but
his spirts soaring high.

Part 3

Kelly approached the front door of her house at about 4 in the morning still
thinking about the boy she had spent the night with and about the party she
had been invited to on Friday. The night had been like most other nights,
going out to a deserted area and getting the shit fucked out of her, only to
be dropped off at home so she could creep into the house and take a shower
to wash the jizm out of her bleached hair. Kelly had had a shit day on the
set of her new Verminator commercial, the director had made her stay for
some reshoots after the crew left which ended up with her riding his dick in
the editing room until he blew his wad up her snatch.

Kelly liked to be fucked, and it wasn't because she was a slut (although the
messages in the men's bathrooms would argue), the reason she did have sex
with every Tom, Dick, and Barry she thought, was because she had never been
fully satisfied by any of the men she had been with. She was ALWAYS able to
get the men off but never herself, and no matter how much she kidded Bud
about jerking himself off, it was one of the only ways she could get herself
off. Her favorite toy was a 7 inch dildo given to her from her mother on her
18th birthday.

Her mom had said "Use this is good faith, as you grow older and you get
married, you will come to know this as your best friend, also buy batteries
in gross."

Kelly had used it from time to time, and a few times she had even used it
while she was being fucked by some stud that had climbed into her bedroom
window, but it still wasn't enough every time. Kelly's mind drifted (not a
hard task) to the party she had been invited to on campus and was trying to
remember what she was told to wear for the party. Jake had told her to come
to the campus by 7:00 and to bring a paper bag with only the mouth area cut
out, and to wear the tightest red dress she could find. Kelly had many tight
dresses and she couldn't figure out why he had choose red, but if that's
what he wants, Kelly thought as she got ready for bed, that's what he'll get
and then some. Kelly turned off her light as she crawled into bed and just
before she pulled the covers up, removed her gold cross from around her neck.

Friday comes quickly when you know you are going to be getting a fine piece
of ass. Bud had been getting himself ready for the party for the last 3 hours
and he was finally ready to head over to the KAPPA dorm in which he would be
moving into shortly. All the faces he passed in the hall were just blurs as
the face of Jennifer rose in his head, the feeling of her sucking his cock
caused him to become semi-erect and he turned the corner and headed into the
dorm, music booming from a huge sound system. The first thing Bud noticed was
there were no girls.

"Wait a minute" Bud thought, this better not be right. Bud walked over to the
headmaster Jake Harris who was busy making joints in a corner of the room.

"Jake, when are the women coming?" Bud asked.

"They will be here by 7:00 and don't worry, it will be well worth your wait
and I've made sure that you are going to have a night to remember." Bud
swallowed thinking about being with Jennifer again and went off to get
himself a beer.

By 6:45 the party was jumping and the music was blaring. Although no women
had shown up yet, the anticipation from the pledges was growing as the 7:00
time approached. The beer and the joints had been going around for about 2
hours and the room was filled with smoke and the smell of vomit. Bud had
situated himself in a corner with a beer and a recent copy of Hooters
magazine and was slowly stoking himself through his jeans. He felt the
pre-cum oozing from his penis under his pants and it felt good, made him
feel alive, wanting some young, tight pussy wrapped around it, and that was
when the front door opened and the room got quiet. But not for long because
as soon as the 10 women were escorted in, the whistles and catcalls became
almost deafening, and Bud put aside his magazine and his dick strained his
pants and he began looking for Jennifer. What had she said she would be
wearing, oh yes, a tight red dress and a gold cross...

Part 4

Bud looked at the line of girls and found that his mouth was hanging open at
the sight of the 10 beautiful bodies. Not one had a small chest, and all had
the curves that would drive any man wild, and even though he could not see
the faces because of the bags, he had no doubt they were knockouts. Bud's
penis began to harden again as he looked over the girls and then his eyes
fell upon a tight red dress with a cross hanging from her neck... Jennifer!!

The headmaster began to pair off the guys with the new pledges and Bud was
growing worried, what if he didn't get Jennifer (although he would have been
happy to stick his dick into any of lovely young women but he wanted her) and
then he remembered that she said that she would be able to work it out with
Jake, the headmaster. As the line got shorter, Bud saw that he was indeed
going to be paired with Jennifer and began to gleefully rock back and forth
on the balls of his feet waiting his turn.

As Jake finally got to Bud he only said two things, "Do not remove the bag,
and enjoy yourself you have earned it." and sent Bud on his way with a sly
smile that Bud took as brotherly encouragement.

Bud took Jennifer's hand and led her to the second floor where he entered the
first available bedroom and closed the door behind him and locking it led her
to the bed. The red dress was very form fitting and Bud could see her nipples
pressing against the leather fabric, already hard with anticipation of his
hot touch, and Bud could not contain himself any longer. The dress had a
zipper in the side that started at the neck and plunged all the way down to
the bottom so that the dress would fall away once it was unzipped. Bud began
to work it down slowly, and kneeling before her, slipped his other hand up
between her legs. Bud traced the lines of her garter up her thigh making
gentle circles feeling the heat and the moister that was coming from her
pussy well before he made it to the top of her thigh. Bud reached her pussy
just as the dress was about to fall away and found no panties so slipped his
finger into her to the knuckle causing a shutter from her as the dress fell
to their feet. Bud began to slowly stroke her with his fingers(as he had no
slipped two fingers in her now), and finally had a chance to soak up the
sight of this beautiful creature in front of him riding his fingers.

The body as firm, a light sweat had broken out on her body so she glistened
in the candle light from the nearby dresser. Her breast were large and firm,
and Bud noticed that the nipples were very large, and for some reason this
turned him on more that having his fingers buried up in her. He slowly stood
up and guided her back onto the bed using his fingers inside her to guide,
and laid her onto the bed. Bud began from the point between her breast with
his tongue and slowly working on a circular motion twirled his tongue around
one of the huge nipples. He tasted the musky flavor of her skin in his mouth
and found that he could not contain his throbbing member in his pants any
longer, and without removing his two fingers from her, slipped out of his
clothing and released his prick. The pre-cum was oozing everywhere so Bud
collected a huge glob on his fingers and slid it into the opening in the
paper bag. Bud felt an hot, eager mouth gobble it up taking his fingers deep
into her mouth. Screw the fingers, Bud thought, as he positioned himself over
her head and slipped his dick through the hole. Bud suddenly regretted the
move when he felt teeth scrape his member causing him to yelp in pain. She
had been expecting his fingers, not this huge slab of meat, but she adjusted
very quickly and Bud could feel her stretch her jaw to accommodate him.

Bud's pain was gone as soon as it had come, and he found himself with his
head on his dick inside the hottest mouth he had ever been in. The suction
was incredible, pulling him deeper into her mouth and Bud found himself at
the back of her throat only to find she kept taking him in! Bud felt the
throat loosen up and he felt his cock slide deep into her throat, he had
NEVER had a girl deep throat him before and the feeling was out of this
world. Bud began to fuck her mouth with slow easy strokes as her throat
began to adjust to his cock and so she could catch her breath between. Bud
knew he would not last long with this kind of treatment when he felt
something that he thought was her gagging, but to his delight was wrong,
she was humming! The feeling this caused on this cock as it was lodged down
her throat was like nothing Bud had ever felt before, and felt a welling in
his balls and he knew he was going to cum. He thought of everything to keep
from cumming, but the humming seemed to reach into the very pit of his balls
and Bud could no longer hold back. He pulled himself from her throat and
just leaving the head of his cock in her mouth, filled it with a gallon of
cum as she swallowed every drop. Bud didn't think he was ever going to stop
as she sucked the tip of his dick, but he stopped spurting and pulled his
cock from her mouth with a wet pop.

"Your turn", he whispered and pulled her toward him as he sat on the floor
and pushed her legs open as they hung over the end of the bed. Bud looked at
the wet pubic hair and licked his lips, wanting to taste the nectar from
within this flower with the pink, pouting lips. Bud spread the lips with his
finger and blew lightly on the engorged lips, his cool breath causing the
lips of her pussy to quiver with anticipation of his hot mouth and tongue.
Bud teased the outside lips with his tongue, flashing from side to side, not
penetrating her, but just going side to side up and down. Jennifer grabbed
the side of his head driving him deep into her thighs, entwining her hands
in her hair. Bud suddenly drove his tongue deep inside of her channel
brushing her clitoris and causing a deep shutter to run through her and her
to quiver like a newborn.

Her sent was deep in Bud's nostrils as his tongue moved in out of her,
like a snake, sliding along the sides of her pussy walls and tickling her
clitoris, tasting her womanhood as he rolled the clit with his tongue. The
first orgasm raced through her like a runaway train causing her to trap
Bud's head between her legs with such force Bud thought his brains were
going to begin oozing out his ears. His tongue stroking continued until
she released his head and he finished lapping up her creamy orgasm and
found that he was aroused again and his 9 inch dick was wanting some

Part 5

Bud rolled over on his side and ran his finger down the spine of the
glistening woman next to him in bed. His erection was now jutting out again
rubbing against her lower back and she opened her legs slightly allowing Bud
to have access to the folds within her legs. Bud could feel the heat from her
as he approached the entrance with his huge cock, and felt the pre cum oozing
over the tips of his fingers as he began to guide it into Jennifer's hole.

"Holy shit" Bud thought, "I don't remember it being this tight!" as Bud
gripped his cock as it bent under the force of him trying to insert the head
of his cock into her pussy. Bud had to pull out and use some of his pre cum
to lube himself up more and attempted again to work his 9 inch piece of meat
into the tight young hole. Gripping it about halfway up his pole, he slowly
began to rotate it side to side , working it in slowly but becoming
intoxicated by the feeling of her pussy walls griping his cock. Jennifer's
breath was coming in short gasps and her body was quivering as he went inch
by inch filling her with his cock until Bud felt the bone of her cervix and
he knew he had bottomed out. Bud could feel the muscles in her pussy gripping
his cock, milking his cock almost, as he slowly began pumping his rod in and
out of her hot hole.

Bud began with a short stroke, slowly pulling out almost to the point of
retracting himself from her only to slide it deep back into her, the feeling
was like none Bud could remember having with anyone before, as the pussy
seemed to have a life of its own as it worked on his cock. Bud could hear
Jennifer say something and realized that he immediately recognized the voice
coming from under the bag, it was KELLY!!! Bud stopped in mid-stroke as he
felt his dick begin to wilt, but Kelly had other ideas as her body ached back
into him continuing the strokes and keeping him inside her.

"Holy shit I am fucking my sister, I can't be doing this, this isn't right,"
Bud thought but then he remembered all the stinging barbs and insults he had
endured though out the years from his older sister about his lack of
girlfriends, he inexperience with sex, and how his parents looked at him, and
Bud found his cock was now throbbing with a new sense of self and it began to
swell even more that before and her heard Kelly gasp as it expanded within
her cunt walls. Bud pulled out with a load POP and rolled her onto her back
and pushed his glistening member back into her warmth.

"Sis you are going to pay for all the shit I took from you all these years
and I am going to fuck you until you can't walk and then we will see who has
the last laugh." Bud thought as he pumped away at Kelly's pussy.

Kelly had her legs wrapped around Bud's back and was amazed by the size of
the man who was inside of her. As dumb as she was, she knew it wasn't Jake,
he could never fulfill her the was this guy was and she was not about to say
a thing to this guy right now and ruin it. The bag had shifted when she had
been rolled over and she could see in the dim light the young man that was
pumping between her legs, but she could not make out the face but she had
heard him say something above her as he started his stroking within her
again. He had seemed to grow in size again and Kelly fought the urge to
scream as he forced his huge dick into her but she was beginning to feel
things happening within her that she had never felt with anyone else.

The feelings were starting deep within were stomach and her whole lower body
was beginning to feel as it was on fire as a tingling began in her chest and
worked its way down to her pussy where she focused on the sensation as her
first orgasm racked her body. The feeling erupted so suddenly that she lost
her breath and beginning gasping, fighting for breath as his cock stroked
her clitoris, filling her up completely, and the contractions gripped his
cock with the force of a hand. Kelly could feel her release and felt the
juices running down her legs and the slurping sound of her lovers cock
sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Kelly's head filled with colors and a
roaring sound and she promptly passed out.

Bud felt her climax as her pussy gripped his cock in a death grip that made
him gasp with pleasure as well as pain, and while her contractions finally
subsided, he noticed that she had gone awful limp. Bud pulled out from her
and removed the bag when he saw no movement and saw the familiar face of his
sister, blond hair plastered to her forehead.

"Kelly?" Bud stared down at the angelic face of his older sister with a
mixture of dread and satisfaction, he had definitely fucked her good but had
he hurt her? He always assumed she was well practiced and he could never have
hurt her. Bud's mind was racing when all thoughts stopped when he saw that
his sister was looking up at him with a wicked smile on her face and a
twinkle in her eyes.

"Well Bud, I don't know if I should hug you or just let you fuck me again...
you know what, I think I want you to fuck me again.", Kelly said as she
rolled over and pointed her firm ass in the air for Bud. Bud didn't was
anytime and got behind his sister and spread her ass cheeks as he worked his
cock into her again. Bud ran him fingers down her sloping back as he impaled
her on his cock using quick strokes causing Kelly to quiver under him. Kelly
began to grind into him and Bud could see her breast swinging back and front
as her grabbed her large nipples and began pinching them between his fingers.

"Fuck me baby brother, show me what you can do with that fucking huge cock
of yours!!"

Bud could not believe his ears, he had thought his sister would have gone
ballistic when she found it was he brother fucking her but she had wanted
more. Well, Bud was going to fuck her and fuck her good like he had promised
himself, and drilled his sisters hole like a man on a mission. Kelly was
riding his cock like a horse and buckling as another orgasm shook her driving
Bud deeper into her pushing against her cervix possibly bruising herself but
she didn't care. Bud felt the pressure on his cock as her orgasm was
beginning and felt himself cumming as her pussy walls gripped him he shot his
load deep into Kelly filling her with his hot cream, some of it slipping out
of her and running down her legs leaving a wet trail.

Bud slipped his cock out of Kelly and fell to the bed well spent, and was
surprised by the feeling of his sisters tongue in his mouth as she soul
kissed him deeply.

"Bud, that was the greatest sex I have EVER had and I think I will be staying
home more when you come home, I see some late night trips to your room. At
least someone in the Bundy household is going to get some sexual

"Well," Bud thought "there has been other people in the family and in the
Darcy's that have been satisfied by me..."

Ah but that's another story!


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