Married... With Children: Bud's Birthday Gift 'Click-Click'
by ShadowWalker


A Short Story out of the norm for me.

Sunday morning came alive as Bud tasted a fowl taste as he woke from his
sleep, his face buried deep into the back of the female's hair that lay next
to him; her body firm but cold, he sniffed her perfumed hair, noting that it
was Kelly's perfume. Bud licked her neck then kissed it gently, he had an
exciting nite bout with this lady, hot sex even at times, he felt wanted and
satisfied, he then reached around, feeling for her right breast, giving it a
gentle squeeze, he heard a sullen sigh as he ran his hand down her belly to
her pubic hair covered pussy, feeling for her hole as he was going to finger
fuck her for a wake-up gift. Suddenly she screamed. Bud sit up suddenly,
throwing back the covers, scrambling for something to stop the screams as he
yelled. "Dam'it! where did that plug go! Last time I'll use a bottle cork."

The rubber doll flew out of the bed and then out the window as Bud grabbed
for his flying babe, "Comeback dolly!"

Bud rushed to the window, his face covered with pain as he watched Buck grab
his rubber sex toy, shaking it about as he chewed the vagina region, Bud
grimaced, "No Buck, not the SNATCH and GRAB! don't chew the pubic, it took me
three months to grow those hairs and glue them into place, let go of my

"Pubes?" came a familiar voice from the open bedroom door behind him.

Bud jumped around to see his sister standing in his door, dressed in her
nightie, toothbrush in hand. Kelly grinned broadly, almost laughing as she
asked her younger sibling, "What's the matrix Budskee, your girl friend take
flight when she saw the size of your little wiener; god knows how you can
reach the pubes, let alone insert it!"

"I'll let you know that I can reach her hole!" Bud's face just flushed as he
realized he was naked and hanging.

"Yah, go stick it in the plug'ns in the wall Budz, that way you'll be A-Ceed
powered said Kelly, who was really referring to the wall outlet.

"Leave me alone Kelly, it's my birthday, so stop teasing me, I know you won't
keep your promise you made me my last birthday."

Kelly came alive as she jumped up and down, bouncing as she smiled an evil
plan for her Bud, "You're birthday! I have to give you a Parting." Kelly
bounced once more, turned and jumped from the doorway, leaving Bud with the
image of his sister's bare ass as her nightie flicked up as she left.

"That's PARTY! BLOND FOR BRAINS" Bud thought a moment then told himself,
"Party? she's going to kill me, I know it." Fear coming over Bud's face, he
whacked his forehead with his hand, "What's the matter with me, I just lost
my girl, ....Rubber Laid."

Ten minutes later, Bud comes bouncing down the stairs, he hops over Buck,
who's chewing on a piece of rubber, Bud stares at him, "Murderer, ...

Buck takes his piece of rubber and runs out the back door. "I'll never forget
this! you rubber killer! Traitor!"

Bud turns to face a grinning Kelly, he sees her dressed in her usual bimbo
outfit, an ultra short mini skirt and her tight sweater that didn't do much
to hide her boobs. "Okay Kelly, get it over with, give me my birthday death

"Budz, I'd never do anything to hurt you, and I'll keep my promise sweet bro;
here's your birthday wish number Oh-No!"

Bud shuts his eyes, "That's Uno, it means first." he grimaces as he readies
to be hit; then he hears Kelly, "Silly! how can you see your gift!"

Bud opens his eyes as his jaw drops, his eyes pop as he watches Kelly lift
her halter top up, revealing her breasts, her nipples so lush as he stares
even harder, his hand raises to touch, but he knows better.

"Go ahead Budz, I said I'd give you three wishes, and I know you have been
wanting to see me boobies up close, now for wish number two, you can touch
and feel them, but don't hurt them."

Bud is now in a daze as he steps in close, placing his aching hands onto his
sister's firm but soft flesh, feeling her breasts as he fondles them ever so
gently, he leans over and kisses each one, licking each nipple like a piece
of gold. Feeling his penis grow hard in his pants, he realized something he
needed, "Wait Kelly, don't move, I'll be right back, I have to get my

As Bud ran up the stairs, stammering, money, money, money, camera and the

Kelly Watches as she reaches down and drops her short skirt, revealing her
pussy to him as she said, "And wish number three! you can fuck me for the
afternoon Budz" Kelly noted that Bud was not on the stairs, she listened as
he tore stuff apart in his bedroom and then running back.

Kelly turned around, pulling her skirt up just in time for Bud to see her
butt crack as she finished pulling her skirt up, then she pulled her top down
as she headed for the front door, yelling to Bud, "Sorry! I gave you your
third wish but you weren‘t here Master Batter; I guess you didn't want it
this year; see you next year Budz, I'm going out and find a date."

"Date? you don't like dates! you leave them on your plate every morning!"
spluttered Bud.

Kelly turned as she shut the door behind her. "I do too eat may dates."

Bud looked around at the dinner table to see the central bowl filled with
dates, then realized, "She thought I was talking about her boy friends."

Bud then stared at the door a minute, smiled to himself, looked at his small
camera, "well, she's going to kill me but this time I was ready."

Walking over to the computer desk Bud moved some books aside, then pulled out
his video camera, the small light was on as Bud removed the black tape that
blacked it out from sight. "Well, well Kelly dear, my sister porn, up on the
internet we shall post; and at twenty bucks a copy I can purchase a new
rubber dolly, go to the Hooter Bar for dinner and shove a few bucks down that
new blonds snatch-crotch."

Bud, all smiles and happy as if he were Buck locked inside with all the
bitches in heat.

* * *


Bud sits half asleep, watching hooters on the television when he hears a car
door slam, then Kelly yelling, "Bud Bundy! I'm going to cut your balls off!
They have a video of me on the gym television at school!" Bud listened
intently, then heard a "THUD!" at the door.

"Well, Kelly's home!" screams Bud as he leaps to his feet and runs to the
stairs, taking one last look over his shoulder at the front door as it swings
open; Kelly is rubbing her nose, then he hears her, "Dam door! Pull to open
when you leave should also be pull to open to enter."

Kelly sees Bud as he flees, leaping three steps at a time. "Get back her
you, ... you ... you Grasshopper! where did you get that video of me taking
my clothes off!"

"That's my birthday present! Like it Kell!" yells Bud as he rounds the top
of the stairs.

Kelly runs after him, grabbing the stair rail; then instead of running up the
steps, she swings out on the rail from her momentum and rolls around onto the
floor. "Oh god! now I have to pull to climb."

Kelly finally recovers and makes it to Bud's room, his door is locked as she
pounds frantically, grabbing the knob, pulling, pushing, rattling, her temper
grows, "Dam you brat! I'm waiting right here until you open this door, then
I'm cutting your balls off, slicing them and putting them between bread and
eating them! I want that video too!"

Kelly waits impatiently, tapping her toes, then decides, "I better take a
shower, all this waiting is making me sweat!" Kelly turns and walks into her
bedroom, stripping her skirt and sweater off as she heads for her bathroom.
Kelly stops a moment, standing still, now nude and almost into her shower
when she hears a strange sound, "CLICK! CLICK!"

Kelly looks around, sees nothing, then continues towards the shower, she
stops, bends over to reach in and turn on the hot water valve. 'Click-click!"
Kelly turns to listen, wondering where that sound is coming from, commenting
to herself, "Must be mister cricket."

A moment passes as she adjusts the temperature of the shower, then she steps
into the shower, shutting the door behind her. A minute passes as she soaks
up the enjoyably warm water, soaping herself she leathers herself all over,
taking special attention between her legs as it felt so good; even though she
could still hear that dam cricket, 'CLICK, CLICK - CLICK, CLICK.' then she
felt a cold burst of air hit her ass and legs, she turns to see the door

Kelly leans out and shuts the door as she hears the cricket again, 'CLICK,
CLICK.' she looks around, "I guess I have to spray."

Kelly continues to scrub and rub her body, working her pussy to horniness,
she turns her attention to her boobies and scrubs and massages each breast
with tender care, then she begins to wash her hair.

As she begins to rinse, she twists, turns, almost dances in place as she
washes the soap from her hair and body; all pain free except for that dam
cricket and the cold air. Kelly looks and sees (through soap eyes) the door
is open again. "Oh crap! I'll just leave it open; maybe that dam cricket
will wash down the drain."

Finally rinsed, Kelly walks wet and naked to the towel rack, grabs a towel,
and is about to dry herself when she hears ‘CLICK, CLICK!" she stares at the
wall a minute, then looks around; she wraps the towel about her waist, then
she reaches under the sink, grabs the can of insect spray, walks over to the
bed, lifts the corner blanket a bit and sprays under the bed. A dense fog of
insect death fills the space under the bed, then Kelly stops spraying as she
hears coughing, "There! DIE MISTER BUGGY! that'll kill any stinky buggy; ..."
Kelly listens as she hears more coughing, grins to herself, "... the little
bastard is chocking." Kelly grins as she announced in her scream, "I'm the
Vermonator Mister Buggy! You have chewed the wrong room." Kelly starts
coughing, "Oh, oh, I sprayed too much, I have to leave the room for two hours
while the environmental bug destroyer works."

Kelly puts the can of fogger spray back, then walks out of the room with the
towel about her waist, locking the door shut behind her; she forgot to wrap
the whole towel around her to include her breasts. Not the first time she has
gone around topless without noticing it, so she bounces solidly down the
stairs; grinning broadly when she sees Al sitting on the couch. "Hey daddy!
You're home!"

Kelly bounces over to fling herself next to her most favorite person,
her daddy, who is busy watching bouncing breast on his favorite show,
'Psycho-Dad'. Kelly takes hold of his hand as she begins singing along
with Al as they sing the Psycho-Dad theme.

Up stairs, under the bed in the thick insect fog, the cricket coughs loudly
as it crawls from beneath the bed, "Bud struggles, half blinded by the spray
as he drags himself up from beneath Kelly's bed and onto the bed, "I'm going
to die!" Bud then grins through his pale green face, "But I got a load of
pictures of Kelly taking her shower; now to the internet!" Bud Holds his
digital camera up, swearing, "Thanks Kelly, for this nice birthday
present-'Click, CLICK'!"

Bud jumps up and runs to the door, not knowing it is locked, he grabs the
door knob on the run and slams into it, bounces back and then staggers back
to fall onto the floor. Out cold.

Downstairs Kelly hears the crash and THUD, then the following thump, she
tells herself, "MISTER BUGGY IS A BIG ONE."

Kelly then asks Al, "Daddy, can I take a nap, I bug sprayed my room and I
have to let the spray kill mister Buggy."

"Sure Pumpkin, use my lap for your pillow."

Kelly grinned happily as she took her fist and whacked Al's leg.

Al grimaced as he announced, "I see you whack your pillow before you lay
down too."

"Shush Daddy, I‘m going to sleep, so don‘t fart!" Kelly stretches out on the
couch, using Al as a pillow, tucking her legs up into a fetal position as she
watches the show with her Daddy. Kelly's yellow hair rests comfortably on
Al's lap as they both watch Psycho-Dad pounce on a bad guy and toss him out
onto the street. Kelly laughs as does Al, she sucks her thumb and then grabs
Al's leg as she hugs him while watching the show; Al plays with her hair,
then rests his hand on Kelly's side, his fingers rubbing Kelly's bare rib. He
finds Kelly very arousing as he feels her body warm to the touch, her skin
smooth and warm as he feels her breathing.

Kelly feels her Daddy's hands as he massages her ribs, she feels happy to
know he loves her as he caresses her; then she feels his hand move up, and
to Al's surprise, he feels Kelly's bare breast. Kelly's eyes widen with
surprise as she feels her Daddy grabbing her tit gently, caressing it as he
fondles her nipple.

Kelly responds by scooting back and closer to her Daddy, enjoying his fingers
as he plays with her nipple, "Gee Daddy, just like when I was eight."

Al continues to play with Kelly's breasts and nipples. "Almost Pumpkin, you
have boobies now." Al senses his penis getting hard and feeling Kelly rolling
her head over his ever growing bulge, "They're called knockers Daddy." as
soon as she yawns Kelly is sound asleep, she felt hot on his lap, which made
him even hornier.

Kelly could hear the show Psycho-Dad, as she felt Al's hand play with her
breasts and body, she was drowsy as she drifts off to a deep sleep; Kelly was
now sound asleep and felt really desired in her slumber.

Al looked down at his sweet pumpkin, noticing that her towel covered up her
body to her waist, he wondered just how tight the towel was, after-all, she
was hot and didn't need that hot towel making her hotter, so he pulled at it
and it lifted up easily. Al looked at Kelly's uncovered body, her butt was
solid and cute, he had often seen portions of her ass as she would bend over
to pick things up when she wore short skirts. He began rubbing her thigh,
enjoying her smooth skin, then he felt her butt crack; Kelly responded as
she moved her butt back toward the hand; Al continued to move his hand
around, feeling her body, then he felt soft hair, he leaned over to see that
he was feeling her pubic hair, "Dam Kelly, you are a natural blond." he said
as he pressed a little harder into her pussy, feeling her clitoris and began
rubbing it gently.

Soon Al could feel Kelly's pussy getting wet, and then hotter; he began to
lose interest in the show as he closed his eyes, driving his finger into her
pussy as he stroked her slowly.

Kelly's legs closed tightly about Al‘s hands. Al looked down to see Kelly
looking up into his eyes. "Oops! sorry pumpkin, I got carried away with
playing with your tit."

"That's not my tit Daddy, titties are not between my legs."

"I'm sorry Pumpkin, I won't do it again, ever."

Kelly rolled over, her breasts both in full view of Al, as she stood up, her
towel fell to the floor. "I'm not angry Daddy, I liked what you were doing,
I didn't want you to stop."

Al watches as Kelly, in all her nakedness, rewraps the towel as she explains,
It's been two hours since I bombed the buggy, so I better go air the room

Al watched as Kelly went around the couch, then bend over and kissed him on
the lips, with her tongue and warm lips, and in a very warm and sexy voice,
"I liked it Daddy, maybe this weekend we can watch a show together." Al
kissed Kelly back and then watched her climb the stairs until she stopped,
looked back, unwrapped the towel, allowing him to see her naked body, then
he watched her in all her naturalness go up the stairs to her room.

Al turned around, looked at the movie on the TV, then at his pants where his
penis was sticking straight up out of his pants where Kelly and, unknown to
him, had unzipped his pants. "Now look what you did Kelly; now what am I
going to do with you, you should have stayed below." Al Grips his hard penis
and starts stroking, a feeling of joy fills his mind as he strokes on,
"Reminds me of high school and my first love, mister hand."

* * *


Kelly opens her door, then realizes that, "Hey! ... Keeey! Where's my door

* * *

In Bud's Room

Bud crawls from his bathroom on his stomach, his face is a pale green as he
speaks aloud, "Boy! I didn't know vomit was green." He pulls himself up to
his laptop and down loads Kelly's images from his camera to his laptop, then
uploads them to his web page, titled. -'Mister B's Bad Sister- she's back on

* * *

Kelly's Room

Kelly busily opens her bedroom window, then sits on her bed, sniffs the air,
commenting to herself, "Boy, that spray stays strong, I better let it air
out; I bet my cloths smell. O well!" Kelly opened the window and skipped out
the room naked and down the stairs.

* * *

Living Room

Al is sound asleep with his still hard cock in his hand as Kelly stands in
front of her father, "Poor Daddy, mommy is at Grandma's and I hornied him."
Kelly sees Al's eyes open in surprise as she then settles down over his lap,
she takes his cock and places it inside her cunt as she slides down his pole.
"I had to air the room daddy, so I have extra time, and I did cause you're
problem." Kelly feels his cock slide up inside her as she settles onto his
lap, she leans into Al and kisses him on his cheek, then a slight peck on his
lip, then another and another as she raised and slid slowly down his cock. As
Al began kissing Kelly back, meeting every peck, then their tongues touched
and played as their lips got more in earnest; Kelly's cunt grew tighter in
grip as she began to slide up and down faster and faster, grinding harder
into his pelvis.

Al watched as Kelly rode him like a mechanical bull, her yellow hair flew
from side to side, back to front over her eyes as she would stare at him,
grinning and anticipating his every physical need; Al could see why his
daughter was the most desired piece of ass in the city of Chicago, when
she serviced to, you got the service of your life. Kelly ground and humped,
her cunt was so tight, it was like an iron fist gripping and massaging his
cock until she shot one heavy spray of sperm into her womb, then as she
shoved in reaction to her orgasm they both jerked and pumped, he sprayed
again and again, hot and heavy his sperm into her.

Kelly collapsed onto her father's arms, kissing him as her hips continued to
grind and pump, then he felt himself pumping and thrusting back, squirting
more man juice into his pumpkin's cunt. Kelly was soon asleep atop Al as he
was so exhausted from cumming, he had his arms around Kelly's naked body and
soon asleep on the couch.

At the top of the stairs stood Bud, his video camera in hand as he watched
the two family members from the start, Bud looks at his video reply and makes
a comment, "I'm going to have to make this into a three part video so that it
will fit the web page; Oh well, more money for each down load, and even more
for the first grade DVD.

End of Bud's Birthday Gift


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